Maine wedding in August has now been linked to 147 cases, 3 deaths

In mid August, we reported on a story about a wedding reception in Maine with around 65 people that took place on August 7, approximately one month ago. After about a week and a half the positive coronavirus cases among wedding attendees was around 18, and there were 24 cases that could be contact traced directly to that wedding. Now there are 147 cases and 3 deaths resulting from that single gathering. These are the people that the Maine CDC knows about, there are surely asymptomatic and less severe cases among family and friends who have not been tested or reported. Here’s People’s story on this. It’s a case study in how this virus spreads quickly.

At least 147 new coronavirus cases and three deaths have been linked to an August wedding in Maine that violated the state’s guidelines, Maine Center for Disease Control and Prevention spokesman Robert Long told CNN Saturday.

The updated numbers come just five days after the health agency announced that the wedding in Millinocket had spread the coronavirus to a nursing home and a jail in Maine. The wedding, held on Aug. 7, had 65 attendees, which is above the state’s limit of 50.

A secondary contact of a wedding guest, who is a nursing home staffer at Maplecrest Rehabilitation and Living Center in Madison became infected, leading to 15 more people at the nursing home to test positive for the virus. Maplecrest is more than 100 miles from the wedding’s location.

A staff member at York County Jail in Alfred who attended the wedding also contracted the coronavirus, spreading it to 19 additional staffers, seven of their family members and 46 inmates at the jail, which is more than 200 miles from Millinocket.

The current number of infections linked to the wedding has more than doubled since Aug. 25, when the Maine CDC said the total had risen to 53, with 30 cases in people who attended the wedding, 13 secondary cases and 10 tertiary cases. The health agency had initially reported on Aug. 17 that the wedding had led to 24 infections.

“What we are dealing with is a giant tube of glitter. You open a tube of glitter in your basement then two weeks later you are in the attic and all you find is glitter and have no idea how it got there,” Maine CDC Director Dr. Nirav Shah said on Aug. 25.

“That’s what Covid-19 is like,” he continued. “You open up glitter in Millinocket and next thing you know you are finding traces of it at a jail complex in York County. It’s just emblematic of how quickly, silently and efficiently it can spread.”

[From People]

The inn where this wedding was held lost their license for a little while but has since gotten it back. As I mentioned in my prior coverage of this story, there are so many other events and gatherings in states where the CDC and local officials aren’t keeping track of cases and aren’t contact tracing at all. Even if they were, we still have a loud, obnoxious group of yokels who think that their freedom to spread germs is more important than other people’s lives. I’m sure that the cases resulting from the Sturgis rally in South Dakota are in the thousands but we”re not privy to that information, partially because it’s more difficult to track but also because it was in a state with a Republican governor.

My son and I drove past a frat party this weekend with at least 20 college students, all outside but none with masks, who were closely hanging out and not socially distancing at all. It was incredibly frustrating and upsetting. If I don’t go to the grocery store first thing when it opens or late at night a half hour before it closes, I regularly see about one third of the shoppers without masks. (At 7am everyone wears masks but there are more people. At 9:30 pm there are far less people but usually one or two aren’t wearing masks.) I live in rural Virginia, where masks are required by order of the governor and there are multiple signs on store doors about it. Many stores give out masks at the door but people still won’t wear them and no one is enforcing that. It’s getting to the point where I massively distrust and dislike most people. I’m trying to stay positive, but it’s tough. Thanks for listening to me complain.

Update: While the Big Moose Inn claims there were signs that masks were required, there is an investigation into whether guests were actually wearing them. A statement from Big Moose Inn claims the event was held indoors in two rooms and that they misinterpreted the capacity limits.



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  1. Alexandria says:

    I don’t really see any regrets expressed, correct me if I’m wrong. Knowing how some Americans treat Covid now, seems like this would be treated as just an unfortunate incident that nobody wanted blabla and that life should go on blabla.

    Wear a mask.

    • Pusspants says:

      You are not wrong! I can’t imagine how terrible I’d feel if my wedding indirectly caused the death of 3 people. Such an unnecessary loss of life! Also, what a horrific way to begin a marriage.

  2. Kiera says:

    I live in York County and I can’t tell you how pissed people are about this. The town where this is going on is 20-30 mins from me but because we are in the same county it could affect my town which has done a really good job at keeping people safe, even with tourism.

