Did Zoe Kravitz dump her husband so she could bang Channing Tatum? Hm.

Zoe Kravitz attends Fantastic Beasts The Crimes of Grindelwald - UK Premiere. London, UK. 13/11/2018

I was shocked over the weekend when news broke about Zoe Kravitz filing for divorce from Karl Glusman. I thought they were a solid couple – they had been together for more than four years, and married for about 18 months. Zoe had her dream wedding in Paris, at her dad’s luxurious apartment. All of her friends and family were there, and Karl seemed to adore her. But Zoe is a wild card, isn’t she? There’s a vein of free-spirit, I’ll-do-what-I-want energy around her. So what if Zoe dumped her husband for another man? Suddenly, just two days after the divorce filing became news, there’s a rumor floating around that Zoe is happening with… Channing Tatum. OH MY GOD. Nicki Swift mentioned it:

With all those 2020 celebrity breakups, it seems 2021 is already off to an interesting start. After actress Zoe Kravitz announced her split from husband Karl Glusman on Jan. 2, 2021 — and is rumored to be dating none other than eligible bachelor Channing Tatum — there is another new A-list couple that has stopped us in our tracks…

[From Nicki Swift]

Paper Magazine also noted that Monday’s “other big relationship rumor concerns newly-single Zoë Kravitz and one Channing Tatum.” It was all over Twitter too. I was trying to figure out if there was one original source or if it was just some Twitter rumor that got out of hand. In Hunter Harris’s tweet, someone commented that actually, there’s a rumor about Zoe and Colin Farrell on the London set of The Batman – Zoe is Catwoman and Colin is the Penguin. Zoe likes accents and Colin likes… women. He’s been known to bone costars too. Hm.

For what it’s worth, as quickly as the rumors sprang up yesterday, they were denied in the same newscycle. E! News just had a flat “they’re not dating” regarding Channing and Zoe, but they didn’t cite his rep or her rep, so who knows. Anyway, if Zoe is moving on with anyone, especially Channing, then good for her. Channing seems like a lot of fun. So does Colin, but in a different way. I’m not worried about her.

'Dumbo' film premiere, London, UK

Premiere of the play "MAGIC MIKE LIVE

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  1. TQ says:

    Interesting. I thought she dumped the hubby because he was toxic or something (https://pagesix.com/2021/01/03/zoe-kravitz-shares-cryptic-message-amid-karl-glusman-divorce/). At least that’s what the cryptic message made me think.

    But good for her — am sure she’s got all the amazing options. Personally I’d go for Colin Farrell in a heartbeat.

  2. Mrs. Peel says:

    Either of these eligible bachelors would be a huge upgrade from Glusman.

    • josephine says:

      Just based on looks or if there something else? Glusman needs to lose the mustache but he’s plenty hot.

    • Evenstar says:

      Sorry, but the language around “upgrading” people, especially when infidelity is involved, needs to stop. People aren’t objects.

      • PrincessMe says:

        So much, this. I also hate the “not good enough” language due to looks.

      • SM says:

        I agree. This is gross to encourage/cheer on adultery, regardless that no kinds are involved. Marriage is supposed to be a commitment, you want to seek options, you do not get married. Geez, I bet there would be much less enthusiasm if it were him, who cheated and filled for divorce on Christmas. Unrelated – Tatum is so vanilla to me I have hard time picturing someone like Zoe going for it.

      • Nikki* says:

        I was a little shocked by so many comments like that. So many people seem fine w/adultery if kids aren’t involved!

  3. Sinéad says:

    Oh! I heard it was cary fukunaga? I can’t remember where I read that yesterday tho. If I find it later I’ll link to it.

    • TQ says:

      And yes, I also heard this! They would make one gorgeous couple!

    • Ameara says:

      She’s too old for Cary. He likes girls at least 10 years younger than Zoe. Such a turn off!

      • SM says:

        I know. This rumour shrinnked my Cary Fukunaga crush. Yet, I think Zoe has one of those ageless faces that also could be of a very young girl.

      • Normades says:

        Whaaaaa? He likes young girls? What about Michelle Williams?

