Angelina Jolie’s lawyer: Any ‘gamesmanship’ has been on Brad Pitt’s side

Actress Angelina Jolie wearing Atelier Versace with Cartier jewelry arrives at the World Premiere Of Disney's 'Maleficent: Mistress Of Evil' held at the El Capitan Theatre on September 30, 2019 in Hollywood, Los Angeles, California, United States.

In yesterday’s links post, I included a link to a new statement from Angelina Jolie’s lawyer Samantha Bley DeJean about the ongoing legal beef involving the private judge on the Jolie-Pitt divorce case, Judge John Ouderkirk. I thought it was merely a new statement with no new information. But it actually looks like DeJean made an entirely new filing this week, on Monday or Tuesday, which was in response to Brad Pitt’s lawyers’ filing, which was in response to DeJean’s first filing (last week). This is the response to Pitt’s response, because (I would assume) Pitt’s response was merely to smear his ex-wife all over again. Suspicious then that Page Six didn’t have exclusive coverage from Pitt’s perspective? Maybe because DeJean’s filing provided more details about just how badly the judge has f–ked up.

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt’s divorce proceedings have hit another snag. In court documents obtained by ET, Jolie’s lawyer has responded to Pitt’s legal team’s opposition to her request to remove the private judge in their divorce case, calling it an “improper attempt to influence decisions.”

Jolie’s attorney, Samantha Bley DeJean, tells ET in a statement that Jolie is simply asking for a fair trial. “All my client is asking for is a fair trial based on facts, with no special favors extended to either side,” the statement reads. “The only way litigants can trust the process is for everyone involved to ensure that there’s transparency and impartiality.”

Meanwhile, a source tells ET, “These are just stall tactics and efforts to change the referee late in the game because they are clearly concerned about the outcome. This doesn’t seem to benefit anyone.”

Earlier this month, Jolie filed a request to have Judge John W. Ouderkirk taken off her and Pitt’s case, three years after he was assigned to oversee their divorce case. She alleged that Ouderkirk “failed to make timely mandatory disclosures of ongoing business and professional relationships between himself” and Pitt’s attorneys. Jolie also claimed that the judge didn’t inform her and her legal team of other divorce cases he was working on with Pitt’s lawyers, which made him “biased.”

Jolie’s latest court documents filed on Tuesday claim that Ouderkirk himself said there were “errors” in his disclosure of his cases involving Pitt’s attorneys. The documents also state that Jolie was not aware of the extent of the ongoing relationship between the judge and Pitt’s counsel until July, when Ouderkirk disclosed that there were multiple cases he was still working on that involved Pitt’s counsel, which is why she filed her request in August. Pitt had previously argued that her statement should have come in January 2017 when Ouderkirk had disclosed a number of past cases involving his counsel.

“The problem here is two-fold,” Jolie’s filing reads. “First, there are multiple matters in the last two years where [Pitt's] counsel indisputably has had a professional, and for Judge Ouderkirk financially‚ renumerative, relationship with Judge Ouderkirk. Second, this was kept from Petitioner. Ouderkirk failed to comply with his legal duty to disclose the ongoing and expanding nature of that relationship….It does not matter what other matters (especially past representations) had been disclosed. What matters is what was not disclosed. What matters is the undisclosed recent relationships between Pitt’s counsel and Judge Ouderkirk.”

The documents argue that there is no way Oudenkirk could be seen as being unbiased. “The question is, can it really be said that a person would entertain no doubt about Judge Ouderkirk’s potential even implicit partiality knowing that (a) Respondent’s counsel has continued during the last two years to hire and appear before Judge Ouderkirk at hearings where he is paid to preside, (b) no one voluntarily disclosed this ongoing relationship (and certainly not in writing or on the record as required), but seemed content to keep Petitioner in the dark?” the documents read. “The answer must be ‘No,’ which means disqualification is required.”

The documents also hit back at the claim in Pitt’s filing that removing Ouderkirk would “create confusion and invite gamesmanship” in his divorce proceedings with her.

“Petitioner has engaged in no gamesmanship,” the court documents read. “She made a simple inquiry. When that inquiry revealed a failure to adhere to clear ethical rules, she immediately raised the issue. Until three weeks ago, she had no idea what had been going on behind her back. By contrast‚ Respondent’s counsel was fully aware of what was happening and presumably knew the rules requiring disclosure but remained silent and did not suggest to Judge Ouderkirk that he should be disclosing. Any gamesmanship has been by Respondent.”

