Brad Pitt’s ex Nico Mary: ‘Hang in there just for a little bit longer…’

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Hang in there just for a little bit longer…

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Nicole Poturalski – aka Nico Mary – posted this on her Instagram yesterday. She posted it after Brad Pitt’s team ran to Page Six, E! News, People Magazine and other outlets to confirm that she and Brad were over. “Hang in there just for a little bit longer…” that seems… interesting. I guess she’s begging Brad for more attention, another date? Hustle harder, girl! He absolutely needs to pay you to go away!

Speaking of, LaineyGossip posted that Deux Moi rumor about how Nico is perhaps something of an arranged girlfriend. I’ll say no more! Mostly because I think some issues are being conflated. Like, I don’t think Brad Pitt has to “pay for it,” and I mean that with zero disrespect to sex workers. But much like Leo DiCaprio’s arrangements, if you’re a woman associated with Brad Pitt, your visibility goes up and you get more work as a “model/actress.” I think that was the quid pro quo happening between Brad and Nico.

Meanwhile, I’m enjoying the different versions of the breakup story given to each individual outlet. Page Six was told by sources that Brad and Nico are “totally over…It was never all that serious as it was cracked up to be,” and that the breakup happened “a while back.” E! News said that Brad and Nico “split several weeks ago” and “their relationship was never serious.” But People Mag got perhaps the coldest version?

Brad Pitt’s brief fling with German model Nicole Poturalski has been over for a few months. Pitt, 56, and Poturalski, 27, were linked in late August when they were seen arriving at Le Castellet Airport in France. The outing came months after they were spotted laughing and talking at a Kanye West show in L.A. last November, but a source tells PEOPLE any connection between the two has now cooled.

“Brad hasn’t seen Nicole since August. It was never a relationship,” the source says. “They saw each other a few times and that’s it. You can’t call it a split, because they were never together in the first place. It was a casual fling and that’s it.”

[From People]

LOL. Who did the big Girlfriend Rollout? Not Brad, never Brad, however did you get the idea that he was trying to bill his Angelina Look-Alike Girlfriend as the next big thing? His team confirmed Nico’s name the very second the Daily Mail got their “exclusive” photos of the two of them. And Nico was posting sh-t on her social media FROM the Chateau Marmont. But they were never together, it was just casual, how dare you.

Brad Pitt looks extra suave in all-beige


Photos courtesy of Backgrid, Nico’s Instagram.

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  1. Mia4s says:

    Wow…THAT’s the version they gave to People? That is COLD. Someone (no names but it rhymes with “Glad”) is seriously embarrassed by how this went down. To which I can only say:

  2. Angelica Schuyler says:

    In that last picture with her arms up she looks a lot like Jessica Biel to me. Does anyone else get the same vibe?

    • Dana says:

      I’ve always thought she looks like Beil so whenever it was said “young Jolie lookalike” I was confused.

      • SomeChick says:

        Jolie knockoff instagirl in clothes from those German catalogs. She should make her rich husband buy her better clothes.

        These “sexy” poses are just sad.

        Whatever. She’s not a “lookalike” is all I’m saying.

    • Kaykay says:

      She looks like if Irina S and Jessica B had a baby.
      But I did see some video with Nico, and her teeth (and mouth in general) looks like Angelina when smiling.

  3. lucy2 says:

    I still can’t get over how badly the roll-out blew up in his face. His camp was all ready with all the stories and photos, and he took her to his family’s home…but oh no, it wasn’t serious at all!

  4. Ariel says:

    She needs her husband or a new rich boyfriend to buy her a better backdrop.
    I realize she has a kid in her house, but get out of the bedroom girl, it’s depressing.

  5. Eleonor says:

    I bet right now Brad has enrolled himself to Leo masterclass on how to date an instamodel without the pr disaster.

  6. detritus says:

    It’s not her fault, but I cannot help but see her as an example of why homogenous takes on beauty produce, well, derivative and boring models.

    She’s very thin, has a tiny nose, plumped lips, long straight (ish) hair, light skin, light eyes, light hair.

    Pitts roll out showed that men still feel women like this are ‘the best’. They provide that arm candy ego boost. He was sticking it to Angie with a ‘younger version’. So gross.

