David Beckham is releasing his own line of organic honey


Many of us found hobbies during quarantine. A lot of people turned to baking and that was fun. But then we all remembered how hard it was so we gave it up again and started gardening, which was also super satisfying until things started dying and we saw it as a metaphor for our spirits during COVID. Crafters ran out of wall space to decoupage and sewers started receiving cease and deist letters from their pets who grew tired of sporting three-piece suits with matching paw-pads. But some folks, specifically rich and famous folks who have the kind of money and time to hobby outside the box, found ways to occupy their lockdown that may lead to a second career. Like footballer David Beckham who, after he’s finished infecting half the Eastern seaboard with COVID, got into bees and is now looking at selling honey, which I suppose could help pay for his underground tunnels and wine cellars.

DAVID Beckham is launching his own honey after getting the beekeeping buzz in lockdown.

The ex-England skipper, 45, will produce organic sweetener under potential brand names including D Bee, Seven Honey and Goldenbees.
He has his own kit and hive at his Cotswolds home, and reps have met prospective stockists and manufacturers.

Last night a source said: “Beekeeping started as a fun hobby early in lockdown.

“But now David has become a bit obsessed.

“He has all the gear, and even built a hive.

“He finds it a total antidote to his mad London and Miami life.
“But David is also very smart.

“He can see the logic behind adding to his already impressive business portfolio with authentic, clean and natural brands, which is what people are after nowadays.

“This isn’t about money, though – it truly is a passion project.”

[From The Sun via Jezebel]

We’ve seen the hives on his Instagram, so I think the story is legit. I also believe this new undertaking is something David is doing for himself. Bee keeping is an excellent stress reliever, if you take it seriously, so it is a marvelous way to combat the anxiety of lockdown for those with the means to do so. And I’ve heard it is addicting (in a good way) so I do think he will keep it up once quarantine is lifted. Plus, supporting the bee populations of the world is a fantastic use of anyone resources. We don’t have any bee huts on our property but one of the first things we did when we moved in was populate our backyard with bee-inviting flora and fauna (obviously none of us are allergic). We have one palm trio cluster that they love. We get so many bees there, if you stand below it, you can feel the vibration of their buzzing.

So David B is in the Bee and Honey business. Anything he puts his name on does well, I’m sure this will be no exception. It’s sexy thinking about drizzling something that was lovingly produced by David on toast. Plus, he can promote his honey in his new cooking show, if that gets off the ground. But sheesh! Between his projects, business ventures, various homes, his renovations and court battles – I’m going to need a special notebook just to keep them all straight.




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  1. Noki says:

    All those years in Spain and Miami sun really did a number on his skin. He looks in his sixties,mean while his wife is actually looking younger.

    • E.D. says:

      It really looks like leather doesn’t it and these are fairly kind photos here.
      I kind of assumed his face is like that because he also uses fillers but it’s probably is more likely that sun damage is the culprit.
      He has really kept in shape so kudos to him but yikes – his face has not aged well.
      I think he’s getting that ‘weird’ Bradley Cooper face too and it is not attractive in my book.

  2. Epic says:

    People are fucking stupid, buy Beckham honey and wash it down with trump water…the price of fame costs the fans an awful lot

  3. Lortal says:

    Not a fan after hearing he wanted 5 star treatment on a charity trip.