Angelina Jolie stepped out for a super-obvious pap stroll which was beneath her

Angelina Jolie takes the kids out for sushi at Nobu

When Ben Affleck & Ana de Armas were first pap-strolling in the middle of the friggin’ pandemic this spring, I was so annoyed with them. They *already* looked like giant dumbasses all on their own. Then something even more annoying happened: Ben’s ex-wife Jennifer Garner began organizing competing pap strolls with their children (and a cat in a stroller) as a way to remind everyone of her existence. Like, it was blatant celebrity “counter-programming” to Afflarmas and it was such a “don’t forget about meeeee” desperado move. I bring this up because, well, Angelina Jolie is pulling a Jennifer Garner. And it’s so painful. It’s painful for me to admit that, and it’s painful to see Angelina do this sh-t.

Angelina stepped out with her kids – I think all of them? – yesterday in LA, where they’ve all been locked down since March. They went to Nobu, an old-school celebrity hotspot and a place that (I assume) paparazzi still stake out on a regular basis. Angelina clearly knows the paparazzi are there and you can see her looking at them. She even got dressed up in a shiny copper-colored sack dress for the occasion. The point is that she wanted to be seen and photographed. She wanted these images out there, a single mother and her children, wearing masks and enjoying a dinner at Nobu.

It’s the timing. Because that’s what makes this a Garner move. Two days ago, we saw Brad Pitt begin to roll out his girlfriend, an “Angelina Jolie look-alike” only German and 27 years old. Brad Pitt already looks like a sad douche in the throes of a nasty midlife crisis. Angelina didn’t need to underline the point. She didn’t need to do the glamorous-single-mother pap stroll. I’m so sad for her that she did this. I mean, I still love her. But damn, my girl makes some bad calls sometimes. All of the Jolie stans would have been fine with simply defending her and not seeing her at the moment.

Angelina Jolie takes the kids out for sushi at Nobu

Angelina Jolie takes the kids out for sushi at Nobu

Angelina Jolie takes family to Nobu

Photos courtesy of Backgrid.

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  1. Amanda says:

    I thought the same but on the flip side, it’s a nice reminder that those kids are with her at all times, not their absent father.

    Also, Maddox has a tattoo!

    • Bibi says:

      I agree. Celebrity single mothers papstroll to remind people that while the fathers are out banging young bloods, the mothers are still the ones taking care of the family more than papstrolls so the public dont forget about them. It’s all about shading the once other half. Jennifer’s papstrolls/videos are to dhade benana i’m sure. Anyway, Im still team angelina.

    • julia says:

      And she can’t hide under a rock forever. Good on her. Get out and enjoy a nice meal with your kids. Paps be damned.

      • niki says:

        There are a million places you can go have a nice meal in the greater LA area without the paps seeing. She wanted to be seen and photographed, which, fine, celebs have been doing it forever, but celebs no longer get to claim that photos of this quality and proximity were “caught” without their pre-planning.

      • julia says:

        @niki. As per my statement, paps be damned. Like, who cares if they’re there and she’s caught. Life goes on, and as such, she can chose to go to a restaurant she knows and likes, even if the paps are there.

      • julia says:

        And furthermore, who cares if she wanted to be photographed. I would too if I looked that good, had a fantastic relationship with my children and my ex was a sleazeball prancing around with a 27 year old girl and having little to no relationship with his kids.

      • BecauseOfCourse says:

        “Paps be damned?” Come on now, she’s the one who called them.

      • Genessee says:

        Yeah. No.

        I agree with Kaiser, this is beneath her. Waaay beneath her.

        In fact, this is similar to crap I used to pull in COLLEGE. (Oh I broke up with you, but now you have a new GF? Let me pass by your work with MY new guy/friends/having fun without you and looking all hot so you can’t do or say anything about it – I win ha ha.)

        I’m sorry for everyone who keeps saying she has moved on from Pitt and could care less about his new relationship, but this is basically proving that she does AT LEAST give a teeny tiny rats patootie.

        Nobu (at least at this location during the pandemic) is the equivalent of the Ivy from the late 90s – early 00s. The whole point is to be seen.

        And this is coming off (unintentionally) as a desperate move.

        Had she waiting a week or two, okay. But the timing is just so blatantly clear that it’s about the new girl and not that she’s moved on with her life.

      • melrose says:

        To me it’s more of a show that while he’s off gallivanting with his married instamodel in their FAMILY property, she’s the one being the responsible parent and raising all their six kids on her own.

        Angelina has never looked back since dumping his ass. He was off crying in his friends basement when they split and then those teary eyed photo shoots while she moved on. Aside from their legal battles and a pap stroll here and there, she has constantly ignored all the smears from his team. Sometimes I wish she would fight back more because god knows she’s been maligned enough in the press. But she’s probably trying to stay above it for the kids. So yeah, I’m all for her pap strolls showing him their lovely, tight family that he tried to destroy.

      • Genessee says:

        “To me it’s more of a show that while he’s off gallivanting with his married instamodel in their FAMILY property, she’s the one being the responsible parent and raising all their six kids on her own.”

        Is that supposed to make Brad look bad?

        The thing is, it’s over. They are no longer a family unit. They are each free to date/marry someone else. The only reason they are keeping Miraval is because of the significant $ coming in from the winery. She can take HER man to that property as well if she so chooses.

        If they are “sharing” custody or if she has full custody, he has the right to go off “gallivanting” with an insta-model if he wants. It’s her turn to watch the kids, he can go play. This is also true vice versa.

        He is not bound in chains to a life of boredom in front of the tv because she’s got full responsibility of the kids right now. That’s not how life works.

        I get that many people here are viewing things from the perspective of a divorced parent with kids, but the reality is much different from that perspective.

      • LahdidahBaby says:

        I’m with Kaiser on this one.

      • Greta says:

        @Genesee according to you EVERYTHING Angelina does is desperate and terrible. I can’t take your comments on here seriously. No reasonable person thinks Angelina is pinning over her toxic ex that she dumped 4 years ago, who ‘didn’t hit her son in the face’, and has spent the last 4 years smearing and lying about her. Very sexist of you to immediately go there, but I expect nothing less from Pitt defenders.

      • Genessee says:

        @Greta seeing as how I’ve only commented on THIS pap stroll and rarely on any other Angie/Brad post (If anything I post on Megan Markle posts more often than not), I’m going to have to ask you to take some deep breaths.

        And no, it’s not sexist and not about defending Pitt, but more criticizing her PR missteps and optics, of which I can, as I worked in entertainment PR for a long time before moving on from it.

        And I’m sorry, but this pap stroll did Angie no favors in regards to her “I’ve moved on” narrative.

      • melrose says:

        You’re entitled to your opinion whether or not this pap stroll hurt her pr image or not. But are you seriously implying she has not moved on from a man who went into an alcohol fueled rage in front of all their young kids and hit their teenage son (just not in the face, mind you)? And then proceeded to smear her during the last few years? All because she took a pap stroll? You’re reaching so hard here. Also curious how you criticize her “missteps”, but not his – you defend him.

      • Genessee says:

        @melrose I’ve known women who have endured worse from their ex-husbands who ARE STILL carrying somewhat of a torch for them. Don’t assume that it’s that easy for every woman to walk away and extinguish feelings for someone they once loved fiercely and had a family with.

        Neither you nor I know what is truly in Angie’s heart. But I stand by my opinion these pap stroll optics hurt her narrative.

        I haven’t criticized Brad because this isn’t his pap stroll. It’s Angie’s pap stroll going against her narrative. And him hooking up with a hot 20-something after ending a marriage? It’s not a misstep. It’s pretty much what middle-aged men do and in regards to his career, from a HW industry point of view, it’s smart. *shrugs* In fact, I think Angie should head in that direction as well (NOT THIS or NEXT WEEK of course). It’s great she’s the responsible parent, but it’s not doing her career any favors. It sucks, but it’s true. Like I said below, in HW sex sells. Being desired, gets you the leading roles.

        The minivan mom of the year title already went to Jennifer Garner a long time ago. That title isn’t going anywhere.

        Angie needs a re-vamp. More of those Guerlain ads and a hot bf. Otherwise, she’s going to end up at the bottom of every casting director list.

      • Myra says:

        She’s Angelina Jolie, I don’t think she is really hurting for a role or has to worry about casting anymore. The pap stroll comes off as saying while her name has been smeared all over, she is actually the responsible parent here. But like Kaiser is saying she does not need to remind us that. We know she is the better parent and we know he is the pathetic party here. With that said, I would not have minded a pap stroll with a new lover. I hope she is having some fun, too

      • Sierra says:

        @Genesse: um you seem to be losing the plot here.

        Angelina is completely fine career wise since she got Disney in the divorce so has Eternals, other two movies she is producing with them. She is also close friends with Donna Langley from Universal and Ted from Netflix. Eternals alone is going to endear her to the Marvel generation.

        Personally, she is even better these days and she just proved you wrong with this pap walk. Brad’s new girlfriend is married and he is been calling perverted old creep on social media and even DailyMail comment sections.

        I even see one of the top comments saying Angelina looks better now and they understand why she doesn’t want the children near this mess.

      • bluebell_ says:

        @Genessee If Angelina’s pap walk is a “misstep”, what does this whole mess say about Brad? Imo, this makes Brad look really bad and sleazy, whether you are single or married or divorced unless you’re one of his stans.

        Of course he’s free to do whatever he wants with whomever he wants but this was designed to catch Angelina’s attention in a very petty and vindictive way. They could have gone literally anywhere in the world and roll her out at any time. But the fact that he chose to do this on their joint marital property, where the wedding their kids begged them to do took place, and around the same time of their wedding anniversary just shows he is the one who has not moved on. And with a girl who could be his niece. And still married to a 68 year old man. How’s that for optics? But oh no, she took a pap stroll – unforgivable! If this was reversed, Angelina would be vilified for the rest of her life.

        Brad has been trying to get under her skin since they split and I think he will never get over the fact that she chose her kids and dumped him and never looked back since. If she wants to do a pap walk everyday, by god, let the woman do it after what this abusive a**hole has put her and her kids through.

      • NatureLover says:

        @ Julia, bit to go to a restaurant to eat during a pandemic? That’s just a bad call. I would never step foot into a restaurant right now to eat, I don’t care how many preventative measures they have taken. And to subject wait staff to the corona virus? No, take that sh$t to goo or have it delivered. Those were my first thoughts.

      • Genessee says:

        @Sierra I’m actually excited for her turn with the Marvel Universe. I would love to see her return to roles that are more ass-kicking and sexy to boot. She’s only 45. She should not have to be relegated only to Disney voiceover roles. Save those for the matrons of Hollywood. She is not fine. By The Sea went nowhere. Everything else is “art” or Disney. She’s not dead in the water yet, but she IS on a slippery slope here and having friends in high places does not translate to what the general audience wants to see. The 18-34 demographic is still the most coveted. The Eternals needs to hit. I want her to hit. Hell, I want her to make Salt 2 while we’re at it.

