Nancy Pelosi believes the hair salon scandal was an orchestrated ‘set up’ (it was)

Pelosi Television Interview

As soon as I saw the Nancy Pelosi headlines yesterday, I knew that the Republicans would amplify the story and manage to turn “180,000 coronavirus deaths on Donald Trump’s watch” into a story about how Nancy Pelosi personally caused small-business owners to go bankrupt because of the pandemic. It doesn’t have to make sense. Nothing these people do ever makes any sense. Anyway, the headline yesterday was Nancy Pelosi Broke San Francisco Hair Salon Laws. She went to a local Frisco hair salon for a wash and blowout, and the salon owner sold footage from inside the salon to Fox News. The salon owner went full MAGA nutjob and it was predictable. But guess what, it was a predictable set up:

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) said Wednesday that a San Francisco salon, where she received a blowout days earlier, had set her up for national embarrassment when it offered her an appointment. “I take responsibility for trusting the word of the neighborhood salon that I’ve been to…many times,” she told the San Francisco Chronicle. “It was a set up, and I take responsibility for falling for a setup. I think that this salon owes me an apology for setting me up.” Fox News published security footage of Pelosi receiving a blowout at eSalon late Monday, and the owner, Erica Kious, who rents space in the salon to other stylists and did not do Pelosi’s hair, called the visit “a slap in the face.” The man who did style her hair, Jonathan DeNardo, said via a lawyer that Kious had approved the appointment beforehand during a phone call in which Kious also made “vitriolic and incendiary comments about Speaker Pelosi and her purported responsibility for temporarily suspending operations of Ms. Kious’ business.” He alleged that Kious has been operating her business in violation of shelter-in-place orders since April and conspired to set up Pelosi “for her own vain aspirations.”

Conservatives seized on the controversy surrounding the hair appointment. President Trump tweeted, “Crazy Nancy Pelosi is being decimated.” The San Francisco city government allowed salons to open for outdoor service Sept. 1, but indoor appointments are still banned to slow the spread of COVID-19. Pelosi’s deputy chief of staff said Tuesday, “The Speaker complied with the rules as presented to her by this business.”

[From The Daily Beast]

I think various things can be true all at once – Pelosi trusted the word of a hair stylist she had worked with before, and she trusted that she would be the only customer in the salon, which she thought (wrongly) would be okay, and in compliance with the law. It’s on her and her staff for not double-checking with anyone other than a hair stylist. It’s also true that Erica Kious set up Pelosi and Kious is MAGA trash. She granted permission for Pelosi to come into the salon all so she could film her and send that film to Fox News. Of course the MAGA dumbasses are having a field day. Speaking of, they can’t even get Marie Antoinette’s name right.

Pelosi Weekly Press Conference

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  1. Erinn says:

    It WAS a set up. That said I’m super angry that she fell for this. There’s not a single good excuse for what she did – she KNOWS the rules. And every time we do mental gymnastics to say this isn’t that bad, take a minute to think how we would react if this was Ivanka or Melania.

    Regardless of who did it, this was a huge mistake and I say that as someone who adores Nancy. But this was amateur hour and she deserves the criticism she’s getting.

    ETA that salon owner needs to be slapped with all the fines now. You don’t get to use the excuse that the other people rent a chair. Knowing what the law is, you take away their gd keys. She was directly in violation of the health orders and that falls on HER not just her chair renters.

    • BayTampaBay says:

      Exactly! I love Nancy to death but she should have known that going to any hair salon was going to cause trouble. I have a hard time believing that with all her rich friends, there is not one rich rich friend with a home salon. I personally know three semi-rich people in Florida who have a home salon (hair sink, salon chair and hood dryer) in their master bathrooms.

      Ms. Nancy should have known the the MAGAts are desperate and will do anything to discredit her and the Democrats.

    • Eating popcorn says:

      Exactly, common sense Nancy! You are under a political microscope – follow the rules!

    • Mich says:

      FWIW, a staffer likely set it up appointment and Nancy assumed that everything was above board.

      • (TheOG) Jan90067 says:

        Still, as SOTH, and a resident of SF, SHE OF ALL PEOPLE should know the law(s). She shouldn’t have gone. Period.

        Frankly, with all her money (Hubs is a multi-millionaire) WTF didn’t she have the stylist come to her home???? That is something I will NEVER understand!!

