Ben Affleck and Ana de Armas talk ‘several times a day,’ he ‘misses her’

Ben Affleck and Ana de Armas take a morning walk
Page Six has yet another story about Ben Affleck and Ana de Arma that they’re billing as an exclusive. It came out yesterday and I missed it in my coverage, sorry! There was just so much to recap about them. Page Six, for years, has had insider stories about Ben so I have no doubt that he and/or his people are their source. I also checked Ben’s other go-to outlets, Us Magazine, ET Online and E!, and there are a few more sourced stories I missed. Page Six might just be meting out quotes they got last week so they can get more stories out of it, which is smart. Or Ben’s people are still talking to them because he wants to keep his name in the press. I’m going to quote a few sources like I did yesterday. Just the Page Six article, which is the first part, is from this week.

They still talk several times a day
In spite of their break-up, Ben Affleck and Ana de Armas are still speaking to each other “several times a day,” a source tells Page Six.

“They still love each other. Ben misses her,” added the source. – From Page Six

Ana wanted to get engaged
Armas and Affleck’s one-year relationship has come to an end, and ET’s source says it was partly due to the pair’s “age difference, life goals and career goals weren’t aligned anymore.”

“Ana wanted to get engaged and have children,” the source says. “While some friends thought they were on the path towards that, Ben ultimately isn’t ready for that right now.”

Affleck, the source notes, “is upset by the breakup,” while de Armas, 32, is busy “looking for a new place to stay since a lot of her stuff was at Ben’s house.” – From ET Online

They want to stay friends
Keeping it cordial! Ben Affleck and ex-girlfriend Ana de Armas are hoping to “still maintain some type of friendship” after their split, a source exclusively tells Us Weekly.

“Ben and Ana were so close to each other,” the insider says. “They have their issues, but still want to remain on good terms and keep a friendship.” – From US Magazine

[From Page Six, ET Online and US Magazine]

I’m getting flashbacks to all the stories about Ben and Jennifer Garner breaking up, getting back together, and co-parenting. At the time I thought Garner was in on it too, and she may have been, but now I’m suspecting that it was mostly Ben’s side. He always wants to control the gossip narrative to a ridiculous degree. We have a short memory and the news cycle is so fast now. The key to gossip is that if a celebrity disappears we stop talking about them. Ben’s trash brother, Casey, understands this and is using it to his advantage. Why has Ben never gotten it?

Ana has a new interview with The Sunday Times, which came out over the weekend. It’s behind a paywall so I’m just relying on excerpts from other outlets. She talked about the work she put in nailing the voice for her Marilyn Monroe biopic, Blonde, coming out this year on Netflix. The interview was conducted before the breakup and she also mentioned those t-shirts from Cuba that Ben always wears. They visited Havana, where Ana is from, early last year. She told The Times Ben was “obsessed” with those shirts and “Every time we go, he buys the whole store.” How many times did they go to Cuba together?

Ben Affleck and Ana de Armas go out for lunch together at the Brentwood Country Mart



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  1. Darla says:

    He wants it out there that she wanted to marry him and have his babies…oh Ben, really? Stop talking because you are making me ill!

  2. Mrs. Peel says:

    She looks nothing like Marilyn, let alone her mannerisms. Poor casting choice.

    • Ang says:

      That’s why it’s called “acting”

    • paranormalgirl says:

      I don’t judge casting decisions until I see the performance. Having a best friend who is a casting director has taught me that sometimes the most unlikely casting choice can be amazing.

    • SarSte says:

      Really? I thought it was a great choice!

    • Julie says:

      I think she looks just like her. Can’t wait to see it, apparently she gives a fantastic performance.

    • Yati says:

      I agree. Time will tell. People rave she’s very talented, I’ve only seen her in one film and she was in an ensemble cast and the acting didn’t really stand out just her beauty so I guess I’ll give her another chance.

    • Christine says:

      I refuse to be skeptical after seeing Charlize Theron as Aileen Wuornos. I never thought that would work, in a million years, hence, I am not a casting director.

  3. Oh_Hey says:

    Wow I guess everyone talking about Jennifer planting stories during that break up owes her an apology. Unless it’s a cute story that serves her purposes, which those messy stories didn’t, Jenn is mum.

    • LaurenS says:

      Nah, she planted her stories and did her pap strolls. The photogs are her besties.

      • Lena says:

        She planted some but Ben did most of the planting through those years. It obviously benefited him not her.

      • LaurenS says:

        LOL, I disagree it benefited Ben more. She promoted the hell out of her Saint Jen narrative. She’s still playing that card, it’s all she has.

  4. Sean says:

    I feel like Ben and Jason Sudeikis should get together and commiserate.

    • LillyfromLilooet says:

      @Sean Here for this–the podcast world needs chat show with these two–far more interesting and to the point than all this fake garbage.

      Ben knew that 32-year-old Ana is looking for a life partner and kids from the get-go, and all this news item proves is that he was willing to burn up her youth and time to prop himself up.

      Also: ffs, dude, please stop calling the paps and planting stories while giving woe-is-me interviews about how you hate fame.

