Angela Levin: Prince Harry ‘has become a bit of a shadow of himself’

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While this is nothing new, I do think it’s interesting to note the shifting storylines that the British media and royal commentators are creating around Prince Harry and the Duchess of Sussex. If anything, I feel like they’ve written off Meghan as a “lost cause” and someone they never want to see again (sort of like a dumped boyfriend insisting that he broke up with YOU). But the way they’re treating Harry is different. The aim, it is 100% clear, is to figure out a way to *somehow* bully Harry and Meghan just the right amount to orchestrate a Sussex divorce and then encourage Harry to “come home” without Meghan or Archie. This is, again, exactly the goal right now. They’re not even hiding it. Now “royal biographer” Angela Levin is talking about how much Harry has “changed” and how much he “misses” being back under his brother’s thumb or something:

Prince Harry has become a ‘shadow of his former self’ and lost some of his ‘charismatic, mischievous charm’ since moving to LA with Meghan Markle, according to a royal biographer. Angela Levin, who wrote Harry: Conversations with the Prince in 2018, appeared on ITV’s Royal Rota last Friday, and revealed that the Duke of Sussex, 35, had ‘changed enormously’ since their first meeting for her work.

The London-based author also said Harry, who is currently living in Meghan’s hometown with their son Archie, one, seems to be focusing on the negatives in his life rather than the positives. Angela was referring to the stories published in the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s bombshell biography Finding Freedom – which makes new claims about tensions between the couple and the Royal Family.

Speaking to host Chris Ship, Angela said: ‘Harry has changed enormously since I met him. I found that he was charismatic and had royal stardust about him. He was brilliant with people especially if they were physically, emotionally or psychologically damaged, he had a mischievous charm to him.’ Chris suggested Harry still had those qualities but Angela said they weren’t as prominent as before, adding: ‘Well, he has become a bit of a shadow of himself.’

Revealing her thoughts about extracts of Finding Freedom made available so far, Angela said: ‘When you read the book you realise the pile of grievances Meghan and Harry hold. This is going back a few years now, it is absolutely extraordinary. Most of these grievances are incredibly petty, but when you add them up it is like a great big sandcastle. They ignore all of the wonderful things they have had, the prerogatives and chances to meet great people and do charity work they want to do. It seems to me they have focused entirely on the negative.’

Meanwhile, Angela also commented that Harry would be struggling in LA since he likes working in a team, with the ‘Queen being the captain’.

‘The Queen is the captain, isn’t she?’ Angela told host Chris, before revealing that Harry also enjoyed being in a team during his military experience.

‘Harry said it was very important to him and he loved it,’ she explained. ‘He felt that you couldn’t really achieve anything without being a team.’

[From The Daily Mail]

Harry IS part of a team now: Team Sussex, a team of three, working on what he wants to work on and not being nitpicked, abused and gaslighted on an hourly basis by other “team members.” As for the list of “petty grievances”… my point is this: if Harry and Meghan’s “grievances” were truly so off-side and unimportant, why did an army of courtiers and various royals all storm into the Daily Mail and the Sun to bitch about the Sussexes’ version of events? Isn’t Angela Levin’s presence here proof enough that these are not just some off-side historical grudges which Harry and Meghan have been nursing in petty silence for years?

Prince Harry and members of the Royal Family attend the Easter Sunday service at Windsor Castle, Windsor. 21 April 2019.

Photos courtesy of WENN, Avalon Red.

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  1. Noodle says:

    What she doesn’t realize is that so much of that “stardust” was performative. Yes, he might have been more gregarious then, but it was a mask. From all accounts he greatly struggled then with his role and purpose, and now he is just more open and authentic about it. Why is she pushing this ‘Happy Harry’ narrative when clearly, it was not a reflection of the real him? Meghan didn’t create this struggle in him; she just created a home where he could express his feelings in a safe and loving environment. It’s selfish to demand someone put on a mask because you liked him better that way.

    • cisne says:


    • Rmcgrudiva says:

      👆🏾👆🏾👆🏾You’re so right, I think. The mask is gone because he has a place to feel safe now.

    • BayTampaBay says:

      I am currently reading the book by “She who cannot be mentioned”. She makes it very clear (and gives many good reasons why) Harry has been more than moderately unhappy with anger bubbling just below the surface for YEARS.

      • A says:

        That was what stood out to me in the book as well (assuming we’re talking about the same book here, which I think we are). The author makes it seem like a bad thing, but it’s patently clear that it’s not. It’s a justified anger about a lot of different issues, and I think that anyone standing on the outside has no real basis on which to pass judgement about it.

    • Yvette says:

      @Noodle … Well said! Harry is an adult, married man with a child. Did the British press expect him to do pub crawls and play ‘Harry, the lad!’ for the rest of his life?

      • Babz says:

        I actually think they did. That one photographer, Arthur Something-or-other, complained that Harry wasn’t the happy go lucky party boy he used to be and that he didn’t have drinks with them anymore. They want the partier, the guy who fell out of nightclubs drunk, or who sparred with photographers, or who played naked pool in Las Vegas. That’s the one who sold their copies and got them their clicks. Well, guess what? That guy grew up, went to war, got therapy when he returned, and met a beautiful, intelligent, compassionate woman – the love of his life – married her and started a family with her. This Harry is serious, focused, compassionate, and determined to make a difference in the world. They should be thanking God that he saved himself and turned his life around. Instead, they bitch and complain that he’s “no fun” anymore. They’re the ones who need to grow the hell up and cover him correctly because what he’s doing now is important and would get them just as many clicks and sales if they told the story honestly. I say that, knowing that their readers don’t want the truth. They want the gossipy, salacious crap instead.