    • local russian hill says:

      like i said yesterday, i have a friend who used to work at that salon. she left a while back because the owner is a trump supporter and she could no longer work in an environment wherein the owner very vocally supports a racist, sexist, misogynistic president.

      fact is the speaker should have had her stylist come to her home instead of going to a salon.

      however the laws in san francisco are also a bit confusing. and that’s where the speaker trusted the salon when making her decision. the salon allegedly misrepresented the city’s rules concerning salons. according to state guidelines announced last friday, hair salons and barbershops in “red”-labeled counties like san francisco can reopen for indoor services with modifications. but city-level rules supersede those. meaning that san francisco has city rules that only allow for outdoor operations of salons.

      the owner purposely sold the story to the media and told them that she had not been privy to the speaker’s appointment when the owner herself had already admitted she had been in communication with the stylist and approved it. the owner has also been operating her salon since april even while telling fox news that she has been closed.

      again, while the speaker should have abided by city rules, this was a set up plain and simple and after the set up, the tape of the speaker’s visit to the salon was sold to the media including fox news.

      and the irony is that the owner has been profiting off the speaker as a client of her stylist for a long time. not only profiting from her being a client but by the prestige that association has brought to her salon. it was fairly common knowledge in the community that the speaker was a client there.

      what’s sad is that while it was also common knowledge that the owner is a trump supporter, no one thought to outright withhold business from her salon or her stylists because of her political beliefs. a lot of people in san francisco who are left leaning are friends with more conservative people in the community and most abide by, live and let live. it’s a free country after all. now it looks like the owner proves that people should have withheld business lest they be set up.

      (salon owner also called the area around her salon ‘a third world country’. the marina area where her salon is located is far from a third world country. it’s an area like many in the united states right now wherein some businesses have not reopened and it’s not as busy as before. however there’s a popular restaurant next door that’s been open for outdoor dining. point being that the salon owner also misrepresented the neighborhood wherein she conducts business when speaking her other falsehoods. and she fed into the fox news narrative when doing so. not to mention she sounds exactly like trump who likes to compare american cities to third world countries.)

      • Noodle says:

        My comment disappeared, so I’ll try again. In support of what @localrussianhill said here, the rules are applied in a county-by-county basis, and Governor Newsom announced a new set of rules on Friday, August 28. A lot of people are confused by the new rules and opening dates, across the state. I’m in Orange County, whose cases have been in decline, and we dropped off the “watch-list”, which has the strictest controls. As of Monday (Per Newsom’s changes announced Friday), salons in our county can open with mask mandates, but schools, which were set to open on September 15 under the old rules, have been set back weeks under the new rules. I can see how the stylist or Pelosi’s people could be confused, because it all changed last Friday with the new orders. The one criticism I will make, though, is that she 100% should have been wearing a mask when she entered the salon.

      • Eugh says:

        Confirmed the owner is a huge Trumper and has been a racist for a decade, told clients Obama was Muslim etc.

      • Soupie says:

        @russianhill, thank you for that long informative post. I had a feeling that Speaker Pelosi was already a patron of that reprehensible salon and its owner. You make many valid points. Thanks again.

    • Lua says:

      Set up or not she isn’t immune to the laws in her state and she should be leading by example. This is the problem with ALL politicians, they think the laws don’t apply to them. If the law says outdoors is acceptable she should have done it outdoors. Don’t act like a Trump. Rules apply.

      • Jules says:

        Exactly. Saying it’s a set up is deflecting from the fact that leaders, celebrities and the rich all are above the law and do whatever the hell they want. Even the ones we think we can trust.

    • drolf says:

      As if Melania and Ivanka are not doing the same. Not having this nonsense.

    • JULIE says:

      You’re right. SF was the last to open hair salons. Everywhere else in the state we could go in May. The owners are going after Newsom. It’s big news here. She knows better. She gave the right the ammo they needed

    • Renee says:

      Exactly! She should have at least worn a mask. I mean that’s just common sense.

      • Arpeggi says:

        She had her mask though, it was sitting on her neck. She probably removed it for a few sec and of course, that’s what the owner sent to faux news. (or removed it for something and forgot to put it back; it happens, we’re humans)

    • holly hobby says:

      The stylist lawyered up and put out a statement explaining what happened. He asked the owner for permission and was going to tell Nancy no if the owner wouldn’t. Well she said yes because she set up a camera inside.

