Liam Hemsworth ‘kind of has a low opinion of Miley Cyrus’ one year after their split

Liam Hemsworth and new girlfriend Gabriella Brooks leave The Ivy after lunch with friends

It’s been a year since Liam Hemsworth and Miley Cyrus broke up. And what a year it was! Miley immediately began hooking up with Kaitlynn Carter, then Miley dumped her and started up with Cody Simpson, and Miley just recently dumped Cody. Liam has been dating too, although he hasn’t been in-our-faces about it. He’s spent much of the past year going back and forth from LA and Australia, and I’m pretty sure he’s spent the entire lockdown in Australia, probably with his family. So how does Liam feel about Miley one year later? Well…

One year after announcing their split, Liam Hemsworth and Miley Cyrus are on very different paths.

“Liam kind of has a low opinion of Miley at this point,” a source exclusively tells Us Weekly. “He was really hurt by their split.”

“Miley and Liam haven’t talked much since their divorce. Liam was hurt by Miley moving on with new love interests shortly after they broke up,” the source tells Us, referencing the singer’s monthlong romance with Kaitlynn Carter and 10-month relationship with Cody Simpson, which ended earlier this month. After the heartbreak, however, Hemsworth, 30, was able to seek comfort in loved ones including his famous brothers, Luke Hemsworth and Chris Hemsworth.

“[He] has had the support of his family to help him move on,” the source adds. “Liam has been trying to be as private as possible and respectful about their relationship and breakup, and it’s a shame to him and his family that certain aspects about his and Miley’s relationship have been made public. He’s a very traditional and good guy and was very hurt by the way specific instances played out in front of the world.”

[From Us Weekly]

I think it was always a case that they were going to outgrow each other. Miley outgrows people in, like, six month cycles, so it’s sort of miraculous that she and Liam were able to hang in there, off-and-on, for so many years. I’m sure Liam had some bad feelings about the way everything ended too – weirdly, Miley stans still claim that Liam did her wrong. I’ve never believed that. I think he really loved her.

Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth Split After Less Than a Year of Marriage **FILE PHOTOS**

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  1. Lindy says:

    Whatever. People can think what they want about Miley but he seems like he basically had some kind of idea of how he wanted his partner to be/act, and Miley kept trying to become that in order to make him happy. When she finally burned out trying to fit some clean-cut good-girl image that was never going to be who she really is, he didn’t want her. Did she handle things poorly? Eh, probably. I’m just so over guys who can’t seem to see women as anything other than supporting roles in their own grand narrative.

    • crogirl says:

      Yes, Miley certainly f…. up but I hate this traditional guy narrative. What about when he cheated on her with J.Jones?

      • Darla says:

        They were on a break!

        But really, weren’t they actually on a break at the time?

      • crogirl says:

        LOL I think they were not. They broke up shortly after and he was with Eiza González while they were on a break.

        God, why do I still remember these things?

      • Darla says:

        Oh really? I’m wrong then. I can’t help getting a kick out of JJ so I didn’t want her to be unfairly slimed. Welp…

    • MM2 says:

      I agree. I also find it fascinating that people don’t make the connection of her getting sober, them breaking up & then her releasing a video about not wanting whiskey & pills. Seems to me that he had to choose between her or his demons, and he picked his demons.

      • Cava24 says:

        She was 6 months sober at end of June 2020, according to her own statements, she got sober after her vocal cord surgery. She was not sober when she split with Hemsworth and was pretty open about not being sober.

      • MM2 says:

        Yeah, this confirms what I thought. She didn’t want the whisky & pills, but he did, so she had to leave him to actually get sober. Most people have a pathway to recovery, they don’t usually wake up, decide to get sober & never use again, it’s typically a process of trying before it sticks. Looks to me like she came to the acceptance that was likely not going to happen with him picking his habits. Her song is pretty obvious, so I’m fascinated people don’t get it & make other excuses. Maybe it’s people not wanting to come to terms with the fact that you have to support someone in their quest to get healthy in order to maintain a healthy relationship.

