Justin Timberlake apologized ‘on his own, it’s really from the heart’ & not ‘about publicity’

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Of all the crappy apologies from white dudes, can we safely say that Justin Timberlake’s apology was one of the worst? Like, it was so bad, so late, and it just didn’t feel authentic. Justin didn’t even say whether he would offer personal apologies to both Britney Spears and Janet Jackson privately. I mean, there could be another reason for that – I doubt either woman wants to speak to him. But that doesn’t change the fact that A) Justin sucks and B) he conveniently chose to issue his apology statement just two weeks after his latest film was released on Apple+. But according to “sources,” Justin isn’t doing any of this for the publicity.

Justin Timberlake’s apology to ex-girlfriend Britney Spears and Janet Jackson is the real deal, according to sources close to the star.

“He did this on his own, and it’s really from the heart. This isn’t about publicity,” a source told Page Six.

On Friday, the “Cry Me a River” singer, 40, posted a lengthy apology to the singers for his role in how the media teated them following his breakup from Spears and fallout from Jackson’s 2004 Super Bowl performance.

Our source added that Timberlake is serious about being a part of the solution.

“He realizes he needed to speak up and that it’s been long enough,” they said. “He knows that he has sometimes benefited from these moments, and that he should’ve said something sooner to defend both of them. He means it, and he’s very happy that he’s able to speak up now. It’s a bigger conversation and he wants to do his part to help move solutions forward.”

[From Page Six]

“He knows that he has sometimes benefited from these moments” – “sometimes” is doing a lot of work there. Start there and pinpoint every single time you’ve benefited from your white male privilege and then come back and try to play it off as “sometimes.” “He realizes he needed to speak up and that it’s been long enough” = he can’t continue pretending that he doesn’t see all of the hashtags and criticism and if he could ignore it all for twenty more years, he totally would. “He wants to do his part to help move solutions forward” – I am very curious if he ever mentions any of this again.

Meanwhile, people had been streaming and downloading Janet Jackson’s album Control due to its 35th anniversary. JT’s fauxpology just brought more attention to that.

Janet Jackson got more than an apology from Justin Timberlake … she got a revival. Janet’s 1986 album, “Control,” has skyrocketed on the charts since Justin issued his mea culpa Friday over her 2004 Super Bowl wardrobe malfunction. As you know, she was skewered by critics, while Justin remained silent and unscathed.

Well, “Control” hit #1 on the Apple Top 40 U.S. Pop Album Chart a week ago — before Justin’s apology. It was the 35th anniversary of the album. But after the apology it’s going really strong … now the 8th most downloaded album on Apple iTunes.

Janet took to social media and said, “I was at home just the other day by myself, and I began to cry. I was crying because I was so thankful for all that God has blessed me with, all that he has given me, and I’m so thankful for him being in my life….I’m so thankful for all of you being in my life. You’re so special to me, and I want to thank all of you for making ‘Control’ number one once again. After 35 years, never in a million years would I think that this would happen. I really appreciate you, and I love you so, so much. Thank you.”

[From TMZ]

As TMZ notes, people were already streaming and downloading Control before Timberlake’s apology, but they kept going and going when JT showed his ass again. I’m 100% behind “punishing” JT by elevating Janet’s music and Britney’s music. I wonder if the kids have rediscovered Rhythm Nation yet? That was my favorite Janet album growing up, I was completely obsessed with it. I hope fans rediscover Britney’s Blackout, which I think was a really underrated album at the time and still, today. “Gimme More,” “Freakshow,” and “Piece of Me” are three of my favorite Britney songs and they’re all on that album.

Janet Jackson arrives at The Recording Academy And Clive Davis' 2020 Pre-GRAMMY Gala held at The Beverly Hilton Hotel on January 25, 2020 in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, California, United States.

Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel enjoy a family lunch

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  1. Queen Meghan's Hand says:

    I stayed away from Blackout because it was made and released during her breakdown and Sam Lutfi, but DAMN it’s still SO GOOD. Break The Ice?! So good.
    So many of Britney’s songs still bang today. Me Against the Music. Toxic. It’s more recent, but I really like Sleepover with Tinashe.