      The stylist also said they’ve been open to clients since April. He had videos and photos to back it up. I’m not going to link it here but google it and find the statements.

  2. Lightpurple says:

    I do wonder who is running the Trump Corporation if Junior has time to tweet about Nancy Pelosi’s hair all day. UPenn has to regret selling degrees to that family whose members demonstrate that they are barely literate on a daily basis.

    Kious should lose business as a result of this. Nobody wants to go to a salon whose owner will release video of you in wet hair and smock.

    • Esmom says:

      As far as I’m concerned, UPenn is forever tainted by that family. And yeah, he does spend an inordinate amount of time trolling on Twitter. I’m sure the Trump Corp employees love that kind of “leadership.” Rotten apple doesn’t fall far from the diseased tree.

      Agreed about Kious, too, lol.

      • TIFFANY says:

        John Legend and Kal Penn are UPenn graduates. I don’t think it is all that tainted. 😊

      • lisa says:

        I am a graduate and im mortified

        I can tell you that Ivanka didnt get in her first try then was all to transfer in after a donation was made

  3. Edna says:

    Again, the Dems need to get their shit together and understand that this is war. Trump and the GOP are going scorched earth and pulling out any and every thing to win this election. Nothing will be too trivial to be used as campaign click bait. The Dems are getting outplayed and outsmarted once again. They need to stop trying to play by the old rules and wake up to the new reality.

    • STRIPE says:


    • Esmom says:

      I hear what you’re saying and I agree Nancy should not have fallen for this but it has been and never will be a fair fight with the vast right wing media machine and trolls around the world amplifying everything the right wants to put out there. I know people have been studying this and trying to combat it but clearly it is an incredibly difficult problem to solve.

  4. Becks1 says:

    Its a case of both things being true – she was wrong and she was set up. She should have double checked the local shutdown rules and what was allowed and what wasn’t and not just trusted the word of the stylist.

    But the salon owner is trash for setting her up and for selling the video to Fox News.

  5. Anonymous says:

    The issue, in this case, is that laws need to be consistent. CA has a lot of salon owners begging the state to reopen because they are going to go bankrupt or are going to lose their business. The state is saying, they can’t because of COVID. You can’t tell business owners they have to stay closed and then request, in secret, they provide the service to you.

    • ItReallyIsYou,NotMe says:

      Shops and restaurants too. My running route is down a quaint shopping and dining district. Just this week one boutique and one restaurant that have been there for years put up Closing signs. I popped into a children’s boutique because they had an outside rack with a supersale and the owner was pushing me towards all of these other sale items. This is just the start of the closures, I think.

    • Noodle says:

      @anonymous, and the rules keep changing. In Orange County, salons and restaurants can operate indoors. There are other counties where this is true as well. I don’t know about the counties in the Bay Area and where they are in the re-opening plan, but with Newsom’s changes to the reopening plan last Friday, everyone is confused.

    • Tiffany :) says:

      “You can’t tell business owners they have to stay closed and then request, in secret, they provide the service to you.”

      That is NOT what happened here, though. Nancy Pelosi is not at all involved in STATE, county or city regulations. It is a confusing time, but these are monumental challenges where if they decide wrong, many people die. Many businesses are being allowed to open, but they have to modify for safety.

  6. LE2020 says:

    Honestly if she doesn’t know the rules that’s just showing her privilege too. All the rest of us are having to research every last move we make to stay compliant with ever changing rules and guidance and keeping up with what businesses are open vs. not. If you live in a metro area that straddles two states it’s even crazier. Set up or not. And basically spending an extended period of time with a non family member = wear a mask, no matter what someone tells you is the law. That’s pandemic 101 at this point. Frankly, hope she hasn’t been exposed b/c she put herself at risk there.

    • Christin says:

      Agree with everything you said. It’s not hard to research any state’s rules, especially now that we are months into this crisis.

      There are no winners here. And the super spreader event crew (Orange and co.) have no room to judge any of this, either.

    • Lucy2 says:

      I agree with this. Clearly the salon owner is horrible and orchestrated a lot of this, but Nancy should still know the rules. If they’re closed, don’t go in. And for heaven sakes, wear a mask!