      • Wendy says:

        They did – that’s one of the things Piers Morgan complains about all the time – that Harry became so boring – so woke – when he used to get up to such lad things all the time. They must have found it entertaining – oh just Harry getting drunk and doing something embarrassing again – what a lad! How lovable – making the RF less boring and stodgy. And the Queen gets to summon him and then forgive him. Made them all so human. Just like us with misbehaving teenagers!
        But it is Meagan’s fault – she took the fun out of him – nothing to do with him growing up and wanting to be different from his teenage years. He is allowed to grow up for heaven’s sake!

      • L4frimaire says:

        The thing is, if Harry stayed that way, he probably would be on the road to Prince Andrew sleazydom or having gin for breakfast. If he had wanted to stay that way, he would have, but it’s obvious he’s had other interests since his party boy days and wanted to grow up and build a life.

      • PrincessK says:

        That Arthur photographer made his name by deluding himself that he is the royal family’s favourite photographer just because Diana had a joke or two with him back in the day . He is unhappy because he was hoping that Harry would make him look special. The silly man should get over himself and stop trying to make out that he has a special relationship with the royals because he doesn’t.

      • notasugarhere says:

        Harry founded Sentabale at 19, had a dedicated (and awarded) 10 year career in the military. He wasn’t on the Andrew track. If he had made the mistake of marrying a bland aristo who would kowtow to W&K? I still don’t think we would have seen a derailment. He would have been miserable, but he still would have continued to fight back with his outside projects.

    • Ginger says:

      Harry himself has said he had a number of near breakdowns. He put on an act of being happy but he was miserable and lost. She wrote a biography on him, you would think she would know that.

      This Angela chick is a hater and retweets Meghan hate accounts and conspiracy theories. She is insane.

      • Babz says:

        She seems to have a really sick obsession with him. It’s disturbing.

      • BayTampaBay says:

        “He put on an act of being happy but he was miserable and lost.”

        @Ginger – It really got started after Diana’s death. I have read accounts of this in at least five different books with different sources with quotes attributed to people speaking on the record.

      • pottymouth pup says:

        it’s interesting that she’s commenting on what he’s become since Sussexit – how much time has she spent with him in the past year to have such insight? oh right, she’s just writing her own fan fic

    • S808 says:

      “It’s selfish to demand someone put on a mask because you liked him better that way.”

      THIS! this is who I know they don’t care about Harry the person or have his best interests at heart. How could you and want him back in that environment?

    • niki says:

      “It’s selfish to demand someone put on a mask because you liked him better that way.”
      I love that.

    • Becks1 says:

      I agree with you to a point, but I also think he still has that royal stardust. I still think, even in zoom calls and speeches, he comes across as charismatic and gregarious and comfortable. I do think that the “happy go lucky” Harry was performative, and I think to a large extent he was “faking it until he made it” in the few years before meeting Meghan, but I think ultimately he is happier now than he was before, and I think it shows.

    • TheOriginalMia says:

      Exactly, Noodle. It was performative. He was struggling. Angela & the rest miss the misfit Harry, but that guy has grown up and moved on with his family.

      • Harper says:

        Like Kate’s grinning and guffawing is performative. Wonder how the media would feel if Kate took her personal grievances seriously and did something about them? Just as aggrieved, I imagine.

    • Cachinak says:


    • notasugarhere says:

      Did he struggle in some areas, yes. Was he overall incapable of functioning or achieving things? Not at all. See Sentebale, WWTW, InvictusGames where Harry and his heart was able to shine. Harry has been fighting back and building his own William-free charity work for years. He was working his way out all along, in his work if not in his personal life. Finding Meghan was part of the final push.

      • Nic919 says:

        William is the one who has been dithering but the media covers for the heir. He’s the one who didn’t have enough flight hours to be a full pilot, he’s the one who didn’t finish the bespoke farming course, he’s the one who derailed the plan to work full time and made the queen get the EEAA a bigger helicopter to accommodate him as a copilot. He’s the one who was notably not around when his first son was born. He’s the one who was caught flirting with women at the ski chalet while married. He’s the one who never set up an independent charity that benefits others. He’s the one who can’t speak Welsh despite being next prince of Wales. He’s the one who admits not seeing a Bollywood film at an Indian film gala. He’s the one who admits that he doesn’t read his briefings. He’s the one who cringes when his wife speaks. He’s the one who makes jokes about Covid when thousands have already died. He’s the one who makes racist remarks in bits that are supposed to promote mental health. Are we seeing the trend at which brother really is the one who hasn’t adjusted?

      • notasugarhere says:

        We are definitely seeing a trend where the RRs transfer W&K’s negative qualities to Harry and Meghan, all while trying to steal Harry and Meghan’s successes and awarding them to W&K. Blatant to those of us paying attention.

  2. MaryContrary says:

    What a crock. Proving yet again that they made the right choice to get out.

  3. Merricat says:

    If Harry has a bit more gravity to him, it could be because he’s had to weather the appalling treatment of his wife and child by the demented “press.” He will never come back.

    • cisne says:


    • Amy Too says:

      They seem to like to ignore that massive part of it. Even if they’re trying to claim that everything in the finding freedom book is just a bunch of petty, little stuff, it’s a HUGE pile of negative stuff that adds up to enough content for an entire book. Death by a thousand cuts. Sure, maybe each instance of negativity or each challenge they faced wasn’t on par with someone attempting to physically murder them, but when nearly every interaction with your family and the press for the past three years has been negative, those things add up. The press wants to try to explain away every excerpt as some misunderstanding or Harry and Meghan overreacting, and that could work for one or two negative things that happened, but not for EVERYTHING that happened. That shows a pattern of abuse. And especially when all of those “little” things that “you shouldn’t make a big deal of” are based on racism and sexism and xenophobia towards your WIFE and BABY, then it’s going to matter. If Harry has experienced a book’s worth of bullshit just since meeting Meghan, then OF COURSE he’s going to be changed and he’s not going to be happy-go-lucky, Mr. Charisma, especially with the Royal rota and courtiers, the very people dealing who hurting him.