    • Ennie says:

      I think she longs for a family life, but being raised as she was, and because she really really wants to project a CERTAIN IMAGE, she feels she will be seen as lady of the house when trying to fill her personal voids. Add to that addiction issues for maybe both.
      She is the first that starts complaining about her own life when shes having a stable period.
      She can’t fulfill her needs because of the expectations SHE feels people have for her. She wants to have that crazy rockstar image, but many of them did have stable lives behind scenes, but the media hounds people into their private lives nowadays.
      It’s sad, in a way.

      • Cava24 says:

        She didn’t quit smoking weed until her vocal cord issue was detected and that is the stated reason she wanted to quit. She pulled all kinds of dumb stunts all the time, with and without Hemsworth, he’s kind of a tool and they were clearly a bad match on an ongoing basis but he’s not responsible for all of her problems. And her calling him out for having substance abuse issues while she had a bunch of her own is peak Miley. Much as her comments about her own sexuality were “Oh hey- I am not a lesbian anymore because I found a real man.” She’s an idiot, she may grow out of it eventually but she may not.

    • Jamie says:

      “I’m just so over guys who can’t seem to see women as anything other than supporting roles in their own grand narrative.”

      ABSOLUTELY THIS!!! It’s so frustrating to only be considered an accessory. I feel like a lot of people view their partners (whether intentionally or unintentionally) as a supporting role in their own grand narrative, as opposed to an autonomous person with their own goals, identity, thoughts and feelings, whom they want to merge lives with.

  2. Aitana says:

    Hmmm…. say it ain’t so Liam. It’s abt time to hear him put something like this out. My GAWD Miley’s such a jackass. It really was sad to watch her show her ass with Kaitlynn & Cody. Also her forays with women never last long @ all, then she always ends up running N2 the arms of a man. I think her bisexuality is just 4 show/shock value 2 get headlines. If it wasn’t her relationships with women wud last longer than 2 weeks.

    • SomeChick says:

      Being bi (or pan) doesn’t mean it’s a 50/50 thing, either in time or in intensity. It just means that someone is not solely attracted to one gender. Opposite sex relationships are the default in this world, and it is much easier to fall into them due to that. Some people are attracted to only one gender, and some people are attracted to people for who they are individually, regardless of gender. That’s how it works for me. I like who I like, because I like them. Yeah, Miley is messy. But I think she’s genuine.

    • Kosmos says:

      Miley and Liam chose each other. They were not forced into a relationship. They had time to feel it out and to see if they could be compatible in the long run. Don’t think it was really a surprise to learn all of a sudden that they both had different ideas in mind, was it? Actually, I don’t understand why they got back together the second time since they really aren’t compatible. Seems like they were trying to force it to work. Crazy. Miley is not my favorite person, honestly, and I never understood what Liam saw in her. However, I guess they are both to blame for not realizing it could never work because they want different things. Liam is so much better off now. Miley will go from guy to guy as she seems to be okay with that.

  3. VS says:

    and? This guy should look for a woman like Katherine Schwarzenegger

    This is tiresome; it is starting to look like she is much better without him!

  4. Noki says:

    Are they offcially divorced never heard ANY details about that or the conclusion of a divorce. Did they pull a Aniston/Theroux ?

    • Ennie says:

      I think they didn’t share anything.

    • lucy2 says:

      According to google, he did file for divorce in 2019 and then they settled everything pretty quickly. So they must have had a legal marriage.
      If I were a celeb with gobs of money and no children involved, I’d do what Aniston/Theroux did. No messy legal entanglements should you break up.

      • Clairej says:

        Yeah Jen and Justin get so much flack. Who cares they weren’t properly paper married, they were married in their eyes. I like they moved on with no fuss. I have been with my partner for 20 years and do not plan to get married but still basically call him my husband.

  5. julia says:

    It sucks he was hurt. But I’d be embracing that pain and thanking her for it. Smell ya later trash bag.