    • Marigold says:

      I disagree. If a shop says that it’s ok, I would assume that it is ok. But, at the same time, I have barely left my house for 6 months and have been doing my own hair.

  7. Michael says:

    Meanwhile, the President is in bed with one of our countries greatest enemies but the GOP is very silent about that. Is Pelosi getting a blow out worse than Russia putting bounties on U.S. Soldiers? I guess it is if you are in the far right.

    • Ponchorella says:

      The goobers don’t hear about Russian bounties on Fox “news”.

    • holly hobby says:

      Yep we have Moscow Mitch and that toxic waste in the WH selling us out. Don’t forget that Traitor Bill Barr too. Her getting a blow out is the least of our worries. At least she’s not trying to make fascism happen in America.

  8. Soupie says:

    Depending upon the location of the salon which no doubt Nancy Pelosi hangs out in /lives in or near Pacific Heights and the salon is doubtless very near the P.H. area as well, there’s lots of homeless around that area now and I’ll bet you there’s human waste. Another thing is because of the foot traffic in the area they probably didn’t want itinerants hanging around either. Not excusing the salon, just rounding out the story. SF poop map. It’s a thing. I lived there for many years and I am disgusted that the authorities do absolutely nothing about cleaning up the waste. And they likely never will. How about cleaning up the ways instead of busting someone for breaking a stupid rule like no inside work in salons. Properly executed, my opinion is that going inside to have your hair done is no big deal. Just follow good health guidelines re the virus and you’re good to go.

  9. Brooke says:

    While it was a set up, Nancy still went In. She knew she shouldn’t but she still did. Sure, the owner is gross for selling the video but she‘s not the one who decided the rules did not apply to her that day. Nancy is the only one who needs to apologize!

    I know someone is probably going to accuse me of being a Trump supporter and that’s perfectly fine. I’m not. I am just a frustrated democrat who is tired of pretending either party really cares. I know Biden isn’t going to make my life or the lives of my students any better than Trump or Obama did before him and that sucks.

    Also, someone needs to teach Nancy how to properly wear a mask. If my first graders can do it, so can she!

    • Queen Meghan's Hand says:

      I feel the same way Brooke!
      And it was only a ‘set up’ if she was tricked into going in. It’s so clear on the SF city website: only outdoor personal care services are allowed.

    • a reader says:

      “I know Biden isn’t going to make my life or the lives of my students any better than Trump or Obama did before him and that sucks. ”

      You’re joking, right? Are you really trying to “both sides” this election???

      • holly hobby says:

        Hmmm rights guaranteed by our Constitution vs. fascist Russian regime controlled by one family FOREVER, which would be better for the us?

        Again why are people voting against their own interests? The soldiers that died so we can live free are rolling in their graves right now.

      • Tiffany :) says:

        a reader, you share my concerns with that comment! Trump has made American lives actively worse, so yes, Biden will make their lives better. Trump is trying to destroy the ACA, defund Medicare and social security, the list goes on and on.

      • SomeChick says:

        Hear, hear.

        Obama DID make my life better, because now I have health care coverage. Which the republicans continue to attempt to claw back. That may not matter to Brooke, but believe me it has made a real difference in many people’s lives.

        There is no “both sides” when it comes to the current regime. They are pushing fascism and a police state.

    • MsIam says:

      Excuse me but if the owner approved the appointment then she is responsible. Did Pelosi break into the salon? Why didn’t the owner say, “I can’t have indoor clients right now.”? This lady was operating illegally for months apparently. Since when is it the customers job to know the rules of the business’ operations. In my state it’s gyms, theaters and bowling alleys that can’t open and if they do there’s a fine for them not the customers. Hopefully the city will come after the owner.

  10. Elizabeth says:

    Nancy Pelosi goes to a hair appointment and she’s ripped to shreds.

    Donald Trump violates THE HATCH ACT repeatedly, on television, in broad daylight — and we barely bother to mention it because we are so used to his crimes. Oh by the way his family isn’t allowed to operate a charity in New York because they stole from a children’s charity — no one bothers to mention that. Oh by the way he’s accused of raping E. Jean Carroll and a thirteen year old girl — absolute crickets!

    The double standard is UNREAL. You can do anything if you’re a white Republican man. You can’t make a single misstep in forty years if you’re a Democratic woman.

