Don Trump Jr. is concerned about his father’s ‘erratic & reckless behavior’ lol

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One of the funniest, worst and most damaging things about the Trump administration is how it operates like the stupidest royal court ever. Donald Trump clearly sees himself as the emperor, bloated and wheezing, covered in cheeseburger grease and amused by the state-controlled media (Fox News) 24-7. Ivanka sees herself as the crown princess, basking in her father’s favor, and Don Jr and Eric are the idiot sons desperate for daddy’s acknowledgement. What’s always funny is when there are fractures in the Dumb Royal Court, like right now. Apparently, there are some in the Trump family who are freaking out about the emperor’s erratic and dangerous behavior.

Donald Trump’s erratic and reckless behavior in the last 24 hours has opened a rift in the Trump family over how to rein in the out-of-control president, according to two Republicans briefed on the family conversations. Sources said Donald Trump Jr. is deeply upset by his father’s decision to drive around Walter Reed National Military Medical Center last night with members of the Secret Service while he was infected with COVID-19. “Don Jr. thinks Trump is acting crazy,” one of the sources told me. The stunt outraged medical experts, including an attending physician at Walter Reed.

According to sources, Don Jr. has told friends that he tried lobbying Ivanka Trump, Eric Trump, and Jared Kushner to convince the president that he needs to stop acting unstable. “Don Jr. has said he wants to stage an intervention, but Jared and Ivanka keep telling Trump how great he’s doing,” a source said. Don Jr. is said to be reluctant to confront his father alone. “Don said, ‘I’m not going to be the only one to tell him he’s acting crazy,’” the source added.

One area where the family seems united is over the president’s manic tweeting early Monday morning. After Trump sent out more than a dozen all-caps tweets, the Trump children told people they want Trump to stop. “They’re all worried. They’ve tried to get him to stop tweeting,” a source close to the family told me.

The Trump family’s private concern about Trump’s behavior could raise questions about his fitness for office. Trump has been prescribed drugs that medical experts say can seriously impair his cognitive function. Last night the New York Times reported that steroids, which Trump is reportedly taking, specifically dexamethasone, are known to “affect mood, causing euphoria or a general happiness.”

There is a long history in the Trump family of denying serious illness. According to a Trump family friend, Trump’s father, Fred Trump Sr., insisted on working even after his Alzheimer’s disease advanced in the 1990s. “To retire is to expire!” Fred Sr. would say. The friend said that as Fred Sr.’s disease worsened––he once came down the stairs wearing three neckties––the family created a system so that Fred could think he was still running the Trump Organization. Every day Fred Sr. would go to the office in Brooklyn and they would give him blank papers to sort through and sign. The phone on Fred’s desk was set up so that it could only dial out to his secretary. “Fred pretended to work,” the family friend said. The White House did not immediately respond for comment.

[From Vanity Fair]

Blank pieces of paper to sort through and sign? You don’t f–king say. This story came out before Trump returned to the White House, in a spectacle so stage-managed, it makes North Korea’s state-run TV look like CNN. I’ve assumed that since last Friday, Ivanka and Jared have been the ones doing the stage-managing. There was something about the hostage photos and Covid parades which struck me as having Javanka’s signature. So… I actually don’t doubt that Don Jr. is freaking out. Because he knows Princess Ivanka is now fully control of the senile, sick emperor.

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27 Responses to “Don Trump Jr. is concerned about his father’s ‘erratic & reckless behavior’ lol”

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  1. Rapunzel says:

    The Twitter feed was 25th amendment worthy. There needs to be constant questioning of why Trump is allowed to maintain power when he’s clearly on a drug high and sick with a disease known to cause delirium.

  2. Genevieve says:

    Lame attempt to gain urgent nomination once and if his emperor father croaks?

  3. Kinsley says:

    But why Ivanka and Jared doing this??😕 I mean, they don’t realize that they are making Trump look foolish and erradic??, I wonder what is Ivanka and Jared endgame in all of this!!

    • Digital Unicorn says:

      Their end game is for him to name Ivanka as his successor to the Presidency if he’s reelected – the Trumps have NO intention of leaving the WH which the whole family now refer to as ‘home’. If he is reelected then the Presidency will turn into a totalitarian regime just like North Korea.

      Jr is just bricking it as he if Ivanka control access to Daddy, he can and will be cut out of the will – remember Trump did this with his own father against his elder brothers children. Ivanka wants it all, control of the Trump companies and the Presidency (even if its through her father – she will prop him up as long as she can to get what she wants).

      That family will implode with in-fighting once he goes – if she throws Jr under the bus he will retaliate.

      • holly hobby says:

        They’d have to hope the State of NY can’t go after them. They have no immunity from a criminal proceeding. They aren’t the president. If NY gets their act together they can go ahead and indict these fools. Complicit Barbie can inherit all the clawbacks and criminal penalties.

        It is wishful thinking that they can escape their ultimate fate.

      • H says:

        I’ve been saying for awhile that Ivanka is smart like her mother. Junior and Eric got the dumb as posts genes from the Trump side. I remember Ivana in the 90’s on Phil Donahue, Oprah, etc. Smart cookie. She’s now a racist caricature of herself trying to keep herself relevant by talking like Donald and her are BFFs. (As if Melania would ever let that happen).

        Sometimes I feel sorry for Junior. He TRIED to get out of that crazy family like 20 years ago, but decided money was better than peace and happiness. So, now I have no sympathy for him.

        I had a narcissistic father with money too and I walked away. It’s difficult, but it can be done. I have no doubt Ivanka will throw Junior under the bus and run him over if he tries to derail the Trump train.

      • Courtney B says:

        @H I’m like you. I feel for the younger Don Jr who tried to make the break (especially the story about how he hit him in the face in college for not being dressed properly for an outing) but not the adult one who has now gone in 150%.

