Jessica Simpson’s dog Daisy was taken by coyotes

Jesus, can anything go right for Jessica Simpson? After spending the summer recovering from being dumped by Tony Romo, and probably being the easy lay of John Mayer, Jessica has just been hit with another blow. Her beloved Malti-Poo Daisy was absconded by coyotes right in front of her eyes! Daisy was given to Jessica by Nick Lachey, when they were together, so I think that makes Daisy around five years old. Jessica has already made posters asking people to contact her if they find Daisy, or if they have any information, but Jessica realizes that her dog is most likely dead:

Jessica Simpson says her “heart is broken” over her missing 5-year-old maltipoo Daisy.

On her Twitter page, she writes: “A coyote took my precious Daisy right in front of our eyes. HORROR! We are searching. Hoping. Please help!”

Posters of the pooch have already surfaced in the singer’s Calabasas, Calif., neighborhood. “Reward offered,” they read.

Daisy was a gift given to Simpson, 29, by ex-husband Nick Lachey several years ago. The singer rarely travels without the dog.

Fans consoled the singer, who was just in Rio de Janeiro shooting her VH1 reality show The Price of Beauty, on Twitter.

“My heart hurts for you,” one wrote. “I’m an animal lover and it’s like losing a family member.”

[From Us Weekly]

Poor Jess. I’m an animal lover too and even though I don’t care for small dogs, I acknowledge that Daisy was a cutie and that Jessica adored that dog. Coyotes are a huge problem in California, especially for domesticated animals. With modern urban sprawl – especially in Southern California – coyote attacks have become more frequent as their habitats are threatened. It’s very sad for animal lovers, and I really do feel badly for Jessica.

Jessica and Daisy are shown on 9/21/05, credit:, and 10/9/08, credit: Fame Pictures

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  1. Praise St. Angie! says:


    not a fan of hers but I wouldn’t wish losing a pet (especially THAT way) on anyone.

    and poor Daisy!

  2. Eileen Yover says:

    That’s horrible!! I can’t imagine watching a coyote snatch my pet right in front of me.

  3. Millie Rios says:

    OMG this is just horrible. I feel like crying while I type this. Daisy was such a part of Jess’s life. She loved Daisy and you can see it. I can’t imagine the horrible death that poor dog must have gone through. There is no way Daisy can survive a coyote attack.. I am an animal lover and this is just sad sad sad…

  4. BitterBetty says:

    Umm yeah, that dog is a goner…

    Very sad.

  5. LuLu says:

    She needs to burn some sage in her house to get rid of all the bad karma. Poor thing.

  6. Susette says:

    Nooooooo! THat’s horrible. As a pet owner, my heart goes out to her.

  7. Beth says:

    Daisy was such a cute dog. That’s a horrible way to go.

  8. Ana says:

    That is so horrible! I feel bad for Daisy and for Jess.
    Coyotes are a major problem where I live as well. In BFE!
    My little cocker spaniel came home with a very deep gash and a maggot infestation. We think he got attacked. He is lucky he got home. We have gotten rid of the maggots we believe but it’s too late to sew up the gash.

  9. HEB says:

    This is absolutely horrifying. I saw that twitter this morning and hoped it wasn’t true.
    I have two daschunds and don’t let them loose outside the house even in my own back yard–I’ll mention this example the next time someone tells me I’m paranoid.

  10. CC says:

    RIP Daisy

    Does burning sage really rid you of bad karma? I need some help, asap.

  11. Birdie says:

    I feel just awful about this story. I have a dog who looks a lot like daisy, and I just want to go home and squeeze my little guy. This is a really awful story. Poor Jessica, and poor little daisy.

  12. yadira says:

    This happened to a friend years ago where it was the mama and her 3 puppies that were whisked away by coyotes :( Such a terrible way to go

  13. El Predicto says:

    Will the coyotes send her an email with ransom demands? The mind boggles!

  14. Guest says:

    so sad for her. hope nick pays a visit.

