Ariana Grande’s friends are concerned that her engagement is too ‘rushed’


Just before Christmas, Ariana Grande announced her engagement to Dalton Gomez. Ari and Dalton had dated throughout most of 2020 – they were in the early stages of their relationship in March when they decided to go into lockdown together in LA, with several other people, all in the same house. In lockdown, their love grew stronger and they seem to be loved-up and happy. But will a quarantine romance still flourish post-corona? I don’t know. Ari’s friends don’t know either – they think Ari and Dalton rushed their engagement.

Ariana Grande and Dalton Gomez had a whirlwind romance that resulted in the two getting engaged at the end of last year. While the couple is “very in love,” a source tells ET that some of their friends think their engagement was “rushed.”

“Ariana and Dalton have been spending a ton of time together since getting engaged and keeping things pretty low key and private,” the source says. “They’re mainly keeping to themselves and just enjoying their time together.” However, the source adds, “They’re very in love right now, but friends think the engagement was somewhat rushed and are skeptical that the relationship will ultimately be short lived.”

Grande and the luxury real estate agent got engaged nine months after news broke that they were dating. The “Thank U, Next” singer shared the news on Dec. 20, showing off her diamond and pearl engagement ring.

[From ET]

I mean, I’m skeptical that the relationship will ultimately be short lived, but that’s not because of a “rushed” engagement. I just think Ari is like Jennifer Lopez, she’s one of those “I always need a boyfriend” women, and she’s always in a perpetual cycle of “getting super-serious” and “getting over a super-serious relationship by finding someone new to get super-serious with.” That being said, Ari isn’t a kid anymore. She’s 27 years old, the same age as Miley Cyrus, and just a year younger than Cardi B and Selena Gomez. Ari is two years older than Megan Thee Stallion! My point is that we don’t have to cover Ari in bubble wrap and try to save her from relationship mistakes. She’s a grown ass woman and she knows what she’s doing. Also: I don’t even consider an engagement after roughly ten months of dating (including living together) to be all that rushed?

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Photos courtesy of Ariana’s Instagram.

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  1. Noki says:

    Another Demi Lovato scenario coming up.

    • Angel says:

      Demi Lovato fiance ex fiance is a scammer and a clout chaser living off demi. This guy looks like he has things going on for him, he has a job and is staying out of the public and medias. I don’t think she will embarrass herself with another 2 months engagement.

    • Bibi says:

      LOL Exactly. And also, Arianna is 27 years old. 27 YEARS OLD. that is not 19 year old. that is a grown woman. She looks and seems to be acting like a teenage girl so no one really takes her relationships seriously unfortunately.

      • Yup, Me says:

        Because a lot of people get stunted at the age when they achieve a lot of fame and/or money/access. She’s been famous and in the industry for a while so it’s probably a combination of people remembering her being very young and her also possibly acting young.

  2. Char says:

    They are living together for almost an year, an engagement doesn’t change a lot in this scenario. And if things go wrong she can always release an album to purge the feelings, so…

  3. Zen says:

    Does she do those hand tats herself? They don’t look very professional, the ink is “bleeding out”.

    • Leslie says:

      I have a tattoo that was done by a professional and it’s “bleeding out” too because it’s over a decade old. It happens. I don’t know how old Ari’s hand tattoos are but my tattoo artist said that tends to happen especially for small intricate tattoos like Ari’s on hands.

      • Ang says:

        Why why would you do something like this if you know beforehand that’s it’s going to look like shit in 10 years?

      • M.A.F. says:

        @Ang – and most tattoo artists will warn you of that. I wanted a certain design behind my ears but my artist had warned me & said it was not a good idea because over time the lines will just bleed together. So, we switched the design around.

    • TippyToes says:

      Zen… hand tattoos tend to do this…
      Why IMO hand tattoos are great in concept but not in reality

    • Haapa says:

      Yeah, it’s just a hand tattoo thing. Or anywhere on your body that has a lot of rubbing, stretching, movement with the skin. The worst are palm tattoos. Why??

    • Vera says:

      Yeah, I’m not against tattoos, but hers just look crap.

    • Jenn says:

      You’re right, they’re “stick-and-poke” tattoos. They can be really cute sometimes! They’re back in again because of quarantine (they were big a few years ago, too). You can buy DIY home kits, in fact — an idea I actually endorse, because the kits are WAY more sanitary than “hey, does anybody have a lighter?”