  3. BlueSky says:

    I am with you. I’m really starting to just dislike people. I’m so thankful I work from home right now and working out from home. I usually go grocery shopping after work on fridays and I’m glad to see an overwhelming majority of people wearing masks. Most of the grocery stores, pharmacies, Target, and Walmart stores here have a “mask required” sign on their doors. I drove by a Crackle Barrel about 2 weeks ago and the parking lot was full. I said to myself “Am I the only one still taking this seriously?”

    A friend of mine from the gym texted me yesterday asking if I had been back. She told me they are still restricting the number of people allowed in the group fitness classes. She told me most of the regulars had not returned but thinks it will pick up once it gets colder.

    • Esmom says:

      I hear you. I haven’t been to a restaurant since March, other than to pick up food and take it home. I cannot for the life of me imagine why anyone would want to crowd into a Cracker Barrel.

      I am the only one who didn’t go back to my gym, which does group training. I see their workouts on social media — no masks, no distancing, and I feel vaguely ill. They have already had one case of Covid but nothing will get between them and their kettlebells, apparently.

      And the local high school principal had to cancel in-person orientation after it came out that a bunch of students were partying in mid-August, including some who KNEW they were positive for Covid. At least 14 more cases have resulted from that and the parents involved refused to cooperate with contact tracing. The principal was very diplomatic in his email but you could read between the lines that he is PISSED. I don’t blame him. Humanity has really revealed a sh^tty side of itself.

      • Katherine says:

        I went to my gym couple weeks ago, started off really good because I went at the time and on the day when barely anyone is there, I took off my mask since it was so roomy. I had 15 amazing minutes of exercise with zero people within at least 10 feet of me and then I heard someone COUGH in the distance. One of the people exercising was coughing here and there and I left and have not been since.

    • Traveler says:

      The level of selfishness and entitlement this has exposed has frightened me. Anyone is expendable. I, me, mine is the attitude of many (if not most). If you are in a vulnerable population you are on your own………….good luck with that.
      In fact, I feel like a freak because my partner and I are the only ones I know who are keeping to essential activities only. My sister and a few friends have regular social gatherings, some are dating, and some are taking non-emergency plane trips/travels. I was prepared to sacrifice all unessential activities now to help get this virus under control sooner rather than later and to help ensure i will be healthy enough to resume my normal(ish) life afterwards but what good does that do when there is no cooperation for the common good.

      • Anna says:

        Same here. I live in Chicago and the only place I go for groceries, once a week first thing in the morning, is Trader Joe’s which seems to be the only grocery store that requires and enforces masks and also sprays carts religiously and wipes everything down in the store. I so appreciate everyone there and thank them profusely every time I go in because they are saving my life. I’ve been sick with issues unrelated to covid all August and being able to go there for groceries/food is my lifeline. I triple mask–cloth, surgical and carbon filter–plus sunglasses any time I go out and wear gloves and keep a small bottle of rubbing alcohol which I spray around my face in the elevator since people are refusing to wear masks in the building. I don’t even take out the trash except weekly grocery trip, do everything at once. Haven’t hugged anyone since March, haven’t been on a date (well, that was years anyway so…lol), no get-togethers, nothing. I stay home and work and that’s fine by me. I am going to outlive this f-ing pandemic! Wishing everyone the best here. Stay strong and keep on keeping on!

  4. Stephanie says:

    The saddest part is the three individuals who have since died did not attend the wedding or have any connection to it (from what I read elsewhere). So congratulations bride and groom, you’ve killed three people. Hope your wedding was amazing.

    We were in Maine in early July and the state was so strict with all of their rules for tourists and residents. Such sad news for the state as a whole and shows that it only takes a small amount to really ruin it for the rest.

    • Anna says:

      That’s the worst part, so so sad. People really are so selfish. Good for them–they and their guests will certainly remember that wedding. :( I just can’t believe being so selfish that you would put so many people’s lives at risk, people they don’t even know. Similarly, the people who don’t wear masks or put them under their chin or think it’s cute to have their nose showing. I want to say, you’re ugly if you don’t wear a mask. It’s not “cute” to play with death, *my* potential death. Sexy to me now is double- and triple-mask, full coverage, spraying everything, gloves, the whole bit. That shows who is respectful and responsible.

