Did Brad Pitt send Nicole Mary home to Germany after three days at Miraval?


People are still obsessed with Brad Pitt’s relationship with Nicole Poturalski, aka Nico Mary. I have to wonder if Brad’s team actually did any vetting for Nico and whether they knew that she was still married to her 68-year-old husband, Roland Mary. There’s not any new information about that, other than unnamed sources insisting that Roland Mary and Nico have some kind of open marriage and that he’s fine with her running off to spend time with Brad at the Chateau Miraval. The Mail did get some new photos of Roland Mary, looking every year of his age.

The Daily Mail’s sources insist that Brad and Nico met at her husband’s Berlin restaurant, and that “When Brad was at Borchadt, she [Nicole] gave him her number with a wink.” Roland Mary has been telling friends that the situation is “normal” and “There is no tension between Roland and Nicole. Everything is fine.”

Meanwhile, there’s some growing internet evidence that Nico was sitting in the Chateau Miraval, obsessively searching for anything and everything involving herself and Brad on social media. She might even be posting blurry photos from a Finsta, because when one of those photos got some attention yesterday, it was quickly deleted. There are some people derisively calling her an “Instamodel,” which she is (although she’s done some runway work too), but I think the bigger problem here is just… she’s a different generation. She lives on social media. She wants to Instagram her relationship with Brad obsessively and clearly, he knows that will make him look like an even bigger fool.

Speaking of Brad looking like an old fool: is Nico spilling some tea to German outlets? Or does Bild have sources in the Mary camp? Bild is reporting that Nico only spent three days at Miraval and she left on Friday, and “they didn’t spend the weekend together as planned.” Huh! If that is true – and who knows – my guess is that Brad was actually kind of mad that his people didn’t vet her properly before he began the Girlfriend Rollout.

Brad Pitt attends The 92nd Annual Academy Awards - Arrivals in Los Angeles

Photos courtesy of WENN, Nico’s IG.

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  1. Tris says:

    O. M. G.
    This is so great exposing all the behind the scenes shenanigans!

    • Sarah says:

      I am literally sitting here sipping tea and loving this.

      • BabsORIG says:

        Ooohhh the f-cking mess of this is so hilarious, I love tea…LOL 😂😂😂😂 What, Brad with poo on his face?? Say it ain’t so, I’m dying LOL😁😁😁

  2. Lotoya says:

    Brad Pitt has finally been exposed as the douche he is! Why aren’t US media like USweekly and people magazine reporting that his girlfriend is married he must be embarrassed by this cos this whole thing has won people over to Angie’s side he really miscalculated this time around and I’m here for it!
    Pls how true is it that he erased MP(Maddox and Pax) tattoo on his hand ? If try then he is truly the worst

    • Lotoya says:

      The comments on Dailymail are totally Anti Brad now😂🤣😂🤣 how the mighty has fallen

    • bluebell_ says:

      I love it. This was a long time coming and this isn’t even a fraction of the blowback he rightfully deserves. I hope the day comes when it really hits him, that he had everything once and threw it all away, and WEEP – especially for the beautiful family he broke up.

  3. Caty Page says:

    This is the most delicious tea I’ve had in a while, hope it’s not taken off the shelves already.

  4. Züri says:

    The Miraval rosé is delightful. I only realized that it was from the J-P estate after we had a bottle for brunch and were curious who was producing it. (That’s all I’ve got on this one, sorry.)

  5. Sara says:

    He looks so strange in that golf cart photo. I wouldn’t have imagined he’d own clothes like that.

    He’s always seemed like the budget version of Robert Redford to me.

  6. Redgrl says:

    Ain’t no fool like an old fool. Brad Pitt is such a vile person.

  7. Mrs. Peel says:

    She’s thirstier than Ana – how is that even possible?

  8. Mrs. Peel says:

    She’s thirstier than Ana – how is that even possible?

  9. Myra says:

    I don’t know why but my first thought on reading the headline was this year’s bop ‘You about to lose your job’.
    Also “The Mail did get some new photos of Roland Mary, looking every year of his age” had me spilling my coffee. Oh, Brad Pitt! Four years of successful PR campaign destroyed in one weekend.

    • Tiffany :) says:

      I loooooooooove “‘You about to lose your job”. The remix with Elmo dancing in it it the best.

  10. Sierra says:

    I love me some good old fashion gossip and the most delicious part is that it is Brad getting his karma kicked back at him.

