Prince Harry didn’t tell the Queen about the Netflix deal before it was announced

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No one has actually explained the mechanics of the Sussexit and the “one year review” process. Not even Finding Freedom really explained it, although they made it sound like it was “death by a thousand paper cuts” for Prince Harry as he negotiated the exit with representatives of Kensington Palace, Clarence House and Buckingham Palace. Harry and Meghan had to give up a lot for their freedom, and Finding Freedom also emphasized that while they weren’t looking to burn bridges, there was a lot of pain and anger. FF also said that the “one year review” was basically a clause insisted upon by the Prince of Wales and the Queen, just so Harry would have an exit route if everything went to hell. But beyond that, Harry and Meghan gave up a lot to be free. Now that they’re free, people seem to still believe that they have to get everything approved by the Queen? No. That’s not the way it works. Still, headlines that “Harry didn’t tell the Queen about the Netflix deal!” and The Queen must approve all business deals! are being circulated.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry allegedly didn’t tell the Queen about their big Netflix deal before announcing it, a source has claimed. It has been revealed that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex could rake in up to £75million after signing a mega-bucks deal with the streaming platform. A source told Fabulous that “Harry did not inform the Queen about the Netflix deal” and Her Majesty, 94, was told the news by her aides.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex, who have never produced a TV show, will make documentaries, films, scripted and kids’ programmes in the new partnership. The source added: “Her Majesty is all too aware of the pitfalls of when senior royals embark on lucrative projects – Prince Edwards’ production flop and some of the deals Sarah Ferguson has signed over the years to name a few. Her view is simple, the Royals are not for sale and danger surrounds high profile roles outside of the institution itself. But knowing her grandson Harry as she does, the Queen will know there would have been little chance of talking Harry and Meghan out of it.”

While the couple may have not informed the Queen about the deal, it has been reported that the Netflix deal will be “examined” by the Palace over its commercial links. An insider today claimed the commercial deal would be “scrutinised” – particularly as the couple were still paying back the £2.4million for refurbishments to Frogmore Cottage.

[From The Sun]

This is just so idiotic. Harry and Meghan gave up “Sussex Royal.” They gave up their popular Instagram. They gave up their charitable foundation (started when they were still part of the family). They gave up the (albeit limited) “protection” of the Royal Family. Harry gave up his military titles. They can’t use their HRHs. All so they could leave and start a life away from this toxic Windsor drama. And now the little rule-makers insist that the Queen must be informed of every little thing the Sussexes do? Nope. That’s not the deal.

Also: you know how we know this is true and that the Sussexes didn’t inform any of the palaces? Because the news wasn’t leaked. Willileaks would have called up Dan Wootton first thing if Harry had informed anyone.

The Queen Elizabeth Diamond Jubilee Trust reception

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  1. VS says:

    So the queen approved the milk commercial? something is seriously wrong with some of those who called themselves royalists

    • Jane says:

      And presumably all of Zara’s commercial deals, and all of the sales of wedding and baby pictures to Hello and OK magazine, and so on.

    • Chica1971 says:

      Royalist.. Code for failing upwards. Everything about this story is irony and contradictory. They need to STO, it reinforces the notion that SUSEXIT was smartest thing ever

    • Sybaritic1 says:

      lol right! that commercial was sure *classy*

    • Elizabeth Regina says:

      Once again Harry and Meghan outsmart and outfox that blasted family and their minions. This is just the start of the amazing deals that will be inked by them. We know the press will not let up but they will just have to choke on their bile for years to come. As for Willileaks and his mannequin, their lack of imagination, work ethic and in one case the inability to speak coherently will definitely ensure that they never attract such deals.

      • GirlMonday says:

        Of course they did. The royal family aren’t all that smart or exceptional and wouldn’t be too hard to outsmart.

      • Reece says:

        Outsmarted by the one they always labelled as slow because of his dyslexia.
        *insert gif of Harry saying Boom in the Invictus video*

    • Jolie says:

      What the papers say happened, and what actually happened is often not the same by a long chalk. Far more concerned with circulation figures than the truth.

      • NatureLover says:

        @ Jolie, not only that but Harry has been instrumental in producing documentaries for years! How could this come as a surprise? It’s something that Harry has been passionate about for years. The only reason Twit and Twat were angry about was that H&M can create and produce effective and groundbreaking documentaries where as they are still hiding out and producing nothing that anyone is interested in. This is nothing but a bunch of sour and petty people, I’m looking at you Limp Wily, and how this once again overshadows them. They want all of the glory, the admiration and the devotion of being the heir, but refuse to put in the work. Also, they did lose a great deal when they left. I am certain that it was Limp Wily that demanded that Harry be stripped of his military honors, as he is seething with jealousy and pettiness. They can all jump off of BP as far as I am concerned. As for TQ needing to “review” any protects that they have, that is plain BS!

      • Tealie says:

        @ NatureLover thinking about it I’m not surprised either Harry enjoys travelling, meeting new people and seeing new people. Documentary making a specially nature and human experience documentary making him to do all the traveling internationally that he enjoyed during engagements and tours but on a more personal level without the fanfare, like he was able to do on his gap year in Lesotho.

    • Alexandra says:

      Okay Zara & Phillip were never the same as Harry. It has to do with how close you are to the throne, and Anne never wanted royal duties for her kids and never even gave them titles, similar to Harry and Archie. The rumor is the exit “deal” had the Queen giving approval for any financial deal they had to make sure it didn’t “belittle” the monarchy. I know big irony with Prince Andrew and his crap in the picture, but that’s the “rumor.” Kaiser is right no one knows the ins and outs of the deal. So who really knows. I’m sure it will come out many years later in someone’s tell all book.

