The Rock gained followers after endorsing Biden: ‘Always speak your truth’

As we have speculated before here, most of us would guess that Dwayne Johnson is probably a registered Republican, even if he is technically a California Republican so, Republican Lite. However, DJ probably leans more conservative than liberal. The only reason I point this out is because that is why so many of us were shocked when he openly endorsed Joe Biden for president. Not that we didn’t think he would vote for Biden, but that he would publicly admit it, because much of DJ’s fan base are the ‘Merica loving, flag waving crowd who are also likely to declare a boycott against an actor who dares to discuss politics (this only applies to the actors who don’t agree with their chosen political beliefs, of course). However, according to DJ, this was not the case for him. After stumping for Biden, DJ said he actually gained more followers, which has fortified his resolve that we need to speak up for what we believe.

Dwayne Johnson is celebrating an uptick in his social media following after publicly endorsing a presidential candidate for the first time.

After announcing late last month that he’d be voting for former Vice President Joe Biden in the Nov. 3 election, the Jumanji actor, 48, has now seen a growth in his follower count on Instagram, now surpassing 200 million in total.

To celebrate the milestone, Johnson posted a four-minute clip to his Instagram page on Thursday, in which he imparted a “life lesson” he has learned since speaking out about politics: “Always speak your truth.”

“Here’s what I’ve learned these past few weeks and maybe, you can find value in this take away and apply it to your own life,” he captioned the post. “Always speak your truth. And when you do speak your truth – do your best to speak with dignity, compassion, respect, poise and empathy.”

“Even when the conversations get uncomfortable – when you approach with respect and care – on the other side of discomfort – is clarity and progress,” added Johnson.

The movie star went on to thank his fans for “giving me the space to speak my truth,” and that “I always got your back.” Johnson concluded: “You have my word, I’ll always do my best to speak my truth with dignity, respect, empathy and GRATITUDE. That’s my lesson I’ve learned.”

[From People]

You can watch the full four minutes above. DJ looks super hot in that perfectly tailored tux shirt. And I swear he’s on a yacht, which is just fodder for fantasies. You can tell he’s surprised by the reaction from fans and his relief is palpable. I know how much pressure actors are under not to pick a side. DJ has been the highest-grossing actor three years in a row. He gambled with a huge sum of money, both his and the studios that hire him, so yes, endorsing Biden was a risk, financially speaking. I am certainly not holding one celebrities endorsement over another, but I do think there are celebrities that are in greater danger of alienating fans if they speak up. It’s the same thing Kaiser has been praising Taylor Swift for, these people’s fan base might very well turn on them. I applaud DJ for taking the stand he did for Biden. I applaud anyone that is putting their country before themselves on this.

Although I consider myself political, I don’t usually wear it outwardly, like displaying bumper stickers and such. For the first time ever, I’m displaying a political candidate’s (Biden/Harris) sign on my lawn. I’ll be honest, we had a family meeting about whether we would or not. We live in an area where we didn’t know how it would be received. (True story – the other day, a neighbor looked both ways to make sure no one was there before she told me she liked my sign.) I’m not risking anything other than having the sign stolen, but I still worried about making such an open statement. So I can only imagine what DJ had to consider before he made his endorsement. And I respect the hell out of him for it.




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  1. Snazzy says:

    Hecate it scares me that we live in a world that we have to be worried about sharing an opinion that is that we support equality, fairness and are against white supremacy. Because in the end, your election really is just that. Universal values of kindness and inclusion are under attack. Good for you for taking that risk! The rest of the world is rooting for you 🙂

    Also, so happy the Rock finally spoke out.

  2. Astrid says:


  3. Jaxonmeh says:

    The immediate butthurt from the hardcore Trumpers displayed on The Rock’s Facebook page was palpable. They felt so betrayed. Going on about how The Rock was going to fail at everything in life from here on out for betraying his fans. He sold out. How much did he sell out for? Blah blah blah.

    Some of the commentary was like, ok we don’t agree on politics but I still respect you as an actor and a businessman. Those are the people that the outreach needs to go to. Those people might think about it more. That there is maybe some room for conversation.

    So yeah, is it surprising he picked up fans? Not at all. But I think it’s surprising those Trumpers who is coming out against. They still think they have this “silent majority.” I’m like dude, yall haven’t shut up since you started speaking. If you’re a Trumper WE KNOW! I miss the days when people just went on about CrossFit (jokes).