[From Entertainment Tonight]

First of all, I friggin’ love Samantha DeJean and I want her to represent me in all of my legal dealings. I can tell from DeJean’s words that she’s about to rip Brad’s Oscar wiglet off his head and make him cry. How much does Brad Pitt suck? Let me count the ways – he and his lawyers continue to misrepresent everything about this. They’ve been lying to Angelina and DeJean for two years. The judge has been lying for two years. All of this sh-t about “well, Angelina could have raised this issue in 2014, when the judge was marrying us” is not any kind of legal argument. Pitt’s counsel and Judge Ouderkirk knew they were committing ethical violations and that’s why they were HIDING it.

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  1. MarcelMarcel says:

    Manipulative men can’t help themselves. They’ll twist themselves into toxic pretzels trying to justify unethical decisions instead of just moving on. If his case is so ~solid~ wouldn’t an legit impartial judge recognise it?

    • AL says:

      Unfortunately Judges are nothing but men with huge ego and they hate it when you tell them that they’re not being impartials.. I feel for Angelina in this story, she had a very bad press campaign against her while I’m convinced that Brad was the one to blame for their divorce (this is why the kids are taking her side)

      In France the fact that he cheated on her with Marion Cotillard was public knowledge and coincidentally she got pregnant at the same time.. her “partner” Guillaume Canet claimed (weeks after the press accused her of being pregnant with Brad) that he was the father, but he was also an affair at the same time with Charlotte Casiraghi, and the timeline seems incoherent.

  2. WilliamJoelene says:

    What are they even arguing about at this point? Are they individually not rich enough? It can’t be good for the kids to drag this out for years. Or themselves. They’re not regular people who need to worry about money. I hope they can resolve it soon.

    • Myra says:

      I recently watched a series where the husband who was a lawyer kept requesting for extensions with the court so that he could drag out the divorce settlement. One of the reasons was to make it costly for the other party so that she would have no choice but to accept the settlement. The other reason was so that he could have time to hide his finances (offshore or wherever) so that she would not know the true value of his finances. Either way she gets a lower amount. If Pitt’s lawyers have been asking for extension on his financial disclosures for the past four years AND the judge keeps agreeing, then yeah, I would not trust this judge or his lawyers.

    • MarcelMarcel says:

      Abusive men DRAG out divorce proceedings in an attempt to control a womxn and punish her for leaving. I can’t know for sure if Brad Pitt is abusive… I’m just saying it’s a known tactic of abusers.
      A divorce can only go ahead if both parties agree to the terms.
      A lot of his behaviour post split is the textbook definition of an abusive men acting out after feeling rejected.

      • Myra says:

        That’s my sentiment too. I cannot say that he is an abuser but certainly his actions, after she left him in 2016 and never turned back, are questionable. He admitted he had a drinking problem, he had supervised visitations, the kids had to be convinced that daddy is no longer scary, but then he goes on TV and makes jokes about this situation. It’s starting to look like a duck to me

    • Queen Meghan's Hand says:

      It is a way to bleed the Petitioner (Jolie) dry through attorney and judge fees, and to give Pitt time to misrepresent his wealth.
      Only the wealthy do this. This is part of the wealthy playbook. In fact it is odd when wealthy people have quick divorces.
      Again: The wealthy get and keep their wealth through theft and grift. This is a grift.

    • Michelle says:

      They are arguing about custody. Pitt wants more custody than he has, but the children don’t want to be around him & are still scared because of his anger issues. That’s why Angelina is fighting for the rights, safety & wellbeing of the children. Pitt was monitored for over three yrs & the children were put in trauma therapy, he must of done something very bad & obviously not just a one time thing.

      • SaraR. says:

        That is the truth.

      • The Quill says:

        Thats not true. And a Dad is important in children’s lives. What’s so wrong about a father wanting to spend time with his kids? She’s not thinking about those kids. More like her controlling self.

      • Lady D says:

        It’s the courts that decided how much time he gets with his kids. She’s not making that decision.

  3. lucy2 says:

    I still can’t believe, that with the split being his fault for violence, and him losing so much including his kids, he continues to fight her on anything. Just agree with whatever she’s asking for and move forward!

    • ronaldinhio says:

      Often people don’t actually want to move forward. The prevention of facing what has happened and grieving for a loss of a family, a marriage a love etc

  4. Kate says:

    This line for the win: ‘she’s about to rip Brad’s Oscar wiglet off his head and make him cry’ haha

    Firstly, I wish I looked like angie, she’s stunning.
    How do I get skin like hers?

