Clay Aiken criticized Meghan for her interview, didn’t apologize after it came out

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Clay Aiken is best known as the second place finisher on season two of American Idol. Ruben Studdard won that season, but Clay got some fame from that, although he didn’t parlay that into much of a career. The last time we talked about him was in 2014, when he was running for Congress as a democrat in North Carolina and got handily beaten. Clay was asked to comment about the hack of celebrity women’s photos and he said “anybody who takes inappropriate pictures of themselves deserves exactly what they get.” That’s despicable victim blaming, but I guess that’s who this guy is. Now he’s using his meager platform to do the same thing to Duchess Meghan. Ahead of the Oprah interview on Saturday, Clay tweeted the following.

Note that he is only calling out Meghan, not Harry, which is what a lot of these racists do. The argument he’s using is a common logical fallacy called relative privation or the “children are starving in Africa what do they have to complain about?” fallacy. You can be concerned about Americans struggling in this difficult time and feel sympathy for the racism and constant smearing that Meghan had to endure in the press. Even if you didn’t watch the interview, all the major outlets have reported that Meghan was suicidal, that Harry’s family took away their security when Meghan was pregnant and cut them off financially. We knew even before the interview that Meghan had a miscarriage last summer. This a-hole tweeted this, left it up, and didn’t even bother to issue a “sorry if you were offended” apology after all that came out. This is the current pinned tweet on his profile, made at 9pm Sunday right after Harry and Meghan’s interview aired:

He told someone who admitted they were suicidal to STFU and stop playing the victim. Wow. I would say he’s canceled but there’s not much to cancel there. Here’s how relevant Clay Aiken is. He tweeted this Sunday night. When I do a Google News search for him, all the results are about Amanda Seyfried mentioning on Fallon that her first EW cover was as a reflection in Clay Aiken’s glasses.

Here are my favorite responses to this.

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  1. Lanie says:

    Remember when he tried to run for a Dem congressional seat as an anti-Obama dem?

    He’s the same trash who used his white privileged to undercut Reuben Studdard’s American Idol win.

    • Snuffles says:

      I have no idea what he’s doing these days. I can only imagine he’s living off of the child support from David Foster’s sister for being her sperm donor.

      • Cee says:

        Wait, what?

      • Jaded says:

        @Cee – “Parker Foster Aiken, the singer’s son with music producer Jaymes Foster, was born on Aug. 8. Foster, 50, became pregnant through in vitro fertilization, and she and Aiken have said they will raise their son together. (Sep. 24, 2008)”

    • MMRB says:

      CLAY AIKEN = whoooooooo

      (files in the box with markles father)

  2. Snuffles says:

    If I could go back in time an revoke all of my American Idol votes I gave him during his season, I would.

    Why are you giving this has been a platform?

  3. Oatmeal says:

    Clay Aiken??? Bethany Frankel?

    I love how H&M , but particularly M is getting all these F list celebs who havent been relevant since the aughts crawling out of the woodwork lol

  4. Seraphina says:

    Is he still relevant????? Talk about thirsty. And I agree with the person who said coming from Clay – who knows how it is to be on the receiving end of it.

  5. NTheMiddle says:

    Ahhh the all-too-common white male narrative… didn’t see that coming.

  6. Chill says:

    Bigot says what? Clay who?

  7. Size Does Matter says:

    The only meager relevance he can achieve it to take a wildly unpopular opinion and get dragged for it.

  8. girl_ninja says:

    All of these people who have called out Meghan are clearly racist but also irrelevant public figures of days gone by. Clay has always been a undercutting ‘Bitter Betty’ and so has Frankle. Sure she has had more success with that diet piss water beverage she created but honestly who cares about her but other racist white ladies?

    Sad simple racist go to the back of the line.

  9. Nilber says:

    He is trying so hard to get some attention. It’s amazing how stupid someone is willing to sound to get it though. 🙄

    Bless his heart!