  5. Miss Margo says:

    I live in Toronto and inside, anywhere, you have to wear masks. Unless you’re eating in a socially distanced seat in a restaurant. I agree, I am disliking most people too. But I like the ones I see wearing masks! Those people make me happy!

  6. WigletWatcher says:

    For what it’s worth, this labor day i saw to s of people wearing masks while out. A handful didn’t out of everyone. Rules were respected and enforced.

    Maine is in tourist mode and while we can’t force anyone to wear masks businesses are refusing service unless you respect the rules.

    However, I just drove by a school this morning and the kids and teachers wore those single cloth face masks sold in the area and everyone was close together. So, idk.

  7. Abby says:

    Were wedding guests wearing masks? Was it inside?? What about the nursing home and jail staff, did they wear masks at work? It just seems crazy to me to have that kind of spread if everyone was wearing masks and staying apart. I know it’s not fool-proof by any means, but that is a crazy superspreader event with not that many people. Makes me sad and mad.

    ETA – article says wedding was at a church, reception at an inn, they don’t know if everyone wore masks.

  8. Eleonor says:

    Here in France we have to wear masks outside in some selected area, sunday I went in my favouritue coffee bar and well… a lot of people were acting responsibly (here where I live we didn’t have too many cases) but a lot were walking like nothing happened.

  9. janey says:

    I’m actually telling people now, those using a mask to keep their chin warm or those standing too close with or without a mask. If someone isn’t wearing a mask I try to be understanding but it’s hard. My 8yo can manage the rules so it upsets me to see. I’m in rural England and we haven’t been too affected here but it’s no excuse for complacency.

    I hope this couple feels terrible, it was a stupid thing to do and sets their married life off to a horrible start.

    • Agirlandherdog says:

      I think this is the crux of the problem. In more rural areas, there are fewer cases, and because people haven’t been personally affected by it in some way, they use the “it’s being blown out or proportion” argument.

      Sorry CB, but I’ve always believed people, as a general rule, are selfish, selfish creatures, worried only for themselves, and their own comfort, with no regard for what others might be going through. This is just another example in a long line, as far as I’m concerned.

  10. emmy says:

    It’s the large gatherings. I don’t understand how that is not common knowledge by now. People aren’t getting it primarily in supermarkets or hair salons, on trains or in offices. It’s the parties and church services etc. The hardest hit town in Germany could be traced back to one couple who went to a Karneval event in February (I think it was that early). One couple. If your wedding is more important than people’s health and lives, I hope you have the most acrimonious divorce in the history of mankind.

    • josephine says:

      The crazy part to me is how very much religious leaders are pushing for the large gatherings. You know, religious leaders who are actually *supposed* to care about the people that come to their services. But instead, you see a crazy number of religious heads who are pushing for everyone to come together, inside, in huge numbers. Don’t they realize they can get their money over the internet like everyone else?? It really sickens me to see how many of the large gatherings are being led by so-called religious leaders. No one who actually cares about people are pushing for these huge gatherings.

      • Amy Too says:

        It’s much harder to pass the donation plate virtually. I think that is largely what the churches are about—they need to keep getting their regular donations. And in some of the very conservative evangelical religions, they have to keep regularly indoctrinating people. It’s like a cult, if people get away or get some distance, they might realize their church isn’t a great place for them mentally or socially, or that the rules and teachings actually don’t make a lot of sense. They have to be continuously regularly reinfected with the misogynistic, anti-gay, anti-trans, Hellfire and Brimstone, mega conservative rhetoric or they start to question it and stray.

      • Anna says:

        @Amy Too Exactly all of this x100000000

      • The Recluse says:

        Including the guy in Maine who officiated at the wedding. He’s one of those goons blathering on about his religious rights – to be irresponsible and kill his congregation and their friends and family by association. Ugh.

  11. Leigh says:

    I live in a red state where a LOT of people call masks “mind control”, just a bunch of dumb hicks basically. A friend works in a nursing home and she was exposed to their first covid case so she became the covid nurse, within a week there were 15. At a nursing home. Imagine the carnage. Not a peep made the local news.

    • Izzy says:

      Honestly, if I knew someone like that I would be contacting every local and national media outlet to tell them about it. That information NEEDS to be made public.

  12. TeamAwesome says:

    If the woman I saw at the grocery store with a mask over her oxygen tubing can haul her canister around and wear a mask then all these assholes can wear a mask. The selfish stupidity on full display is astounding. Every time we go to the grocery, I see less people wearing masks. I’m already having anxiety about holiday gatherings a few months out. My parents are 85 and 83 and I don’t trust any of the rest of my family to act right, even for their sake.

    • Sara says:

      My husband and I have already decided that for Thanksgiving, we are going to cook meals for our parents ahead of time and drop them off safely. Luckily, both sets of our parents have been smart about Covid and I doubt they’ll want to gather for the holidays anyway.

    • (TheOG) Jan90067 says:

      I’ve posted repeatedly in my Twitter feed that my almost 93 yr old dad, ON OXYGEN, using a walker/wheelchair, can manage to wear a mask over this for 2-4 HOUR doctors’ appts., and these younger friggin’ MAGAts can’t manage to wear one for half an hour is just SO BEYOND comprehension.

      It’s NOT about ability to do so, in ANY way, shape, or form. It’s about “owning the libs”… all the way to the ventilator/grave it seems (for others, if not themselves!).

  13. SusieQ says:

    My mom, my boyfriend, and I all currently have Covid. My mom and I work in a hospital, and that’s where we were exposed. My mom is in the hospital. Hopefully she’ll be released this week, but she’ll be on oxygen for months.

    I can’t smell or taste anything, and I’m dealing with weight loss I didn’t need (down to 99 lbs). My boyfriend and I are both walking like we’re 90 due to our back and leg pains, and we’re only 45 and 34. And the brain fog is a whole other level with this monster.

    I too live in rural Virginia, surrounded by people who refuse to take this seriously. It seems 90% of my town has been on multiple vacations to every southeastern hot spot, particularly Myrtle Beach and Tennessee. Meanwhile, my boyfriend and I have been nowhere except for work and some socially distanced hikes. And the only place my mom has been is work.

    • Esmom says:

      Oh no, SusieQ. Best to you and your bf and mom. Hope you all start to feel better soon.

      My college age son’s close friend is 20 and on his campus, super sick with Covid. He said it’s worse than the worst flu he’s ever had. I am enraged by how many college parents are dismissive of this, saying young people will “survive.” Being sick like this is NOT a great way to start the semester, not to mention we have no idea what the residual effects might be, even for college-age people.

    • Christin says:

      @SusieQ – I hope all of you recover soon. It has to be frustrating to do the right things and then be exposed at your workplace.

      Work is the place where I feel most vulnerable, too, because of how many co-workers socialize during their weekends/evenings and take vacations to SC or FL. The Smokies tourist area is a hotspot, and it amazes me to see video footage of people in that area acting as if everything is normal (crowds on the street with few masks).

      Staying apart and wearing masks is a relatively simple thing to do, but too many think it’s an inconvenience to their lives. Wait for the holidays. I seriously doubt people will stay apart.

      • SusieQ says:

        The worst thing is that leadership at the hospital where I work continue to have in-person meetings in cramped conference rooms. I witnessed that late last week when I remotely dialed into a meeting on my computer. It’s like they think the masks are magic and will protect them from one another when they’re sitting shoulder-to-shoulder.

      • Christin says:

        Meetings are the worst. Most of my co-workers take masks off in the conference room (apparently thinking the room size negates the need, even though most sit within three feet of one another). I keep mine on and stay at least 6 feet away.

        The dissonance between having people work at home, yet still feel that some must gather in a room, is astounding. Stay at the desk!

    • Case says:

      I wish you and your loved ones a speedy recovery!

    • Traveler says:

      My best wishes to you and your family.

    • MerlinsMom1018 says:

      This just blows on so many levels. I am sending you and your Mom and BF wishes for a speedy recovery as well.

  14. Izzy says:

    My stepmom is a school nurse and she has been informed that they are planning to reopen in-school classes in two weeks. She is NOT happy about it. This is a private school full of entitled aholes and their spawn, and they routinely would send their kids to school sick, sometimes even dosing them with Tylenol in the morning to keep fever down. Everyone is having to sign additional paperwork agreements to not send their kids in sick and that they are not allowed to dose them for fevers, but I absolutely expect at least one of them to violate these new rules and it only takes one. This is just a cluster whoops waiting to happen. I wouldn’t be unhappy if she decided to quit her job.

    I’m really coming out of this pandemic hating people.