    • Noki says:

      Blackout was truly FIRE and slept on because people were more interested if she was going to flash the paps or put on a british accent on one of her sleepless nights.

      • Eleonor says:

        She was in total meltdown, and she menaged to produce an incredible album, the most personal.
        I hope she can get rid of the conservatorship and do what she wants with her career, and her music.
        I love Blackout and Circus too!

    • Nina Simone says:

      Blackout is soo good!!!

    • Queen Meghan's Hand says:

      It’s Slumber Party* not sleepover with Tinashe!

  2. HeatherC says:

    Sure, “Source named Justin,” we believe you. I’m sure you are relieved to finally be able to speak of it. It must have been ripping you apart inside all these years….

  3. jessamine says:

    Justin Timberlake is trash. Then, now, forever.

  4. Lexy says:

    I’m sure it had nothing to do with the fact that he has a new movie coming out, and didn’t want bad press for it. So over him and anti-vaccines wife.

  5. Emily says:

    The fact that his spokesperson even has to come out and say this speaks volumes.

    I’ve been streaming Britney non-stop. In your face JT.

  6. Eleonor says:

    Seriousy STFU .
    And yes Blackout is an amazing album, and it is of my workout playlist. Always.

  7. Noki says:

    He has no integrity and is a little weasel. I remember the Grammys right after the Superbowl he was told he could only attend if he apologised(but not to JJ probably America) and distant himself from the incident.He subsequently won a grammy.

    • Sid says:

      Incredibly two-faced. He used Britney to save his debut album which was about to flop because no one was interested in the first single. Cry Me A River saved the whole project. And I remember immediately after the Super Bowl incident he did a short interview with one of those entertainment shows that was on the ground at the game. I think it was Access Hollywood. He was all coy and made a comment like “you never know what we’ll do next” or something to that effect. Basically giving the impression that he was all in. Then when the ish hit the fan and he saw the negative reaction, he threw Janet under the bus and was all like I had no idea it was going to happen, blah blah blah. The dragging he is getting is well-deserved.

      • Noki says:

        You are right ,his single Like i love you was DOA (funny how K Fed was a dancer in the video). He was heading to receive the same reception as JC Chanchez. He is gross and has gotten away with his antics for too long.

        SD: Him and Jessicas Biels union reminds me of the Cambridges, he has to be king of the castle and Jessica who really was a b list actress has to be sooo grateful that he picked her,she also gives doormat vibes. And just like William his looks went down hill so quick and bad,he looks like a different person altogether,look at his eyes.

      • Sid says:

        Noki, I have been saying forever that this guy somehow seems to drain the vitality out of every woman he dates. Biel might not have been an uber-talent, but she had a very nice career going with steady mainstream roles, magazine covers, and raves over her figure. Then she got with this guy and it’s like all of a sudden everything dropped and she started seeming so lifeless. Same thing with Cameron Diaz.

      • slh says:

        Like I Love You was not a flop. It peaked at #11. That’s a very good solo debut effort. The idea that he was somehow heading toward JC Chasez territory is silly.

  8. Sid says:

    Blackout is fantastic. That along with In The Zone are my favorite Britney albums.

    And I hope the Gen Z babies go into the rest of Ms. Jackson’s amazing catalog with Rhythm Nation, Janet, and especially The Velvet Rope, which is basically one of the godmothers of the “moody” or “dark” R&B sound that they seem to like so much.

  9. Amy Bee says:

    LOL. Really?

  10. Willow says:

    He benefited sometimes? His ENTIRE solo career is because of the press he got from stepping on the backs of Britney and Janet. It’s not enough to just say you are sorry. How about some donating some of the money he stole from talented women to charities supporting women. How about actually learning about toxic masculinity so the next time he writes a song or gives an interview less misogynistic crap will come spewing out. You’re sorry? Prove it.

  11. Mrs. Peel says:

    I don’t believe Rand Paul lookalike and all around weasel Justy. #Neverforget

  12. Kalana says:

    Cedars Sinai cut ties with Justin because of how cynical and disinterested he was in his charity work, right? Justin is this guy and the chickens have finally come home to roost.

  13. ojulia123 says:

    “It’s not about publicity,” he says, publically.