    It’s really sad to me that still to this day this is seen as women’s pinnacle. Our values height is when we weight the least, when we conform to a white male ideal.

    I’m happy she’s using her platform for important issues (Poland), honestly, not sure what better she should be doing. Which again, is another way the world sets women up to fail. She’s done more activism than Pitt, but she’s still the vapid one?

    • osito says:

      I agree with every word of your whole post, but your last paragraph really slaps.

      This keeps happening, and will happen as long as we buy into the narrative: Brad Pitt and men like him continue doing the bare minimum or less (on a rage from just existing to being personally/professionally/philanthropically predatory), and they position women to be their shields. And we participate in this by continuing to analyze the worthiness of the woman — is she an escort? Is she fame hungry? Is she younger than we would like her to be? Is she in her bedroom making more money than I will make in the entirety of 2020? We fall all over ourselves forgetting how photo shoots work (you take lots of pictures from one or two locations and release one or two at a time — she took a bunch of photos from a well-lit, staged room that looks like a hotel room…probably not her own bedroom, but who cares if it is?); we forget how commodified and exploited female bodies are (or we stop caring because caring violates the narrative); we poke light fun at him, but are careful to state that he’s not paying to play — but she might definitely be asking for payment; we’re just a little snide about her capitalizing on an increased awareness of her, but we’re not devoting more than an inch to the fact that she’s being more bluntly for-or-against a political cause than he has ever been alone (again…that’s what the women are for…). He keeps doing this because we keep paying attention to the parts he draws our attention to. Thank you for the reminder that he’s doing it with our permission.

  7. Brittney B says:

    …IDK, if I saw this on my IG feed I would assume she was talking about the election.

  8. Valentina says:

    Taking a woman to the fancy chateau you co-own with your ex is far more than casual. He got caught and wasnt expecting the rollout to go so badly. His only way to get out of it was to wait a bit and dump her for the world to know. It seems she’s fine with it. The foolish man & the vapid girl truly deserve each other. A shame cause I wanted a tell all so badly.

    • Hmm says:

      She is def an escort he shares with his friends. Andrew Dominic had her first. It’s all very gross and sleazy and yes Pitt does have to pay for it these days. I believe he’s always used prostitutes. I remember back a few years ago an ex prostitute wrote a book and there was a tidbit about Pitt in there. So yep. He’s not above spending money for sex.

      • OriginalCarol says:

        Yeah, if you go back and watch the video from Kanye’s concert, she came in with Dominik first and they did a group introductions and was told to sit next to Pitt. Pitt came in with his side piece Alia. They started flirting right away. You could spot the first date vibes from both of them. It’s all arranged by his friend Dominik. Gross how these rich old dudes are passing around young thirsty wannabe women amongst friends. Pitt and his team cooked up the b.s about her meeting Pitt at the husband’s restaurant and she slipped him her number. This is to make like they knew of each other for a while and they were dating for almost 9 months as if to justify the legit of it and not a casual fling and he is still so desirable to get a hot younger Jolie lookalike. Nope, he got played by her and the husband via leaked airport pics. He dumped her stat and sent her packing after a couple days of dirty sex. Gotta get his money out of deal first. Now, he is backpedaling the b.s and says it’s a casual fling and there is no relationship since the supposed girlfriend rollout to save face ain’t a good look. Of course, he’s gonna go back using good old Aniston until the next young thing come along. Pathetic.

  9. GirlOne says:

    My first thought was that her comment is in reference to the new Corona lockdown here in Germany.

  10. LOL says:

    SLEAZE -PITT that’s all I got.

  11. LOL says:

    There seems no shame in Mrs Nico Mary’s hustle. She has no respect for her marriage let alone son. I mean to keep encouraging the instagram shipping accounts posters with her replies is just beyond pathetic and needy.

    • detritus says:

      That’s a lot of misogyny packed into one comment.

      Slut shaming, mommy shaming, and a lot of putting the blame on the person with the least capital, social or financial. It’s very clear her husband isn’t interested in monogamy, and that’s not shameful. Calling her pathetic is pretty ridiculous, too. I mean, from a commenter on a gossip site talking about her insta photos. On a story about two decades older men who pay a young beautiful girl to keep them company, she’s the pathetic one. Smh

      Be better little one.

