Gwen Stefani & Blake Shelton will get married soon, likely in his Oklahoma chapel

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Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton became engaged in October, after Blake proposed at his Oklahoma ranch, where they have spent much of this year. Gwen and her sons love the Oklahoma vibes, and I’ve read dozens of stories about how Gwen “fits in” with Blake’s whole “country dude” vibe. Anyway, for some reason, we’re getting tons of updates about their wedding plans. From Us Weekly:

“Blake built a chapel on the grounds of his Oklahoma ranch. He did it himself with help,” a source tells Us Weekly exclusively, noting that the No Doubt singer gave her “input” on the construction. “It’s really a tribute to their love. They are going to get married in the chapel, most likely early next year.”

As she gets ready to wed the Grammy nominee, Stefani is hopeful that she’ll be able to do so in a way that will be recognized by the church. “The Vatican has also indicated, informally, that Gwen’s petition to have her marriage to Gavin annulled will also be granted,” the first source says. “It hasn’t been formally made yet, but all indications are [that] Gwen will have her Catholic wedding to Blake.”

One month before their engagement, Shelton and Stefani moved into a “family home” in Los Angeles. While continuing to map out their future together, the twosome has taken every detail into account — including a prenuptial agreement. “They have been in prenup talks for a few months,” an insider told Us exclusively in November. “The process has been extremely effortless.”

[From Us Weekly]

I wondered about the annulment and whether Gwen was still pursuing it. We heard, months ago, that Gwen no longer cared if her first marriage was annulled, but I guess she does care. I still think that’s a bit weird, to annul a marriage which produced three kids, but whatever. It’s her life, and she obviously cares a lot about that. My guess is that Gwen and Blake will do a very small wedding in that chapel in Oklahoma, and then maybe do a big church wedding whenever the annulment happens. People Mag also said that they’re looking to get married fast:

Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani are ready to say “I do.” Less than two months after the country star, 44, and the No Doubt singer, 51, got engaged at Shelton’s ranch in Tishomingo, Oklahoma, a source tells PEOPLE that the couple is likely to tie the knot sooner rather than later.

“This won’t be a long engagement,” says the source. “There is a reason why Blake proposed now. They are both ready to get married.”

The source also says that The Voice coaches “don’t want a huge wedding. They want their family and close friends to attend and that’s it.”

[From People]

Well, if they get married while the pandemic’s still raging, then they probably won’t even get to have their family and close friends attend, you know? I suspect that they’ll probably do a New Year’s Eve wedding, right? That’s what we’re building up to: a wedding over the holidays.

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  1. kotikinosiki says:

    Those two are seriously the horniest couple on record.

  2. midge says:

    I mean, do we even believe this is a real relationship? So divorce is a big no no, but exploiting your “relationship” for cash is totally cool? How bad with money are these two that the hustle needs to be this strong? One thing I’ve learned from years of celebrity gossip consumption is that if famous people want to be private, they CAN be private. It’s actually not that hard.

    • Mina_Esq says:

      Yes. Gwen’s an icon, and Blake is a megastar in the country music industry. Neither one of them needs a faux romance to stay relevant.

      • molly says:

        And neither would have gone along with it this long. I had my doubts about their motives at the beginning, but it’s been years. Will they last forever and ever? Don’t know. Statistically probably not, but I don’t doubt the validity of their relationship at this point.

  3. A Girl is No One says:

    Maybe some dont WANT to be private. Not everyone picks a job where all attention is on them only to say I dont want all this attention. Some celebs probably love attention, it would seem most might since they chose a public career.

  4. lemonylips says:

    I got married over the weekend. Had a zoom thing and it was super fun. But then again we are not the types who wanted to have the actual wedding party so it was a great way to do it. All of our friends and family dressed up, had some drinks… Doing it that way made a lot of people happy and excited in this mess of a year.

  5. TIFFANY says:

    I just realized something. I don’t think Gwen has ever, ‘dated’. She was with Tony for, what 10 years, Gavin for almost twice as long and now Blake.

    I mean, you do you Gwen but I would have loved to have seen her go through a true rock and roll phase and was dating. Would have been good gossip.

    • mimi says:

      She’s too insecure and needy to be alone for long.

    • Linda says:

      She had a whole album twenty years ago where she sang about being married and having kids. A Simple Kind of Life, Marry Me – this is kinda what she’s always wanted.

  6. Adream says:

    I like how they have to mention “the Vatican” as if the Pope himself is personally signing off this annulment. In reality her previous marriage probably didnt fit the specific criteria for annulment and it’s just her local diocese going through the regular gammut of required paperwork.

    • Lucky Charm says:

      Having an annulment simply means the previous marriage didn’t meet Church sacramental requirements, and you are free to marry in the Catholic church again; it doesn’t change the status of your children.

      Whoever wrote this article must not be Catholic, you don’t have to go to the Vatican to get an annulment. My local tribunal handled mine, and it only took five weeks.

  7. Liz version 700 says:

    She really adopts the persona of whatever guy she is with doesn’t she? I mean she looks cute in the camouflage but wow. Best Wishes for the happy couple!