  14. Jezebel's Lacefront says:

    I don’t buy his apology. He’s trying to protect his career. But, bless Janet and Britney for rising above all his fuckery. He makes my skin crawl.

    • Chanteloup says:

      I loathe this f*cker and normally refuse to click on stories about him because he deserves NO more air time. Ever.
      But I came here today to say this headline made me snort laugh! and I needed that today

  15. lucy2 says:

    He really thought an instagram post was sufficient and going to make him look good, didn’t he? Glad no one is buying it and his team is scrambling to make it sound sincere.

    If he really wants to be “part of the solution”, there’s a lot he can do. We’ll see if he does anything.

    Also, think I’ll stream some Janet today. I LOVED Rhythm Nation and most of her work. Her music was huge around the time I was really into dancing, and she was so great.

  16. kim says:

    I’ve been streaming Janet and Britt since before smart phones were invented and when pandora blared through my desktop speakers….ain’t gonna stop….

    Timberlake has always been trash in my eyes…

  17. Digital Unicorn says:

    Ole JT isn’t aging well is he! He’s getting the punchable douche face that he deserves – Brit and Janet are still flying high and his ‘movies’ are straight to pay per view, sad! That must burn little man, burn that you are no longer relevant and are reduced to making ‘apologies’ and follow up statements to ride someone else’s coattails – just as you have always done.

  18. Gabby says:

    Note to Justin: The best way to redeem yourself if to shut up and go away. Permanently. Stay home with your wife that you are lucky to have, and be a house dad. Do not subject us to any more of your music or “acting”.

  19. Christa says:

    Please go away Justin. You are a douchnozzle and no one likes you (except your douchey bro friends) not that you act like you care. Take your anti vaxxer wife with you. For good measure, your last musical releases sucked, too.

  20. aggie says:

    Been listening to Blackout all week and watched all of the Control videos recently. Geniuses, both of them.

  21. Chanteloup says:

    I wish there were a like button for every comment on this post.
    He. Is. Loathesome.

  22. shanaynay says:

    I call BS. This is a publicity stunt. He is a POS. I cannot stand him, and I’m glad he’s being called out for his crappy behavior. Now, let this weasel crawl back into his burrow .

  23. Annabel says:

    I don’t really get the vitriol, to be honest. He messed up. He apologized. When you know better you do better, etc.

    • Kristen says:

      Same. Before he apologized, everyone was all, “He needs to apologize,” but now that he has he’s getting criticized for that and being told to go away. So…?

    • petee says:

      Same here too.I might get flack for this but I thought Janet’s statement was just…..weird and all about her.I just find the whole Jackson clan strange though.

    • Elizabeth says:

      That is one overdue apology. Just for starters with what’s wrong with it.

    • Merricat says:

      Has he apologized to either woman privately, or even personally? Hmmm

    • Ally says:

      He’s been shitty for 15 years. A weak apology where he blames society for how he treats women and doesn’t really take ownership for his actions doesn’t really cut it.

  24. Louise177 says:

    Control was the jam. Pleasure Principle is one of my all time favorite songs. I like some songs on Blackout. It came out around Britney’s lowest point so it didn’t really get et attention.

  25. so says:

    I never could stand that mofo…
    The homeless guys story, the cheating, the megalomania, the way he treats people during interviews…
    He didn’t write (and probably mean) a single word of this apology.

  26. Nev says:

    Janet is QUEEN.
    Blackout is Britney’s best work.

  27. shanaynay says:

    If he wasn’t promoting something, I don’t believe for one second this MOFO would have apologized. This was a calculated apology done only for one reason. Great press for his new movie. If this d*^che was so sorry, this apology would have been done a while back. Good G-d!!!

  28. Anna S says:

    OMG Janet Jackson’s Rhythm Nation tour was my first concert without my parents at age 13 and I saw her again 20 years later and she still had it. Did not miss a note or a step. I’ve always loved her and I love that she’s getting love, no matter what started it!

  29. Merricat says:

    Yes, didn’t his good friends make a hilarious wedding video for him in which homeless people wished him and his new wife a happy life? I understand he thought it was a knee-slapper. His lack of compassion isn’t just about women. Trash.