    God damn it. I don’t care if she got her damn hair done! We have rapists on the Supreme Court and in the White House!!!!

    • Also Ali says:

      God damn it. I don’t care if she got her damn hair done! We have rapists on the Supreme Court and in the White House!!!!

      Same. All day long same.

      Trump’s team is constantly under federal investigation and/or in prison for Felonies and we’re talking about a illegal hair appointment. This story is also reducing Boss Speaker Pelosi to “a woman and her wet hair”.
      Stop playing along!!!!!

    • Juxtapoze says:

      Elizabeth – I 100% agree!!!

    • Agirlandherdog says:

      Violated the Hatch Act multiple times in one week, while encouraging crowds of his supporters to NOT wear masks. I pointed out the same on twitter. I’ve discovered replying to trumps tweets is a great outlet for my anger and frustration. I sometimes like to imagine the veins throbbing in his forehead while he throws a tantrum over my tweets, and it gives me a warm, fuzzy feeling.

      I wish to clarify, I do NOT follow him. I wouldn’t give him the ego boost of adding to his followers on twitter. I just pop in when I’m having a bad day to reply to his insanity.

    • Giddy says:

      Thank you!!! A little perspective please. This is a tempest in a teapot, a rare and trivial mistake by an incredibly hard working patriot. Meanwhile, the Putin-loving, dementia-having Trump still has access to the nuclear football.

  11. emmy says:

    Oh my God, who cares? This is what I will never get about American politics. Why do Democrats have to be 100% perfect at all times? It would worry me if our politicians were. It would mean they’re playing a part and I have no clue who they are. Not that we have that problem in Germany. But we don’t harp on it the same way.

    Trump just encouraged election fraud and Barr suddenly is unsure of the laws concerning voting twice. But Nancy got a blowout.

    Having said that, good Lord Nancy, have someone come to your house.

    • Nanny to the Rescue says:

      I think in this case isn’t about being perfect.

      Democrats (RIGHTLY!) demand that covid should be taken more seriously. Those restrictions are there to save lifes. She, as a democrat, should lead by example.

      Republicans and menace in chief are horrible with their “covid no biggies” lies and other sh!t, but they are abiding by their own internal effed up rules, and that is fine for their voters. Nancy basicly failed at practise what yoh preach, that’s the issue here, not her hair.

  12. Solace says:

    I think (hope) once Biden is elected, it’s time for a younger, more progressive leadership for the dems.

    I’ve been side eyeing Pelosi since she publicly went against the squad. Her and Chuck Schumer also lack the accumen to regulate the tech giants. These issues will need to be addressed after the dems are in power.

    Brian Beutler at crooked media (pod save america) has done some great reporting on the gaps in the dem leadership and what they’ll need to work on in the coming years.

  13. Soupie says:

    I used to live in San Francisco for many years and live in Southern California now. I don’t think people realize that most people in California are only wearing a mask when they enter an establishment that requires it. I don’t see masks at parks, on people riding their bikes or running except for a very few people engaging in that activity. Let’s talk about all the disgusting masks and gloves that are discarded in parking lots and other places for people to have to pick up it’s just people will never some people will never learn they’re just neanderthals and there’s nothing we can do about it.

    As far as I’m concerned Nancy did nothing wrong. If she and the other people inside the salon were in agreement then that’s their choice. They weren’t outside doing it. And I’ll bet you they probably opened the salon for her and there were probably only 2 or 3 people max inside the place.

    But Nancy should have called someone to her place like the rest of the rich women in Pacific Heights. That’s the real issue here. So, so many women are doing it with respect to hair and nails. Why doesn’t Nancy?

    • Anonymous says:

      @Soupie: Salon owners agree with you. Nancy, and other politicians, should support opening of salons in CA with proper hygiene. As of today, they are forced to stay closed and most will either go bankrupt or lose their business and livelihood. I think people are upset with Nancy because she is not advocating for reopening but will request the service in secret.

      • Nanny to the Rescue says:

        I’m worried this helps Trump.

        He wants business open no matter what, and if they’re forced to be closed by Dems (even if the epidemic getting out of control is Trump’s fault), but of course they’d prefer to work because they need to survive, can this bring Trump votes?

