Olivia Wilde & Harry Styles were living together in LA & will soon head to England

Olivia Wilde and Jason Sudeikis leave Cipriani Wall Street after attending the Gotham Awards

I don’t know about you, but I remember the Taylor Swift-Harry Styles breakup vividly. Their relationship only lasted a couple of months – long enough for several pretty pap strolls – and they reportedly broke up on or right around New Year’s Eve 2012/New Year’s Day 2013. While Taylor tried to play it like she dumped him and that he was broken up about it, I still remember Harry’s vibe of “whew, I’m so glad that’s over.” He went back to England post-breakup and Taylor literally flew out there to try to see him!! God, I still remember all of that. I’ve been thinking about that brief Swift-Styles relationship because, honestly, I’m getting a similar vibe from Olivia Wilde. Way too extra, way too fast. And like Swifty’s publicist back then, Olivia’s publicist is doing too much to promote this relationship, complete with careful updates to People Magazine.

Olivia Wilde and Harry Styles are heading across the pond. The pair, who were first seen holding hands at a friend’s wedding early last month, have been staying together at Styles’ Los Angeles home “for a while” and will soon be heading to England, a source tells PEOPLE.

Wilde will also be bringing her kids, son Otis, 6, and daughter Daisy, 4, to reunite with their dad Jason Sudeikis. The actor is currently filming the second season of Ted Lasso in London. Wilde, 36, and Styles, 27, had been working together on the upcoming film, Don’t Worry Darling, in L.A. The film is Wilde’s highly-anticipated sophomore directorial project which she also stars in.

[From People]

I’m super-excited that we’re getting a new season of Ted Lasso!! The first season was so good! As for their relationship, yeah… too much too fast. I suspect the main reason why Olivia is going to England is to drop off the kids and all that. But there are definitely some old-school Swifty vibes all around.

Fans wait for Former One Direction star Harry Styles outside at BBC Zoe Ball show

Olivia Wilde at iHeart Radio Z100s 2019 Jingle Ball in NYC

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  1. Kristen says:

    She knows that the relationship with Harry has some bad PR around it, so I think it’s really important to her / her image that people believe the relationship is legit and lasting.

    • Niki says:

      Is there even such a thing as bad PR? Styles and Wilde have to prove with this movie – for both of them it’s only their second one as actor and director – that they aren’t one hit wonders. Their affair will attract attention, people will talk about it. The movie will come out in a year, but their tabloid lovestory won’t let us forget for a moment that it exists. Even people who are completely uninterested in both of them will watch it, to see what all this fuss was about.

  2. Lexy says:

    People actually came out and corrected this article- JASON has had the kids the whole time. Just like E! News came out with a correction saying Jason has been secretly hooking up with a costar, and that wasn’t true. It seems pretty fishy that these two articles came out trying to be pro- Olivia and then were corrected. Her team needs to cool it with this, she’s looking quite thirsty, specifically because Harry is so silent. I’ve never heard more about Olivia than now, she’s really milking this.

    Also, old news but still love how celebrities can just travel whenever/wherever right now.

  3. Case says:

    Firmly believe Harry and Taylor were purely a publicity thing and not a real relationship. I do think he and Olivia are definitely banging, though, and she’s VERY ENTHUSIASTIC about it.

    I also hope the rumor they were living together with her children isn’t true. That’s too much too fast for the kids who I’m sure are already upset about their parents’ split.

    • Stephanie says:

      That relationship was real. There are a few pictures of Harry and Taylor with each other before they publicaly were together, out to dinner, on a ski trip, etc. Harry and Taylor were real. I’m not a Taylor fan and it always cracks me up that I have to defend this relationship because people thought it was fake.

      • Lexy says:

        The fact that you knew that they had dinner and went on trips confirm the publicity thing though. I think they were interested in each other, but put together by their teams and used it aggressively for PR. Paps are not just randomly at a small town in England. They were together like 6 weeks and we knew every vacation, meal, argument. Olivia and Harry are very similar.

      • Stephanie says:

        They weren’t pap pictures. They were pictures that looked like they were taken from a potato from fans who took them. Two famous people hooking up will garner pr and some will use it. But, that doesn’t mean a relationship is fake.