  15. LuLu says:


    If you are incredibly fundamental and new age, then you know that sage is a great way to cleanse the soul and get you back on the right track with your luck. You can burn a bundle of sage and walk around the house in order to ward off bad spirits or energies. Once the cleansing is all finished you can get back to your daily routine and have better luck.

  16. meow says:

    It is always sad when a pet dies, but to lose a pet this way is heartbreaking. I feel for her.

  17. Kevin says:

    Is there a reward for just a leg or something?

  18. Kevin says:

    It was probably John Mayer’s dog, Dark Dick Doggy, acting on advice from his master. Daisy didn’t get eaten. Well, not only eaten. Unfortunately Dark Dick Doggy is probably already hunching on someone else’s leg right now as we speak and Daisy is out for a walk, the walk of shame.

  19. Jo 'Mama' Besser says:

    First the dog, then to the spelling bee, tout-de-suite. Poor dullard.

  20. hatsumomo says:

    Oh no. I said it once for her and I’ll say it again, Poor girl. Coyotes are a growing threat here too. My sister lives on the outskirts of the city ‘country’ and the cat dosent go out after dark. During daylight is fine, just not at night.


  21. LuLu says:

    Poor Jessica! Her heart must be breaking. I know many people think of their pets as their children, I can’t just imagine what she is going through. I know if anything happen to my cat, especially that dramatic I would be a mess. I hope for the quick and safe return of her beloved Daisy. This poor girl how much more can she take!!

  22. QB says:

    If she was in Brazil how the hell did a coyote too her dog infront of her eyes?? Coyotes are found in North and Central America not in South America. When was her dog taken because there was photos of her looking happy the 9 of september in Brazil. The time line is off.

    PS:It has been a couple of days since Jessica was in the news

  23. Sudini says:

    Oh my heart is breaking for Jess and poor Daisy. Jesus – what a nightmare scenario. I would be completely destroyed if that ever happened to my dear cat Moo. Seriously destroyed. My thoughts and prayers are going out to Jess and sweet Daisy.

  24. Katyusha says:

    If this is true, my heart does go out to her.
    I walk my dogs through horse property/trails where coyotes are seen all the time, and I wonder what I would do. Even though one of my dogs could put up a fight and the other could out run a coyote.

    Anyway, all of us being animal lovers, do any of us feel for the coyotes, who have to resort to stealing domesticated animals? Humans are destroying everything. I know that’s life, but it’s still sad.

  25. Diane says:

    Rattle snakes, coyotes, and yes, even the mountain lions. Caution in California, our family has lost 3 cats.

    The Yorkies are never alone, current problem, hawks.

  26. the original kate says:

    how sad. if i lived in southern CA i think i would only have dogs bigger than coyotes.

  27. Sudini says:

    Katyusha – I’m glad you brought that up. I feel sorry for the coyotes as well because, like deer and alot of other animals where I live on the east coast, their environment is shrinking and being destroyed by all the “little boxes” and over devolpment. All of these animals are paying a long, slow price for human greed.

  28. Zoe says:

    This poor girl. I’m waiting for lighting to strike her or something…

    She must have offended the Ancient Roman Goddess of Blond Dumbasses or something.

    Poor puppy.

  29. LALA Land says:

    Jessica is a dimwit, however, this is soo sad !! To see her dog, that meant so much to her, snatched by coyotes in front of her own eyes is a terrible thing to happen to anyone!! I wonder if Romo will get her a new puppy?

  30. barneslr says:

    Yeah, I’m no fan of hers either, but this is just a terrible shame. Losing a pet is hard enough, but seeing a coyote take your pet? That’s got to be a nightmare. Poor Jess and poor Daisy. That’s just so sad.

  31. Praise St. Angie! says:

    “Anyway, all of us being animal lovers, do any of us feel for the coyotes, who have to resort to stealing domesticated animals? Humans are destroying everything. I know that’s life, but it’s still sad.”

    while I agree that humans are somewhat responsible for coyotes entering suburbia, I think that coyotes (who are very smart) recognize that a domesticated animal is MUCH EASIER prey than a wild one.

