Kayleigh McEnany ran the Nancy Pelosi-hair-salon video on a loop at the White House

Kayleigh McEnany Holds a News Briefing

I regret to inform you that Fox News and the Nazis in the White House have decided that Nancy Pelosi’s blowout is the defining culture war of the year, and that is the only thing they’re interested in speaking about. To recap, Fox News magically got their hands on a video of Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi getting a wash and blowout at a local hair salon in San Francisco. The video was given/sold to them by Erica Kious, the MAGA a–hole who owns the salon. Kious rents out space to independent-contractor stylists who can book their own clients. Pelosi’s stylist Jonathan DeNardo got Kious’ permission to have Pelosi as the sole client at the salon, but they still broke the local pandemic/lockdown laws about how hair salons can operate in California and the city of San Francisco. Basically, Pelosi should have known better, but it was clearly a giant set-up by a MAGA a–hole, and Fox News and the Trumpers are amplifying the story like crazy.

Well, true story: 186,000-plus Americans are dead from the coronavirus, the economy is in shambles because of a lack of federal guidelines and actual leadership during the pandemic, and all of these people want to do is talk about Nancy Pelosi and her hair appointment. White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany decided to start an official White House briefing by running the Pelosi video on a loop behind her as she was speaking. This is what passes for a media strategy by these dumbf–k Nazis.

This woman is a C-U-Next-Tuesday.

Meanwhile, Jonathan DeNardo (the hair stylist) has now hired an attorney and he’s providing evidence to the state (or whoever oversees this kind of thing) that Erica Kious has been operating the same hair salon for months, going against local and state lockdown orders. And by the way, THESE ARE ALL LOCAL AND STATE ORDERS. We don’t even have a FEDERAL MASK MANDATE. None of the lockdown orders in the state of California are Nancy Pelosi’s “fault.” Anyway, yeah, DeNardo’s lawyer has issued a lengthy statement and it would not surprise me at all if Kious just massively played herself and she ended up losing her business.

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45 Responses to “Kayleigh McEnany ran the Nancy Pelosi-hair-salon video on a loop at the White House”

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  1. fishface says:

    so sleazy

  2. Myra says:

    This type of scandal takes me back to pre-2016 era. The tan suit. The latte salute. Using the wrong sauce. It feels like 400 years ago. Maybe it’s an omen of things to come in November – one can hope.

    • Jerusha says:

      It doesn’t remind me of pre-2016. Did a bitch who looks like a blow-up sex doll run a continuous loop of the tan suit or the latte? No, that didn’t happen. This is different. Every. Single. Person. who works for trump is beneath contempt. I really hope there is a Hell so they can burn for eternity while having their eyes plucked out by crows. No punishment is too great for them.

      • Myra says:

        To be fair, the blow-up sex doll look was quite a common feature pre-2016. The only difference being, we never saw it in the White House. It was always on Fox news or some sketchy television show, like The Apprentice

      • Gil says:

        Well, at least we know this woman is gonna get spit on her coffee for a long long time.

      • Holly hobby says:

        She looks like a slutty Bratz doll

  3. Bryn says:

    This is beyond stupid. Trump and his cronies have been going around for months with no masks and ignoring science and they are goig to focus on this. What is going on in the USA? As your neighbour here in canada, we are horrified. Its a disgrace.

  4. Jenn says:

    She was so gleeful about this. It’s so stupid and childish.

    • 10KTurtle says:

      That’s almost the worst part of it- that they’re so proud of themselves and think they “won” something for this.
      And that dress reminds me of Melissa McCarthy’s character’s line about the dress Rose Byrne’s character was wearing at the end of “Spy:” “Did he also make you dress like a slutty dolphin trainer?”

  5. Lightpurple says:

    In addition to being unprofessional, what McEnany did yesterday was an illegal abuse of our tax dollars.

  6. Badrockandroll says:

    Would that the Hatch Act had teeth – big pointy carnivorous teeth. I also would pay real money to find out how Ms Kayleigh gets her spider lashes and dark roots.

  7. Lena says:

    This was so childish and stupid. They are working hard to change the subject of Trump telling people to vote twice and the Atlantic article when he canceled a 2018 visit to a cemetery where American troops are buried, saying: “Why should I go to that cemetery? It’s filled with losers.”

    • Jerusha says:

      In July 1961 my family and I visited the American Cemetery in Liege, Belgium. It holds the remains of many of Dad’s compatriots from the Battle of the Bulge. It was a moving, solemn visit, looking out over what seemed miles of white crosses, realizing that many of the fallen were only a few years older than 16 yo me. These men were heroes, fighting against a horror being duplicated in our country now.
      A toxic waste dump is too good to hold the remains of donald j trump.

      • Nic919 says:

        His grave will have to be hidden because it will be a target for years to come. And he deserves it.

      • jenellesTiktok says:

        Maybe he should go to the bottom of the ocean when he passes, like bin Laden. Perhaps off the Arctic coast of Siberia.

  8. Jerusha says:

    Supposedly, FB shut down Kious’ Go Fund Me scam. I looked and it still seems to be running, although I didn’t delve deeply. She’ll find a way to profit off the trumpsuckers, I’m sure. She’s a martyr for the Cause, ya know.

    • Esmom says:

      Yes. These people set up a Go Fund Me for the teenage militia murderer in Kenosha and it’s in the six figures now. I want to throw up just typing that.

    • Ville says:

      Nope, it’s at $136k

      • Trashaddict says:

        That’s about as disgusting as it comes.
        Not only is Trump his own toxic virus spreading right out in the open, he’s bringing all regressive ‘Muricans out of the woodwork.