    • Case says:

      She really does. It’s a shame — she doesn’t seem like the person she was for so many years at all anymore. It’s weird to see.

  8. LaraK says:

    Whatever, good for them.
    I bet the prenup is easy – they both have way more money than anyone ever needs, and she has kids, so it should be easy to have everyone keep their stuff.
    I hope we get a photo of the dress.

  9. Ariel says:

    My irritation regarding annulment borders on irrational- and i get that.
    But what she is saying with the annulment is: my kids are bastards, my relationship with their dad was never real. Wasn’t a real family, didn’t even exist.
    What an awful message to give your kids. Just because the marriage ended, doesn’t mean it wasn’t successful for some amount of time, and doesn’t mean their love and relationship wasn’t real.
    And i think that is disgusting.
    But very on brand for all kinds of (mostly “christian”) religions in the US.
    Don’t care about actual teachings of Jesus, as long as it looks good.
    Like conservative GOP members of congress preach “family values” and rail against homosexuality and abortion, who have rent-boys n the side.
    I find the how it looks is more important than reality line of thinking appalling.
    But yes, i understand my feelings on these people i have never met are excessive.

    • Mcali says:

      Ugh….An annulment doesn’t make your kids bastards in the Church. My parents got one. It’s archaic but if someone feels the need, who cares?

    • Lucky Charm says:

      An annulment does NOT change the status of your kids and make them bastards. It simply means the marriage did not meet Catholic sacramental requirements. You still need a legal civil divorce first before applying for an annulment from the church.

    • Actual Practicing Catholic says:

      You are confusing a legal union with a Sacramental Marriage. You can be legally married to as many people as you want, and divorce as many people as you want, but the Church of which she belongs only recognizes Sacramental Marriages. Your misunderstanding and misinformation of the Sacrament is more harmful than her seeking an annulment.

      If the Church decides that there was no Sacrament, it does not nullify all the fruits that their union produced. Just as it was stated above, and annulment indicates that a Sacramental Marriage did not take place. This does NOT mean the relationship wasn’t real, that the children are bastards, or that they weren’t a real family. It means something existed within the nature of the relationship that did not allow the Sacrament to take place. What that was is between them, God, and the Tribunal.

      She wants to have a Sacramental Marriage with this man, because she believes in the holiness and importance of the Sacrament. She is an incredible witness of faith to her children, and as a Catholic, I’m proud of her.

  10. EAD says:

    Totally get where you are coming from, but I think it is worth noting that annulments don’t bastardize kids in any way. It’s a myth, just like the myth that divorcees can’t continue with certain church traditions after divorce (which my own dad doesn’t seem to believe, and still sits a few things out because he is convinced it might not be ok to participate).

    Annulment is really is a procedural thing to allow remarriage based on fundamental dishonesty by one partner in the first marriage. Essentially, it says that the ‘victim’ shouldn’t be punished and told they can’t have a marriage because of the irreconcilable issues in their first marriage. The children’s status is in no way affected, nor are any of the records that show their membership in a church.

    Divorce itself obviously needs to be handled sensitively to look after the kids’ needs, ensuring they feel safe and loved. I don’t think the annulment really adds anything to that process that wasn’t already necessary as part of the larger legal process.

  11. Emily says:

    Gwen strikes me as the kind of woman who “fits in” with every man she dates. I’ve been a long time No Doubt fan and you can tell in her lyrics (especially on Return from Saturn) that there’s some heavy insecurities when it comes to relationships.

    • jules says:

      This! She is that woman. She’s suddenly all country and camo and farm life now, but was grunge and punk and rock and roll and urban depending on who she’s dating.

  12. Mabs A'Mabbin says:

    My husband and I had a pandemic wedding before there was a pandemic lol. He was on leave New Year’s 1996, my parents had a fancy restaurant deliver a five star setup, a woman pastor and her husband came over to do the deed and my five yo held the rings. The delivered wedding cake was beautiful, the baker did a miniature multi tier, and I’ll remember the floral arrangements forever. Just us five and it was perfect. It can be done.

  13. jules says:

    Blake Shelton has always given me a creep vibe. He does NOTHING for me.

  14. one of the Marys says:

    Christ in a cracker enough already! Get married or shut up about it

  15. LisaT says:

    This article is just speculation. Both of them have said in interviews that no date has been set. Even with just their immediate family it can’t happen due to Covid rules about numbers. Gwen said she won’t have a ceremony without her parents who are extremely cautious ( they didn’t even come to Thanksgiving).

  16. Natasha says:

    So if Blake built his own church in his backyard- which one of their friends/family went online to get certified as a preacher to marry them? Can’t wait to see this!

  17. lola says:

    Is Blake Shelton catholic? And if he is, did he get an annulment?

    • Actual Practicing Catholic says:

      You don’t have to be Catholic for the Church to recognize your marriage as Sacramental. If it DOES then he will need an annulment, as well, if they wish to be married in the Church.

  18. Fp says:

    Does anyone hate the word bastard as much as I do ??

    FOR THE LIFE OF ME what in the world could make an innocent chile more legitimate than another ?

    Hate the word and more so hate the people who use it lighly.