Chrissy Teigen and John Legend got tattoos to honor their late son, Jack


Chrissy Teigen is slowly getting back on her feet after the incredible loss of her son, Jack last month. She and husband John Legend lost the baby at 20 weeks due to a partial placenta abruption. She recently wrote and made public an essay in which she detailed the events and emotions involved with her very difficult journey. In that essay, Chrissy said they are waiting to bury Jack’s ash’s until they move into their new home, where they will plant a tree specifically for Jack. That’s a lovely way to remember him. In addition, Chrissy showed off another tribute she got to memorialize Jack, a new tattoo on her wrist. On Sunday she posted these photos to Twitter:

Man, she looks amazing in that top pic, doesn’t she? Chrissy has a tattoo that reads, “John Luna Miles” written lengthwise on her forearm, you can see part of it in the hands photo. John got the same tattoo on his wrist. I found this quite touching. Tattoos are so personal anyway, I can only imagine how much this one means. It’s only been a month, this poor family.

Chrissy’s friend have been supporting her throughout this ordeal. She mentioned in her essay how much they’ve been there in both thought and with a shoulder to lean on. On Saturday, her friend Kim Kyees organized a blood drive to get seven bags of blood donated in Chrissy’s name because seven was the number of bags they used to fight for Jack. I am a huge advocate of giving back in blood donations, so this particular story really moved me. My mother’s blood type is AB negative and none of her family is (it’s a medical anomaly considering we were all born prior to in-utero transfusions). I always feel guilty when she goes in for surgery and I can’t donate anything for it. So we donate in her name all the time. This was a truly lovely gesture of Chrissy’s friends and literally an act of healing to give Chrissy a little piece of comfort. I’m so choked up by this, I don’t really know what to say. I wonder if I could get a group of friends to do a blood drive for one of my birthdays or some other big event. Anyway, bravo to Chrissy’s friends. I’m glad to know she and John have such a caring group of people looking out for them.

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  1. Eleonor says:

    Blood donor here.
    I don’t know how is in the US but with this Covid mess it’s something that must be done!
    Sorry for the offtopic.

    • Sa says:

      It’s the same in the US. Blood donations are down. I’ve been getting so many emails to donate blood, but I’m usually rejected either because of low blood pressure or low iron. I went in last week and they took my blood, but I had such a bad reaction afterwards that I think in the future when I don’t meet the minimum requirements I’m going to decline letting them test my other arm.

      • Eleonor says:

        If you really want I think you can donate plasma, it’s a longer procedure and I couldn’t do it because I am scared of needles (usually the nurses detect my fear and cover my arm or stay with me only to talk), but I have friends who do it because for them it’s impossible to donate.

      • sa says:

        @Eleonor, thanks for the suggestion, I am always very clear that once they stick me with a needle, it makes no difference to me what they take, so they should take whatever they need most for my blood type, or whatever I meet the requirements for. Last week they wanted my red blood cells, but had to settle for whole blood because it apparently has a lower minimum iron requirement, which I met on my second test. They didn’t mention plasma at all, so either they didn’t want it from me or I didn’t meet the requirements.

        Also, my vow to not let them test my other arm if I fail the first test probably won’t last that long. I logically know that me feeling terrible for one night is worth it if someone else has a vital need for blood, but right now it’s still too fresh how bad I felt lying on the floor just inside my front door, because I couldn’t make it to furniture (or even a sink to wash my hands-which wouldn’t be an issue in non-covid times).

    • Miranda says:

      THANK YOU! So much. I have malabsorption issues, meaning that my body doesn’t take in nutrients properly and I basically have chronic, severe anemia. I have to get iron transfusions every 6 – 12 months, so blood donations keep me alive and relatively healthy. I shamelessly nag people to donate all the time. Everybody tends to think of transfusions as something people only need after some sort of bodily trauma, but there are a lot of us for whom it’s a routine necessity.

  2. Laalaa says:

    I really love them. I love her, and I love him because he loves her the way she is.
    You can really see how she is in so much pain, her eyes are just not the same.
    Wishing them all the best. Luna and Miles make my day every time I see them

    • mellie says:

      I love them too! Those littles are the cutest and I just hope they all are going to be alright.

    • Madelaine says:

      I used to love them, until I noticed that Chrissy’s face is morphing into Khloe Kardashian’s. Plastic surgery is doing both a great disservice. Is this a North American trend?

  3. MissMarierose says:

    That’s a lovely gesture from her friends.
    I hope that everyone in that family is healing emotionally. I saw an IG post where Chrissy still has a nurse (that was dressed up for Halloween with the rest of the family), so I guess she is still physically healing from her ordeal.

  4. Watson says:

    Yes to the tattoos and blood donations. Sending love to this family as they’ve experienced so much loss