It sure looks like Brad Pitt sent Nicole Poturalski back home to Germany

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Clearly, everyone is hungry for any and all updates on the situation with Brad Pitt and Nico “WhatsHerLips” Mary, aka Nicole Poturalski. What’s weird is that after the first days of the Girlfriend Rollout, sh-t has gone quiet. It’s only been a week, and there have been no new stories in People Magazine or Entertainment Tonight in the past few days. It was left to a German outlet, Bild, to do the heavy gossip lifting and their sources claim that Brad sent Nico home to Germany after she spent about three days at the Chateau Miraval with him. She posted the Instagram above yesterday – judging from the other IGs on her feed, that’s her bedroom in Germany. She’s clearly not still in the South of France.

I have a theory that Brad is actually kind of mad about how poorly Nico was vetted by his team. Maybe he didn’t even know that she was still married to Roland Mary, the 68-year-old restaurateur. I think Brad and his team are in crisis-management mode, and we should absolutely expect some stories in the next few days about how “Brad and Nico are not serious” and “it was just a loose hook-up situation.”

One of the few “new stories” in the past 24 hours came from Page Six, who clearly dedicated a staff member or intern to the task of examining every photo on Nico’s Instagram feed. They ended up finding one IG of Nico and her husband from 2017 (they were with friends and Nico and Roland Mary barely looked together). Hours after Page Six posted the 2017 Instagram, she removed it. LMAO. Which goes along with what I’ve been saying, and what some social media sleuths have been discovering: this young woman LIVES on social media. She’s following some shady “fan accounts” and she clearly believes that she’s about to become the next Angelina Jolie.



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  1. CidyKitty(CidySmiley) says:

    The girl is messy. AF.

    She is following a shipping site.. of herself..

  2. STRIPE says:

    I am very interested to know who told the press she was in an open marriage! That torpedoed this whole thing in epic fashion. Did she or her husband? It couldn’t have been Brad right?

    • theotherViv says:

      Her agent was on German TV and acted very mysteriously spilling tea while pretending she wasn‘t commenting, because they are such „good friends as well as business partners“. She kept saying this is a busy time for them both because the situation had raised her profile immensely and she was highly sought after and so they were discussing the many angles of her career. It sounded so thirsty I wanted to hand her some water through the TV screen.

      • bluebell_ says:

        She’s very busy indeed… busy obsessively checking social media and replying to all her (limited) comments. She’s definitely going to milk this one until she’s squeezed every drop!

  3. Ainsley7 says:

    I would believe that she was behind the entire roll out (and kicked out because of it) before I would believe that he didn’t know she was married and she wasn’t vetted properly. It’s not like they just met a few weeks ago.

    • TrixC says:

      Yeah that’s what I think too. He wanted to keep it discreet and she wanted the publicity. Which she has got now, even if they don’t see each other anymore.

    • lucy2 says:

      Agreed. He had to have known, right? And though I originally thought it was his team promoting all this, now I’m thinking it was her, and he got played and caught off guard. Couldn’t happen to a nicer guy.

      • Dana says:

        This reminds me of Ben Affleck and Chrissy O. in a way.

      • Kebbie says:

        I was thinking Ben Affleck and the playboy model since he also took her to a spot he vacationed with his family (and possibly their actual vacation home in Montana) but I think you’re right. The thirst from this girl is a lot more Chrissy O and her drop top Lexi.

      • Balloonsarebadfortheenvironment says:

        I agree she leaked it all and Pitt had no idea.

    • dlc says:

      Allegedly they met at her husband’s restaurant! So yes, I think he knew she was married.

    • shocked and appalled says:

      This x 1000

    • OnceUponA says:

      Do you see anything in this woman’s eyes beyond thirst for attention?

      Her eyes are empty.

  4. mar says:

    wh do I not find her that attractive? She has this look on her face….

  5. Sierra says:

    Umm Brad KNEW Nicole was still married because her HUSBAND introduced them.

    This glorious mess has made my year 😂

    • Lotoya says:

      Me too Sienna!
      Can you imagine if it was Jolie that was caught in this mess her head would have been chopped off by the media

      • Sierra says:

        Not only the media, the public would have burned her at the stake. Double standard is still massive everywhere.