      That being said I don’t like these celebrity deals. This is not as bad as a lot of these deals where they get paid ridiculous amounts of money for things that aren’t really successful yet. At least in this deal Meghan has some experience in the area, and again we don’t know the real deal with it. But look at the Clooney’s tequila, Kylie Jenner make up, Ryan Reynolds liquor, and a bunch where these companies pay a ton of money for celebrity and their businesses or in some cases with the production companies not even any product yet. I know people liked the Obama deal, but I think it is a bit crazy to give people tons of money when they haven’t even worked in that area yet. Sure one of the Obama’s documentaries was well received, and her book which was very popular may make a great netflix product, but the dollars are obscene. I mean none of these people are the ones who are really making the profit for netflix, or their ilk. Most of the business deals’ i.e. Kylie and Clooney have been thought to be way overpriced in favor of the celebrity. I don’t have a problem with the Sussexes particularly doing this and probably being over paid like all the other celebrities for these things. Hopefully, they will produce good shows I can watch. I just don’t like the whole idea in general. I know it is the world we live in now, but I do wonder if our crazy infatuation with “celebrity” isn’t a direct reason our “celebrity” President who isn’t remotely qualified to be President got elected. I also wonder if this “celebrity” craze for anything to do with fame may eventually peter out cause of all of this overkill.

      • The Recluse says:

        I’m wondering….how much of that deal also has to pay for their staff to work on these projects? How do these deals work?

      • Sid says:

        Recluse, you are correct. The money from Netflix is also supposed to help pay for the productions that the Sussexes will be making. As in paying for writers, directors, other film crew, performers, etc. Meghan herself is a former actor and an actor having a production company is nothing new and has been a thing forever. I remember when Alicia Silverstone even got a production deal based off the success of Clueless, even though she was “only” the talent.

        Alexandra, I don’t recall reading anything after the split negotiations were completed about the Queen being able to approve any financial deals the Sussexes made. If that were the case, it would have been reported as fact in all the papers, as that is exactly the sort of thing the BRF and BM would crow about. I do recall reading that the Sussexes agreed to stick to projects and work that would be in line with the Queen’s values, whatever that means.

      • Tealie says:

        Harry has made and been invoked in making three or four documentaries before.

  2. bamaborn says:

    And why should he have?

    • LaraK says:

      Because obviously he is miserable! I mean if you had to live in California with your beautiful successful wife and adorable son, and got to do what you want in terms of charitable work, wouldn’t you want to give it all up to return to rainy England and your snooty family?
      Oh, wait…

      Seriously the problem is they still can’t accept that this is what Harry wanted. They can believe there is something better than being royal. To the British press, royalty is the ultimate goal and the idea that someone would voluntarily walk away does not compute.
      They will learn. I’m sure H&M won’t be the last.

      • Elizabeth Regina says:

        Absolutely. I mean how can he ever be happy in California, with a fantastic Netflix deal, his 16 dumb bathrooms, beautiful home with the view of the sea, a sexy wife and adorable child. He should pack it all in and come back to the dreary island with crap weather to marry a dim conservative blonde, and face more abuse, oops I mean do his ‘duty’.

    • Myra says:

      Right? I don’t discuss my work contracts with my mom and, least of all, my grandma. I love them both dearly, but my professional life is none of their business. Harry can do what all other grown adults do and inform them of the good news after the deal is closed. It is the least they deserve after they left him to negotiate his exit with servants.

    • Louise177 says:

      I doubt they have to get permission for everything they do. Besides when Harry and Meghan left, they probably said that film/tv and other business dealings was in the cards. It’s not as if working at Walmart was going to be an option.

  3. ABritGuest says:

    Lol wouldn’t be surprised if family/friends Harry trusts knew and as grandparent to grandson would be nice and courtesy if he could give her a heads up.

    but if he doesn’t have a direct line to the Queen like he can’t just call or text etc her directly without staff involvement (as has been suggested) then yeah she probably did find out through aides. Palace aides have shown they can’t be trusted. the press are just salty as the leaky aides have been cut off& now they have no sources& find out same time as the rest of us. And outscooped by US press- NYT on this occasion. No more exclusive access. Sucks to be them& they did it to themselves.

    Idea the Firm can review the deal is silly& this article sounds like press wish rather than coming from anyone in the family except maybe a salty courtier.

    If Firm wanted oversight and control they should have agreed half in and set up that pesky committee. Instead they turned this down and so Sussexes stepped back completely and it was said they don’t represent the Firm any longer. So Firm (and press) can’t have it both ways

    • Lady D says:

      LOL When it comes time for the annual review, the grey men will be meeting them at the airport with a half in, half out contract in hand.

      • Steph says:

        With the Netflix deal being a years long contract is that even possible anymore?

      • ravynrobyn says:

        @ LADY D-HA 🤣 HA 🤣 HA 🤣 HA 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

      • Lemons says:

        and saying that the cost for Frogmore renovations will be swept under the rug!

      • bamaborn says:

        Lady D, thanks! Needed that while watching tennis.

      • Tasz says:

        Their spokesperson just announced they paid Frogmore renovation costs back to the sovereign grant in full. Hahahaha

      • RoyalBlue says:

        @lady, that’s hilarious

      • Yvette says:

        @Lady D … I agree. I think they’ll be more than willing to have Harry and Meghan half-in at review time. They overestimated the affect of their ‘Let’s beat them up in the press until they break and bow to our wishes (and William)’ agenda. I think William was all in on this, because he and his ‘Keen’ wife were being overshadowed by Harry and Meghan … and because William really, really doesn’t like Meghan.

        I’ll never forget that video of everyone leaving church on Christmas Day (must have been December 2018). Charles came first and the two couples–Cambridges and Sussexes–followed, walking together on the sidewalk with the wives in the middle and the two brothers on the ouside. Meghan was pregnant with Archie. As they reached the church steps and queued up to wait for their cars, Meghan turned to say something to William, who started fussing with his coat and scarf and pretended not to notice her trying to getting his attention. The smile left Meghan’s face and as she turned away to face the stairs, Williams shot her a nasty little side-eye glance. Then he looked up and blanked his face when he caught the camera focused on him.

