Us Weekly: Brad Pitt ‘just doesn’t care if Angelina is going to lash out’ lol

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One of the reasons why I didn’t like Angelina Jolie’s super-obvious pap-stroll with all six Jolie-Pitt kids last week was because it was so clearly a reaction to Brad Pitt running off to the Chateau Miraval with WhatsHerLips Nico Mary. As in, Angelina was paying attention to what was happening with her ex and she felt the need to remind everyone that the kids are with her and they’re all better without Brad. Which is true and all of that, and Angelina was already clearly “the winner.” But it bothered me that she even cared enough to react publicly to Brad’s sleazy Girlfriend Rollout. Because *that* would become the story: Angelina cares. Angelina was bothered. Angelina reacted. Which makes this Us Weekly story have a sliver of tabloid truth, even though it is mostly delightfully unhinged.

Dissing his ex? Brad Pitt brought girlfriend Nicole Poturalski to the chateau where he married Angelina Jolie — and isn’t concerned about the reaction he’ll get.

“Taking Nicole to Miraval on their former wedding anniversary, Brad knows exactly what he is doing and the reaction it’s going to get from Angelina,” a source exclusively reveals in the latest issue of Us Weekly, on newsstands now. “He just doesn’t care if Angelina is going to lash out. He expects she will.”

Us confirmed in August that Pitt, 56, and the German model, 27, are seeing each other amid his messy divorce from Jolie, 45. The couple were spotted arriving at Le Bourget Airport near Paris before heading to Château Miraval, the estate Pitt and Jolie purchased together in 2008. Six years later, the Mr. and Mrs. Smith costars tied the knot at the vineyard in the South of France.

After 12 years together and two years of marriage, Jolie and Pitt split in September 2016. They were made legally single in April 2019 but are still in the middle of an extensive battle over custody of their six kids: Maddox, 19, Pax, 16, Zahara, 15, Shiloh, 14, and twins Knox and Vivienne, 12. The former couple is set to appear in court in October.

“Brad has done everything he could in his power to avoid this moment,” the source says of the possibility of heading to trial. “Angelina hasn’t in Brad’s perspective.”

[From Us Weekly]

See, I wanted to be able to say “like Angelina gives a f–k about Midlife Crisis Golden Boy and his married, thirsty-as-hell girlfriend.” But… she does care, that’s why she pap-strolled. Angie really put me in a bind! Anyway, the desperation is oozing off Brad – he’s desperate to get a reaction out of her, he’s desperate to get under her skin and provoke her in any way. That’s pathetic. As for Angelina and the narrative that she’s dragging out the divorce… funny how no one mentions how Brad has dragged out the Make It Right NOLA lawsuits and such.

Angelina Jolie takes the kids out for sushi at Nobu

Also: Nico posted a new Instagram. She wants her new followers to have fresh content. She’s going to end up on more European magazines because of this.

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  1. DS9 says:

    I get tired of the narrative that women always have to rise above.

    Also you don’t have to pay attention to Brad Pitt to be inundated with Brad Pitt news.

    • Myra says:

      It’s not as if she can easily move on, too. They still have a divorce to settle and his team has been tarnishing her name, every so often. But her pap stroll was probably just to gain a little bit more public sympathy. I cannot pretend that she was not the one who was villain-ised in 2005 and as we have seen, it’s really hard to fight against the Brad Pitt PR machine.

    • Watson says:

      Angelina was right to do the pap stroll. Public sympathy is more in her favour afterwards, and more scrutiny was placed on the timing of Brad’s trip to the family home. Team Angelina on this one.

      Clearly it also got under Brad’s skin too. Bonus points cause the dude is essentially a rich absentee father.

      • Sierra says:

        Exactly – Angelina’s fixer (the woman Scandal was based on) is worth her money.

        That pap walk was the last image in people’s mind before Brad’s scandal broke.

        A single mother with 6 children against a dirty only man with a married 27 year old lover.