  6. Case says:

    Yeah, I don’t believe he did her wrong either. I think she’s immature and gets bored easily, despite saying she needs someone boring as a partner. After they got married she suddenly started talking about her pansexuality a lot, as though she didn’t want people to think she was boring for marrying a man.

    Miley has patterns of calming down and then self-destructing — I don’t even follow her very closely and have noticed that. The best and most seemingly genuinely happy I’ve seen her was when she was back with Liam and put out Younger Now. As soon as she matures, six months later she backtracks and goes “Oh wait, you didn’t think I MATURED, did you? I’m still fun!”

    • VS says:

      good to see that the “blame the woman game is still on”..I am sure she forced him to make his own decisions!

      • Case says:

        Of course it takes two to make a marriage work. I could be totally off base. But based on the patterns Miley has shown over the years, I do tend to think she’s the one who no longer wanted to be married because she was bored. Just my assessment.

      • Ennie says:

        Miley is messy not because she is a woman, she was. Wronged by her parents, and had to support her family in style since she was little. Her parents are leeches, one more than the other, she was the model for her siblings.

        Her emotional growth was stunted, I think she has good intentions (her activism), but really doesn’t know what she wants in life, or how to achieve it. She should stop dating for a while and focus on herself, but it is ultimately her life.

      • GreenTurtle says:

        Not automatically agreeing with a woman in a given narrative is not the “blame the woman game” aka institutionalized misogyny. Sometimes a woman is, in fact, more at fault within a conflict. Crying sexism because someone else has a different take is ridiculous.

    • Meg says:

      Didnt that dancing with the stars woman talk about sexuality about after she married that yummy hockey player too?

  7. AMM says:

    He’s a “traditional guy” who got involved with Miley Cyrus. Some how I doubt he was blind sided by her general personality. For someone so traditional and stable, he seems to be seen exclusively with party girls. At some point we gotta stop blaming the women.

    • sa says:

      “Some how I doubt he was blind sided by her general personality.”

      Thank you! I just don’t understand this narrative of him not knowing who Miley was, and so he was somehow a victim because people have opinions of Miley. Love her or hate her, he knew who she was when they married.

  8. WigletWatcher says:

    The relationship appeared toxic and both parties wanted to change the other. Neither seemed ok with themselves.
    I don’t see how we can overlook these foundational to place blame elsewhere.
    Can’t 2 people just be wrong for each other rather than making it a his fault/her fault issue?

  9. atorontogal says:

    Who doesn’t have a low opinion of their ex? If it weren’t for Miley I wouldn’t know who Liam was! Love her or hate her, she is the more famous of these 2 and I’m sure he knew what he was getting in to with her.

  10. Rae says:

    They were an odd pair from the start. Sometimes opposites balance each other, sometimes they are just not able to get together.

    I wish them both the best. You’ve said before how you think Liam wants a setup like his brother has and I agree. Nobody was that shocked when the marriage ended.

    I think Miley should enjoy being single for a while. Concentrate on herself. She sounds like she has been going through a lot.

  11. Grant says:

    Well it sounds like the feeling is mutual on her end.

  12. Dee Kay says:

    I am Team Liam on this. Miley is a narcissist (a talented one, but definitely a narcissist). Lots of ppl w NPD want a stable life partner but can’t give up looking for new ppl b/c they crave attention and adoration and the game. In Miley’s case she just didn’t take too many steps to hide the side pieces. It’s better this way — NPD folks should be single and just play the field, and the former stable partners should be free of them.

    • AMM says:

      I’m so over every single messy celeb being labeled a Narcissist. She doesn’t lack any empathy, doesn’t have a reputation for being demanding or insisting that people treat her like she’s a goddess, seems to take criticism ok, she gives to a lot of charities with a good balance of giving them her PR connections but not making it all about her, etc. Wanting attention or getting bored in relationships doesn’t mean she has NPD.

      • Jules says:

        You seem to know Miley well. Is that you, Miley?