        Now if Angelina would debut her next amazing classy partner, Brad would explode more 😂

      • Lotoya says:

        Oh I can’t wait forAngie to debut her partner Brad might suffer a heart attack when that happens

      • Malem says:

        i need at least a hint of someone. i always suspected cuaron but he lives in london :/

  6. Anna says:

    What a shitshow. My god.

  7. Teresa says:

    Isn’t she a little old for this? 27 is not old by any means, but it’s also not oh those silly youths age. I mean she has a child too. That tends to mature people.

    • NancyFancy says:

      27 is not old but it still holds a level a maturity that this woman clearly doesn’t have. Or she is just extremely vain. I can’t at her following an account shipping her ‘relationship’ with Brad.

    • Sarah says:

      Maybe having the child at 20 with all the help that a super rich father can pay for means she hasn’t had to mature in that way?

    • Korra says:

      I would argue the same for 32-year-old Ana de Armas, but it seems maturity is non-essential for these types of people.

    • irish eyes says:

      Was coming here to ask where is her child, or who is taking care of it? She is obsessively following social media all day, or locked in her bedroom taking photos (there are no other locations available, ever?) so where is her child,

  8. Lotoya says:

    Brad Spent millions in PR for the last four years and in one week everything came crashing down and I am here for it!
    Even Lainey said it yesterday people are beginning to see him for who he truly is and not what the media has been projecting on the public. The golden boy image is gone..
    I’d like to be a fly on Angelina Jolie’s wall now to know what she really thinks of this whole mess but knowing Jolie she doesn’t give two f*cks about this cos she’s all about her kids

    • ArtHistorian says:

      That is what is making this whole situation so delicious gossip wise. Brad is getting hoisted on his own petard! I tend to think that she’s the one who leaked the relationship bc it looks like she is thirsty AF and being linked to Brad just upped her public profile immensely. I suspect that Brad got played and it couldn’t happen to a more deserving person.

      These two are making themselves look bad. I just hope this doesn’t hurt his children too much and I hope that the children curate their social media carefully if they have any. They really don’t need to read about their deadbeat dad taking a new lover to their family home, where their parents married (on the anniversary of their wedding). That is also why I doubt that this is Brad’s PR people doing a roll-out that blew up in their face. Everybody can see that this makes Brad look bad – and Brad is all about his public image. Brad taking a casual lover to the family home, where he got married with his ex on the anniversary of their marriage only makes him look cruel and vindictive – and that isn’t the image he’s going for.

      • Lotoya says:

        Exactly he come out looking vindictive, messy and bitter about Jolie leaving him

      • lucy2 says:

        He spent YEARS portraying himself as “Brad Pitt Father of Six”, the great artiste who cares so much about the world…and now look where he’s at. Running around and getting scammed? by a married instagram model, a disastrous divorce, and being sued by people in New Orleans. Oof.

    • smcollins says:

      Eh…I’m not so sure about that. In the grand scheme of things most people aren’t paying attention to this kind of stuff and don’t really care anyway. If what happened with the implosion of his family didn’t “ruin” him then having a fling/affair/whatever with a young, married, fame-hungry model surely isn’t going to. I occasionally entertain my husband with the gossip I get from here and when I told him about this his reaction was basically “He’s *Brad Pitt*” His “Golden Boy” image may be tarnished, and his personal life may be super messy, but he’s still a major A-list Hollywood power player. And until he loses that position he’ll be just fine.

      • Marietta58 says:

        I completely agree with your assessment. No one is going to care. He’s Brad Pitt and people will still love him. I mean look at what Arnold Schwarzenegger did with the nanny while he was still married… He’ll be fine with all of this.

      • Thanks says:

        Yes he will be fine just like Batfleck. But for now we get to enjoy while this lasts.

      • Yvette says:

        @smcollins … I’m glad I decided to read comments before posting, because this is what I came here to post. I completely agree with you. I don’t think many people see this as a big woo, and I don’t think it will harm Brad.

      • Elisa the I. says:

        couldn’t agree more!

