Jared Kushner is openly committing election fraud & exploiting Kanye West

President Donald Trump returns to the White House

As with so many things involving Donald Trump, the collusion and criminality is in plain sight. Always. And I always think “if this is what we can see with our own eyes, how bad is it behind the scenes?” What’s the collusion this month? It’s the Kanye West presidential “candidacy.” Kanye West announced that he’s running last month, then did one “campaign event” in South Carolina where he said Harriet Tubman didn’t really free the slaves and that he wanted Kim to have an abortion when she was pregnant with North. He was in the throes of a manic episode, and some people assumed that when his manic episode was over, so too would the presidential candidacy stop. Not so much. Even though Kanye has been absent from the “campaign,” it has continued across a dozen states. The campaign is being run by various Republican operatives, all of them Trump supporters, blatantly looking to siphon votes from Joe Biden. While federal election laws are ever-changing, the whole “two campaigns colluding with each other” thing is still illegal. So… why are Jared Kushner and Kanye West meeting up in Colorado?

President Trump’s son-in-law and senior adviser, Jared Kushner, met privately last weekend with Kanye West, the rapper who has filed petitions to get on the November ballots for president in several states.

The meeting took place in Colorado, where Mr. Kushner was traveling with his wife, Ivanka Trump, those familiar with the meeting said. Mr. West had been camping in Colorado with his family, and afterward flew to Telluride to meet with Mr. Kushner and Ms. Trump, but was not accompanied by his wife, Kim Kardashian West, those with knowledge of the meeting said.

After an inquiry, Mr. West tweeted Tuesday evening: “I’m willing to do a live interview with the New York Time about my meeting with Jared,” adding that they had discussed a book about Black empowerment called “PowerNomics.” He did not elaborate on his meeting with Mr. Kushner in a brief follow-up interview. He instead expressed anger about abortion rates among Black women and said he didn’t reflexively support Democrats.

A White House spokesman did not respond to an email seeking comment.

The meeting came at a notable time. Mr. West recently criticized Joseph R. Biden Jr. in an interview with Forbes. He did not deny that he is acting as a spoiler to damage the Biden campaign with his effort to get on several ballots in states like Colorado, where he will appear. It’s less clear that his name will be on the ballot in Wisconsin, where his signature petitions are being challenged.

[From The NY Times]

It’s not that I’m worried that dipsh-ts will go to the polls and vote for Kanye in droves. The strategy at play is to make Kanye into a Jill Stein-like candidate, meaning the Trump campaign wants Kanye to pull a few thousand votes in what they think will be the tightest swing states. The problem is that there are not that many tight swing states – Biden is leading by significant margins in nearly all of the states deemed “battlegrounds.” Still, it’s a strategy and it’s something on which Republican operatives are clearly colluding with Kanye.

Forbes is also reporting that their sources - I would assume someone Kanye-adjacent – say that Kanye and Jared are speaking “almost daily” and Kushner has been telling Kanye that he can win the race. Kanye has apparently been telling people: “Jared’s scared and doesn’t want me to run because he knows that I can win.” Kanye’s people know that Kushner is working Ye, with one source saying that Kanye “is just like a kid. The more you tell him he can’t do a thing, the more he’ll do it… he has a tremendous drive to prove people wrong.” Kanye regularly refers to Jared as “my boy” and when Kanye was being interviewed by Forbes he apparently referenced things Kushner had told him recently. It’s gotten so bad that there are people in Kanye’s orbit who are concerned that Kushner is just manipulating and exploiting a mentally ill man. Duh.

PS… I also think it’s kind of interesting that Kim Kardashian hasn’t given People Magazine another diary entry in several days, basically ever since she and Kanye returned from the Dominican Republic. Judging from her IG, I think she’s back in LA? Did she drop Kanye off at the Wyoming Dome on her way to file for divorce in California? Also: LMAO Kim did not want to spend any time with Jared or Ivanka.

Kanye White House

Kanye White House

Photos courtesy of Backgrid, Avalon Red.

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  1. Chica1971 says:

    HArdly a shocker! He is the Secretary of Failure and was quite comfortable ignoring COVID-19 and limiting resources to prevent its spread because it started in Blue states.
    My sincere hope is that Biden allows for the prosecution of all crimes this administration committed. That’s let bygones be bygones will not work this time around

  2. SJR says:

    Smarmy, smug, corrupt, little creep of a being.
    Just like most of Team Trump.

