Prince William’s bald head ‘is all over the place’ on the Sussexes’ interview

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Prince William was the Photoshopped man-child cover of the Sunday Times Magazine this weekend and whew, this thing was a whole mess. The entire Windsor klan’s PR has been obvious, amateurish clownery in the lead up to and wake of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s Oprah interview, but William in particular has been particularly pathetic. The more obvious he becomes, the more I’m convinced that William was the one to comment on what color Harry and Meghan’s children would be and THAT is why the brothers began to fall out. The Sunday Times Magazine does nothing to dispel this – while “The Other Brother” (lol) mentions Harry directly several times, there is no actual contradiction to what Harry and Meghan said in their interview. It largely reads as just pure propaganda, and poorly done propaganda at that. There’s so much in this piece, I’m splitting it up into two posts. Here’s the stuff about Harry and Meghan:

How is Poor Baldy in the wake of the interview? In the immediate aftermath of the interview William was “reeling”, a source close to the duke says. “His head is all over the place on it.” A close friend of both brothers says Harry’s “trapped” comment was “way off the mark”, insisting that William does not see it that way. “He has a path set for him and he’s completely accepting of his role. He is very much his grandmother’s grandson in that respect of duty and service.”

William was part of the post-interview meetings: In the hours and days after the Oprah broadcast, William was at the heart of all discussions with the Queen and the Prince of Wales about how to respond to the Sussexes. He was keen that the issue of race should be acknowledged in the Queen’s statement as an area of particular concern that “will be addressed”

Small-c conservative: William has always railed against being a “ribbon-cutter royal” and the issues he champions — mental health, battling racism in football, homelessness and his ramped-up eco-warrior role — are a window into where the future King William V will take the House of Windsor. A friend says: “He’s a small-c conservative. He values tradition and the need to go around the country, but he realises he can make a difference beyond traditional royal duties.”

The 2017 incident where he missed Commonwealth Day to go skiing: It was the first public nosedive for William, who was still working as an air ambulance pilot. “That pissed him off,” a friend says. “He was leaving home at 5.30am, getting home after dark and saving lives in between, but people were still being critical of his commitment to his [other] job.”

Weird timing for when the Cambridges began full-time work: A former royal aide says: “Immediately after their wedding he had a very clear idea of the pace at which he wanted to take things.” William was adamant he wouldn’t curtail his day jobs, first as an RAF search and rescue helicopter pilot in Anglesey and then with the air ambulance. “If you’re not careful, duty can weigh you down an awful lot at an early age,” he said, insisting he didn’t “lie awake waiting or hoping” to be king. He delayed full-time royal duties until the autumn of 2017, when, acknowledging the Cambridges’ future required more time at “monarchy HQ”, they moved from Norfolk to London and George started school.

Harry was not keen on ‘family hierarchy’: As the brothers clashed more over the substance and style of their work, and the family hierarchy that William is a stickler for but Harry is less keen on, a split was inevitable.

The long walk: The pair went for a long walk to clear the air after the “Sandringham summit” when the Megxit deal was hammered out, but did not part shores as friends. What upset William the most was Harry and Meghan’s surprise launch of their “Sussex Royal” website before the summit, which featured their blueprint wish list of a part-time, commercial royal future…Both “the content and that it’s still online is staggering”, a senior royal source says. “That was it for William, he felt they’d blindsided the Queen in such an insulting and disrespectful way,” says a source close to him, who reveals it was still at the forefront of William’s mind at the Commonwealth Day service one year ago. It was the Sussexes’ final engagement as working royals, and the froideur between them and the rest of the family was unmistakable.

Baldy misses Harry: It is a year since the Sussexes left for California and William misses Harry. “Once he got over the anger of how things happened, he was left with the absence of his brother,” an aide says. “They shared everything about their lives, an office, a foundation, meetings together most days and there was a lot of fun along the way. He’ll miss it for ever.” A close friend says William “definitely feels the pressure now it’s all on him — his future looks different because of his brother’s choices, it’s not easy.” Another friend says: “It’s still raw. He’s very upset by what’s happened, though absolutely intent that he and Harry’s relationship will heal in time.