    • Truthiness says:

      I go to a salon for highlights. The salon re-opened WHEN THEY WERE ALLOWED TO in my state and they are not messing around. You get your temp taken immediately at the door before being allowed inside. Everyone is masked at all times. Plexiglas walls between shampoo sinks and the whole layout had to be re-designed so that everything is spaced out. It was good they were already in a giant modern loft space and had the space for the changes needed. They had to reduce the number of people allowed in at once and it was a little more expensive but it is do-able. Pelosi should have taken more care but she has being wearing masks the whole pandemic so I do not feel she is the problem. The Trumps always go in for ad hominem attacks to distract us, they can’t win by merit of their policies so they have to attack individuals.

  14. Nic919 says:

    I was a bit confused about this story because I assumed you could go to a hair salon if you wore a mask, as that’s what happening in ontario. I didn’t realize that California still hadn’t permitted indoor anything yet. So in that regard Pelosi’s staffer should have checked the rules with the stylist.

    But to make this a huge deal is just gross. Pelosi isn’t the governor of California and doesn’t make the rules on this, and it was a breach but she’s been modelling mask wearing for months, so obviously she’s not looking to break the law on purpose.

    Dump used the WH as a background for the convention, which is a far more egregious violation of the law than this was and they had how many super spreader events? The double standard is insane here. This won’t change the mind of anyone at this point though. People inclined to hate pelosi weren’t voting for Joe anyway. And it’s California, so that’s a safe blue state.

    • NVYwife1 says:

      She’s not the governor but she is the the representative for San Francisco and is related to the governor through through marriage

      • Isabella says:

        Being related to the governor through marriage doesn’t give you control over state law. Nor does being a Rep. of San Francisco. Nancy doesn’t make the rules; Gavin does.

        What I am wondering is: Who films their clients? Don’t we have any expectation of privacy in the hair salon? Ugh. I feel like photographing you without your permission should be illegal.

  15. moonpony says:

    I’m irritated by the way she wears her masks, the fabric just catching the tip of her nose. You can see the gaps between her skin and the mask.

  16. El says:

    I’m truly baffled that she even went to a salon. Didn’t she also just get a wash and a blow-dry? She couldn’t get the stylist to come out and do THAT in her house? it’s not even a cut and color. Not that those are impossible to do at home…

  17. Queen Meghan's Hand says:

    This was not a ‘set up’. Pelosi was not ‘tricked’ into going to the salon. The guidelines on re-opening are publicly available, and how city guidelines vs state guidelines are applied should be clear to people working in government.

    She has been getting her done during the multiple stay-at-home orders California and her home city have ordered. She should have continued whatever she was doing before. Pelosi has staff to read through these guidelines all of which I am sure are online and, also she is the Speaker of the House (!) so her aides can call the SF Mayor’s office to confirm the guidelines. Pelosi wanted to do what she wanted to do and got burned. She has no excuse. This isn’t a big deal in the larger sense, but an example of how woefully unprepared our so-called opposition leaders are for the next weeks. It’s like she’s in another reality. Pelsoi is getting gotcha’d for going to a salon?

    Disclosure: I am suspicious of Pelosi for slow-walking an impeachment and refusing to expand the investigation. I am also suspicious of her refusal to use the full powers of the House to fight back against Trump. I am suspicious of her framing people to voting as the only way to get rid of Trump meanwhile the Trump Administration publicly and unabashedly attempts to thwart the election.

    • PoppedBubble says:

      It was definitely a set up:

      And Nancy also should have known better.

      • Queen Meghan's Hand says:

        I read the article, and I still don’t see a ‘set up’. In fact she looks worse because she is patronizing a business that has been forcing people back to work and not safely. Pelosi’s staff (because I doubt she herself scheduled this appointment) should have confirmed independently what is allowed in San Francisco, and not relied on her stylist’s word.

        It’s a silly gotcha, but the more I think about it the more irritated I become. Because these Project Veritas-type stunts are not going to stop. And the mainstream media owned by billionaires is going to cover these stunts breathlessly with a vigor they refuse to cover Donald Trumps many, many crimes. Since she won’t actually use the powers of the House to push Trump out of office, the very damn least Pelosi can do is obey the COVID19 orders of her home city to not provide fodder to mainstream media.

    • Soupie says:

      @QueenMegansHand: Agreed.