  3. Lightpurple says:

    Even worse, not only is this election fraud but Ivanka was out there supposedly promoting Trump’s funding of national parks and the opening of the cold case office for missing or murdered Native Americans, which was really Just a photo op to get those suburban housewives to support Trump. WE paid for this trip with our tax dollars.

    As for Kim, she’s met with them plenty of times, she didn’t this time so she can avoid all charges of election interference and fraud.

  4. Lightpurple says:

    Even worse, not only is this election fraud but Ivanka was out there supposedly promoting Trump’s funding of national parks and the opening of the cold case office for missing or murdered Native Americans, which was really Just a photo op to get those suburban housewives to support Trump. WE paid for this trip with our tax dollars.

    As for Kim, she’s met with them plenty of times, she didn’t this time so she can avoid all charges of election interference and fraud.

  5. Ninks says:

    They’re not even pretending to try and win the election, they’re just blatantly trying to steal it.

  6. shanaynay says:

    I really hope Trump sand Kushner fail at fixing the election, and Biden comes out the victor!!!! When the election is over, I want the whole Trump and Kushner families thrown in jail for all of their illegal activities. Then I want whomever looked the other way and did not stop these criminal activities to be thrown in jail as well, and fired from their titles/jobs ASAP, because they are just as complicit as DT and JK.

    • Betsy says:

      I think based on what we’ve seen so far, I think only something more punitive than prison is fair. I am generally opposed to the death penalty, but for the crime of selling out your country, it is a fair punishment.

      • shanaynay says:


        I have to agree with you!!!

      • Chanteloup says:

        We don’t need to kill them. Just let them scrub toilets and wash floors on their hands and knees in homeless shelters* 18 hours a day, and the other 6 they can try to sleep while listening to the tapes of children crying, hungry people, those who lost family to COVID [I was going to list much much much much much much suffering they've cause but I'm stopping here because I can't take it right now].

        *until we get fair housing for everyone! Then they can scrub hospitals.

      • fluffy_bunny says:

        I think they have executed people in the past for treason.

  7. LaUnicaAngelina says:

    Nice pic of Jared before he sold his soul to the devil. MFer looks like Cheryl Blossom’s brother on Riverdale now (ala Norman Bates mom in Psycho).

  8. tig says:

    Is this where we ignore Chance the rapper, DaBaby and Nick Cannon are all supporting Kanye’s presidency?

    • tempest prognosticator says:

      Good question!

    • Betsy says:

      Nick Cannon was one of the signatories on the letter from 100 black celebrities telling Biden he had to select a black candidate and I saw his name and thought WTF why are you putting your oar in when you’re basically a Republican?

      (I like Harris; I don’t like Nick Cannon).

    • Lightpurple says:

      I have noticed that on Twitter.

      And Elon Musk, who has all sorts of deals happening with the Trump administration

  9. Melissai says:

    Illinois & New Jersey have announced the majority of signatures on his petitions appear to be invalid. He withdrew the petition from NJ, before having to appear at a hearing to answer to the possible fraud. Vanity fair.com/style/2020/08/Kanye-wear-2020-campaign-invalid-signatures-fraud

  10. grabbyhands says:

    Can we dispel this notion that Kanye is this defenseless little puppet being led astray?

    He’s a narcissist being courted by other narcissists to commit election fraud to achieve the end of getting him into office somehow/helping his asshole buddy stay in office. It gives him an opportunity to spout his religious sexist nonsense and remind everyone how much he hates and is threatened by black women. He loves this attention (and so does his grifter wife and her family) and he is complicit in it. He doesn’t care if it’s illegal because he’ll just explain it away as Jesus or something.

    • shanaynay says:

      @grabbyhands …

      Love it!!! He is definitely not a defenseless little puppet. I firmly believe he knows exactly what he is doing, and he’s doing it with both eyes wide open!!! No doubt!

    • Lightpurple says:

      I also think he was given lots of money to cover his debts to do this

  11. reef says:

    I know there’s an assumption that all Black people are in lock step but the Black people that are going to go vote for Kanye were either never going to vote in this election or would’ve voted for Trump anyway. How is that not obvious?

    • superashes says:

      Right? To me this just looks like a bunch of out of touch white people who clearly have no black friends, because that is the only way I can see someone in the Trump camp honestly thinking this helps them. If anything, it pulls votes from Trump.