  4. Missjo says:

    Eh, he seems like a good starter husband

  5. Daphne says:

    He’s out of the spotlight unlike her exes and Demi’s ex fiancé. As much as I find this engagement rather boring, I trust she picked the right guy for her. He is successful and established in real estate. She is mega talented and intelligent. Getting married in my 20s wasn’t for me but she’s experienced more than a lot of 27 year olds have. I am rooting for her.

  6. Lolo86lf says:

    I agree with Ari’s friends. She should wait a bit longer before getting engaged so she won’t have to go through yet another engagement break up. At least each boyfriend/fiancée is teaching her something good as she claims in her hit song Thank you, next.

  7. Becky says:

    Started dating my husband at age 17. Moved into together at 19 while in university. Married at age 21. Now married over 16 years with 5 kids. And yes I have a Masters degree and work so no judgements please I knew within weeks I’d marry my husband. Of course I am not a celebrity, but sometimes you know a person is right very soon. Wish her all the best

    • Sojaschnitzel says:

      That sounds awesome. Lucky you! <3

    • Wiglet Watcher says:

      I got engaged to my now husband after 3 months of dating. We knew 3 weeks in. Both mid 30s. 2 homes and 3 dogs later we have a relationship I wish more people can experience. Sometimes you just know and are fortunate enough to meet them.
      Didn’t Prince Harry also figure he on marrying Megan early in their courtship?

      Maybe this engagement blows up. Maybe it doesn’t. Either way I wish her the best also.

      • Jenn says:

        My husband proposed to me after 3 months, too, Wiglet Watcher! I was 31, he was 26. That was seven and a half years ago! It doesn’t even feel like one year has passed (in a good way). :)

    • Sandra says:

      Yep. My brother and his wife started dating at 18 and got engaged at 19. Both sets of parents made them hold off on getting married until they’d finished college and had jobs. But they did get married a few years later. Now, they’ve been married for 28 years and still act like newlyweds.

  8. Amando says:

    She did seem to be single for awhile after Pete so hopefully she went through some personal growth during that time. Considering her track record though, I do think an engagement less than a year into a relationship is a bad idea. She should first see if the relationship can survive her career demands once the pandemic is lifted.

    • ce says:

      This. Lockdown early-relationship obsession doesn’t tell you the whole story of a relationship. I’m sure they’re having a lot of fun, but call me in a year when they’ve learned to balance two careers, two families, etc.

  9. Sinéad says:

    My biggest take away from this so that Cardi, Selena and Ari are the same age +/- a year of each other! Wow!

  10. JEM says:

    That ring is just awful.

    • Wiglet Watcher says:

      I like it. What’s so bad about a nontraditional setting?

    • Ann says:

      I don’t care for it either.

    • (TheOG) Jan90067 says:

      Agreed. “Non-traditional” is fine, and to each their own, but I think it’s an ugly ring. Plus, pearls are delicate, and (not that she does her own housework) but she will bang the hell out of it in just normal wear.

      On another note, HOW many times has this woman been engaged? I think she likes the thrill of THIS part of the chase…the long haul “work”, not so much.

    • BeanieBean says:

      I like it but I think she wears it upside down. I think the longer side of the diamond should point ‘up’, toward the end of her fingers, rather than ‘down’, toward her arm.

    • Delphine says:

      I hate it.

  11. ME says:

    I remember Big Sean saying something about how Ariana kept pressuring him to get married. It seems this girl just wants a nice big wedding and not really thinking about the actual marriage. I see her becoming like Jennifer Lopez or Kim Kardashian…husband after husband, big gross wedding after big gross wedding…maybe I’ll be wrong.

    • Arb says:

      I don’t know. Maybe she really wants to be a wife. I always wanted kids and never particularly wanted to get married but now that I’m married, I really love it. She is an ambitious, successful person so it makes sense that she’d want to achieve success in her relationships as well.

      • Ange says:

        That’s the problem though; wanting to be a wife so badly is the sort of thing that stops you from critically evaluating who you’re actually becoming a wife to.

  12. Haapa says:

    Meanwhile I’ve been with my partner 15 years and have no plans for marriage. I don’t normally care, except when people don’t give our relationship the same importance or status as a marriage. Like… a one year old marriage is somehow more valid than my 15 year partnership.