    After 4 years of Brad’s smearing of Angelina and the children, his golden boy image is completely evaporated.

    Angelina won the children, the career and the public.

  11. julia says:

    I only have about 350 Instagram followers, and boy am I glad about that! I can’t imagine caring what thousands of people thought of me. What a crappy way to live. And sorry it didn’t work out Brad. *insert eye roll here

  12. Chica1971 says:

    He is aging very quickly! The pics in cart look like senior from Fl in retirement village. I know he got tweaked a few years ago but still…
    Yep, an old fool!

    • Mads says:

      Ha! He looks like an aged skater douche who never developed any skills and is a total Am. So now he can’t skate anymore because of a “trick” knee, that doesn’t really exist, but he could just afford that sick golf cart. See he is still cool. (Eye roll)

      (Am = amateur, for the lucky people who didn’t grow up with these kind of douches)

      • Lady D says:

        I’m positive there isn’t a person on the planet who hasn’t had to deal with a douche or a pack of them. Most of us also grew up being able to use and spell a whole word. I don’t mean you personally Mads, it just drives me nuts when every other word is shortened to 2-3 letters. It makes me think people can’t spell, and that makes me sad. As I tell my son, English is your native language, get it right. Especially if it’s the only language you plan on using.

      • Mads says:

        @Lady D
        Here I was just trying to make you laugh at douchebag Brad, and now you are all annoyed and scolding me along with your son. I am disappointed. Oh well.

        Just to be clear, I was trying ,and failing apparently, to use silly skater slang words such as “Am,” “skills,”and “sick” to emphasize Brad’s decent into washed up, skater douche, loser territory. I only included the definition of “Am” capitalized so it wouldn’t be confused by any English as a Second Language readers thinking I was using the word am, first person singular present of the verb to be. Whoops! I am also sensitive to ESL readers (multilingual family here), or people who didn’t grow up in a surf/skater town overpopulated with these animals like I did. I think we can agree douchebaggery is pervasive on planet Earth, but can we also agree skater douche is its own particular brand of douche? That was the only completely worthless point I was trying to make here. Even though you tell me not to take it personally, for some stupid reason I feel compelled to explain. You are upset enough to scold me about a silly comment, correct me, and judge me. Why girl, why? Hmm. My parting thoughts, encourage your son to learn a second language instead and policing his English. All generations play with words like this all over the planet. It’s normal.

        Can we go back to hating on this deadbeat dad now?

        P.S.: Please note that Brad sucks. The end

      • Fanny says:

        Mads, I think you are funny. Go ahead and mock Bradley.

        Lady D, you were kind of rough on Mads for no reason. Maybe you didn’t mean it to read so pedantic?

        I second that Brad sucks. The end

      • Lady D says:

        I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry. I really didn’t mean you personally, Mads. I also really wasn’t trying to judge you. If I upset you or made you feel judged I am truly sorry. It wasn’t my intent, and I should have been clearer in my communication of that fact. My problem/pet peeve is the constant appearance of initials in conversations. There is a whole new language out there thanks to twitter and texting. Almost every other comment you read has initials for something in it, and sometimes I can figure out what they stand for and sometimes I can’t. Some can be looked up, (carefully if you’re using Urban Dictionary) Personally, I had to look up WAP, I honestly didn’t know what it stood for. Yes, I’m old, I’ve been 60 for six days now:) Sometimes I ask, but sometimes i just skip it because I can’t figure out what the initials stand for. There are more and more initials appearing in conversations everywhere and it’s impossible to know what they all stand for. It bothers me too because a some of my son’s friends for example, graduated without knowing how to spell and barely able to read. Constant use of initials as their language seems like a degradation of already suspect skills, skills they should need in their life and work. Do I sound old? I feel it.
        Again Mads, I’m sorry I soured your comment.
        (i did encourage my son to learn a second and third language. He is doing really good and I hope it becomes a life long habit for him)

      • Mads says:

        Aw, Lady D with the gracious apology for the win. I’m just being ridiculous, as one does. Also, I had to goggle WAP too. Ha!

        In your honor, I will attempt to spell things out correctly. I am hopeless typo queen. I never notice mistakes until it is too late. I have this quirk where I refuse to abbreviate laugh out loud for no good reason. I think it has something to do with my teenage niece and her champion texting skills. That girl needs to have her cellphone surgically removed from her hand. She couldn’t put the phone down while unwrapping Christmas presents! So, I probably feel the same as you.