        I don’t think this pap walk proved me wrong. I didn’t any thoughts about her having any lingering feelings about Brad UNTIL this pap walk. Thought she was over him a long time ago. And that’s the problem. When a bunch of people (my social circle) start texting each other about how “she’s SO not over him” or “wow, that new GF pissed her off” or “remember when we used to do sh_t like that?” when they usually don’t comment on Angie, it highlights the problem.

        @bluebell_ I didn’t discuss HIS missteps because this pap walk isn’t about Brad’s optics, it’s about Angie’s. Brad has his own problematic optics issues that frankly, I don’t care about. If he sabotages his career, it won’t bother me. I’m a Clooney fan-girl. But Brad is gonna douche-bro all day long because he can. His target audience isn’t going to be offended by his behavior. His market isn’t minivan moms. It’s men and other Hollywood dudes who do the same crap that he is. And they are NOT going to care if he hurts Angie’s feelings by taking this 20-something girl to their former family home or abandons his kids. Most HW executives have affairs and younger girlfriends so he’s pretty much behaving as standard.

        Many people seem to take this whole Angie/Brad thing too personally. Criticizing Angie or Brad is not an attack on you. I get that people are invested, but it isn’t healthy to get yourselves so upset over people you don’t know or reacting so personally when someone criticizes either one.

      • Kanye’s Blonde Hair says:

        I mean she’s always used her kids for pap strolls, this was never new. I don’t understand the “this is beneath her” titling

    • superashes says:

      My first thought at the photos was that Angelina is better looking than the 27 year-old girlfriend, even with a mask on and a copper sack dress eating dinner with her kids.

      • julia says:

        100% @superlashes

      • Amy Too says:

        In the picture where she’s looking front on at the camera, her face looks super gorgeous. The mask almost seems to add to her allure and draw all the focus to her eyes and eyebrows, which are crazy beautiful. Now I want to see her doing the tea tray dance where women balance a tea tray with cups, saucers, tea pot, and lit candles on their head, in the traditional tea dancing outfit, complete with the face veils. (Or I would like to see that if it’s appropriate and not cultural appropriation. I’m just imagining seeing just those eyes walking towards me in a market in Marrakech and how spell binding she would be.)

      • notasugarhere says:

        She does look amazing, but the mask is on upside down, isn’t it? It looks like the point for the nose is under her chin. I only notice because when I put mine on wrong, the straight line (bottom) rides up into my eyelashes. IDK, maybe that way is more comfortable for her but it drives me crazy when my masks ride up.

      • LaurenMichelle says:

        Angie must be so stressed out. I used to like Brad, but taking his GF to the family castle in France (where he married Angie) is so hurtful & inconsiderate.
        Brad is trying to trigger Angie, either to make her agree to the divorce settlement or have a mental breakdown to make her look crazy. The level of cruelty is astounding.
        Jen was right-Brad has a “sensitivity chip” missing.

      • Gunna says:

        I’ve seen a lot of women purposefully wearing their masks upside down, I think because it’s more flattering. Having the pointy bit at the bottom makes the face look slim and angular, whereas wearing it properly makes the face look wider and jaw look bigger.

    • Hmm says:

      Pax has one too. I’m not disappointed at all. I love the message she’s sending. It’s pretty obvious.

    • smcollins says:

      So does Pax (you can see it peaking out from his sleeve)!

    • SpankFD says:

      I wonder if AJ did the pap stroll out of concern that she’s losing the PR war?

      Looking at the photos, I flashed back to the Oscars when BP got that standing ovation despite the egregious private plane incident. AJ is operating in an industry that remains complicit in the subjugation of women (Weinstein, Polanski, ….) H-wood ain’t exactly a feminist paradise where women are given equal standing (let alone equal hearing) with men.

      Her lawyer rules, tho. Respect.

      • Sierra says:

        Nope, Angelina just won the pr war.

        Brad’s new girlfriend is married and the news is out everywhere.

      • Genessee says:

        It comes off as desperate.

        As much as people wish it were, this is not a PR win.

      • Kebbie says:

        I don’t think she did it out of concern she’s losing the PR war, but I think it was to emphasize that she’s being a mother while he’s gallivanting around with a woman less than half his age. So she did it for PR reasons, but more to make her point than anything else, IMO.

        @Genessee To me, the move was obvious but I don’t think it was desperate. 56 year old man with 27 year old model is desperate. She wants the public to see she’s the one acting like an adult and parent.

      • bluebell_ says:

        Give me a break. Only Brad comes off as desperate here. The best he could do is a 27 year old instamodel who is still married to a 68 year old man.

      • Carmen says:

        @Genessee: Hardly desperate. It’s actually a brilliant PR move on her part. She knew the news was coming out about Brad’s bimbo. Now Angie is the the devoted mom and Brad is the desperate former golden boy who is reduced to boinking married women half his age. You should see the comments in the Daily Mail which usually fawn all over him. He’s getting skewered.

    • Sandra says:

      She just comes across as a loner to me. I can’t recall when I’ve ever seen her hanging out with other women. Like just a casual lunch. To me that speaks volumes.

      • Sierra says:

        @Sandra, I am so tired of this same old.

        Angelina’s known close friends are Loung Ung, Marianne Pearl, Queen Rania, Gillian Armante, Jane Godall, Eunice Hu

  2. Sierra says:

    Nah I am okay with this since Brad is smearing her left, right & centre. I would have done something a lot earlier than this.

    And who says it wasn’t the children who wanted to show the world they are on their mother’s side and happy about it?

    The time where women kept quiet is gone and we will fight back now.

    • Kaiser says:

      It would have been smarter for her to do these pap strolls with the kids more consistently this year BEFORE we learned about WhatsHerLips

      • crogirl says:

        There have been lots of pics of her lately, even this week with Vivienne

      • TeamMeg says:

        LOL What’sHerLips

        I hear what you’re saying, Kaiser, but honestly, I’m very happy to see these pics. I don’t think it’s sad at all. F Brad. Angelina doesn’t have to hide, and maybe she just didn’t feel like cooking last night. (lol–joke) But seriously, AJ looks gorgeous beyond words, even behind that mask! And Shiloh has let her beautiful blond hair grow…love that ponytail! The coolest. 💛 This whole family is the ultimate. More power to them.

      • Intheknow says:

        “WhatsHerLips”…you owe me a new computer screen. Coffee came spewing out my nose. hahahahahaha.

      • Genessee says:

        Agreed Kaiser.

    • whatWHAT? says:



      I was thinking the same thing about whose idea this was. esp because a move like this is SO not like her. I also thought it might have been the one of the kid’s idea.

      PS Shiloh is SO DAMN TALL.

      PPS I kinda like that shiny dress…and it’s not really a sackdress, the belt helps a lot. I’d never wear it but she pulls it off well.

    • Elle says:

      Good point! By now the older ones would see this for the clap back that this is that shows solidarity on their part.

  3. Darce says:

    She should’ve worn sunglasses so you couldn’t tell whether or not she was looking at the paps.

  4. Mrs. Peel says:

    I have no problem whatsoever with this!

  5. PnP says:

    I mean is she supposed to go onto hiding? Until when? What is the timeline? She might as well continue living her best life paparazzi and all. She is a glamorous single mother and has been for a while. Why must her behaviour still be linked to Brad Pitt? Let her live whatever way she sees fit.

  6. Salma Sharif says:

    Yes it’s an obvious pap stroll but I don’t even blame her at this point. They’re trying to paint her as this desperate woman who is trying to make the divorce difficult because she’s jealous of Brad and his new gf. Meanwhile she’s the one who left him.

    • Kebbie says:

      I’m with you. Yeah, it’s obvious, but it’s also pointed. “He’s with a 27 year old in the south of France and I’m home with our children.”

  7. FC says:

    Meh, I don’t blame her for playing all her cards in the middle of a nasty divorce. Also KITTEN HEELS ARE BACK WTF?

  8. Eleonor says:

    Ohhhh Angie noooo…

    • Carmen says:

      Relax. It’s a great PR move. You should see the fallout since it’s come out that Brad is banging some Instagram bimbo half his age and married to boot. He’s looking like a desperate, superannuated former golden boy who’s reduced to shacking up with instamodels, while she looks like a conscientious, devoted mom whose only concern is her family. No way he comes out of this looking good. In fact, now that all the sordid details have been released, I wouldn’t be surprised if he dumps her before the week is out.

  9. roses says:

    All I have to say is that divorce has done wonders for her. She looks so much healthier now that she has gotten rid of that man-child.

  10. Toniko says:

    I mean there were ton of pics of her with Vivienne during this month, going shopping and whatever. With Knox and Pax too. But this is first time we see her with all of them since forever.

  11. TheOriginalMia says:

    Nope. I have no problem with her going out with her kids for dinner. We don’t know if it was a special occasion or to hammer home the point that Brad doesn’t and probably never will have the relationship she has with their kids. Instead, he’s rolling out a new gf at their old family home, probably contemplating starting a new family with her. Angie’s got the kids. All of them and he still has to have supervised visits with the youngest because of his actions.

  12. crogirl says:

    And Brad is in France with his seventh child LOL

  13. FancyHat says:

    I wouldn’t say it was beneath her. This is always who Jolie was. She’s staged pap strolls her whole career.

    • Greta says:

      This idea that Angelina has always staged pap pics is hilarious to me. Angelina is one of the most famous women on earth, so the idea that she has to stage pap pics is funny. Sure she can avoid paps we know that, and I know famous people do set up pics. But everyone gets papped, Christian Bale is legitimately one of the most private stars around, there are many pap pics of him. Matt Damon and his family are relatively private, but look online and there are lots of pics of them too. Leo gets papped a lot too and jumps into bins to avoid being papped, so I suppose he calls paps too.

      Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes another private couple were papped just this week. Charlize Theron someone I wouldn’t call thirsty gets papped out with her kids frequently too. They sell pics obviously. So yes we can call this an obvious pap stroll because it is I mean Nobu seriously, but this idea that she sets up pap strolls and has done so her whole career, like she’s not one of the most famous women on earth who the paps stalk is strange. So who do we accuse of setting up pics, or who do we give the benefit of the doubt to then.

      • Kebbie says:

        I think timing and location are what make pap strolls obvious. Just getting caught randomly vs being photographed at Nobu, entire family in tow right after Brad debuts a new girlfriend, is obvious.

        Also when they’re “caught” in obscure locations that would never happen randomly like on a Kenyan beach to announce a pregnancy or Pitt on a tarmac in France with a new 27 year old girlfriend who is immediately identified even though she isn’t famous.

        They set up pap strolls together, so it’s not surprising they do it separately too.

      • Greta says:

        @Kebbie, I hear you. This is obviously a pap stroll. But the JP kids are stalked by the paps, paps take pics of them out and about on their own quite often, so do we think Angelina is staging those pics as well, that’s ridiculous. I just don’t know why some people can’t fathom that The Angelina Jolie is followed by paps. I as a fan can accept that this is what it is, a pap stroll with an obvious statement. I’m just okay with it and don’t agree with Kaiser’s post, though I understand what she’s saying. When it’s obvious like the examples you stated yes let’s call it what it is, staged. But to act like one of the most famous women in the world needs to stage pap pics as common practice like the original poster claimed is absurd and funny. Angelina is always accused of pap strolling though, even when it’s just randomly. No one ever accuses Leo though, or Charlize who gets papped a lot, Reese gets papped a lot too. So who do we excuse and who do we accuse then?