      • bluebell_ says:

        Meh. He will be fine especially once he throws this girl under the bus but for now and for once he’s getting skewered in sites like Daily Mail which was pro-Brad for so long and we’re here for it.

      • Korra says:

        Yeah, agreed with this. It would take a scandal of a different kind to really hit Pitt hard. This is embarrassing, but by this time next year, people will barely recall the details his fling with the Insta model.

      • francine says:

        He gets away with *everything* because the media (especially US media like People, US Weekly) lets him. They slant everything to favor him or turn a blind eye to things that might paint him in a bad light. Until these outlets turn on him, he’ll always be alright in the end.

        However, I don’t think he’ll personally enjoy this current blowback especially if he’s being played like an old fool. He cares too much about his image so I’m curious to see how this will unravel. I foresee a Jen Aniston connection happening soon. Though I really wish she wouldn’t let herself be used by him for good pr anymore.

      • Lady D says:

        I hope Jen is getting a good laugh out of this little fiasco.

    • robin says:

      I really don’t think this will leave a scratch on his reputation in Hollywood. He’s doing what all of them do…the Make it Right thing however should have caused some damage.

  9. taroroot says:

    I really want to see how Brad’s PR team get out of this hole they dug. They can’t use Angie this time. Haaah! Who’s going to be the scapegoat this time? For sure it’s not Brad’s fault. He’s innocent in this. Blame the women.

    • Lotoya says:

      Yeah I’d love to who he’ll be using as his scape goat now

    • My3cents says:

      Of course it’s Angie’s fault because brad was told whatsherlips looks like her, it was just to much for poor fragile Brad, he was played!
      How dare she be the mold!

    • Thanks says:

      I’ve read people saying it’s Jolie‘a fault as she’s dragging the divorce and Pitt is just a poor man who has needs. Never mind that he can actually get married today since they bifurcated their divorce.

    • Myra says:

      They will blame Nicole. It is always the woman’s fault. Never Brad Pitt. If he can get away with not hitting his first son in the face, then he can get away with anything.

    • lucy2 says:

      It’s always the women’s fault with him. He insinuated his marriage to Jen was boring and that she wouldn’t have his kids (because who wouldn’t want to have kids with a stoner who was chasing after someone else?) and now that Angelina is crazy and mean and keeping his kids from him (never mind that he was hit his kid and had substance abuse problems).

    • Kebbie says:

      It’s obviously going to be her. If he feels like it’s necessary, she lied to him about being married, she told the press where they’d be, he broke it off when he realized who she really was and what she was really after. Maybe something about how he’s just been so lonely since he divorced that other witch and she took his dear, beloved children from him.

      I don’t know that the general public cares enough for him to go to those lengths to protect himself though. He might just never be seen with her again and claim it was a brief fling.

      • Lady D says:

        She did not lie to him about being married, Kebbie. It was her husband that introduced the two of them. Everybody involved knew the score. What the hell was Brad thinking? Seriously.

      • Kebbie says:

        @Lady D I was responding to a comment asking how Brad’s PR team would dig themselves out of the hole they’re in. I was writing what he would leak in response to the negative public reaction, that he’d throw her under the bus and claim complete innocence. I thought that was clear.

      • Lady D says:

        Sorry, Kebbie. It was quite clear, I misunder-read what you wrote.

      • Kebbie says:

        No worries!

  10. Lara says:

    Has girl been verified on Instagram now? Maybe she was after that blue tick all along.

  11. A says:

    I keep seeing the idea that this woman wasn’t properly ‘vetted’ by Pitt’s team as if whether or not she’s married wasn’t something Pitt could have figured out for himself. When he was introduced to her. At her husband’s restaurant.

  12. Dali says:

    Shes not going to be the next Angelina but i bet some german trash tv shows are a sure thing for her now. we will see her in the Dzungel or celebrity big brother or dancing with the stars in a few months 😉 i don’t watch these messes but i would for her lol

    • Elisa the I. says:

      aaaah, you’re right! I bet it will be Celebrity Big Brother!

      • Noely says:

        The Jungle pays better though, Celebrity Big Brother is for the people who are so Z-List that they can’t even get to the Jungle lol.

