Reese Witherspoon got a new dog and she named him Major


Reese Witherspoon’s family is expanding in the cutest way possible. Last October, Reese lost her beloved Pepper to cancer. In November, the family happily welcomed Minnie Pearl into their home:

Look at that face! I love that her expression looks like, “Are we done here?” Sorry, Minnie – when you’re that cute, you’d best get used to having your photo taken. Understandably, Minnie quickly became a staple on Reese’s IG page, even posing with her nephew, Benji, who is Reese’s daughter Ava Phillippe’s rescue pup (photo below). Well, now Minnie will have a new face to share the lens with, her new brother Major. Reese shared the good news with her fans over the weekend that she’s welcomed a black Labrador puppy named Major:

Oh my stars and garters, look at those two dogs! How do you get anything done in that house? I am not that familiar with French bulldogs as a breed, are they high energy? I know Labs are, dog rearing is likely a full-time job at the Witherspoon house currently. Despite the fact the Major probably already outweighs Minnie, I’m willing to bet Minnie rules that roost, she has that vibe. Also, how does Reese get these puppies to sit for photos so perfectly? I have hundreds of shots of mine mid-takeoff, even when I sneak up on them sleeping.

However, you may notice something familiar about Major: his name. Major, of course, is the name of one of President Biden’s dogs. Major, Champ and the First Cat will bring some much-needed pet energy back into the White House. Major is significant in that he will be the first rescue dog to ever live at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. So significant that Major was given his own Indoguration. I know, it looks like this is favoritism but this Indoguration was sponsored by the Delaware Humane Society from which Major was adopted. It’s just letting other mixed breed dogs know that they don’t have to have a Pedigree upbringing to one day live at the White House – any dog can rise to the rank of First Dog in America. Champ rocks too!

As for Major Witherspoon, I think he’s the first in many Major pups to come. Folks are ready to honor this new sense of hope we are feeling in any way we can. I imagine with all the Kamalas, Harrises, Josephs, Jills and probably even Bidens we’ll hear at the people parks, we will hear more and more Majors and Champs at the dog parks as well. I’m all for it, those are great names – human and dog.

major biden


champ major biden

Photo credit: Instagram

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  1. Becks1 says:

    We got a chocolate lab puppy this weekend and he really is the cutest thing. He’s active but adorable. Labs are my favorite.

    I think we are going to see an uptick in dogs named Champ and Major and I bet GSD rescues start to get a lot more attention as well.

  2. Miranda says:

    Aww, looks like Major Witherspoon is in that precious stage where his paws are still a little too big for him. I bet it’s hilarious and adorable to watch him try to run on a kitchen floor. And he still has a little puppy pudge!

  3. Skyblue says:

    Awwwwwww. Major is adorable. My black lab puppy just turned a year old and is a rambunctious delight. Labs are the best. ❤️

  4. Fuzzy crocodile says:

    Well… my black lab is pretty lazy though he does love going on hikes and walks. He’s actually the best work-from-home office mate.

    Her puppy is adorable.

    And here’s to hopefully more rescue adoptions and dogs (and a cat!) back in the White House!

  5. Joanna says:

    I like dogs too but I am more of a cat person. I’m not motivated enough to walk a dog twice a plu all the play time. I prefer a chill cat who will lay on me while I’m watching TV.

  6. GreenBunny says:

    I lost my silver lab, Bear, on Jan 6 after 12 years. We also have a chocolate lab, Cooper, that’s 12 and was his biological brother. Cooper’s getting all the love right now as we mourn, but seeing Major makes me remember all the puppy things about our Bear Bear and I miss him all over again.

    • Becks1 says:

      Oh I’m so sorry. We lost our golden this past summer and it was so hard. Our yellow lab is around 11 or so (he was a rescue so age is unclear) and I’m already sad thinking about the end. I try not to dwell on it.

      • GreenBunny says:

        Thank you. We also lost our rescue lab/border collie mix this summer due to kidney failure from Lyme’s, so it’s been a very hard year. Needless to say, Cooper is rightly SPOILED these days.

  7. SarahCS says:

    This totally threw me because my brain decided she was Sarah M-G who I follow on IG and recently got two big fluffy pups. Oops. Keep the adorable stories and photos coming please. I’m so excited that there will be pets back in the White House, ironically I feel they represent the humanity we really need to see right now.

    Please rescue all the dogs, and cats, give them the life they deserve. Oh and please spay/neuter and microchip while you’re at it. Thank you for coming to my PSA.

  8. Lucy2 says:

    Reese’s pups are so cute!
    I love following the first dogs’ account, and I can’t wait to see the first cat!

  9. lobstah says:

    I’m obsessed with Major Biden’s freedom photo. Usually dogs are so nervous leaving the shelter, but that fluffy guy’s high on life. Sooooooo sweet!

  10. Keira says:

    Benji is Reese’s grand pup, not nephew. 😊

  11. Coco says:

    The shelter I donate to sometimes is having a deal where if you donate $100 before Valentine’s Day, you can choose the name of one of the animals they rescue. I’ve considered picking Biden or Harris, but want something more original.

  12. Nicole says:

    I’ve always wanted a dog named Major!!! My family wouldn’t get onboard when we got two labs. So I’ve got a yellow lab named Zoey and a black lab named Daisy. Zoey drives me crazy, she’s very needy and has high anxiety. She’s far too much like me. Daisy is my spirit animal because she’s my exact opposite. She’s so nonchalant about everything except retrieving, the retrieving trait runs deep in her blood. She can chase a thrown ball all day long. They counter balance each other quite nicely.