Brad Pitt hopes to have the kids overnight at least once over the holidays

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You can choose whether or not you believe that Us Weekly has some “sources” within Brad Pitt’s camp. Personally, I think Team Pitt does go to some lower-tier tabloids and gossip outlets to spread certain messages. I think that because it’s always the same trashy outlets with Team Pitt-specific talking points. Us Weekly, Page Six, the Daily Mirror… they’ve all gotten some very strange and weirdly specific stories about the Jolie-Pitt divorce or the custody issues or even Brad and Angelina’s dating lives. What’s also strange is that rarely do the “Pitt-approved” stories about custody make Brad sound good. If anything, by discussing weird specificities of the custody arrangements, Brad draws attention to sh-t he probably doesn’t want out there. Take this, for example:

Setting their schedule! Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie will appear before a judge in November to discuss custody of their kids over the holidays, a source exclusively tells Us Weekly.

“The holiday visitation had been set before the custody trial,” the insider reveals. “Brad will see the children on Christmas Day. He is hoping that he will be given increased custodial time with the kids which would result in having them overnight for the holidays this year. The decision will be made by the judge in November.”

[From Us Weekly]

Again, as we know, the courts have been setting the visitation and custody issues this entire time, for four-plus years. And we also know from these continuous leaks that Brad has had monitored visits with the kids this ENTIRE time. And now we know that he still can’t have the kids overnight for a holiday? It’s not the fact that a judge has to decide on this, and it’s not about Brad’s desire. It’s the fact that in four years, the court clearly doesn’t trust Brad to be alone with his children for ANY length of time.

Also: Angelina’s godmother Jacqueline Bisset was asked (by the Daily Mail) about the Jolie-Pitt divorce and she said, “Angelina and Brad will sort it out eventually. They both love the children so they will sort it out.”

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37 Responses to “Brad Pitt hopes to have the kids overnight at least once over the holidays”

  1. fluffy_bunny says:

    Doesn’t this really only pertain to Knox and Vivienne? I thought all of the other kids refuse to see him and are of the age to decide for themselves?

  2. Noki says:

    It seems really harsh for such tight restrictions if this is based on one unfortunate incident. He was in the kids lives all those years ,if he was an unfit father from the jump wouldnt Angelina have bolted long ago especially before they even had biological kids. I truly hope its not a personal parent alienation thing at this point.(And i am not team anyone,genuine question)

    • Als Em says:

      If the court has been setting the visitation all this time, how can it be about parent alienation. It has to be about what he did.

      • Noki says:

        The older kids who apparently have a say and dont need court authorisation ,who suddenly dont want to see him anymore?

      • Char says:

        @Noki Maybe they don’t want to see him anymore because they witnessed the attack and other situations te public aren’t aware off. A parent don’t flip once at one kid and that’s it, abuse can happen in different forms. As Brad clearly has the time to travel around with models and try to smear Angelina, who is their mother and aparently a very good one, why don’t he invest it in making amends in his relationship with his kids?

    • whatWHAT? says:

      it’s likely NOT based on “one unfortunate incident”.

      and even if it were, a parent striking his child “not in the face” is pretty serious. and I wouldn’t classify it as you did. I’d call it what it is, child abuse and/or assault.

    • Louise177 says:

      I don’t understand the logic of blaming Angelina with parental alienation when it was the judge and psychologists who made the decision about visitation. Pitt fans keep making this talking point even though Angelina doesn’t control it. It also says a lot that Brad has had supervised visits for 3 or 4 years. Yet somehow Angelina is the unfit parent.

      • Venus says:

        Their judge mentioned parental alienation a couple of years back. Good luck to the kids. At this stage, all will be 18+ by the time the D is officially done.

      • Mina says:

        False ! The judge NEVER mentionned PA. Give us a link or a proof the judge said that .It is your interpretation. I read the order and it wasn’t mentionned at all. If she did , she wdn’t have custody like she has and him still under 50% visitation ( monitored) obviously.

      • damjana says:

        Exactly, PA wasn’t mentioned at all. The rags used quotes from lawyers who didn’t work on the case and said the similar terminology is used in cases of PA.