      • Mina_Esq says:

        Sierra: exactly! In this instance, it looks better if Angelina shows that she does have feelings and that she and the kids do care and are hurt by Brad’s shenanigans. Here she is, taking care of their children while he callously takes his child-girlfriend to their home on what would have been their anniversary.

      • SpankFD says:

        Every mom I know cyberstalks anyone who comes into contact with their kids – teachers, coaches. Instructors, etc. AJ is pretty savvy; I expect she does the same.

        I’m wondering whether AJ did the pap stroll in anticipation of the roll opout of the married 27 year old GF? Is it likely that AJ is unnerved by the timing/location (and by the youth + unfortunate plastic surgery) or did she have the inside skinny on whomever BP might have around the kids?

    • Meghan says:

      My ex would play games and never fully admit he had a girlfriend before we split and was still with her, would make comments or remarks hinting that we might still have a future together, etc. So I held off on filing for divorce until I couldnt stand it anymore and just 2 months ago finally found out the truth from the girlfriend- they’d been in a committed relationship since before he and I split. Had he been honest I would have been pissed but I could have spared myself an entire year of grief, uncertainty and unhappiness. Instead if I bring up that I do still have negative feelings about his actions, I’m just dramatic or sad and pathetic for not being over it. And it’s just now been a year since we split!

    • Jodi says:

      DS9 – agreed!!

    • Meg says:

      Yes i am tired of that too. women for decades were told to not respond to workplace harassment because our emotions and feelings are used against us as the reason why our experiences should be written off as we’re ‘overly emotional’
      society in general objectifies women and us talking about our feelings can remind people we are not objects, we are affected by how we’re treated.

      • Jalene says:

        Isn’t it funny how men have “no feelings” or “control of their feelings” and very “logical”? Even when they’re angry, no feelings.

        How about men don’t have the KNOWLEDGE to know anything about what feelings are?
        And instead of learning they just go: NOPE. DON’T HAVE THEM.

        Imagine having to suppress something innately and instinctively, just to be able to avoid learning something…

      • Otaku fairy says:


    • Otaku fairy says:

      “I get tired of the narrative that women always have to rise above.” Same. It’s definitely not expected equally from everyone.

  2. My3cents says:

    Hope his wine is aging better than him.

  3. Silver Charm says:

    Brad’s scramble to control the narrative is pretty amusing.

  4. Thanks says:

    Of course she was bothered, he took her to her home. Yes it’s his too but have some respect.

    • Zapp Brannigan says:

      “In her first interview post-nuptials, Angelina told People magazine,
      Brad had a dedication to Marcheline engraved inside the chapel where we stood.”

      This is why she is bothered I think, that Miraval has a tribute to her mother and that jackass brought his pal’s wife there to hook up with her. He is a very petty, cruel man.

      • Sarah says:

        This part. They were married there too. He could have taken her literally anywhere OR turned up there without the press knowing. He wanted AJ (and everyone on Earth) to know to humiliate her. Angelina isn’t the one doing the pap stroll to be hurtful in this case.

    • ArtHistorian says:

      He took his married girlfriend to her home where they married on their wedding anniversary! That was just disrespectful to Angie and their children. If it was a calculated move in his part, then he is incredibly cruel to his family. Angie’s human – she’s really tried to stay above it but this has got to sting. She was with him 12 years and I think she loved him very much and that she stayed longer in that relationship that she should have because she loved him. Those feelings just necessarily go away entirely, even after 4 years. I think he hurt her – and that hurt their children as well.

      • Poisonella says:

        Didn’t Jennifer Aniston say he was “missing a sensitivity chip”? What goes around comes around though- I remember the W magazine pics of Pitt and Jolie playacting marriage and kids- while he was still married. I can’t say I have a lot of sympathy with Jolie on this one. Unfortunaely, sometimes you get what you deserve.

      • Myra says:

        I have sketchy memories of that time (was still in school), but I thought the W spread was to do with the promotion of their movie, where they played a fake couple. Regardless, I don’t blame Nicole for being at the Chateau but I do side-eye Pitt for taking her there. Much like I would side-eye him for doing a spread right after his divorce that clearly hurt his ex-wife.