William got closer to Charles: While a chasm has opened up between the brothers, William has grown closer to the Queen and Prince Charles. He has helped them to navigate their way through Megxit, Prince Andrew’s removal from public life following the Jeffrey Epstein scandal and, now, the Oprah controversy. “That has changed the way the Queen sees him and values his input,” a courtier says. William also feels his relationship with his grandmother has “massively improved” in recent years and their views are “more aligned than ever… Part of William’s evolution is that as he has become closer to his father, he sees their similarities. At William’s wedding there was a gag in one of the speeches that he was more like his father than he’d ever admit, which made a lot of us laugh. As their respective destinies get closer, it weighs more heavily on them and strengthens the bond. The rift with Harry has also brought them closer.

William’s commitment to diversity: William “thinks the public look to him to keep royal work looking modern”, a confidante says. “The Queen and Prince of Wales are providing continuity and stability. He’s carving out his own relationship with diverse communities. He sees it all as a way of doing things now that will help a smooth transition when the time comes.

[From The Sunday Times Magazine]

Throughout the piece, William continuously takes credit for everything under the sun, and the talk of William’s inclusion in all of the palace meetings about Harry & Meghan are some of the most notable examples. William wants credit for saying that the racism issues will be “addressed.” He also wants credit for saying his family isn’t racist, that he single-handedly fixed racism at the BAFTAs, that he’s William the bold small-c conservative who is also a brave pilot and he’s quite mad at Harry so he’s trying to copy everything Harry does. By the way, William is actually a capital-C Conservative. Everyone who works for him is a Tory. And the part about William needing to go skiing on Commonwealth Day because his fake-ass job was so hard? Please. William barely showed up for that job.

“His future looks different because of his brother’s choices, it’s not easy…” Why? Was William planning on blaming Harry for everything bad forever? And of course William is trapped – but Harry was wrong about one thing. William is trapped in a prison almost entirely of his own making. William is too stupid to realize it though. Which is why we’re getting these horrid propaganda pieces. At least the palace propaganda made the effort to make it sound like William isn’t incandescent with rage 24-7.

09-03-2020   Commonwealth Day Celebrations  Westminster Abbey 2020...

The Duke of Cambridge hosts an outdoor screening of the Heads Up FA Cup final on the Sandringham Estate. William watches with Tony Adams as Chelsea score.   1.8.2020

Photos courtesy of Avalon Red, Backgrid.

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  1. Millennial says:

    I’m still stuck on that cover picture! So much photoshop, good grief.

    • Cecilia says:

      He looks like a proper dictator.

    • Lemons says:

      It looks like a digital version of William, like the robot wax figure that almost looks real but creeps into uncanny valley territory.

      A terrible choice for the cover, but I’m sure William wants to be a cover star of something since he can’t get that type of coverage on his own.

    • swirlmamad says:

      This sounds terrible, but he reminds me of an SS officer in this photo. Really icky photoshopping, the aloof, cold expression and the uniform. Ugh.

      • Yup, Me says:

        Also, the way he’s shown slightly above the camera so he’s “looking down” on the viewer.

        They really are fighting an updated battle with an old technique and it’s not. working. at. all.

        The old standard was to make up a story and just keep pushing that until enough people repeated it for you. It didn’t matter what ACTUALLY happened because who would ever find out (that’s why so many old Hollywood scandals remain shrouded in mystery).

        That is not a method that works any longer because so many people have social media and there’s much more ability to get various versions of a story (or the truth) out there.

        The British royals do not own the media and they look stupid as hell trying to rewrite history and make up stories while Harry and Meghan are essentially speaking and saying “Let’s talk about this in the light. No more secret summits behind closed doors or room for you to say one thing to our faces and something else that comes out in tabloids. Just say what you have to say out loud and directly. We’re willing to do that.”

        It makes it much harder for bullies to continue their behavior without revealing themselves. Not impossible. But harder.

      • HeyJude says:

        Yep, and who thinks this kind of cover is appealing in 20-f’n-21?!

        These people are so disconnected from reality to the point of delusion.

        The entire world just got through a year of darkness, poverty, and massive death on a scale not seen in a century and William thinks it’s time to play dress up king. This some Marie Antoinette level crap from him.

        And not one person said, “no this looks out of touch”.

      • ArtHistorian says:

        “Yep, and who thinks this kind of cover is appealing in 20-f’n-21?!” – I think the neo-fascist crowd might find this appealing and there is a worrying slide towards authoritarianism in the West at present, especially with Trump and the Repubs in the US and the Tories in the UK.