    • Myra says:

      Clearly it is not based on one incident then. Brad may have once been a great father and loving husband but at some point he fell into an addiction. This situation is not unique to the Jolie-Pitts. Alcohol and other substance abuse can affect mood swings leading to anger and violent reactions on the part of the addict. Under the influence, a person can lash out, demean, insult, pick up fights with and even threaten the lives of the people they love.

      If the court is setting the visitation then it is obviously not parental alienation. Not everything in life is the woman’s fault. Angelina may have simply reached a tipping point when he was physical with one of the children. In one of her interviews, she admitted that she had not always felt safe and one can assume that she is referring to threats of harm made to her.

    • Yvette says:

      @Noki … Each postponement pushes the case further and further back. The original Court date was October 5th or 6th, now it’s sometime in November. I don’t understand the postponements. Why won’t they just get it over with? One of the parties seem to have an agenda.

      • SaraR. says:

        Its postponed because all (non urgent) court cases in LA county were postponed until mid November because of covid. No agenda there.

  3. Mika says:

    Who really wants to read about Brad Pitt’s “hopes for the holidays”.

  4. whatWHAT? says:

    but do they WANT to stay overnight?…

    • fluffy_bunny says:

      Knox and Viv don’t get a say because of their age. The older ones do and apparently want nothing to do with him.

  5. ad says:

    Four years is a long time & the court is still making the decision for his visits! Unbelievable! His relationship with his kids must be in question, his fault, the kids feelings is just not there for him! otherwise they would have fought for him to be back in their lives. Something he’s done for a long time that the kids are not welcoming him back!

  6. lucy2 says:

    Pretty amazing that after 4 years, and him going to AA or whatever he’s doing and all the therapies, he still doesn’t have the kids for overnights.

  7. LloydD says:

    4 plus years with monitors around while he us with his kids what did he do for courts to stipulate that looks like it wasbt just one drunken incident with him on them again he us using Us Weekly to gaslight Angelina in the court of public with lies while he throws his fake Pitt Party

  8. Sooowhat says:

    How horrible it must be for two twelve year olds to be forced to spend an otherwise happily holiday with someone they don’t want to be around! While the rest of their siblings stay comfortably and safe at home, they have to stick it out with their narcissistic, gaslighting father. What a holiday that will be! Poor kids. Hope the courts listen to the kids and where they feel safe.

  9. Michelle says:

    Clearly the ongoing abuse was from Pitt towards Angelina. A son doesn’t jump up & get inbetween an argument to protect his mother unless he felt she was in danger & has witnessed this before. Sadly i know about Alcoholic abuse from a family member.
    When sober… a lovely charming person, but around drink.. the most spiteful man! No child should be forced to be with someone they are scared off. I hope it works out for this family to move foward and are getting the right support.

  10. Truth hurts says:

    Are we still blaming Angelina or claiming PA? Why! She cannot sway the courts to make the decision. But he and his team wants you to believe the narrative to hide his mess. What a douche! No way I would forgive My dad for doing that to our family!

  11. Iknowpeople says:

    Here is what I will say. They both have done things they are not proud of. Both wish they could take things back. These last years have been difficult for everyone and sides were taken early. Most of my contact is with A and I think highly of her, but sometimes kids need to figure things out on their own. B is still dealing with his shit. He does love his kids, but has a hard time realizing they have opinions and their feelings can get hurt. He has done things in secret most of his life that he doesn’t realize his kids will find things out now. I, like most who know them, believe that things will get better when everything is final and the back and forth can stop. The last thing I will say is that A is mostly sad and beat down about everything. Sad for her family, sad that her kids read shit, and sad because she did love him so much. I can’t believe I just wrote this but whatever. My guess it’s nothing you couldn’t have figured out.

    • Julia K. says:

      Like all families; complicated.

    • Venus says:

      I always thought she looked absolutely besotted with him in their “peak” years and heartbroken and truly vulnerable in the aftermath of the divorce announcement. I like him as an actor in most of his films but he seems so cold blooded and pragmatic as a person despite the “dumb jock” image he had earlier in his career up until he divorced Jen Aniston upon which he tried to transform himself into a humanitarian – she must have been seriously head over heels to have committed to a family with him. He’s got a lot of Capricorn in his chart, without a water sign to humanise his emotions, and is a Saggie man – I’d have had a quick fling if I had been physically attracted to him and run for the hills, never to look back.