  13. Noki says:

    His post Angelina relationship attempts have been so messy and not thought through,I actually feel sorry for him. He is coming across as some poor sod.

    • Eleonor says:

      His pr team deserves to be fired.

    • KW says:

      please don’t feel sorry for him. He is dumb as a stump and needed beautiful, intelligent and thoughtful women around him to make others swoon. now he is grandpa grundge, tripping all over himself because he believes all his hype. This is karma coming around, but it won’t be done with him yet. lol.

      • OriginalCarol says:

        He treated her the way he didn’t want to be treated-A pretty face with no brains. So callous and cruel. I am done with you now so go back to your room and wait for my calls. I am so very much enjoying this shit show and payback is sweeter when this dumbf*uck is doing it to himself. Jolie doesn’t even have to dirty her hands.

        I am one of the first few ones to call her out for being an escort/booty girl and his stans were like, no its not okay to label rich beautiful folks in open relationships as skanks seeing as if one walks as a duck is a duck. Where are his stans now? Burying their heads in the sand as their Golden boy is humiliated in front of the whole world? Really wish someone would come up with some memes soon cause this disaster is epic!

  14. Ainsley7 says:

    There’s no way that Brad didn’t know she was married. He literally met her through her husband. How could he have not known?

    • Sayrah says:

      Right? That’s pretty easily determined information if anyone is even partially responsible for vetting her.

    • lucy2 says:

      I know! I doubt he was unaware, but I bet he and his team thought a 20 something model would make him look good and youthful, and didn’t expect all the blowback.

    • Kebbie says:

      So does Brad like socialize with this guy or has he just gone to his restaurant a few times? If he was friends with this guy, wouldn’t he have met her years ago?

      The articles are saying Brad supposedly met her at the restaurant last year. I’m wondering if he thought she was just a random model dining there or if he knew her as his old friend’s young wife.

  15. Goldie says:

    Even if his team didn’t vet Nicole, he knew that she was married. He was introduced to her by her husband for chrissakes. This just seems like he felt he was untouchable and is shocked that people are finally calling him out on his messiness.

  16. Allie says:

    BILD is full of sh*t. It is officially the most unethical newspaper in Germany and get’s called out for its lies constantly.

  17. C-Shell says:

    I am so thankful for the delightful schadenfreude in the midst of the hellscape we’re living in. This isn’t the first time BP’s “PR team” have f*cked up by not doing their homework, but it is the most spectacular. They have not only blown up his 4-yr effort to rebuild his reputation, but his divorce negotiations. The timing couldn’t be worse. How are they/is he so bad at this?!

  18. Dana says:

    This is even messier than the Neri Oxman situation. Let’s see how soon he’s photographed with Jen again.

    • Originalcarol says:

      Probably after his mandated quarantine, he will be seen again at Watts or some other charity events helping out the unfortunate folks. Of course, totally ignore those in New Orleans.

      There is no way the paps can get that close on the property without his security sees it so either his gf sold him out or he set it up like he’s there “working “ and not just playing hide the salami with his booty girl.

  19. LaUnicaAngelina says:

    Damn, these dudes from the 90s and onward are falling hard – Brad Pitt, Johnny Depp.

  20. Marla says:

    Is it possible that BP just wanted a quick, discreet hookup while he was in France but SHE was the one who orchestrated being papped and identified? Could be she wanted notoriety and her name out there and tipped off DailyMail as they had her name and bio ready with details about her speaking 5 languages and whatnot. Nobody even knew her before this but somehow she was identified with very blurry photos and a mask on. Then Brad was caught off guard when it all blew up lol. Now her ig is verified and her name everywhere while Brad’s image and rep takes a beating. So between him leaking or her leaking, it stands to reason it was her cause he gains nothing but derision but it is she who has everything to gain.

    And yes she has been checking everything on instagram. I know because I posted a public Brad story with hashtags of her and Brad and she viewed it within the hour lmao. How pathetic and desperate. Beware of thirsty, fame-hungry wannabe instamodels.

    • lucy2 says:

      You know…that does sound possible.
      If that’s the case, he got PLAYED.

    • Esme says:

      No fool like an old/middle aged fool who doesn’t understand Instagram.
      He deserves getting played, honestly. Well played, whats-her-lips, kudos to you.

    • Sarah says:

      Bahahahahahahah! That’s all I have.