        However, playing to the right-wing, krypto-fascist crowd is NOT the way to go!!!! Especially with the long view in mind. I think we’re at a very dangerous crossroad in the West right now but I also think that we will overcome it.

        I have noticed that in the last few years, the coverage of William has come to lean into the conservative mindset – Will the Statesman, Will the authority, etc. Now they are right out saying that he’s a conservative (i.e. a Tory) – at the same time William is doing some performative “wokeness”, like he’s trying to cover his all bases. The problem for him is that he doesn’t come across as sincere with this performative “wokeness” (probably because he isn’t).

    • The Hench says:

      He’s a small c – all right.

      • UptownGirl says:

        🤣🤣🤣🤣. Or possibly a small d….and poor Rose had to pull out a magnifying glass as well!!

      • Olenna says:


      • iconoclast59 says:

        In my experience, when people describe themselves as “small-c conservative,” what they really mean is, “I’m a right-wing nut job, but don’t you dare call me on it!”

    • Betsy says:

      It looks like the film stock they used in the 1940s.

    • Victoria says:

      Right? Like William hasn’t looked this good since Destiny’s Child had Latvia and Latoya.

      Just wow.

    • Size Does Matter says:

      I honestly thought it was a photo of his wax statue.

    • Züri says:

      He looks like a Madame Tussaud’s figure. And that about sums up his personality as well.

      • UptownGirl says:

        Including the plaster between the ears as that is what he is working with, considering his incompetence and his on-going rage-a-thon.

    • harperc says:

      And the cover is just more creepy propaganda.

      What’s Harry best known for? His military service and his work with veterans/Invictus games. So now Baldy is all, “See? I was in the military too! Look at my fancy uniform!”

    • Nina says:

      Exactly what are they going for here? Reincarnation of Bismark, Leopold of Belgium, what or who? That cover is stupid on another level. Reminds me of a little kid playing dress-up. Everyone knows who’s the real soldier and has served his country.

  2. sa says:

    “He was keen that the issue of race should be acknowledged”

    The initial statement after the Oprah interview also mentions the issue of “race.” I really don’t know what they’re saying. Race and racism are not synonyms and they say nothing about acknowledging racism.

    • Couch potato says:

      Maybe racism is one of the words they find vulgar (the queen apparently thinks the word “pregnant” is vulgar)? Jokes aside, when they call it “issue of race” instead of racism, they don’t lie when they end up doing NOTHING about racism at the palace. They just hire a POC as a footman or something an call it dealt with.

      • bros says:

        you are forgetting the black equerry! the one they gave to megan to help her! he was one of the queen’s favorites.

      • Couch potato says:

        True @Bros, but they need to hire one more now to make it seem like they’re doing something about the “issue of race”. Everyone in senior positions are blenda white, and I doubt that’ll change anytime soon.

  3. Aurora says:

    The Royal family has the most inept PR team I’ve ever seen. Unfortunately they can’t fire anyone because of all the skeletons in the closet these inept people can reveal. If the Royal aides have direct connections to tabloids and were leaking on Meghan And Harry, I’m sure they’ll have no problem spilling the Royal family beans.

    • Elizabeth Regina says:

      It’s like watching a car crash in slow motion. It’s almost as if they are taking the piss. This is what you get when a barely educated, insular family who think they are the centre of the universe surround themself with barely educated social climbers.

    • Aidevee says:

      We bought the Sunday Times yesterday and the front page was extraordinary – a massive grid of photographs showing every single pale, male and stale hereditary peer in the UK house of lords. Their poses were exactly the same as William’s and I suppose it’s a tiny bit possible they were throwing a bit of shade? Everyone’s been furious about it all.

  4. Steph says:

    Is this supposed to make William sound like the bigger man? It makes him sound, as usual, as a petulant child.

    • Mila says:

      He sounds pathetic you can tell he was never told no as a child or as an adult and doesn’t actually know how the real world works

      • Becks1 says:

        I found the part about hierarchy interesting -how William is a stickler for it, and Harry isnt.

        OF COURSE William is a stickler for it. the hierarchy is the only thing that gives him power and control over Harry. It’s the only thing that makes William better than the rest of the family. Of course william is obsessed with it.