  18. Anonymous says:

    @NIC919: Nancy is not the governor of CA but she is a Congresswoman for the state of CA. She is also the Speaker of the House. She is very aware of the plight of salon owners in the state she represents. They are going to lose their business and livelihood. She needs to be advocating for her constituents jobs and small business owners. Instead of requesting an appointment, in secret, she should be fighting to let salons open following proper hygiene recommendations.

    • Nic919 says:

      And apparently every county has different rules on this so confusion is not unheard of. Especially if it changed on Friday. Pelosi is a little busy dealing with a crazy unhinged president so while she should have had her staffers be more diligent, or have the stylist go to her place, this mistake is no where near the level of treason the current WH is committing. She didn’t write or vote for the laws behind these changes so in that regard she is a citizen like everyone else. Mistakes happen and that’s what this is. The right wing nutters are trying to equate this to the treason and negligent homicide Dump is currently committing. She apologized and everyone should move on. It’s so extremely minor in the scheme of what is happening in the US.

  19. superashes says:

    Unpopular opinion: I don’t think this moves the needle one bit, and I think the more of a big deal the republicans make out of this the more they undermine their core message that the virus is not a big deal and masks are not important and we should all go back to work.

    • Christin says:

      I get what you are saying. Their talking points are to get the economy going and ignore the virus, which is what maskless Nancy did with her solo salon visit.

  20. Chickaletta says:

    “She was set up.”…. like, someone threw her in the trunk of their car and forced her to enter the salon at gunpoint?

    Yes, it’s awful that the salon owner misrepresented the rules, but we can’t preach PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY if we don’t practice PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY. Nancy has an entire staff that could have made absolutely sure that this was okay. She could have just gotten a haircut in her home if there was ANY DOUBT.

    She chose to do this dumbass thing and she needs to own that. I am incredibly disappointed in her as a public figure.

    • maggi says:

      There is no single element of hairdressing that cannot be made mobile and brought to her in privacy. To take this risk out of some vain sense of entitlement to full mirrors and lighting is just odd beyond my comprehension.
      NP has shown herself to be brave and articulate and I admire her but yikes, this little human flaw is going to give the MAGAs mileage and that makes me sick.

  21. Keira says:

    Please don’t call it Frisco.

  22. Juxtapoze says:

    I can’t believe this is what Fox News chooses to report on rather than Trump ignoring Russian bounties on our troops, the massive growing national debt, billions of dollars in handouts to corporations without government oversight/accountability, Trump encouraging voter fraud, and on and on and on. So many other major issues. The stench of hypocrisy reeks here.

  23. KellyRyan says:

    Nancy has an attorney and has filed suit. As a Californian I agree with Gov Newsom’s policy. We have 58 counties, some rebellious, and miles of beaches which have been flooded with people. I haven’t been to a salon for a haircut since February. Oh well. I had considering asking my stylist this month if we could have a small haircut event at my home with close friends, appointments, masks, single person at a time. Her salon is open as of 9/1 and I have an appointment. I refuse to view Nancy harshly. She thought she was working with a person she could trust. The Drumpf administration needs to take every hit for their ongoing cruel and destructive behavior.

    • Lady D says:

      What is she suing for? Was it illegal to use tape of Nancy? Is it defamation? I really don’t understand what Nancy can sue for.

      • KellyRyan says:

        The legal complaint was on my Twitter feed. I was busy and skimmed past it. When I locate the information I’ll post it.

  24. MA says:

    I can’t bother to muster one iota of outrage over this, not even to say Pelosi did something wrong. After you have a President who is commuting illegal and unethical acts every single week for four years it kinda numbs you to everything else.

  25. Noodle says:

    @local, chiming only to second what you say about the confusing orders right now. Governor Newsom just changed the reopening orders on August 28. Even if Pelosi’s staff checked with the stylist, what was okay on one day may not have been okay the next. My county (Orange County) fell off the watchlist and was set to expand reopening this week, and the new orders changed some of that. Understandably people are upset, especially the orange people who think this is a conspiracy by a democratic governor to infringe on their God-given rights to hang out in a bar or go bowling. Not many people understand the old rules or the new rules or how the August 28 orders changed things; yes, her folks should have checked beyond the stylist, but I’ll give them some grace considering the situation.

