Angelina Jolie is ‘grossed out’ & ‘furious’ about Brad Pitt’s cavorting with Nico Mary

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Again, I do not believe that Brad Pitt’s Girlfriend Rollout was supposed to happen like this. The story was supposed to be “Hot Bachelor Brad Pitt has a gorgeous young girlfriend and she’s more beautiful than Angelina Jolie.” Within a matter of days, the story became “wow, Brad Pitt’s new girlfriend is super-thirsty AND she’s still married to a very old German man AND she’s seemingly obsessed with his ex-wives in a really creepy way.” To say that this blew up in his face would be a kind reading. But still, his team is really trying to make this into something. “Sources” went to Us Weekly to claim that Brad “just doesn’t care” if Angelina is upset by the fact that he took his young hustler girlfriend to the Chateau Miraval on what would have been his wedding anniversary. To be clear, Brad is openly goading Angelina and begging her for a reaction. And now “sources” claim that Angelina is actually upset. Um…

The Sunday Mirror can reveal Angelina hit the roof after learning of Brad’s affair with German model Nicole Poturalski – at 27, barely half his age. Angie, 45, flipped after Brad, 56, reportedly took his new flame to Chateau Miraval, a £50million vineyard estate which the former couple co-own in the south of France. It was where Brad and Angie wed in 2014 in front of their kids Maddox, 19, Pax, 16, Zahara, 15, Shiloh, 14, and twins Vivienne and Knox, 12.

An insider said: “Angie is furious and utterly stunned Brad could stoop this low. She was highly hopeful they could dial down the intensity after a terrible summer of fighting, but now that’s totally off the table. It grosses her out that he’s cavorting around Europe so publicly with this girl, instead of keeping a private and dignified lid on his love life. The fact he’s apparently taken them to her marital home is just beyond tacky and inappropriate, however Brad wants to cut it. This will make it even harder for them to see eye-to-eye about anything and has taken them to a whole new low that nobody imagined possible.”

[From The Daily Mirror]

Does Angelina actually feel this way or is Team Pitt just trying to goad her again? At first, I was sure this was Team Pitt putting words in Angelina’s mouth because they’re desperate to change the story. But I don’t know – maybe Angelina actually feels this way? Because this is how I would imagine she genuinely feels – disgusted at Brad’s shenanigans, appalled by how tacky and gross and pathetic he’s being.

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Also: Nico Mary finally got out of her sad bedroom and now she’s doing photoshoots at what looks like a public park?

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  1. Teresa says:

    If she feels this way I don’t think anyone would blame her. It doesn’t mean she’s sad or jealous of him, it probably means she’s bothered she was with such a low life creep to begin with and is bummed her kids have that as a father.

    • Jess says:

      I’m grossed out and furious, and he’s not the father of MY children!

    • Stacy says:

      What is gross is a father of 6 minor children thinking its alright to take his thirsty married girlfriend to children’s family home , and make a statement of taking her on what would had been their parents 6th wedding anniversary.
      It’s like Brad Pitt has been so blinded in his hate towards Angelina that he doesnt appear to care about hurting his children’s feelings.
      Furthermore sad is that this Mrs Nico Mary doesnt seem to care for her own marriage let alone her 7 year old son, whom she clearly is neglecting in her gun-ho chase to be famous for sleeping with another old rich man.

      • Gobo says:

        I sometimes wonder if when Jennifer Aniston said he was “missing a sensitivity chip” was she down-low just saying; Dude’s a bit of a sociopath.

      • SilverPoodle says:

        100% this.

      • Jen says:

        But I don’t know if it’s hate or missing his former wife and family. Why would he choose to be with a woman who looks so much like Angelina? It seems sad and desperate to me.

      • Snappyfish says:

        @Gobo I was never an Aniston fan but I think she knew what she was talking about & I think he a bit of a sociopath so I guess she dodged the bullet. I adore Angie (you can go back over a decade on this site & see that evidence) & I believe her only concern is her children have a straight up abusive douchebag w/out moral compass for a father.

        He truly had been allowed to skate because he was pretty

      • lucy2 says:

        Gobo, I always thought that was a pretty generous comment by her, considering what he did. And that’s nothing compared to whatever he did to the kids and Angelina.
        Dodged a bullet for sure.