      I’m also so sick of royal reporters acting like Finding Freedom is all one big direct quote from Harry and Meghan. They’re basically just reporting now that this entire book was written word for word by Harry and Meghan. It is not “their book,” they didn’t write it, they didn’t commission it, they didn’t review it, they didn’t edit it.

      • Becks1 says:

        @AMyToo – YES, I said something similar below about death by a thousand paper cuts.

        And co-sign your last paragraph 100%. Even if we go with the assumption that H&M were “okay” with their people talking to Scobie and Durand, that doesn’t mean they approved of what was actually in the book, that they had final editing authority, that they wrote the book, etc.

    • Babz says:

      @Merricat – spot on.

    • minx says:

      And aren’t we ALL under a shadow these days, FFS? Death is lurking everywhere.

  4. Loretta says:

    This Angela Levin creature was retweeting Megxit’s post about a fake pregnancy and Archie being a doll so I don’t care about anytrhing she’s saying.

    • PrincessK says:

      My anger really boils over any time l see or hear anything about this odious woman, who is wheeled out as an ‘expert’ on Prince Harry. He must terribly regret cooperating with this awful person, who posed like a friendly aunt when she was interviewing him. She is wringing every bit of money she can out of the ‘sad Harry’ story. She must belong to that group of people who are against anything diverse or multicultural, l really can’t get over how nasty she is. Doesn’t she feel embarrassed about the way she is trying to milk to death a fake story she is spreading about Harry’s future being nothing but doom and gloom?

  5. lily says:

    Good, this will be backfired, it will make the quite the opposite effect: Harry will be relief he leave before was too late and avoid wasting his life with people wouldn’t appreciate him. And I think they don’t realized their biggest mistake is their fight against Meghan, that make them stronger as a couple. we won, they loose.

  6. MrsRobinson says:

    Aren’t we all a shadow of our former selves at this particular moment? I certainly am…

    • fluffy_bunny says:

      We’ve hardly seen Harry the last couple of months. No one in the UK has access to him to even know what he’s like right now. He’s probably thrilled to be spending time with his family and focusing on his passion projects.

    • Harper says:

      Yes, and he is the father of a one-year-old! Any parent of a one-year-old is always a shadow of his/her former self due to sleep deprivation and the go-go-go of a curious toddler. These commentators should be ashamed of their inane “observations.”

    • bettyrose says:

      I know. WTAF? This is commentary is fully taking advantage of the fact that no one outside of Harry’s “bubble’ is having personal interactions with him right now, so how can anyone, let alone media, possibly know what he’s like on a daily basis? And if anything, his few public outreaches – such as the post from Harry we’re discussing in another thread – display a man with a goal, a passion. So this is basically the rehashed “Harry wants to be a drunken party boy and Meghan won’t let him.”

  7. S808 says:

    Are they not tired of writing about this? Surely their readers are ready to move on to something else. It’s the same story, same talking points rehashed over, and over and OVER again. Their audience is convinced and their reach isn’t enough to influence international audiences. They need to give it up.

    • Lady D says:

      The DM audience can no longer give it up. They have spent three years straight posting vile hatred towards mostly her, but also him. That paper posts the most inane point about Meghan and they leap on it, because they cannot wait to spew their venom. It’s like a drug that none of them can give up, it’s too late. Imagine them losing the ability to post their daily hatred? Where will they turn the anger they have enjoyed so so much for the past three years? Will they turn it on their partner, children, coworkers, pets? These people are hooked on their hatred. All that malignant rage has to go somewhere, it won’t just instantly dissipate from their minds, not anymore. The DM social media is creating a very large, angry group of citizens who will need to vent in scary and dangerous ways.

      • BayTampaBay says:

        The DM commentariat are the people who voted for BREXIT not entirely understanding what they were actually voting for by voting “Leave”.

        The DM commentariat are people who do not want to admit that Harry walked-out because the system is broken because they themselves cannot walk-out from the system that is broken.

  8. Sarah says:

    The gaslighting in this stuff is epic. Wow. I love that this has come at the same time as Harry’s letter about social media and the need for change. He’s sparkling, just far away from the likes of you.

  9. You Must Be Joking says:


  10. Toot says:

    Harry is in a team now, with Meghan, like he said in his engagement interview. So suck it Angela.

    • paddingtonjr says:

      ITA. He and Meghan (and Archie) have each other. They tried to be working royals, but the BRF and BM wanted them to do it on their terms rather than using H&M’s skills. So now it’s H&M against the world and they’re fine with it.

      In families, people have their roles and, when someone changes or grows or shows any signs of “not being with the program”, other members of the family can be uncomfortable with it. Luckily, Harry fell for someone who accepted him for who he really was and encouraged him and didn’t care about “Harry the lad.” Harry 2020 is an intelligent, thoughtful, well-spoken, compassionate man who loves and respects his wife and seems to want his son to be raised in a healthy, supportive and loving home. It’s a shame so many others can’t appreciate this Harry.

      • fluffy_bunny says:

        This is basic human kindness to respect your partner and want your children to grow up in a healthy, supportive and loving home. Who other than the Windsors set out to raise children in dysfunction?

  11. Jay says:

    Its entirely possible that Harry has changed, maybe as the result of experiencing the racist and repressive efforts of his family, maybe he finally feels supported and doesn’t have to play a part, or maybe he is viewing things differently through the lens of a parent.

    There is a huge reckoning and rethinking that comes with raising a child, both in terms of your relationships with your spouse and your own parents.

    Maybe he just doesn’t feel like cracking jokes (or in the case of his brother, cringeworthy putdowns labelled as “jokes”) while so many are struggling.

    Whatever the reason, I don’t get the impression he’s keen to come back.

    • norah says:

      angela levin is the last person to discuss harry.