    • jenellesTiktok says:

      Probably was her plan all along. She sure got that video to Fox in a hurry.

  9. AnnaKist says:

    Proof, yet again, that small things amuse small minds. What a lot of fvckwits. Talk about mediocre minds…

  10. pixiestyx says:

    I mean this presidency is just a spin off of The Apprentice, so I’m not surprised by the these cheap theatrics.

  11. Leah says:

    Molehills. But that’s all that matters to these people, not that the county is falling apart or that thousands of people are dying from a deadly virus every day.

  12. Giddy says:

    How I wish that I could tie Kayleigh Mc-Bitchface to a chair while a loop ran on a giant screen of Covid victims being intubated, or doctors giving them CPR. Or, families having to say goodbye to loved ones over a phone held by exhausted nurses. Her boss was just quoted calling military heroes suckers and losers. Time to get to work Kayleigh.

  13. Veronica S. says:

    I’m fairly certain this is also illegal because it’s blatant use of a federal platform for campaign propaganda. God, I hate them so much.

    Apparently, the owner is complaining because she is receiving death threats, which is hilarious to me because of course you are, you dumb bitch, this is the height of a culture war where everyone’s fears and anger are revving up before a country wide defining election. What the hell did you think was going to happen? You really thought there wasn’t going to be a backlash because you wanted to be the center of attention during a situation this tense? The victim complex on these people is mindblowing.

  14. Mabs A'Mabbin says:

    They’re also using this to drive home, “Come to our state where we don’t punish businesses.”

  15. Queen Meghan's Hand says:

    The Coquette FKA Coke Talk joked on Twitter than Kayleigh’s interview with Trump was a bj. And even though I don’t know if that is true, every single time I see her face, I think “Wow, she had to literally suck a d–’s d– to get this job.”
    I hope she really did.

    • shanaynay says:

      I wouldn’t doubt it, but I’m pretty sure the first prerequisite is to leave your soul and integrity at the door. She’s just as sleazy and disgusting as DT is!

  16. Teebee says:

    The RNC footage of all those maskless audience members, footage of people REMOVING masks when on camera… that should be played on loop right beside this nothingburger controversy.

    Trump’s fucking hypocrisy is putrid, and should be waved higher and louder every time he tries this deflection tactic because there is SSSSSOOOOOOO much more material available than Trump will ever have on the Democrats.

  17. Elenor says:

    so people are loosing their minds over this and yet when Kellyann Conway showed up in front of the cameras back in June with what looked to be a LOT of work to her face no one really said a word. pot meet kettle.

    • jenellesTiktok says:

      Kellyanne got it done with witchcraft. She made a pact with the devil to become a wealthy lawyer because she was sick of picking blueberries all summer.

  18. candy says:

    These people are disgusting and childish, and they’re running our country (into the ground). However, I used to work for a high profile individual. Pelosi’s staff should have 100% vetted the salon and/or her trusted personal stylist should come to her house. This isn’t just about masks, it’s about secret recordings, which happen all the time to people with her level of fame. It sucks, but your life is under a microscope. As a politician, you can relax a little bit outside of election years, but not at the fever pitch of a presidential election cycle. And yes, that includes wearing your mask 100% of the time you’re outside the home.

  19. NotSoSocialButterfly says:

    From the spokesskank whose roots are never more than 1/8″ long and whose hair has remained the same length and color for the last six months.🖕🏻

  20. Frida_K says:

    Kayleigh McEnany looks like she’s got a spray tan, extensions, dyed hair, and injected lips. Someone who depends on salons and spas to the degree that she does really looks stupid crowing over Nancy Pelosi’s blowout and cut.

    Nancy Pelosi is going to turn 80 this year and she is vibrant and beautiful. I don’t begrudge her a salon visit even though it wasn’t well-thought.

    I wonder where Kayleigh McEnany will be when she’s eighty years old. If there’s any justice in this world, she’ll either be a withered husk after having spent a few years in prison or, even better, she’ll be roasting in hell.

    • Aimee says:

      “Withered husk.” Brilliant.

    • Tourmaline says:

      Plus Nancy had a mask it was just around her neck as she went from the hairwashing bowl to her stylist’s station Yeah she should have pulled her mask back up in that moment but having this White House that gleefully flouts all public health guidance lecturing on masking is pure BS.

  21. Holly hobby says:

    This ugly box of hair! However what a difference a day makes because Kaylee Macaroni couldn’t make eye contact with the press today to explain away that toxic waste’s smear of our military. She pulled out some words and ran away from the podium.

    This magat salon owner started a gofundme and a bunch of suckers donated $100k so far for her scheme. Magats are the dumbest people in the world.

    The Nancy story died as soon as Atlantic rolled out its Rump military diss story. I hope this one has legs. We all know it’s true because those are the words he used against McCain.

  22. Sparky says:

    The usual GOP games here. They want us to fake outrage for Nancy getting her hair done while ignoring the 180,000 dead americans and killer cops gunning us down? Am i supposed to care? Honestly who cares and I refuse to be upset about this because it is just the GOP trying to get away with the game of distracting us from their failures. I had to stop myself from clicking, engaging and retweeting these GOP propaganda stories. We cannot give life to these GOP games. Im ignoring now

  23. Emily says:

    Is Kayleigh sharing a makeup bag with Trump? She’s looking a little orange lately.

  24. Trillion says:

    Trump supporters are truly irony-proof