      • Myra says:

        Absolutely @Becks1. He benefits from the hierarchy in place so he holds it over others. If he was a good person, he would have actually sat down and really empathised with his brother’s situation and the mental health of his brother’s wife. He is incapable of that though. He benefited so much from the torment of his brother and his young family, he had no compassion for them. A man like that being the head of a country where marginalised and vulnerable groups continue to be targeted. He wouldn’t bat an eye to the suffering of others. So long as you continued to revere him and give him unearned praise.

      • Farfromreality says:

        Yep, the hierarchy is all he has. He lost his looks and Harry has all the charm and “it.” Kate is the result of no one else wanting the job. So he’s stuck with her, while Harry brings in this gorgeous, intelligent woman. I’d be jealous AF if I were Willie.

  5. Snazzy says:

    A friend of mine texted me that William looks like a racist chicken nugget and now I can’t unsee that.

  6. Mila says:

    William did SO little working hours for the air ambulance, they almost took his licence away lmaoo! So idk what they are talking about there

    • equality says:

      Even if he was working a full time job with the rescue service it wouldn’t be all day every day. Search teams only have to go out at certain times. He wouldn’t have to work from dawn to dusk constantly. He is full of it.

      • (The OG) Jan90067 says:

        “He was leaving home at 5.30am, getting home after dark and saving lives in between…”

        Uhm… no. He was not a doctor/nurse/EMT. He was a friggin’ CO-pilot (whose RPO also took up space on the heli for a family member to go with the actual patient), someone who barely made the hours flying to keep his license current, someone who missed so many shifts that his co-workers complained (and that boss was taken off and replaced with a Palace “yes-man” who shut down ALL complaints about this petulant PwT’s behaviors and lack of work shifts.

        This is the same slacker who never finished his “bespoke” agricultural course to prepare his for the Duchy, who goes hunting/shooting every Christmas and espouses “Conservation/Eco” causes, and yet uses a heli for his short distance trips (incl. that stunt where he “borrowed” a chopper to land in the Mid’ yard).

        Boy, Brexit Brits have a VERY short memory.

      • Lemons says:

        Can we please not forget when William was training to be a spy! 😂

      • Olenna says:

        @Lemons, did you have to remind us, LOL?! He’s KP’s Secret Squirrel.

    • Nic919 says:

      And he never took holiday shifts so the other guys always had to work around him. There was an article about how little he worked even at part time and that was quickly killed.

      • bros says:

        he’s also so petty that he had to make sure that little slight from 2017 was addressed. grudge holder from 4 years ago, had to make sure that tiny criticism was rectified. also nothing about his loyal wife in here. the sun really does rise and set on him. and he one-hundo percent looks like an SS officer studying phrenology,

      • notasugarhere says:

        His co-workers went on record with the RRs who did the story. Right after that, a William insider (the guy who organized their wedding) was handed the job running the EAAA. All leaks about William’s laziness stopped after that.

      • BothSidesNow says:

        Yes, Baldimort is incredibly insecure about the actual truth of his ineptitude at anything that he ventures on his own that he must have his yes men put into positions of control so that the actual truth is not uncovered. He never actually worked even though he called it part time. Baldimort cares only about one thing, and one thing only, himself. And probably all of the hair that goes down the drain every day.

    • Becks1 says:

      Also, the timeline is blurred in that article. I’m sure someone here remembers the details better than I do, but he ended his RAF service and THAT was when he was supposed to become a FT royal and move to KP, and then they ended up moving to Anmer for a few years before Meghan came on the scene and they announced they were going to be FT royals, except then Kate became pregnant with Louis so here we are, 3.5 years later, still waiting.

      • notasugarhere says:

        They were full-time, senior royals the moment they married. They were supposed to start working then, which is why Philip put that in his 90th birthday interviews. Instead of taking the public and private hint, they fled to Wales (okay, she went to London and Berkshire) and refused to work. No one knew why, so the tabloids spun the Malta Lie and stans fell for it.

        We were told Kate would hit the ground running. Two weeks after the wedding, press release came out saying she was going to be a full-time housewife instead. With four full-time staff BTW.

        He was with SAR (Search and Rescue) in Wales. He skipped out of his committment two years early, right after PGTips was born. The reason given was, SAR was going private under a US contract company. As that wasn’t happening for two more years, he could have served out his contract. BUT the US company wasn’t going to cover his behind for those two interim years while they were watching whom to fire, they’d throw lazy Bill out.