      • NatureLover says:

        Actually, all of them, the courtiers, the RR and the DM have not spoken to H or M so they just make up stories as they go along as they have to generate clicks and gain headlines. They can’t rely on the dull and boring W&K as they have nothing to offer and do nothing for the Firm except throw H&M under the bus as her Laziness is still angry that Meghan still gets more coverage, but they always post negative coverage but it’s still coverage. Harry was and will always be
        charismatic and hold a strong commitment to his charity and patronage’s as well as Meghan, they are just doing it their way which makes the press angry that they longer give them a second thought. As for Harry, they have burned that bridge with regards to how Meghan was treated by The Firm and his own brother and SIL. Harry will never go back and leave his wife, whom he clearly loves and adores and she gives him the security and unconditional love. As for the pettiness from TQ, I don’t see them returning unless his grandparents pass away. As for Charles, I am curious as to why he sits back and allows W & K to leak information and throw them under the bus but he doesn’t sit them down and tell them to stop with their onslaught of abuse.

      • BayTampaBay says:

        “As for Charles, I am curious as to why he sits back and allows W & K to leak information and throw them under the bus ”

        Charles does not direct confrontation and does everything in his power to avoid direct confrontation.

      • Lady D says:

        He’s a gutless coward and he proved it with his silence when his newborn grandson was compared to a chimpanzee and he stayed silent. I feel only contempt for him. Ditto the pedo and the queen. Contemptible people.

      • RoyalBlue says:

        @naturelover Charles is a weak weak man and poor excuse of a father. he has made his choice and will choose the Crown over his son. The Crown is his Precious just like Gollum craved the ring.

    • PrincessK says:

      I am sure Harry has changed, for the better. I am sure he has been totally shocked by the racism and bigotry that he and his wife have faced. Something he could never have comprehended before he was married. Both Harry and Meghan were eager to play down race in the early days but others with sinister intentions used it in the most wicked way.

  12. Sofia says:

    Translation: We miss it when Harry was dressing up in Nazi costumes and being an embarrassing party boy we could all laugh at. But since we can’t accept that he’s a 30 something year old father who decided to grow up and mature, we’ll just blame women just like we always do.

    • Amy Too says:

      Will and Kate get praised for growing up and changing into more “mature, stately, diplomatic” people who have “found their voice,” who are “steering the monarchy,” for being “the rock” of the RF, for dressing more conservatively. All of these things are praised as evidence of them “growing into their important, adult roles.” And then we get “something is wrong with Harry. Middle aged, father and husband Harry isn’t as fun and drunk as teenage Harry!” Its like Will and Kate are the main characters in a book or movie and they’re meant to grow and change, but Harry is just the comedic relief side character. Side characters aren’t supposed to grow or change. They are there to provide entertainment for the main characters and the readers.

      Harry doesn’t want to be a side character in Will and Kate’s life anymore. He wants to be the main character in his own story. Just like every single other person in the world gets to be.

      • A says:

        In this instance, it’s pretty clear what “mature, stately, diplomatic” actually means too–it means you keep your head down, and don’t bother sticking up for yourself. To anyone. You do what the royal suits tell you, quietly, and don’t fight for yourself or your needs or your happiness. “Never complain, never explain,” is not a primer for the press–it’s what the aides expect, when it comes to the treatment they themselves mete out.

      • Harper says:

        Harry is their court jester and they miss his entertainment value. Instead, they are stuck with FFK Will’s jokes about that overhyped coronavirus and that Uber driver being thrown to the floor.

      • February-Pisces says:

        They quite happily let Princess Margaret drink herself into an early grave, and Prince Andrew hang with peados and be known as the party prince we’ll into his fifties. They are happy for the spares to be the screw up, cos that means the heirs don’t have to work as hard to look good. Except for the fact that harry had other ideas and decided to grow up and be a man of worth. They can’t have that. Remember when Willie had to be reassured that Harry’s popularity was only temporary and that his peak was now? I thought that they wanted only harry to come back alone so he can marry a white woman who is duller than Kate. But I actually think they just want him back alone, and for him to stay single forever.

      • morrigan01 says:

        @February-Pisces Harry being single forever – or him getting married and then divorced multiple times over the years – is exactly what they want. Funny enough, the play King Charles III has that BE Harry’s ending point. Forever a “singleton,” amusing and unthreatening, basically playing third wheel to W&K (who become King and Queen at the end, after Charles is forced to abdicate the throne).

        I think about that play sometimes lately when it comes to all of this. Because, for many things, it was spot freakin on. Only, in the play, when Harry tried to escape his Royal Life, he was unable to, unlike in actual reality. Meghan was a real game changer for Harry (unlike the character of Jess in the play), likely because Meghan wasn’t British, he actually married Meghan, and then Archie was born and HE, Harry’s son, became the reason both he and Meghan were find the courage to truly walk away.

        It’s why articles like this keep wanting Harry to not just forget Meghan but Archie as well. But Archie is the reason Harry will NEVER go back. The RRs were starting in on his son the same racist way they were already going after his wife. And the RF did NOTHING to protect his son, not when he was in the womb and not after he was born, including when he was called a monkey among other things.

        So no. They will never get their fantasy of “singleton Harry” back. No matter how many times or how many RRs write nonsense like this.

    • bettyrose says:

      It would be so much better if he were still a party boy trying to drown his childhood demons in Vegas binges and finding no purpose in life. Who doesn’t wish that for the young people in their lives?

      • notasugarhere says:

        Vegas was pre-deployment to an active war zone where terrorists vowed to hunt him down and torture him on video.

        I’m not going to fault someone being deploying to a war zone a chance to cut loose before hand, as long as no one is hurt and everyone is a consenting adult. Other soldiers agreed, which is why they started a pro-Harry naked meme.

      • Bettyrose says:

        I didn’t know that but I don’t fault anyone for the occasional lost weekend. Point is the same that his party boy behavior was a means to escape from pain, so if he’s more subdued now, that’s probably a sign of being happier, contrary to the comments of Levin and others.