    • lucy2 says:

      I saw that too. And just general rumors that she was already dating someone new.
      I don’t know what happened in the marriage, but it sounds like it could be a messy split.

  4. FHMom says:

    Zoe and Colin would be hot together. Channing seems so goofy that I just dont see it, but good gossip either way.

  5. AnnaKist says:

    Would you end a marriage just so you could shag another?
    Ok, I went back and read it again. Slowly. And I’m thinking, “If anyone would dump her husband just to shag CT, or anyone else, it will likely be Zoe Kravitz.” I’m here for what, if anything, comes next.

  6. Oh_Hey says:

    “They’re not dating” isn’t the same as “they’re not f!@&ing”.

    With that said Colin and Channing are the second and third guys I’ve heard about in this story after Cary Fukanawa. All three are womanizing dude bros. So none is an upgrade of her husband was the mess here. In the last Zoe dated nice guys like Penn Badgely.

    My guess is she ain’t with any of these dudes but the press is thirsty so here we are.

    • manta says:

      Yeah , it reminds me when Portman denied a thing with Penn when they were both in Cannes jury and he was still married with Robin Wright. She went along the line of ” We didn’t get romantically involved”.
      Girl, nobody ever thought it was a matter of the heart.

    • Tiffany :) says:

      “My guess is she ain’t with any of these dudes but the press is thirsty so here we are.”

      that’s my guess too.

  7. Tiff says:

    She deserves both. I want this for her!

  8. Lillyfromlilooet says:

    Dang but those two gents get around.

    That’s all I got.

  9. Heat says:

    She hasn’t posted about Glusman since late June, so they could have separated at any point in time since then.
    And if I had to choose between Colin Farrell or Channing Tatum, I’d go Colin all the way.

    • lucy2 says:

      Same. Colin>Channing.
      I too think they must have split a little while ago, and maybe just filed the paperwork.

  10. chimes@midnight says:

    Better to dump her husband to bang someone than to cheat, so I’m fine with this. Maybe they have been separated for longer than we realized too.

    • Godwina says:

      Yeah, if she cheated, she loses points with me. If the mystery new guy is rebound, heck, sow them oats!

      That said, her taste? Either spuds or weasels, apparently, for Zoe.

  11. Shutterbug says:

    Deuxmoi says she’s dating an A-List actor who has a talent other actors don’t possess (something along those lines) Any ideas?? Things would be much more fun if Deuxmoi just spilled the beans sometimes!

    I kinda do think she did Glusman dirty; he’s deleted all traces of her from his Instagram. But then she had that ‘taking out the trash’ post, so who knows. Maybe they were both cheating on each other… I wouldn’t be surprised if Colin had his way with her.

    Channing Tatum seems a bit, uh, conventional for her.

    • cer says:

      Deux Moi is basically just unverified blind items though. I don’t understand taking it any more seriously than Blind Gossip or whatever blind gossip site people are following now.

      From the NYT artaicle on it:

      “Sometimes, if the information is particularly sensitive, she will alter the text to make it a blind item. But she is clear that she does not spend time attempting to verify each story. Or any story. This hasn’t stopped other celebrity news and gossip outlets, like The Daily Mail and LaineyGossip, from citing her account.”

      • Shutterbug says:

        Oh, totally, I wouldn’t take it as gospel – just thought it would be fun to see guesses! I have to idea what A-list actor they are alluding to with this one!

    • Kate says:

      Is Channing A-list? If so, his dancing is a talent other actors don’t have.

  12. Jessi says:

    Maybe it’s way more simple – another quarantine divorce? Sad but not uncommon.

  13. JT says:

    Why do people think Karl is abusive or toxic? I haven’t heard anything about him that was negative. Is there something I’m missing here? If this divorce is such a shock that wasn’t expected, how can people blame Karl for abusive behaviors that nobody knows about yet? Maybe let the chips fall where they may before you label someone as toxic.

    • Millennial says:

      I agree. I know Zoe is a fave, but all I’ve heard is she cheated on him, so I don’t know that it’s fair to crap on him right now if there’s no evidence that he did something wrong. Note she didn’t deny there being a third party involved, just posted a trash picture on IG which seems petty and like a good way to deflect from cheating rumors.