        They moved to Apartment 1A the year after PGTips was born, Anmer a month or two before CC arrived. During that time he pretended to take a bespoke land management class (never finished, appeared to be a way to get away from Kate on the regular).

        Was supposed to man up and start working as a royal then, when he surprised them all with the EAAA thing. As he was never qualified as a pilot, he spent a year having to relearn how to be a co-pilot. All while not working. Then insisted he couldn’t stay at KP and work more, because of commute to new job. Turns out commute to new job was the same from KP or Anmer.

        It has been like this for 10 years now. W&K doing so much work dodging work, so little actual work done.

      • Becks1 says:

        And remember how so much money was paid for the KP renovation, bc they were going to be living there FT, and then it was like, “surprise! we’re going to Anmer! You need to renovate that for us too!” And we’ve never really seen them live FT in London since.

        It’s been 10 years and Kate has probably done……800 engagements? Give or take? I’m not looking it up, i’m just estimating that some years she had below 100, and once or twice I think she hit 200. So lets say 800, mayyyyyybe 1000 if we’re counting the meetings with Jason like she does. Meanwhile Anne does 400-500 a year. If they worked as hard at working as they do at avoiding work, think what a difference they could have made!

      • notasugarhere says:

        Exactly, Becks1

  7. Cecilia says:

    “He was keen that the issue of race should be acknowledged”

    Oh really? And he did that by gaslighting his sis in law by saying that his family is very much not racist? Thats sweeping it under the rug not addressing it. He also didn’t even speak to meghan. He and his mouth pieces have absolutely no idea how this all works and it shows.

    • TQ says:


    • Amy Too says:

      “He was keen that the issue of race should be acknowledged,” could also be said about someone who worried about the color/race of his nephew and felt that something “needed to be done” about it. Way to emphasize the word “race,” and not racism, and make it sound like you care very much about the color of the people around you and not whether or not all people of any color are treated with dignity and respect.

  8. Becks1 says:

    The propaganda in this is so obvious and pathetic its laughable.

    First – the photoshop. omg. Even my husband was like, “did they photoshop….hair?” And the fact that they used a picture of him in uniform. It’s so cringey.

    Second – William himself has complained about his role being mapped out for him and struggling to accept that he would be king. Harry was a bit more open about it in the interview, but he didnt say a whole lot that William hasnt said or implied at some point or another.

    Third – the queen was not blindsided and Harry made that crystal clear. Someone has clearly decided that that particular phrase carries a lot of weight because it gets used constantly.

    I could go on and on. But yeah, it was definitely William who asked about Archie’s skin color.

    • LadyE says:

      Yeah, on the blindsiding thing, they look ridiculous. Harry AND Meghan have made explicit that they speak directly with the Queen since that event. So, if the Queen was blindsided by their website (Ugh sigh the RF comes up with the most unrelatable examples to explain wtf they are so pissed off about), she clearly wasn’t too mad because she’s remained on great terms with them since. Meghan should post a pic of Archie and his waffle maker just to underscore the point.

      • JT says:

        So it’s cool for William to be seen as a military vet but not the actual war veteran. Ok then.

        I think when they mention that the queen was blindsided, it means KP. At that point Harry had probably cut off all communications to Kensington because of leaks. Besides H&M were apart of BP so there was no need to keep Will in the loop, which made Cain upset because he likes to think he’s is the king already.

      • windyriver says:

        KP was only blindsided by the website because they thought they had the upper hand. They had already leaked the details of the Sussexes plan to Dan Wooten, who was preparing to release the news. Harry and Meghan knew that, which is why they did the website, to make sure their intent was accurately portrayed from the beginning, and avoid whatever spin KP/Wooten were planning on.

        The leaking is why Harry hadn’t wanted to put anything in writing. But he made it clear in the interview the question of him and Meghan stepping back had been under consideration for quite a long time prior, that it wasn’t a secret to TQ or rest of the family.

        If TQ was blindsided by the website, I’ll bet Harry filled her in on why they did it.

  9. LadyE says:

    Man, I wish I knew some UK veterans. I would really love to hear how this spin is landing for them in terms of William working so hard in the RAF “saving lives” between his Royal duties. I have always assumed that there’s a grudging detente- fine, you play act to be a military leader, but since you do support the military, we’ll allow it and not rag on you. This seems perilously close to gaslighting the military or RAF though.