  4. Edna says:

    Way to go Rock. I think it was helpful that he in particular came out in support of Biden/Harris.

    (And watching that video I couldn’t help but be distracted by the large TV in the background with the DirectTV logo on it. Product placement perhaps?)

  5. SamC says:

    I never assumed he was Republican but that leaned more moderate than liberal.

    I follow Brooklyn Decker on IG and lately there is a running thread about someone stealing/destroying the her Biden/Harris signs as well as others in her neighborhood. For all the complaints about liberal snowflakes methinks the Trumpers doth protest too much.

    • Valiantly Varnished says:

      He spoke at the Republican convention years ago when he was still wrestling. Now that may have been because he was under contract with the McMahons who are diehard Republicans. Or maybe not. But when someone speaks at a political convention it gives you a good idea of what their political views are.

  6. Shirley Gail says:

    I’ve enjoyed Dwayne for many years, in all his modes. He and Jason Statham have my favourite movie lines of the last many years in Hobbs and Shaw:
    Shaw (Jason): “………do you think I’m stupid….?”
    Hobbs (Dwayne): “Of COURSE I think you’re stupid”…….
    The lines, the delivery, the silliness….oh man, I’m cracking up just remembering it! I think I’ll have to re-watch it tonight, just for my all-time (for now) favourite movie lines.
    Hobbs & Shaw for the win! (2 of my favourite actors forever)….

    • Mei says:

      It was good but it was toooo long! I like their energy together, but they needed to condense that down to like an hour 40 or something, not 2+ hours. But it was escapist silliness so I’m here for films like that every now and again, including all the F&F films 😀

  7. ClaireB says:

    I am scared to put a Biden/Harris sign up in my yard. It might sound stupid, but the conservative people around here are so mean when you talk to them. I expect my car to be keyed and my house to be egged, because that’s the maturity level I’ve been noticing in this area.

    Maybe I should not live in fear and just get a sign, but I envision the stupidity escalating and I don’t want to deal with the fallout when we’re already having trouble surviving the pandemic/isolation.

    • Mei says:

      Keep yourself safe ClaireB, unfortunately it’s now the case that speaking against what you’d think everyone would against means you’re putting yourself in crosshairs. Better to let them know your stance through your vote 😀

      I’m crossing all my fingers for you guys in the US that Biden gets elected and sanity can resume, we’re about to drive over the Brexit cliff come Dec 31st and it’s INSANE how much it’s going to f$ck everything up for everyone decades to come. Screw all Brexiteers, I swear down. We’re crashing out but hopefully America can save itself :’)

    • AMAyson1977 says:

      I feel the same. We moved two years ago from the city to the ‘burbs and while the county we’re in is blue, the part I now live in is pretty red. I had my Beto for Senate sign out two years ago (along with some local candidates and a judge we are friends with) and all was fine, but the Trumpers are next level crazy and I don’t want/need that. Fortunately my next door neighbors are as liberal as me…we joke that we’re the blue faction of the neighborhood.

      I know many of my neighbors are voting Biden, but everyone (except me and my friend next door) is kind of hush-hush about it. I’ll tell you my thoughts freely, but I don’t want to make my home a target of anyone’s ire.

  8. sassafras says:

    I don’t have a Biden/Harris sign up, even though I put up Democratic signs during the primary. I think a lot of us aren’t doing so (in Texas at least) because we literally had a Boogaloo parade around here just a few weeks ago. People have guns and… well. People’s minds are made up. Half my street will probably go one way and half will go another and Texas might be on the verge of turning blue and I don’t want some pissed off militia wannabe finding my house in the early hours of November 4th. #sorrynotsorry

    BUT. If I was putting one up, I’d coat it in a “radical liberal” application of silicone-based lube and then sprinkle clear glitter all over it and inside the corregated parts. Just in case it was lifted and someone wanted a surprise on their hands/ in their car.

  9. Lissdogmom02 says:

    I agree it’s nice he spoke up. I want to put a Biden/Harris bumper sticker on my truck, but I’m nervous about the backlash that could come from that. It’s weird that this is the world we know live in. Thanks for the post, he’s easy on the eyes on a Friday.

    • sassafras says:

      I had an Obama sticker on my car in ’08 and I know people were driving aggressively against me. There was an awful lot of swerving in front of me, tailgating, etc. and I had little ones and I swore I’d never do it again. I know how people drive around me when I don’t have a sticker on my car and when I do and this is Texas and people carry guns. NOPE. Stickers don’t vote but I will. Always.