How long have Brad Pitt & model Nicole Poturalski been happening?

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As I said, I’m suspicious of how quickly Brad Pitt’s romance with Nicole Poturalski was confirmed. Nicole certainly was not identified from the blurry, long-range photos of their arrival in France. It would have been impossible. The only scenario I can imagine which does not involve Brad Pitt’s team strategically rolling out a new girlfriend would be this: her name was listed on some kind of private flight data, but even then… ? No, this is an official Girlfriend Rollout. And if you needed that point underlined, one of Brad’s favorite outlets has the confirmation:

Brad Pitt is dating German model Nicole Poturalski as his divorce from Angelina Jolie rumbles on, Page Six can confirm. The “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood” actor, 56, was spotted in France with the 27-year-old brunette on Wednesday, as the pair arrived at Le Bourget airport outside Paris. A source confirmed to us: “They are seeing each other, they’re enjoying a vacation together.”

Oscar winner Pitt kept his head down upon arrival, wearing sunglasses and a newsboy hat. The pair later made their way to the actor’s chateau in the South of France.

Poturalski arrived at Paris’ Charles de Gaulle Airport from Berlin, while Pitt came from LAX. “They were seen driving in a chauffeured vehicle that took them to the airport for their next flight,” an eyewitness told “Entertainment Tonight.” “They took the one-hour flight and were spotted arriving in the South of France.”

While Pitt is a father of six kids with ex-wife Jolie — Maddox, 19, Pax, 16, Zahara, 15, Shiloh, 14, and 12-year-old twins Knox and Vivienne — Poturalski is also a parent, mom to a young son, Emil.

There may be a few hidden clues suggesting they’ve been secretly dating for months. Poturalski has posted several shots referencing her “love” and “better half” on her Instagram over the last couple months, although she hasn’t directly specified whether she’s writing about Pitt or a previous partner. Back on March 28, the model captioned a post of herself in a sweatsuit, holding a drink, “Saturdays these days for me is self-reflection, reading books spending time with my better half.”

“Missing my strolls with my Love 🌙💥” she captioned a Feb. 26 post of herself walking down the streets of Los Angeles.

[From Page Six]

Huh. I think it’s perfectly possible that Brad and Nicole have been dating for months in secret, but the idea that it could have been happening since the beginning of the year?? Damn. If that’s true, then I do have to give it to Brad and his team, they had the information on lockdown and they only rolled out the new girlfriend when they needed to change the headlines from “Brad defrauds NOLA homeowners” and “Brad’s lawyers are liars.” Does Nicole know she’s being used? I mean, he might actually care about her, but he’s definitely using her. And… she has a son. Whew.

Also, this young woman needs to liven up her bedroom if she’s just going to take endless selfies in the same room for months on end.



Photos courtesy of WENN, Nicole’s IG.

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  1. ChillyWilly says:

    27? Ugh. Such a cliche.

    • Zapp Brannigan says:

      Yep, you would think that a man his age would have a bit more about him. Whatever, I hope all involved are happy and that Pitt doesn’t hit this woman’s child in the “not the face”

    • lucy2 says:

      Women older than that know better than to get mixed up with his mess.

  2. BayTampaBay says:

    Those selfies are awful!

  3. LioLione says:

    They were at the Kanye thing back in november 2019 together. I think they have been seeing each other for longer, but the focus was on Alia Shawkat for some reason.

    If you scroll down on this link and see the other pictures, they look into each other. There’s one where they look at each other and I knew at that point something was up. I think they already were dating at this point. So I don’t think it’s started this year.

    • Lucy says:

      Those pics are very convincing! Interesting. I didn’t think Alia and he were a thing, I don’t know what they were up to, but I didn’t think they were a thing. Alia being the decoy on public outings does make some sense.

      • Nicole says:

        There was someone speculating on another blog that she was/is his sponsor. Not sure about that given that it’s highly discouraged to have opposite sex sponsors in program. But she could very well be a sober friend in the rooms.