      • Lady D says:

        Wasn’t Jennifer screwing Vincent Vaughn when those pictures came out? She was hardly heartbroken over them, but sure used them to her advantage.

      • francine says:

        @Lady D She was with Vince yes but some people conveniently forget about that just to continue the Jen is good, Angelina is bad narrative. And as the comment above stated, it was for Mr&Mrs Smith promotion and afaik it was Brad’s idea too.

        In any case, whatever you might think of Angelina, this also affects their 6 kids. And they do not deserve to be put through this – the indignity and disrespect of an absent father who constantly smear and leak lies about their mother and then paraded his married 27yr old hookup in their family home.

      • cassandra says:


        Does Angelina Jolie deserve the breakdown of her relationship and the emotional devastation I imagine she went through? No.

        Was his treatment of Jennifer Anniston a red flag that she ignored because she was in love? Probably. It happens to the best of us.

      • Lena says:

        No lady D. He immediately got involved post divorce but she took her time like a lot of women do. It was very callous doing that immediately after their split. They were a fake couple in the movie who became a real couple during filming and everybody knew it.

      • Sierra says:

        @Lena, I can’t believe we are discussing ancient gossip but that was not what happened.

        Statement came out in February that Jen & Brad split, Angelina and Brad pictures together in March, Jennifer & Vince pictured together in June. Jen & Brad did not get officially divorced until that September. If you claim Brad cheated before the divorce then so did Jen.

        And are people forgetting the picture of Jen kissing Matt LeBlanc in the middle of the street back in 2001? That Matt’s father confirmed they got together while Jen was married?

      • ennie says:

        who? VV and Aniston?
        Brad is salty because he had been the dumper, Aniston, sadly, wanted to allow him to goon with his antics, being a lousy husband, an addict and even a cheater (let him get AJ out of his system, remember?), while Angelina now that they had children was in a different spot.
        He in interviews accepted she was the organizer and he letter do her thing, which think it meant that he became increasingly lazier as a father, instead of getting more involved, maybe he tried to discipline them, but he was revolving into his addictions and it turned sour.
        So, she had to make a choice. I think they could have make it work if he had made the effort to fight his addictions. it is very sad that their children do not have a united happy family. I truly think that Brad was forced to fight his addictions because of the divorce, he wouldn’t have otherwise, there are plenty of temptations.
        About this woman, well he is salty about being a dumpee, so he has tried to rebound unsuccessfully, and now on top of that, undignified, he thinks he is one of the boys, when he could be a grandpa anytime now.

      • BalloonsRbad4planet says:

        This post has some interesting comments from people claiming to be in the know (or who know people who claimed to be in the know) about the timeline of the (Totally Doomed) Triangle.

      • Annemarie says:

        But Brad has always been cruel. He impregnated Angelina when still married, lied about it, threw Jennifer under the bus…it’s his modus operandi. and as much as he does a lot for black cinema, personally he’s not a good person.
        But…neither is Angelina.

  5. Lively says:

    Why is he bringing angelina into this, my dude is obsessed with her

  6. shab says:

    This whole thing is a mess. This woman is really beautiful but I find her instagram sad it’s all just pictures of her posing alone. I’m sure every photo took multiple shots and for her to look perfect. I feel like it’s indicative of her level of insecurity and need for validation and it kind of just makes me sad for the state of our society.

    • Jalene says:

      100% agree.

    • BalloonsRbad4planet says:

      All else aside, she definitely has the looks and facial structure for elite modelling, which doesn’t really exist today. She would have been so much classier if it was 15, 20 years back. IG has ruined mystery and glamour of models. What she’s doing (endless selfies, obnoxious poses) is widely “acceptable” by today’s standards for a model.

  7. Bibi says:

    That is the worst PR turn around for damage control on the error rollout of what was supposed to be the total-babe: Brad says “he doesn’t care.” lol That’s what I expect from a sixteen year old boy talking back to mommy. “ I don’t care, I’m gonna do what I want!”
    Brad, just no. Angelina is not your momma but I see you scared she’s gonna whoop ur ass.

