Gwen Stefani & Blake Shelton ‘feel suffocated & stressed’ after buying a new home

Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton are happy together. They’ve been together five years now, which is crazy because they both seemed like they were just looking for a quick rebound relationship at the time. But Gwen seems to tailor herself to her partners, so now cool California Girl Gwen is happy on the Oklahoma ranch, making biscuits and fishing and RVing. There were also stories about why Blake and Gwen haven’t married yet – reportedly, she wanted to get her first marriage annulled, but it’s taken too long and maybe she wants to marry Blake right away. Who knows. But Us Weekly is trying to make it sound like there’s trouble in paradise:

Trouble in paradise quarantine. Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton are working through a rough patch after spending much of the coronavirus pandemic at his Oklahoma ranch.

“They feel suffocated and stressed,” a source exclusively reveals in the new issue of Us Weekly. “They’re both stretched to the limit.”

Many of the issues between the couple of nearly five years stem from the stress that comes with moving. In May, they purchased a $13.2 million mansion in the Encino neighborhood of Los Angeles.

“Friends say this move has turned into a nightmare,” the source says. “This is the toughest period they’ve had so far without a doubt.”

Still, there is hope for Stefani, 50, and Shelton, 44, who had plans to tie the knot in L.A. in the fall. “They know how to compromise,” the source tells Us, noting that the “Happy Anywhere” collaborators have historically found ways to “work through any tension and look at the bigger picture.”

[From Us Weekly]

Was the Encino home supposed to be “theirs” together, after years of maintaining separate homes in LA? I think so. I also think Blake was basically living in Gwen’s old LA home anyway. The whole home-buying, home-renovating, moving into a shared space thing is always going to be traumatic. Hopefully they’ll work it out. I do find it suspicious how vague Us Weekly is being though! What is the big “stress” here again? And I honestly thought that Gwen and Blake had spent most of the lockdown in Oklahoma. Maybe they needed to come back to LA because of custody issues with the boys and Gavin Rossdale.

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  1. Mrs. Peel says:

    And we should care because?

  2. Sunshine Shay says:

    I’m shooketh at the amount of camo in that Instagram post 😂

  3. Joan Callamezzo says:

    Happy Anywhere? Doesn’t sound like it. This makes no sense to me. They are multi millionaires who can pay to have every issue surrounding a move completely handled. For the average person it is a stressful, demanding process, not so for these two. Their PR people should shoot down this article it is tone deaf at a time when so many Americans are facing eviction and foreclosure.

  4. Jayna says:

    They haven’t maintained separate homes in LA. He moved into her home years ago. When she sold her home, they moved into a rental together.

  5. ce says:

    I’m going to go out on a limb and guess that because of the pandemic, they’ve had to handle the stress and tedium of home-buying themselves without the assistance of their staff, and that sh*t is HARDDDDD. Me and hubby nearly divorced just house-hunting, the move was insane and then the pipes all needed replacing… we’ve gotten stronger but yeah, I feel for them. Kinda

  6. Renee says:

    I love these two together. I can feel their chemistry!

  7. FancyHat says:

    I’m going through the moving process solo and it sucks. It’s just a miserable experience. I can’t decide whether a partner would help or hurt

    • lucy2 says:

      Moving is the worst! I have a LOT of stuff and wasn’t planning on moving when I found my dream house, so it was a quick hurry up, pack, sell, and move. If I’d had more time, I would have Marie Kondo’d more!
      I moved solo too, but I don’t know anyone who felt that their partner did anything close to 50% of the work to do it, so who knows. Maybe solo is better?

      • justwastingtime says:

        Lucy, I feel you. We moved into a major fixer upper – fixed up part of it – and then 3 years later got the opportunity to fully renovate it from head to toe – unexpectedly (major slab leak with some insurance proceeds). We had 1 week to move out so my plans to rent a dumpster and get rid of many things before we moved was crushed. We put everything in storage – and after the renovation, moved all boxes and some furniture into our garage, rented a dumpster and simultaneously unpacked and dumped… The criteria was do we need this and do we want to put it into the renovated house. Whatever works.

  8. Seraphina says:

    OMG, for real??? There are people losing their jobs and can’t feed their kids and they are stressed???? WOW.

  9. FHMom says:

    I’m not buying it. This seems like a planted story to remind people they are still a couple.

  10. Sorella says:

    Ugh as mentioned SO MANY going through worse than crying about the stress of your 3rd mansion or whatever.

    These 2 make no sense to me. They are so boring, they love all this attention. Just WATCH they will marry (a wedding = attention) but only AFTER they get married will they realize how different and incompatible they are (trouble in paradise headlines = more attention). Then the breakup (more attention headlines). Then the stories about a heartbroken Gwen and her boys for changing their ENTIRE lives for him and even moving to Okie for him (more media attention). But he will go on to a younger woman who will give him the child that “poor Gwen” couldn’t (even more attention again and then all the “poor Gwen” stories). That is their future plot LOLOL.

  11. Naomi says:

    These two are the very definition of overexposed.

  12. detritus says:

    I mean, after they’ve planned their matching camo outfits and taken their daily posed photo, what else do they have on the go? No wonder they’re bored.

    One of the best ways to feel better is to think of and help others. Perhaps they should focus a tad more on that?

  13. Andrea says:

    Am I the only one cringing with this couple?

    • Bobbie says:

      Yes. They make no sense as a couple. She grabbed the first single dude she could who was 2 inches in front of her.

  14. Granger says:

    Oh my god, I have so little sympathy for people who are able to afford to spend the pandemic lock-down in a $14 million house that probably has four living/sitting rooms in it, a pool, spa, gym, movie theatre, tennis court, etc. They feel suffocated? Good grief.