    • Lightpurple says:

      Nagini wants power and complete control of everything. She has no intention of leaving the White House ever. If he wins re-election, that’s the end of our republic. She will proclaim herself heir to the throne. If he loses, they will challenge and refuse to leave. She truly believes this is her right. She will prop Daddy up to get it and she will destroy all who get in her way. Problem for her is she is a blithering idiot whose stunts backfire. Even still, Junior is no match for her.

      Notice how his wife isn’t part of this discussion?

    • Thirtynine says:

      I guess if Trump is deemed too ill through Article, or Amendment whatever, 25, then Pence as Vice takes over, and Ivanka loses her primary control. I can’t imagine Pence would keep her on indefinitely as ‘consultant’ or advisor with a monstrous salary and unlimited travel- he’ll have his own people, and she’d be too much of a threat- her first loyalty would never be to him. Ivanka needs to keep Trump functioning and in office, if she wants to consolidate.

  4. fluffy_bunny says:

    So Junior wants the deranged man to stop acting so deranged? Good luck with that!

    • pottymouth pup says:

      Junior acts pretty deranged himself & lives in the same echo chamber as his dad. I have a hard time believing that Junior expressed concern about this, I can believe that perhaps Javanka did but not Junior

  5. (TheOG) Jan90067 says:

    Yeah…Jr. freaking out is more likely tied to his “alleged” (*snicker*) coke use, and him being afraid that the gravy train might be coming to an end if Daddy dearest goes off the deep end (in every way). Maybe he’s hoping that if he comes off as the “sane” (*snicker* again!) it might mitigate the charges that will be brought against HIM when the #TrumpTraitorCrimeCabal faces the music?

    • Sarah says:

      The words ‘gravy train’ were in my mouth too as I read this. Maybe Don Jr has had a semi-lucid moment and realised that this may not actually be helping their chances of staying rich/out of prison.

  6. blah says:

    Well, Welcome to our world, and what the f%$k took you so long. We are so concerned that we want him gone!

  7. Becks1 says:

    I wonder if someone at Fox News (that’s where his girlfriend works, right?) reached out to Don Jr and was like, “um your dad is coming across as unhinged and our viewers are picking up on it, so you need to reign it.” I cant believe that Don Jr would just think this was crazy all on his own. and I agree that this has Jared and Ivanka’s fingerprints all over it.

    • Lightpurple says:

      Worked. She was fired for repeatedly exposing herself and showing sexually graphic pictures to an assistant.

      • Badrockandroll says:

        That’s the real cause of Don Jr’s freakout. He just found out his girlfriend shared more naked pics with her assistant than she ever did with him.

  8. Christine says:

    “We let him pretend he was working lolz!!!” That’s great fun and all, but Fred was not the frickin PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES. It wouldn’t be surprising if, closer to the election, we get more stories about this from people close to Trump. They don’t want to go down with him so they’re going to act like they tried to do the right thing all along but he was just soooo out of control. Please.

  9. S808 says:

    “Jared and Ivanka keep telling Trump how great he’s doing”

    These 2 scare me the most out of them all. They seem to have the most control over trump. Wouldn’t be surprised if they want him incapacitated for the sake of control.

  10. Truthiness says:

    When Donald Trump Jr is a voice of reason you know things are beyond words. The bar is so low that we keep tripping over it.

  11. grabbyhands says:

    It’s positively Shakespearean in scope, which would be funny if it weren’t so horrifying.

  12. CityGirl says:

    Ok, for real, she can’t take over like can she?

  13. Jaded says:

    I wonder if more salacious stuff is about to come out about Kimberly Guilfoyle (photos, tape recordings, lawsuits) over her sexually harassing and bullying her staff whilst at Fox? She had to settle with one particular assistant for something close to $4 million she was so traumatized by Kimberly’s behaviour. As per usual, the Trump talent for deflecting seems to be strong in old Donny Jr. so why not throw daddy and Javanka under the bus?

  14. Chick b says:

    Translation: I know daddy’s gonna ditch me like a construction invoice when he loses re-election so I’m distancing myself in an attempt to be first in line for any tv show/book offers.

  15. CoffeeChamp says:

    I truly beleive his guy, Don Jr., will be the one who turns on the family. Not today or tomorrow but he will.

  16. shanaynay says:

    Like father like son!!!!

  17. Shoshone says:

    People might be more concerned than usual about Trump’s behavior because the high dose steroids he is taking really can cause serious cognitive, memory, mood and personality changes. Fifteen years ago I personally experienced steroid mania. I had a serious MS relapse and I was treated with high dose steroids for a month. I started with several days of IV steroids to “shock” my system then I transitioned to taking numerous steroid pills each day. After a few days my neurologist reduced the number of pills and I continued to reduce my dosage every few days until I stopped taking the pills after about 30 days.

    I wasn’t prepared for the mania side effect by my physician. I felt like I was on a high dose of speed and I experienced an inability to concentrate or remember and I was totally unable to normally function either mentally and emotionally. My emotions cycled from high to low around the clock. Although I did not experience aggression I was definitely very paranoid. I was not safe to drive as I could not make the sound momentary decisions that I needed to make in order to safely operate my vehicle. Even through my brain fog I was able to realize that I was doing everything at warp speed. I was talking fast and driving fast and moving around very quickly. We could expect more middle of the night tweeting from Trump. I did not sleep andwould find myself awake at 3:00 am cleaning my kitchen shelves. Not normal behavior for me.

    Going through steroid mania was one of the worst experiences of my life and I cannot imagine experiencing this while also being President. We should all be very, very concerned.

    By the way, it took me three months to return to normal.