Katie Price says neighbors see her posts, tell cops she’s violating pandemic rules

Katie Price is a British celebrity you’ve likely heard about but paid little attention to, especially if you’re American. You may remember her if you’re an old school gossip-follower. She’s a model, reality star and book author who used to show extreme T&A back when we were allowed to post that in the late 2000s. She doesn’t get as much attention this side of the pond, but I wanted to talk about this weird interview she did with The Sun. We just heard that Rita Ora had a 30-person party she was fined $12k for and which was held a week after she got back from Cairo. Katie told The Sun that cops come to her house constantly for reported pandemic violations. She claimed that neighbors see her social media and think it’s new or something. Plus they’re jealous of her. It was hard to understand everything she was saying, but she said due to her son Harvey’s vulnerable medical condition (he is autistic and has Prader–Willi syndrome) and her mom’s lung condition she would not have other people over. I doubt she’s telling the truth. Plus she’s definitely traveling and just went somewhere else in the UK and to the Maldives last month.

Katie Price is in an ongoing feud with her neighbours who she claims have called the police and accused her of breaking lockdown rules.

Talking exclusively to The Sun, Katie says that the constant complaints from neighbours and visits from police are “really p***ing me off”.

“The police must know – we have had the police knocking at our door more times than we have had hot dinners,” she said at the launch of her new range of bath bombs called Scented By Katie Price today.

The mum-of-five insists that she is really careful around coronavirus restrictions because her mum Amy and son Harvey are both at “very high risk” from the deadly bug…

“That is not a joke. So we are really, really, really careful.”

When Katie returned from The Maldives last month with her boyfriend Carl Woods she was careful to isolate – but neighbours sent the police to check.

“When we came back from The Maldives they were knocking to see if we were isolating,” she said.

“Of course we were isolating.”

But despite Katie’s care around the rules and restrictions, she thinks her neighbours get confused by her social media.

[From The Sun]

The Sun has tons more stories about Katie, one about her possibly getting engaged to her boyfriend and wanting to have a kid with him, which would be her sixth, but I’ll spare you. She’s 42 and has been married three times. Just checking her Instagram, she went to some cabins on the border of England and Wales two days ago. She named dropped the place in her posts so she was surely paid for that. I tried to figure out where she lives and I think she’s renting a place in Surrey, which is outside London. I think that’s classified tier two by the British government, which means that you can’t socialize with anyone outside your home unless it’s outdoors. Pubs and restaurants are still open though so it’s confusing and you can have one family as a support bubble. The place she just visited is also tier two so the rules are the same.

Why is she traveling at this time though? There’s nothing confusing about her posting videos from the Maldives in late October. It’s not like she didn’t do that. If she’s went to the Maldives the cops should be checking in on her. I wish police would follow up with that in the US but it’s all on the honor system and you know how that is working out. Kim Kardashian, Cardi B and others are having big parties and it’s up to the states to bust them. They’re not getting fined most places either. Contact tracing, quarantining and a ban on parties should have been government mandated here since March.

Getting back to Katie because I finally checked her YouTube Channel – she posted a video a month ago where she went to get mani/pedis with her boyfriend and a couple of her kids and in the entire video, which is inside of course, not one of them is wearing a mask. Disgusting. Here’s another one from two months ago where they’re all eating at a restaurant inside, no masks. Yes it’s not illegal. I’m sure her neighbors have more reason to call the police than just seeing her social media.



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  1. Josie Bean says:

    Sort of remember this lady from years ago. I think she has a new face – looks like she might be wearing a wig. Also think she had breast implants. Probably not much original about her but I think she was an inspiration to a lot of young girls which was very sad.

    The UK is so lax on COVID rules – if you even know what they are in your area. Went to the grocery store last week (SW England) and the cashier had her mask around her neck – what’s the point???

    • Zapp Brannigan says:

      She has had a few “new” faces, yes to the wig, definitely yes to the implants (several times), and no she was not an inspiration to anyone, think dollar store, with 75% off, maybe even cheaper than that. There was also the revenge pron she had of an ex-husband that she showed to people in a tv studio audience, she had to pay damages over that. The courts ordered that she pay her ex but she has now filed for bankruptcy, She is the very definition of vile, I don’t say that lightly.