    • MM2 says:

      This is totally possible! I didn’t understand his PR of taking her to the very place he wed AJ (sensitivity chip missing), so it makes sense to me that it was her who tipped off the paps, and then his team tried to package a mess in a pretty bow, but it backfired.

    • smcollins says:

      Not to mention the attention it’s bringing to her husband’s restaurant 🤔
      Your theory seems pretty plausible, and if true, he indeed got played. But why now? Weren’t they photographed a year ago chatting it up at a Kanye concert? Seems odd to wait almost a year to “cash in” but I guess she’s been playing the long game with this one? Enquirering minds want to know! 😆

      • Marla says:

        She could have been with Andrew Dominic at that concert? He was seated with them that night. Some are claiming she was there with him while Brad was with Alia. This is just extra messy all around and who really knows though lol.

    • Kebbie says:

      I was considering this, but Pitt friendly publications like People magazine had quotes from “sources.” I don’t know that her team would have the kind of pull or organization to introduce her to the world like that. I really think he was behind the rollout.

      I’m guessing he thought she was separated or divorced. I don’t think his girlfriend being in an open marriage was ever supposed to be part of this story. He was supposed to look like he had a young but sophisticated and intelligent (5 languages, etc) girlfriend and it all just blew up in his face spectacularly.

      • Marla says:

        Well if Brad’s team did the rollout, they indeed failed in truly spectacular fashion as you said. How can they not have realized the optics of this would reflect so badly on everyone involved? Who cares if she speaks 5 languages? Most europeans are multi-lingual and her public profile doesn’t exactly scream (or even whisper) star quality or anything extraordinary. She’s attractive but so are hundreds of other girls (and women!) with less baggage. So wrong girl (age gap, married, thirst factor), wrong place (family home where he got married)… just everything wrong.

      • Jazz says:

        Sources= direct quotes from whats her lips. LOL.

    • Elisa the I. says:

      100% agree that she is the one leaking to the press. Judging from what I read on German gossip sites, her husband really doesn’t mind. So, well played Nicole, now everyone knows you.

    • bluebell_ says:

      Did she really check your Instagram story? That is HILARIOUS. Oh Brad, this is what you get when you mess around with opportunistic girls half your age. I’ve so many things I want to say but I can’t right now cause I’m laughing so hard at karma finally biting him in his sorry a**.

    • The Recluse says:

      Dude needs to stick to women in his own generation.
      He got burned good this time around by a thirstier than a camel in Death Valley Instagram ‘model’.

    • E.D. says:

      Sorry if I am an idiot, but how can you tell who reads or sees your Instagram?
      My account is private, I rarely if ever post and I’m only on there to look at cats so maybe this is why I don’t understand – but I’d love to know if someone can help me please?

      • bluebell_ says:

        You can see your viewers if you post an instagram story (instead of the normal post). They’re the ones encircled on top and disappear after 24 hours. If it’s public and you put a hashtag then anyone can see them if they search for the hashtag.

      • E.D. says:

        Ah, thank you bluebell_says.
        I really appreciate you taking the time to answer my question.
        Now I’ll be careful not to watch the same cat video stories too many times in case I look like a weirdo.

      • bluebell_ says:

        Hahaha don’t worry, it won’t show how many times you’ve viewed it so keep watching as many times as you want :)

    • Andrea MacAulay says:

      You are right! She has followed an account nicobrad2020! I think he had no idea how hungry she is, and got played. Saw a screenshot of her following the account. Bravo to you for your theory….

  21. Valiantly Varnished says:

    It brings joy to my heart to watch this little stunt backfire on him.

  22. Feedmechips says:

    Imagine being mad at other people because THEY didn’t vet your girlfriend properly.

  23. Queen Meghan's Hand says:

    So, either Pitt didn’t know Nicole Mary was married before the roll out because HE DOESN’T KNOW THIS WOMAN beyond ‘You up?’ or ‘Your Uber is here’ texts or he is so *desperate* to distract from the divorce proceedings he tried to girlfriend his Instagram model/maybe escort hookup.

    I’ve been enjoying this mess.

  24. Lively says:

    Lol can’t believe his dating an insta model 😂😂😂

    • Marla says:

      Not even a decent one at that! I follow many of them including IG influencers and their feeds are full of beautiful photos with great outfits. Hers not so much – so many bland, dull selfies. She wasn’t even verified until this mess.

  25. Esme says:

    Bwahahahahahahahah – what an idiot!

    And he should really really really let go of any romantic angle in his press and promotion. Be a serious actor/producer, that’s it. He’s too old and too compromised to be anything else in public right now.