    • Kebbie says:

      Seriously. It makes me wonder if he’s drinking again or something. This is all so petty and messy.

      And who is he trying to appeal to with this? The men’s rights crowd? Because those are about the only people who would approve of this.

      • crogirl says:

        Exactly, I find him disgusting and his behaviour vile, but at the same time I wonder if he’s depressed or started drinking again.

        He added bunch of new tattoos including a tank aiming at the place where he had Angelina’s initial. And the tattoos on his calves are horrendous.

      • ArtHistorian says:

        I too wonder whether he’s drinking and/or using again.

      • Meg says:

        I’m not seeing online pictures of tattoos on his calves, can u give details?

  8. Sierra says:

    Only reason Angelina would care is the children.

    That chateau means a lot to those kids with the twins going their after the hospital.

    The children saw their parents getting married there and there is a special dedication to Angelina’s mother there as well.

    And that pap walk turned out to be a genius move since people are now talking about her dedication to her 6 children.

    • cassandra says:

      I felt like the kids were in on it too? Most of them are teens now and very aware of the influence of the media. If it wasn’t their idea, they at least all agreed to do it.

  9. Flamingo says:

    Never to wrestle with a pig. You get dirty, and besides, the pig likes it.

    Let him show his ass. Even his fan base of middle aged moms who still see him as his young, hot self from Troy, think he’s being nasty.

    • Sierra says:

      He lost the men by sleeping with a friend’s wife, the minivan mother’s because he did a horrible thing by taking the girl to the family home on the anniversary.

    • Meg says:

      Hey! Troy came out when i was 19 im not middle aged! ☺

    • BalloonsRbad4planet says:

      That’s an insult to pigs! Pigs are loyal and highly intelligent creatures – smarter than dogs according to some measures!

  10. Lisa says:

    Brad is really ugh. Angelina just needs to sit back and let him destroy himself.

  11. Joan Callamezzo says:

    What happened to Brad’s looks? He used to be so incredibly gorgeous. It must be the decades of smoking cigarettes. George Clooney got sexier through the years, Brad is looking rougher every year. Also, anyone else side eying the recovering alcoholic talking about how great the new rose champagne from his vineyard is?

  12. smcollins says:

    Even though it’s US Weekly and their “reporting” is mostly works of fiction, of course she’s going to be bothered on some level. I know everyone loves to paint the portrait of “when she’s done she’s done, and she doesn’t look back” but this is very different. She’s still human with actual feelings that can be hurt. BP was not some lover or boyfriend, or someone she was only with for a few years. They were together for over a decade and built a family together that, yes, he ultimately destroyed. But to think she isn’t effected by that, even now, is ridiculous. Now, I’d venture to guess that at this point she’s more annoyed & irritated than devastated & heartbroken, but bothered none the less. But I can also believe he was trying to get a rise/reaction out of her with the whole taking his instamodel fling to CM when he did. And apparently it worked.

  13. Keekey says:

    I’m a little disappointed there isn’t more discussion of the new Nico selfie. She escaped the bland bedroom, folks! She heard us!! She’s like, “Check me out in front of this bland OUTSIDE wall!” ; )

  14. Jalene says:

    Honestly, what is up with this Nico girls eyes? They’re so dead and skewed and sort of….psychopathic. I would never trust anyone with those eyes.

    And like someone said above, the INSECURITIES she’s showing. The need for validation is exhausting.

    • Zapp Brannigan says:

      She was 19/20 years old and married and pregnant by a 60 year old man, I am going to guess that she has some not so great stories to tell about her life. IMO her actions scream someone surviving in the only system they have ever known.

      • Jalene says:


        Yes, you’re right. Good point.
        I should’v refrained from shaming her for needing validation.
        I just have a very good intuition about people, even from looking at pictures, and there’s something off about her. And I guess I’m just so fed up with her and younger generation’s validation seeing through social media.

        But you’re right. There’s a reason to why they are doing that. And I should’ve been more concerned about what’s causing someone to act like this, than attack the behavior in itself.