      • Case says:

        @Lexy exactly. I’m big a Taylor fan, actually, and 100% believe most of her “relationships” have been fake. They all followed the same formula (being pictured certain places, meeting family very quickly, etc.), lasted 3 months or less, and somehow inspired incredibly deep and heartbreaking lyrics that specifically reference paparazzi photos. It’s a little too much for me to take seriously.

      • Novice says:

        @Case, even I know they were real, and I only started paying Taylor attention this later last year. I will say this, the Big Machine had a lot to do with her PR handling per her contract with them, like dishing out their paps. etc. That doesn’t mean Taylor and Harry weren’t in the relationship. It’s just they couldn’t control how the PR was run. If it was a PR, Taylor wouldn’t have written an entire album about him, and Harry wouldn’t have songs about her some 4/5 years later!
        This goes with Joe and Taylor’s early PR pap like the one they went hiking early 2018 just before Delicate music video was coming up, or their lunch date in May at that Flask pub, or their Turks and Caicos beach vacation. Joe was clearly pissed when he found out. But he let it go, perhaps he understood Taylor’s situation and they were just bidding time.
        After Taylor switched label, we never saw these paps unless they want us to see.

    • GraceB says:

      I believe the Taylor relationship was the real deal too and that Taylor was pretty cut up about it ending. Harry didn’t seem that bothered to me.

      Im with you on hoping that she didn’t move Harry in with her kids already but she certainly gives off those vibes that she’s very happy with the whole situation and probably did.

  4. Lil says:

    I binge watched all ten episodes of Ted Lasso last weekend and I’m completely obsessed with it. It’s so charming and got English football culture pretty much spot on.

    I thought the kids had been over here with Jason in the UK the whole time? That’s what all previous reports had been solid on.

    • minx says:

      I absolutely love the show, the writing, the actors. Been recommending it to everyone.

      • Anne Call says:

        Loved Ted Lasso. If you want more gentle but really funny British tv, we are watching Gavin and Stacey right now. Written and starring James Corden and Ruth Jones and some other great British actors. It’s the perfect covid pick me upper. Also The Detectorists is just too wonderful.

  5. Amelie says:

    Well if she’s bringing the kids to their dad, that’s good. Hopefully they will be some comfort to him because I’m assuming he probably hasn’t seen them in weeks and this whole situation has been so bizarre. But it also works for Harry since I’m guessing his old family still lives in England somewhere so he can go visit them and I suppose Olivia… can meet them? I just imagine that visit will be all kinds of awkward.

  6. MF1 says:

    I know that Harry likes older women, but I just can’t see this lasting. Olivia is ten years older and has two kids, a thriving career, and a lot of responsibilities. Although she may not be looking for a husband or lifelong partner, any long-term boyfriend of hers needs to be able to share some of those domestic burdens with her. I really like Harry, but he’s still pretty young to settle down.

  7. Solace says:

    Does anyone remember when she began seeing Sudekis and claimed she took him to strip clubs. Then there was all this talk about how much sex they were having. Lol

    • Case says:

      Yes, there was that bizarre comment one of them made about how they were doing it like “Kenyan marathon runners” that has always stuck with me. That was after she claimed her “vagina died” while still with her first husband and she felt no obligation to retrieve the relationship when her poor vagina was dead.

      I actually like Olivia generally, but she is an over the top sharer about her relationships and doesn’t sound particularly willing to compromise or work for her relationships.

    • TJ says:

      It was not a claim, it happend, alhough just once, when she really took Jason to a strip club to give him a special engagement present. She not braged about it, the Daily Mail had the scoop from the owner of the club.

      • Cava24 says:

        She had recently taken pole dance lessons herself for a role (it comes up if you Google her name and strip club) and she booked a private room and she was allowed to touch the dancers but he was not. So, probably just wish fulfillment for him after she filmed the movie or something.


    I know we’ll never know for sure which songs were inspired by who, but if Taylor + Harry gave us I Knew You Were Trouble, Style, and Out of the Woods, I’m all for it.

  9. Darla says:

    Well, Taylor was so young then, I think she knows better now and Olivia certainly should. What is with these celebs and all of these extra-relationships lately? They haven’t touched Michael B Jordan level extra though. Yet.