    Just shut up, Brad. Go away and only surface for producers roundtables and such. For your own good.

  26. Lisa says:

    This is so hilariously messy.

  27. Maria says:

    How epic start for such a lovely story. Romance is in the air: the married girlfriend, the man 30 yr older, the husband 40 yr older, the messy PR games, the champagne rosè, the french vinyards, the girlfriend kicked out of the house.
    He is embarrassing! His behaviour is such a cliche

  28. Teebee says:

    Does anyone remember Jitka Pohledek, from 1994?

    The first pic of this new girl made my mind jump back to that girl. His long list of women does run the gamut, but I do think he has a thing for long haired brunettes.

    He definitely got played. As all aging lotharios often do.

  29. Toniko says:

    Is she leaving this room at all? All of her selfies are from that bedroom.

    • lucy2 says:

      It’s weird, right? For a “model” there’s very few pictures of her actually modeling, just standing around that room.

    • Elena says:

      I think her bedroom is “one size fits all”- toilet, living room, kitchen but she prefers taking selfies where the bed is so she can spread whatever she wants to spread or whatever thought she wants to imply in her little mind. Lol

    • Liolione says:

      You would think being married to a filthy rich old man would give you a big ass house

    • francine says:

      I just saw she has a new bedroom selfie lol! She limited the comments on her posts. Also put up a bunch of IG stories, quotes about ignoring negativity and not caring about what others think — girl, if you didn’t care why are you obsessively checking any and all mentions on insta and probably everywhere else??

      Even freaking Ed Westwick got a better (insta?)model girlfriend. Brad and team, what were you even thinking with this girl?

    • Kaykay says:

      I asked the same question, but then I realized those pictures are all post quarantine in Germany. If you look back a few moths you see pictures from out and about, before covid.

      • bluebell_ says:

        Even during lockdown, many instagrammers managed to find creative and inspiring ways to take photos and selfies. A bedroom wall of flowers and mirror sky shots were some of the more popular trends and easy to shot from home. I find this girl boring and uninspired even with her outside shots. She really has to level up her game if she wants to be someone big even just on instagram. Then again perhaps she doesn’t need to anymore cause her other game is A+ – that is, catching rich old men lol.

  30. Mariane says:

    Karma is catching up to him! He deserves everything he gets

  31. Kebbie says:

    What was she supposedly posting blurry photos of? Like photos of Miraval or in the house?

    • JustMe2 says:

      It was supposedly her naked from waist up sitting on a dude on a bed. She wore a big black hat and it was blurred so you can’t see either features tagged as Chateau Miraval

    • Marla says:

      It was a photo of a girl in a bedroom, topless with just her underwear, face covered by phone and with a hat and a guy hugging her from behind in his underwear too. Posted by an anonymous ig account and the location was tagged Chateau Miraval. Idk if it was really her but the guy behind her (in my eyes at least) didn’t seem to be Brad, not built like him.

      • Liolione says:

        I agree, didn’t look like Brad. But it was so blury. I thought I could see an outline of one of Brad’s tattoos on his underarm, but it was not easy to identify. The mans hair looked different though

    • Malem says:

      i commented on that photo (the first and only comment bless their heart) and got blocked xD

  32. Marigold says:

    I’m sick of insta models, pouty lips, influencers, everyone looking the same, models and beauty culture in general. And Brad Pitt is cocky And gross.

  33. OriginalCarol says:

    Can you imagine Leo and his posse of friends sitting around crackling over this hilarious attempt of newbie Pitt playing sugar daddy games?

    Leo: Dumbf*uck forgot the # rule in my playbook: Protect the King at all costs!

  34. Yeeee says:

    I had the biggest crush on Brad as an unsuspecting teen. But he is so gross!!! A dirty old man.

  35. Lindy says:

    At least Affleck got a legit actress… Brad should talk to Ben’s people about how to do this rollout properly lol 😏

    • Liz version 700 says:

      No kidding this suddenly makes Ben look like the wise relationship whisperer. And we know that isn’t true. He did get a much classier babysitter then dear old Brad.

  36. Jayna says:

    She flew in from Germany to meet him in Paris, and met him at an airport. I definitely believe she set up the pap shot. She’s 27 and still hadn’t broken big as a model. She sits in her bedroom doing a lot of selfies. She didn’t know how long Brad would keep seeing her. With the pandemic, I doubt they’ve seen each other much. She took this opportunity to make sure the world knew she was linked to Brad. Mission accomplished. She’s linked to A-lister Brad. Now her name and face is everywhere with offers coming in. He probably feels played.