      • notasugarhere says:

        The party boy behavior wasn’t constant, although the tabloids tried to make it look that way. The majority of the time, once he hit Sandhurst, he was on the straight and narrow. An occasional night out drinking was blown into ‘Harry is a drunk’. Harry following William’s lead and experimenting with drugs at Club H? ‘Harry is a drug addict’. As per Nic919′s points out above, the heir is protected and anything negative Harry did was exaggerated 1000X.

  13. Rose says:

    If Harry is struggling at all right now (and we have no idea if he is) perhaps it’s because he’s not a sociopath like the rest of the royal family and he actually cares about all of the people who are suffering, the people dying and losing loved ones from the virus, the people who have lost their jobs, the people who are suffering because of racism. But I supposed it never even occurs to any of the other pampered, sheltered, privileged people in the royal family to feel bad at all right now because so many people in the world are suffering.

    • ce says:

      Yes! If this person had an ounce of empathy, she may have recognized that newly-transplanted Harry and his family are sheltered-in-place in one of the hardest-hit areas of the US and that they’re certainly experiencing sickness and death first-hand. Not to mention the international/cultural move he just made! It is very human for him to be a bit broken these days

  14. Lucylee says:

    Angela, please let it go. He probably did those interviews with you because he was forced to.

  15. Becks1 says:

    These people really hate that Harry grew up and matured and that as part of that, he decided he didn’t want to be William’s whipping boy for the rest of his life.

    Also, the part about the “petty grievances” becoming a “Great big sandcastle” – well, not getting into how petty their grievances were or weren’t, but there’s a reason why “death by a thousand papercuts ” is a saying. Even if each little thing against them was relatively petty (which I don’t believe), it all clearly added up in a really big way.

  16. yinyang says:

    I really wish Harry would come out with statements how he was unhappy being a royal before meeting Meghan, I think this might take a little heat off Meghan, people are quick to blame and excuses they make are convenient.

    • Tessa says:

      I don’t think any heat is on Meghan, except from the same “bots” who trash her saying the same things over and over now the latest is she’s really 43, and has an extra husband, and the Queen has custody of Archie. These are people who won’t change opinions no matter what and there are others who need no “proof” that Meghan is not responsible.

      • Amy Too says:

        Why would it be some kind of slam if she really was 43 though? If she’s 43, she’s the sexiest, youngest looking, most beautiful 43 year old to ever come out of the royal family. The comparisons that could be made between “43 year old” Meghan and 37 year old Kate would not be favorable towards Kate.

      • Nic919 says:

        They are so bad at this. Meghan looks great for her age and the other one looks withered. Saying Meghan is even older makes the other one look even worse.

      • Ginger says:

        I agree Tessa. It doesn’t matter what Harry says they will always blame Meghan.

      • yinyang says:

        @Amytoo, you are so right!

      • yinyang says:

        @Tessa. When I broke away from religion, my parents blamed the influence of everyone around me, they thought I changed. So when I told them all the incidences I had as a non-beleiver going back to when I was 4, they realized maybe I was always this way I just covered up my true feelings to not hurt anyone else’s. But you’re right, this only works on rational minds, Meghan haters are mental.

    • notasugarhere says:

      He’s already said his piece. He did interviews saying no one wants to be king, how he struggled to balance personal, military, and royal versions of himself.

  17. Tessa says:

    These must be paid bots on social media who rant on about how “sad” Harry looks now, and the name calling of his wife. It is so sordid.

    • PrincessK says:

      There is a top presenter on LBC radio who drives me crazy, repeatedly telling everyone to look how sad Harry appears in photos coming out of LA. This presenter goes on to repeat ad infinitum that Harry is an army lad who used to enjoy a good drink, and a good night out, and has suddenly changed into a sad withdrawn human being. Of course he has changed! He is a married man with a wife and child.

    • notasugarhere says:

      20 percent of the Meghan hate bots track to Russian servers.

      Let that sink in. Start pondering why pro-Brexit, anti-EU, pro-Taliban Putin would want white people in the UK to hate a popular anti-Taliban UK soldier’s wife.

      • Nic919 says:

        I wouldn’t be shocked if some of the troll farm people have posted here. In fact I highly suspect a recent troll in the other post.

  18. Andrew’s Nemesis says:

    This putrid gaslighting reminds me of some of the worst evils my toxic ex used to come up with: it gave me cold shivers. Thank God he has Meghan and Doria. They won’t permit truth to bleed into falsehood bleed into an apathetic nothingness.

    Oh – regarding ‘Team Queen’: Old Brenda gave (or had taken) executive power to PWT and her dresser to bar Meghan from accessing the jewels the Duchess was perfectly entitled to. Who the hell would want to be on her team?

  19. Courtney B says:

    Petty grievances held onto sounds more like the courtiers’ and rota’s beefs with Harry and Meghan.

  20. MsIam says:

    If people think Harry is consulting with Angela Levin or anyone else at the Daily Mail then I have some swampland to sell you. I guess she and the Fail think he is like Trump who goes into a tizzy after every negative story in the press. I think they are only strengthening his resolve to not come back to the U.K. ever. And what’s really funny is the same folks who think he is desperate without the Queen in LA were fine with shipping them to South Africa, presumably never to be heard from again. It’s so obvious they are trying to break up the marriage and I truly think they wouldn’t do this without someone in the royal family’s knowledge and consent.

    • NatureLover says:

      Absolutely this ^^^^. They desperately want to appear as if they have the inside scoop as to how H&M are feeling and what Harry is experiencing now that he is no longer under control by The Firm, so they make up stories suggesting that he is lost and not himself anymore.

  21. ABritGuest says:

    Pretty disgusting that ITV interviewed Angela seeing as she has been pushing Meghan moonbump theories etc openly on social media.