    Secondly – what happened to Laura wasser (sp) who was originally representing her?
    Her New lawyer is a killer tho

  5. Noki says:

    I would be sick to my stomach having to deal with a long drawn divorce after just a two year marriage. What a waste of time and money,if this was just about custody i feel it would have been settled ages ago. Brad being the wealthier one really wants her to ‘grovel’ for anything she receives.

    • ad says:

      Long process but sure, satisfied, content & fair. Ensuring not going back to court later. With their status 4 years is short, divorces can go on for years & years especially if one party is hiding shared assets unknowing to the other party.

  6. Jellybean says:

    Again, just wait for ruling. All celebrity lawyers are full of ****.

    • Hmm says:

      No one is worse than corrupt speigal. How Pitt can let him attack the mother of his children the way he has is beyond me. He’s still trying to sell the narrative that it’s “all about ma kids”

      Well attacking their mother isn’t going to help you, ya dumbass.

      I’m enjoying seeing so many People come out and recognize that Pitt is an ass.

  7. NatureLover says:

    The fact that these professional relationships we’re not disclosed, he should recuse himself immediately. The failure of non disclosure is unethical and illegal. It’s no wonder that the proceedings have taken so long! Good for Angie and her lawyer! Bite his manipulative a$$ where it hurts the most, his ego!

  8. Sierra says:

    Samantha is freaking amazing. She is professional and brings the receipts to the table.

    Brad’s supporters were so gleefully claiming two years that zero LA divorce lawyer will represent her and that she had to go outside because she was hated. Well, it seems Angelina has the last laugh because Samantha isn’t playing games.

  9. BnLurkN4eva says:

    This is so disgraceful and wanna bet, Angelina is still going to seen as the bad guy even though it’s obvious the judge and Pitt’s lawyer have behaved unethically? I hope her lawyer is able to successfully remove that unethical judge from the case. What the heck is Brad Pitt still fighting for?

    • taroroot says:

      Brad is fighting to win no matter the cost.

      I can’t believe I supported this guy, what a let down loser.

      • Sooowhat says:

        He seems like one of those a****** who is perfectly happy to brag they won despite being hated by everyone they stepped on to win, with nothing left due to using their resources to win, and is older and more beat up by the time and challenge it took. But you go brad. Go ahead and win even if at 56 your kids hate you and won’t care for you in your upcoming old age and bleed yourself dry with all your lawsuits in the process. Past, present and future I’m sure – whatever happen to NOLA? And of course can’t forget him not paying workers on his estate in France.

  10. Zapp Brannigan says:

    Pitt is trying his very best to distract from the fact he torpedoed his relationship with his children, the older ones opt out of seeing him it appears, and the youngest were under court ordered supervision for how long? But all we will hear from the media is how that She-witch Jolie is still trying to ruin him, all the while they ignore his own admission to trouble with alcohol and his pr spin that he never hit his child “in the face”.

  11. Queen Meghan's Hand says:

    Yes Samantha Bley DeJean, Esq!! Show Laura Wasser and all these corrupt Hollywood attorneys how to fight for your clients, not pacify geezers like Pitt who are way past their prime.

    I keep writing this on every post on Jolie’s motion but is is TOO TRUE:
    The wealthy get and keep their wealth through theft and grift.

    Pitt is using awful tactics to hide his money from his partner and mother to his SIX CHILDREN. And for what? What is he going to use this money for? Buy more wiglets and Botox?

    • ad says:

      These Hollyweirdos attorneys has a lot to learn from Samantha deJean, her professionalism is incredible. No bullying tactics. Her main goal is to hold an honest transparent fair trial for both clients nothing more but of course as usual Spiegel the bully is interpreting it on his own twisted dishonest way attacking the client ( Jolie) instead of addressing the argument presented by Jolie’s attorney! Spiegel the Bully!

  12. Hmm says:

    Yaasssss, I’m so happy Laura wasser proved herself to be incompetent in a case like this. She was gonna lose the damn case all because she’s so ingrained in hollyweird. She’s friend with all of Brads friends. She allowed leaks to happen that compromised her relationship with her own client. ITS HILARIOUS TO ME THAT THE ONE TO SUE HER OVER HER INCOMPETENCE IS … BRADS BEST FRIEND THOMAS HOUSEGO. LMAOOOOOOO

    Bley doesn’t play those games because she has no connection to pitts lawyer. She’s not friends with him and sees through every thing he’s doing to her client and she doesn’t like it. I actually think all of what’s happening is because Bley is demanding Angelina not let pitt get away with what he’s been getting away with for the last 14 years that she’s known him. Without bley Angelina would be letting db do what he’s use to doing which is dominate her life.