  13. Lisa says:

    Epic mess and you can bet he sent her packing quickly.

  14. sara says:

    I had no thoughts on this woman except she seems like a vain golddigger (almost any young woman with a geriatric man is a golddigger) but following a shipper account???? Now I just know that she’s pathetic. I’ve already thought brad was pathetic for years.

    • TrixC says:

      I would agree, except, based on the age of her child it seems she met her husband when she was still a teenager, and he was a powerful, much older man. So that relationship seems potentially more of a grooming situation to me.

  15. AmyB says:

    I just kind of love how this shitshow blew up in Brad’s face LOL! Whether or not she was properly vetted, we will never know, but good Lord haha! This is messy AF and surely not as Brad intended it to roll out…

    I can just see Angelina laughing her ass off…no doubt, I would be!!

    • Liz version 700 says:

      I love it too. He got snagged by his own mess with no help from anyone of his usual scapegoats! Messy messy messy

  16. Sarah says:

    Are any of the pics on her IG not taken in her (very dull) bedroom? That seems so weird to me for anyone who is not a grounded teenager.

    • Esmom says:

      That’s what I wondered, too. If I was single and met someone and that’s all their social media contained, I’d be moving on, lol.

    • Michelle says:

      Go to ‘Lovers who wander’ instagram, she poses for them. This morning on her bed showing her ass & vagina & sent to this instagram.

      • lemonylips says:

        I went to see it after you posted about it (guess I need to chill my brain after a hard days work) and guess what – there’s photos of Pitt both in post and story. But it has only 160 followers and she’s recently on it, so it might have her behind it? Also one post has tagged location “somewhere in the south of France”. ps that photo you all been talking about is there

      • Kebbie says:

        So that’s the photo people were talking about yesterday! If you google Brad Pitt bicep tattoo you can see he’s got one on the outside of his left arm, so that’s definitely not him, IMO.

      • Jalene says:


        When you take a photo in the mirror like that, right becomes left and left becomes right.
        His dagger tattoo is under her elbow. You can se his tattoo on the underarm, the one with the lines. He originally has it on his right arm. In the mirror it looks like the left.

        I have a tattoo on my right and tried taking a photo in the mirror and it does change sides bc of optical stuff.

        So that’s him allright!

      • francine says:

        It doesn’t look like him. The guy isn’t built like Brad and I just don’t see the tattoo. Seems to have dark hair too.

  17. pnp says:

    I’m sorry to say this but this girl just puts out some major gold digging, famewhore vibes. What exactly has she accomplished for herself except date rich old men. This is the best Brad Pitt could do? After years of PR shenanigans this is your first “serious girlfriend”. And when exactly did she become a “model”? Was it before or after this disastrous roll-out? Seems everyone with an Instagram page is a model now. Brat Pitt you should have just sat there and ate your food. There was absolutely no need for this.

  18. Turtle says:

    Neri Oxman to this person…Brad’s love life and the messy PR around it makes him seem sleazy

  19. Say what says:

    You don’t have to be a fly on Angelina’s wall to know what she is thinking. I think she already knew this. Clearly she is over it, him and in Oct hopefully over this messy divorce that could have long been over.
    He should have given her full custody but his ego won’t let it go. These kids are all 12 or older. She wanted him to have visitation not take them away from him. For some reason I believe her reason is sufficient considering his actions over the last four years.
    Iif he likes partying with his friends, drinking, and spending time and money on insta models, pretending to be a young man he doesn’t desire to be a full time dad. My opinion fully is he has mental problems. Not a popular opinion but no one spends 40 yrs abusing drugs and alcohol isn’t unstable. He is a manic depressive and is pressured about his HW golden boy image.

    • Lotoya says:

      Yeah I really hope the Kids are okay in the midst of this. They look so United I believe they’ll get over it with time

      • Esme says:

        I can hazard a guess that the older kids at least are laughing at him as much as we are: “I can’t believe we insisted on you marrying that guy, Mom! He’s an idiot!”

      • lucy2 says:

        I’d like to think they’re all sitting around doing her Maleficent laugh right now.