      • HeyJude says:

        There will be no annual review. Or at least not one beyond Harry talking to the Queen on the phone and letting her down with a firm but HARD pass on the royal thing.

        Going back to England for it would be far too much press of it being an intervention by the palace on their “out of control lives” and them “being forced home for the dressing down and scolding.” Etc.

  4. S808 says:

    Why would they tell the queen about this deal or any other beforehand? They do not represent her therefore it’s none of her business. I’m sure they respect her but they do not owe her a heads up as non working royals. Press is just mad they’re still getting outscooped by American press and have to find Sussex related news secondhand.

    • Elizabeth Regina says:

      I concur. Does Charles consult the Queen every time he launches a new range of jams? Does Zara inform HM every time she endorses a. baby carriage or pram? Did the milk seller consult granny? Did NonceyDrew ask his mama for her opinion before allegedly getting back handers? The press are not doing this family any favours. Their whole PR strategy needs revisiting.

  5. Lemons says:

    This article is just regurgitating last week’s talking points.

    It’s interesting to see how things are written. Instead of saying something like, “This will be the couple’s first foray into film production” they write that they have NEVER produced a TV show in their lives…Just poor writing in general.

    • Myra says:

      These types of language are chosen intentionally in order to send a certain message subconsciously. For example, I never understood why I didn’t like Corbyn and my like-minded friends in the UK did. The problem was I was consuming UK media regularly. Just imagine, I’ve never even clicked on any Corbyn article but the act of scrolling past certain headlines was enough to sway my thoughts on a politician I was not even paying attention to. This is what propaganda is and the effects it has on altering our perception of people or events. It was only by banning/limiting UK media as a source of news was I able to have a more objective view of certain situations.

    • L4frimaire says:

      I’m really getting tired of this whole spiel from the Royal reporters. There really isn’t much they can say about this deal other then they think it involves a lot of money, although we don’t know how much and what the details are. No one is pretending that their name doesn’t factor into this deal, but this reaction from the press is seriously unrealistic. As some have said, Harry couldn’t get any time with the Queen before they left, do you think they could have reviewed this deal with her?They would have been strung along until 2025. It seems to me that no matter what they do, there are some Royal family, surrounding the royals, and the press who want this continued antagonism, hence the blatantly false stories, the constant need to link the Sussexes to Andrew and constant comparisons to the others, although they no longer have a public role. It has only been 6 months! They have done a lot to try to work toward their goals, pivoting to subjects the royals typically don’t address, and they need to get to work to earn income and get their foundation launched. There is no blueprint for this, or the perfect way to do this.

  6. Feedmechips says:

    Willileaks makes me laugh every time I read it.

  7. BeyondTheFringe says:

    This article is a huge self-own because it defies the whole premise that H&M couldn’t be senior working royals while making money, i.e. “the Queen is all too aware of the pitfalls when senior royals embark on lucrative projects.”

    Oh, really?! So senior royals *get* to embark on lucrative projects?!?! It was ok for Prince Edward and Fergie to make that coin (others too obvs but those are specifically mentioned here) but the Sussexes had to give up practically everything working royal-related to embark on their own money-making ventures?!

    BS. It was about control, plain and simple.

    • ABritGuest says:

      Good point BeyondTheFringe. I said at the time that whole thing of royals not being able to have commercial endeavours was BS. Right now Sandringham estate is having drive in cinema events. And it’s the Queen’s private estate so I’m sure the admission price is going straight to her pocket rather than a royal charity.

      With half in half out the Sussexes were probably just going to follow Charles path so do books, documentaries etc focused on their charitable interests, maybe more things like the SmartSet with some proceeds going to fund their charitable foundation. Probably not too different than what they are going to do as non working royals. But oh well.

      I doubt Zara, Peter etc run by their opportunities through the Firm (hello the milk ad) so don’t see why it should be different for the Sussexes.

      As for no production experience- royals rarely have practical experience& expertise on issues they champion but that hasn’t stopped them being given a big platform to speak on certain issues

      • JT says:

        It’s concerning if she doesn’t donate the proceeds in my opinion. So many royal patronages have closed because of COVID. One of Princess Anne’s long-standing charities just shut down, and here you have the monarch making money and representing the crown. The absolute hypocrisy.

  8. Lisa says:

    They are mad leaky aides were not informed to smear and leak every detail.

  9. Lizzie says:

    Pitch@Palace was nothing but Andrew cashing in on his title.

  10. Merricat says:

    Seems the only ones who are keeping calm while they carry on are Harry and Meghan. I don’t believe for one minute that the Crown is going to “scrutinise” a deal that they have no legal right to examine, let alone interfere in. Harry and Meghan are private citizens.

  11. Dear Abby says:

    Two words: ABOLISH MONARCHY.

    Not just in the UK, btw. I can’t believe there’s countries that like to look down on the rest of us, yet still have inbred leeches living off their people.

  12. Sofia says:

    The Sussexes aren’t senior working royals anymore. Therefore, they’re essentially private citizens and they should be allowed to live and work as such. And considering Harry couldn’t even get an appointment to speak to her regarding a major change in his future, I doubt he could even get to her now (if he wanted to)

    • Steph says:

      Since they aren’t working are they still considered senior royals or was that also stripped?

      • Sofia says:

        I mean it depends on what “senior royal” means to you as it’s not formally defined. Harry and Archie still have their positions in the line of succession, Harry and Meghan still have their titles and still have their HRH (they just don’t use them). They’re basically like Beatrice and Eugenie now

      • Anne Call says:

        Yeah, if Harry wasn’t grandson to the queen of England, they would not be getting a Netflix deal. So I can see both sides in these issues. This happens to families all the time when someone gets married and moves to where the spouse is from. Feelings get hurt etc. And I’d pick California over England also, but I’m a Californian so there’s that. I hope it all works out long term for them and I’d take most of the tabloid bs with a big grain of salt.