  32. D says:

    is this really true? i find this way too far stretched to be true… are we sure this isn’t some press ploy?

  33. lucy says:

    I’m no fan of hers either, but this really sucks. She’s been having a rough time, and now this is a really sad and difficult thing to go through.
    Probably the best thing she can do is mourn the loss of her dog, and then go adopt another one in need of a good home. Nothing heals that kind of hurt better than giving a loving home to another animal in need.

  34. Jill says:

    “Taken” must be a nice term for “eaten alive for a snack” Too bad the whackos are fighting to “protect the rights” of coyotes instead of concern that they’re eating little children and pets. What an ef’d up country we have become!

  35. Hieronymus Grex says:

    Aww…. poor puppy dog :(

  36. Linda says:

    I normally do not feel bad for Jessica – but this just breaks my heart. I really understand a relationship that someone forms with an animal and this is heartbreaking.

  37. lola says:

    be strong jessica!!!!!!

    RIP Daisy.

  38. x says:

    This is so very sad. I have larger dogs, if a coyote came into my yard, he would be viciously shredded to bits. My dogs are the sweetest things until you threaten them or invade their space. I feel terrible for Jessica, she brings that little dog Daisy everywhere. :/

  39. CiCi says:

    omg! feel terrible for her! unlike paris hilton with her 8, JS was a devoted owner to that one daisy dog. poor thing.

  40. jule says:

    Be careful with larger dogs too, sometimes a female coyote will lead the bigger dog to the pack……..

  41. Hieronymus Grex says:

    Uh Jill,

    I hate to interrupt your rabid foaming at the mouth, but there’s never been an attack against children by coyotes. Cougars yes, but not coyotes; they attack other small animals and people tend to make it easy for them by not bringing pets indoors after dark or not watching them closely when they are outside.

  42. Annie says:

    Here’s the thing, being a dog lover/owner myself. I definitely, definitely feel for Jessica.

    But I kinda feel for the coyotes too, I mean, we’re taking up their land, where they’ve lived forever and now they’re just adapting. We fucked with the circle of life, and now they’re just trying to figure out what to do. Prey is prey. I mean, it’s innate to go for the weakest. It’s always been like that in nature. It isn’t about “oh, yum domesticated dogs” it’s about, who’s smaller? And doesn’t run as fast?

    I mean, to us, our dogs are family, but to them, prey. I mean, I would die if anything happened to my dog, but in the same vein, I don’t think that we should call for destruction of the coyotes.

    It’s the downside of living on a canyon in SoCal, you can’t leave your dog in the backyard at night unless he’s huge.

    AND YAY FOR EUROPE!!! I just came back from Spain Hatsumomo!! HAVE A GREAT TIME!@ You’ll love it. I’m sure. :)

  43. Sudini says:

    LOL Hieronymous Grex :)

    Ya, sorry. But there’s nothing whack about respecting nature and trying to live in balance with it. And for anyone not to recognize that WE as humans are responsible for the problem of over crowding and habitat destruction is arrogant and lazy. Steps need to be taken so that all animals are protected, both domestic and wild.

  44. Kikker says:

    This is really sad. I know the chances are slim, but I hope they find Daisy

  45. Katyusha says:

    @Praise St. Angie

    While I do recongize coyotes are very intelligent, they don’t discern between a little dog and a rabbit. They don’t have the ability to . A meal is a meal.
    We have to realize that although little dogs are easier prey, they are also more available, since their natural prey are also being pushed out. But that’s something humans see, not the coyotes.

  46. I Choose Me says:

    Aww, seems like she can’t catch a break. Poor, sweet doggie.

  47. ! says:

    Its sad but I will say she should have known better. I grew up in coyote country…and never had an outside cat or small dog! Still very sad (poor puppy) and I know accidents can happen, but yeesh.

  48. Firestarter says:

    As a multiple pet owner, I can tell you it would kill me if something like that happened to any of my furry children.

    My parents have a home in Arizona, and the same thing happened to a neighbor lady and there is nothing you can do. These coyotes come out of nowhere and are fast.

    Poor Daisy. I fear the worst. I do feel terrible for Jessica because she really loved her little girl!

  49. mollination says:

    Oh my god, I’m actually crying!

    My biggest fear is my little Milton getting taken from me and imaginging how scared he would be. That is absolutley horrifying……i would need to be sedated if I watched that happen.

  50. wow says:

    I feel bad for Jess, but it’s a known fact that coyotes are everywhere in CA. Why would she let her dog roam around or stay out when she knows that would be a problem with coyotes around? She usually has Daisy with her everywhere, so it surprises me that she would do something careless like that.

  51. Praise St. Angie! says:

    yes, katyusha, a meal is a meal.

    the point I was making was that a coyote is smart enough to recognize that a domesticated animal (dog) is easier prey than a wild animal who is used to watching out for and running from predators (rabbit).

  52. Katyusha says:

    I might have misunderstood what you said, and if I have, forgive me.

    My point is that coyotes are not able to recognize the difference between and little dog and a rabbit, thus they cannot discern what is easier to catch. They literally do not have the ability to figure out that a little dog is going to be an easier catch than a rabbit would be.

    If you mean that a rabbit knows to run and a little dog does not, and that’s an advantage to a coyote, then ok.

    Sorry, not trying to be difficult, I promise.

  53. georgiagrl says:

    She loved that dog very much and has had Daisy since Newlyweds. I would be devastated, if it were my dog.
    I saw this story tonight on TMZ and I thought they were very callous in their coverage of this story, very mean spirited.

  54. orion70 says:

    This is common in some places? Holy crap!!! It’s not uncommon for people to come up on bears around here while out walking in wooded areas at a distance, but around the house (knock wood), the biggest threat is either an unleashed dog, or maybe a skunk. I can not imagine this happening, literally in your own back yard. How else do you let them out to pee ?? It’s horrifying.

    Re: encroaching on coyote areas, I do agree. It also happens with polar bears in some areas, and then people are wondering why the heck they’re in the back yard. Well, gee.

    Poor little pooch. I’ve got a little one that sort of looks like her, but black. I can’t even imagine something like this.

  55. yae says:

    Another reason why I own a pitbull.

    Coyote wouldn’t even attempt it.

  56. Ana says:

    It’s hypocritical of me, but I do not care about coyetes. If you seen the suffering my poor Kingston is going through you would understand.
    The maggots are gone thank goodness. The vet put a draining tube that we have to flush twice a day. It looks so painful.
    I think the only thing that saved him was his partner in crime, the German Shepard.

  57. birdgherl says:

    I would die. Horrible. I used to hear them in the hills tearing apart cats or whatever else they get their paws on. It’s not a sound you want to hear.

  58. walker says:

    Uh! This is so sad! :’( Poor baby! I heard about this where I live. What happens is that people move to the plains,the outskirts of the city in the MIDDLE of wild animal territory and this is what happens. It’s not the animals fault. We crouch into their territory that’s all.

  59. walker says:

    Or else when people leave their trash out then that’s when bears, coyotes and everything else come out.

  60. walker says:

    Um ENcroaching on their territory. Sorry. :]

  61. JaundiceMachine says:

    No matter how you slice it, it hurts losing a loved one.

  62. Aspen says:

    Yes, it happens…and it’s very common. When we were stationed at Camp Pendleton in SoCal, a coyote got our cat. She ran out of the house one day while I had groceries in one hand and the baby in my other. By the time I got the baby in her crib and the bags put down to go find her…she was gone.

    We had a roving pack of coyotes in that part of the base, and even though we looked for Kismet for days and days…no one ever found any sign. We can only conclude that she was taken by the coyotes because that happens ALL the time on Camp P.

  63. realisticperson says:

    That dog is working his way through some coyote’s digestive tract as we speak. The only way to find him is to check out the local coyote scat. We have a dog, too, and live where there is wildlife. Our dog is an Irish Wolfhound. She should get a bigger dog.