  4. Godwina says:

    Holy crap, he does like the impossible beauties, doesn’t he? She’s in the Angelina range, to boot, type-wise. Just more tanned…

  5. LioLione says:

    More pictures of them flirting in 2019:

    And at the time when everyone was focused on Alia Shawkat, the media even wrote: “the pair were joined by friends including a mystery woman who was pictured giggling as she chatted to the Oscar winner, while Alia sat behind Brad and next to Val Kilmer.”

    YUP THAT’S HIS GIRLFRIEND. And they did not just start dating.

  6. Noelle says:

    I am not sure what to feel about his new gf. She seems to have an age type and is all rather sad imo.

    From Der Spiegel:

    Nicole Poturalski, who is believed to be 26 or 27, was caught jetting to the South of France with Brad Pitt, 56 going 57. Nicole has a child with restauranteur and gastronomer Roland Mary, 68, whom she has also taken his last name (Nico Mary) for business purposes as reported by the German media. According to Nicole’s Instagram, the child was born in 2013 when she was 20 and Roland Mary 61.

    • Sarah says:

      Yikes is all I have here. Clearly they both have a type (his being based on a standard mid-life crisis more than women he may or may not have dated before).

    • Dali says:

      Oh wow thanks for the info, i didn’t read Spiegel today, although i do almost every day.
      Interesting. She definitely has a type. Old and rich, Melania Knauss Vibes….

    • bluebell_ says:

      Hmm. Daddy issues maybe?

    • The Recluse says:

      Oh dear….In the Melania mold.
      These women have strong stomachs and serious ambitions to live the comfortable life.

  7. Lizzie says:

    A bit of a Jessica Biel look.

  8. Jessie says:

    Wtf does a 52 year old divorced dad of 6 have in common with a 27 year old. Gross.

    Also she kind of looks like if Jennifer and Angelina had a baby. Weird.

  9. Queen Meghan's Hand says:

    Dear Brad Pitt,

    Uh huh. Sure. You and this ‘model’ have been exclusively dating for over six months. During the same time you were seen doing walks of shame with Alia Shawkat. During the same time paparazzi caught you visiting Shawkat’s home and she visiting yours. In the middle of quarantine. Paparazzi caught you and Alia, but not you and your ‘model’ girlfriend of several months. Sure, Brad.

    With so much skepticism and shade,
    Queen Meghan’s Hand

    • Dali says:

      Im not sure what you want to say. Men and woman cant be friends without banging?
      He was obviously making a secret of his relationship with Nicole but not with Alia maybe because they are just friends? And maybe they all welcomed the Deflection and were laughing at all the stories (whom many believed) of Alia and Brad dating when everything was totally different, like most of the time. We see and judge but in reality have absolutely no clue about the life of strangers.

      • Queen Meghan's Hand says:

        To quote Elaine Lui, “Gossip is a buffet. You get to choose the version you want to believe.”
        You can choose to believe Brad and Nicole have been in a committed relationship since the beginning of the year that no entertainment outlet or gossip knew about until yesterday. And I can choose to believe Nicole was recently engaged by his PR team to distract from the new revelations of corruption in his ongoing divorce case.

    • Hmm says:

      The chick has been in Berlin all this time. LoL 😂 it’s funny that people are buying this Pr stunt. His friend was dating her first and I guess she was married for a while now brad is using her. LoL

  10. minx says:

    She looks somewhat different in every picture. I see Angelina, Irina S., Jessica Biel, Christy Turlington. And yes, Brad, evidently you can still get a twentysomething 🙄.

  11. Eliza says:

    Very Instagram model. They are all pretty but tend to blur together for me.

    A 27yo model who has never had a print ad or runway picture taken? Surely one paper could dig one up? I know she’s at 3 agencies but still very odd.

    • Alexandria says:

      I’m sure she will blow up after this. That’s one of the perks.

      • Zapp Brannigan says:

        Countdown to Vogue cover or bit part role in some movie, or maybe she will go the “lifestyle” route of organic, free range jade eggs?

    • lucy2 says:

      That is odd. All photos of her that come up are just selfies and non-professional shots.

    • Queen Meghan’s Hand says:

      Very odd. That bastion of truth, the Daily Mail says she’s been on the cover of Elle and Marie Claire (not U.S.) and yet…no images of those covers.
      *resumes sipping tea*

      • Valois says:

        She‘s on the September cover of Elle Germany and i think she did Marie Claire Poland (?) a while ago. I’ve seen the covers on Instagram.