  20. SaraR. says:

    People magazine is getting info from his pr team. They met several times in LA and France in the past year. The source said: Brad is getting a good girl! So, here you go…

  21. Valentina says:

    I’m obsessed with this gossip for days as I haven’t been in ages. It’s all so surreal and hysterical, hands down this is better than watching Depp & Heard. This girl is such a mess and a sucker for fame. LOL What is going with the US media? Pitt’s PR team are doing their best to shut them down. Thank God we have other sources of information. Don’t stop the noise because this is good good gossip material.

    • lunchcoma says:

      Me too. It’s been a long time since there’s been gossip that wasn’t pretty boring or pretty sad. There’s no innocent victim here, and I’m enjoying it play out.

  22. Charfromdarock says:

    Imagine dating someone so young that you can still send them to their room.

    I’m sure AJ and the older kids already know the score on Brad, but it’s still got to be embarrassing that your father is such an old fool.

  23. Fallon says:

    Her eyes look dead in every picture.

  24. bluebell_ says:

    What level of delusion is she on to even think she will be the next Angelina Jolie?!! Many have tried, none have succeeded. Angie and Brad together elevated each other’s profiles but individually they were already superstars. Whereas she, a not-even-verified instamodel (before this blew up), made Brad the butt of jokes and turned the public against him. On that note, WTG whatsherlips!

  25. Say what says:

    Of course they are saying she is a good girl. And his ex wife is the devil. The only thing is is she married Bradley. Why don’t we ask these questions?

  26. Valiantly Varnished says:

    Whew, chile the THIRST.

  27. Coco says:

    Just when she thought she had escaped the one room Hell dimension where she is damned to take photos of herself…

  28. Jalene says:

    Idk, I have a feeling we’re being played on this.

    First of all, it’s totally normal for people to post old photos of themselves and be somewhere completely different. IG is not always real time.

    Second, Brad wore her hat when he left France.

    Third, she’s not ‘down to earth and not star struck’ wtih her weird behavior online, but she will be banking in on this, and knowing Brad, why wouldn’t all of this be a decoy for something else.

    I still believe that at the end of this year we will see more of them together. I don’t think their relationship is a PR stunt. Though, I would argue that Brad picked a wrong one this time. This girl is just…. Strange.

    • francine says:

      Curious. How do you know he’s wearing her hat?

      • Jalene says:

        The bucket hat (pink or Orange, can’t remember) is something she’s worn in her pictures. It’s the exact same one.

      • Jade24 says:

        To jalene, you are wrong, her bucket hat was different, it was pink and the brand is guess. She had a photoshoot for a swimwear, and all the 3 models inc her were made to wear bucket hats. brad’s hat is salmon color and different material Brad used to wear bucket hats before also esp during aniston days.

  29. lunchcoma says:

    So Brad got played by this no-name instamodel, right? Sure, she looks shady, but she also got a bunch of people to hear her name and look at her pictures. She’ll probably get a bit of work out if this.

    I gotta say I respect the game and don’t feel too sorry for Pitt.

  30. Oliviajoy1995 says:

    How do we know Brad sent her home after 3 days? She has a child, maybe 3 days was the longest she planned on being there.

  31. Heat says:

    This is what happens when you take your new piece to your ex-wife’s castle…where you got married…karma!

  32. say what says:

    How many times do we have to get that Pitt loves drama and scandal. Its his MO now. He is Brad PItt and his image is teflon is a lie and I will bet something is brewing that will be explosive. He threw all his other scandals at the feet of Angelina and Jennifer. No doubt he will put it on this girl when he is done with her.
    He may not care and people might forget it but his life is a mess and he also looks like a disaster.

  33. Juniper says:

    I’ve given Brad a huge side eye after I was told by a reliable source that he used to neg Jennifer about her appearance all the time.

    • Zut alors says:

      I believe this. Look at how Angelina started wearing those sack dresses after she got with him. She used to live in jeans and t’s which suited her so well. He really is a pos who undermined both his exes’ confidence and preyed on their insecurities.

  34. Jalene says:

    You can find a picture of her and Brad on @loverswhowander.

    The one where she wears a hat and he sits on the bed and hugs her from behind. You can see one of his tattoo on his arm. The one with the lines. It’s on the opposite side because of the mirror. So the tattoo on his right arm, looks like it’s on his left.