  37. Aimee says:

    I was going to comment last week when this news broke that I was disappointed that he fell for a woman 30 years younger than him. It’s just so…cliche. But now that we know she is married it’s even more gross. I don’t care if it’s an open marriage. It makes him look bad and her even worse.

  38. Lowrider says:

    A 56 year old man has to have his girlfriends vetted and rolled out. I can’t.

  39. say what says:

    At this point this is one of his Soap Operas. He is involved in many. What a nice, friendly midwestern Christian valued kinda guy! Sike lol
    HE HAS BEEN A MESS SINCE HIS TEENS. I don’t know why people don’t see it or better yet want to. Alcohol and drugs have ruined his looks and as we can see mind.
    He is selfish and only cares about what he wants and Lord knows this isn’t it.
    He knew who she was but his ego and obsession with getting back at Angie has made him mad!
    Who knows the photos she has taken in Los Feliz and now Miraval. He better hope she doesn’t get upset about anything.
    Can you imagine her strolling through Miraval poking through Angie’s things that were left there or better yet vindictively sleeping in her bed.

    • bluebell_ says:

      German tabloids have photos of Brad inside Miraval, wearing some fugly shorts and driving around a tractor. Wonder how they got them hmm??

      And ugh at the thought of her disgraceful presence tainting the beautiful Miraval. There was a comment yesterday about a monument to Angelina’s mom in Miraval that I have forgotten. It was also where they held their wedding ceremony. Angie should have the place disinfected and exorcised!!

      • ennie says:

        They put a stone engraved for her there, maybe in the chapel?

      • Malem says:

        this is true, never in their 10 years of owning miraval has been a picture that close (apart from the wedding stills) and now suddenly we see the land inside. its so gross. i understand they are divorced, but bringing a new GF to a place you dont 100% own is just disrespecful .. but then again men are trash

  40. LioLione says:

    Idk what to think of this. Brad wore her bucket hat when he left France. I think she left earlier because of other reasons. If she even did leave early, maybe they knew she couldn’t stay the entire weekend.

    Her checking IG posts about them is definitely the proof I need to understand who she is. This ‘she’ s so down to earth and not star struck’ is nonsense! I’ve had a icky feeling about her. There’s something I can’t put my finger on it. Might just be that she’s in desperate need of attention and choose men way older than her to fill some void in her self. She probably needs all of the attention and famous rich dudes to feel worthy. People like that come off desperate and quite out of touch to me.

    Interesting to see how this all plays out. We barely started september and things are blowing up, imagine what the rest of september will look like 😂

    But I stand by what I wrote on another posts about capricorns having to fix their personal lives, families and homes. The two of them will have to clean up their sh*t.

    • Zut alors says:

      But I thought you said they were going to be together for 7 years and become very rich. That they were very compatible and they were each other’s destiny per your chart readings.

      • Liolione says:

        I see what you are doing, and I don’t expect everyone to understand. If you don’t believe in Astrology, it’s in your right. It don’t judge.
        My simplifications may cause misunderstandings and questions, as I’m not able to post long post on this site, so I give the juice. Lol!

        As any Astrologer would tell you Astrology doesn’t rule human will, it predicts possible outcomes and yes, they ARE extremely compatible and IF they stay together they will be together for a long time. I don’t think I’ve said anything else? But even if people are compatible, even if they were destined to meet, it doesn’t mean they will not have troubles on the way to stay together? Hell, look at him and Angie, they also had a chart of true love. Not as sexual and physical, but still, very hot and steamy, very pure and true love. And they didn’t stay together. They could have, and this is strictly Astrology speaking, if they had been able to connect trough the two very difficult transits in their charts during their time together. But human will is human will. And sometimes astrology predicts the road you could’ve chosen but didn’t.

        Like I’ve said before, September is a sh*t storm of a month. And like I said, in Brad’s chart (Nicole’s sun – which is all I have to go by) there will be challenges along the way, before the retrograde ease off and a conjuction happen in December. You can say that whatever is goind on in their chart this month (and all of ours) is like an exam for us to soul search. Are we really going about our lives the way we want to? The illusions disappear and we see things painfully clear, all while Mars throws hurdles in our way while we try (hopefully) try to grown and evolve as people. We should have this conversation in a few months, maybe even 6 months. When they’ve been through their trials. I know what I think is going to happen :)

        Their charts do speak of making a lot of money. 2020 to 2040 is a time of money, values and wealth for Capricorns. And since they have thos compatability, and if you know anything about Cap’s, often times than not their romantic partners become their business partners as well.