  13. PEARL GREY says:

    Watching the British press and social media trolls scramble to play catch up and trot out their same old attack talking points (“they’re mAkiNg mOnEy off their titles!”… “they bLiNdSiDeD the Queen!”… “I thought they said they wanted more pRiVaCy!”) is a sight to behold. I’m waiting for the papers to run to Toxic Thomas and Scamantha to give their “thoughts”.

    • Sunshine says:

      I agree with you Pearl. The script is predictable. I bet Sr. will be asking for the return of the private school fees. Scam will be asking for a trailer upgrade and Jr will sue because he not employable.

  14. TheOriginalMia says:

    Why would he go to his grandmother, who relies on the Grey Men entirely too much, for approval of any deal? Newsflash: he wouldn’t. Harry & Meghan are adults. They wanted financial independence from the BRF and they achieved it with this deal. And honestly, when Harry wanted to speak to his Granny, he had to jump through hoops and was denied. She values protocol over her grandson, so no…Harry wouldn’t call her up for approval. It is what it is. Harry can’t trust the BRF. It’s just him & Meghan against the world.

    • Lady D says:

      It’s not just him and Meghan. They have a lot of close friends who have their backs, plus Doria.
      It just occurred to me that you might be referring to royal family members when you said that, in which case you are more than right, Mia. I bet Harry can trust Diana’s sisters. They’ve never said a word about him or Willileaks.

  15. Jay says:

    Well, I’m sure Netflix appreciates that all of this royal whining has brought more attention and anticipation for Harry and Meghan’s project.
    I don’t have a good sense of what it takes to produce these kinds of projects – how hands on you need to be, for example, but I’ll bet that Netflix does, and that some of the skills involved in starting and maintaining charities will come in handy.

    Many of these articles seem to assume that the Sussexes are somehow selling royal access or privilege (which they no longer even have!), or giving away family secrets – probably because they can’t conceive of making money any other way. Pitch@palace was literally about selling access to privilege – nobody was interested in Andrew’s business advice. They seem to assume that the only reason anybody would want to work H and M is related to the royals.

    I hope instead they do projects about the causes that are close to their hearts, with nary a mention of Harry’s family. Although you know the royals will be mad about that, too.

    • one of the Marys says:

      “Many of these articles seem to assume that the Sussexes are somehow selling royal access or privilege (which they no longer even have!), or giving away family secrets”

      I think his is just to keep people hating on them similar to the frogmore cottage costs. the truth is not important but spinning articles and revenue is the whole point

  16. Amy Bee says:

    The press only have themselves to blame that they are no longer getting information about Harry and Meghan. They were ones insisting that Harry and Meghan couldn’t be half in and half out and the Royal Family and aides took their advice. Thank God, the Royal Family stupidly rejected Harry and Meghan’s offer to be part-time royals. Harry and Meghan are not only free to do whatever they want but they are able to enjoy the privacy that they wanted,

  17. RoyalBlue says:

    translation: harry didn’t tell the queen’s secretary about the deal beforehand, so he could leak it to the press and try and spoil the deal before it is inked.

    the courtiers’ aim was to destroy the sussexes reputation and chance to be financially independent, and it failed miserably. egg on their faces.

  18. Lauren says:

    I don’t understand why they keep bringing up paying back for Frogmore in all this. You’d think this would be good news for that – now they’ll have money to pay back.

    • truthSF says:

      Because that’s literally all the royal rota can use to attempt to lord over the Sussexes. But since funds from the sovereign grant (and not the tax payers) took care of the frogmore estate, they’re relying on the ignorance of the Sussex haters to not look deeper than their bullsh!t threats!

    • Sarah says:

      Racism. Putting them ‘in their place’ for daring to leave.

    • Lizzie says:

      Because it gets clicks every time.

    • HeyJude says:

      They did, in fact, just pay it back according to reports later on in the afternoon. Celebitchy just gets their posts up so quickly everyday it wasn’t included, I assume they’ll have something on it tomorrow.

      But the news is satisfying now all the papers can buzz off about it being unpaid. First thing they did was pay it off.

  19. bluemoonhorse says:

    Just some general thoughts. Harry really is flexing. He’s showing how he will go his own way and is not going to be asking for permission or giving a heads up to his family about his plans. Only Harry would be the driving force to make this type of statement. No way is Harry going back to the fold. Ever.

    When it comes to the Netflix deal there is no way that deal was signed without H&M stating some specific projects they will be doing. Something is down on paper about their projects. This wouldn’t be an airy dream of “we’ll think of something to do” nope.

    Producers are not directors. H&M will be fine finding funding and managing projects that fit their brand.

    My only concern (and this is just cautionary) is Netflix is quick to shut down projects that don’t make money. They will cut you dead and walk away in a heartbeat. I’d like to know how much revenue the Elephant narrated Disney project brought in because that seemed to drop out of the news quick to me.

    • truthSF says:

      The Elephant documentary increased Disney plus subscribers to over 50 million in record time. And like the Hamilton movie, although they both dropped out of the news quickly, they both did their job in increasing Disney+ viewership/subscribers! So I’m sure that only helped Netflix add another 0 to the Sussex’ check!!

      • Lizzie says:

        I didn’t watch the elephant documentary but I assume Megan’s narration was flawless or the trolls would still be posting comments.

      • bluemoonhorse says:

        thanks! I don’t watch Disney so didn’t know what the follow-up was on that.

    • one of the Marys says:

      ” He’s showing how he will go his own way and is not going to be asking for permission or giving a heads up to his family about his plans. ”
      Because he doesn’t trust William. The queen and Charles are losing out in unforeseen ways because of their capitulation to William. Harry may be there for “family” or “royalty” but he’s not taking any risks as far as business is concerned. This is all business

      • bluemoonhorse says:

        Yes I understand why he is doing this. What I meant by my comment is the silliness of the RR who think this is Meghan pushing the message. This is clearly all Harry.