    Now Deadbeat is going to go on tv with his ex wife and I hope he knows and is aware that Angelina ain’t gonna give one shiiiitttt. He and his twin Aniston are so unattractive anyway. They are useless.

  13. Kebbie says:

    I’d recuse myself just so I could get away from this mess of a divorce. So much tit for tat. I could never be a family law judge, I’d want to just scream “grow the f*** up!” at everyone.

    • crogirl says:

      “I’d want to just scream “grow the f*** up!” at everyone”

      Angie is very much a grown up. It’s the 57 year old man child who has issues

      • Kebbie says:

        They’re both playing games. She’s running out the clock until the kids are older and he’s filing extension after extension for his financials. I’m just saying I couldn’t imagine going to work every day and listening to cases like this over and over. Trying to settle a case where no one wants it settled seems beyond exhausting.

      • Sierra says:

        @Kebbie: I am struggling to see where Angelina is stalling?

        She asked for separate council for the children but Brad refused. She submitted all of the financials on time. Not once did she request for any extensions in any form.

      • crogirl says:

        I get what you are saying but I don’t agree. Why would she settle with a misogynistic bully and a corrupt judge?
        As Sierra said she wanted the children to have minor counsel and he refused.
        According to you she should grow up and give in to his demands LOL

    • BnLurkN4eva says:

      In this case it’s the judge it seems who needs to grow up. Curious how people read the same article and still manages to come away painting everyone with the same brush. It’s clear one side is behaving as they should and the other side is not.

      • Leigh says:

        I hate it when people say “both are in the wrong” when one is clearly defending/protecting themselves against the other. It happens all the time especially in DV situations. The woman gets attacked by her abuser, she may push back or act irrationally, and people use her reaction to abuse to say “see they’re BOTH to blame.” No, Angelina is an involved and loving mother trying to protect her kids from an alcoholic.

      • Sooowhat says:

        Leigh. What you said. So much. The world is such a sexist place. Men will do anything to prove women wrong and one mistake is an excuse for a lifetime to punish women and discredit them. The worst part is even other women do it, further fueling the men’s power in the world to discredit and blame victims.

      • Originalcarol says:

        If Jolie was as selfish as Pitt and only cared about herself then this divorce was over years ago. She would have given in to his demands and made the kids stay with him no matter they wanted to or not. They are here cause she didn’t give in and refused to let him walk all over her and continued his abusive way. He is the poster child for the typical deadbeat who is so narcissistic that they think they are always right and everyone who is not with them is against them. Can’t wait to hear what the children will say once they are adults and can speak their mind.

  14. KellyRyan says:

    Is there an argument over the time the children spend with Pitt? In CA courts children are listened to and the over age 12 are given greater leverage in rights. Having children of my own, more often than not, they want to be at home and with their friends. Why go to daddy’s house more often and be bored.

    • Sooowhat says:

      Yes that’s exactly what brad doesn’t want. From day 1, Angie wanted them to have their own representation and be heard in court and he denied them. He knows what they want and it won’t look good for his optics. All he cares about is his “worlds best dad” reputation he has been building since his “Jennifer didn’t want kids :( “ days not being tarnished by those kids.

  15. Truth hurts says:

    Another tabloid has the judges statement and he is being biased even in his response. Either way Angie and Bley have exposed their cesspool.
    Dumb azzes want to say she is stalling when they are the ones who requested the October trial.
    Pitt has always be a douche and it’s sad.
    Only 2 kids can be mandated with the 50/50

  16. Sorella says:

    I think they are both ridiculous for dragging it out this long. Ok you split now FOUR years ago, just settle whatever and move on!! You have like almost all teens/young adults now – by the time they resolve this, the kids will be long gone. I’m so surprised that Angelina, a child of divorce, would not want to settle this by now. And Brad, you have the money, just split it with the Mother of your children!!!

    Yada yada, you had issues, you fell out of love, whatever, it happens, bye bye, move on after 4 years, tie it up! They are both rich, what they heck more do they need? Which makes me think that it’s more smoke and mirrors in Hollywood – they may not be as rich by their standards/lifestyle as we think. Plus Angelina has not had big roles in recent years, less money than Brad I think. But Brad’s career is not as hot as it was it. Plus both are aging, their earning potential is less going forward (they barely even act anymore both of them). So if it’s about money, I think it’s about their fear of their future $ going forth, LA is expensive to live in! Private schools, private jets, nannies, security – it all costs money. And there is nO way they have the $ coming in like they once did – that must terrify them.

