Donald Trump & his minions’ closing message is ‘LeBron James sucks’

LeBron James in Berlin

I’m not an Ohioan, so I can’t presume to have any claim over LeBron James. But I do love the man. He’s a total badass, arguably the greatest basketball player of the last two decades, one of the hardest fighters on and off the court, a terrific role model for the millions of kids who look up to him, a husband and a father, and a charitable soul. He built a school for kids like him in Cleveland and gave them all free bikes. He gives scholarships to underprivileged kids. He stands up for women in all fields and walks of life. He stands up for the Black community in so many ways, notably in his activism for Black Lives Matter. He’s a leader on the court and in the world. And yesterday, Donald Trump and his fascist minions chanted “LeBron James sucks” at a Pennsylvania rally.

First off, LeBron already called that orange nutjob “U BUM” and I’m sure it still chaps Trump’s fat ass. LeBron is a million times the man Trump is, and none of those chanters would have the f–king audacity to say that to LeBron’s face.

One of the other reasons why I love LeBron so much is that he doesn’t subscribe to the Michael Jordan “Republicans Buy Sneakers Too” philosophy. LeBron was active throughout the Obama presidency, and he endorsed Hillary Clinton in 2016 and made appearances with her in Ohio. This election cycle, Bron has been using his platform to agitate for the Dems again, endorsing the Biden-Harris ticket early and hosting Barack Obama on The Shop (I’m including the full video at the end of the post). But there was also this:

Up to 13,000 Florida felons could be eligible to vote thanks to the concerted effort by celebrities to pay off their court fines and fees according to an analysis conducted by the Tampa Bay Times, Miami Herald and Propublica.

Notable figures such as Michael Bloomberg and LeBron James contributed to the nonprofit Florida Rights Restoration Coalition, the Tampa Bay Times reports, helping to pay about $27 million in fines and fees.

This allows potentially 12,800 eligible voters to register to vote and, as the report notes, this could be a boon to Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden as most of these voters appear to be Democrats. The review found that in the Florida counties where fees were paid off — Hillsborough, Pinellas, Palm Beach and Polk — 74 percent were Black and among that group, 68 percent were registered as Democrats.

[From The Hill]

LeBron and Mike Bloomberg spent the money so thousands of people in Florida can vote. Amazing. Gee, I wonder why Baby Fists is so triggered?

President Donald J. Trump departs the White House

Photos courtesy of Avalon Red.

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  1. Astrid says:

    Nothing but respect for LeBron.

  2. julia says:

    What a shit show his rallies have been. I can’t even think about what tomorrow will bring.

  3. Exactly says:

    The definition of a REAL Man: LeBron James🧠👌🏽🏀🙏🏽 ♥️🎁.

  4. MerlinsMom1018 says:

    Plus people WANT to be seen with King James.
    So there’s THAT

  5. Darla says:

    Lebron can get it.

  6. Rapunzel says:

    The US president insulting a prominent American citizen and his supporters booing said citizen, along with a very prominent American company (NBA).

    This is abhorant.

    • holly hobby says:

      The NBA and LeBron are laughing all the way to the bank. They do not care what there MAGATs think. Most of them are probably as deep in hock as their feckless leader.

  7. Brandy Alexander says:

    I don’t even understand the point. It would make sense if it had taken place in Ohio, but LeBron doesn’t have anything to do with PA.

    • Julie says:

      I’m afraid that IS the point. If he had done it in Ohio there’s a chance it wouldn’t have been received as well. Lebron can be (depending on where you ask) a controversial figure here in OH. For some Ohioans, it doesn’t matter what he’s done for the black community because they see ANY aid specifically for the black community as anti-Trump (and all the implications that come with that).

      It’s almost comparable to President Obama: a black man can do everything in his power to bring greatness and legacy to an area starved for it, but the moment he starts asking for equality and starts forcing those benefiting from his success to question their privilege? Well, now he’s just “not appreciative” of the “opportunity” the community has given him.

      • Brandy Alexander says:

        @Julie, I’m born and raised in Cleveland (transplanted to Nevada at 30ish), so I know the dynamics pretty well. I agree it probably wouldn’t have been well received in Ohio, but I also think that that would have gotten under LBJ’s skin a little (I think what he has none for NE Ohio is nothing short of amazing with that school and all his charity projects. It’s clear he loves his hometown). But I just don’t see him caring that some people in PA were chanting it. So, again, I don’t see the point. It’s like throwing a punch at wind. But, I’m probably giving too much credit to Trump for actually trying to think things through. Hell, he probably thought he was in Ohio.

    • Sigmund says:

      The point is he’s a black man and Trump caters to racists. That’s it. There is no other explanation for this blatantly racist behavior.

  8. Chica1971 says:

    The Lil Pimp instead of Lil Pump , He went after Gaga and Beyonce too.. on last day of campaign!

    • Digital Unicorn says:

      Dump is massively butt hurt that he can’t get celebrities of that calibre supporting him – he has been massively triggered by the celebrity support Biden/Harris are getting. He desperately wants to be loved and accepted by celebs – this is a man who wanted to go to Hollywood to make a career but Daddy refused to fund him.

  9. Hollah says:

    I mean, the timing was perfect. Polls show Ohio is a tie, so while Biden made an extra campaign stop in Cleveland, Trump was next door in PA encouraging this anti-LeBron sentiment against one of Cleveland’s most beloved figures and Akron’s native son.

  10. MsIam says:

    Trump’s head is going to explode soon with all the people that live in there rent free……

  11. Gotcha says:

    He has Lil Wayne aka Lil Sleezy and Ice Cube and 25 cent.

  12. AMA1977 says:

    I admire him so much, he walks the walk and truly leads by example. I am sure that LeBron is not losing any sleep over the childish taunts of the spoiled yam and his idiot cult members, but I am of the opinion that if some people don’t like you, you’re doing everything right. That has never been truer than in this circumstance. Keep on being great, King James!!