  10. Ken says:

    It’s a false equivalency. The intent is to minimize the suffering or pain of someone else. It’s a trick that the victimized Republicans use all the time.

  11. Powermoonchrystal says:

    Z-lister trying to get in an additional 15 min. Since the dem candidacy didn’t work, I assume he will be trying his luck as a republican pretty soon.

    • josephine says:

      It does seem like he’s trying for something, and being straight-up racist is the easiest ticket to a run for political office as a Republica or a guest spot on Fox news. I’m sure he would take anything he could get.

  12. Jais says:

    The fallacy of relative privation…Thank u for that link…I am getting ready to bust those big words out next time someone annoys me with this lol

  13. Lexilla says:

    Omg that “white dude” meme. Thank you for introducing that to my life.

  14. Miranda says:

    The woman he is criticizing, along with her husband, gave up being ACTUAL ROYALTY in order to devote themselves to helping others through their foundation, as well as trying to erase the stigma of depression and mental illness by sharing their own struggles with mental health. What the f–k has Clay Aiken done, other than fail at both American Idol AND politics? Yeah, that’s what I thought. Asshole.

  15. Stacy Dresden says:

    Haters are gonna hate I guess. F U Clay Aiken

  16. Lizzie says:

    I am so tired of this lie that they were whining about their lives. Both very clearly said they were happy ad grateful with how it all turned out. This lie needs to stop.
    Second lie is that abuse doesn’t happened to the privileged or if you are privileged how bad can it be. This is infuriating.

    • smcollins says:

      Cheesy reference aside there’s a line from Cobra Kai where Johnny says “Just because someone lives in a nice house doesn’t mean nice things are happening inside of it”, referring to his wealthy but abusive stepfather growing up. That line really sums it up perfectly.

  17. Carty says:

    His sister committed suicide and he made it about himself in his book. Even admitted to ghosting her when she tried to contact him to talk shortly before. He’s the worst.

  18. lucy2 says:

    Oh good, another sad, bitter, angry white man attacking someone for no reason.

  19. Nev says:

    I don’t know her.

  20. Keroppi says:

    Wow! He is trash. He would be cancelled if there was anything left to cancel.

  21. FancyHat says:

    He’s always been a self-righteous turd.

  22. Lightpurple says:

    The number of nobodies trying to attach themselves to this is truly pathetic.

    Take a seat, Clay. Few remember who you are and Piers Morgan, Megyn Kelly, Charlie Kirk, and Ben Shapiro are way ahead of you in using their attacks on the couple to promote themselves.

    • lucy2 says:

      It is funny/sad/annoying how these people just sit and wait for somebody else to do something, so they can interject themselves and try to get some attention. I guess when you don’t have much to offer, that’s all you can do.

      It’s a shame, I remember Clay did have a nice voice and probably sold a lot of albums, but turned out to be, as Fancy Hat put it best above, a self-righteous turd.

  23. Nyro says:

    Clay has been a POS from day one. He sat back and in some ways participated in a media driven attempt to allow him to be “co-winners” with Ruben Studdard. They could not abide by having a Black American man be the American Idol over a white one. During what should have been solely Ruben’s triumph, Clay was riding shotgun almost the whole time. Ruben rarely had the spotlight to himself and was not truly celebrated as the actual winner. I saw clearly what Clay, the powers that be at Fox, and some of the media were up to. I wish social media had been around back then because that shit would have been called out and shut down so fast. Anyway, I’m glad that these days, for generation z, he’s little more than a trivia question that they wouldn’t even know the answer to. And for those of us old enough to remember why he even had 15 minutes of fame to begin with, he’s merely known for being a Twitter troll and Meghan McCain’s “but one of my best friends is gaaaayyy” trump card anytime she gets called out for being a bigot.