    • LaurenMichelle says:

      How can anyone claim plastic doll Nico resembles stunningly beautiful Angie?
      Dead-eyed Nico looks like she rolled head first off an Instagram model assembly line.

    • maggi says:

      In some of her photos, you can see how reflected light lands on a different spot on each pupil, which suggests a form of strabismus called exotropia.
      Interesting medical fact, supported by a research study in 2009; children with uncorrected strabismus, and exotropia in particular, are at a significantly higher risk of mental health issues.
      I look at this woman’s messy personal history and wonder if she’d be in a different place if she had had some basic eye correction as a child.

      • ennie says:

        I have ambliopya and have suffered from self esteem issues, but don’t lay this on her choices, she comes as famewhoring.

    • BalloonsRbad4planet says:

      Aren’t the majority of models like this today? Social media and the Kardashians/Jenners have totally ruined mystery and style when it comes to elite models. That German Elle cover and other pics show she has the goods for sophisticated modelling but seriously, she’s ridiculous on her IG….

  15. bluebell_ says:

    WhatsHerLips with the dead eyes and a wall. Maybe she’s reading CB comments about her cringe selfies and now she posed with a blank wall instead of her usual bedroom lol. Still dull and boring!

  16. Myriam says:

    Angelina could not care and still be annoyed. It’s a thing. But it’s so weird for people who are essentially outsiders looking in, to project their own feelings of Brad to Angelina. She spent 12 years with the guy, she has children with the guy. He may be an asshole, but we can’t erase that part of her life and be disappointed with what she’s doing. For the most part, I think the pap stroll could have been orchestrated, but the reasons for it may not be about Brad and his new escort. Maybe she orchestrated the pap stroll to change the narrative and remind people who she is fighting for, her children. And the Nico news just happened before. Regardless, she can do whatever the hell she wants. She can not care, she can care. She’s the one dealing with this, not us.

  17. Nev says:

    maybe they will get back together. I’m beginning to wonder that…
    all the stalling and reaction. maybe they should try again. Kanye shrug.

    • Sooowhat says:

      Ahh yes, tell a women to run back to the man who drunkenly hit her child and gaslit her and said child for four years. Get back with the man who half her children refuse to see and the others still need therapy to cope with him. Great idea. Nice to see where we are as a society by how we treat woman and kids in toxic situations.

      • Pauline says:

        Thank you for educating us about the details of what occurred on the plane. You must have worked very closely with the police since you know so much information that’s not easily available. Also, nice of you to shame someone online and make them feel like they don’t care about women or children based on a comment on a gossip site about a celebrity.

      • Carmen says:

        I get the feeling sometimes that all these spiteful antics on his part are because he really wants Angie back, and he’s hurt and resentful that she doesn’t want anything to do with him.

      • Mar says:

        Wow you have all of the answers ! You must know them well.

      • Sooowhat says:

        It’s funny how every time someone brings in details directly from their court filings that Brad leaked, certain people get offended.

        Stop kidding the mans @ss. The information on Brad and his he harmed those kids is out there. If you want to choose to ignore it, everything she has said about domestic violence over the past year, and take his “did not hit him in the FACE” statements as a clean streak, well then you do you I guess.

    • Amy Too says:

      They’re already legally divorced. They did the bifurcated divorce. Are you thinking they would remarry or…. what? I don’t think they would go through the process of remarrying each other since they just finally got divorced and this is such a long, messy, complicated divorce. Who would want to have to go through that again? And even if they got back together without being married, which I don’t think they will/should, I would still think they’d need to come to some kind of child/spousal support financial agreement to be applied retroactively for the 4 years that Angelina spent raising the children by herself. And they would still need to legally split all their property and assets.

      And how would it work with the children? Aren’t there currently some court ordered guidelines about how often he’s allowed to see the ones who will still see him, when, where, and whether or not his visits need to be monitored/include a therapist? Do those sorts of rules that were put in place because the children needed the protection that those rules provided just get tossed out if mom and dad decide to get back together?

  18. Poppy says:

    Brad is just an old dumb man. TYPICAL the media is trying to make him look good with his “GIRLFRIEND ” married in this OPEN MARRIAGE.