  20. Ginger says:

    This deal has obviously been in the works for a while since they have a few projects in pre production already. Omid said on his podcast it’s probably been in the works since April
    (When they left) . If the RF had any knowledge of this deal it would have leaked. The British press are SO upset over this that they will do everything in their power to downplay it.

  21. Talie says:

    I wouldn’t be surprised if Harry was the one who told his family about Spotify to see if it would leak and sure enough, that’s all the media was talking about days before Netflix.

    Anyway, Camilla Tominey was on This Morning and she even shot this down, saying The Queen would not need to be informed because it would just be expected that H&M would take a deal that wouldn’t compromise her.

  22. GuestWho says:

    I would love to see a project from them entitled “The Hubris of the UK Press” – episode 1: “WTF is wrong with Piers Morgan?” Episode 2: “Yes, Dan Wootton is that big a dick.”

  23. Heidi says:

    The courtiers and tabloids probably thought Harry & Meghan would end up like Edward VIII & Wallis Simpson:

    Receiving pocket money like children, having nothing to do all day long, crying over a missing “HRH” title and bitterly regretting their decision.

    And now they are genuinely surprised that Team Sussex are not only surviving, but thriving. I bet Team Cambridge already regret driving them out – they will overshadow William’s reign every single day.

    • Sarah says:

      I agree entirely, we know this is an institution which looks to the past to understand anything happening now and that was exactly the playbook they were working from. They couldn’t comprehend how H&M would be a totally different story.

    • booboocita says:

      They forgot: Meghan is far more intelligent, better educated, and more energetic than Wallis Simpson ever was. And Harry is far more determined to make a go of an independent life than Edward ever was. I believe Edward thought to his dying day that sooner or later, the British people would clamor to take him back as king, and he wondered to his dying day why they didn’t. If he had been a more perceptive man, he would have recognized that the Brits would never turn their backs on George VI after World War II and the spirit of resistance and resilience that the Royal Family came to symbolize.

      The BRF have been living on the residue of that good feeling for years. When Betty dies, and the two generations after her, all the ties to that era will have been cut — and the BRF won’t be too far behind. Kudos to Harry for getting out of the family before exhausting what little goodwill remains, and kudos to the bad bitch who helped him leave.

  24. KellyRyan says:

    The Daily Laugh :) Meghan is an American, Harry is soon to be one, and Archie is an American, UK citizen. Bet’s on, Archie will pass on his UK citizenship when he is an adult. None of Queenie’s business what H&M do.

    • Kkat says:

      You never lose your British citizenship.
      Even when you have to renounce it because you become a naturalized US citizen.

      • KellyRyan says:

        You can apply to give up (renounce) your British citizenship or status. If accepted, you’ll get a ‘declaration of renunciation’ that you can use to show that you’re no longer British. You might do this, for example, if you want to become a citizen of another country that does not allow dual citizenship.

        Another issue under consideration is tax liability. (The last sentence is only one example.)

        Reminder: The UK does not have jurisdiction over American’s or US law.

    • Lizzie says:

      I really don’t know PH status in the US. Is there a limit on days he can spend in the US?

      • Nic919 says:

        Meghan would be sponsoring him as his spouse so he’s fine to stay there indefinitely. Presumably they have gotten him a work visa of some sort as well.

      • HeatherC says:

        He’s married to an American so that’s one pathway. But also Netflix can sponsor him as well now. He’s covered.

  25. yinyang says:

    What is this about corpse found at KP? The shady royal family is about to get exposed.

  26. JT says:

    All this scrutiny concerning H&M and nobody is asking about the Cambridges. Where the hell are they? They haven’t been seen or heard from in weeks. Shouldn’t the press be hounding KP about the FFK and FFQ for content and access? H&M don’t owe anyone their time or presence.

    • MsIam says:

      The Keens are trying to figure out how to do the “school run”. That is consuming all of their time and brain power.

    • KellyRyan says:

      Hiding with Andrew. :) H&M became the tipping point for the BRF.

      • JT says:

        I just don’t get how they are allowed to disappear with no explanation for weeks at a time. We’ve gotten so many articles about how they are stepping up because the queen is at risk, and they are in the wind. Wasn’t is just last week the press was saying w&k will be in the forefront since the queen has decamped to Windsor for the foreseeable future? I feel like I’m Leah Rimini looking for Shelley Miscavige. Where are the Cambridge’s?! Why is this acceptable? The royals have not been the stabilizing force they should be during COVID and brexit.

    • RoyalBlue says:

      william has been super busy reading two boxes of top secret papers every morning and has been having the odd Earthshot meeting here and there. he is still planning on saving the planet one rose at a time whilst embiggening himself bigly. Daily chats with his father are preparing him to take over the role of CEO of the duchies.

      a day in the life of the royals

    • Lizzie says:

      Their life is one long taxpayer funded vacation, it doesn’t really matter where they are.
      They are not missed.

    • Nic919 says:

      Camilla and Charles have been making appearances during this time, but the Cambridges are MIA. It’s really unacceptable that they disappear for so long.

    • Lizzie Bathory says:

      They always go dark this time of year. It’s their summer holiday (holiday from what, one might ask, but it happens every year). Then, as MsIam says, they pop back into the public eye with school run photo-ops to make them seem like a normal, down-to-earth family. Then Kate will do a handful of engagements, probably announce some “secret” meetings & attend some evening events in expensive dresses & jewelry. And the Cambridges will probably announce vague initiatives to undertake in the new year, then do the whole Sandringham Christmas circus before disappearing again for a few weeks.

      I think that with the Sussexes making international headlines, being seen actually being busy, plus the disaster that is Boris Johnson & Brexit, Andrew, etc, I feel like the usual Cambridge fall/winter playbook isn’t going to go over too well. But we’ll see.