  12. Sam67 says:

    I have no respect for a man like Brad Pitt who not only it’s his child also scares his minor children to the point that he carries on abusing their mother wire through the court of public with lies. His married escort Mrs Nico Mary is welcome to him she needs to make sure he remains away from her son from her husband Roland Mary.
    A man who happily stands on stage and marks his ex-wife and children and carries on taking applause from the ugly Hollywood circle like a mean old man getting high on claps is and has been insulting enough
    Is it any wonder is children are still afraid of him it still have to be monitored when he visits them.
    No remind of lies of parental alienation he can’t write Angelina we’ll stick when it is actually the courts and the choice and the therapists who decide what what hours and how many monitors he needs to have around him when he sees the kids. Brad himself by his own actions and false has alienated his children all by himself.

  13. Daisy says:

    A good father would have respected his wife and kids . Not go out all way for years and just dragged them so that he could come out looking good. His own hubris and fighting dirty and never forgiving as he recalls in every interview has cost him his family of 7 members.
    A good man prptects his loved one’s not insult them to gain popularity contest. No wonder the children don’t trust him . He’s not changed at all, well not changed for good that is quite obvious.

    • Venus says:

      I don’t think it’s all one sided. I think she slung the mud publicly first.

      • Mina djo says:

        How ? in asking divorce because he is an abuser???
        This is what you call “the mud”??
        Yes he is an abuser , how do you explain he still has to go to court to have more “time” with the kids??

  14. Anonymous says:

    I wonder what the courts will decide. Pitt is asking for 50/50 custody. AJ apparently does not agree to that. I think she has her reasons. Her main concern is probably long term sobriety. This would not be heading to court if they had reached an agreement with the private judge. I wonder what she was proposing as a counter offer to Pitt’s request. In any case, I really hope the family can heal. It seems like there was a lot of love there and it’s so sad to see it get to this point.

  15. Anonymous says:

    I’m not familiar with family law in that type of case. I know the kids are accustomed to traveling. Could she take them for one month and he another? Every two weeks? They have private jets and can be home schooled. Most families don’t have that option but maybe they can work it out. I guess the court will assist in getting everything settled.

  16. Haliday says:

    What a tool Brad Pitt is to lose a good women and kids over his continuous addictions and anger. Four years has been having his Vista with his children monitored WOW. That speaks volume’s. He clearly has shown no remourse over his actions what it did to children and their mother.

  17. martinez says:

    I still can’t believe there’s so many men and women who actually support and believe this manchild and what he did to his kids and everyone ignoring the fact he still has to be monitored throughout the whole 4 to 5 years while visiting the kids I mean damn this guy has 13 people on his list that was considered as monitors while he saw the kids what does that tell you. And for those Brad lovers who keep on saying about parental alienation and blame Angelina you keep forgetting the same judge and the courts still allowed her to have the children full-time so if there was any parental alienation nobody’s taking the kids away from her and giving Brad the custody have they

  18. Anonymous says:

    @Martinez: If that is the case AJ will be awarded primary custody. Maybe that’s why she has not budged during the negotiations with the private judge. Requesting 50/50 custody is fairly standard now. I don’t know what her counter proposal to him is. It’s a very sad situation because she would always say what a wonderful father he was. Maybe she has concerns over long term sobriety. Hopefully the court, with all the information, will help make the necessary decision for them to move on and continue to heal.

  19. Stacey says:

    Brad Pitt as a pathetic old man who fought dirty and use the media outlets and his public relations to discredit and humiliate Angelina with all the lies that he and his is lawyers spot where is the reality is for 4 years plus he’s been having monitored visits all along and that’s not Angelina’s fault that is due to the stipulations by the judge and the therapists of the kids you cannot force your children to not be scared of you to spend time in your company when you are the adult and a father who hit his child in the face or not in the face and still carried on gaslighting that child and his mother

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