    • lanne says:

      Can you imagine the reverse? If Angie had taken up with a married man with a much-older wife and brought that guy to the castle? Oh lord, the minivan majority would be baying for blood and claiming she sould be burned at the stake!

  19. Well-Wisher says:

    In a divorce where children are involved, they should be the only winners. Being a child who suffered because of parental alienation, I have no patience for finger pointing. The relationship is over,except for the children. Get on with it.

  20. Adorable says:

    I Honestly doubt Angie cares who Brad sees..
    1)SHE divorced Him
    2)She basically has told us she doesn’t regret it,in an interview in August.
    3)When She has a movie out,we see more of her.She was out with Knox & Viv prior to last week.
    The idea that,whenever we see her it’s too counter whatever is happening in Brads life,I find hard to believe.

  21. Sooowhat says:

    “He’s done everything in his power to avoid (going to trial)”???

    Why is that Brad? If he’s in the right and staying sober but mean ol’ Angie is the problem as she is alienating him from the kids, he as the white male should have no problem convincing the courts of this in a 50/50 custody state where even criminals get joint against mothers’ wishes.

    I’m guessing the reason she hasn’t tried as hard to avoid said moment is she really doesn’t care to do things his way and probably has nothing to hide should details of the trial become public.

    Someone is scared sh*tless of what’s going to happen in court. And it’s not Angie or her kids.

  22. boobra says:

    he seems to grow more and more desperate for any attention from Angelina, who appears to have made peace with the impending divorce and has moved on with her life, children and career. it’s clear from the many “anonymous” leaks that Brad Pitt isn’t an innocent, pure, aw shucks, butter wouldn’t melt in his mouth kinda guy. he seems to gaslight her and is willing to throw her under the bus at the slightest chance he may get.
    yes Jolie was a wildchild in her younger years, but when she became a mother, her kids took precedent and she lost the crazy. the fact that she doesn’t respond to his accusations probably drives him insane. i think he fully expected her to come running back to him in accordance with whatever delusions of grandeur he has about himself which have been fueled by his public relations team and tabloids.
    Jolie has no time for a fool like Pitt. I’m glad she’s doing her own thing

    • ad says:

      Let Pitt carry on with his nasty antics, Jolie is enjoying the company of her children which matter to her most more than her ex oldman she & her children can hold their heads high with a big smile on their faces & say He is not worth it , good riddance it is now our life without him! We are free! Thanks the Lord! Bless them

  23. Kay says:

    His PR campaign is a reflection of his misogynist attitude. Always attacking the woman and using other women to get back at her Jennifer, Hollywood actors etc. Disgraceful. How does his family feel about this. His mother, father, brother, sister and nieces and nephews. This escort is really trying hard to sell herself. I hope no one gives her a contract and puts her in magazines. Brad might have to pay to have her have contracts and magazine covers. He will have to provide for her and her family as she doesn’t have millions of her own to go jet setting everywhere.

    • Sierra says:

      That’s always been the case. Jen didn’t want children so he left, Angelina is evil and now Nicole is the bad one who seduced him.

  24. Say what says:

    I’m picking sides yes and it the fabulous mom of six. People have bullied and slandered her far too long because of this man child.

  25. francine says:

    If he really doesn’t care, why would he even say so?! Boggles the mind cause to me, it just shows how much he does care and is practically begging for a reaction from Angelina. Her pap stroll is probably the mildest thing she could have done while he’s off leaking silly stories and parading thirsty hoes. Please grow up Brad, this is beyond embarrassing and childish for a 56 year old man and father.

  26. Liz version 700 says:

    Brad Pitt cares that Angelina is t going to lash out because she is over him and his narcissistic behavior.

  27. Valiantly Varnished says:

    The pap stroll had zero to so with Brad’s jump off and everything to so with the Judge issue.