      • RoyalBlue says:

        @lizzie, she normally does some back to school appearance with kids and appears in her brown boots and jeggings, and then don’t forget to include the remembrance day events.

        I imagine she has been busy planning her wardrobe, hair and make up for those events. Now there is unlikely to be any overseas trips this year, her appearances will be super low at year end.

      • Lizzie Bathory says:

        @RoyalBlue Yes, I think she’s figuring out coatdress looks & hats for Remembrance lol. I had the same thought as you about her numbers for 2020. In 2019, they had the Pakistan tour, which they don’t have this year, plus the pandemic messed up lots of things (though I know she padded her numbers with Zoom calls). I’m expecting more “secret meetings” in the fall to increase her appearances. And I’m sure we’ll get more of her pics of the kids. Only so many more years that’ll work, though.

    • yinyang says:

      August is their vacation month, it’s slow news month for the royal reporters, I think they’re at some luxury island or something, so they use Meghan to fill the time.

    • tolly says:

      My guess: Kate is sunbathing with her parents. Wills is several hundred miles away, squeezing some pleasant young woman who makes 10 euros every time he puts another bottle on his tab.

  27. Marjorie says:

    Looking forward to the Cambridges’ next retaliation stunt, in the style of the fake commercial flight, or shopping for books wearing the same color Meg wore, or cooking on Mary Berry’s program while loathing each other.

    I remember a couple of years ago Wills whinged that he couldn’t get celebrities to endorse his stuff. Haha, Wills.

    • Sid says:

      I think MsIam called it above. School is reopening soon so they will likely make a big show of taking Charlotte and George in for the first day. And the British media will present it as the “steadfast and responsible Cambridges” versus the “Hollywood Sussexes.” People will coo over the cute kids for maybe a day, but then move on quickly because that sort of thing is becoming repetitive and as time passes their stunts are less and less effective.

      • Nic919 says:

        New dress plus blowout and slightly blonder hair. That will be considered work following their disappearance for the month of August.

      • yinyang says:

        They’re thriving on the predicatabilty narrative, they want to be seen as predicatable, safe, traditional, family oriented. They’re selling this routine angle. Expect walking kids to first day of school, some visits here and there, than christmas, than family vacay white supremecists eat up this wholesome stuff.

  28. MsIam says:

    Funny how that article omits Andrews “business deals. How did he buy that Swiss chalet again? Whoever wrote this article is stupid af because no one in the palace has any expertise in producing so what kind of assistance or advice could they offer to Harry and Meghan? Other than to say don’t do it because it might make you look good and us look bad.

  29. Tessa says:

    Fergie was divorced when she did those business deals with Weight Watchers et al.

  30. RedWeatherTiger says:

    If Queenie wanted a say in their choices, she shouldn’t have stripped them of the use of their titles, their website, and most of their patronages. She chose to support the Firm humiliating them when they were working for her AND as they left her employ. She made her big gold bed: she can now lie in it.

    I STILL want them to tell her to shove Frogmore.

    *****Update: Omid Scobie just confirmed they REPAID FROGMORE IN FULL.

    • Merricat says:

      HA! Perfect.

    • bluemoonhorse says:

      ROFLMAO!! I was going to comment yesterday (but was in vacay mode) that yes, they needed to get Frogmore repaid. Why? Because M&H agreed to do that. And I thought, wouldn’t it be great if they just say “paid in full” months back bitches, just like the NYTimes having to correct their article about Charles funding them. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

    • BnLurkN4eva says:

      I hate that they felt they had to pay this back because they don’t own Frogmore, but I’m glad they did since they said they would. Man, these two really mean business and are really serious about how they intend to proceed. I bet they are being advised by some really smart people and I have a great deal of confidence in Meghan and Harry has shown that he can take sensible advise. God job, now what are the BM going to whine about going forward. Oh, I’m sure they will come up with something, but they look more and more silly with every article they write about H/M.

    • Sarah says:

      Currently most read story on BBC news.

    • RoyalBlue says:

      this just keeps getting better and better. the rest of them are playing checkers and Harry and Meghan are playing chess.

  31. JT says:

    I think H&M will be the last to leave. So many of the royals already have the freedom that H&M wanted. They can be part time and still make deals if they chose to. They just don’t. Beatrice and Eugenie have the HRH, security , and government housing and yet they still cling to their royal status like their like depends on it. Zara and Peter do the same, as well as Edward and Princess Blackamoor (Princess Michael). Nobody would scrutinize Beatrice in the same way if she were to just move to Italy with her “rich” husband to create a life for herself. In fact, they would praise it, much like her “low key” wedding. I just do t believe that anybody else would do the same, and the firm will be raising the Cambridge kids to be completely reliant on the firm. I doubt they will be allowed to do the types of things Harry did, like creating his charities, doing docs, etc, because they will not want them to be independent.

    • notasugarhere says:

      Beatrice and Eugenie do not have ‘government housing’ nor do they have taxpayer-paid security. They are required to pay market rent for their spaces at KP and St James. Where that money comes from, I’d bet some of Andrew’s questionable friends. They will inherit Andrew’s pre-paid lease at Royal Lodge and have access to that property the rest of their lives.

      Peter and Zara live on their mother’s private estate (not a Crown Estate property) and do not have RPOs. Edward has a pre-paid lease for Bagshot Park that will be inherited by his children. The Kents are the questionable, because technically they’re not supposed to be working royals. Once their cheap rent at Kensington Palace was outed, they sold off their country house and started paying rent for KP space.

      As we have no access to the Sovereign Grant (which needs to be changed), we have no idea if the Queen is secretly paying P&P Michael’s rent.