      • JT says:

        Exactly. On the one hand people say that Zoe is such a “free spirit” this behavior should be expected, but also it must be Karl’s fault because he may be violent. It’s ridiculous.

    • SM says:

      That because out here there are fans of Zoe while Karl is basically a no name, so now Zoe’s fans are cheering on the adultery and divorce just because “she can do better”.

    • Tiffany says:

      When you look at his choices of films to star in, it is projection.

  14. Evenstar says:

    The possibility that she got married and decided to divorce her husband just to bang other dudes doesn’t give off bad b*tch vibes, it’s childish and toxic. Why even get married? I feel really bad for the husband.

    • josephine says:

      I agree, doesn’t make her a bad*ss, just someone who made a mistake. But if she actually divorced before hooking up with someone else, I give her points for doing the right thing and not being just another selfish jerk who cheats.

      • Evenstar says:

        I agree with that, I just don’t see why she bothered getting married if she was just going to bail to bang one of these guys. I also think people are going WAY overboard with taking these blind items as gospel. DeuxMoi doesn’t vet her sources at all.

      • Godwina says:

        Not even divorced. Just be separated from each other, and you’re good to go. Honest, up front.

  15. Sayrah says:

    Channing Tatum 🔥

    That tweet about Channing, Jason and Lenny all in the same place. Can I get an invitation?

  16. Julia says:

    Did any read that blind item of both Zoe and Reese Witherspoon sleeping with Robert Pattinson?

    I guess he smelled so bad of cigarettes and booze that Reese had to throw away all her sheets and blankets away. Zoe had to move out and get a new apartment

  17. Shutterbug says:

    I was actually surprised when she got married. She seems like a total free spirit – the type that can’t be tied down.

    • Yup, Me says:

      When you have money, privilege and easy access to things like attorneys, a marriage doesn’t have to curb your free spirited ways. Also, it’s very doable to be a free spirit (and not “tied down”) within marriage as well – in varying degrees of healthiness.

  18. Michael says:

    I would bet money that another party was involved with one of the two. More likely Zoe because I am guessing she has way more options. At least there were no children involved and they did not waste too much of each other’s time. Mistakes happen so when they do it is best to correct them as quickly as possible. It is notable that her ex has not bad-mouthed her in public. At least not yet

  19. Cat says:

    I like Zoë but she is a known cheat, she cheated on Penn Badgley with Michael Fassbender. Penn was obsessed with her. Channing Tatum looks like a potato and I find him low-key annoying.

  20. KHJ says:

    I’ll never understand people who find Channing Tatum physically attractive. He looks like a potato. Not in a cute or hot way. Or like a thumb that anthromorphized into a human male.

    Colin Farrel can get it. Also…I think Zoe cheated on her husband & then decided that while she loved having her dream wedding, she didn’t want to be married. I do recall she cheated on past exes too…

    Sidenote: I have a bad feeling The Batman will be dreadful but hey that’s what Warner Bros gets for overdoing the Batman franchise multiple times. I think superhero movies are in for a reckoning post-pandemic, even for Marvel entering Phase 4.

    • Millennial says:

      I think Channing was cuter when he was younger but he gets more potato-y as he ages. Especially when he’s not lean. Collin Farrell has always screamed “walking STD” to me.

      I also just think the Nolan/Bale Batman trilogy will be hard to live up to. Batman in general is a hokey comic book, so the movies pre-Nolan/Bale were hokey, too. Now “serious” Batman has been done, and done extremely well, and who is going to do well following in those footsteps? I’m intrigued by Pattinsons casting, but the director doesn’t give me hope.

    • Lillian says:

      Did you see Laineys post about The Batman director and Robert Pattison not getting on? Had no idea. I bet the director wishes he went with Nicholas Hoult.

      • Another Anne says:

        Actually, that post said that it was a rumor from The Sun and to take it with a huge grain of salt. That set has been super locked down with little news released, so the Sun is trolling for clicks.