      • OriginalCarol says:

        They’re both pathetic. She is for using her body for an easier life of luxury and Pitt for using his fame and money to get women young enough to be his daughter! Gross. Make no mistake she is not a victim here. If they had broken up say back in September then she’s been riding the gravy train for the last 2 months. Got a couple of modeling gigs out of it before he put out the disclaimer about her being a casual f*ck and that there’s no relationship with a married escort. Talk about being cold and callous. She was willingly going to Pitt’s family home to check out the castle and rub it in Jolie’s face so no she ain’t gonna get a pass from moi. Now, let’s see how many of her followers will drop her since she’s now a has- been. As for Pitt, he and his team of nasty and sleazy lawyers are scrambling around trying to come up with ways to stop his young children from getting their own counsel and be able to get their say in court next year. His days in court are coming and his lies are going to be exposed for all to see.

  12. MerlinsMom1018 says:

    I think she has beautiful eyes. I like the color.
    (I have blue eyes so I’m partial.)
    That’s all

  13. jade says:

    Her comment was posted before news of her dumping broke out. Media always sensationalize everything. She is doing stuff like she did before she became well known. Im sure she is pleased with more followers and getting more jobs i suppose. But clearly she is a paid escort, a sugar baby of some sort. She seems quite flirty even with her male co-models, but she is with her husband still be she is high maintenance and needs stable financial support.

  14. Becca00 says:

    I am loving the fact it blew up in his face their sleazy miraval roll out just became nothing but a sleazy roll out. Both had their first date at Kanye West church gig. She was sleeping with Andrew Dominic and he passed her over to Brad Pitt. Alia Shawkat was just there to take attention away from the real date between the hired escort Nico Mary and Brad Pitt.
    I feel absloutly sorry for the children who have to see their drnk father still act like a sleazy A-hole, who is attacking them and their mother with his humiliating actions of taking this escort for a sleazy weekend to their mother’s home and her bed. What an utter dog Brad Pitt turned out to be. I bet everyone is laughing behind his back but also congratulating him for humiliating Angelina Jolie with his gaslighting actions . To think this is the guy she has a family with and wanted to grow old with. What an utter ugly man he turned out to be. I hope Jennifer Aniston isn’t dumb enough to let him use her again as a doormat.

  15. martinez says:

    I wonder what the childten think of him seeing all this play in the media and every one talking about your father’s antics .
    Must be very hard for children that ageand even harder for their mom to keep their emotions calm.

  16. Jelly says:

    It probably was a casual fling that didn’t hurt either of them when it became public. Except for the inconvenience of her husband, who to be clear doesn’t seem to mind so why should we care. Some may argue that it is not good for his image but really. Brad banging hot models. Please – that’s just a Tuesday in the LA life. Do his kids really care anyway. Does anyone? Why should we care about people getting theirs when Trump is trying to destroy America, or kids are still in cages at the border. It takes a lot more than Brad Pitt’s middle age quest to stay hot and relevant to upset me these days.

  17. Kiiks says:

    Aj take it easy nothing gross. Nobody hurt…was all game and over.

  18. Kiiks says:

    The problem is aj unhappy with any women he dates….
    Or will be discrediting him for the woman he gets. If i cant have you no one should seems her mantra. They are single don’t drag finalize already…

  19. Budgetcamera says:

    She’s pretty just doing her own thing, but on which I think the IG pics feature too much nudity. She’s decent as a model so why go that way? Aim for Christy Turlington – high fashion.

    I think Pitt shows how PR conscious he’s become. Perhaps he always was (threw Jen under the bus by saying she didn’t want kids and crying on national TV about it). But this was cold, darn it! It was a “casual fling”! He totally didn’t expect the backlash from dating a married woman – on which I think whatever works. If you want an open marriage and you’re honest about it all the time with your spouse, then that’s their business. Better than cheating and lying about it.

    And totally believe he dated Alia Shawkat. No one wanted to believe it though but totally believe those edgy, arty, bohemian types are among the types he’s attracted to as he fancies himself an artist – which he might well be (don’t know anything about architecture or sculpting).

    Anyway, I have nothing against Pitt. Actually like him as an actor and thought he was good in OUATIH and that he deserved all the accolades. I think he should date whomever and let the chips fall where they go and not worry about the PR.

  20. serena says:

    Again, this man is so pathetic it hurts.