      • whateveryousay says:

        Whatever. Miley is forever on my last damn nerves when she tried to act like racism wasn’t a thing cause she had read the receipts. Forget her nonsense. She got married. No one held a gun to her head. She proceeded to publicly act out all over the damn place and use the press to try to go after Liam who was just done and wanted to keep things private.

      • AMM says:

        She is messy and annoying and immature. I like maybe 2 songs of hers and am not a fan. But I S2G there’s a trend of calling every single public person we don’t like a narcissist. I did a quick google search regarding her reputation and pretty much only found out that she was thirsty and messy and probably on drugs. None of the major indicators of a personality disorder seem to be there.

      • Jules says:

        @AMM- There have been multiple studies since 2006 actually showing that celebrities are more narcissistic, AND that narcissism in general is increasing. Miley also for sure has a reputation of acting like a spoiled and entitled brat.

  13. Geeena says:

    It’s so weird that this one is playing out so strongly with picking sides. Maybe no one did anyone wrong and the relationship just ran its course? They toughed it out for a long time and got married after their home burned to the ground. Maybe a touch of trauma bonding? A life is short, what are we waiting for decision?

    I side eye Miley a little for the vague not quite accusations in Slide Away and her blog response, and the disposable way she treated Kaitlyn Carter (not looking up the spelling, interest level too low, plus there was another lovely blonde she did that to). She wants to be seen as maturing and growing, grounded and humble, but also the wildchild rockstar who is SO fun and irreverent. Either is cool, she just comes off like she has no clue who she is, trying on a new personality every time she cuts or colors her hair.

    I side eye Liam a little for this ironclad image of a Traditional Simple Australian Country Boy when he keeps dating notorious party girls. Not shading them, partying if it’s your thing is incredibly fun. Since he’s got his image on lock and keeps any partying lowkey, his team always can point to Miley as the “messy” one, even though it’s pretty obvious they probably had that in common, for at least a bit of their relationship.

  14. whateveryousay says:

    Honestly they should not have married. But her trying to blame him for her being conventional. Nah. Miley tried to run back to country music or whatever that terrible AF album was after using black people as props and crap talking how she was forced to put out music like that. That chick blames everyone but herself.

  15. Dear Abby says:

    Please, Louise…

    Miley has done Becky stuff. She’s messy and thirsty. So… yeah. I get why people don’t like her (I’m indifferent to her, tbh) and I don’t blame you.

    But Team Liam?

    Hell no! He’s just as messy and thirsty. He’s just mad he ain’t as famous as his brother.

    Also, it’s interesting how the press went after Miley for this. You don’t have to like this white woman for using black people as props, and all that white woman stunts she’s pulled. But the press was surprisingly/disgustingly misogynistic and biphobic, and acted as if it was her fault and she was simply the worst when compared to Nice Boy(TM) Liam.

    I am tired of yt men and their victim complex.

    Team Nobody, to be sure… but in a few thing, I gotta admit I’m Team Miley.

    • Otaku fairy says:

      +1000, especially: “Also, it’s interesting how the press went after Miley for this. You don’t have to like this white woman for using black people as props, and all that white woman stunts she’s pulled. But the press was surprisingly/disgustingly misogynistic and biphobic, and acted as if it was her fault and she was simply the worst..” We need to be able to acknowledge both. It wasn’t 100% surprising though, because people care very much about justifying how they and others treat ‘loose’ women. The liberal ones think that as long as it’s not bodily harm, it’s acceptable. It’s no coincidence that most of the people who were doing it have a PATTERN of saying misogynistic things about women and underage girls, and/or telling women to get over it. That’s the bigger picture here, not the split itself.

  16. Bread and Circuses says:

    Yeah, Team Liam, and it’s not even close.

    He lived through his girlfriend turning into a disrespectful thirst-trap lunatic in her desperation for attention and, separately, breaking up with him by humping one of his friends on a yacht in front of the paparazzi.

    I don’t care if he wasn’t a perfect mate himself. She’s a full nine miles of asshole.