    • (TheOG) Jan90067 says:

      Izzy…after 30 yrs. of teaching, the tales I could tell you about parents sending sick kids to school!!! On of the “best” (ha!) is a parent who sent the kid to school with chicken pox, and tried to tell me it was just acne (1st gr., 6 1/2-7 yrs old!). Yeah…I wanted to tell her that if she thought I’d believe that, I had some seafront property in AZ to sell her!

    • JanetDR says:

      I work in a special ed preschool and am working just a tiny bit per diem for now. I sincerely hope that everything goes well, but my gut said “NO!”.

  15. robyn says:

    Whenever I am out and about where you can’t social distance and I see someone NOT wearing a mask (especially indoors in stores, etc.) I think SELFISH!!! Yuck to all the disrespectful stupid people who don’t care about the health of others, including the head of STUPID, Donald Trump.

  16. Regular Poster says:

    I’m staying anon here. I was at a family wedding this weekend. I was double-masked. My family members were masked – but the bride and groom’s friends, and the groom’s family – didn’t wear masks. It was mind-boggling. It was like they didn’t even bring them. They weren’t even pretending to wear one. Some asked why I was wearing two – I said something like “oh, it makes me feel better.”

    One interesting thing is that two of the “young’ns” that I talked to said that they had just been tested that morning and earlier in the week. They’re in college and tested frequently. I wonder if this leads to all of them thinking masks aren’t necessary.

    • ME says:

      They do know that even if they got tested that morning, they could still catch the virus DURING the wedding right? Or are they of the mindset that if they catch the virus it will just be like a little cold for them? They need to do some research…

    • Kkat says:

      I was at a funeral Saturday, I really felt very uneasy about going.
      My husband and i double masked, and it was a viewing, no service, so we only stayed 30 minutes.

      It was inside! there were at least 50 people there and 3/4 of those assholes were NOT wearing masks. Some were from Texas who had flown in.
      I’m located in Southern California.

      I am positive people are going to get sick from that.

      My husband and I and our kids had covid from march to june, so im reallllllllyyyyyy hoping we still have some antibodies

      • Oddsnends says:

        You should be fine. My 23 year old son was sick in February — not bad enough to miss work — and has been following all the masking protocols for work. He’s also a regular plasma donor, so he found out pretty quickly that his “cold” was probably covid19. He still tests positive for antibodies. You and your family probably will as well. Donate and they’ll let you know for sure and your plasma will help treat a covid19 sufferer.

      • Trashaddict says:

        Yes but there has also been at least one documented case of reinfection. So keep masking and avoid stupid people.

  17. Frida_K says:

    And meantime, California burns as a result of someone’s gender reveal party sparking the conflagration.

    It’s baffling, the short-sightedness and self-absorption of some people. I understand wanting to have a wedding and I understand wanting to share joy in a forthcoming baby. But when these celebrations cause death and destruction, maybe … Idk, just maybe…it’s time to rethink the concept of actions having consequences.

    • Mabs A'Mabbin says:

      Omg, the gender reveal! Haven’t people died at one?

    • Christin says:

      And it was some type of smoke-producing pyrotechnic device (a/k/a firework) that reportedly caused that raging fire. And it happened once before?

      People insist on gatherings and include dangerous fireworks. Another example of the selfishness and lack of concern that causes issues (if not suffering and destruction) for many others.

      I personally wish any type of pyro device would be illegal for consumers to purchase. We have neighbors who use them at random times, all year long, and late into the night.

      • ME says:

        I have neighbors that use fireworks. They go out onto the street, right in front of my house and fire off fireworks. I’m not even sure they’re allowed to do that. But each and every time they do it, it scares the shit out of me. It also seems like a very dangerous thing to do. It’s like people just don’t care.

      • Christin says:

        @ME – I have heard it is not legal to do so from a public street, but don’t know if that is for certain states.

      • Kate says:

        @ME – it’s probably illegal right in front of a house but I get that you don’t necessarily want to go all karen on them calling cops. Maybe you could talk to them one time during the day about setting them off farther away from your house, because it scares you and the local fire ordinance requires a minimum distance of [insert your local requirements here - in PA it's minimum 150 ft from an occupied structure].

