Angelina Jolie Pisses Off Brad…And Most of America

I hope this the last time I will be delving into Angelina’s tender feelings on Brad and Jen. It is fast becoming a story line that should be on “Days of Our Lives.” I suggest Dr. Phil coming in and medicate them all. Regardless, Angelina Jolie made a “solemn promise” to make nice with Jen.

“Angelina Jolie made a solemn promise to her partner, Brad Pitt, that she would reach out to his ex-wife, Jennifer Aniston, and try to make things right. Despite declaring in an interview last year that she would welcome a face-to-face sit-down with Jen, Angelina couldn’t bear even talking to Jen – and she never intended to actually contact her, a cover story from Star Magazine claims this week.”

[Star Magazine Via National Ledger]

Among the unmended rift between Jolie and Aniston, Brad reportedly also is super pissed that Angie isn’t making good on her child rearing promises. Mr. Pitt thinks the kids should have a home. One home that is somewhere safe and stable. Since being taken in, Maddox has had 15 different “homes.”

Meanwhile, Jen is bouncing back and forth between another Vince Vaughn break up-make up after being spotted with Orlando Bloom. Jen and Vince may not be back together, but the are now said to be “friends with benefits.” But you know how things go in Hollywood…if two people share an elevator one day, the next day one will be pregnant with the other person’s love child and have developed an overnight addiction to meth.

I do have one question when it comes to Brad, Angie and Jen. While Jolie accepted his advances…why is all the blame being put on Angie? Shouldn’t Brad be the one who should be undertaking the “making things right” job as well? I mean he was the slut that fell into Jolie’s poofy lips trap here. Thoughts anyone? (I know, I know. It has been a slow day. Pray for some juciy Halloween antics!)

Picture note by Celebitchy: Angelina Jolie is shown on the set of The Changeling on 10/24/07 in LA thanks to SplashNews.

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