    Funny people like Angela were loving the ‘gripes’ when thomas Markle had his press tour that nobody helped him with the wedding& Meghan cut him off or when palace insiders were leaking of tantrums over tiaras, 5 am emails, Meghan overshadowing everyone by just breathing etc. Now different perspective is being put forward it’s an issue.

    Can’t see evidence Harry isn’t as jovial with people he encounters with his charity work. He was joking about during a BBC One show appearance for VE Day. But no surprise Harry might not be as gregarious when encountering press at engagements when he knows what they’ve been spewing about his family& that some are willing his divorce or worse.

    Also I remember the think pieces when he used to get into trouble for partying etc for embarrassing the Queen so would think people would be happy he’s maturing and not being the class clown etc. I’m starting to wonder if they wanted a Prince Andrew 2.0 role for him.

    Either way some of these royal commentators are seriously unhinged about him in a way which isn’t normal especially for one they call irrelevant.

    • February-Pisces says:

      It’s funny that people are so determined that Meghan faked her pregnancy based on literally no information or evidence whatsoever. They just don’t want her to be a mother cos then she will literally have it all, perfect husband, baby, good lucks, money, success, intelligence, the list goes on. Where as Kate only has her kids and nothing else. Anyone who says that Meghan used a surrogate might want to remember that Prince George has brown eyes. William and Kate both have blue /green eyes. It’s scientifically impossible for blue eyes parents to have a brown eyed baby, there is 0% chance. Also all George’s grandparents have blue eyes too. Now I’m not a scientist so I don’t know how to explain how George has beaten the odds, or that they used a surrogate, but if George has a trait that is so rare it’s deemed impossible, then those Meghan bump conspiracy haters should really STFU.

      • swirlmamad says:

        I don’t think Kate has blue eyes — I believe they’re hazel which is an anomaly in itself genetics wise (it’s not really an eye color, more a blend of different eye colors). If she also had blue eyes, then we could side eye George’s brown eyes as then they would be impossible for him to have. (And I’m not defending Kate b/c I’m no fan of hers any longer, just dropping some facts. 😉)

      • February-Pisces says:

        It’s still the same on the eye colour chart that’s why I said blue/green, because either will still have O% chance of a brown eyed baby, one parent would have to have brown eyes. Like I said I’m not a scientist so I have no idea if there are any other arguments why, but zero percent seems pretty low regardless, lol. I just think it’s weird George has a very unique trait that no one ever questions or can explain.

      • Sandy says:

        I’m going to have to correct you here. Blue-eyed parents can have brown-eyed children, as they can be carriers (heterozygous) for certain genes. The child can receive each of the two genes needed to be expressed from their parents, resulting in a brown-eyed child from blue-eyed parents.
        The genes are called OCA2 and HERC2, btw.
        Source : am a geneticist.

      • February-Pisces says:

        @sandy ok that’s great. So what are the chances of a brown eye baby from two blue eyed parents? Why is it deemed impossible if it in fact possible? Genuinely interested?

        Also my point was supposed to be that people are so quick to say Meghan used a surrogate based on absolutely nothing. People have also questioned harrys paternity because he has red hair, even though half the spencer family has red hair. Yet George has a very unique trait and yet no one says sh*t.

    • notasugarhere says:

      Do you think ITV bothers to do that type of research about a hired hack? I doubt it, and I doubt they’d care as long as it gets them revenue.

  22. adastraperaspera says:

    Wow, the royals are really, really desperate to distract from Andrew’s sex crimes.

  23. salmonpuff says:

    This is so triggering to me. My narcissistic parents say I’ve changed…I’m not the cheerful, dutiful daughter I used to be…I’m too influenced by my husband…I’m raising my children to hate where they came from, etc. What is true is that I’ve finally managed to become myself after years and years of trying to fit in to the role they needed me to play in their weird psycho-drama.

    Obviously, I don’t know Harry or his family or if the situation is in any way similar to my small-scale middle class family drama, but it feels the same. One thing my therapist has told me is that once you break the “spell” a narcissist weaves around you, you can’t go back. So if he’s in a similar situation, the press/courtiers/family are wasting their time.

    • yinyang says:

      That’s exactly it! Harry always felt this way, what happened afterwards was the current for change, he would have ended up here one way or another. I grew up like that, I listened to my parents kept my mouth shut, even if I didn’t believe what they were telling me to do. Now that I have teenagers and they openly tell me what they like and dislike, sometimes I get frustrated but I am glad I provide an environment where they are free to express, something I never had, if they did the alternative I would be devastated.

  24. Nic919 says:

    The UK media is pretty deranged to want to keep Harry in his role as court jester knowing what happened to his mother. Frankly they are bastards. And of course Harry is less of a jokester in his 30s than he was as a younger man, it’s called maturity and is a normal process.

  25. jferber says:

    SHut up, Angela Levin. Just shut up.

    • NatureLover says:

      They all need to STFU and sit down as no one cares about what they have to say except the Meghan haters! When I have seen pictures of him, he seems well rounded, at ease and perfectly happy! That’s what is pissing them off! He is proving he doesn’t need any of them and it shows!

  26. AnnaKist says:

    None of us is in a position to know for sure, though, are we? We don’t truly know if he’s braving it out. Family splits can be utterly devastating, no matter who or what the cause. I hope the Sussexes are ok.

  27. ClaireB says:

    My god. The amount of time and energy this press and his family are spending gaslighting him is repulsive. Poor Harry. I’m so glad for him that he found Meghan and they got themselves away from the BRF and the British media. What a toxic environment!

  28. Vanessa says:

    I think that A lot of this royal reporters are ridiculously then believe their own hype because they go on some Engagement with the royals they genuinely believe they have a close relationship with the royal family. This obsession to destroy Harry marriage just because he choose his wife and child over the ridiculously of the royal family has made some of this royal reporters unhinged they truly believe that if they continually to attack and undermine Harry and Meghan at every turn he will just leave her . Why do they need harry back so badly they have according to the British press and public the most important royals William and Kate to do the heavy lifting then have kate the top CEO the most wonderfully future queen why isn’t that enough for the British public.