        I think Angelina has made the choice to do her and just live her life in L.A., and if the paps are there so be it. Does that mean that she’s never or will never use paps to her advantage, no. I just think a lot of people are irrational and unhinged where Angelina is concerned, and will label every little thing she says and does as nefarious.

        Angelina doesn’t have a publicist, she’s her own publicist and she needs to do what she feels she must. Yes she’ll get it wrong sometimes, but I’m fine with this move as a fan, I get it.

    • Div says:

      They all stage the occasional pap stroll, but Angelina’s never done it frequently like Ben, Jen Garner, Bradley Cooper, etc.

    • lucy2 says:

      I have to agree – while she does seem to be able to go private when she wants, she definitely knows how to use the paparazzi and has done so in the past. Most celebs do, just some get more criticized for it than others.

      I do agree with Greta, some of it is just being out in the world and being famous, but I do think she has more than once arranged it.

    • Ville says:

      Agreed, she’s a master at using the paps.

      Edited to add: I also remember when people were joking about the leg pose a few years ago and her fans rushed in to say she was having fun for the kids at home and Zahara probably asked her to pose that way.

      It’s a pap walk and it’s delusional to think it’s not.

    • Green Desert says:

      Yep. She’s always been a player in the game as much as anyone else. People just revere her so they have been unable to see it. And it’s okay! Everyone in Hollywood does it.

  14. Michelle says:

    I don’t blame her either. Pitt has them trapped in LA, a place they hate, been attacking Angie every chance he gets, then takes his girlfriend to their family home in France. All she is showing him is i am the parent here & i make sure the kids are ok while you continue to hurt us. Wouldn’t be surprised if new girlfriend is pregnant before end of the year.

    • ennie says:

      absolutely typical.
      be an awful parent, then divorce and become a father to another person’s kid, what about his children? I think he could really do more of an effort, but he is not sacrificing too much.

  15. LaUnicaAngelina says:

    It bums me out where they are now. They were a stunning couple and seemed genuinely in love. They went through so many ups and downs (health, crazy family, etc.) together, and to end up here with the bitter pettiness and a long-drawn out divorce/custody battle. It saddens me for the kids.

    • ennie says:

      I think he was a lousy father later in the relationship, maybe he was better at the beginning, but he became more addicted to alcohol and with the divorce things became easier for him.

  16. Leigh says:

    Like I said on the Jennifer Garner post, I don’t mind a bit of the loving, doting, PRESENT mother wants to throw their weight around publicly every once in a while. They all look great!

  17. Charlotte says:

    Whoever put in those implants really did a number on her. They look so painful :( (and yes I know it was reconstructive surgery)

    • Flamingo says:

      I don’t think it was intentional. People don’t realize how much bigger they will look if you lose even ten pounds. I think she is quite a bit smaller now than when she had them done.

    • Embee says:

      I had the same surgery in April and the implants are difficult to predict. Owing to seeing Angie and her post-op I fought for going down two sizes from my previous (OG) breasts, and I am very grateful. Another thing is that when they perform the mastectomy they pull breast tissue from under your arms, where implants don’t extend. Then, by contrast, the implant appears to stick out more than before, even if they are the same size. I don’t know how Angie felt but I know that when I got my diagnosis I was in a state of sheer panic and had a really hard time making decisions. And doctors cannot tell you what to do because different patients want different things. For sure I can see a surgeon thinking “Movie Star: must have big boobs”.

    • mva says:

      Agreed. They look very unnatural for her and if it were me and I had the resources, I’d have them replaced with something much more natural for her frame. These look hard and unmoving. “Bolt ons” is a term I’ve heard used and I think it definitely applies here. Maybe she is happy with them, and good for her if she is. She’s gone through some very traumatic health issues and she has a right to whatever makes her happy on that front.

    • Chaine says:

      ITA but this must be the look she wanted and is happy about, as with her $ she could easily have them replaced if she wanted. several of my friends have had mastectomies. Two went with the larger look for their reconstructions and the other opted not to have reconstruction at all. To each her own.

  18. julia says:

    I mean, she can’t hide forever either. Maybe she told her kids they could go anywhere they want for dinner and they chose here. The older ones would appreciate a fancy dining experience.

  19. Jaxonmeh says:

    I’m good on this. She’s been much kinder about the entire situation publicly than he deserves. Especially with all the smearing his team has been doing and continues to do.

    It may be a deliberate pap stroll to the public but I also think it’s a personal message to him. Basically “Say whatever you want, but all of the kids are where? Oh yeah. They’re ALL here with me.“ It’s pretty savage if you think about it.

    • lucy2 says:

      She really could have trashed him, and bad. She could have spilled the details on the plane incident, or any number of countless other things that happened that we don’t know about. He should be thanking his lucky stars that she hasn’t, but instead he’s flaunting a 20 something and trashing her in the tabloids.

      • Carmen says:

        I think she’s smart enough to realize he’s trashed himself, especially now that the sordid details about his new squeeze have come out. Trust me, he is not looking good.

  20. Greta says:

    Nah I’m okay with this. Why should she hide, Angelina is papped a lot. And whether it was today, next week or weeks from now, there would be pap pics of her, and the story would be about Brad Pitt and his new girlfriend, and a bunch of people would accuse her of pap strolling and PR then too. With the daily fail headline “Angelina Jolie seen for the first since…” Pitt is rolling out his girlfriend as is his right, meaning there will be bunch of PR and dumb narratives out there for the next few weeks if not months, so is she not supposed to leave her home until that dies down?

    I tend to not be a fan of obvious paps strolls, they’re lame and usually I’d be of a similar mindset that she needs to lay low, and I’d be side eyeing her too for obvious PR. But the fact that she has all 6 kids of her kids with her, this is a statement, and I think it’s a statement from the kids more than anything else. Pitt is allowed to date and live his life, but he took his new 27 year old girlfriend to THEIR home, their mothers house, that’s disrespectful and just plain rude. I feel like a response as obvious as it is is okay. Or she’s a just a mother enjoying dinner out with her kids during a stressful time lol. That’s allowed too. Maddox and Pax have already called Pitt out publicly.

  21. French girl says:

    I totally disagree. I watched several paps pics of her with or without her kids during the pandemy. Every day, some celebrities go to Malibu’s Nobu without be photographed.Kim Kardashian goes there every week without be more photographed.

    After, whereas Pitt is with his new girlfriend in Europe, she is still and always with their children.

    • Anne Call says:

      I’ve been to Nobu Malibu a few times and saw the whole kardashian Clan running around one time at lunch. The younger girls were hanging out there and this was 4 or 5 years ago when they should have been in school. Kanye was also a couple tables over and Kim arrived when we were leaving followed by a bunch of paps. It’s definitely a scene there, but also one of the few restaurants right on the water. Last night was beautiful in SoCal so Jolie family had nice views of the pacific.

      • Clairej says:

        What did those girls all look like in the flesh? Guess everyone is always tinier than you expect.

  22. Case says:

    The celebrity pap walk thing is so wild to me. To follow the stories and see how these people use it to get back at each other is just crazy. She made it look kinda obvious with that very fancy outfit she’s wearing, otherwise I wouldn’t have thought much of it — she’s someone who I think genuinely does get followed a lot.

    As others have mentioned though, I don’t think this is a bad thing or beneath her. I don’t mind the very present moms like her and Jen Garner reminding people of that.

  23. JanetDR says:

    Aside from the app stroll aspect, I would not take my children to eat at a restaurant. To get take out, maybe.

    • Tinnie says:

      That’s a good point. Does California even allow indoor dining? Maybe there’s an outdoor space ?

      Agree this is a pap friendly choice so seems very intentional. I think she has been out, no, not for a long spell tho’ (during first height of pandemic), and she too uses paps, has for a long time, to send ‘messages.’ I like the dress but the kids are so dressed down. Nobu – well, maybe not in Malibu – is sort of fancy.

      • (TheOG) Jan90067 says:

        Nobu does have a dining room (that is open to the patio) but it’s dark-ish. The large outdoor patio is a lovely spot to have a meal (gorgeous ocean view, breezy, etc). Every time I’ve been there, it’s ONLY on the patio. IMO what’s the point of going to an oceanfront restaurant only to be stuck inside a dark dining room? Also, Nobu (like all other celeb spots) has a “VIP” area. Rest assured, AJ and her family are NOT dining with the plebs lol.

      • SaraR. says:

        They were on the patio. Lainey has pictures.

      • Anne Call says:

        No indoor dining allowed in calif. they were on the patio.

      • bluebell_ says:

        I saw the photos on Lainey. I love the one of Shiloh seated on the patio and laughing. These poor kids have been through so much because of their deadbeat dad. I’m glad they have Angie and each other.

    • Green Desert says:

      Agreed, even to sit outside. It’s just so unnecessary.

  24. melrose says:

    I’m all for it. Solidarity in the face of Pitt’s pathetic pr machinations.

  25. Dogsledding says:

    What is she holding in her hand? Looks like a lovey or small rag? Her kids are a bit old for a lovey right?

    • rawiya says:

      It looks like a shawl to me. She’s in a sleeveless dress and probably doesn’t know how cold the restaurant will be. (I always carry a sweater with me in the summer, truly, because the buses and some stores turn the A/C way too high for my liking.)

    • Lady D says:

      It’s a shawl. What’s a lovey?

  26. rawiya says:

    I’m totally okay with this. I was going to comment in yesterday’s post that I wish she’d take a pap stroll with a 27-year-old SI swimsuit model** just to one-up Brad . Mind, I’m P.E.T.T.Y. so going out for dinner with her kids is probably her version.

    **And since it’s Angie, she could show up with a man OR woman and none of us would even blink.

    • Guest with Cat says:

      If Jennifer Aniston weren’t so friendly to Brad I think it would be funny as hell if Angelina and Jen teamed up as a couple. Even if Jen isn’t bi, she could just do it for PR and giggles. Though I think there are even some straight women who might make some exceptions for either woman.

      I used to joke with my husband that if he were to ever try to cheat on me I would go all out to seduce his mistress even though I’m straight. I can’t help it, my sense of humor is evil sometimes. But if I were Jen or Angie, it wouldn’t be a joke. I’d totally pull that crap and break the internet.

      I know Jen has cause to resent and dislike Angie, but at this point someone’s got to stop Brad. He always gets off free and clear while the women are left looking desperate or however else he smears them, because they don’t have men waiting in the wings.

      I loved how back in the day Debbie Reynolds and Elizabeth Taylor decided to put Eddie Fisher in the rear view mirror and join forces again and made a play together. It helped show Eddie totally was not worth even bothering their pretty heads about.

      These two women have been horribly smeared by Brad. I’d love to see them do something to put him firmly in everyone’s rear view mirror. But I know Jen’s entire entourage is very anti-Angelina and it’s never going to happen. What a pity.

      • crogirl says:

        “I know Jen has cause to resent and dislike Angie”
        LOL I actually think it’s the opposite. Jennifer orchestrated racial attacks against Angie’s children (via Handler).
        I never liked Jen, but when they broke up I felt sorry for her because of how the blogs treated her (especially Lainey who tries to be all nice now, and Perez with calling her Maniston). But then she and her PR tried to make her into the biggest victim ever, as if no woman in the world had never been left by her husband before (and as if she hadn’t been the other woman in a different situation). Not to mention her friends like Handler who bragged about screwing married men but attacking Angelina on Jen’s behalf.
        As for Jen and Angie ever becoming friends? No, not after Handler went after the kids.

        If there is anyone Jen should be mad at, is her first ex husband. But since they’re in the same agency she let him use her. After a long time she had a legitimate reason to attend those award shows and she allowed it to be all about their reunion instead her work.

  27. Cava24 says:

    I think it’s great, she’s getting trashed by Pitt’s team which affects public perception of her and could affect the sort of roles she gets offered in the future. This is a reminder that she is functionally the sole parent of six kids who form a pretty close family unit, from the looks of things. And beyond being a pap stroll, this is also a mask stroll- the more people who wear masks in public the more it becomes unacceptable for other people not to.

  28. Frenchie says:

    Dining out with all of the children at a known pap hotspot is a clear way to send a message to Brad and his team. Way to go Angie pap stroll perfectly done! I am neither on Brad or Angie’s side in all of this divorce mess TBH, but yes girl don’t let the “girlfriend” rollout with “whatsherlips” take the upper hand! I am here for this and thank you Kaiser for stating the obvious and making my day with this new moniker ;)

    • Hmm says:

      Amen. I love it and I admit it’s a definite message to him and his team. She’s like- next.

      Also Pax is being tagged on Instagram in all the Bs about his deadbeat dads publicity stunt so I’m sure he wasn’t too happy. He’s already told his followers how he feels about Pitt and his lack of empathy for his younger siblings.

  29. Ksweet says:

    Maybe they are having a big night out before Maddox goes back to school and he got to choose.

  30. robin says:

    Now Brad’s team can make an argument again that she’s using the kids for PR

    • Hmm says:

      When haven’t they used that argument? Pitt already lost. The court ruled that the custody would stay the same meaning he has none lol the kids hate him anyway. Let him raise his new daughters kid.

      • robin says:

        I know it’s just never ending with these two. I do think his kids will hate him for quite a few things he has done, and Pitt knows it too so he stopped giving a shit

  31. Yourfavnewyorker says:

    I love angelina but when I saw this obvious pap stroll I laughed so hard. It’s clearly sending out a message lol the last time she was seen with all her kids was at the maleficent premiere. Also people noticed the $30,000 watch on her wrist that she’s proudly showing off I know that’s pocket change for her but I doubt she will spend that money on a watch wondering if her new boo bought it for her. Hmmm we’ve been saying for weeks how happy and giddy she looked during her interviews lately i wouldn’t be surprised if it was getting serious and that’s why Brad is acting like a vindictive pos taking his booty call to their house.

    • blacktoypoodle says:

      Any jeweler, let alone Cartier, would also give Angelina a watch. The photos will be seen around the world for eternity. Best endorsement ever: “World class beauty, humanitarian, mother prefers…..Cartier” Heck, I even fell down the rabbit hole and bought the lip gloss she was seen pulling out of her bag at the Golden Globes. And I looked just like….. me with lip gloss on. :)

  32. Hmm says:

    She’s been seen with her kids a lot since the divorce because nothing has changed on that front. She has the kids and they ain’t gonna hide just because Pitt is doing some ridiculous Pr stunt at their miraval home. Hell, he’s been doing Pr stunts since she dumped him.

    I believe this is her saying “nice try” she has no reason to hide and I love that Maddox is out with them, too. They are a united front and nothing their no good narcissist dad does is going to break them. Period.

  33. Amy Bee says:

    She’s in public battle with her ex, I’ll give her a pass on this. It’s not like she regularly does this anyway.

    • Hmm says:

      He announced he is basically having sex with her “lookalike” at the home angelina brought their twins home to and she married him at. Can’t get more vindictive than that. She deserves to pull a few Pr stunts of her own and honestly this was a gentle message – not even what I think she’s full capable of. She could hire an escort of her own and traipse around with him but that’s not her style.

      • Yourfavnewyorker says:

        Old Angelina would’ve done some damage and gave us a show. This Angelina would never do that to her kids but I also think she’s seeing somebody hopefully she shows him or her off soon. I can already see the narrative that she’s bitter because he’s moving on.

      • Hmm says:

        Fave New Yorker, it’s been 4 years I highly doubt she’s been living like a nun for that long. She probably went back to having lovers. Yes , if she were to bring her person out now his team would say she’s only doing because he’s dating.

        Dealing with him must be stressful as hell. It’s hard for her to live her normal life without it somehow being about him- he wishes. Pax did say his daddy dearest was making those he loved the most lives a living Hell!

  34. Chloe says:

    Oh come on… they want to go out to dinner as a family and like Nobu. Who cares? It’s a restaurant that’s been around forever, and I’m sure you understand the concept of liking food from a specific restaurant. :eyeroll:

  35. smcollins says:

    Anyone who thinks she doesn’t play, or is above playing, the HW game is really kidding themselves. Granted, she’s much more savvy and not all in-your-face obvious about it, but she still plays it. She’s fully aware that she (and her children) live an exceptionally unideal life and knows how to expertly navigate through it, including offering up the occasional “pap stroll.”

  36. FHMom says:

    Celebrities are going to do what celebrities have always done. Brad is going to date a way younger woman and Angie is going to stage a photo op with her kids. I like seeing the kids, and I like the snark about Brads girlfriend. This is really just gossip as usual, and we are all here for it.

  37. Truth hurts says:

    Stroll on Angie. We got your back! This is a unit supporting each other. She is smart and has been in thus game a long time. Leave her alone

    • blacktoypoodle says:

      In 10 years Angelina will be part of a team of 7 bonded adults. Brad will just be… 67.

  38. Savannah says:

    Oh Angie, I will always love her sack dresses. I don’t really get the point of this but I guess maybe it’s a reminder, while Brad’s out traveling the world with his “serious” girlfriend, his ex is busy raising their children. I also hope his kids didn’t find out about her in the press, that would be utterly sh*tty and irresponsible.

    • Tinnie says:

      Good points. Your comment made me wonder if girlfriend was at his mom’s recent 80th birthday celebration since photos were found of her with Pitt from last fall. Hmm.

      • Yourfavnewyorker says:

        Nope from her instagram she’s been in Germany all this time since February. I still say she’s a booting call just promoted to girlfriend to piss someone off.

      • melrose says:

        I think she’s been in Berlin before their meetup.

        Also, goodness she could be one of his nieces.

    • helllo says:

      Oh c’mon the kids probably found out through the press and this outing is their idea

  39. Hello says:

    Let’s call it promotion for One and only Ivan

  40. Lizzie says:

    I really see nothing wrong. That is what everyone in that town does.
    Only one’s that bother me are the ‘celebs’ who have multiple pictures every day in the daily fail describing what the are wearing or doing – like Cindy Crawford and daughter or Christy Brinkley and daughter. They must pay for that, right?

  41. Meg says:

    Sadly i think people who just see headlines every now and then and dont read regularly the daily onslaught of stories released by his people trashing her will always think highly of brad. its part of why hes trying to punish angie by dragging out the custody and splitting assets part of this divorce, hes trying to punish her for leaving him because hes brad Pitt! hes not supposed to be dumped! Pictures dont require pesky reading and i think you can stay strong for so long until you break and want to show your truth to people. Its relatable in that way

  42. Yolanda says:

    After all the smearing campaign Brad and his team pulled off these years, especially during the award season this year?
    I really can’t blame her for finally doing something to fight back to him publicly.
    She has been silent for this for so long.
    Brad the human trash shouldn’t be able to get away with all the shits he has done.

    • Himina says:

      If she really wants to hurt him she will start exposing him. Have the kids tell the world how he’s a deadbeat and doesn’t care about the adopted ones. Have Maddox remove Pitt from his name. This papstroll does nothing but make her look affected by the news that he’s dating a 27 yr old.

      • Genessee says:

        Yep. Perception-wise, this pap stroll really killed the myth of her moving on and not looking back. This is too strategic to only be a coincidence.

        This sucks. She SO HAD THE UPPER HAND.

      • bluebell_ says:

        Only to you maybe. Most of us here disagree.

      • Originalcarol says:

        Or looking at the other flip side, she’s reminding the public that her children are with her and not him, that they are a united loving family. Unlike him, who’s running around banging a -young enough to be his child-woman in a family home. This pap stroll is indeed a tic for tac counter maneuver by Jolie but it does highlight the fact that he is not a devoted father of the year and why he still doesn’t get the half custody of the young kids. Nope. Here he goes and contradicts the loving and caring father image that he had been cultivating for years.

        Should have slow roll her all these months instead of bringing her out all of the sudden. As I said in a previous post, Alia and he were dating until she got caught with the N word then he decided to bring this one out to counter move Jolie for calling him out on the cheating judge. Not a smart move, Pitt. His crisis management team should be fired!

  43. Michelle says:

    This ‘pap stroll’ isn’t for PR it’s direct to Pitt. Miss new lips has been checking all the media coverage of her & pitt. It shows on her instagram. So good for Angie to send this message to them.

    • crogirl says:

      “Miss new lips has been checking all the media coverage of her & pitt. It shows on her instagram.”

      How can you tell, I checked her instagram and the last update is 2 day ago?

  44. Sterkviking says:

    The pap walk makes me sad. It shows she cares that Brad went off with the German model. If she didn’t care, there would be no pap walk. Also, she is using the kids for the pap walk. That is not fair to the kids. Meanwhile, Brad becomes a Hollywood cliche with his could-be-his-daughter girlfriend. I don’t see good parenting from either of them.

    • Himina says:

      Exactly it makes her look pressed. I want better for you Angie don’t let this bother you.

      • Eve V says:

        Naw, it doesn’t make her look pressed. She’s just showing she’s got all the kids at home with her while he’s out frolicking with his new f4ck buddy. If she was actually pressed and trying to one up him on that front, it would not be with a pap stroll with the kids, cmon now.

      • Genessee says:

        I’m sorry. But I’m going to say this bluntly:

        The majority (note that I did not say all) of the people that care that she’s got all the kids at home with her are divorced/single moms who went through difficult divorces/custody issues.

        The rest of the public just sees this as Angie still having lingering feelings about Brad. It’s a reactive move.

      • melrose says:

        @Genessee Are you with Brad’s pr agency?

      • Genessee says:

        @melrose Nope. Never worked for Brad, Angie, or Aniston. Not in PR anymore. Not even in the entertainment industry anymore. That doesn’t mean my PR POV has gone down the drain. Too many years of working in the industry for me NOT to give optics a priority.

    • Kebbie says:

      I don’t see it as a message to Brad, I see it as a message to the public. He’s showing himself to be a pathetic cliche and she’s just a humble mom, taking care of her children. Or at least that’s the message.

      If she were jealous of a new girlfriend, she’d be photographed with a new boyfriend, not their kids.

      Whether it’s good parenting to take the kids on a pap stroll…they made a brand out of it when they were together, so they obviously don’t see anything wrong with it.

      • Originalcarol says:

        For once I do agree with you on this. If she wants to prove that she can’t care less about his new girlfriend, she would be staging a pap stroll with her new beau and not with the kids. That’s lame for revenge. This serves as a reminder to the public that she’s a loving mom to all the kids and he is not. Never was and not now with this public “betrayal “ of taking the new gf to their family home.

      • JJ says:

        On what universe is she “a humble mom”? If that was really the goal, to come across as humble and relatable, wouldn’t she be more Garner-like and take a walk with her kids, or at least go out for pizza?

      • serena says:

        @JJ LMAO, please. Just because she doesn’t get papped you know for sure she doesn’t take walks with her kids or go out for pizza. That was a good laugh, thank you.

  45. Adorable says:

    Looking Gorg🔥🔥…And I love how she’s slowly removing that Brad tattoo of her arm,good on you girl.

  46. L4frimaire says:

    Kind of agree with you on this. Never a big fan but it does seem too obvious. It seems a bit weird and then to have all the kids in tow. If she was spotted going out with a few girlfriends or something, would be less blatant. Also, miss her doing really substantial, meaty roles. Only thing she seems to do are campy things like Maleficent.

    • ennie says:

      imagine that , big families want to go out for some special occasions and that is weird?

    • Genessee says:

      Ugh. THIS. I’m so over the “mommy-fication” of Angie. She’s only 45 for Pete’s sake. Why are the majority of her films Disney and voice-over roles? Those roles need to go to — and no I’m not sorry for saying this — Meryl Streep, Susan Sarandon, Sigourney Weaver, or Julie Andrews.

      I’m hoping joining Marvel The Eternals will turn things around.

      • Myra says:

        I kind of see where you are going with your comments now. I’ve loved Angelina since Girl, Interrupted, literally the first movie I ever owned on DVD (remember that?). I recognise though that those times were also turbulent for her and I enjoyed seeing her grow and do wonderful things in the world. But god, would I love to see a little bit of that Angelina spirit back. And yes to Salt 2. I’m still waiting.

      • Isshiki says:

        Like I said in my previous comment, it’s Angelina fucking Jolie, it was most likely a personal choice on her part. She has the luxury of not having to cave into the pressure of doing “sexy, edgy” roles if she doesnt want to. And also, you’re aware she can be both a mom to six kids and still smoking, right? Anyway, again, it’s most likely a personal choice and while we can be grateful for the material she put out before, if she doesnt want to do roles like that anymore, what the hell is so sad about that? I think it’s empowering.

  47. Rae says:

    I love this family. My Team Jolie membership is still firmly in place, pap stroll and all.

  48. Hmm says:

    What a waste of time the publicity stunt dating story was. The daily mail is reporting she’s married and in an open relationship- her husband let’s her sleep around. Obviously using Pitt for some fame. LoL

    I’m sorry this is too funny and might be funnier than the Neri Oxman debacle.

    Team Pitt already calling her his girlfriend lol

    PATHETIC. 😂😂

    • Lemons says:

      He makes such bad moves…Like horrifically poor decisions. Now he has to play the angle that he’s a liberated swinger too!

    • Fa says:

      He couldn’t have Angie back so he went after no lookalike (Angie) married woman.

  49. Malem says:

    nah i love this

    btw this kids look SO cool, probably every LA teen celebrity offspring wants to be their friend

    • blahblahblah says:

      nah, pitt’s first strike was getting marion cotillard pregnant. she’s raising the baby as if it was guillaume’s . extra hurtful since marion looks and speaks like AJ’s mom (tho marion an idiot and 9/11 truther, unlike AJ’s mom, who was intelligent) second obv was being drunk/physical on the jet plane.

      but what caused the trouble, even before the jet plane incident, was him having an affair with marion cottilard while filming and getting her pregnant.

      • Hmm says:

        Lmao what a joke and a totally lie. Is that you miss money penny?

        You should feel ashamed trying to use Marion to try to claim an affair is the real problem. It wasn’t and never would be. Especially when you go back and forth telling us they had an open relationship witch again is a lie. You can never get your lies straight. Marion should sue you lol brad look so ugly during filming.

      • Hmm says:

        One more thing look at her daughter. She look just like her son And guillime. That’s wishful thinking on your part because you wish pitt could get Marion lol. Fat chance.

        Pitt is stuck having to share women with his rich friends lol 🤢🤢🤢🤢

      • Malem says:

        correlation not found

  50. Valiantly Varnished says:

    If Brad can leak to the press details about their PRIVATE divorce, then Angelina can take an innocuous pap stroll with her kids.

  51. OriginalCarol says:

    Can anyone take this pos seriously now? I mean he’s shagging a half his age lookalike ex/married chick? A man with his star caliber? No one else would have him? He has to pay for an escort? Damn how the mighty has fallen.

    • Genessee says:

      Calling her an escort with no proof. Really? Open relationships to you are equivalent to prostitution?

      That is NOT ok.

      • Hmm says:

        What else would you call someone who is hooking up with multiple rich men who are all friends? LoL one being her husband. This shiiii too weird for me.

      • Genessee says:

        Someone who does not believe in monogamy and has a very active sex life, who happens to belong to a wealthy social circle.

        That does not equal prostitution.

        Wealthy men in open relationships who have lots of sex with other wealthy women in their same social circle are not called prostitutes? Why are you holding her to a different standard?

      • Originalcarol says:

        She’s not rich if you are gonna go by her plain old white wall bedroom selfies. If she is hooking up with rich older men for sex then I have a bridge to sell you. Why not just have sex just for the fun of it instead of being in an open marriage huh. Money and security are what she’s after. If not a paid escort then what would you call it. A call girl then.

      • Hmm says:

        genessee, I can’t say I’m big on monogamy either (Even tho I’m in situation right now with jus one) but she’s getting things out of dealing with these old men. She just got an Elle cover and lots of money and I’m sure movie offers will come next. I guess you can say they’re all wh**es getting something from this weirdo shii

        Pitt of course is getting the bad end because it’s going to end his good guy image only looking out for his kids image real quick lol

      • Originalcarol says:

        Movies offers. Not likely but if his production company plan B wants churn out one then good for her. I see more magazine spreads coming her way, talking about their relationship blah blah. Let’s see how private he will be. He will want her spill the beans on how wonderful he is, how lovely he is towards her son etc. They man loves others talking about him especially if there are up in heaven praises since he’s so private. Jolie used to do it to the nauseating level if history repeats itself.

  52. Abby says:

    I wonder if any of the kids were the ones who (at these ages) were like, “Mom, put on one of your shiny curtain dresses and get us all out there so the world can see that you’re a good parent while Dad bangs whatsherface.”

  53. SKF says:

    Okay, this is silly but it is bugging me. Her mask is on upside down. So is Zahara’s. And Maddox is wearing a disposable one inside out, with the blue part facing out. Why does this gorgeous family not know how to wear face masks properly??? 😂 😷

  54. Sidewithkids says:

    I kinda don’t mind b/c I want Angie to be a little more petty like him. She is doing it here, actually w/ the judge and this, Angie for the first time is actually fighting back against all BP’s smears and craziness. I like it. She won’t get out of hand but a little goes a long way.

    Also, the older kids prob be like let’s get him back too. Lol.

    Lastly, can I just say I love the color of the dress.

  55. blahblahblah says:

    i dont like brad pitt and do think angelina is absolutely stunning, BUT – her face is stunning. 27 year olds with stunning face AND stunning 27 year old body? its not the face why older men go younger and by I mean younger, I mean under 30. its the hot sex with a hot young unblemished by age body. its gross, for sure, but not rocket science.

    • Hmm says:

      He’s sharing it with multiple men. His Director friend and her husband who is also a friend of brads. So gross.

  56. Mabs A'Mabbin says:

    I’m fairly sure her kids had a hand in this. I can almost hear the conversation at the dinner table. “Aw c’mon mom, for once let’s just show ‘em we couldn’t care less. You don’t always have to be the only adult in the room. Besides, we’ll be wearing masks lol!”

    • Hmm says:

      Especially because we NEVER see maddox. I was surprised when she told an interview he was studying from home via computer or whatever.

    • Sidewithkids says:

      People now saying this could be Maddox going away dinner. He may be going back to school b/c we rarely ever see him.

      I think BP will deny this girl b/c she’s married and it got found out. Lol.

  57. Sidewithkids says:

    Also I see it was there wedding day he took the girl to France. That’s cold. Maybe Angie was affected by that I mean come on. Wouldn’t you all be even if you may not be in love w/ this person anymore. No matter if you moved on or not this is the day you married a person and then to see him vindictively do something like this is cold so I don’t blame her one bit. I think Angie wins b/c she has her kids and the love of her kids. They have great video Shiloh helping her out of the car and how they are so close walking together. I love it.

    • Originalcarol says:

      Hey he’s not called Mr sensivity chip missing for no reason. This was a family home where they got married and brought the twins home once they were born so yeah he’s very cold, calculate and vindictive. No question about it.

    • Guest with Cat says:

      I’d be livid. I never understood all the people who expect women or men to instantly shed years of memories and feelings after a breakup and just “move on already” as if breaking up with someone you love and especially the parent of your children isn’t extremely painful, messy, and traumatic.

      People did this to Jennifer Aniston and completely smeared her for expressing very modestly her hurt and betrayal. Now they’re doing the same to Angelina. Oh and Jennifer Garner for that matter. And come to think of it, Mary Elizabeth Winstead’s ex husband was brutally insulted for venting his pain on Instagram.

      I’m so sick of seeing all these wretched men move on with desperate young women or a series of them while the women they broke up with get criticized for dating too many men or not enough men or no men at all or having too many children or not enough children or no children at all. Or for expressing perfectly normal feelings of pain and betrayal.

      Are we all supposed to be perfectly programmed androids with complete control over complex emotions? Or not have emotions at all, just strategic moves?

      It’s about damn time we put the heat back on the ones who broke their vows or the trust placed in them in the first place.

      • Sidewithkids says:

        No offense to JA fans but nah I don’t have much for JA to be honest b/c if you really think about it she allows herself to be used by BP still to this day like laughing w/ him at that award show and then inviting him to her bday party after she was so hurt by him. I don’t really believe she was that hurt. I think she knew their marriage was on his last legs and they were getting a divorce even before Angie entered the picture. She just used the publicity to help her career b/c w/o it really where would JA be and I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s something BP and CAA agreed on when they divorced b/c the girl got nothing out of the divorce other than that which is a lot for her which has prolonged her career and time in the spotlight. Plus, I wouldn’t be surprised if JA still have feelings for the jerk. Seems like she does from the way she’s used by him. You don’t see Angie doing that. I see JA and how she mostly wants to stick it to Angie b/c she and her friends behave like teenagers when it comes to saying stuff and doing stuff in the media. Plus she been told and propped up by her PR to believe she has that aura too which she most certainly does not. Only a few have it, Angelina Jolie, Elizabeth Taylor, Marilyn Monroe, Josephine Baker, Dorothy Dandridge.

      • SaraR says:

        @Guest with Cat
        Very well said.

  58. yourfavnewyorker says:

    I refuse to believe Angelina still has feelings for this fool it’s been 4 years. Unless those visits to her house a few weeks back was something more lol smh I pray for whoever gets into a relationship with either of them they like to play games.

    • melrose says:

      Yeah but some pr lady here wants everyone to believe that Angie still has not moved on from this jerk because she took a pr stroll. Lmao. Brad’s pr team does work hard especially now it’s come out girl is still married to her original sugar daddy.

    • Sidewithkids says:

      I don’t think he went to her house. That was another lie by his team to get I front of the judge mess they knew was coming.

      Also, I would love to date Angie b/c I think she’s really good to the people she loves. I know it takes two but when you really break down Angie marriages, it wasn’t her who ruined them and she loved all three of those guys very much.

      • Originalcarol says:

        I think so too. He has friends living there and Jolie couldn’t care less to expose his ass.

  59. janice says:

    anyone remember Aug 23, 2014? and where is Brad”slimball” Pitt headed this weekend with his way too young girlfriend?

    well done Angie

  60. Guest with Cat says:

    Oh I don’t think this pap walk is bad in the least. And I am not particularly a fan of Jolie. I was more team Jen when I bothered to pick a side at all. Now I’m more balanced in how I look at them, but I don’t come at this from the viewpoint of a die hard fan.

    But I think it’s cool to stroll out there like a golden goddess and remind everyone that no dime a dozen Instagram model of any age has the generation defining beauty of Angelina Jolie.

    I still think she’s painfully thin. Her arms look kind of heavily veined. She’s still emerging from the stress and misery of a fractious divorce and dealing with traumatized kids who had health problems of their own. Yet still she’s got the “it factor” women half her age would give anything to have. Plastic surgery or even natural good looks won’t get you that. I don’t even know what it is, but she’s got it. The last woman who I think had that same aura was Elizabeth Taylor.

    Brad screwed up big time. Really big. All you have to do is see her with her kids and realize he’s a narcissistic ass to have let this family slip through his fingers. He can bang young women until his willy falls off. So what. He’s never having this family back again. If he’s lucky and stops being a narcissistic jersey, he will be able to get in some sort of decent speaking terms with them again. But he won’t ever have back what he squandered.

    Points to Angelina for the reminder. And I’m sure she and the kids also had a nice dinner. I wish I could eat at Nobu at least once in my life. Not gonna happen, but a girl can dream.

  61. Eeeeeeetrain says:

    Paps live in that parking lot but it seems very private and celeb friendly once you get in the door. Plus the food is delicious. Let her live.

  62. MerlinsMom1018 says:

    daaaannnnnng those kids have grown!!!!!! Angelina Jolie is drop dead gorgeous
    That’s all I got

  63. ad says:

    If she didn’t do her normal papstroll what would she have done? What She is saying is look we are one family unit here, we can survive on our own! Or maybe to distract the children from being glued on their computer reading about their dad! She look gorgeous! Be happy Angie nice to see you out with your kiddy entourage!

  64. LioLione says:

    ASTRO-TIME!! Lol I’m such a nerd.

    Someone asked me to do a bit on Angie, and I posted on older post, but I can say something about what the cosmic has to say about this.

    Angie is a gemini and has fiery Aries in her moon. And this is EXACTLY the move a gemini/aries would pull. She’s on the defence. And it’s EXACTLY what the cosmic is advicing her NOT to do.
    Gemini and Aries are both restless souls, and Aries in moon indicate that when she feels something it has to be dealt with NOW. It makes her impatient and prone to explode in anger. Brad’s bs can trigger something deep in her. She’s an intellectual and Gemini keeps her light and airy. Detached in some way. So I would say she would be able to control most of it. But I’m worried about her moon in aries for the up coming month.

    Her cosmic lesson for september (this goes for all gemini’s) is to play it cool. Lead with her heart. Even when people stamp on it. It’s about taking a step back (this goes for Aries in sept also), and NOT ACT RASH. The temperatur is higher and as of 9th of september Mars (the soldier) will go retrograde. We can expect the world to combust and we can expect our temperaments to rise. The stress level will be through the roof for the most of us, and it has already started as we’re closing in on the 9th.

    In september Mars will be turning retrograde in her gemini’s 11th house. The house of other people: social circle, friends and co-workers. I see her feeling lonely. And I see a lot of possible conflict with people around her. 11th house is also social media, so people might turn against her. I feel that already has started to happen, she’s been dragged harder than Brad.
    And of course she wants to defend herself.

    Angie strikes me as a person who does not have many close friends. It’s her gemini nature and several planets supports it in her chart. It’s not that she’s not warm and friendly, it’s just the gemini’s nature to be more of and intellectual and lead with their mind. They have friends everywhere, in all place, but the deep connection are hardner for them. They’d rather think than feel. She likes more emotionally superficial (but intellectual deep) friendships, never let’s people too close. Though she has a very very sensitive soul. A true nurturer and mother to all. So she’s no doubt in my mind a wonderful mother.

    There will arise some crisis in september for her to deal with when it comes to her social circle and the rest of her charts also says something about the conflict level with Brad. Or business partner. It will get heated, and this is where her lesson is: stay strategic about it, take a step away, breathe, don’t rush in to say something or defend yourself. Slow progression, work steady, slowly and it will pay off in the end of the year.

    This cosmic lesson she’s about to enter is of great importance. Infact, if she does let her ego-mind, her defensiveness and fiery tongue (aries, they can be quite abrasive) she will be linked karmically to those people in the future. And this is the time to let go of toxicity.

    September is about burning bridges for her: Not accepting abuse from anyone, leaving toxic environments and relationships all together, BUT to do it with integrity, forgiveness and diplomacy. To be gentle, not to swing back when someone (Brad) is punching first. But to step back, find composure and meet the competitor with awareness and open communication.

    This is quite the lesson and really unfair, but it is what gemini/aries will have to learn to see any rewards at the end of the year.

    They are being called to DON’T REACT TO CRAZY.

  65. LioLione says:

    On another note, I feel sort of bad for these kids, they seem to be used as props in this divorce. At least that’s what I think.
    Not attacking Angie, Brad is just as bad. Just always feel bad when kids are treated as accessories when adults need to prove their point to each other.

    It will be interesting to see if we learn more about everything. There is so much going behind the scenes. The planets position in both Brad’s and Angies charts, and in relation to this divorce is just… Oouuf! We’re simply being fed the milk foam of a scolding hot cappuccino! So, so much.
    And depending on their actions moving forward, the big twist we’re all in for in all our lives when jupiter conjucts saturn on 21st of december, well it will not be so pleasing if these two don’t learn their lesson this time around. I feel bad for Angie. Her next 20 years will be of spiritual growth, and this karmic event in september is really pushing her to be like a calm parent to a child with a tantrum and an ego bigger than his body.

    She has to breathe, and breathe and just head the storm right on with her heart on her sleeve. God, I want to see her slay the Dragon in the end.

    • Isshiki says:

      Oh can you help me with mine please? Both my sun and rising are Taurus and Moon is in Aries! It would be very helpful, thank you!

  66. Summer says:

    I don’t mind this. She’s basically just saying “He can do whatever he wants, I’ll be here with the kiddos”.

  67. LioLione says:

    On a positive note: her love life will bloom as of next year! And her emotional life will be soooo much lighter!
    I really do think they will wrap this divorce up by the end of the year or something.
    They both will be free of something in the end of december.

    Angie will start her journey of not being dictated by others, great freedom, building a new community and social circle (maybe this indicates that’s she’s being betrayed by friends now that also know Brad).
    She will also be called on to be a teacher of humanity. Lots of spiritual growth and traveling the world.

    Let’s hope she’s able to burn those bridges the next 2-3 months with composure and groundedness.

    I saw people commenting on an old post, and I would love to help people with their chart and what’s up coming the next months, and also the next 20 years. Don’t know if it’s possible to DM? Doesn’t seem like it. But I need to know peoples sun (and preferably moon and ascendant) to say a few words about it :)

    • Q says:

      My sun is virgo, gemini moon and scorpio rising ascendant.
      If you can get something out of that, please let me know! I love astrology. I find it so interesting.
      Thank you so much!! 😀

      • LioLione says:

        Absolutely, darling!

        September: Mars will go retrograde on 9th of sept to mid-november. Mars is a fixer, a soldier and this will be the time to not shy away from everything that will happen, but to rememver to breathe and not react quickly.

        We will have to deal with sudden crisis or sudden changes that feel overwhelming and difficult. It could be a very stressfull time for many of us.

        Your areas will be changing something in your life style to improve your health, sudden happenings in your social circle/partner/co-workers (you might be faced with conflicts and toxicity, and this is the time to deal with it so you can move on later this year) and financial crisis/changes. I feel the finances might be tied up to the issues with either friends, partner, work.
        Since Virgo is your sun, and I don’t know which of your signs and planets are the strongest one, I will say the main focus will be on a financial crisis of some sort. Delays. Frustration. Shifts.
        Mars retrograde effects your 8th house. It hasn’t been retrograde in this house since 1988-1989 and won’t be back until 2064 approximately. So this is the time to fix what comes up! And by fixing we sometimes have to destroy something. It will be stressfull because it’s hard work, but if you go about it slowly and thought fullt you will be able to later reap the benefits of it.
        The 8th house in retrograde can bring up finacial problems. Taxes, insurances, inheritance, stimulus checks, ect.
        Kepp your composure, remember it will pass and all the work you do now will be the foundation of a brand new future.
        Be cautious with your money the next 2 months, this is not the time for investments or moving it. Instead spend time organizing it. Mars wants to teach independence, so you can use the stress it might cause you for something good. Sometimes we have to tear everything down to start over and be closer to what makes us happy. This seems to be the case for you financially.
        8th house also rules trauma and old emotional pain. This time will push you to some breakthroughs of old trauma and will be the best time to work on it. So if you have any unresolved issues from the past, or feel stuck, work on transformation. In the end this will result in an internal emotional strength you haven’t had in a long time. Use the sudden changes in your life to heal.
        Health also seems to come up for you. It will be challenged in your ascendant the next 2 months before you move into a shift at the end of the year with renewed focus and determination for the next 20 years. Do you have any health issues? If so, you might want to deal with it now. It could also force you to deal with it, by some mini-crisis of some sort. And inflammation, a cold ect. Clean up your diet, see a doctor for advice and check up on nutrition (and possible underlying health issues) and set some goals of where and what you want for your body and health the next years. Possible lifestyle changes for you, if so, don’t give up even if it feels difficult, by the end of the year the results will come!

        -Bettering your health and routines (this will be an ongoing focus for you, find fun and joyful ways of exercising and eating healthy, something you find exciting) .
        -you may be called during these 2 decades to do service/changes in the medical field or in some other healing work
        -very active time at work
        -you will have healing powers and will be a big service to the world in general
        -spiritual journey, especially emotionally
        -combining virgo and gemini placements to learn new skills in emotional and spiritual healing to serve others will be perfect for you! (based on your 6th house and health/routines and daily life-focus that starts now, I would day this could possible be something you want to use to inspire others)
        -very lucky time in the scorpio aspect: the focus will be on property, people, family. For some it indicates 20 years of moving. For others it means 20 years of getting a lot of property. This depends on what your chart looks like in other areas. But your living situation will change.
        - also 20 years of investigating the “self”, it’s all about trying to find happiness for you, what is happiness to you? Where can you find it? You have great aspects to become truly happy and content during these years.
        -more stability and security in family life.

        Your spiritual journey pops out to me. You have a beautiful, sensitive soul and I get the feeling you’re an Empath. You can be very hard on yourself, this might be the time to turn that into self love and healing yourself, in order to heal others.

        This is very general, but these are the most important things, and possible changes coming your way. Stay healthy and breathe through the next 2 months and then things will open up for you even more.

        Lots of love, Lio <3

      • crogirl says:

        Can you do mine, please?

        My sun is sagittarius, virgo moon and gemini rising ascendant

      • Q says:

        Oh wow that’s scary accurate!😮 many of the things already happening and I’m on a health journey for the past months. I will definitely take your advice!
        Thank you so much, LioLione!! I really appreciate it 🤗💛

      • LioLione says:

        Happy it resonated with you!

        Take care, love ❤️

  68. bettyrose says:

    I’m way more horrified how how casual SoCal is being about the pandemic. Here in the Bay Area, we have some outdoor dining (although it keeps shutting down due to COVID, fires, etc) but even then is pretty socially distanced. Someone on FB just posted a pic eating outside in SoCal and it was like, close tables, big crowd, no masks (since obviously you have to take it off to eat but no one was even being semi-masked and cautious). WTAF? Angie, you can hire chefs. Is this really necessary?

    • Malem says:

      brad FLEW to another country and you critize her for going out and eat? give her a break.. im tired of reading this nonsense

      • Bettyrose says:

        That wasn’t a criticism of her. It was a criticism of L.A. and San Diego. But flying on airplanes with filtered air while social distancing and wearing a mask is WAY safer and more responsible than eating in a public space without a mask. That said…I highly doubt Angie and her kids ate any where near the unmasked general public. So assume my criticism is of all the people eating at Nobu who can’t afford private areas yet willingly endanger themselves and the wait staff. And don’t come at me with the wait staff have a choice. No they goddamn don’t if L.A. county forces them back to work, ending unemployment benefits.

  69. Hello says:

    Any you all see that it’s being reported that the girlfriend is currently married? An open marriage. His friends open marriage. Seems a bit off his usual branding….

  70. Andrea says:

    Surely Mr. Brad Pitt never went to the Weinstein or Jerry Epstein parties … now it even has the same publicist … Weird how all these actors are still connected with the people who worked for Weinstein and Epstein and were the closest to them …

  71. Lockdownbored says:

    Don’t care for Brad Pitt but he’s okay in films. I think she’s already lost the PR war. No one cares if he’s a bad father; people end up blaming it on her forcing them all to have a dysfunctional bubble lifestyle (no matter how untrue). She should just keep going with her film projects and ignore whatever he does. She won’t win this because she made too many missteps from the start. I mean, people are even commending Goop for her “conscious uncoupling” divorce. The woman will always get the blame if the divorce is acrimonious. She should take that lesson, swallow the bitter pill, and rethink her approach. He hasn’t come out unstained either but Pyrrhic victory for both…..

    • crogirl says:

      “She won’t win this because she made too many missteps from the start”

      Depends what do you think she wants.

      I think the most important thing to her is custody, and no way he’s getting anything substantial with half of kids not speaking to him.

    • Hmm says:

      What the hell do you think she wants? LoL what a weird statement.

      She lost the court of public opinion years ago because they were always on his and Aniston’s side- it’s why just months after she dumped him he went to the tabs to let the world know he was back in Aniston’s good graces…they were best friends because angie dumped him lol

      What an absolute joke. Now he’s in an entanglement with a fellow fiend and elderly person lol. Yeah he won. Rotflmao oh Lordy

      These are all narcissist moves. And I love that he is showing his ass and it’s his old 60 year old ass not the one from when he was 27.

    • February-Pisces says:

      Women always get the blame especially when they are as attractive as her. Just like Meghan, Angelina is treated like some sort of succubus who hypnotises innocent men with her lady parts.

      I was never into brad Pitt even when he was younger. I thought that aniston photo op from a few months ago was so transparent, I have no idea why Jennifer would go along with that BS, but I guess it benefited her too. He was just using her for his Oscar campaign. It’s funny how stans want him back with Jen, even though he’s such as a**hole. It just goes to show that even though he dumped her for AJ, stayed with her for over 10 years and had 6 kids with her, they still believe that it must have been because she was manipulating him.

      Anyway I think AJ is the sort of woman who thrives when she’s single like Katie holmes, I think relationships tend to weigh her down, but I guess that’s probably down to being with the wrong guy. The pap stroll maybe petty, but she made her point so good for her.

    • Carmen says:

      Who said no one cares if he’s a bad father? Have you read some of the comments on other sites lately? Especially the Daily Mail where they used to think he walked on water and Jolie was the devil incarnate. Now it’s a total character reversal. Jolie is a devoted, caring mom whose only concern is her family, and Brad is a pathetic old fart chasing after married bimbos half his age. Check out the comments, they’re hilarious.

  72. Anonymous says:

    BP has shown his narcissistic personality for years. He treated both his ex wives poorly.

    He was super insensitive in his handling of his divorce with JA. He had a baby, accompanied his girlfriend to adopt children, posed for a “family portrait “ In W Magazine before his divorce was final. Then he spoke ill of her in a 2011 interview. Why? They were no longer together.

    His divorce from AJ is even worse. He allegedly mistreated her emotionally, had substance issues and then the horrible plane incident occurred. As of today, allegedly 3 of his 6 children don’t want anything to do with him. So what does he do? Allegedly, he takes his new girlfriend to the house where he married Angie and lived with his children. That’s cold!

    I hope he gets treatment for his substance abuse issues. He should work on mending his relationship with his kids. This will take time. He needs to go at their pace, not his. It would be great if they get to a place that allows them to co parent effectively. Only time will tell if he’s willing to put in the work.

  73. Bibi says:

    I love Angelina, pap stroll or not. This woman is raising a bazillion kids while Brad fafs off. I support her 1000%.

  74. sarah1 says:

    know what I think of every time i see Jolie in her awful where does she get them bad LA thrift store clothes? Why, why don’t you wear T-shirts and jeans. No one could look cuter, sexier or more glam than the Jolie in jeans and a T. Of course that is my uniform, but still. WHERE DOES SHE GET THESE HORRID CLOTHES? Give me her address. I’ll buy her some jeans and T’s. You wanna do a pap walk? Do it the right way. Look at what she has generated from us. Pity. NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NO! You do it the right way and you have another conversation going. Please hire a clothes NAZI. Her darling children can distract her in the front of the house while the clothes Nazi is throwing stuff away or hawling it out the back of the house. And leave behind jeans, T’s, and sneakers or flats. My favorite is long sleeved T-shirts, but I’m flexible. I think some of her grief is expressing itself in horrid dressing. There needs to be an intervention. A movement, if you will. Come on, you know I’m right.

    • Lockdownbored says:

      Love this. Clothes Nazi. Hilarious. Yes, I agree her grief is expressing itself through a strange relationship with her clothes – very expensive yet FUG clothing. When she wore colour and casual jeans’n'tee outfits she looked GREAT, relaxed, and comfortable.

    • serena says:

      But it also kind of became her brand ‘Angelina and sack dresses’. I think it’s funny and cute, but I see your point lol.

    • Zut alors says:

      I think she gets freebies from designers but I don’t understand why there are so fugly and so unflattering. You know she let her former hubby dress her and maybe his criticisms of her body and what he told her suits her is still in her head. She should ditch the fugly clothes and go back to dressing like she did when it was just her and Maddox. She should also stop with the copious use of Botox and leave her forehead alone. It’s really showing up her insecurities. Those latest q and a she did for the One and Only Ivan are yikes. She mostly just evokes pity in me now when I look at her pics and watch her interviews. It’s such a sad contrast to the confident Angie of the past.

      • Anonymous says:

        @Zut Alors: Did he dress her or criticize her body? She is drop dead gorgeous. I’m not a fan of her dressing style but I never thought it was attributed to Pitt. I think it has more to do with her UN work. I might be wrong. I agree with a lot of you. Jeans and Tshirts would look great on her.

  75. Hiria says:

    I do wonder will she ever get into a serious relationship again? will she ever introduce a new papi to the kids lol. People been wanting her and Alfonso Cuaron and I think they will be cute together he’s been single since 2018 they both have kids I’m here for it and there was some spark at the oscars 2014 lol

  76. serena says:

    Honestly, I’m not upset she decided to do this. Yes it’s beneath her but, unless it becomes an habit, it’s really fine. Also I really liked that sack dress.

    Oh and I loved your definition of Brad as ‘sad douche’ lmao.

  77. ad says:

    Freedom! Didn’t Pitt do the same, organised to be paps on the grounds where he was getting in with his lover on an aircraft. In response Jolie strolls in front of the paps with his 6 kids which could be interpreted the way as you see it in your own interpretation as you pleased. For me, she maybe saying we are fine we are one happy family unit & that ‘s all that matters!

  78. Zut alors says:

    There was an article about some designer or stylist who went to their house with options for her to wear and she deferred all decisions to Pitt. I think in their relationship, she ceded a lot of power to him and played the part of the little woman to his manly man head of the house.

  79. kerwood says:

    So she wants to do a ‘fuck you’ pap stroll? It’s stupid but there are worse things she could do. Like using the press to harass and malign the father of her children. Or wage one of the most embarrassing campaigns in modern history to get an Oscar (all Angelina had to do was ACT).

    She shouldn’t care but it looks like she does. She’s human.

  80. Originalcarol says:

    LMAO! Just popped over to the U.K. tabs and read some of comments about Pitt’s latest PR shenanigans and I gotta say they were piling up on him pretty viciously. Each of the articles written for the past couple days had over 2k comments. Words like creepy, sleazy, baby snatcher, white trash and Pitt better not criticize The Orange one on morality. And they usually fawn over him. Lots of them were saying that it turned out Jolie maybe crazy and wild but at least she seemed like a doting mum unlike Pitt who turned out to be a dirty old man who got caught in this entanglement with a wife and husband. That luckily, there are young and beautiful shallow women who are willing to give rich aging men a chance to get it up.