    I was such a fan of BOTH these people when they were together (and her more than him). But now, I am tired of their ssues and they took the bloom off any beauty they had for me with all this. I’d be more into them again if I heard they had moved on, living a new life. But people who drag on divorces fooooorever, I hate that, UGH, I would hate to be their children.

    • Sooowhat says:

      You seem fired up about this. She wants this over. Her finances were submitted years ago, she wanted her kids to have a minors counsel since day 1. Brad delayed presenting his financial info for a year, Brad denied the kids their own legal representation. Brad asked her for extension after extension. She filed for bifurcation so she could be single again. You can’t be done if one party refuses to cooperate and play fair. She’s done all she can to be done and no longer legally married to him, but he’s being stubborn about the rest of it and trying to cheat. She also can’t let him do that either can she? And her children I’m sure hate how this is being dragged on, but yet they seem so happy and smile every time they’re out with their mom. Their dad? Who knows they have been seen with him in over four years. Clearly, if this is affecting the kids, it surely isn’t their mom they are frustrated with. After all, evidence shows she has been trying to get this over with while doing what is best for them.

    • Malem says:

      no big roles? she’s on a marvel franchise xD pitt’s had flop after flop unless you count OUATIH but he was not the lead and it had the tarantino brand. his last hit was world war z and SHE went everywhere with him and promote it via star couple power. does she needed his useless self to promote maleficent? yeah i dont think so

      i dont think it was a joke when on that interview in “between two ferns” zack galafanakis said to him “is it hard to get a tan living under your wife’s shadow?” lol

    • Sidewithkids says:

      Actually Angie turns down work. I don’t think she really likes to act anymore. She does it like we do our 9-5 jobs. Lol. She’s more into her humanitarian work and she may want to direct. But she did just make the Forbes list for highest paid celeb at 35.5mil this year so she’s making her $$ as for BP tho, who hasn’t been on highest paid lists in a very long time, I am a bit suspect in what he really has since he does independent films and he produces in name and face only not really doing the work, that’s Dede Gardner. He has to be w/ and/or hang on to someone famous for people to notice him or the movie. Most thought his “you’re older now” Oscar would make him happy, guess not.

      • Observer says:

        Brad has been one of the most famous actors in Hollywood and one the most popular celebrities for well over 20 years now. He doesn’t need to stand next to anyone to get attention. Quite frankly people who stand next to him are the ones given the profile boost. It has never been the other way around. Whoever is Brad’s next partner will become an international celebrity because of their association with him.

      • Lady D says:

        He’s a drug addicted alcoholic who gets violent with his children. Who wants him? I actually expect him to get married again within the next two years to someone young who will immediately have Brad’s baby. He’ll do it for his masculinity and popularity but I’d bet money it won’t last either.

      • Originalcarol says:

        Both Jolie and Pitt have plenty of charisma and supernova power to make anyone else standing next to them dull and boring. However, the younger audiences probably don’t know Pitt as well as they do with Jolie. She’s now the face of Disney so her popularity is so much more than Pitt’s. With the Eternals coming out next year, her stocks are gonna be skyrocket and who knows if her kids want her to do more superhero movies or not. The older folks that went to Pitt’s latest movies where he was the star probably wished they could get their money back and the time they wasted sitting through the flops he’d churned out. Nah, his days as the main character are pretty much over. He can’t carry the movies by himself anymore and he probably knows it by now. After the success of Tarantino movie, I bet he will stick to the stars ensemble going forward. Marvel next anyone.

      • Originalcarol says:

        As for Pitt getting married again and starting his own family with his own biological children, I wouldn’t be surprised at all. This jerk is a narcissistic with a giant ego who perceives any slight or wrongdoing against him will do anything to win as seen by his current behavior towards his divorce regardless of the welfare of his own children. By showing his ex and the world that he‘s still sexiest man alive and pretty much in demand, he will get hooked up with a much younger woman ASAP, as if. Too bad no fish has bitten the bait yet lol. Dude will keep trying and sooner or later, some poor woman will come along and ready to be shackled.