  28. Meg says:

    This reminds me of a roommate in college who would badmouth me on facebook in her status updates while we were friends knowing i could see the posts, so i blocked her so i wouldn’t see them. She sent me angry texts complaining that id blocked her and should unblock her. I ignored it. i was later told by mutual friends that when hanging out with her all she did was badmouth me to the point where they wondered, is this why you wanted to hang out? You wanted this to get back to her? i couldnt see her Facebook statuses so how else will i be affected by her? Soo much effort in an attempt to bother me, id say publicly when people in the hallway on campus would stop me and ask, whats wrong with your roommate? Shes saying horrible things about you in her facebook statuses? and all id say is yeah im just trying to move on. I had a lot of frustration to vebt and needed to release it so Id vent to my then boyfriend in private letting him know this doesn’t keave this room, but to anyone else i said nothing and she just got more was lovely to watch frankly

  29. Say what says:

    This is so infantile even if it is coming from trashy rags. Drama queen! Is he concerned about the kids? I’m quite sure S Bley and associates thank him for his recent actions. They probably told Angie to take a walk w the kids..all 6! He is off frolicking with a married 27 yr old gold digger drinking champagne in a home you own together whilst mom is taking care of the kids! Hang your self Brad!

  30. Abby says:

    She knows how to use Brad as she does with her husband too , Nicole’s desesperate for fame because now is only an Instamodel

  31. Cher Horowitz xx says:

    @CROGIRL Where did you see brad get a tattoo of a Tank pointing to Angie’s initial? That’s interesting.

  32. Malem says:

    i feel bad for her daughters, imagine having a father like this.

  33. PineNut says:

    My sense is that Pitt and Affleck have trouble finding anyone to go out with them. The only takers are thirsty types.

  34. McMom says:

    I didn’t realize he took the new girlfriend to the site of his wedding on his wedding anniversary. That’s just mean spirited – there isn’t any other way to interpret it.

    I don’t fault AJ for the pap walk. I agree with the other posters – it doesn’t necessarily mean she cares what Brad thinks. She’s no fool – she knows the power of the court of public opinion. Brad looks like an old, desperate, narcissistic idiot and she’s the responsible adult and parent. I’m fine with the reminder.

  35. Kitten says:

    “See, I wanted to be able to say ‘like Angelina gives a f–k about Midlife Crisis Golden Boy and his married, thirsty-as-hell girlfriend.’ But… she does care, that’s why she pap-strolled.”

    Or maybe she just went out to dinner with her kids.

    A few years back, I got over a month-long cold that wore me out. Folks wanted to go out to dinner that weekend. My friends came over and gussed me up because I still felt like slush. It helped. I laughed. It was fun being fussed on. I felt more human even if I just started breathing out of my nose again. I wore a suit I usually only wear to the symphony because it was what they picked out. To the Olive Garden, mind you. No one cared. I had pasta, I could, actually taste it, and I didn’t wear any of it down the front of my suit.

    Everyone had a lovely time, including me.

  36. Anonymous says:

    B Pitt acted like an a$$ with both of his ex wives. He implied JA was to blame for their divorce because she didn’t want kids. He did that horrible W family magazine spread, accompanied his then girlfriend to adopt a baby and got her pregnant before the divorce was final.

    With AJ things are even worse. He allegedly mistreated her during the marriage, got into an altercation on the plane which left his kids traumatized and now he took his “girlfriend “ to property that is owned by both him and AJ. It’s not his property, it belongs to both of them. I’m sure AJ doesn’t care, but his kids might.

    He’s looking really pathetic with these shenanigans.

  37. Aubrey. says:

    So basically he is admitting to taking this chick to their home in France to get a rise out of Angie?
    He is so gross.
    To do this to his kids is gross.
    Aniston nailed it when she said he was missing a sensitivity chip.
    He is just pathetic.

  38. A says:

    Personally, I don’t think it’s a big deal that she cares. Of course she cares. She had a relationship with this person for 12 years, they’re going through an acrimonious divorce, and here he is bringing his newest girlfriend to what is still kind of their home. Yeah, no shit, she cares. Maybe it sucks that she showed it to the paps with the stroll and all, so maybe it’s not a good look for her to seem like she’s still hung up on him, from a PR standpoint. But I get it that she is.