  5. Merricat says:

    When isn’t Ben messy? When was the last story we had about Ben’s work? He’s had so many opportunities, so many advantages, and he continues to self-sabotage. I feel pity for the waste of possibility.

  6. KinChicago says:


  7. Moxylady says:

    Oh look. Ben is the victim. He’s so sad. This guy is such poop.

  8. Silent Star says:

    Talking several times a day to someone who has broken up with you sounds unhealthy.

  9. Lena says:

    Anybody remember when he came on here under another name – was it Louis? It was a Shookus breakup post and he said something to the effect of that’s not what happened. So he’s probably here lurking and I just want to say Enough Ben! Focus on your work and your kids and shut-up about your personal life if you “hate being famous”.

  10. Case says:

    I have a friend going through a breakup (it’s been ongoing since like…October) and they still keep talking to each other. It wasn’t an amicable breakup, so I find it wildly unhealthy. Clean breaks are a good thing, IMO.

  11. Jules says:

    This is such a PR mess. I think he has relapsed, he looks very unhealthy, and it would explain these daily updates. Like he’s impulsively drunk dialing the media with his story of what went down.

  12. Jo says:

    Sounds like they still love each other and he’s working hard to get her back. You don’t talk to an ex multiple times a day if you’re both over it.

    • Marietta58 says:

      You also don’t throw a life-size cut out of her in the trash in front of the paps if you do. I don’t think he ever loved her. Pics (to me) would say he didn’t. He looked over it so many times.

      I guess I just don’t see what everyone else does.

      I really don’t get the hype with Ana either. Yeah she’s pretty in certain angles, she also looks like Miley Cyrus a ton to me.

      • tcbc says:

        I think something is going to come out about him soon (perhaps via the DeuxMoi posts someone alluded to yesterday) and some of this “he loves Ana sooo much” is an effort to diffuse that.

        I agree with you about Ana, too. With some angles, I can see it. (Although even then, she’s no Angelina or Lupita.) And from other angles, she looks like a chipmunk.

        As much as Ben used her during their relationship, she also used him. Her most high profile role so far was Ben Affleck’s girlfriend. Her turn in Knives Out was only okay. A lot of other actresses could have played that role exactly as well, but replace Jamie Lee Curtis or Toni Colette and the movie itself is diminished. But they don’t get the love because Hollywood and entertainment media is sexist and ageist.

      • LaurenS says:

        I think he loves her and is completely obsessed. He’s used to having the upper hand with women, getting dumped over the phone has him shook.

    • Jenn says:

      I agree, Jo, and it makes me sad. I don’t doubt this couple’s “breakup narrative” — that they mutually agreed to split because Ana hates LA and wants to leave, but Ben can’t go with her because of his responsibilities as a parent. There’s something depressingly “adult” about it, and I hate it. (Not for nothing, but I live in a place I hate because of my husband’s job, because that’s life, but also because he’s previously done the exact same for me.)

  13. Lizzie says:

    That or he/they are laying down the groundwork for a conveniently timed “reconciliation” for later this year around the time of the release of their movie for PR and promo purposes

    • milliemollie says:

      Yeah, I think so too. They’ll get back together before their movie comes out and break up before or after awards season depending if they’ll get nominations.

  14. Coolitude says:

    I still like her… she’s beautiful and has talents, she can have a great carrer. Stay away of paps Ana

  15. LaurenMichelle says:

    Ben had that “over it” expression on his face last November. Ben gets bored easily, is beyond exhausting, and an addict. Ben needs an addiction coach to babysit him 24/7 to keep him sober. It’s a huge amount of pressure for any woman who is involved with him.

    Ben likes the undivided attention and devotion initially from his starstruck lovers, then the resentment sets in. Ben doesn’t want anyone dictating his life. Every woman thinks she is “the one” that is going to make him change his ways.
    Ana should move on before Ben ruins her life & career. The best part of this couple was their beautiful dogs.

  16. Julie says:

    I hope Ana has a new man by the time they are promoting Dark Water. I just want to see Ben go off the rails even more than he is now.

    • SALLY says:

      Me too. I hope she gets a hot new boyfriend by next month. Him leaking to Page Six everyday is ugly. She’s completely over it while he keeps leaking every part of their relationship. I hope she doesn’t go back to him. And one of the Outlets also said they broke up around January 5 so it’s already almost been a whole month. I don’t understand why he’s leaking different press everyday? But I realized he’s done this with Shookus and Jen as well. Completely unstable after a relationship. Seems like the type of person to be coddled all the time. Also seems like he’s obsessed with her. “Talk several times a day. Ben still misses her.” Ana, go find a young hot boyfriend to marry and have kids with. This one is not worth it. The behavior he’s showing at his big age of 48 is really embarrassing.

      • Lizzie says:

        She starts shooting a movie with Chris Evans soon! It’d be doubly delicious if her new man was an upgraded Boston bro

      • Mira says:

        That’s a big N-O from me on Chris Evans. His weird, obsessive stans on Lipstick Alley are already acting like Ana is some kind of threat to steal ~their man~ simply because she worked with him once and is going to again. Plus he’s fug and a douche IMO.