  29. Lizzie says:

    ‘I met Harry once and he was so charming TO ME so I can tell you everything about him. But I thought I was special so I am secretly bitter I never heard from him again.’

  30. sassafras says:

    I do believe that Harry believed in the “team” and enjoys working with others for a higher goal. You can see that in his military service and his leadership in Invictus Games, etc. And I believe that Meghan would absolutely have shared that role with him. She wouldn’t have signed up to marry him, do the whole royal thing and the Hub cookbook so quickly if that wasn’t their original plan. But he saw that his team wasn’t around him like he thought they would be and Meghan and Archie gave him a reason to look for other ways of life. And possibly a therapist. I think that Harry has worked with a therapist for a good long time.

    • notasugarhere says:

      He’s had one foot out the door most of his life. He may have hoped that, once he had a partner at his side, the team would see his-and-their value. When the ‘team’ failed to stop the attacks AND participated in them themselves? He knew they’d never change.

  31. one of the Marys says:

    @sassafrass I agree with you here, they were so optimistic weren’t they? He said Meghan would have the family she didn’t have growing up and that is the worst betrayal and disappointment of them all. He was so hurt and disappointed by his brother and father. I don’t think he’ll ever work with William again

  32. aquarius64 says:

    This new round of crazy is due to Finding Freedom will be released in full next Tuesday. They want this book destroyed at all costs. No telling what else more is in there. Also Meghan’s minor victory in court had to unnerved some. Add Meghan’s appearance for the 19th* summit and this is what you have: a royal bride that has not caved to the Crown and British media. Sarah, Sophie and definitely Kate got whacked by the press but in the end they fell into line and be tiara wearing Barbies (or conservators of dark secrets) to enjoy wealth and privilege. The Windsors are dog walked by the press on a whole and the press is mad two of the members got off the leash.

    • A says:

      I don’t think they want the book destroyed. If anything, they’re positively delighted that the book is being released. It’s given them something new to screech about in the press, as opposed to getting absolutely nothing, and that’s all they want. They want new material to yell about.

    • notasugarhere says:

      Camilla, Sophie, Kate – none of them have been attacked like Meghan has. Not even Camilla.

      Those three have ‘fallen in line’ because that’s exactly what they wanted to do. They never had a desire to do anything else. Except maybe Camilla, but once she’s was pressured into marrying Charles, she felt right in line.

      • Nic919 says:

        Has Kate really fallen in line though or has it been moved to fit her? She remains absolutely lazy and incompetent something that never was an issue for Camilla or Sophie and her family is still more involved and public than the family of any other married in, with Carole pimping out her other daughter and son as well as the business. Carole has also helped with pap walks for Kate depending on what William was doing, something you have not seen with Sophie or Camilla.

        The only thing that Kate has done that would be considered falling in line is being quiet about William’s cheating, but she gets non stop shopping sprees and holidays in return.

        Camilla had the toughest image to rehab because of the affair, but she has taken on causes that would be considered pro woman, same with Sophie, and neither is attacked for being too feminist.

        Kate breaks long standing military traditions to get her roots done, which wouldn’t be toeing the line for anyone else. The flashing occurred for years and only was controlled once Meghan showed up as a likely partner for Harry.

        Kate has never shown a desire to do royal work as Camilla and Sophie have done. She’s still doing PR created things that don’t amount to much. But of course the media turned their focus on Meghan and are missing the real story here.

  33. Linda says:

    It’s no coincidence that the release of news that Andrew had a foot fetish and was a premature ejaculator when he was too excited is almost immediately followed with stories that Harry is unhappy yada yada yada.

  34. A says:

    “He’s become a shadow of his former self,” she says, dramatically, after having read a BOOK containing Harry’s thoughts, and then proceeding to compare it to that time she last spoke to him, face to face.

    Seriously. None of these people know this man in any depth. It’s hilarious to see them talk about him with such a degree of familiarity, as if they “know” him, lmao. Harry, a man who has spent so many years in the military, under a strict hierarchy, under the leadership of people who are most definitely NOT THE QUEEN, with a team that is not the royal family, would not have trouble in “a place like LA.”

    What Angela Levin is basically implying here is that Harry likes to be led, rather than be a leader, and that he is not happy with being a leader or taking a lead in his own life. Which is the deeply insulting bottom line of the whole sh-tshow in the press right now.

    • notasugarhere says:

      It is a theme her buddies on tumblr promote, that’s why she does it. That he cannot be a leader, Meghan controls him, etc.

  35. Gucci Choi says:

    Good lord…what an odious, fatuous wench this Angela Levin shows herself to be!! She actually gets paid to write speculative and unsubstantiated dreck; is given all kinds of media attention for it; and regurgitates it all for an audience with nothing better to do than vent their own unacknowledged unhappiness, negativity, and warped values onto a highly prominent couple, whom they envy (but would never admit it) and deride for their wealth, good looks, and efforts to make a positive contribution. I’m not saying H&M are perfect; no one needs to be deified as some paragon of virtue. But there is nothing more triggering to damaged, emotionally deformed people than others who actually DO something productive and seem happy about it. Does this Levin person have a husband and kids?? I can’t imagine what it must be like to live with someone with such a cramped and resentful worldview. If she’s faking it all for the clicks and money, and thinks she can simply compartmentalize and be a ‘real’ person when she’s not on the job, then she’s a cynical, grifting cow; if she genuinely believes this garbage, then she’s a supremely petty and mediocre human being invested in a system that wants to you to accept emotional/ethical chum as high-quality products worth possessing or emulating. Any kind of rabidly negative fascination/obsession with others is not a good sign…get a bloody life of your own!!

  36. What eating you says:

    So they preferred it when Harry was the drunk, stumbling out of clubs, third wheel, play boy prince but once he gets himself the help that he needs, married Meghan, and becomes a father he’s a “shell” of himself. These people are so transparent.