    It also seems very pointless. Unless I really misunderstand UK military culture, Harry will always be way more respected in a “military” sense because he is the real deal. Whatever people think about family hierarchy or deference to William as the heir, from a purely two dudes and their military service and devotion to veterans, Harry obviously wins. William’s inability to even acknowledge this is so very, very odd to me. Mainly, I just think surely this must play very poorly with UK military members and veterans???

    • Nic919 says:

      There have been trickles coming out on social media from people who worked with him in the RAF during the search and rescue and they are not favourable. His work ethic was questioned then and he abused his privilege in his bespoke military role more than once. He was almost kicked out too but Charles had to step in.

      Harry served in the military in the way everyone else does, and outside of careerists , they will always respect that over whatever William did.

      • notasugarhere says:

        William was moved from branch to branch before he was tossed out. He nearly lost his wings at SAR because of lack of flight hours. He left that job, weeks after taking paid paternity leave, because he couldn’t compete.

        It wasn’t just that SAR was being privatised; he could have stayed because that wasn’t happening for three more years. The incoming US company was making people prove their worth, and William the Lazy wasn’t going to be coddled by the US owners.

  10. Belli says:

    “William was a stickler for the family hierarchy.”

    Yeah no shit, it puts him above almost everyone else.

    Reading between the lines, he enjoys pulling rank, especially on Harry.

    • Lemons says:

      Yeah, if I could lord over everyone else thanks to “hierarchy,” I would uphold it as well. If I inherited more than my siblings because of hierarchy and not because of merit, I would also be happy for myself personally.

      What kind of line is that?

      • detritus says:

        “ As their respective destinies get closer, it weighs more heavily on them and strengthens the bond”

        Their respective destinies. Imagine anyone else talking about life like that.

        Also, does it weigh heavily or are they glad? Pick one you leeches.

    • Couch potato says:

      That’s really telling! What they’re really saying is that William was/is a pr#$ to Harry and used his position as first born to lord over his brother. And also the part about “clash over substance and style of thir work”. Everyone knows Harry is the one who’s worked on projects with substance.

      • equality says:

        Really. Pick a lane. Will was all for the hierarchy or they worked side by side as brothers. You can’t have it both ways.

    • Merricat says:

      The hierarchy depends on people “knowing their place;” that is what makes it suitable for racism.

  11. Gm says:

    I agree with W that he doesn’t feel trapped, H did but W enjoys all the perks, gets to inherit billions, will be the recipient of what is now 20-30 million annually, be revered. Everyone else hangs on the coat tails.
    W is selfish. He begrudges his brother what he can make off of Sussex Royal and stopped it. It is like he gets to have everything and everybody else crumbs. I think H is better off starting over somewhere else because even before all this there was the risk he’d be cut off due to his brother or public opinion. IMO in the future public opinion will lean toward trimming the royals if not outright ending it. I’m not even brining in the stuff brought up in interview like M, race, Archie. Even if H was single he was always in an untenable position IMO ( look at Andrew/Margaret I bet both of them wish they had done what H is doing)

    • notasugarhere says:

      William has always complained about being trapped in his role. From his 18th birthday interview on, he has made it clear he doesn’t want to be king, doesn’t want his life set out for him. He wants the power, the influence, the money – but he feels trapped by the job he doesn’t want.

      That’s part of why he refuses to do bread-and-butter engagements. He wants to go back to an old-school kind of royaling. Show up a couple times a year, pretend to do big projects, be kowtowed too, and secretly holiday 300 days a year. With a compliant tabloid press *required* to never mention your laziness, holidays, and sidepieces or he’ll sue through the EU Court of Human Rights.

      • HeatherC says:

        Can he with Brexit? Or is that threat of EU Court of Human Rights cut off from him once Brexit is done? I would love that.

    • Carmen-JamRock says:

      @Gm says: “He begrudges his brother what he can make off of Sussex Royal and stopped it.”

      Um….what are you talking about? There was no intention of “making” anything “off sussexroyal.” The SR IG had always been where they highlighted their charitable work when they were working royals. Then in Jan, 2020 they PREEMPTIVELY launched sussexroyalDOTcom to showcase the work they had HOPED to do as part-time working royals, inter alia: “Supporting Community;” “Serving the Monarchy;” and “Strengthening the Commonwealth.”