      • Darla says:

        I can’t imagine why any public figure would allow toxic fandoms to dictate their choice of partners.

      • TINA says:

        I agree. I want her to get a new hot boyfriend already. Everything he’s doing is making me mad FOR her. He is trying to make it look like she wanted him so badly when really it’s the other way around. Look who’s still talking to the trades everyday? Him, not her. I also hope she has someone super hot by the time Deep Water comes around. I would love to see it.

  17. KAYLEY says:

    Why is he talking to the press everyday? He’s coming off as an obsessed ex-boyfriend? It’s so gross. Especially the way he trashed her cardboard cut out that was completely staged so he can get his viral story. The way he’s leaking that she wanted kids and to get married and he didn’t doesn’t sit right with me. This behavior reminds me of a toxic ex-boyfriend I used to have. So needy and manipulative. Ana is young and beautiful. Close that door and don’t look back. There are plenty of young men with no baggage. She’ll be fine.

  18. Bibi says:

    Told ya… it always has some underton of Ben still being young and desirable – lol eveyrbody wants Ben, who wouldnt want Ben, she wants to get engaged to him and have his babies. Very narcissistic and usual Ben. meanwhile reality is – they are like 15-16 years apart, Ana know she has plenty of time to look for Mr right and have the family she wishes for. She has no time to waste with Ben. Dont look back Ana.

  19. AJ says:

    The leaks are getting so tired from his camp. It’s almost been a week and he’s basically told us every part of their relationship. I don’t buy the location story from his main outlet People, since she’s live in LA for a while as her second home after Cuba. I do believe the Page 6 story – in which she wanted kids and he didn’t. But they did visit an OBYGN when they first started dating, it was when she was wearing that spotted HVN dress with the glasses. So my take is that he either gaslighted her into thinking that he was okay with kids or he completely switched up with her when it got serious. There was also a US Weekly article that popped up when they started dating that said Ben wanted to have kids with her. So this whole thing doesn’t make sense to me. I think he switched up on her and that’s why she broke it off over the phone. I don’t blame her. Ben is too much drama. Never deserved Jen either. He’s a type of man that can’t be fixed. Does all his relationships so dirty. No women deserves that.

  20. KATE says:

    This man is a whole circus. I would’ve dumped him over the phone too. We practically know every part of their relationship in a span of just being a week since the split. Ana’s team hasn’t said a thing. In her Interview with the Sunday Times her team replied with; they had nothing to say on the matter when asked about the split. I wouldn’t wish a man like Ben on my worst enemy. Sounds to me like he wants her back if he’s talking to her everyday. Girl, don’t ya do it. Men like him will never change. Practically threw Ana to the wolves. I’d be so pissed if my ex told everyone that I wanted kids with him and he didn’t. That topic is so personal for women. That’s just disrespectful. Him trying to make the public think that everybody wants him makes me laugh. What a delusional clown.

  21. DORIS says:

    Mans needs help. He needs a therapist and serious help. I want to watch her move on from him real quick just so he can have a taste of what a horrible person he’s been to several women in his life. He’s acting as if Ana ain’t going to be able to find somebody better than his ass. Ana is gorgeous, she won’t have no problems. Ben should be worrying about which Raya thirsty girl he’s going to be taking out next month lol. These leaks are a mess. Mans is unhinged.

  22. Mira says:

    Ben’s really taking this hard, lmao. Back to the hoes on Raya, I guess. Can anyone explain why his beard is so patchy in those photos from last week? He looks like a sick dog whose fur is falling out in clumps.

    • DORIS says:

      Not sure. But it also looks like he’s not taking a damn shower. Hasn’t changed out of the same shirt and jacket in a week. It’s wild to see how unhinged and obsessed he is. But at the same time, Mans is toxic. His leaks are very obsessive and manipulative. On top of the fact that none of these stories make damn sense. He said with the most recent one he still talks to her and misses her. But his petty cardboard cutout mess was a whole ass mess. I don’t think Ana is even talking to him after that lol. He’s just trying to save face to me lol. Like how can you love someone but trash them like that for the public to see on purpose? Nah. He needs help.

  23. Jenn says:

    The more I see Ana’s awful wide-legged high-waisted denim jeans, the more I like them 🙁

    • Ann says:

      Ha I know what you mean. I think they are fun but honestly they are not very flattering on people who are not tall. Maybe in person, but not in photographs. A taller person, on the other hand, can really rock them.

  24. Seine says:

    There will be another leak everyday because that’s just how he is. He loves the attention. I knew it was Ben’s PR talking when they tried to put all the blame on Ana. It’s definitely not location since she’s lived in LA before she met him. I think it’s about the kids, but even so why the hell would you tell everyone her business? He loves the viral stories and drama. I’m glad she walked. Also from all everyone’s said about her; Casey, Rian, and Chris she seems like a sweet girl. Like what they said above; he’ll be back on Raya papped with some unknown just to show he can still get it. She dodged a bullet. Want to see her with some young good looking stud. Chris would be very interesting. That would be a big slap to Ben’s ego and I’m here for that. LOL

  25. Charfromdarock says:

    I have second hand embarrassment that a middle aged man is running around to the press with stories of breakups and dating.