        I recommend you check what I wrote in earlier posts, I did say that even though they seem to be destined to meet and have a both a spiritual and physical bond, September’s hard aspects will have them dwelling on certain matters. Whether they are able to stay together is really up to them. Brad will, for instance, have some hard aspects leading him into a certain type of self exploration on his romantic life. If he’s headed the right way, why he falls for the women he falls for ect. I’ve written all about it on other posts, if you want to read more.

        The cosmic will throw them a lot of bombs this fall, and it’s up to them to diffuse them. If they manage to do so, the charts speaks of a deep and long lasting relationship. And yes, they WERE destined to meet. No doubt.

        Did I make it comprehendable? I hope so. And if you still question it all, I understand.

        Take care!

        Lots of love, Lio <3

      • Liolione says:

        And just to add: me having an icky feeling about her does not mean I think she’s setting this all up or that I believe every news coverage of them. I don’t necessarily like Brad that much either. They’re both icky, LOL

      • SomeChick says:

        Reading about uninvolved parties/without someone’s permission is a questionable practice.

      • yourfavnewyorker says:

        Lmaooooooo I’m sorry but I’m weak. Don’t believe these fake astrologers. They’ve been saying brad and angelina will get back together for years. 7 years pls

    • OriginalCarol says:

      What was it, his Twin flame? As in putting him in a fire and busting up his Golden Boy image lol.

      • Liolione says:

        I could be wrong about the Twin flame, but then again I don’t think I am. They are extremely compatible. I don’t have her full chart so it makes it difficult to see. But I stand by my words, they were destined to meet and by the end of the year we will see Brad having made some tough decisions on his part in this matter.

        We’ll have to see how this plays out :)

      • OriginalCarol says:

        Compatible as in having the same thirst for fame and money? As in having no guilty conscience when they may hurt other people with their actions? Like his own innocent kids. Good for them! I hope he keeps her around for a while and see how long she will stick by him once the next richer sugar daddy coming around. These shallow women just want easy life earning money on their back. Ick.

      • yourfavnewyorker says:

        Hilarious man! And she made this prediction without Nicole’s birth chart … fake ass astrologers crack me up.

      • LioLione says:


        You can make a chart for someone by birth date and year, which I have on her, so that’s not completely correct ;)
        And to see if people are compatible or at least get an overall view, you don’t need more info than that.

        But I understand, you don’t like astrology, lol!
        I do, so I’ve been sharing for those who also likes it on here :)

    • Kaykay says:

      Omg, I love this.
      You should start your own blog.

    • theotherViv says:

      I always enjoy your comments! I would die to have you do my charts. love it.

  41. LioLione says:

    And I agree. He looks OLD. Wow.

  42. Kristen says:

    Honestly even if she’s still married but does have an open marriage, idk what the problem would be – they’re all adults.

    • L4frimaire says:

      The thing is that’s not his image. It’s fine in private but publicly, that’s not how Brad wants to be seen in the middle of a high profile divorce. It makes him look like a fool who has been played.

      • OriginalCarol says:

        They are consensual adults with not consensual kids! His teenagers can read these salacious headlines online. After the trauma they all had to go through because of his drunken ass and now seeing their father boiking a woman young enough to be his daughter! Even I get second hand embarrassment so imagine them being his kids! Luckily they are home schooled otherwise the humiliation is up the roof. Hopefully none of the kids are too hurt to do self-harm to themselves. That might make Jolie go bonkers as a mama bear and fry his ass so he’s not going to mess with his family any more.

      • OriginalCarol says:

        I really can’t with people with such disregard for decent morality! No wonders we are where we are right now in this country with such loose ethics. Darn the consequences as long as one is able to satisfy his/her own selfish needs.

        Btw, this old man doing this dick move hooking up with young women half his age is not the first time and a last time either. He’s nasty and a pervert whose first ex Aniston gave him some Girls Gone Wild vids for his birthday so this is right up in his alley.

    • Sooowhat says:

      I totally support this relationship. At this point, he is further proving he cares nothing about his kid and more about himself. A true narcissist. He’s basically handing custody over to Angie so, yes I support it. Traveling in the midst of a pandemic, taking a woman closer to his kids age than to him to hook up in their former home full of memories… I’m sure a family court will have lots and lots of questions for the kids about how comfortable they feel with their dad at their trial next month.