  64. crab says:

    My heart goes out to her too!! I have a 17 year old Siamese cat which I love like a child!! I couldn’t even imagine what it must of felt like to see a coyote snatch that dog up!! I really and sincerely hope Daisy is okay but I don’t think it looks very good!! Coyotes are vicious!! Beleive it or not we have a big problem with coyotes too and I live south of Boston!!

  65. clare says:

    @ Ana, I hope your little dog, Kingston, will recover with no problems!

    This is such a sad story about sweet Daisy. She was so cute and Jessica seemed to treat her so well- I don’t think I ever saw Daisy dressed-up in doggy clothes and used as a fashion accessory!

  66. Ana says:

    Thank you Clare!!! He is feeling better already, just waiting for the sore to heal.

  67. hunnybe says:

    I feel so bad for Daisy and my heart goes out to Jessica.I have a small dog(Chihuahua)and I couldn’t imagine such a horrible thing happening.@ Ana I hope Kingston makes a full recovery and is back to being himself.

  68. Janet says:

    How awful…we lost our little dachshund the same way. Two coyotes came into our yard and took him right in front of us. I thought it was unusual at the time, but I hear about it happening all over now. I know how heartbreaking it is. Thoughts are with you Jessica.

  69. EJ says:

    I know how she feels…My cat was strangled by two street dogs was literally torn apart between them in front of my eyes…i just fell on the ground and started screaming and crying…never saw him again ;(((

  70. Magnolia says:

    Poor Jessica and Daisy.

    This has happened here in Texas too. A little yorkie was taken right in front of his family in broad daylight. Poor thing.

    As for the poster who responded that children have not been attacked? Wrong! They have.

  71. jodie says:

    I know exactly what Jessica Simpson is going threw.Although i didnt have a wild animal take mine,but i did have a malteez poodle named Zoe that died in my parents yard. She got hit on the head with a ball went into a zeisure @died on the way to the vets they worked on her for two hours i think.i wasnt their because my boyfriend @ i went to the zoo.I was sick i stayed in bed for a week i would not eat or drink i was soooo depressed.My parents got me another one even though i wasnt ready for another yet.I named her Daize i spelled it different because i wanted to name her after my first puppy Zoe. Even though i got a new puppy she will never take the place of of Zoe.I think about Zoe all the time.I will ALWAYS miss @ love her.So my message to you Jessica is to get another puppy.It will not replace the one you lost,but it will help heal the pain in will heal up that hole you have in your heart.I cant believe that happened to you my thoughts @prayers are with you always.Daisy is @ was very Lucky to have you for a mom.She is such a cutie,You were a great mom to her.

  72. jodie says:

    Jessica i think about you and your beautiful,precious Daisy all the time.I still cant believe that happened.Anyone who knows you personaly or through your music knows that you are a very loving and caring person.Anyone who sees you in person or in pictures with Daisy knows how much you love,care and adore her.And anyone can see how Daisy loves,cares and adores you back.My thoughts and prayers are with you AWAYS.

  73. jodie says:

    Jessica, I Hope you find Daisy,but if you dont you know that she will ALWAYS be in your heart and ALWAYS on your mind.There will not be a day or night that goes by that you will not think about her.If or when you do decide to get another malt-poo puppy she will not take the place of Daisy but she will give you back that HAPPINESS and LOVE.You might feel like your replacing Daisy but your not.Daisy would not want you to be sad she would want you to be happy. Maybe if you put pictures of you and Daisy in a college picture frame or carry pictures of her with you that might make you feel a little better.So that way it might help you feel close to her.My thoughts and prayers are ALWAYS with you. it never happeneds again you might want to think about putting up a fence.

  74. joe says:

    thats why you when your outside with yoru dog you carry a mesheti..i do..dont know how many times loose pitbulls came running up on me and my dog..never a coyote yet…now i carry a masheti..anythign tries to attack my dog…ill chop its head off..and i cant get in any trouble.its self defense.ill hand it back to the owner and say “put your next dog on a leash”…i would never let something come up and snatch my would die