    I’m telling you, he’s in on it. She didn’t trick him, they are 100% dating or f*cking or whatever. It’s him in that photo, and we will see more of them. Guaranteed.

    • Balloonsarebadfortheenvironment says:

      I posted I thought maybe she leaked all this. But now I’m reverting back to my older opinion: he’s ready to let it all hang out. He’s got his Oscar and he’s getting old and the dragging-on divorce has totally tired him out. He’s done the hard work of quitting the drink and cleaned up and now he’s just going to let it all hang out.

      Also, it’s a great way of promoting his winery products. He must have known the anniversary thing would help generate even more headlines.

      • ennie says:

        yeah, it is enough what he’s done, now he can go and play. Such a rockstar.

      • Jalene says:

        I agree, seems like he doesn’t care. He was able to scrape together somewhat of an apologetic-image during the past 4 years, and now it’s no more mr. cool guy.

        I mean, if this is the real Brad, why not be authentic? It must’ve been exhausting to pretend you’re somebody you’re not for all these years..

        Funny how media outlets still refer to him as a ‘heart throb’. Naaahhh, hard pass.

    • Jade24 says:

      How could you be so naive, its not them, that site post those stuff to gain traffic to his account. The man is nothing like Brad, got dark hair, different built. The woman may lookmlike her but im sure its not her, its not them.

  35. Malem says:

    i cant believe i payed money to see his films .. at least i dont regret the fincher ones and mr and mrs smith

  36. Malem says:

    she follows a 3 day old account with her name , and it so obviously her and she tags angelina? why would u want to be associated with your old guy’s mega famous ex since day one? its so cringeeey and thirsty

    • Balloonsarebadfortheenvironment says:

      On IG these things spring up all the time. It’s not necessarily her behind the fan accounts.

      • Malem says:

        i thought about that but there are childhood photos of her, and she is not known. who would have them? its just cringey . suddenly she has an super intense fan with those pics of her? we are not that dumb

  37. Cher Horowitz xx says:

    I would like to know why the PR of brad has not talked about open marriage, if it is true or a lie? .

  38. Mariane says:

    So pathetic. It backfired on both of them. They deserve each other

  39. anon says:

    It went quiet because *Lawyers.* He and his team have been roasting Angelina in the last several weeks and he (like a dumbass) pulled out this girl in what is clearly a “Hey, Angie, look who I’m fucking!”

    The Media: Oh, look! She’s married with a kid! Her crusty old husband owns a restaurant!

    Angie: (Filing nails with a nutmeg grater.) Kids, let’s go to The Ivy. Mommy’s hungry.

    Lawyers: Dude, get rid of your sidepiece, asap. (That’ll be $875,000 for this month’s fee, btw).

    Judge: There’s *a reason* you’re on supervised visitation, bro. Hashtag #lifechoices

    Nicole: Yawn. I need an espresso.

    Brad: (Dumps the rest of the rosay champagne, whose launch just went very sideways.)

    Maddox: (Flips the bird at his “dad.”)

    And… scene.

  40. Trinity says:

    Brad Pitt sending girlfriend home. A fuckboy at 56. Wow!

  41. Kay says:

    So she may have married the rich German guy for German citizenship as she was Polish. Did he marry her when she got pregnant or was she pregnant after she got married. Through her German husband she got access to lots of rich and famous people.

    Brad is absolutely stupid to be involved with her – if Brad offers her more will she divorce her husband and take her son and move to the US – Brad will have to financially support her and her whole family. Is he planning to have more kids with her. He is already spending money travelling her around in his private jet to his homes. How much money is he spending on PR and now he is spending money to clean up her image – all she seems to do is take awful selfies in bedrooms. What kind of person leaves their young son in the middle of a pandemic to spend weeks and days with another man. She has found another rich old fool. He doesn’t even want to part with his money for his own kids never mind her.

    I wonder what his parents think of all this – did he actually tell his family, his brother and sister and nieces and nephews when will they get to meet his new girlfriend and her child. He’s turning into a complete embarrassment. His mother just celebrated her 80th birthday – what a complete insult to her.