    • melrose says:

      Not a very good model at that. On a sidenote, I just took a look at Ed Westwick’s gf (another model) instagram – at least she has nice photos and outfits. This one’s a dud based on her IG alone.

  12. MarcelMarcel says:

    I think doing a girlfriend roll out in France while he is experiencing self induced legal issues in the US says a lot about him.

  13. Sierra says:

    Ewwww who wants to date someone who is 30 & 40 years older?

  14. LioLione says:

    Astrology-wise she’s a capricorn and he has heavy capricorn in his chart.
    They are both business-oriented and they have both been through a spiritual transformation and though personal and emotional past 1 1/2 years.

    I can see them bonding in a more spiritual way actually.

    Another interesting fact is that Brad’s natal chart support him always wanting a pretty woman on his arm. He is very concerned about what others think of him, and only falls for strong, business-oriented and beautiful ladies. If he were to fall for someone more average and not that beautiful, he would care more what people think of him and his image, and not want to be seen with that lady publicy.

    What people think of his girlfriend matter to him.

    I can see these two together for some time actually. Depending on her full chart, which I don’t have. But 2 capricorns together can make quite some money, so this is another business-love-relationship, for sure.

    Capricorns are in for a WEALTHY time the next 20 years. This girl will get very rich.

    But I’m curious as to what awaits them in september. Cap’s are in for a very emotionally difficult time, where something or someone (or even themself) will blow up in anger or hurt.
    I have a feeling one of Brad’s children won’t take this news very well. Dad has a new girlfriend.

    Interesting to watch these peoples lives and how well the astrology predict things. Sometimes I’m wrong about specifics (still learning to read charts) but this roll out of him having a new girlfriend does not surprise me. The timing and the conflict level everything in his life is in now. Really curious as to what will happen in september and if we will hear about it.

    If they are still together in the end of this year I would not be surprise if she moves in with him or is pregnant. Something is happening then.

    • Sierra says:

      This is interesting, please tell us about Angelina.

    • Q says:

      How can we check our own charts to see how the rest of the months and years will be for us? 👀

    • LeonsMomma says:

      I would love for you to do my chart!!! Can you DM people on this site????
      In other news, thank you Celebitchy for keeping up the narrative of his Make It Right mess. When I saw photos of him at a party during New Orleans Mardi Gras, I was PISSED OFF. These most recent private jet costs could have paid for repairs to one house, at least.
      Her bedspread looks like the one I got at SteinMart for my guest room.

      • Celeste says:

        You can do your own chart and 6 month forecast for free on and in my experience it’s very accurate.

    • Lady D says:

      LioLione, please, please tell me Virgos are also in line for some longterm wealth. I turned 60 yesterday and I could really use a few years of some good earnings.

    • Hmm says:

      His Make it right lawsuit starts in sept. LoL

    • Ashley says:

      OmG Liolione I wish you could do a reading for me. I keep seeing your posts and I’m like ah I wish I knew what was happening for me. So much turmoil right now.

    • The Recluse says:

      Pregnancy is a means to $upport?

  15. robin says:

    Why does it even matter how old they are? I thought people were finally over this. Women can date younger men, men can date younger women – as long as it’s consensual there is nothing gross about it.

    • Dali says:

      @Robin, absolutely this!! I don’t like what Brad did the past years but he is still hot. Aging is not a crime.

    • sara says:

      If you don’t understand how insidious it is that 50+ year old men routinely ignore women their own age for those that are in their 20s, you are either deeply ignorant or in denial.

      And what do you mean “finally” over this? People use to not care at all! It’s a big deal now because we’re living in the year 2020 and women are sick of it. Sick of being ignored and thrown aside as aging and geriatric men chase youth.

      • robin says:

        Oh please, I’m not interested in infantilizing adult women because they decide, for whatever reason, to date older rich men. I don’t know why especially women like to tell others who they can and can’t date after they hit a certain age. I’m not the one who is being ignorant or belittling these women/men.