    • Allie says:

      In my opinion it is actually an insult to Black people to believe they are going to vote for someone like Kanye just because he is black.

    • Christin says:

      I’ve never believed the premise that Kanye would pull Biden votes.

      Sounds like the grifter duo are as bad at election subterfuge as they have been at everything else (pandemic, economic initiatives, etc.). The apples don’t fall far from the trees.

  12. Teebee says:

    To me, all that matters at this point is that when Trump and all those that rolled the dice and sold their souls (and careers) to aid his lying butt, are dumped on the sidewalk outside the White House after the election. AND THEN spend the REST OF THEIR LIVES desperately scrambling and scratching for a meagre fraction of the wealth and reputation they once enjoyed. The internet never forgets. And hindsight is 2020. And these people only feel sorry for themselves when they feel the heat. Make them feel the chill in their wallets and the burn in their cheeks for the rest of their miserable lives.

  13. Kate says:

    When it smiles it looks even creepier…

    • Chanteloup says:

      Thanks for translating that sneer. I had no idea it was meant to be a smile. More like the venomous grimace of one contemplating which group of Americans he is going to arrange to die next.

  14. melrose says:

    Lowest of the low. Scumbags all of them – Kanye Jared Ivanka and the whole Trump and Kardashian clan.

  15. Maida says:

    Check out the episode of Netflix’s documentary series “Dirty Money” that is about Kushner and his family’s real estate empire. Basically, he’s been all about squeezing money out of poor people for decades. The only things he and Ivanka care about are power and money.

    Title of the episode is “Slumlord Millionaire.”

  16. Mrs. Peel says:

    Add assault to the charges – he’s assaulting my eyes and my brain every time I see his face or hear his voice.

  17. Christin says:

    Why doesn’t he ask to be Orange’s VP? If they are each so tremendous, imagine what they could do together!

    This story is pathetic. I could never imagine how cruel and ridiculous this real-life storyline could get.

  18. Intheknow says:

    That’s a great pic. LOL. He looks like, well, right at the beginning transformation of Voldemort. What a creepy dude.

  19. vertes says:

    Could Kanye be the Pence’s replacement on the ticket? I think Pence will get the boot before the election & even Jared should be able to figure out that a Trump-Kushner ticket is a sure fail.

    • Maida says:

      Never happen. Nikki Haley would step in if Pence were booted — but he won’t be, because Trump DESPERATELY needs the white evangelical vote.

    • adastraperaspera says:

      Liz Cheney is also in the wings. Karl Rove is now helping Trump, so I’ve wondered if they’ll call her up for VP to keep the Bush supporters in the fold.

  20. Pusspants says:

    I’m confused. What makes anyone think Kanye would siphon votes away from Biden? I think it’s more likely he’d appeal to right-wing nitwits and pull votes from Trump.

  21. Jen says:

    Trump isn’t supporting Ye, he’s supporting chaos and distraction and his ability to contest election results and make the public less trustful of them.

  22. Veronica S. says:

    They flat out stated they’re not funding the USPS in order to block voting. Like, it was never hidden, but now it’s right out in the open, and their supporters are glad of it. What’s to come is not going to be pretty for any of us. The right sees any win not to their benefit as a system rigged against them because they’re so far into the echo chamber, they can’t imagine that most people really don’t agree with them.

  23. adastraperaspera says:

    It was only after Trump’s election, in 2017, when Kanye started going out to Wyoming–supposedly to work on music. Then by 2019 (when he had miraculously gone from being millions in debt to being a billionaire), he bought a 9,000+ acre ranch near Cody, Wyoming. Seems like a nice, isolated place from which one could broker deals that involve bags of cash and shadowy figures! Election fraud pays well. Kanye better stay away from open windows after November 3rd, though…

  24. Alexandra says:

    Generally the comments and stories can be a bit catty about the women, well how about turn around is fair play. Am I the only one who can’t stand Kushner’s smile and dimple. He looks like he’d schmooze someone to no end, and then when you turn around he’d kick your puppy. I just can’t with him I see a story and his stupid face and dimple and I throw up a bit in my mouth and just can’t. I’m not too much into cancel culture, but please let’s cancel him. Ugh!!!!

  25. The Recluse says:

    Vanity Fair just published a little profile of Stephen Miller and his equally vile wife Katie.
    These two are going to nightmares in politics for the rest of their unnatural lives.

  26. Jane says: