Brad Pitt’s girlfriend Nico Mary is leaning in hard to the Angelina Jolie comparisons

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Honestly? I’m kind of obsessed with how thoroughly Brad Pitt is getting played. And it’s all out in public too! I would be willing to bet that Brad’s entire management and crisis-management team is just made up of a bunch of dudes (and maybe one lady) around his age. They have clearly been operating under the old media rules this entire time, and we can tell that from the way they’ve smeared the hell out of Angelina Jolie in places like Page Six, the Daily Mirror, the Daily Mail and Us Weekly. They probably thought they could rollout “Brad’s Hot New Girlfriend” and the American tabloid media would eat it up and everyone would be like “he deserves a hot young woman, he’s such a stud!”

But Nicole Poturalski was not properly vetted or prepared for what Brad had in store for her. I’m still not convinced that Brad’s team even knew that Nicole – aka Nico Mary – was still married to Roland Mary, the 68-year-old German restaurateur, and that AT BEST it looks like she’s a young, beautiful hustler with daddy issues. And so Brad was startled when outlets like the Daily Mail and Bild started looking into Nico. That’s probably why he sent Nico back to Germany just a few days after the rollout started when they arrived at the Chateau Miraval.

I still believe that Brad’s team will really begin to distance themselves from the rollout THEY started. Suddenly, it will be “they barely know each other, they’re barely dating,” etc. But Nico has made a name for herself. And she’s not going away! She continues to post daily to her Instagram, and she’s incredibly active on social media entirely, including briefly following some sad “fan accounts” calling her the next Angelina Jolie. She seems to want the comparison, and the British tabloids are giving it to her – in Nicole’s most recent IGs, both the Daily Mail and the Daily Mirror posted side-by-sides with her and Angelina. I said before that I think Nico will get a lot of work from this, that she’ll end up in more editorials in European fashion magazines, and hell, she might even get paid for some interviews too. It’s a whole new media world out there and Brad was caught playing old-media games.

PS… Someone sent me a tip: there is now a hearing/trial scheduled for October 5th to determine whether Judge Ouderkirk should be removed/recused from the Jolie-Pitt divorce case. Funny how no one has leaked anything to Page Six recently about any of that?

Brad Pitt and Leonardo DiCaprio back in their car on the set of 'Once Upon a Time in Hollywood'

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Be Good to yourself always!

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Photos courtesy of Nico’s Instagram, Backgrid.

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128 Responses to “Brad Pitt’s girlfriend Nico Mary is leaning in hard to the Angelina Jolie comparisons”

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  1. Astrid says:

    That’s a lot of sad and lonely pictures

  2. rainbowkitty says:

    Honestly, aside from the lips I don’t see it. Face shape isn’t the same. Nico has a longer chin and nose. Eye shape isn’t the same. These people just want to pit women against each and compare women when really the should be focusing on Brad who is ignoring his kids and putting dating ahead of real priorities.

    • Sarah says:

      Same. She has pumped her lips up so that they start halfway across her face but that’s all I see.

    • whatWHAT? says:

      I don’t think most of us on here see it, either. as noted over the past few days…she looks more like Jessica Biel, the Hadids, Christy Turlington and Irina Shaik than she does Jolie.

      but the tabloids OF COURSE will try to make her Jolie v2, and it seems they are the only ones who think so.

    • Ariel says:

      That close up pic at the bottom, i totally see the comparison. But yeah, mostly the lips, that tiny smile.

      • Kosmos says:

        Just the fact that her pages are filled with nothing but photos of her, her body, her clothes, etc. Seems not very well rounded, you know? Is she going to leave her hubby for Brad one day? Geez, I’m not seeing this as a particularly great thing for Brad, except that maybe there are no strings attached for now.

  3. emmy says:

    How can such a beautiful woman have such a horribly boring IG? The captions are mocking us.

  4. julia says:

    I still don’t see the comparison. They both have full lips, but Angelina is far more alluring and attractive. Nico isn’t nailing sultry at all in her pics, more of a “I just took a necklace from your jewelry box while you were in the other room” kind of look.

    • Sarah says:

      Let’s be honest, so much of Angelina’s allure is her personality. Sure she looks HOT but who she is is what made her such an amazing package and I mean young and “we f****d in the car on the way over here” Angelina as much as becoming single mother of adopted son and on to UNHCR work Angelina and the big family. She’s epic.

      • Myra says:

        That’s true. Although she was (is) gorgeous, for the most part Jolie played down her looks. I can only recall 2003-2004 when she really leaned into that sexy/seductress look. She could have made her entire career about being the good looking and sultry actress, but her persona was so much more than that. Who knows? Maybe, it’s Brad encouraging that comparison or Nicole just feels intimidated.

    • Kebbie says:

      “ Nico isn’t nailing sultry at all in her pics, more of a “I just took a necklace from your jewelry box while you were in the other room” kind of look.”

      This is so funny and so, so accurate

  5. Juls says:

    I know I’m supposed to see this lady and think wow, she’s beautiful. She has great features and all that. But I think she looks like an alien. Im so sorry. I’m not trying to be mean.

    • Queen Meghan's Hand says:

      She’s actually quite generic looking. Hop on and all the models are versions of her.

  6. Lively says:

    Can the British stop insulting Angie like this. Comparing her to an insta model… damn u pitt

    • Sierra says:

      Media is sure trying but the comments are all saying Angelina is stunning and this girl is a wannabe who doesn’t look like her at all.

    • Tasz says:

      Rupert Murdoch’s publications always seem to be geared toward lecherous old men doddering around while mumbling about their delusions of superiority.

      Angelina Jolie is a global force of nature, an UN Special Envoy, a BBC producer, a Time Magazine contributor, an A-list actor with several movies coming out, and a loving mother of 6. She has given over a million dollars to charities since the pandemic began. She started working with the UN when she was 26 years old. (A year younger than Nico Mary is now.)

      But yes…the DM thinks What’sHerLips is so hot and worthy of comparison. I don’t think they look very similar.

      • Zut alors says:

        Not to mention she won her Oscar at 25 without campaigning as hard as her loser ex, several Golden Globes and SAG awards. She was also headlining her own movies. Angie at 27 was way more accomplished than this bland selfie taking Instagram model. If they want to do a proper comparison photowise, they should pull up the pics of Angie at 27. There is simply no competition

      • Malem says:

        adding: Honorary Dame of the UK , two time Oscar recipient, wine producer, film writer and director, and the list goes ooon. imagine comparting people because their lips are big

  7. Cava24 says:

    Are we sure she’s back in Berlin? Are there photos of on the street taken by the paparazzi or something? I only ask because a lot of people who are on IG all the time bank photos and release them later after they have been edited. Photos in her apartment could be from months ago.

    In general, Brad looks like an idiot no matter where she is.

  8. Mina_Esq says:

    I honestly can’t see the comparison. Sure their lips are full, but they have different body type, different face shape, different skin complexion, different hair…

  9. Noki says:

    You would think Brad would not want a messy situation ever again in his life. Why deal with someone in an open marriage? I mean you are still Brad Pitt,the options are limitless.

  10. CidyKitty(CidySmiley) says:

    1. She looks nothing like Angelina.
    2. HOW SAD. Like okay, what you dont want is to be compared to the ex wife. Like she’s so hyped that people thinks she looks like Angelina that she’s not getting the “oh he might be boning me because I look like his ex wife and she left him under desperate circumstances that he created.
    3. This thirsty girl is going nowhere. She is PARCHED, okay??? She’s sticking around the water cooler to hear that hot tea.

  11. Marla says:

    They’re not doing her any favors putting side by side photos of her with Angelina Jolie. She looks very ordinary when compared to Jolie. There are only a handful of women who is on Jolie’s level beauty-wise and she is very very far from it. She doesn’t have IT either. No spark, no charisma. She looks more like a budget, more bland version of Jessica Biel.

    • LaurenMichelle says:

      No one compares to Angie, and she is not replaceable.

    • ravynrobyn says:

      She really doesn’t need charisma-just a SPARK…or SOMETHING! She’s got long (extensions??) Gwynth dry hair and artificially puffed lips. Not even in the same universe as la Jolie 🙄

  12. Winnie Cooper’s Mom says:

    I wonder if she is telling these outlets, “If you run some headlines comparing me to AJ, I will give you some scoop about what went down at the Chateau Miraval.”

    Anyway, I think she looks like Jessica Biel/Irina Shayk. Not really at all like AJ.

    • Sierra says:

      I am so here for that. According to Lainey, Brad made deals with the media right after the plane incident.

      If he gets played by Nicole then you go girl….

      • Ms Mo says:

        What kind of deal? I absolutely believe he leaked this story, not realizing how badly it would backfire. He doesn’t seem too bright.

      • Sierra says:

        The deal was apparently that he would give exclusives if the media completely stopped mentioning the plane incident, FBI inquiry, him drunkenly driving a truck at the airport and that Angelina filed for divorce to protect the children.

  13. Poppy says:

    Sorry but She is only an instamodel desperate for fame. ALWAYS posing in her bedroom.

  14. Yannie says:

    Her selfie and her room is depressing.

    Btw, Brad was seen at Angie’s gate which means he did not self-quarantine and which means he will go back with his supposed better relationship with Angelina. Can he just go?

    • Yourfavnewyorker says:

      I’m also wondering why was he at Angelina’s place yesterday. I guess that’s the only way he can see his kids because they’re done going to his house. Yard visits treat him like the dog he is!

    • Originalcarol says:

      This pos has no shame. Less than a week after he’s been back from his sex escapade, here he’s peddling the stories that he’s a caring father out visiting his kids. The same person who didn’t give a f*uck about his kids’ feelings when he took his side piece to their family home. I am starting to think he’s a psychopath.

      • Ms Mo says:

        Me too. From one demise of a marriage to the next, he still has that missing sensitivity chip. I think regardless of his good looks, he has insecurity issues. Probably worse since he’s almost 60. Plus, the alcohol has certainly taken it’s toll.

  15. Sierra says:

    Lol you should see the comments on DailyMail etc people are completely on Angelina’s side now.

    Calling Nicole wannabe who is not even in the same league as breathtakingly beautiful Angelina. That Angelina is raising 6 children, self made millionaire who helps the less fortunate.

    Brad and his team really miscalculated this rollout and karma took her revenge.

    • Lotoya says:

      I’m really shocked at the turn of events! The comments are now totally anti- Brad and he has it coming for a long time.The scales have fallen off people’s eyes….. people now see Brad for who he truly is and is really like to see how he comes out of this cos right now his reputation is in shambles and I am loving it

    • bluebell_ says:

      It’s hilarious how they turned on Brad and are completely shredding this girl to pieces.

  16. DS9 says:

    All of her pics look like they were taken in an extended stay hotel that caters to business travelers.

    • Kebbie says:

      I was going to say, if she is married to the rich old guy and lives with him, she must stay in a guest room?

      There is absolutely nothing about that bedroom that says “master bedroom in a millionaire’s mansion.”

    • lalalandgal says:

      And the Black & Decker Hammer Award goes to Jalene: NAILED IT. Been thinking along the same lines. Do you know what strikes me the most? The emptiness of the room, the lack of personal touches. where is her furniture?????? IDK…I get a human trafficking vibe from her IG feed. Maybe this is an SOS?

  17. Züri says:

    Kaiser’s comment about NM playing BP is great. I’ve wondered if perhaps she and her husband engineered this situation to bolster her “modeling” career (so many photos from a bedroom!) and his various endeavors?

  18. smcollins says:

    All I keeping thinking is how quickly all of this has become like the Ben Affleck Nanny debacle, but taken to another level (this woman has way more game & hustle than the nanny ever did, and I doubt she can be paid off with an NDA) because she may actually get a career out of this. What a mess. An entertaining, guilty pleasure of a mess, but still a mess.

  19. Rosa says:

    Why is everyone going in on this woman’s looks?

    • Tris says:

      Right? She wishes she had a tenth of what women twice her age has. Angelina has IT, she always has and always will, like Audrey Hepburn. This nobody looks like every other hard skinny model on Instagram.

      • Rosa says:

        I think you misunderstood my comment, or maybe I wasn’t clear… why is everyone going in on her looks… as in why is everyone dissing her appearance?

      • whatWHAT? says:

        eh, “dissing” is kind of a strong word.

        most of us have noted that she IS a pretty woman, but she IS NOT in Jolie’s league. no one has said she’s ugly, just that she’s a generic pretty. and she is. pretty but nothing super special about her. and that she resembles other pretty people, but not Jolie.

        the media is trying really hard, it seems, to compare her to Jolie and imply “she looks just like her!” but she doesn’t. to say someone doesn’t look like AJ is not a dis. I don’t look like Jolie and I wouldn’t feel dissed if someone said so because it’s true.

      • NC says:

        Rosa: She is young and beautiful. Of course some jealous women will attack her. That’s what they do. It’s sad.

    • Lady D says:

      I think it’s because it’s all they have on her, @Rosa. No idea what kind of life she leads, if she does charity, is she a great mom, etc. She has shallowly reduced herself to her looks and nothing else, so people go with what they have. I personally don’t think she looks like Angelina, but I also don’t think she’s ugly by any means. I have to confess I’m glad I don’t have her top lip, but she has a banging body and looks like every other insta model out there.

  20. Queen Meghan's Hand says:

    I held on some respect for Brad Pitt because he campaigned hard for Moonlight to win the Oscar, and ignored the failure of Make It Right, but this Nico Mary mess is the last straw.

    • Sidewithkids says:

      Why did you ignore the failure of MIR? Many people don’t have homes and that’s sad. This dude and his buddies just left them hanging then tried to act like it wasn’t his fault when initially he wanted to act like he was doing the greatest thing on earth for his persona and publicity. I’m appalled that more isn’t being reported about MIR and the lawsuit. It should be. That’s the main issue when it comes to toxic (white) men, people ignore the bad that they do and create all around them. This has happened w/ BP. People ignore and allow him to continue to be toxic. He smeared his own children. Who does that but someone who doesn’t care about others? We need to stop ignoring, call him and other men out and stop supporting them so our culture can get better in regards to men and women, black and white, rich and poor esp in America.

  21. Greta says:

    Kaiser correction, it’s not a hearing on the 5th of October, they’re going on trial so Jolie v Pitt. The judge Ouderkirk stuff will be determined by a judicial council as per court rules, to hear and determine the recusal request before the trial date. So it’s their divorce trial that has been set down for 5 October. And it’s now a question of who the judge at that trial will be, Ouderkirk or a new judge, and the council will decide that in the weeks to come.

  22. babsjohnson says:

    She is boring but the situation is entertaining. Reminds me of the ben Affleck situation with the vet girl.

  23. Boop says:

    Why is Nico P the “hustler” when Pitt was using her just like he uses everyone else? It backfired on him because he’s an ass. When he’s exposed as the old fool he is he sends her home!

    We’ve always known Pitt wasn’t much more than a pretty face and hot bod. I’m sure it’s difficult to get old in Hwood; we’re just witnessing his desperation to hang on…

    I say good for Nico P for extending her 15 minutes; she should get modeling work out of it!

    • jen d. says:

      I know. I love it. I’m a huge AJ stan and I hope for nothing but the best for Nico P. I know this is petty, but this story delights me to no end. It’s so badly played out, and she will skip away from this. Her husband probably has way more money than BP, and they are totally playing him. Remember Neri Oxman? Who chose another man over BP? Is this the narrative he wants?

      OOOH! Will he try the JA playbook (the old one)? Poor Brad, can’t hold onto a (wo)man….

      • Lady D says:

        “Her husband probably has way more money than BP,”
        Brad’s worth over a quarter of a billion dollars at the moment. Is her husband that much richer than Brad? How many restaurants does he own?

      • Kebbie says:

        Google says her husband is worth $30-$40 million, so Brad is far far wealthier.

      • Sooowhat says:

        Net worth does not equate to cash on hand. See: trump, Jonny depp, any athlete who has gone broke feeding their many baby mamas in their career.

      • Jen d. says:

        So she’s basically dealing with (at least) two men worth millions. Good for her. I’m not going to clutch my pearls over it. It’s not like she’s she’s going to be Maddix’s stepmom or anything. This is a step in her insta career. In terms of optics, I cannot think of a worse move for BP. I don’t think she really looks like AJ (although she’s conventionally attractive, despite what some here are saying), but pushing the « he’s dating someone who looks just like his ex wife » is not a good look.

        Like I said, I’m an AJ stan, but I’m not going to attack the women BP dates. Who cares? I’m petty AF, but I’m mostly leaning towards laughing at him when he messes up. Banging insta models is such a cliche.

    • Ms Mo says:

      I agree with your take on BP, but she’s far from innocent. She is considered a hustler/gold digger because she married a 60 year old at the age of 19. She poses like she’s advertising. I find it comical that Brad is seeing a THOT while being a THOT. He looks like a ridiculous old fool desperately trying to hold on to his heart throb status.

  24. lucy2 says:

    I don’t think they look alike at all.
    She has very pretty eyes.
    These endless standing in front of a white wall photos are really odd.

    I’m more and more convinced of the theory someone floated the other day that she orchestrated all of this. Maybe he was trying to have some private fling, and she decided to go big or go home. She went big, and got sent home. He got played and looks like an idiot.

    • Boop says:

      This made me laugh. ;)

    • emu says:

      agree she probably did orchestrate. grab those opportunities girl! ppl will forget or not care and she will have risen her star a little higher.

    • Thanks says:

      If that’s the case then why did he confirm the relationship to multiple outlets? He could have just said she is a friend like he did with Alia.

      • Miriam says:

        I don’t think he can deny her since she was his booty call. And he probably didn’t have her sign a NDA the way she’s dming fan accounts tells me she’s not scared to tell her business

      • Originalcarol says:

        Why? Cause she’s tired of being his dirty little secret. She had been waiting all these months and still nothing yet to show for her efforts. Pitt played along to save face until he could find the right timing to distance himself from her, you know long distance relationships and all.

  25. Steph says:

    The similarities are startling. They both have faces! And hair!!

  26. Jalene says:

    This whole “pouty” and “full lips” thing is so exhausting. Such a weird beauty standard.

    • Michelle says:

      Nico’s lips are plumped. Saw a photo of her before she plumped upper lip & did something to her nose. Her bedroom doesn’t look like a married couple. Maybe just her selfie room?

      • NC says:

        Her lips are natural, but I think she did something to her nose.
        That’s not her bedroom. Do you really think that’s her bedroom?

      • melrose says:

        How do you know her lips are natural (her upper lip especially is obviously fake) and that’s not her bedroom? Are you her friend? And if it’s not her bedroom, why the heck is she taking all her selfies there?

  27. Lindy says:

    Y’all, I don’t have Instagram so I may just be not up to speed on how this influencer thing works.

    But… It’s so boring, right? What’s she trying to peddle/push? Is she allowed outside her room? Does she have any friends? Does she ever spend time with her kid? Is this aspirational? Is this how other insta influencers operate?

    It all just seems so boring and bland and sad.

  28. bluebell_ says:

    Oh please those comparisons are just clickbait, there is absolutely NO comparison!

    Angelina is magnetic, captivating – a once in a lifetime beauty. Her face is legendary. At her prime, no one could touch her and even now at 45, she remains one of the most beautiful woman in the world.

    There’s a reason why this thirsty instamodel with dead eyes has not hit it big. Even among other instamodels, she won’t even stand out. There is nothing in her, face or personality wise, that captures you. She is as dull and as bland as her selfies make her out to be.

  29. Valiantly Varnished says:

    She WISHES she was Angelina. No comparison. It’s like comparing Chanel to Banana Republic.

    • Sof says:

      Let’s be fair, who wouldn’t want to be compared to Angelina Jolie? it’s sad that she believes in any of this.

  30. Jaded says:

    She looks computer-generated, she has absolutely zero charisma and she should lay off the lip injections or her top lip’s going to float away.

    • Jalene says:

      I’ve seen videos of her and she has a lot more charisma there. She actually looks beautiful and not so flat.

      She’s model who isn’t very photogenic. Go figure

      • Luna says:

        Curiousity had me perusing her instagram including videos of her posing and I don’t see it at all. There’s no fire or allure in her. She’s attractive enough for a generic campaign for midlevel or online brands but she’s forgettable and blends in with other similar looking girls.

    • ad says:

      Let it float away !

  31. Andrew’s Nemesis says:

    Brad: this is what we call ‘schadenfreude’…

  32. ennie says:

    I see more of a generic beach model. What Aniston artificially went for, bronzed skin, lighter hair.

  33. MarcelMarcel says:

    My hope is that Nico Mary capitalises on this moment of tabloid fame to further her career. I find it hilarious that Brad Pitt has now stuffed a simple girlfriend roll out ~twice~
    He has had numerous business issues & weaponises the legal system to evade the consequences. Angelina is independently wealthy with a has fantastic legal team so it’ll be interesting to see how it plays out.

  34. Laura says:

    I’m sorry, those lips are ridiculous.

  35. PineNut says:

    IMO, Julia Roberts, Christy Turlington, Lisa Rinna, Irina Shayk: All have upper implants.

  36. Freedancer says:

    The entrance of Brad’s New PR gf within 4 days to clean this mess ?

  37. serena says:

    Please, she doesn’t look AT ALL like Angelina. If tall, slender body with blue eyes and big lips it’s all it takes, I guess there a more than a million Angelina-lookalike in the world.


  38. The Recluse says:

    The ‘Next’ Angelina…except for having no talent and no ‘It’ factor. She is dull and brazenly ambitious to be so much ‘more’.

  39. I’m just so embarrassed for Brad 😬
    But let’s be real. Brad is winning the PR game. Angelina’s scorched Earth approach blew up in her face massively. This new situationship, as gross as it is, nobody is trying to cosplay Angelina, be her or whatever. That’s not a thing.

    • OriginalCarol says:

      For the last 4 years, yes, Pitt was winning the PR games. Why not. He employed an expensive crisis management team which included nasty folks i.e Weinstein’s fixer and pit bull lawyers so sure he’s winning. But behind closed doors, he’s a loser with his family and that’s why he didn’t have 50/50 custody of his kids even after 4 years!

      Hopefully the divorce will be finalized soon with the upcoming trial. This latest development just cemented what’s been going on the last few years that Jolie is taking care of their kids and Pitt is dating one, lol. Enough said.

    • Christy says:

      Disagree as to Angelina’s strategy blowing up in her face. I think her marriage blew up for sure but I think she knew exactly what walking away from a narcissist would require of her and chose the health and safety of her children, which she has ensured. Also disagree that this woman is not salivating to be the “next Angelina Jolie.”

    • Lady D says:

      Brad better hope and pray she doesn’t go scorched earth on him. She knows all his dirty little secrets, imagine what she could say. She could let everyone know what happened on that plane. She could describe four years of dirty tricks, hell she could describe 10 years of living with a raging alcoholic who has been violent. I think she’s waiting for the optimum moment to talk.

      • Ms Mo says:

        Legally I dont think she can. I think if it is told it will be by Maddox, and I cant wait. It’s got to be a doozy. I also find it disturbing that his relationships with his adoptive children are the most strained. Major side eye.

  40. Corick says:

    I find it odd that Pitts team is ok with pushing the Angelina-look alike narrative. It shows how hung up he still is on his ex-wife. Dunno, maybe it’s just me.

    • LaurenMichelle says:

      I agree. No one can replace Angelina, and Brad’s shenanigans are very telling. Brad isn’t used to being rejected and revealed.
      Nico is intended to be a device for revenge, and no one is impressed.

  41. OriginalCarol says:

    He’s still hung up on Jolie cause every woman that’s he allegedly dated was supposedly a better version of Jolie. Even though she left him, he wanted people to know that he could be with someone else better than Jolie. Remember professor Neri Oxman who was so intelligence with her doctorate degree and so beautiful that Pitt was all but mesmerized by her chair designs lol. Now this young woman who is more than half of his age has spunk and a hoot is declared definitely a younger ” model” version of Jolie.

  42. Guest says:

    Angelina is in a class by herself!

    She doesn’t look like Angelina at all. Some pics she looks like Bella Haddid and others like Jessica Biel.

  43. Lizzie says:

    Sorry but Brad has jumped the shark in the dating world. Aging twice divorced father of six is a long way past being the big catch he once was. Kind of embarrassed for him.

  44. judith A reeder says:

    Shes very pretty. but i dont think she looks at all like Angelina!!

    • Kosmos says:

      Just the fact that her pages are filled with nothing but photos of her, her body, her clothes, etc. Seems a bit shallow, not very well rounded, you know? Is she going to leave her hubby for Brad one day? Geez, I’m not seeing this as a particularly great thing for Brad, except that maybe there are no strings attached for now. I don’t see why we need to compare her to Angie, like why? She’s a completely different woman…..why compare to the last one? Would we want to be compared to the last wife or GF our guy had? They have nothing to do with each other.

  45. Ms Mo says:

    I do see Jessica Biel similarities, but I certainly see young Angelina.

  46. Ms Mo says:

    And Brad will be distancing himself in 5, 4, 3, 2….
    He’ll be back. He clearly enjoys her as a sex buddy. And when he calls…no matter how far in the future…she’ll be back. She seems thirsty that way. All gold diggers are.

  47. Hmmm says:

    The name nico Mary is completely cheesy and hilarious. It’s what he deserves

  48. Likeyoucare says:

    I hope she wont go away and use her new found fame by connecting everything she does with brad’s name.
    Brad and his team will regret and deserve this penance by trying to muck jolie’s reputation.

  49. Erika H says:

    She’s beautiful, but I don’t know how anyone is making an Angelina Jolie comparison. I don’t think they look a like at all, the only thing they have in common is big lips. She looks more like Rosie Huntington to me.

  50. Silvie says:

    I’m not a huge Angelina fan, but even I can admit that Angelina’s smoking hot beyond compare, and it goes so far beyond her facial features. When she and Brad first hooked up, she was taking piloting lessons. She’d traveled the world and already immersed herself in fighting for the rights of children internationally. She’s always had an air of danger and intensity about her. I always thought that if Brad ever got into a serious relationship again, it would be with someone age-appropriate, brilliant and not in the industry (kind of like George and Amal). This whole thing just makes him look kind of pathetic. On the flip side, Jennifer Aniston’s life seems pretty damn great from what she shares on social media. IMHO she’s the real winner in all this!

  51. A Deer says:

    She looks… off.

    Young doesn’t equal automatically pretty, lbr. She’s got dead eyes. I don’t mean it to insult her appearance, I mean it more in a spiritual sense kinda? She looks like a powered off robot.

    Honestly, I’m not ready to come for her. A lot of people like to call her a gold digger for being with a 60 YO when she was 19, but to me that isn’t her being a callous b*tch. That’s a 60 YO creep preying on a young woman barely out of her teens. Maybe that’s why she’s so dead behind the eyes. She’s def gone thru sh*t and I hope she milks both her husband and Brad dry.

    Anyway, Angelina now and Angelina in her “prime” is/was a kind of beautiful that’s seldom seen. I wish I had an ounce of that beauty. Very few people can compare to that.

  52. Hmm says:

    She big mad. Apparently she deleted all the comments on her Instagram telling her she is no Angelina lol

    I love how this is backfiring on Pitt and weirdo nikko they really thought they were gonna have everyone on their side. Pitt try to fix it by being seen at angies gate again. the creepo

  53. Sandy says:

    She is an instamodel opportunist … In other words she’s just another ho and Brad is a loser

  54. OriginalCarol says:

    The Daily Mail digged into the family’s background and discovered her family used to live in a depressed mining coal town and the parents are separated/divorced. The girl decided to move to Berlin with her Mom and sister when she’s 19 to pursue her modeling career and there she developed a relationship with her current husband. He was 40 years older than her at the time.. So yeah, she’s an opportunitist who wants to have a easy life by hooking up with older man.

    And lately Pitt had been showing up at Jolie’s place allegedly to see the younger kids. I have a feeling that they didn’t want to see him at his house due to seeing all the girlfriends he had at his house. His team had gone on the record to say he’s dating casually since the divorce. What a pervert indeed.

    And I also said that after an epic failed roll out of the new girlfriend, what’s the first thing he would do to repair his reputation? Showed up at Watts charity to lend his goody neighbor hands helping the poor folks. So predictable for a narcissist who worry more about his public imagine than his kids mental health. He’s so consumed with getting even with his ex that he can’t get past anything else. The jerk even tattoo a war tank pointing at his ex’s used to be initial. What a sicko. Jolie better have extra bodyguards and restraint order in place once this divorce is finalized.