    • BayTampaBay says:

      When she was a glamour model she went by the name Jordan. She has written several fairly successful books. At one time she was a permanent panelist on a UK show called “Loose Women” which I think is something like the USA show “The View” but much less political. Her many husbands and many plastic surgeries have been financially successful fodder for her books and the British Tabloids.

      Sometimes she looks really good and sometimes she looks very plastic.

      Hopefully a UK CBer will chime in and correct my inaccuracies.

    • Zapp Brannigan says:

      Also forgot to add that she was banned from driving for six months for driving while already disqualified, then caught twice the legal limit drunk driving and banned again, banned for two years for refusing to tell the courts who was driving her car when it crashed, and then plead guilty to verbally abusing and threatening an ex husbands new girlfriend and the court ordered her to stay away from the woman.

      That episode occurred in the playground of her children’s school, in front of kids and parents at drop off time. Back in the day she was a guest diner on the Gordon Ramsey show Hell’s Kitchen (new at the time, the first season in the UK) and was so drunk she fell down the steps of the restaurant and landed at the feet of host Angus Deayton who was going to interview her, she was about 7 months pregnant with her oldest son Harvey at the time. She is a piece of work.

  2. Tiffany says:

    Oh, I remember Katie. Or as I call her, the OG.

    She was the OG, well everything.

  3. lolalola3 says:

    omg what has she done to her face??? It reminds me of Goldie Hawn in the First Wives movie…

    • Chaine says:

      She had a complete facelift a year or so ago that’s made her look 15-20 years older. Along with her most recent boobs, she also had butt implants put in and then taken out, etc. She’s clearly body dysmorphic/addicted to plastic surgery and hasn’t got the money for top-of-the-line work, so she ends up looking like an aging Bratz doll.

  4. Emm says:

    Omg! I used to watch her reality show Peter and Katie which seems like a lifetime ago, I can’t even remember if I was in high school or college but it was obviously a few faces ago for her. I wouldn’t have recognized her if you didn’t say who she was. You’re 42 with five kids and one with special needs, grow the eff up!

  5. ME says:

    I remember watching her reality show years and years ago. I didn’t recognizer her. She must be on face number 5 by now. So many people (famous and not) aren’t following Covid regulations because their social lives are way more important than public safety. It’s so selfish. I hope one day kids grow up and shame their parents for having a birthday party during a pandemic. “Oh honey here’s pics of your fifth birthday party back in 2020″. “OMG mom wasn’t that during that horrific deadly pandemic?”. “Yeah but we didn’t want you missing out”. A$$holes.

  6. ethy says:

    Wow, it’s been years since I heard any gossip about her. Makes me feel old lol

  7. lucy2 says:

    So chill and relaxed…with a frozen face wearing 10 lbs of makeup.

    My guess is she’s having people over, and the neighbors are busting her.

  8. Andrea says:

    I used to watch her Katie and Pete show wayyy back in the day, read some of her books too and this was when I was in the US (I am in Canada now). I have even seen her recentish solo show.

    No one knows why her and Pete(her first husband) split up, some think she aborted his baby, some think she cheated on him. It has been kinda downhill since then for her.

    Her 2nd husband was a cross dresser ( which i didnt think was a big deal)and seemed to be fame whore who went on to have a baby with another British z lister Chandelle Houghton, but Chantelle left him 1 month prior to the baby being born, so me thinks her 2nd husband must have been pretty bad.

    Her last husband slept with her two best friends of 15 and 20 years (with friends like these, who needs enemies) one who was married and at her third wedding. She kept taking him back, which was definitely her downfall and when things really hit rock bottom for her. She admitted to doing coke around this time I believe. She has been in the Priory at least 2 times in the past few years.

    Her last bf Kris was I thought the best for her, but he seems famewhoring too dating Bianca Gascoigne now. Katie cheated on Kris and is generally a hot mess now. I only catch articles on her when I happen upon them now, for she is such a train wreck. She needs intensive therapy and definitely has body dysmorphic disorder. Her face has changed so much in recent years! Look at old photos of her, it is quite sad.

  9. The Recluse says:

    I would suffocate if I ever attempted to wear that much makeup. Seriously.

  10. Valerie says:

    She looks so dead behind the eyes.

  11. BitchyBitch says:

    That’s the weirdest looking chick I ever saw.

  12. Sarah says:

    Her face does not look human in any of these pictures. Wow.