  24. Ann says:

    This is a more popular opinion than I realized. Lots of people agree with aholes like Clay and Bethany Frankel. It has been gross to read. I thought we were getting somewhere with how we talk about mental health, at least here in America, but the amount of “cry me a river” posts I’ve seen about someone who admitted to feeling suicidal is frankly horrifying.

    • iconoclast59 says:

      I’ve struggled with depression off and on for much of my adult life. I remember having a particularly bad episode when I broke my ankle the same day that a dear long-distance friend died, and I was unable to go to her funeral. If somebody asked me how I was, I didn’t have it in me to fake it and say, “Oh, fine.” I told them the truth: I wasn’t doing so well, it was difficult. A whole bunch of people told me to “quit whining” and “suck it up.” I dropped several of those “friends;” I can’t say I miss them.

  25. Amy Bee says:

    Yeah, whatever Clay.

  26. Carty says:

    Also don’t forget Harry and Meghan are close with David Foster and Katherine his wife. David’s sister Jaymes is Clay’s baby mama and Clay lives off child support she has to pay him, even though he hardly sees his kid. He ain’t sh*t and I’m sure David Foster has let him know that.

  27. Lunasf17 says:

    Men in this country just really hate women!

  28. NotSoSocialButterfly says:

    He is certainly intimately familiar with playing the victim.

    • Msmlnp says:

      Thank you. I remember when he was guest hosting Live with Kelly (was it Regis then – probably I’m old?) and he put his hand over her mouth and she got mad and he accused her of being homophobic. He’s a turd.

      • Tiffany says:

        I remember that. Kelly said something like I don’t know where your hands have been which was a legit thing to say because him doing that came out of nowhere and they were saying she was homophobic.

  29. Colleen says:

    I’m really tired of these “who cares about the Royal Family in 2021 there’s more important things” people. Congratulations, I guess, but it’s not just about the Royal Family and you know it.

    Way to grasp at relevancy, Clay.

  30. Stan says:

    Let’s not forget he is best friends with Meghan McCain.

  31. Lizzie Bathory says:

    To give you a sense of how up his own ass Clay Aiken is, I have a friend who lived near him in a *very* fancy gated community in NC. Clay sometimes went to the mailbox with a towel over his head to shield himself from non-existent paparazzi. The very wealthy, successful neighbors were always amused that he thought anyone cared if they saw him.

  32. kerwood says:

    The only reason Clay Aiken EVER had a career was because racists flooded American Idol and Fox phone lines and social media and threatened Armageddon if their favourite wasn’t named ‘co-winner’. Ruben Stoddard, the REAL WINNER, had to drag this loser all over the country because his ‘Claymates’ threatened him and his family. Stoddard wasn’t even allowed to enjoy the prize that he won fair and square.

    Finally, Aiken came out of the closet, shocking nobody except his deluded fans, some of whom threatened to sue because they claimed he fooled them into thinking he was straight. I thought we were rid of Clay Aiken. The good news is that he won’t last 15 seconds in the spotlight, much less 15 minutes.

  33. You Know Me says:

    I had to Google who Clay was/is – no wonder he’s so salty. Fun fact: I didn’t have to Google Meghan.

  34. Soupie says:

    Used to like him now I don’t. Isn’t it interesting that his baby mama is related to David Foster and she’s had major issues with him.

  35. coolspray says:

    I had a good laugh and that second tweet!

    I also chuckled a bit thinking “imagine if you were the dude whose face is so non descript and so representative of white male privilege, that you’re used as the go to stock photo for tweets like this.” Imagine being that guy and seeing your face used in that and just face palming yourself over and over. LOL

  36. Amando says:

    Says the guy probably living in a big house down the street. Don’t speak for us common folk Clay.

  37. Catwoman says:

    My friend went to high school with Clay. She described him as a stuck up weirdo if I recall. I guess nothing has changed in 25 years.

  38. EllenOlenska says:

    What exactly has Clay done lately to stop the epidemic or feed the hungry? Was he the vaccine developer? Letting displaced people stay at his home?