  37. L4frimaire says:

    Every time Harry does something with purpose, Angela comes out of the woodwork with this. She really was shaken by the QCT video of the two of them together, to the point where she had to go into fake baby conspiracies for comfort. Interesting how once again she pops up after his Travalyst summit and his essay in Fast Company. They really have no idea what they’re doing or their plans, and get so riled up whenever it’s obvious they are building their lives outside the Royal family. Keep doing you Harry.

  38. Snuffles says:

    Honestly, while I’m sure there is the typical adjustment to a new move that anyone would experience, I would venture to say that Harry is quite happy right now.

    He doesn’t have to deal with the Royal rota daily, he’s pursuing the causes he’s interested in and doesn’t have to get them through a zillion people (who probably would have shot down most of them) or worry how it would affect The Firm’s image.

    He’s probably loving all of the quality time he’s getting with Meghan and his son. Watching Archie meet milestones like walking and his first words. Playing with his dogs. Watching Archie using them as pillows as he naps. Plotting his grand plans with Meghan and thrilled that he’s met someone who is 100% on board with his vision and has the intelligence, energy and gumption to go for it with him. He’s probably eating the healthiest he’s ever in his life. His hair looks like it’s growing back.

    And even though there is a pandemic, he’s probably secretly happy that he doesn’t have to go back to the UK out of family obligation any time soon. He’s just happily focusing on the future and building up his post Royal life.

  39. MJM says:

    I really like and admire authentic, mature Harry thanks very much. I hate that cow Angela Levin with every fibre of my being. Nasty garbage human being like all the rota.

  40. Shannon says:

    How does a London-based author even know what Harry is doing in L.A. in the middle of a pandemic that has resulted in bans/mandatory quarantines for travel between the U.K. and U.S.? It’s clearly not based on her direct observations and it’s evident that Harry and Meghan will have nothing to do with U.K. media contacts in the U.S. Their friends aren’t selling them out either.

    I believe this narrative about Harry is a complete fabrication. So is any other “theory” coming from the U.K. media. They have been iced out and they’re inventing stories.

  41. Liz version 700 says:

    So she is sad that he grew up? He has a family now and thinks about things other than smiling for the camera? Omg

  42. blunt talker says:

    It was an acting performance to show he was going with the program-but behind the scenes he was having problems-his wild young days shows there was problem but the senior royals chose to ignore. When you have a wife and child-being wild and foolish does not look good on any man or woman-these Brits want to live in the past and keep the royals in the past-Harry knows better-I know more Harry now than I did when he was a wild child. I pay attention to what he is interested in and his involvement with different causes/charities more now than ever. I respect his attitude and fortitude in his endeavors.

  43. Abena Asantewaa says:

    Angela Levin, is demented, she behaves like she is Meghan’s rival. She has been negative against Meghan from day 1. I watched a review of the wedding, and it was all negative from Angela, so the hate is deep seated. They are ochestrating for a divorce, but it won’t happen. Harry previously revealed he had been unhappy for 20 years, as a result of his mother passing,he wanted to leave the royal family, according to Angela’s book, but he thought of the queen and stayed. So why all the dishonesty! Funnily enough, that family has more divorces, than I have had hot meals. The BIG question is; WHY? Harry said these famous words, when he had Archie in his arms, he said; ‘Now we have OUR OWN BUNDLE OF JOY’ Harry is content, a fully grown up man now. Angela is obssesed with Harry, it’s dangerous.

    • notasugarhere says:

      Many of the RRs are behaving like jilted lovers.

    • windyriver says:

      The RRs are increasingly, delightfully irrelevant. Surely, think they, if we double down on tactics that worked so well in the past (and still work with other family members), the upper hand will be ours once more! What’s the definition of insanity – doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result? Finding Freedom means a current bump of activity, something to write about instead of fan fiction. But it’ll likely make it clearer, to more people, that the BM, in tandem with the royal establishment, were bullies and racists regarding Harry and Meghan. Even now, Angela, etc. are really only pandering to remaining haters and syncophants, because with no access and no information, no one else much cares what they have to say.

      Reportedly, Harry and Meghan’s staff flagged the Camfed birthday initiative for her, so what they see is filtered, and she and Harry probably no longer read anything the RRs write. Sorry Angela.

    • me says:

      They just follow mentally the lead. Like puppets. It’s sad how brainwashed people are. But some defenders of Meghan and Harry are no less insane. They just play the other team.

  44. Tessa says:

    On some comments section the Meghan critics talk about “Our Harry” and name call the person who took him away. It’s so pathetic.

  45. Tessa says:

    On some comments section the Meghan critics talk about “Our Harry” and name call the person who took him away. It’s so pathetic.

  46. SJR says:

    The comment about “wearing a mask” because people like you better…that REALLY hits me.
    Far too true in my life, for many, many years.
    Be true to yourself. Do it now, don’t waste decades wearing the mask.

    I hope Harry, his wife and baby are happy and healthy for years to come.

  47. zikifly says:

    Despite having seen the racist, unacceptable treatment by the BRF and media for years, I confess to being utterly flabbergasted at this kind of open desire to see the breakup of a family with a young child. How is it okay to speak like this? Even if Meghan had somehow ill treated them personally it would be a bridge too far to wish for her marriage to break up. I’m really shocked by this, do they not realize what they are saying? With everything happening in the world, to openly want a baby to be deprived of a happy family unit? I just can’t believe it. I dunno, I know America has problems but I feel like if the press here started writing articles about “Oh it would be so nice if Barack left Michelle” there would be an outcry and they would lose their jobs. What is happening??? Is this not really shocking to others?

  48. khaveman says:

    No, he’s just in a new life, a new place. Good for him!

  49. candy says:

    Um, doesn’t everyone with a newborn baby become a shadow of their former self? lol. It’s called not sleeping ever.