  17. Kristen says:

    Honestly if in January 2017 the judge disclosed previous cases Pitt’s attorney had litigated in front of him and AJ didn’t object then, there shouldn’t be any reason that further such instances in the time following would be objectionable. That doesn’t mean they shouldn’t have been disclosed according to ethical guidelines, but the objection does seem timed to further draw out the process rather than to point to bias.

    • Sidewithkids says:

      @Kristen, That was three years ago w/ different lawyer Wasser. Since then they have not disclosed anything. That’s the point. Angie and her team didn’t know they were still working together since nothing had been disclosed since then. Wasser was in w/ Spiegel and BP’s pocket as well, giving info on Angie to Spiegel who then went to TMZ, that’s why she was fired and Angie went and got Bley, who is a brilliant lawyer from San Francisco.

      Wasser being sued right now by BP’s friends over some mess.

    • Myra says:

      Not too sure what is confusing here. Between 2017 and 2020, the judge and Pitt’s lawyers failed to disclose new cases between the two. It took Jolie’s lawyer making a query for the judge to disclose the ongoing financial relationships and admit the error in disclosure, including erroneously claiming that cases had closed when it had not. But sure, there’s nothing to see here

    • ad says:

      Jolie knew what she was told but what is in question is what she was NOT told which could lead to doubts of impartiality, she is not accusing anyone of impartiality or biasness. Her attorney said the world is watching so their case is scrutinised she is making sure that the process of their divorce is done according to the guidelines of the policy & procedure of Conducting a divorce + their agreement are followed as they agreed in which the judge did not observe. I wonder What happens if Bley did not brought in the open or informed Jolie about the wrong doing that she found out? Will she be sued? Will she be accused of malpractice? or……..? Surely there is nothing wrong highlighting malpractices in their legal profession. It seems that Pitt’s team went ballistic about the declaration of their wrong doing & did the bullying style tactic attacking their opponent instead of addressing the issue in a professional manner.

  18. LioLione says:

    Is Angie the first woman Brad has been with who dumps him?
    I get the feeling he’s always been the dumpee, and now he’s throwing tantrums because she left him. And keeps wanting to get away from him.

    I also get the feeling that Brad is really hurt and have waaaay too much (manly) pride (and macho ego) to let anything slide? And waaaay too much money that he hides from Angie and the kids?

    • Myra says:

      This was my first thought too. It feels like a situation where one spouse is punishing the other for leaving. But then I also think it is a matter of PR, that he wants public opinion of him to remain positive. It’s a shame because I really liked him and people really love to paint Jolie as the villain.

  19. LioLione says:

    And I’ve said it before, and the way this is unfolding I want to repeat it for whoever is interested in these things:
    Astrology-wise, the truth WILL come out.

    Until February 2021 the hidden will continue to be brought out in to the spotlight to be seen, and believe me, the liars and abusers will fight back with every inch of their being. It’s a combative time, and lots of anger will surface, but the truth. WILL. COME. Out. (And we’re seeing that happening and unfolding in this case now).
    This vibe is also an on-going vibe collectively for the next 2-3 years. By 2024 MAJOR structural shifts will have taken place.

    Brad is a Sagittarius – a warrior, a fire sign. This could possibly get even uglier, unless he does some real soul searching and leads with true empathy, love and compassion. He has a great lesson to learn, will he voluntarily face it and learn or fight it and be forced to? He’s being challenged to find humilty. Real humilty, not the kind he acts out infront of people to sway them. Sag’s are good at hiding their inner self. Though, eccentric and loveable, they carry heavy energy in their souls.

    One of his tattoos read ‘Unconquered’ and I find it really interesting. It 100% reflects his (and the male sag’s) mindset: It’s all about conquests and ego. Be conquered or conquer.
    I have a feeling he will not budge in this divorce matter. There’s more at stake than financials or custody, it’s his pride. His ego is being massively challenged. The stories he tells himself about himself will be dismantled. He will not come out of this divorce without the battle wounds that comes from resisting the inevitable. Question is: Will he put down his bow and arrow?

    I’m posting way too long, but I just get so obsessed with it all! LOL Could go on and on. But maybe no one here finds it as interesting. If anyone does I could post what I can see on Angie. It looks promising :)

    • Elena says:

      To Leolione: I find it interesting. You nailed it especially about Brad’s huge ego to the max. Please tell what you see on Angie.

      • Liolione says:

        Angie is one strong woman!