      • Genessee says:

        When it comes to fireworks, I can and will KAREN THE HELL OUT (or is it Becky since I’m not of Karen age yet?). Not only do I have asthma but my street is narrow and full of apartment buildings with dry brush and trees that are NOT maintained on the street. One quick blaze and a whole bunch of people will be newly homeless.

        And I will NOT lose my rent-controlled apartment because of some dumb mfer wanted to play around with fireworks in the middle of an urban city.

    • ME says:

      I saw this on the news last night and it made me so mad ! What absolute morons. I think the authorities are looking at penalties for the couple or perhaps even a criminal charge.

    • Traveler says:

      This made me livid! I really have no more words for the intense selfishness of homo sapien.

  18. Scal says:

    What stinks is the minister that officiated thinks that covid is a hoax, masks are a government plot, and buys into that 6% conspiracy theory. He’s had many LARGE religious services with no social distancing and no masks since he’s gotten home. So there’s another super spreader event just waiting to happen.

  19. Sara says:

    My neighbor three doors down from me held a wedding reception this past weekend at his house. We know there were at least 50 people because the letter said that’s what their guest count would be. We got a letter saying all the guests would wear masks and stay six feet away from each other. Photos on social media showed there were no masks being worn and no one was distancing. To add to this, the owner of the home is the head of a large OB practice – I think it’s actually the largest of its kind in this area. Pregnant women are in the high risk category for Covid and my own OB has told me we’re just not going to know for another 20 years if babies in utero or newborn will have long term effects if they get it, regardless of if they’re born healthy. I am furious about this and don’t even know what to do. I could contact the practice, but he’s the head of it so….

    • whatWHAT? says:

      contact the practice. contact the state medical board. post on their facebook page. send a letter to the local paper. hell, put an ADVERTISEMENT in the local paper.

      people need to be hit in the wallet to get it.

  20. Case says:

    Can you imagine being so stupid and selfish to be like “well a couple people might die from this, but the wedding must go on!” Get married at the courthouse, celebrate with everyone in 2022.

    It’s these events where people aren’t social distancing and wearing masks that are the entire problem. I think (and certainly hope) it’s low risk to go to the supermarket. Because everyone is wearing masks so there’s no real way for the virus to spread there. But people going to backyard parties, weddings, working out together, etc.? It enrages me. Nothing has changed. We haven’t earned “getting back to normal” yet, go back inside.

    And agreed, I’m also at the point where I distrust or don’t like most people. I have exactly one friend on the same page as me with staying safe. Everyone else is going to the beach with 10 friends, visiting people’s homes inside, etc. If it weren’t for finding people on social media who ARE likeminded to me, I’d feel completely alone in mostly staying home and having no desire to like, go out to eat or have people over my house.

  21. Suz says:

    How long can a marriage survive if you know your party to celebrate it killed three people and made hundreds sick? Unless you are both selfish a-holes, which if you’re doing this during a pandemic, you are.

    • ME says:

      If they cared, they would have postponed their stupid wedding.

    • Mabs A'Mabbin says:

      Right? But the pictures! Imagine grabbing the wedding album to share with friends and family 30 years from now. It was so lovely, beautiful — everything was perfect. But grandma, we were studying the 2020 virus outbreak in class and how people refused to protect themselves and others. Nobody is wearing a mask at your party, did people get sick? You don’t think so? Here, let’s get a quick look… Oh here you are! You made the news. Omg, you’re responsible for dozens and dozens of sick and dead guests. So, what were you trying to tell me again? About love? Happiness? Responsibility? Education? Compassion? Empathy? Honesty? Generosity?

  22. Veronica S. says:

    Be *real* interesting to see if any lawsuits come out of this from people who racked up medical bills by being exposed to somebody not following the rules. There is some precedent for it legally, though it’s shaky, but I’ve been wondering for awhile if we would start to see cases start to arise from the anti-vax movement where people were getting infected with communicable disease.

  23. ME says:

    I always knew some humans in general were assholes, but this pandemic made me realize that way too many humans are assholes…wayyyyy tooooo manyyyyyy. Selfish pieces of sh*t.

  24. ME says:

    Can’t wait until October when all the morons out there are going to send their kids out trick or treating. It hurts to say this but I won’t be giving out candy this year.