  26. Trillian says:

    So hair salons aren’t open? Hard to keep track what’s allowed where. I’m German, we can get haircuts but we have to wear masks at all times. So that’s my issue with her. If you’re indoors, wear a damn mask! I hate the way she wears hers anyway, it’s just a breath away from slipping down her nose. How hard can it be??

    • Noodle says:

      In California, it comes down to what county you are in and what their case rates are. Orange County salons are allowed to open as of this past Monday, but many counties are stagnant or rising in cases, so they cannot open. It’s super confusing, though, especially if you live near county lines or in an area, like the Bay Area, where there are multiple small counties grouped together.

      • Trillian says:

        Thanks! That DOES sound confusing, I had a hard enough time when the shutdown laws were different from state to state (states are a lot smaller here than in the US). I don’t even know where one county begins or ends.

      • Noodle says:

        @Trillian, and it changes week-to-week. Our salons and restaurants closed March 13, and re-opened according to the mandates the first week of June. Then, cases started rising, so they shut them down again. They have been shut down since until this past Monday, when they re-opened, but if cases rise again (which they will because people are idiots and don’t wear masks strictly), they will shut down again. I can drive 40 minutes to the south and be in San Diego County, drive 15 minutes north and be in Los Angeles County, and drive 20 minutes to the east and be in Riverside County. If I were to visit any of these counties, new rules apply and I would have to research their rules before planning to eat in a restaurant or go to an indoor shopping center. People should know the rules and follow them; it’s just confusing for all.

  27. Nuks says:

    This story is very minor in the scheme of things, but very powerful and amplifiable (a word?) because it reinforces the overall narrative of the Democrat/lib on their high horse. Americans like to think of ourselves as an aw-shucks frontier humble god-fearing people, and the progressive yearning for advancement and social evolution calls bullshit on that.

    I honestly wonder if that’s why otherwise functional adults would vote for Trump. His crudity and blatant self-promotion is somehow proof that he’s real, like some harmless car salesman you could have a beer with. Pelosi’s error makes her look like a hypocrite, which is what the right thinks most liberals are – hopelessly naive or hypocrites, talking out of both sides of their necks.

    Pelosi and her team shat the bed, badly. We don’t have the margin for it. She took the cycle away from Biden, and now his team has to work around it.

  28. Isadora says:

    The owner has a gofundme page set up with her “sob story” so the grift continues on.

  29. Valiantly Varnished says:

    Honestly Nancy’s people should have known better and should have vetted the situation.

  30. DME says:

    We are trying to win an election and show Dems are mask compliant, distancing compliant and following the rules to stop this. This gives Republicans ammunition. Idc if the salon owner sold this film. Pelosi made an big mistake and these mistakes can hurt our chances to get rid of Trump. Philadelphia’s Dem mayor was photographed eating inside in Maryland, while our restaurants are still closed. Again….NO. No. No excuses for this behavior.

    • Soupie says:

      I’m in Southern California which is heavily Republican. It is a real eye-opener since I lived in northern California for many years. Everyone I freaking meet is a damn Republican. It’s getting tiresome. I don’t see why this is such an issue to these damn Republicans. They’re the ones that are saying we don’t need masks! And don’t need social distancing! But the first thing they want to do is commit all kinds of ad hominem attacks against Nancy Pelosi. Other posters here are correct. They can’t win on their merits so they have to attack on petty B.S. and commit election fraud.

  31. L says:

    I still dont understand what happened.

    So, going to a salon is illegal? And Nancy did it anyway? And someone filmed it and made it public? And the one filming it is the bad guy?

    Theres a proverb that goes something like this ~ if you dont want anyone to find out about what youre doing, dont do it.

    • Tiffany :) says:

      It isn’t that cut and dry. State laws say that hair salons can open, but some counties and cities have different modifications that have to be made. Some can be inside with masks, but in only a few counties they have to be outside with masks. The rules just changed on Aug. 28th.

      She called to check to see if it was OK, and they told her yes, she’d be alone in the salon. The person who does her hair (who rents a chair at the salon) contacted the owner of the salon to see if it was OK, and they were told yes.

      • Anonymous says:

        @Tiffany: The issue is that the salons are closed. They are not authorized to open. Some are violating the quarantine because they are going to lose their business. If she needs the service she should be advocating to open the salons with the appropriate precautions. I support her but this was a misstep. CA should not force business owners to lose their business because of COVID but then have politicians call, in secret, to arrange service for themselves.