    • Sam the Pink says:

      I think if it is any good, it will be the performances like Colin Farrell and Andy Serkis who really save it. The little bit I’ve seen of Zoe at Catwoman does not impress me (and the interviews she’s done on it don’t leave me hopeful). Can we just once get a Catwoman in the same vein as Michaelle Pfeiffer’s amazing performance? Just once?

      • JT says:

        Michelle Pfeiffer was amazing as cat woman. She was deranged but sane, very strong, yet fragile and damaged. I was disappointed with Zoe’s casting as I don’t think she could fill the role; she’s missing something that I can’t quite put my finger on. Plus, she just not that good of an actress to me.

  21. Sam the Pink says:

    I will never, for the life me, understand the appeal of Channing Tatum. He isn’t incredibly attractive face-wise. Yes, he’s buff but they’re not hard to come by in Hollywood. And I’ve heard his interviews, and he never comes off as super witty or charming or a guy who can talk his way into your pants. I just struggle to get the appeal.

    Then again, Zoe has always struck me as, not awful, but not super smart. She always gave off the vibe to me as one of those women who use a lot of new age-y imagery and language to cover for the fact that they aren’t saying as much substance as they think. I could be totally wrong, though!

  22. Coco says:

    I wish Hulu had given ‘High Fidelity’ another season.

  23. Kate says:

    I remember reading an in-depth interview with Zoe and she came off surprisingly down to earth to me. I think based on how pretty she is and her parents’ very spiritual/artistic vibes I imagined she would be like the aloof, cool girl. But she was talking about Karl like a normal 20-something girl in love who can’t wait to be married. I think it’s easy for people to project onto her but nothing I remember reading gives me the impression she’s an ahole.

  24. pyritedigger says:

    You really have to wonder why people like Zoe Kravitz–young, rich, and wicked hot–get married with the expectation of monogamy. Like you can be in love but realize your limitations (you like to shag other rich and wicked hot people) and that a lifetime commitment might not be the right call in your 20s.

  25. Soupie says:

    Channing Tatum is not a bachelor. he is a divorce (with accent) – as opposed to divorcee (with accent).

    I disagree. I saw him in up close at a gas station about 5 years ago. He was dressed as an Ivy League Preppie – very cute face. YMMV.

  26. Samanthalous says:

    She looks really good with the lip fillers it Balances out her face and takes attention away from her dads forehead.

  27. Midge says:

    ugh I hope not. he’s a man ho

  28. april says:

    My scenario is that Zoe loved him more than he loved her. He may have been in the marriage for her money. I think he ended up cheating on her and she threw him out and filed for divorce.

    • Chigirlie says:

      I agree. I think he may have cheated on her. I follow her on IG and he used to post about her frequently before they got married. Shortly after they married the posts he made about her stopped and when she posted about or mentioned him he didn’t reply. Of course this doesn’t prove anything but it’s just a feeling that I have. Nothing but pure speculation.

  29. NYStateofMind says:

    I’m so sick of these people never taking the sanctity of marriage seriously. Expensive weddings, professing their love, photos. It’s all bullsh*t. I don’t know why anyone in Hollywood gets married. They are all just a bed away from infidelity. It’s so pathetic. People shouldn’t be replaceable.

  30. L4frimaire says:

    Why is everyone assuming she dumped her husband just so she can f*ck a lot of different guys? She could still do that while married if she wanted and she never had that rep before. I’ve known of 2 couples personally who split during lockdown because being together with the stress involved amplified a lot of underlying issues. Surprisingly both were the women and they left the dad in primary charge of the kids. No idea why Kravitz split but it’s easier to explain if someone else is involved and honestly, was surprised she married this guy in the first place. Let’s face it, when someone who has a famous ,iconic pedigree, and whose star is rising gets married at a fairly young age, that’s not always easy to navigate. It’s interesting how needy and unpleasant some men become when their wives career eclipse theirs, e.g. Reese and Ryan

  31. Veronica S. says:

    Hmm, could be the marriage was already having issues and they separated, so this could be her rebound. Could also be infidelity, sure. Be interesting to see if further details come out in the next few months. Hollywood is the land of marriage drama, that’s for certain.

  32. Normades says:

    This is probably more about her career taking off more than anything else. Look at all of us speculating. Good for her career. I always got the sense he was super more into her.