      • JT says:

        You’re right @Nota. What I meant to say was they don’t have to be living at KP, Saint James, or their mother’s estate, especially Beatrice, Eugenie, or Zara. Zara’s husband was/is a rugby player, the York girls have “wealthy” husbands, and yet neither have them have completely extricated themselves from the firm. They are all half-in, half-out whether it’s explicitly stated or not. Their rent I s probably pennies compared to what they would have to pay otherwise, but H&M had to pay $18,000 a month. They could all create a separate life away from the firm if they choose to, but they don’t. It’s so confusing to me. With their connections and their royal status they could make something of themselves. I just don’t get it.

      • notasugarhere says:

        And yet, every time Harry and Meghan breathe, people attack them for using their royal status and connections. The same is true of the others, with everyone thinking neither Beatrice nor Eugenie really ‘works’ for their companies. As long as they are trying to earn money, they’ll all be accused of using their connections and royal status. But they have to earn money, that’s the Catch-22.

        Technically, they are all ‘out’ the way it was defined for Harry and Meghan. No half-in, half-out. None of them are working royals, none of them are supported by the Sovereign Grant or the Duchy.

        They pay rent at places like KP, but so do other people. ex. one of Charles’s former private secretary’s rent a massive space there. Another friend of Charles’s has a Crown Estate lease on Belvedere at Windsor. Anyone could have applied for and paid that lease.

        The Windsors didn’t have a solid game plan for how they’d proceed moving forward in a world where people are paying attention to their costs. That’s new for them since the time of the Windsor fire.

        They got their act together with the pre-paid Crown Estate leases for Andrew and Edward, which allow their kids to live there the rest of their lives. Those leases are public, they’ve been analyzed by experts several times to see if they’ve paid sufficiently.

        They weren’t as prepared with Zara and Peter. The first time Zara moved away from home, she didn’t know her security stopped at 18. That was why she quickly moved back to a small house on her mother’s property (not the one she lives in now). Because she hated the goldfish bowl. But until Anne’s ex moved out of his divorce-settlement home, there wasn’t space for Zara’s growing family at Gatcombe.

      • Q says:

        Both Beatrice and Eugenie have been spotted with security at clubs and just wandering about in London and nyc. They also have access to chauffeurs. I think they use their dad’s security and drivers. In other words, Andrew pays for it with tax payers money.

  32. Steph says:

    Can anyone explain the houses to me. BP represents the queen, Clarence House represents Charles. KP the cambridges. Why does will get a palace but Charles a house? They were in the process of separating from KP when they quit, would the Sussexes have had their own house or still be represented by KP? Why does will have so much pull when Charles and the queen are still alive?

    Why are they mad at the Netflix deal in regards to Frogmore? How are they to pay it off without an income?

    • Izzy says:

      They are mad about any success the Sussexes achieve. It’s not about Frogmore or Netflix. It’s about racism and jealousy, full stop.

    • BnLurkN4eva says:

      Would that some of the brain dead readers of the tabloids were as critically capable as you seem to be. H/M separated from KP and went under Buckingham Palace, which is where everyone who is not Charles really belongs, but under the Queen everyone who is not married to Meghan gets to do whatever they like, which is why William’s court is supported.

    • notasugarhere says:

      William and Harry were briefly under Clarence House for their staff and PR. That was during Charles’s attempt to get all the royals under one head office, with him in charge. They broke away within a year and had their own offices under the KP banner.

  33. Izzy says:

    The royal reporters keep harping on the notion that the Palace will scrutinize this and every other deal the Sussexes ink, but why, to what end, and what exactly do they think they can do? They really can’t stop two consenting adults from entering into a business contract. They can pore over the deal – if they manage to get their slimy paws on a copy, which is a big if – to do what? Go whining to the press about what they think it means and why they think it’s so wrong?

    These idiots need new talking points.

  34. Elizabeth Kerri Mahon says:

    The only thing that Fergie did while married to Andrew was the Budgie the helicopter books, all the rest of it came after the divorce and mainly because her divorce settlement was pitiful. I don’t know who was advising her at the time. Also, she was in debt up to her eyeballs. I remember reading that the Queen was not happy that Peter Philips sold his wedding photos to Hello magazine but Peter and Zara are not royal. If they had titles, it would probably be a different story.

    • Sid says:

      Edward was an HRH while his production company was running. Prince Michael’s racist wife slaps “HRH Princess Michael” all over those tacky romance novels she sells and it seems the Queen says nothing. Fergie put “Duchess of York” on all sorts of tacky merchandise and still does to this day. That cheesy milk commercial Peter did had a tagline stating “member of the British Royal family.” Andrew and his whole “Play at the Palace” or whatever was just a big scheme for him to get people to pay him for access. All of these people are trading on their titles, stylings, and “royal blood” and the Queen does nothing. It looks completely ridiculous for anyone in the BRF or their courtiers to now complain about Meghan and Harry.

      And regarding Peter’s wedding photos, if he had stuck to just photos of him and his ex he might have been okay. Instead he allowed a hidden photographer to take photos of all the royals as they were standing outside of the church, informal, and unaware they were being photographed. That is what got him in trouble.

      • notasugarhere says:

        Zara was angry she wasn’t allowed to sell her wedding photos to Hello! as well. Instead, she and Mike sold the photos of their first daughter.

  35. Sarah says:

    Ok who had ‘Frogmore renovations’ and ‘inexperienced’ in today’s bingo game for stories about the Netflix deal?

    • Olenna says:

      LOL! Is Kween calling this bingo game? Last time she tried, an elderly woman told her she did a sh*tty job.

  36. L4frimaire says:

    Why do people like you think they need to get rid of everything just because they are no longer working royals? They don’t use the titles, the HRH and paying for the reno costs of Frogmore , which supposedly was a wedding “ gift”. You’re the same type who griped and moaned every time Meghan made a public appearance on behalf of the royal family. If she smiles, she was smirking, if she wore a nice dress, she was stealing from taxpayers. Why this constant need to punish Meghan, and now Harry because he dared marry outside the lines and decided it was not worth the abuse? You can’t say they were hangers on, irrelevant, stealing the spotlight, then get twisted when they step away.