        The energy her chart is giving and supported, she has masculine energy, Brad has feminine. Brad feels deeper and stronger – more sensitive to the environments (has nothing to do with the female/masculine energy btw, that doesn’t predict emotions in this way). Angelina is more balanced, more grounded and emotionally mature.
        Her Gemini – an Air sign – makes her razor sharp intellectually. She’s always interested in the details, learning and absorbing LARGE amounts of information in short times. She’s also got an Aries moon, which means fire sign emotionally. Brad has met his maker! Hahaha. I could see her lose her cool unless her Gemini placements reel her in. She probably VERY good at arguments. Usually fire signs means physical strength, but being that it’s in her moon and moon rules our inner state, our dark side, shadows – she is sure to be quite fiesty if wronged. That’s for sure.

        I get a feeling she’s no victim, at leat she doesn’t have that mentality. There seem to be an equal emount of strength on both sides in this divorce. But I will argue that gender roles and overall responsibility at home differ.

        She’s a fighter, never backs down. The Aries in her chart will not let Brad get off the hook easily. She has an intense internal drive. She could build an entire village by herself. It makes so much sense that she has so many kids and is able to “lead” them responisibly and maturly. Her chart supports her being a leader and having that authority. She’s been running that family all along. Brad has been running the financials and business (I know she’s been working, but they’re roles are different). I would say that’s part of this divorce issue: She’s entitled to more money. I wouldn’t say they split their time and effort in a traditional fashion, her at home, him working. We know she’s been working, but their charts show 1. Their business savvyness together, and 2. That he’s financially more stable than she is. Women in our society is asked to have several roles at once, and even with equality women tend to do more at home and with the kids. I would say this plays a huge part here.

        The reason I say it looks promising for her, is because, although she’s being challenged (like all of us) this fall to face some ugly truths about herself, she has things working for her. In mid october things will slowly pick up and at the end of the year I see a surprising twist in events. Something really good is coming her way. If it’s not the divorce being finalised, it’s something benefitial to her. Clearly a financial matter. It looks as though Brad will have to give up on something, but it’s not super clear.

        It also depends on how she chooses to handle this rough september we’re meeting. She will need to stay calm and not get riled up. And her Aries Moon will want to bite back. If she can take a step back, she will be able to settle things faster. It’s a little unfair that this is all up to her next actions, but since she seems to be the more mature one emotionally, she will have to stand firmly and maturly while the tantrums settle. That will serve her well.

        All in all: This divorce will heat up A LOT more before it settles. And they’re both being asked to learn. Their shadow sides will continue to show up during the next month and it will be harder to find perseverance, patience and GOOD communication. But that’s what’s being asked of them.

        I see something happening in their family in september that will really take a toll on them, possibly a child in distress.

    • Lady D says:

      I’d like to read what you have to say/interpret about Angie.

    • Alexandria says:

      Yes ok, do Angie just for fun 😀

    • Scollins says:

      That is interesting, now do Angie, please.

      • Sooowhat says:

        Forget Angie, I want to know what’s in the cards for me! What’s the outlook for a summer baby, cancer specifically?

      • Liolione says:


        I don’t think you will have the energy or time to concieve to be honest! Lol! You have Mars retrograde in your 10th house, in your career, adn it will get super busy for you.
        You will have a super hectic time in September and possibly get stressed out a bit. (I’m also seeing some possible health issues this September for Cancer, so take care of yourself. It could be wise to consult a health practitioner to get vitamins and minerals checked out as well!)

        Breathe easy through your toughest moments in September and know it won’t last. Being challenged to something like this usually means you’re being pushed higher up. A better position or a raise is possible at the end of this year, beacuse of the work you put in now this fall. Hang in there!

        Don’t supress your feelings, let them out. Withdraw if you need to (and can- I’m seeing you busy 24/7) and connect to your partner and ask for support. Use this Gemini North Node we have for the next 1 1/2 years to communicate and learn in your business and career. You might have to make a tough decision that will impact your career path. Know that everything will improve and get SO much better once we get to December. And even some will feel things moving into easier terrain from November when Mars retrograde is over.

        Don’t get too stressed out, you’re being asked to keep grounded and bucke down before moving on. But this fall you’ll be called to lead and deal with some crisis in your career first and foremost. It can manifest as a crisis, but it could also just mean it will be over the top stressful and not a crisis. Something will either be needed to work harder on to get done and it stresses you out, or something will suddenly happen so you will have to fix it.

        There’s some distressing or possible burnout this fall, so drink lots of water, get as much sleep as possible and try to practice some meditation or mindfulness on your days off, to let your mind rest. It will race more than usual, and all this extra stress will effect the possibility to concieve.