    • Otaku fairy says:

      Yeesh. Holy Family Values, Batman. Women aren’t obligated to be modest just because they have boyfriends. Shaming them for not doing so is not about respect, it’s about submission. The fact that men are encouraged to go into relationships demanding or expecting those kinds of things from women is behind a lot of physically, spiritually, psychologically, and emotionally abusive relationships (not assuming that’s necessarily what happened with these two). Girlfriends and wives have just as much right to reject that as single women, even if they are also artists seeking attention with their rebellion, and that doesn’t make their men victims, ‘living through disrespect’. Men aren’t any more entitled to modest/classy girlfriends than they are to virgin brides. If that’s what some hot rich famous guy desires, he is always free to pursue one of the many women who are comfortable with consistently living up to that standard and fulfilling this fantasy. They aren’t forced to stay years with women who find those expectations offensive or triggering.
      As for Kaitlynn Carter, Liam and Miley had already broken up in June. Those pictures were seen in August.

      • keka says:

        So if it was a man who was humping to his wife’s / girlfriend’s best friend, according to what you say no one will care. Sorry but I don’t think so, between a couple who expects fidelity from each-other (because they already talked about it) it would be very irrespectful to do something like this no matter if is the wife or the husband and the backlash would be the same for both. Is easy to accommodate situations to our own perspectives, but we should not lose the real picture here. Just to be clear I am a feminist, but I don’t like double standards.

  17. Ashby says:

    I am team neither Liam or Miley.

    Both look very immature.

    Miley seems to be one of the most TRASHY, crude, vulgar and desperately thirsty people in the celebrity world.

    She is super annoying and doesn’t seem very bright and I don’t think that Liam is any better.

    I wish them the best and I hope they go away for a while, college would not be a bad idea.

    Maybe Miley would less hillbilly and more informed and educated.

  18. kerwood says:

    Fuck him.

    I am no fan of Miley Cyrus AT ALL, but before this guy got with her he was ‘the other Hemsworth’. And he still is. He wouldn’t get any press at all if he didn’t drag Miley into it.

  19. Jo says:

    We all have a low opinion of Cyrus

  20. Itishwhatitis says:

    Okay so, for the people who say they were an odd couple from the start I don’t agree with that. Look back at Miley when they first met. She was relatively calm, dressed normally, styled herself normally. He was a normal actor kid as well. They were a perfect match. Rode skateboards, loved animals, smoked weed. I think it was Miley who grew bored of that. She wanted more attention and wanted to do anything to get it. Then they got engaged. She was completely calm and it looked like it was going well. They were kids in love and that was it. Something went wrong we’re not aware of that led to the first breakup which lead to wrecking ball. There you saw the craziness she held back come out and you could also see heartbreak. Yes, we saw Liam with JJ but there was also rumors about her With one of the people she was making songs with. They shouldn’t have gotten back together let alone got married because that streak of craziness regardless whether she toned it down to marry him or not was still part of her. It was his fault for not seeing her for who she was. She obviously did drugs during the breakup and who knows what else. He shouldn’t have thought she’d be back to the girl she was when they first got engaged. She shouldn’t have went back to him because he shouldn’t have appealed to her with all the “growth” she did. They had turned into different people in that break time. It was evident. Yeah maybe they started as true love and everything in the beginning but something scared her crazy. Maybe the thought of being married at the age she got engaged scared or idk. No one should be putting blame on anyone. We have no clue what actually happened besides what they tell us. And they’re celebrities. They’re not going to tell the truth if it’ll make them look bad.

  21. JustMe2 says:

    First loves are the most intense relationships for many…it can be a hard cycle to break free from and it’s not uncommon for couples to breakup several times before finally settling with that person or for the relationships to Peter out. Just took these 2 a little longer to try and make their individual needs suit what the other wanted. When I finally finished with my first real love, I went a bit wild too. As long as I could control what happened I knew I wouldn’t get shattered again. I think Miley just wanted to feel sexy and young again because maybe Liam was controlling.