  37. aquarius64 says:

    The Queen didn’t get a heads up because Wilileaks would have tipped off his favorite press snitch Dan Rotten, blowing up the deal. The Cambridges have to be sore: Billy sees little brother Harry has his own house and his own money to provide for Archie and any future siblings while he and Kate have to perform for the press and public to stay rent free at KP and Amner Hall. I bet Harry is in a strong position to get half of Diana’s jewelry that have been left to William and him. The Markles are going have to settle for the tabloid chump change they got for dragging the Sussexes because you know M & H had their lawyers draw up papers to not leave them a dime including Bad Dad. Karma.

  38. ravynrobyn says:

    Excuse me, I gotta yell…


    ❗❗❗❗❗WORKING OR NON❗❗❗❗❗

    Thank you.

  39. Izzy says:

    Well, Omid Scobie just Tweeted that it’s been confirmed that Harry has paid back in full the cost of the Frogmore renovations to the Sovereign Grant. So I guess they’re going to have to find a new whining point.

    • Sofia says:

      Piers has already started (well continuing) with the titles. And even if they’re stripped of their titles, they’ll just find a new whining point

      • ABritGuest says:

        Yes critics have started on titles should be removed, shouldn’t be allowed to stay in Frogmore as it’s crown property and even wanting wedding costs back. Probably will want cost of Meghan’s outfits as a working royal too.

        Critics will keep moving the goalposts- it’s called the black tax. so whilst im glad they paid Frogmore back in full (and I suspect this was done a while ago and briefing over the weekend was to make it seem like they succumbed to critics requests when they offered to pay back in January) I hope they just do what feels best for them& their family as the hate isn’t logical& they will never be able to address people’s real issue

      • MsIam says:

        And that is the stupidest point of all unless he comes after Andrew too. Plus what is his point, that non working royals shouldn’t have titles? Aren’t Beatrice and Eugenie non-working? And have outside jobs? But glad to hear about Frogmore, I hope they never go back there again. Just count the money as a loss if it means they are free from that bunch.

  40. Lizzie says:

    William must be a narcissist on the level of trump. My god, he is the future king of England and going to inherit hundreds of millions of dollars. Why in the world would he be so competitive with his younger brother? It really boggles the mind. His future is assured so really he has nothing to gain. He cannot stand for Harry be higher rated in some poll? He needs to stop managing by PR and start actually working. The public are not stupid and know the difference.

    • H says:

      William’s father Charles was very jealous of Diana’s popularity. Petty jealousies seem to run in that family. So glad Harry got out.

  41. Bunny says:

    So: Harry, a middle aged man and Meghan, his wife, didn’t run a business deal past his elderly grandmother (someone who has exhibited horribly bad judgement and who is a known pedophile supporter).

    What is wrong with this picture? Not a single thing that I can see.

  42. tiredoldcrazylady says:

    Most times I don’t even tell my husband what I’m up to before I do it. I 100% don’t ask my grandmother for permission for anything. First they are a burden and can’t use taxpayer or family money ( and the family money is exactly who’s business? the answer is a hard – no one’s business) and now they are making their own money (as they were told to do) and suddenly they need to “check” with people. This is called leading a normal adult life. They get to do it now – on their own terms. Would I rather be a HRH or have a Netflix deal and autonomy over my life? hmmmmmmmmmmm. That question requires no thought to answer. The reaction of some to this great news is all so boring, exhausting and predictable.

  43. Mariane says:

    The more they air out their angst and bitterness the more pathetic they seem losing what little respectability they had. Even haters were praising harry for repsying the refurb cost. People have been getting more aware of what they were up against. Its astonishing to see this archaic out of touch institution thinking so insecure about a 6th in line to the throne.
    I cant wait to see what plans Harry and Meghan have made. I’m certain that this Netflix deal isnt the only one. The silence from the keenbridges is very noticeable. I guess it finally downed on them that their favourite third wheel isnt coming back

    • Ginger says:

      We have seen even LESS of them since Harry and Meghan left. You can tell how much Will and Kate hate to work. They look so disinterested and bored.

    • L4frimaire says:

      I’m just tired of all the constant griping from the Rota and the Royal family mouth pieces. None of it is constructive, and doesn’t build up or enforce the so- callee mystique ( ha!- laughable) of the Royal family, and isn’t with any real merit. Again they keep trotting out the line “we didn’t like what they did although we keep changing what that is”so we can criticize them forever. They were even going on about access to Archie. The fact is being a producer is very much a behind the scenes job. It’s not Like there will be a lot of visibility from them on that front and it is nothing like their royal public life. I think they’ll be front and center with advocacy and charities, but the rest we won’t see much of.

  44. Dl says:

    Forgive the off topic. I have never seen Petty Betty in a color that looks bad on her. Every shade and color is perfect. Whoever helps with this knows their job. As far as H and M, I am so happy for them. There is something about this beautiful little family that brings me happiness and hope. I cannot explain it, it just does.😍

  45. aquarius64 says:

    Now the rotten Rota want the titles taken away? Then Andrew’s HRH needs to officially go. Frogmore was part of the original deal, the Sussexes UK home. You want this RRs? Then Eugenie and Jack need to be evicted from NottCott.

  46. anon says:

    Welp. It was announced today that the Sussexes paid back the Frogmore Cottage renovations in FULL.

    So. There’s that. But I’m sure Dan Woolenblend will find some other angle to drum up clicks.

  47. Twocent says:

    They should as well just give up duke n duchess tittles. They don’t need titles nor any connection to the royal family. They can be successful on their own. Meghan was already a well known n successful actress. They should just drop the tittles to be free from the royal family’s control etc. Harry, your family is a nightmare, cut them loose.

    • BnLurkN4eva says:

      They are not using their titles and apparently it would take an act of parliament to be rid of them, so they should just get on with their lives and let the bitter ones keep talking and that’s exactly what I think they are doing.