  25. Ohpioneer says:

    In Ohio here where masks are mandatory ( & our Republican governor is not a moron). I camped over the weekend with the family members who’ve been in my quarantine bubble. And I was overall impressed by how respectful of social distancing my fellow campers were. Masks were required to go inside the office/store at the campground. I didn’t see a single person without one. Restrooms are individual and everyone social distanced while waiting. Reservations for the pool and a limit of 10 people at a time. The other family that was in the pool with us stayed at one end and we stayed at the other.
    BUT this campground is located in the middle of ground zero for Trump supporters and the couple of times we went outside the campground there were tons of non mask wearers. Granted most of them were Amish and may have an exemption on religious grounds. I just don’t understand if you will wear shoes & a shirt to go out why is a mask such a problem? I fear COVID will be with us a lot longer.

  26. KellyRyan says:

    First time out of the house since April. I work from home, husband shops at Costco and Winco for both of us, online orders for household items. I went to my salon this am and my hairdresser is tested, uses hand sanitizers, and will not take new clients. Far too many people engaging in parties. I live in a mountain community which has over 100 Airbnb’s. House parties have become the new normal in Southern California. No proof any of these homes have been decontaminated. I refuse to patronize local businesses considering it high risk.

  27. MerlinsMom1018 says:

    I have said it before. I live in a tiny, don’t-blink-or-you’ll-miss-it place in the deepest red trump country ever and everyone wears a mask to the stores and gas stations here. I have yet to see anyone without a mask. It’s rigorously enforced. We are both retired (in our early 60′s) and I have a compromised immune system so our trips out are minimal. I told one idiot who was not masked, because, “mah rights” you know, that HIS right to not wear a mask did not supercede MY right to stay healthy and alive. (This was early in the game before mandatory masking.)
    My point is if the trumpers in MY particular area wear masks and don’t bitch, (greg abbott not withstanding) then I believe everyone can and should
    The utter selfishness of some people…

  28. Caela says:

    There is a Reddit thread on this wedding at r/weddingshaming and they have social media posts from one of the guests complaining about how the media has treated them since. It is a wild read if you have time, the level of entitlement and false victimhood is phenomenal.

    • Christin says:

      Well, this answers the question of whether the couple/guests registered any regrets (no pun intended).

  29. Grant says:

    Unbelievable. Just inexcusable. And this will continue because people are @$$holes.

  30. lemon8 says:

    There was an annual senior scavenger hunt for the high school in our town, which would be a fine thing to do for a socially distanced / masked up activity. One of the genius parents had the kids take off their masks for a photo of all 30 kids and posted it on social media. Went viral, a couple of the high schoolers test positive for COVID, lots of Facebook drama, and our school opened a few weeks late which was so annoying and confusing for my twin kindergarteners. Some people are just jerks.

  31. Lisa says:

    Aggravating entitlement.

  32. Annoyed says:

    I am consistently amazed at people. My 80-something mother passed away in August (not from COVID). In her obituary and our announcement we said “services will be held at a later date due to COVID-19”. A lot of the people who would have come are elderly themselves, and I didn’t want to put them in a position to have to make a choice between paying their respects and their health. We held a small Zoom memorial for immediate family and will (hopefully) do something next spring if we can safely hold a gathering. I got no less than 5 responses from people saying I was being selfish by not holding an in-person service immediately!! We are in Canada for what it’s worth – I was not expecting that response.

  33. Tursitops says:

    Why aren’t the bride and groom named in most of the coverage? And why do I think that that would very differently presented if they were a racial/cultural/sexual minority?

  34. Murphski says:

    I live in Maine. While this wedding was not in my county, the pastor that was the officiant has a church in my county which is also now causing outbreaks including one at the county jail. Before this, our county schools were rated green to allow for in person learning. Just last Friday they changed us to yellow which is hybrid. Have a feeling our county will now be red and fully remote when they reasses next week. So because these people decided to hold a wedding they have impacted the lives of all families and children in my county. It really is selfish. Just because people are over the pandemic doesn’t mean it’s actually over.

  35. Miatagal says:

    I live in Central Maine, a couple of hours from Millinocket where this event was held. The fallout from “the wedding” as we call it has been huge here in our State. We were rolling along pretty well thanks to our conscientious governor before this happened. Now we have three dead and over 150 cases attributed to this event, including secondary and tertiary cases. Poor York County’s jail is a hotbed as a guest worked there, and it continues to spread through the church in Sanford where the officiant at the wedding continues to preach his nonsense. Yes, we are pissed!