  10. Stephanie says:

    I am glad People corrected that because Jason has had the kids. Idk maybe it’s because I just got out of long term relationship, that should have ended two years ago, and now I am seeing a new man and it’s like a breath of fresh air for me. Besides Harry had his heart broken with his last girlfriend. If they are happy, good for them.

  11. Ann says:

    The more I read about Olivia Wilde the more I dislike her. Can’t put my finger on why but the sense that she’s an ahole is there. These pathetic PR games aren’t helping. Not a peep from Harry and she’s running to People every other week. Like is she aching to get dumped in humiliating public fashion, cause that is so obviously where this is heading.

    • Ann says:

      I feel the same way. I don’t know her, maybe she’s great and Jason was a jerk and she’s getting some real affection and fun with Harry now, who knows. But she does seem a little publicity hungry. Yes, Jason’s people came out with some pushback on her version of the split but he doesn’t seem to be seeking any publicity beyond that. They have two young kids whose parents recently split, so for their sake it’s better to keep things low-key for a while.

      • Ann says:

        The children being in the mix is probably why I find her and this “relationship” to be so ridiculous. A grown woman with young kids is having a fling with a 20-something. That is not inherently bad, but does she have to be so public about it? Public enough that her recent ex and the father of her children is running corrections in tabloids? Come on now. Does she or her team not see how bad this looks for her?

    • luna says:

      I know I’m in the minority in this but I’m with Olivia honestly. I have been with immature partners who won’t accept the end of the relationship and manipulate you to play it longer and longer just to keep their hands on you. And these situations usually ends when finally someone else enters the picture. From what I gather from Jason’s reactions to all this he is a petty and hurt man. He was butthurt and managed to play it in the media against her. All while she was trying for a way out of their dysfunctional relationship.

      • Lexy says:

        When you compare Jason’s reaction to Olivia’s over the top reaction, whaaaat? He came out initially as hurt because his side is that she cheated on him with Harry. Since then, he’s been pretty silent except correcting articles. Meanwhile, Olivia posted tons of pictures of Jason, talked about him in interviews, and was pictured with him kissing and hugging all throughout 2020.

  12. Susan says:

    I really want to like Olivia, I do, but from day one she’s always been so….TRY HARD. Like classic cool girl trope from Gone Girl. Very poseur cool intellectual. I felt like Jason Sudeikis settled her thirstiness a little bit…and now she’s back. I just can’t.

  13. Lemons says:

    Olivia, your mid-life crisis is showing. This really gives me desperation vibes. Like, we get it Olivia, you’re having sex with one of the hottest sex symbols of a generation, but like be cool about it. Everything about this from messy break-up, to the pap shots, to the Insta-bragging and constant relationship updates in gossip mags is NOT cool. Olivia is giving me “I’m living my best life at 40 after my divorce, I promise!!!” vibes, and she’s a hot 36, so she needs to calm down.

    • TJ says:

      Insta-bragging? That 1 post? Have you seen what she wrote about THE OTHER MEMBERS of that film crew not named Harry Styles? She did the same with everyone.

      She not even confirmed by herself neither the split, let alone her relationship with Harry.

      • Cava24 says:

        She wrote two things that she slapped together that were very short , one of which had a plot spoiler in it so she had to take it down (which was remarkably careless and clueless of her), the other one mentioned her own ass, then she wrote the reverential one for Harry and now she is stuck writing New Yorker article length captions for the rest of the posts because it was so obvious the initial goal was to write about Harry, she rushed out the other posts in quick succession without much thought.

  14. Daisy says:

    I suspect a break up close to their movie release date lmao no but seriously, too much “leaks” already, doubt Harry will stay for long if it keeps happening.

    • SM says:

      Yes. That is my reaction as well. I am not sure if Harry is some unocorn man, but some some women, like Swiftly and Olivia here, evidently are mesmerised. Watching this whole relationship roll out is like watching a car crash in slow motion.it seems inevitable she is going to Taylor Swift herself out of this relationship by being so extra.

  15. JillyBeann says:

    If she was a dude, there would be no discussion of what she’s doing. Stop crapping on her for living her life!

