Katie Holmes ‘seems very into’ Emilio Vitolo, ‘she keeps texting him all day long’

Katie Holmes' cashmere bra and matching sweater has become the fall's must have fashion item!

Katie Holmes’ romance with chef/restaurateur Emilio Vitolo has been a whirlwind affair, although it looks like they probably met at some point in June or July of this year. By mid-August, they were going on wine-drinking dates and making out in front of paparazzi. Around the same time that those photos were being widely circulated, Emilio dumped his live-in fiancee by text. The ex is now going to various media outlets to talk about how devastated she is, and I don’t blame her at all. They were still together in mid-August, and there was clearly some overlap between the start of his thing with Katie and the end of his engagement. It’s also pretty clear that he dumped his ex as soon as Katie came around.

So, considering that Emilio sounds like a world-class douche, I was giving Katie Holmes some time to come to that conclusion on her own, that she doesn’t need messy chef drama in her life. But no – even after she found out about all of that, she’s still pap strolling with him and they’re making out in front of the paps:

Ugh. Katie really likes this guy. She never did this with Jamie Foxx either. She’s really, really into Emilio. And maybe she’s at a point in her life where she doesn’t care if it’s messy, she just wants to have some fun. The thing is, she’s not being cool about it at all:

Katie Holmes and her new flame are sticking close as their relationship develops. The actress, 41, has been seen out and about with chef Emilio Vitolo Jr., 33, around New York City, with the new couple often showing PDA while kissing on the street. In the latest issue of PEOPLE, a source says the two have been talking almost nonstop.

“Emilio is very charming, flirty. It’s easy to see how Katie fell for him,” the source says. “She seems very into him. She keeps texting Emilio all day long and he loves it. He can’t get enough of her attention.”

The two were most recently seen kissing in the city on Sunday while out on daytime date. They were first seen together at a dinner early this month, with Holmes seemingly happy and laughing throughout the date. A source later told PEOPLE the actress is “smitten” with the chef.

While the dinner appeared to be their first official outing together, it seems Holmes and Vitolo have known each other for a couple of months now as he left a comment of two dancing woman emojis on an Instagram picture that Holmes posted in July.

[From People]

Texting him non-stop and he loves all of the attention? Sounds about right. I hope Katie knows what she’s doing! I think she has a bad picker in general though (the one exception: Joshua Jackson).

Katie Holmes shops at an art store amid dating rumors with Chef Emilio Vitolo

Photos courtesy of Backgrid.

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14 Responses to “Katie Holmes ‘seems very into’ Emilio Vitolo, ‘she keeps texting him all day long’”

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  1. Sara says:

    If he left his live-in for her, I’d say he’s pretty in to her too.

    • Lena says:

      Into her fame as a tabloid target anyway. After all he is an aspiring actor and we never heard of him before Katie.

  2. Cat says:

    I really hope this is just a fun fling for Katie (poor ex-fiancée) And she’s getting caught up in the excitement of dating someone that’s not famous at all. And being able to do things around the city like go on the ferry they were on the other day that she’s never been able to do since with a boyfriend/husband for the last 15 years.

  3. Vote Science says:

    Does someone have a “bad picker“ or are they just a douche? 🤷🏻‍♀️

  4. P says:

    Scientology apart, I always thought that Tom was the crazy one and Katie broke free from him and was pretty normal. She is crazy too, with all that PDA and so thirsty.

    • Jules says:

      In the early Tom Cruise dating days, they both got a ton of bad press for just being over the top with the gushing and PDA. It was great gossip. After she had Suri she got more secretive. Then she just started looking depressed and completely disheveled. Shortly after that she made the great escape and rehabbed her entire image. Now it seems like she’s gone off the deep end again with the PDA. But I think deep down she likes the drama.

  5. Lily says:

    I think Katie falls hard and fast. I always remember the story about her being so upset when Joshua Jackson moved on to that tacky Brittany Daniel after their break up, her people asked her who she thought was cute and she said Chris Klein so they hooked them up and they ended up dating for 5 years. The rumour was always that she never fully got over josh and Chris was just a second best situation. I think that’s why Tom Cruise didn’t let her talk to josh.

  6. lucy2 says:

    Sounds like Emilio has a PR campaign and is trying to become famous!

    Even if he is a horrible douche, at least she’s not being dragged into a dangerous cult by a lunatic? Progress?

  7. Bibi says:

    The guy told her he had a girl, since she’s still in the picture now and not upset by the situation. My analysis is that she kept her life secret with tom/they broke up, she kept things secret with fox/it didntwork out, my guess is she doesn’t care anymore – she’s gonna live her best life. Secret or not, it doesn’t change anything: nothing is guaranteed. Live your life Katie.

    • Cat says:

      Her and toms life wasn’t a secret tho. That’s the thing. Maybe there was things hidden in the background but their relationship was never lowkey and secretive. Not like her and Jamie. Her relationshipwith Chris Klein was more in the middle. They got pictured together, went to each other’s premieres but they never really spoke much about each other in the press.

  8. Meg says:

    Wasnt katie really quiet with her fiance before tom cruise, cheis Klein? I didnt see this in ber, it makes me wonder if the forced excessive PDA was more comfortable to her than it seemed like & not solely a push by tom and Scientology

  9. Danielle says:

    I am absolutely cackling at the photos of them in the Daily Mail showing her getting in and out of his Pontiac. A PONTIAC for fucks sake.

  10. SomeChick says:

    I think he’s lovebombing her and will eventually show his true colors. Probably did the same to the ex-fiancee… a lot of narci/socios operate that way. Cruise certainly did. It can be hard to resist the lovebombing phase until you learn to see the pattern… & even then.