Demi Moore praises Emma Heming: ‘There is no name for our family connection’

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Demi Moore celebrated International Women’s Day like many of us did, by acknowledging the women in our lives that inspire, encourage and empower us. Demi joined the #SeeHer campaign that strives to eliminate gender bias in media. She posted a lovely tribute on her Instagram acknowledging two important women in her life. First, she talked about her friend Soleil Moon Frye who, you may remember, told us that Demi was present at all her kids’ births, so we know how close they are. Demi took the opportunity to salute their friendship as well as promote Soleil’s kid 90 project.

But it’s the other shoutout on Demi’s post that I want to focus on. Demi’s second affirmation was dedicated to Emma Heming Willis, Bruce’s Willis’ wife. Bruce is, of course, Demi’s ex-husband. Bruce and Demi share three grown daughters and Bruce and Emma share two young daughters. The families are famously close, and always have been. Demi wrote the following to Emma in her IG caption:

@emmahemingwillis: I #SeeHer as family who I am honored to call a friend. Our children are sisters and yet there is no name for what our family connection is to one another. We are mothers united, sisters bonded on this crazy adventure of life. Emma is a beautiful mother dedicated to her family, an absolutely gorgeous woman and now she can add business entrepreneur to her resume. She carved a path quietly on her own to create @cocobabaofficial, launching the first body skincare products for woman to mother themselves! We all need that!
Her drive, determination and passion is uplifting and the woman that she is absolutely inspiring.

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This is amazing on a couple of levels. First of all, I forgot Emma launched a skin care line for moms, so this is great advertising for the brand. Secondly, what a lovely statement to make about your kids’ stepmother. Kids hope their folks stay together as a happy couple, but if they can’t be happy together, I think the kids’ second wish is for them to be happy apart. Seeing your parents get along is the most important thing. On that front, Demi and Bruce have always succeeded. Bruce went out of his way to be friendly to Ashton Kutcher when he was in the picture as well. I really do think as far as blended families go, the Willis/Moores have successfully done it. But the last point I want to make is Demi’s right, there isn’t a name for the relationship between the parents of your kids siblings. There are step siblings and step parents or half-siblings but maybe we do need a name for the mother of our kids siblings. I mean, we have plenty of names for her if we don’t like her, none of which can be repeated here. But if she’s someone of value in our life, she deserves some form of designation. Same goes for men, of course. Let’s work on this, Celebitches. Let’s help Demi out.

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  1. My3cents says:

    Can a be the superficial one here and ask if her face is back to normal?
    Kudos for the messages of support.

  2. Ariel says:

    My uncle’s second wife noted to him that they should say hello to his ex-wife (we were at a family funeral). His response- You want to say hi to your ex-wife-in-law?
    Probably doesn’t capture what the Willis/Moores are going for. But it was funny and we needed the laugh that day.

    • Blairski says:

      My stepmother sometimes refers to my mother as _her_ “first wife” when she’s talking to other people. The first time she did it by accident, she meant to say “my husband’s first wife,” but now it’s a family joke. My mom and stepmother are close in a “we are all a family” way, and have been for over 40 years. It’s way better than the alternative!

  3. Astrid says:

    To me, this large family represents goals. The one that Goop tries to portray seems fake and over the top.

  4. original_kellybean says:

    In the instagram photos – who is the person that looks like Soleil Moon Frye? Is that Demi?

  5. Southern Fried says:

    I’ve always gotten a creepy vibe from Demi, like she’s a sucker type person that sucks up all the oxygen in the room, in not a good way. In a personality disorder way. Years ago I remember thinking when they moved to Montana that at least her family had the wide open skies to escape to and try to catch their breath.

  6. lucy2 says:

    With so many kids involved, it’s good they all get along and consider each other friends.
    I had no idea Demi and Soleil were friends. In my head Soleil is more like her daughter’s age, but I know that’s not the case! And now I feel old.

  7. yellowy says:

    I stan Demi Moore. I was having a terrible time at work and that evening I sat at home, despondent on the sofa and turned on the TV. GI Jane was on. Demi kick so much ass, that I wiped my tears away and had my first good night sleep in months. Will forever love her!