  16. Sean says:

    I have second hand embarrassment for her. She’s acting like an obsessive teenager if all of this is true. Does she also write their names on her notebooks?

  17. Cava24 says:

    Most of the articles mention how they are “SPENDING EVERY MOMENT TOGETHER!!!” especially since the movie wrapped. Which is….less than a week ago. And some of the articles went up on Wednesday. She spent some good chunk of Valentine’s Day packing up stuff at her house. Everything in the UK is basically closed except for really essential things so, yeah, they probably are spending every moment together. Some of the articles are about how he “tagged along with her” when she went to the UK to reunite with her kids. It’s all really cringey.

    She has an usually high amount of back end participation on Don’t Worry Darling which must have looked like a huge coup in August of 2019 when the deal was struck (there are a bunch of articles noting it as such), looks a lot less great now with COVID keeping people out of theaters. People may not rush back into them, even after the vaccine is widely distributed.
    She may be trying to boost the number of people who see the film by trying to get name recognition for it and get people to be Holivia-curious. If so, it is a deal with the devil because she cannot walk this amount of stupid back. One of the posts she did in a rush earlier this week (the one for the cinematographer) so she could post about Harry more legitimately had to be taken down because it contained spoilers for the film- that’s how careless she was. This after everyone on set came back to a more strict NDA after the holiday break that said that they couldn’t take pictures – there are even comments alluding to the lack of being able to post pictures in cast and crew member’s posts and comments on IG. Most people used photos of film trucks or the desert in their posts (like, not one of the leads in costume in a car used in the film). Part of what she is really thanking Harry for is saving her back end deal, there are a ton of young actors who aren’t that well known who would have taken that role, they just wouldn’t have increased viewership that much. She doesn’t care that people won’t be watching for the performances or the story or the aesthetic, she’s just doing the most to make sure people watch it.

  18. You Know Me says:

    Wow. Watching an almost middle aged female (78 years is average death, making 39 middle aged) have a mid-life crisis with Harry Styles is really sad. Really sad.

    • Em says:

      Well, crap. Now I feel old as hell. Thanks for that.

    • Merricat says:

      I’ve been married almost 30 years to a man more than 5 years younger than me. We raised two great children and we are still in love. Sorry not sorry if that makes you sad!

  19. The Recluse says:

    She remains exhausting and utterly callous in her indiscretion. I feel for the kids in this.

  20. Chelsea says:

    Weird: when i read what i thought was this exact same story yesterday it said that she would be reuning with her kids after Jason took them to England after they all spent Christmas together.

    Either way from the few pics ive seen of Harry recently he seems happy and chill so apparently he wasnt spooked by the mess that was the warring Olivia/Jason narratives from a few weeks back.

  21. Michelle says:

    Are these people forgetting we in the uk are still in a national lockdown? You can’t just fly in and meet up with people, when they land they all will have to self isolate not meet up with Jason.

  22. TJ says:

    FYI Jason & Brandon Hunt (Coach Beard) said numerosus times, that it was actually Olivia who encouraged Jason to turn the Ted Lasso character into a miovie or a series. So Olivia should get a little credit for that.

  23. Boo says:

    When I had a mini midlife crisis in my mid-30s I bleached my hair and got more tattoos, I didn’t abandon the father of my children to bang a rockstar ten years my junior. More’s the pity.

    • Cava24 says:

      I mean this as a legit question – why would Jason agree to the announcement saying that they broke up at the beginning of 2020 when that wasn’t the case though? But for that, I could get a lot closer to believing there was overlap but alarm bells should have been ringing for him if she asked for that and it wasn’t true and he wouldn’t have agreed to it.

    • Merricat says:

      She didn’t “abandon” him, she broke up with him. They weren’t married, they were engaged. They didn’t stay together for the sake of the children, lawdamercy. What century is this?

  24. Kate says:

    Sooo…how do we know that any of these tabloid updates are coming from a celebrity’s PR person again? Isn’t a lot of this “reporting” just speculation based on pictures, knowing that a celebrity isn’t going to sue or issue a denial over an innocuous blurb saying a new couple has been spending lots of time together? I don’t get why her PR person would leak that she is bringing her kids to their dad in the UK when that’s not true. Makes more sense that a magazine that knows nothing about the situation is just making stuff up.