    • Esme says:

      I believe she’s laughing at him as much as we are – and trying to explain things to the younger children in a kind way (and totally laughing at him with her older boys).
      I mean, he’s (badly) trying to be seen dating a cheap copy of her, it’s clear who’s the hung up one of the two. Not Angie. She’s laughing her ass off ;) – she can spot a PR epic fail better than we do.

      • ItReallyIsYou,NotMe says:

        +100% Angie is LHAF and also maybe wondering what she ever saw in that tool.

      • Stacy says:

        You are right. But still what an awful thing to do in gaslighting behavior towards Angelina and the kids by these sleazy actions of him. This type of behavior isnt going to endear him to his already traumatized six children, who clearly still are not seeing him. One cant blame them after
        Makes it further more sleazier seeing how happily Mrs Nico Mary is co-signing with all this sleazy affair. She really started believing Brad Pitt’s Publicists hype that she is better looking than Angelina Jolie. Poor Mrs Nico Mary doesnt know she is being used by old man Pitt.

  2. Eleonor says:

    I am grossed out, she has children with him I can’t imagine…I don’t think she is furious, but pissed? Yes.

    • Sammantha says:

      I would be embarrassed and grossed out on behalf of her six young children, who clearly can see their own father is pilling on the gross. And Mrs Nico Mary is no innocent either, she can do as many posing for selfies and get more Followers, at the end of the day she is making hay on an sleazy financial arranged affair between a man 30 years older than her. They both are repulsive.

    • Myra says:

      Angelina is a very liberally-minded woman so I doubt she is grossed out by two adults having sex all over Europe. Disappointed? Maybe. He did take the new girl to the place they got married and they still co-own. That must hurt. She might have thought that despite their history and his dependency on alcohol, he was a better man than that. But after witnessing his behaviour post-separation, all signs would have shown her how small (petty, vindictive) of a man he is.

      • 1Dangelo says:

        Brad Pitt sure is no longer the man Angelina Jolie had built him up to be , the good father and good husband and partner, his post-separation actions are in front of everyone to see, how much he went after her and blamed her for everything.
        A man who cry’s that he only will take 50% of the blame and his side of the street, despite knowing it was “his drunken angry behavior on the airplane that blew his family apart”, yet he carried on vilifying and defaming Angelina Jolie and even his son Maddox whom he hit and not in the face as per his manager.

        I think its safe to say Angelina Jolie is clearly “disappointed and dismayed in his ugly behavior that isnt just hurting her personally but their children’s feelings too”, which for whatever reason Brad Pitt doesnt seem to show an ounce of empathy towards.

  3. Christine says:

    What a THIRSTY PAIR OF OLD FOOL and his equally THIRSTY OPEN MARRIED Girlfriend who is stalking Angelina and all things related to Angelina Jolie. First I don’t believe Angelina cares who Brad is slumming with, especially not an escort going around his old friends. The only genune concern of Angelina’s would be the ugly headlines her poor children have to wake up to every day due to their father and his icky affairs.

  4. JaneDoesWerk says:

    I mean I don’t blame her, that is super low and gross. I definitely think that Angelina is very controlling about her own life and image and I feel like it’s rare for her to be Included in a narrative that she is not driving. She might be over Brad, but I don’t think she loves being dragged into his messiness publicly.

  5. Scollins says:

    It’s funny. I bet Angelina is just glad the bum is distracted. Not a care about who or what since the kids are all old enough to know what’s really important to him. Too bad they don’t have a devoted dad but there are worse things in life, like their mother’s cancer.

  6. Lively says:

    Tabloids trying to start a misogynistic dialogue again, It’s been 4 yrs since the separation.
    His a fool on his own, don’t drag her into it

  7. Jen says:

    I mean taking her to the chateau on wedding anniversary is tacky and i wouldnt blame angelina for being pissed whatsoever. Brad seems to be quite the dick.

    • Freida says:

      Can you even imagine how Angelina Jolie would have tried to explain to her already traumatized children what abhorrent behavior their father and his new sleazy girlfriend did, In their own home. Nothing screams “I hate you” as what Brad Pitt has done to Angelina and his own children and their memory.

    • Belle says:

      I agree and he has in the past in his interviews try to project a degree of progression, maturity and even wisdow with age and this proves he is another idiot. An old man running behind a young girl. Pathetic, gross and every other adjective that describes this kind of behavior.

  8. Chaine says:

    Nico needs to up her selfie game! Can she not at least afford a professional height tripod so that she is not left smiling sadly downwards at a camera perched precariously on a rock or her handbag in the grass…

    • Chanteloup says:

      Lol, with the shade you’re throwing, she’s going to need some better lighting, too!

    • T25 says:

      LOL I think Brad Pitt’s team is on it, they already got her very first Elle Cover since her Instagram modelling since she was 19 years old, and now she is 27 .

    • Godwina says:

      Ha, sounds like ELLE is pretty thirsty too.

      • T25 says:

        ELLE ARE THIRSTY, but I guess they needed the money that was thrown at them to buy his latest married lady love her first ever Cover in her whole modeling career LOL . Did you see the lame vanilla Cover, posing very hard.

    • Kosmos says:

      Nico seems very self obsessed with herself at this point…..I don’t see anything on IG except photos of herself in various forms of dress or undress. Can’t the woman photograph something else other than her body? The only thing I’m disappointed in is who Brad has taken up with…..I don’t care if they’re at the Angie/Brad marriage home bc Angie/Brad are so over. They can each go their own ways now and take up with other partners or date. I believe Angie is scheduled to marry a businessman when this is over, right? But, I get it, Brad is being too public with his fling…..too bad. As I said, I’m only disappointed with who he’s having the fling with lol……

  9. T25 says:

    It is equally GROSS how Nico Mary is cashing in her new found fame. She is no better than Brad Pitt, open marriage or not, she clearly has no care for her husband Roland Mary nor her 7 year old son. Where do they factor in her life of constant instagraming ? I am sorry but its just very skivvy grossed out affair, who knew Brad Pitt would be connected in such group of people.
    He sure has lost all the good will respect of being number one father figure, with such low level actions.

  10. SJR says:

    I highly doubt AJ gives 2 sh*ts about who BP is carrying on with.
    AJ has had major health surgeries/concerns, lost her Mom, is still dealing with the BS about finalizing the divorce, AND she is primary parent to 6 children.
    She knows who BP is better than any of us.
    She probably is so tired of his BS and his PR team.

  11. Chanteloup says:

    I’m just here to say thank you for using that picture of Brad every time you post a story about his idiocy.

  12. T25 says:

    Thank you Kaiser for using that photo of Brad Pitt every time, makes the narrative of his life ever so more gross, LOL.

  13. Michelle says:

    After pitt took his girlfriend to miraval, he then had the nerve to go to Angelina’s house to see the kids.

    • Lady D says:

      Dude’s really hoping for a confrontation. Really hoping. He’ll settle for any reaction out of her, but in her own home? Bonus points. Never underestimate the power of douche.

    • Zut alors says:

      Why does everyone think he went to her house? He was conveniently papped at the entrance gates of the neighborhood where she lives. He also has other friends who lives live in that gated community like Fincher. He wants people to think he was at Angie’s house. His whole mo is to create false positive narratives for himself using pap shots. Don’t fall for the okey doke.

  14. FHMom says:

    I’m going to disagree. Angelina doesn’t seem that judgmental. I kind of doubt she cares what he does at this point. She has a life with her kids like many single moms. This whole storyline seems tabloid driven.

  15. crogirl says:

    She may feel this way but I don’t think Sunday Mirror is her go to magazine

  16. lobstah says:

    Can we talk about the fact that Angie’s leaving a Marshall’s in that pic? I wanna know what she bought!

    • Genessee says:

      I was just about to post the same dang thing. I keep wondering why the heck Angie and the kids keep getting papped there. I thought at first it was because of the Petco that is in that small complex, but no. Apparently not.

      What’s worst, this isn’t even a “nice” Marshalls. It’s in a slightly seedy area of Hollywood/Los Feliz. When I saw that Farmer Boys sign I was like WHAT? Whyyyyy? LOL I guess she wanted to stay close to home.

  17. Mrs. Peel says:

    Did Ben’s ex-nanny ever return that superbowl ring? Because I keep expecting it to show up in Nico’s insta.

    • lucy2 says:

      LOL! Same energy, for sure.

    • Jay says:

      Ha! That’s EXACTLY what this reminds me of – Chrissy O – these old guys have not bargained for the instagram generation.

      Angelina should take heart that Jennifer Garner came out of that stronger than ever, at least in terms of image and bargaining power.

      Also, I don’t think Angelina would say that she is “furious”. Disgusted, embarrassed, and pitying of someone who is making poor choices, yes. She should echo Garner’s line – “bless his heart”.

  18. Starkille says:

    Does anyone actually believe that this tale came from anywhere other than Team Pitt. Angelina clearly doesn’t give a toss. He looks like a yapping dog trying desperately to get her to pay attention to him.

    • Stacey says:

      He sure seems to be obsessed with her, looks and what she thinks, after all he wants her to know he has found much younger women that look liek her LOL. He is such a loser.

    • Sarah says:

      That’s exactly what I was coming here to say. This has Team Pitt fingerprints on it loud and clear. Maybe she shrugged, maybe she’s disappointed. But I just don’t see her ‘flipping out’. Obviously total speculation as I do now know this woman but this reads far more as misogynistic PR continuing a time-worn narrative about her than anything else.

  19. anp says:

    I hope the public does not buy this fake news used against Angelina to help BP.

  20. Darya says:

    They split up ages ago. She need to accept the fact that he has moved on and dating other women now.

    • Mosley says:

      Considering how hard pressed Brad Pitt and his team are shilling his already married younger girlfriend to the world, at least he should have shown some respect to his 6 children, whom he is dragging too via attacking their mother.
      Brad Pitt should be ashamed of himslef, not the family whom he attacked and walked away and carried on blaming in the media with his lies.

    • ennie says:

      She dumped his as*
      I bet she knew this would happen. It is his modus operandi.
      She doesn’t have time for this bull while she’s raising their family, the one he mistreated and disregarded.
      He chose a good woman to be a mother to his children, sad I can’t say the same as he ended on to be subpar to her. She is flawed, but she really is a good woman who sacrificed a lot to be with him. Good riddance.

    • Sierra says:

      Well it seems Brad is the one who can’t let go. Asking for extensions 3 times and refusing to submit his financials for 2 years.

      Angelina is just minding her own business by raising 6 children.

    • Lady D says:

      Darya, if he’s moved on, why has he delayed the divorce by asking for extensions three years running now? It seems each time his financials are to be presented to the court, he asks for more time. I wonder why? Is it because it’s the only thing he has left to try and get her attention with? Why do you think she hasn’t moved on?

    • francine says:

      You mean HE needs to move on. ICYMI Angelina was the one who dumped his sorry ass

  21. Queen Meghan’s Hand says:

    Nico Mary’s photo shoots are so low rent, I can’t!!!

  22. Stacey says:

    Brad Pitt and his management sure think its 2005 where he was able to let Angelina Jolie be blamed and vilified while he hid behind her shadow. Old man really was flying high thinking he was untouchable and made sure Angelina Jolie got blamed for everything bad he did. I guess no more he can get away with such behaviors. What an embarrassment and a little man he turned out to be, he even makes Ben Affleck father of the year. The guy not only seen with any of the kids for over 5 years and still acting like a douechbag and treating Angelina Jolie as a public punchbag. Well no more.

  23. Brenda says:

    Who knew Brad Pitt would turn out to be such a vindictive scorching earth needy loser of a EX man. Damn so embarrassing. Dude needs to know Angelina Jolie is no Jennifer Aniston holding a 16 year vigil for him to come back to her.

    • Say what says:

      Best post ever Brenda. Why do I get the feeling that his team and him want to convey this sex symbol women are fighting over. Now it’s they drool and want him back. I mean even the equal depressive Jen probably just play the game with him and don’t want him back!
      And for sure Angelina won’t play and he knows it so he goes after her. Why? It drives him nuts! That’s how men react.
      Yes Angelina built his rep up and he has destroyed it. Not her

    • Elena says:

      I’m with you Brenda. Just wait when this divorce is over (and I hope Angelina wins) AND Angelina starts dating, this boy Brad goes crazy and will be on suicide watch.

    • francine says:

      Agree! I think it bothers him to no end that she left him, never looked back and does not want him back.

    • Lizzie Bathory says:

      I absolutely read this as “needy lobster” and it 100% still works lol. I need more coffee.

    • Regular Poster says:

      but diddddd Jennifer want him back? I’m thinking nope. I fell for the narrative, and had been “team Angelina” – but I’m JA was well rid of him. Also, I just realized now that Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Aniston have mirrored initials. LOL.

  24. AmyB says:

    Look how long the tabloids dragged Jennifer Aniston into the Brad/Angelina narrative? I mean come on! You don’t think they are gonna try that s**t now with Jolie? I am sure, perhaps, Angelina “might” be slightly bothered, I guess LOL. She did spend some 10 years with Brad and father children with him. But more than likely, she is probably breathing a sigh of relief she is finished with his bullshit. I know I would be!

  25. My3cents says:

    Of course she’s grossed out and upset, same as anyone when they step on a pile of shit.

  26. McMom says:

    There is no shade in that comment – she can be completely over him AND disgusted by his behavior. I’m over my ex, but I do cringe when he does something cringeworthy and it hurts my heart when his actions hurt our kids.

    • Robynn says:

      Sad seeing Brad Pitt showed zero empathy towards Angelina whose also the mother of his children too. For him dragging his own children’s mother must be a giving his ego a boost, but in reality it’s showing what type of man he really is. If Brad Pitt can do this in PUBLIC what must have been doing to her and their children in PRIVATE.

  27. francine says:

    Another attempt at gaslighting by Brad – can he get any more awful?? To me all this proves that he’ll never get over her and his ego will never recover from her dumping him.

  28. Adorable says:

    I honestly think Angie could careless.If anything,I think the kids(older kids)are disgusted & annoyed by the whole thing.

  29. Oatmeal says:

    The long and the short of it is

    I really honestly think Brad is still not over Angie leaving him and deep down I think he would take her back in a heartbeat.

    It’s his side that has dragged out the divorce and I mean come on he takes this big lipped Angie wannabe to his marital home on his wedding anniversary?

    Its obvious

  30. Valiantly Varnished says:

    Why wouldn’t she be grossed out?? I’M grossed out and I wasn’t married to the douchebag. This whole fiasco IS gross and tacky.

  31. Miasys says:

    I think Brad’s team have to keep pulling Angie into it, just for the clicks. I bet there’s a lot of people who won’t bother to read about Brad’s shenanigans because he’s getting to be lame. But Angie’s name will get people clicking, reading and commenting (case in point, right here). The Nico thirst traps are killing any attractiveness she has, so congratulations to Brad on finding someone who looks as dead on the inside as he is.

    • Sierra says:

      I think the are dragging Angelina into this to say that she is mean and forcing him to be mean.

      Brad’s new girlfriend rollout failed spectacularly and turned the public against him. I don’t think his team even thought about the optics of Brad dating a married 27 year old mother. It’s 2020 and women are getting much needed respect and justice around the world. Brad’s PR team is stuck in 2016.

  32. birdy13 says:

    Does anybody else think she just looks like Melania Trump?

  33. Sidewithkids says:

    I always thought Angie should play Melanie in a SNL skit. I that would be hilarious.

  34. SM says:

    These are Brad’s people who assume are men like him. Because it is only a man who can be so off base and claim that a single mother taking care alone for kids has the time to obsess over an ex, because no matter what the world revolves around men.

  35. M.A.F. says:

    He pulled this stunt with Jolie against Anniston. Let’s not act surprised he is doing it again.

    • Rosa says:

      This! He’s done this before, there are no surprises here. It’s exactly the behaviour he had with Jolie in the wake of the Aniston split

  36. Marigold says:

    I used to really like Brad Pitt just based on his looks. He, indeed, was pretty. But his behavior has erased his looks. I just get disgusted seeing his face now.

  37. Ladiabla says:

    All I can think is, I remember just how much this fool went on and on about having a family, so much so that people justified his infidelity, saying Jennifer was just so cold and frigid, not giving this man a baby when that’s all he ever wanted. She basically drove him into Angelina’s arms. Well, he got his much longed-for family, and this is what he does to them? Just a worthless, no good drunk, who ended up taking an instaho to their mother’s house on what would have been their anniversary. A man with endless resources and he couldn’t have squired her away to basically anywhere else in the world. He doesn’t just have a sensitivity chip missing. As Schmidt once put it “you’re just a DIRTY OL’ BITCH!” And a spiteful one too. The worst.

  38. Say what says:

    He can run down to Watts and push as many wheel chairs as he likes . He can instruct his PR team and lawyers to slander Angie all he likes. He is a lost old man and now that everyone knows I’m delighted. The only sad thing is his kids have to see it I don’t think anyone remembers how he allowed the world to blame a 14 yr old boy for CPS being called on his drunk self. We have forgotten why this child felt the need to defend his mom. My guess is Pitt was hitting or about to hit her during an argument!

  39. Tboz says:

    I have witnessed Brad Pitt in the last four years do the unthinkable. His Team of fixers and agents have their work cut out for them. I wonder what really goes through his hazed mind or who is advising him? No one sane for sure! He honestly thinks he can redo 2005 again and skate on his pretty boy looks . This time he does not have anyone who he can replace with Angelina . Instead he has a very open media thirsty married women who is flouting her open marriage relatshionship.
    I agree with one poster who said Angelina built his lame azz up to this perfect father and husband and he wasn’t! He shows us who he really is now! A deadbeat who rather attack the mother of his children same mother who had life changing surgeries to prolong her life for her family, and this is how he relays her back with constant misogynistic hit peices after another.

  40. Robert says:

    How insulting it must feel to build up this manchild as a great man of character for him to crash and burn in such spectacular way by getting involved with a married escort whose also having relatshionship with 3 of his old friend’s too. Nico sure has got the cream off not only servicing Brad Pitt, but also his friends Thomas Houesagoe, Spike Jonze and Andrew Dominick. Mr Roland Mary sure has introduced his wife to further wealthy men.

  41. Cloudy says:

    I don’t think she gives a hang about Pitt or his new girlfriend. They’ve both clearly moved on. The rags are just printing random stuff to generate clicks.

  42. Sandy says:

    Sorry but She is only an instamodel opportunist

  43. Robbo says:

    The married model and her online shenanigans, have really reinforces my belief that she is the one who notified the media about the Miraval trip….she wanted it out there….she wanted people to know. I think Brad Pitt may have just met his match… she is very thirsty hoe .something tells me he is going to regret getting involved with this woman.

  44. Mariane says:

    I doubt angie cares about Brad’s flavour of the month but I think as mirval is a family home she wasnt happy about him taking her there. It was disrespectful especially as Brad is stalling on the divorce.

  45. Charfromdarock says:

    His older kids have to be online and are seeing this.

    Maybe Hollywood kids are different or maybe this generation is different, but I would have been so embarrassed as a teen if my dad was all over media with some random thirsty model closer to my age than his.


  46. Anonymous says:

    @Vesper: I kind of agree with you. They appeared to be so close and in love. It’s so sad to see it has come to this.

  47. Sparky says:

    I’m fine with Angelina getting upset over this. It proves she is only human with a heart and feelings. Brad sounds like he has profoundly disappointed Angelina as a father and partner – hence the divorce. And his actions this weekend probably continue to dissapoint her and have her asking what she ever saw in him. I think the fact she has not been spotted with a new man and there have been no legitimate rumors of her even being in a relationshiop since Brad tells me this relationship breakdown with Brad has really effected her And whatever he did to her has driven her to stay single for years. Angelina, the most beautiful woman in the world, is choosing to be alone, Brad is a trainwreck and the kids hate their dad. Good god whatever he did to her was BAD. Its really sad actually.

    Im not saying she is an angel but she has been through a lot and Brad sounds like a MESS of a man. A cliche Man child is more like it.

  48. Anonymous says:

    It’s hard to believe this is the man that went on TV to cry about wanting a family.

  49. Blerg says:

    Nico Mary writes the most inane Instagram captions I have ever read. Good Lord.

  50. Robynn says:

    Nico Mary and Sleazy Pitt both deserve each other. I highly doubt Angelina cares. only cares what her children see and hear about these two sleazy individuals old enough to be father and daughter.
    Can you believe when Brad Pitt was 35 this women was 5 years old, make it ever so more vomit infested relationship between thirsty Nico and equally thirst Pitt.

  51. Elena says:

    Those black and white photos of him in Brioni ad give me chill as if I’m looking at a smirking arrogant monster/evil man. Good grief, please make this guy go away pronto!

  52. LucyL says:

    Is anyone surprised?!
    This is the same married man who cheated with his 30 yr old costar, on the set of their movie, in which they played a married couple.
    And who, soon after, while still married, co-directed a 2005 W Magazine “Domestic Bliss” 60 page photo shoot with his new lover. The one in which they played house with 5 kids. It was a visualization of his anger at Jen and dream for a different life.
    This kind of passive aggressive f.u. to his ex to get her to hurry up and finalize their split is Brad’s move.
    I’m just surprised he and his married 27 yr old lover, didn’t bring her son along to be papped with them.

    And shame on Angie for all the years of “he’s the greatest husband and father.” Liar.

  53. martinez says:

    Guess what Brad Pitts sleazy
    Young married escort is dropping pregnancy hints posting a photo of wearing sunglasses with kids seen in distance on her instagram posts and she has been liking posters postes talking about her being or planning to get pregnant … Can this women be any moiee openly thirsty. I hope Brad Pitt knows what a deal he’s made with her and her husband’s open marriage to include kids from other men like Brad Pitt. This us a guy who usnt paying for his six kids what’s the likelihood he will wish out for escorts kids.

  54. LOL says:

    What a douchebag Brad Pitt turned out to be with a sensitivity chip missing. Jen Aniston sure has his card marked. Thankfully she has learned her lesson after her last photo op with him at the SAG. He clearly used her for publicity and she clearly was bearing a grudge against Jolie so both came out looking thirsty desprate trying to rub Angelina’s face in and all they achieved was a moment’s notice and heartach for the kids seeing what massive tool their father is along with his old EX.
    Now hes with the open married girlfriend old to be his daughter making more of a tool of himself.

  55. Rebecca says:

    Shame on Brad Pitt and his vulgar treatment of the women in his life. His abusive behaviour hasn’t stopped there , but moved onto his own children, what Father would do what he has done to his own children . He’s attacked and blamed his adopted son Maddox because he tried to stop this drunk old man attacking his mother. And what does Brad Pitt do, he carries out open vendetta using all his millions on fixers and PR to defend his image and defame his Ex wife and ex children.
    Good men never do what Brad Pitt has done so vulgar and low.

  56. Stacey says:

    I bet Brad Pitt’s actions must have caused so much stress for Angelina and their kids. I hope she doesn’t get Bell’s Palsy again. He did that to ger then and I bet he’s doing it to ger now. Poor women having to deal with six vulnerable children and on top a bitter axe grinding EX that wants to drag her into his drama.

  57. Anonymous says:

    I wonder if Angie, at the beginning of her relationship, missed some red flags about Brad. You can judge a man by the way they treat their mother, spouse and/or children. At the time he did not have children. She could only observe how he treated his mother and his spouse. This man had no trouble humiliating JA during their separation and divorce. He went on TV crying about wanting a family. Later he did a 60 page spread on W magazine posing with a fake family. He accompanied his girlfriend to adopt a baby and got her pregnant before the divorce was finalized. These actions are cruel, insensitive and unnecessary. It’s a sign that when things don’t go his way he will hurt those close to him.

    Apparently, they were really in love at the beginning but when things got bad he went to the same MO. His recent actions show the same cruelty, insensitivity towards his wife and children.

    Hopefully, they will get to a place of peace so they can co-parent effectively.

    • LucyL says:

      I think she did.
      They both jumped into an affair on-set and then that revenge photo shoot, his divorce, the adoption and pregnancy. Then quickly more adoptions, all while traveling around the world, working and charities. They were both responsible for their relationship, how it started and for their mutual treatment of Jen, in my opinion.
      I’m not surprised their relationship end this way, I’m only surprised it took so long to bring itself to it’s doomed conclusion.
      I hope the kids can heal.

  58. Don't Trust the B in Comment 23 says:

    I’m surprised no one has said this, but the fact that this Nicole woman “dated” a 60 YO when she was 19 sounds like… a lot. Seriously not healthy, not really dating, and means she was taken advantage of.

    I’m not saying this justifies what she’s doing with the human colonoscopy bag that is Brad Pitt, but it may offer an insight on the why.

  59. Letizia says:

    She is only an instamodel opportunist desperate for fame and attention

  60. Andrea says:

    Nico?Who does the prostate test first on brad pitt or her husband … what a shame about brad pitt a hollow seeks fame …