      • OriginalCarol says:

        Per Lainey.com, this part makes me real sad for the kids:

        “Taking your young hot model lover to a a place used to be your family home where you married your ex-wife and where your ex-wife nursed your two youngest babies and where hallways that used to reverberate with the sound of your children playing and laughing are now filled with silence.”

        Er no. That’s the worst insensitive dick move ever pulled by a supposedly classy guy. He’s worse that the lowest scum on earth. Bar none.

  43. Meg says:

    Ive been laughing throughout reading these comments. Thank you all for the entertainment its needed in quarantine

  44. Say what says:

    I hope this isn’t affecting those kids and I think not the way they were banded together last week. If something happened to one of those kids because of him Angelina would hire someone to kill him no lie.

    • Harim says:

      Sadly I think it is. Shiloh was caught watching multiple stories about them on Instagram. And she’s following Nicole since Thursday she must be curious what’s going on with her dirty sleazy dad

      • bluebell_ says:

        I think that’s a Shiloh fan account. I don’t think Shiloh has IG, at least not one known and visible to the public.

  45. Celina says:

    Is it weird that I’ve been crying for Chadwick?

  46. Andrea says:

    which of these two grandparents does the first prostate exam

  47. OriginalCarol says:

    So on Monday, the day after the scandal broke, Pitt was out there promoting his new wine courtesy of People press release as a mean to distant himself from his latest scandal. He made sure his name was front and center and claiming all the credits for creating this new Rose champagne. Never mind that Jolie co-owns at least half of vineyard. It’s all about him and his creativity.

    Two days later, he wanted to redeem himself in the public’s eye with some positivity, his team went out and made sure to insert Jolie’s name with his on all the wine promotions. As if she’s cool with his dick move and everything is fine between them since they are still partners. Can’t be that bad since they are still working together right to make some money investment for the children. Worst than the lowest scum!

    I can’t with this nasty piece of trash.

    Btw, Page Six which is one of his favorite mouthpieces is full of snarks on his GF and her husband, pretty much calling them swingers and her being Pitt’s gal pal as in a casual hookup. Imagine that. Not his hot young lover or girlfriend. I think Pitt is gonna throw the swinging couple under the bus as this continues on in a negative light for him.

    • Say what says:

      Good catch! You know he is seriously a mess. For one shading other celeb wines saying his isn’t a celebrity wine. Then letting the words elegant fall out is his mouth dressed like a freaking hobo while letting his trashy side piece take photos of him in a home owned by he and his ex wife and kids. Did I miss anything?

      • Malem says:

        the part where he’s an recovering alcoholic promoting alcohol , its like trump promoting mental health

  48. Liz version 700 says:

    The golf cart photo is everything. This so messy … messy messy messy. I am here for it :)

  49. Balloonsarebadfortheenvironment says:

    Does anyone think Pitt knew the risks (of being lumped with Leo) with this but wanted it out anyway? He’s got his Oscar and played Mr Nice Guy (with Jen Aniston’s help) and now he’s sick of it and wants to let it all hang out and stick it in Jolie’s face? That he doesn’t care if he’s known as a sleazy older dude now?

    • bluebell_ says:

      I have only to say this about Leo: At least his girls aren’t married to old geezers and he doesn’t have 6 kids to think of how this might affect them.

    • Balloonsarebadfortheenvironment says:

      I think it’s better for the parents to be dating and happy and getting on with their lives as kids of divorces are concerned. However, on the PR angle thing, I think he’s going, “Oh, eff it. I’m going to do what I like now.”

  50. bluebell_ says:

    Whatsherlips is following a newly made IG account with the handle BradNico2020 touting them as Hollywood’s newest and hottest couple. OMGGGG the thirst and delusion of this girl hahahahahahaha!!! And aside from checking her own mentions and Brad’s, she also has been caught watching IG stories about Angie by Angie fan accounts. Brad, if I were you, I’d run away as fast as I can now!

  51. alex says:

    she’s not his girlfriend. call a spade a spade. “models” who are flown in like that are escorts. especially when they’re kicked out after 3 days

  52. J ferber says:

    Brad would look younger if he dated women closer to his own age. I know that is the only effective argument for him, given sexism and his own vanity. Sean Penn married a girl one year younger than his own daughter. Just wow.