        I would generally say the possibility to concieve for you is greater after Mars retrograde, from November and on. And the chances will be even higher in December. If I were to take a wild, intuitive, guess, I would say fall/winter baby with December/January being the time you’ll concieve ;) (If you’re not pregnant already? Just got that vibe as I was writing this).

        Good luck, sweetheart! Soemthing really great awaits at the end of this year for you!

    • Andrea says:

      please do a reading to see what will happen to brad and angelina.

      • Liolione says:

        Omg, so happy to see more people finding it interesting! Made my day to read all of your replies <3

        There's so much I wanna say about Brad and his predictions. Angies is lighter. His is heavy and he is being urged to really grow and learn now. Let's see if he does.

        Did a whole reading on them, and let me tell you: The love between them was a once-in-a-life-time thing. I have no questions about their lve for each other being real. Which is leading me to believe that Brad is actually really heartbroken, still. And just tries to save face with all these articles about him being SUPER OVER IT and HAPPY. This thing must have been a real hit, and he has planets supporting his struggles with emotions.
        Their divorce was no surprise, unfortunately, because they both were going through some really tough and hard cycles Astrology-wise. They were not suppose to be together for ever. However, I have this feeling and it's supported in some ways in their charts that they are still being pulled towards each other. I think it's why this divorce is so brutal. They don't necessarily miss being married, but they miss something they had together. On both charts (Angies moved on a little more that Brad) it's suggested that there's some left over feelings they have not processed. Based on this, and if I was their personal Astrologer, I would tell tehm to go to therapy together. If not to mend things, for the family's sake. To be able to let go of each other completely. It's like they're trying to let go, while simultaneously holding on with one hand. It's kind of heart breaking to see actually. But they're destiny is to move on, I hope they're able to.

        I hope it's okay, but I will make a couple of post on the latest article about them. To give more information on what I'm seeing. They're fascinating!

        Would LOVE to hear some more insights from you guys. Made me really happy to see some people interested in the same thing! Haha! Maybe I will do some general predictions for sept. in the comments :) If you want that just write your sun, rising and moon sign in the comment. I'll try to get back to you. <3

        Take care!
        - Lio

  20. Alexandria says:

    Who is this Samantha Bley DeJean and will she run for office one day?

    I don’t get the both sides argument. Angie should fight. Why should she roll over and keel if Brad is the one obsessed with this golden boy Hollywood status? Why should she give way if the one who went against ethics was Brad’s team and the judge? Why? Is it because the woman must play nice? I’m so ashamed I thought he was hot in Mr and Mrs Smith. Turns out maybe Jolie made him hot there.

    And somehow I think the kids are doing fine without his presence.

  21. Andrea says:

    Come on fans, make it a trend on Twitter, watch this movie, with #Angelina Jolie in her new movie ‘The One and Only Ivan’ – …

  22. truth hurts says:

    As per the comments above about being tired of this fiasco. Is it really ours to be tired of?
    It’s not our divorce, money, children etc. The VALID point I want to make is. Was anyone tired of Angelina being slandered and smashed for 12 years with the man?
    I say no. And did anyone think about how her kids felt when they saw that garbage. I still say NO!
    Now all of a sudden everyone is squallling about the kids, even Pitt’s dumb azz and lawyers.
    Yet at every turn that doesn’t put them in a good light, they spit back at her in the press.
    It’s hypocritical to say the least.
    Here you have this self absorbed terd smiling and yabbering it up with people like Chelsea H and Melissa E who slandered his ex wife and their children. Talk about a total stinking terd. If either came in my face I would let them have it about talking about my children at least. I’m sorry I find him disgusting to the max.

  23. Say what says:

    @ Observer Quite frankly people who stand next to him are the ones given the profile boost. It has never been the other way around. Whoever is Brad’s next partner will become an international celebrity because of their association with him.

    If you are a lawyer I understand this ignorant comment. Who did Pitt make famous?
    Paltrow, Aniston and Jolie were already famous and by far Jolie more internationally.
    They don’t need him. Plus any unknown female who marries him will be just that. His old age and his limited acting skills aren’t gonna keep up that facade. Plan B isn’t his nature or strong point. He has two people who makes those decisions.

  24. Robert67 says:

    Have you all noticed how the motorcycle strolls that Brad Pitt was doing with the paparazzi riding through Angielina’s neighborhood have all of a sudden stopped. Those photo ops were so staged and planned.