  16. melrose says:

    Honestly I don’t think Brad is looking for another intense, serious relationship, hence the younger, fun girlfriend. When he and Angelina got together, you could see the sparks fly, their chemistry was off the charts. It was passionate and life-changing for the both of them. Sadly, passion that burns that hot can quickly turn into hate just as fiery. That’s why it seems like so many of his moves seems so calculated to try and inflict damage to Angelina: from the pr leaks and the attempts to link him with various love interests from Neri Oxman to Jen Aniston and then bringing this girl to their family property. Angelina, on the other hand, has clearly moved on without a second glance at him and it’s probably eating him alive that she completely doesn’t give a **** about him anymore.

  17. sara says:

    maybe this is ridiculous to say but – this is very Ben Affleck of him? in an unexpected way …

    • another Nina says:

      That’s exactly what I thought – this girl and the whole situation reminds me of Ben Affleck’s

    • melrose says:

      Ben at least doesn’t hit his kids and doesn’t try to smear the mother of his kids.

    • Lena says:

      It’s the same roll out Ben used for his latest. The vacation /airport sightings by “eye witnesses”. Brad stole his moves!

  18. EliseM says:

    NOW, how are we supposed to get the Oscar buzz hookup going on him and Jennifer if THIS gal is in the picture?LOL Do we blame her for the “technical issues” that have caused “Fast times at Ridgemont HIgh” live table reading to be cancelled as well? Sorry folks, I just had too.

    • Hmm says:

      He’ll be back to using Aniston soon. Pitt cannot stand criticism so he’s either going to throw this girl under the bus constantly like he did Angelina or he’ll slither away from like the snake he is.

      • OriginalCarol says:

        Yup. If he perceives any negative talks about his coupling w/ the model, he will have his PR machine put out a statement to his favorite outlets that they were just friends, aka like with Alia Shawkat, and she’s helping him with some modeling advertisement for the his new wine blah blah. There is no way that they had been dating for 9 months and just now decided to roll it out. He’s trying to distract the negative attention from his cheating w/ the judge. And if it’s true he had kept their relationship on the DL for all these months, waiting for the right moment to bring her out then she’s stupid and willing to do anything to get to fame. I don’t feel sorry for her then for signing up to be a doormat for him to walk on. She probably needs all the luck cause when he’s tired of her, she will have enough money to move on. But again, being a cheapskate jerk that he is, she’d better get him to draw up the contract or he will cheat her out of it, i.e the lighting designer or poor people in New Orleans.

      • SaraR. says:

        I mean, from her Insta, she was in Germany since February, and there was no traveling between US and EU. So, if they were dating all this time, it could have only been on Zoom, lol

  19. bluebell_ says:

    Oh Brad. To go from Paltrow, Aniston and especially Angelina Jolie to this “model” with the constant, cringe-inducing bedroom selfies.

    I really thought he would aim higher and gone the Clooney-Amal route.

  20. serena says:

    Disappointed but not surprised he would date a much younger woman in her 20s.. ugh.

  21. Mee says:

    Wow they’ve been together since last year and not a peep, that is impressive. But it’s just soooo cliché to date a 27 ‘model’. Oh well

  22. melrose says:

    So I guess Brad will pop up on Instagram soon and start posting uninspired bedroom selfies with “deep” quotes/thoughts?

  23. Sorella says:

    He is now a cliche!! How disapointing!! But it is Hollyweird!

  24. Hmm says:

    Who would’ve thought brad Pitt rolling out a girlfriend would make him the laughing stock of the A list celebs on the internet lol

  25. Ashley says:

    How the hell did Brad get into France? Europe isn’t letting Americans in. I am so tired of the one rule for them one rule for us. F-ck Macron and the EU.

  26. Golly Gee says:

    The Snark on this site is the best. Kisses tips of fingers.

  27. JustMe says:

    Odds on this being why he stalled his financials because he is paying for her lifestyle ??

    • melrose says:

      He’s not paying for anything if we go by her bedroom selfies. Although I did spot some designer handbags

  28. ojulia123 says:


  29. Mariane says:

    Wait how did they get there with the travel restrictions in place??? And I doubt they’ll be on quarantine.
    On a side note, she now looks like a hybrid gigi-irina-Jennifer garner

  30. ming says:

    She is a gold digger, only like older and wealthy men :(