    • Mumzy says:

      Thank you for saying this. The older I get, the more I despise how our society glorifies marriage. It seems that any advanced society would allow committed people to have the same legal protections of marriage without being married — perhaps via a private contract or similar. The whole concept of weddings and marriage seems rooted in religious beliefs, and I get the importance of that for many people, but we need to be equally as open to, and accepting of, those who just want to be together unless/until they don’t anymore—without then facing the legal mayhem that is divorce, societal judgement and the sense of shame of a “failed” marriage.

      It is ludicrous to expect people to be happily together for a lifetime; I wonder how many would stay together if parting didn’t bring harsh legal and societal consequences. I know people in life-long marriages (some > 60 years) who are miserable, but have stayed together because of outside pressures/expectations. A long marriage should not be the goal. A relationship (even if it’s 2+ involved, if that’s how they roll) filled with love, support, respect, honesty, happiness, and the betterment of each persons’ life is what society needs to uphold and protect.

      • Jo73c says:

        Well here in the UK they have extended both civil partnerships (and marriage) to all couples, so it’s possible to have that legal arrangement without it being a marriage.

  13. Tom says:

    I’m here for Elizabeth Taylor: Generation Next. Prove me wrong, Ariana.

  14. Sandra says:

    What kind of “friend” goes to Entertainment Tonight to tell the world that their friend is going too fast in their relationship? Is this Ari’s people just keeping her in the news?
    Also yeah, if you’re already living together for ten months and it’s working for you, I don’t think it’s bizarre to decide you want to get engaged. I think she’s just got that Pete Davidson engagement that will haunt her – they were just so extra about it. I follow her on Instagram. She posts a lot and I haven’t seen her post a ton on her relationship. So. Congrats, Ari. Your “friend” sucks.

  15. smee says:

    If you told me that was her brother, I would believe you.

  16. February-Pisces says:

    I don’t think there’s anything wrong with getting engaged at 27, or after a year. But Ariana gives me a vibe that’s shes in love with being in love. I think she’s the sort of person who is full on very quickly and can get obsessed and loves the drama of it all, then it fizzles out. I dunno, I just sense that she’s kinda volatile in her relationships. She seems attracted to men that need fixing.

    • molly says:

      She’s more Paris Hilton than JLo, at this point. Paris LOVES an engagement. (Good for her for never making it down the aisle though.)

  17. april says:

    I don’t think the engagement is rushed either.

  18. isaidwhatisaid says:

    i know a lot of people think the ring isn’t pretty but i read somewhere that it’s the pearl ring that was given to her by her grandpa and Dalton just had the diamond added to it. Not sure how true that is but all i’ll say is it’s just not my style. Also her hand tats are terrible looking. However, she does seem like she just wants someone to be married to and just loves the idea of love. if it wasn’t stated i would’ve never guessed in 3 years she’ll be 30…

  19. Ox says:

    Congrats to them. I’m just curious if this relationship will handle change in dynamics post corona when Ari will be back in a spot light and touring again.

  20. EllieK says:

    I used to work for the tabloids. Ari and Pete might have been real, but they also sure as shit called us so we would break the story about their “relationship” for them. This new guy seems low key which she seems to need. I’m also in a relationship that started just as the pandemic hit. I care about him but I also want to see how our relationship will hold up in “real life” before making a real commitment, if that makes sense. Just because they’re engaged doesn’t mean they’re getting married tomorrow. Her publicist uses engagements as a publicity ploy and lets all remember she announced her most recent engagement the DAY before her Netflix special was released. My guess is she cares about this guy but also needed an excuse to be in the news. Maybe they’ll test the waters and get married if/when it feels right.

  21. Katie says:

    there’s research that shows that people close to us (family, friends, but not estranged, real actual people in our lives who care about us and we have a good relationship with) are better at guessing if a romantic relationship will last than the actual people in said relationship. so if the sources for this are Ari’s actual close loving circle, I’d take their take seriously

  22. Jesus says:

    Idk. Shes obviously a grown lady and this is her business ofc. However I cant help but think abt how really rushed her engagement to Pete was and even though she and Dalton have been 2gether for longer I really hope this is not kind of a pattern you know? She seems to fall in love so hard and so fast, and then it burns out and shes over it (nothing wrong with it,ofc). Anyways I hope this works out at least for a while. She seems sweet and has been thru a lot. I’m rooting for her happiness

  23. Emily says:

    Nothing wrong with getting engaged after being together for a year. I think people aren’t taking the relationship seriously, not because of the timeline or Ari’s age, but because she has a history of rushing in (the engagement and song about Pete).

    Side note: I did not realize she was 27. She seems so much younger.