    Folks were speculating who the f*ck leaked the airport arrivals cause the optics ain’t good for him right now. Was it his gf or the husband? or both? Either way, the loser seems to be Pitt cause not only Jolie and her kids are getting lots of sympathy but he had turned most of them off. They won’t be flocking to see his movies any time soon that’s for sure. That pap stroll Jolie did with the kids seemed to hammer home the point to a lot of them. His PR team is quite busy right now trying to stop the bleeding aka stopping the U.S tabs from recycling the U.K. stories about his new gf still being married and in an open marriage. We will see how long that will last. Too scandalous headlines for tabs to ignore for long. He is not untouchable anymore. This is not the 90s where he got away with going out with an underage girl.

    • OriginalCarol says:

      ETA: The greedy girlfriend didn’t fare well either. Every slutty name was thrown at her but this one pretty much sumed it up:

      “W is for the Wedded lass you are H is for the Hope for Brad’s money O is for the O that controls all men R is for the Rent he pays your husband E is for the Eeeeewww factor you provide”

      • francine says:

        Poem is on point. It’s been reported that she slipped him his number at her husband’s restaurant. She’s gross!!!

    • francine says:

      Well now Vulture and Page6 now has covered it. Let’s see if it’s really lurveeee and he sticks with her or throws out the we’re just friends statement lol.

  81. Andrea says:

    I think Brad Pitt does this dating young people to be relevant … in the new generations. and I have no doubt that we will see him doing a shameful tik tok …

  82. SurfChick9 says:

    I know you worship her but nothing she does is an accident. She may as well have set herself on fire. Subtle.

  83. Mariane says:

    Wait so has she been also calling paparazzi for her pet store visits because they also caught her looking back at photographers . You just need to remember that picture of prince harry sticking out his tung and the British tabloids using it to attack Diana’s parenting style. The paparazzi not only scream profanity but also gesture to get reactions. Just watch their YouTube videos.

    As for Angelina being unbecoming for “pap walk” I’d argue that brad prolonging their divorce via smears and shady ties to the judge is much worse. Taking his flavour of the month (who’s still married) to their family home which they married is even a bigger insult

    • Originalcarol says:

      He sure staged the most sneakiest pap stroll without it being too obvious. Paps were just happened to be at the airports waiting for both of them. She was identified immediately whereas they didn’t know who she was 9 months ago. He wanted you to talk about his new gf rather the shady deals he had going on with the cheating judge. Mission accomplished!

      Pitt had always been sneaky and underhanded in all of his PR tactics and all the whiles pretending to be so above playing the media games. Remember his last year’s Oscars campaign whereas he was lying through his teeth talking about abstaining from it? The liar was everywhere that he could be and talked to all the media members at every press junket he attended. As for Jolie, yeah when she had something to prove, she would do it in an upfront way. There is no sneakiness about it. In years past, she probably would let it ripped about Pitt’s stupid shenanigans but she’s been silent due to the desire of not wanting to hurt the kids’ feelings. That’s the difference between her and Pitt. Unlike him, the children always come first for her. He always looks out for #1, himself, i.e letting the tabs attacked both of his exes while he remained silent and an innocent being caught in the fireworks. I am so sick of this pos’s games and can’t wait to see the last of him once Jolie is done with his ass.

  84. Gunna says:

    She’s always been very obvious when she has a point to make. She’s great at PR when it comes to her work and causes, but when it’s about her image and personal life she’s very heavy handed.

    The Oscars Leg is probably the best example of that. She obviously wanted to make the point that she was still the sexiest, most glamorous movie star after a few years of babies and UN work, but rather than just show up looking incredible and let that speak for itself she decided to go really balata the with it, and ended up looking more silly than sexy.

    • Sidewithkids says:

      How is that silly tho when everybody now does the leg. I mean come on, it was called the leg after her. It’s iconic.

  85. Q says:

    I felt from the beginning Pitt wanted the divorce more than jolie. I felt angelina didn’t truly want to part ways, not because she loved him so much but because she wanted to keep all that the relationship brought to her life; the security, the nuclear family, the status, the lifestyle, the image…it’s hard at that age to start over, especially when you’re as famous as angelina jolie.
    Hard to meet new people. Hard to meet a man who would want to take all of that on and the ones who do might not measure up in other ways. It’s hard to find compatible people regardless but the fame brings extra eyes and extra issues.
    I never bought the cool girl image of angelina, that’s just a front. She’s sensitive and yes, even a little bit needy. The men expect lara Croft but wake up to angelina. The imperfect human being with flaws like everyone else.
    I truly hope she finds a man worthy of her and who will treat her right.
    I also never thought she wore the pants in the relationship, maybe with what’s his face British guy she married but not with the rest.
    Like I said, I don’t think she’s this tough woman everyone thinks. I feel the same way about rihanna and Madonna. They are soft and needy with men when they’re in a relationship. I pick up on this but it’s sort of a stereotype anyway isn’t it? Tough shell, soft inside? Don’t get me started on brad..

    • crogirl says:

      “I felt from the beginning Pitt wanted the divorce more than jolie.”

      Sure that’s why she was the one to actually file for divorce and later for bifurcation.
      Meanwhile he just stalls and whines

    • francine says:

      Were you not around when Angelina filed for divorce? He was a wreck, crying in his friends basement for months because he couldn’t stand to live in their house. Angelina for sure must have loved him but she loved her children more so she chose them and walked away from his sorry ass. And still now, he’s the one who’s been delaying and delaying. So Idk where you get the idea it’s her who doesn’t want the divorce.

    • Lockdownbored says:

      I agree with Q. Read somewhere there was something about the way she’d filed for divorce that showed she didn’t really want to follow through but just to shake him up. I think she’s always been more passionate and “human” than he is; he is kind of cold, and as Drew Pinsky said, had a “demeaning attitude” towards the feelings of others. I think Angelina has a vulnerable side and is way softer than people think too. Also she’s been through two massive surgeries, so…

      • Sidewithkids says:

        You read that from his people not hers. Stop believing everything you read from his side. His side lies.

    • Originalcarol says:

      He definitely didn’t want the divorce and at the beginning even begged her to reconsider telling friends that he could have done more for her when she was going through all the surgeries instead of spacing out, drinking and watching t.v blah blah. The what if’s b.s. Totally disregarding the major reason why she took off-putting his hands on Maddox. And yeah, in the beginning she filed to protect the kids so family services would give her the primary care of the kids while he was being investigated. After a couple of years in, she saw how he was acting and figured that’s it, no matter how much therapies they all went through, he ain’t changed and would not take responsibilities for his actions. Bye boy!

  86. ad says:

    Why not, she don’t pay PR machines like Pitt, so the world is watching let her do her own PR without wasting her money! She seems frugal! We think what we want to think & here she goes. The kids are all grown they can deny her & even tell her stop or no but it seems they are all united & look after each other, strong family unit she ‘s got there!

    • Marty says:

      Because her level so much high than him, she sees world more than any pr machine company, she deal with pr as she said I have seen worst, every pr machine using her name, just wait and see she”s always in the front, his tattoo on her slowly gone eh

  87. enike says:

    CB and D listed has an agreement apparently: switch the sides for a moment and see what happens. What happened is: CB 250 comments so far, D listed 450 comments so far. So it worked :)

  88. OriginalCarol says:

    OMFG, the husband is supposedly Pitt’s GF business manager. Are you kidding me?! It sounds so nasty and sordid affair as more details are coming out. So is this a business arrangement for the three of them? Is that why the husband is pretty “philosophical” about the model doing Pitt and there’s no need for jealousy or negativity on his part, lol.

    Darn, they’re all in in this together if true. Pitt will get an upper hand on the custody battle and distracting the attention away from the cheating judge and as a bonus stick it to his ex as a “f*CK you” when he brought the GF to their used to be family home. Aniston did say he’s a diabolical man when he posed with Jolie for the “family portrait” W spread as if to hammer home the point that Aniston was barren so he gotta hooked up with someone who’s willing to be a Mom. As for the GF, she will get more media coverage and possibly more ads/movie roles. Pretty sure she will be called “supermodel” if Pitt team can get away with it. For the husband, more exposure for the business & fame since news of this had came out. His restaurant is now officially on the world map with men flocking to make reservations for when the wife will be available. Nasty and ewww.

  89. LioLione says:

    It’s going to be so interesting to see what happens with Brad and his new GF. The astrology speak of EXTREME physical chemistry between them. They have great sex, no doubt in my mind, lol! They’re being pulled together physically like magnets.
    Brad’s aspects also speak of a younger lover or friend, and if this is her, they will stay together or do business for the next 7 years.

    • ravynrobyn says:

      @ LIOLIONE-when you have the time and energy, could you please let me know how my physical and emotional health will be?

      Born 1/31/1960 @ 10:23 am in Oakland, CA


      Can’t tell you how much I would appreciate this-Im so worried about my emotional strength & ibs, diabetes, etc 💕💕💕💕💕

  90. OriginalCarol says:

    Well, he’s already channeling into his next partner by copying her dressing style as he left Paris this morning, lol. This pervert is so predictable whenever he hooks up with a woman. No surprise there. The only losers in this sordid affair are the kids. Hers and Jolie’s.

    Mom: Baby, I will be back to read you a bedtime story before you go to bed.

    Son: Mom, what’s open marriage?

  91. Say what says:

    The fact that he and some of his fans think that his love life is news and imports to pop culture is silly. His love life is news because it’s always scandalous! He uses women to keep himself in the limelight!

  92. Emerald Crystal says:

    Well, after all Angie is a woman and it hurts when your ex-husband starts dating someone else, especially if they’re younger. She’s probably feels a bit insecure, even though she is still a goddess. I feel like she’s lonely and I don’t know if she’s dating anyone, but she should be getting out and enjoying herself. I think she would be cool with someone who is worldly, maybe an entrepreneur and philanthropist, who shares her interests. I don’t know if they’re any Lords or Dukes that don’t have bad reputations. But that would be cool if she remarried and became a Duchess. Anyway, she is doing what a lot of woman do when their ex moves on with a younger woman…get out there and strut your stuff to show people that you still got it.

  93. Heat says:

    It may be an obvious pap-stroll, but I’m not against it. Maybe she needed to let the world know that she’s fine, she’s not hiding at home “plotting her revenge” on Brad, like some rags would like to think.
    And I’m always in for new AJ & kids photos.

  94. Grant says:

    I love Angelina. I think she is beautiful, talented, appreciate her indomitable charitable work, and I can’t wait to see what she what she does as Thena in the MCU’s Eternals. That being said, I never bought into this St. Angie nonsense that seems to permeate certain blogs, this one included. I think she is a fallible person just like everyone else and I have no doubts that she plays the PR game the same way that the Garners, Afflecks, Pitts, and–YES–Anistons of the world do. I also tend to suspect that she might be a bit more MAGA-esque than many people realize. All that to say, I’m just not that surprised by this.

    However, I’m still holding out hope for a Jolie/Aniston buddy-cop movie. There, I said it. Thank you for coming to my Ted Talk.