      Nowhere on syssexroyalDOTcom did they indicate how they planned to earn independent income because, as we learned in the Oprah interview, they hadnt concretized that task as yet. It was AFTER fukkinCharlie cut off H’s security, cut off their livelihood as working royals “because-of-their-change-in-status” and outed their location in Canada, that H&M turned to their friends and advisors, found temporary lodgings at Tyler Perry’s house and then took the advice to check out opportunities with streaming services.

    • Beach Dreams says:

      Nah, like nota said, William has long felt trapped in his position, and he’s complained about it LOUDLY over the years. He’s literally said things like “I’m dreading it” and has shown extreme resentment towards his lot in life. Honestly, I’m not convinced that he isn’t still feeling this way. Even with his “ready to be king” PR of the past few years, it always felt like an insecure reaction to the popularity of his brother and SIL.

      Also, I disagree on Andrew and Margaret. Both of them were/are too caught up in the notion and perks of royalty to ever walk away. All of the royals are, which is why it was such a shock when Harry chose to take his family out of the fishbowl. They could never imagine walking away because they simply don’t have it in them to do such a thing.

      • Dilettante says:

        As Andrew reportedly said to Epstein, Prince Albert (of Monaco) gets to do as he pleases and there’s no blowback, why can’t I?? I think this is Willnot’s attitude too.

      • notasugarhere says:

        Margaret was never told she had to walk away. Letters from the Archives prove the Queen arranged a deal where Margaret could marry Townsend, keep her titles, keep Apartment 1A, her royal stipend, and her royal duties. Her children wouldn’t be in the line of succession, because her marriage wouldn’t be considered valid in the CoE. Margaret chose not to marry Townsend, but it was never a choice that she’d have to leave to marry him.

  12. clomo says:

    That pic of them on the stairs, Harry looks super pissed, Wild Bill looks like he is about to throw up and Chuck is totally derp. I am so disappointed in the RF. They are not not complaining or explaining, they are shockingly bad with PR. I was very young when Diana went but I am English and I knew the sentiment was bad about them back then. Then things have been dull, and I stopped thinking about them, except wIll they get to Wild Bill before it’s abolished, the Queen has respect because of her age and that generation gets respect. Then Meghan came along and pulled back the curtain at Oz and it aint pretty. It is a tragedy of Greek proportions while also being such average bad family dynamics. On a last note Kate’s eyes look like she has cried a lot throughout the years, she is miserable and Meghan made her jealous.

  13. mariahlee says:

    It’s weird because he wasn’t even the main villain coming out of the interview. Harry was totally soft on him (too soft i thought), but his behavior post-interview has been so telling. The only explanation for his appallingly poor PR choices is that he’s in an echo chamber of right wing/monarchist sentiments.

    Here’s a tip: start with showing an ounce of compassion for Meghan, your nephew, and your unborn niece.

    • notasugarhere says:

      William doesn’t have even an ounce of compassion.

      As we discussed yesterday, Harry actively wants to rebuild the relationship with his father. His response about William indicates to many of us that Harry considers that brotherly relationship over. Permanently.

      • clomo says:

        I can totally see that, it is quite sad. Charles, despite his past seems like a kinder person, rather silly, not overly wrathful like William seems. I like he really is into organic farming and not just for show, William seems to only do good deeds for PR, he doesn’t seem inspired, and he doesn’t seem to be interested in intellectual pursuits. His reign will be a bummer.

      • mariahlee says:

        I’ve had that thought. His thoughts about Charles were laced in genuine hurt and betrayal, yet for all the “I’ll always love my brother”, his feelings about Will seemed like indifference. I imagine William has always been this person so it’s totally unsurprising to Harry that he’s behaved as he has. I imagine Charles always stood up for Harry, which is why their relationship was always better, but when it came to Meghan, scarred by the memory of Diana, Charles took William’s side. Before anything else, Charles is a coward. And sometimes that’s worse than a monster.

      • Megan2 says:

        I have been estranged from my family for a few years. I found a journal I had started when Covid first started, as my Dad had reached out and requested a meeting to talk. Lockdown had started so it wasn’t able to happen but we did open some channels of communication via text until such time as it would be safe to meet and have the big conversation; sadly, he passed away suddenly in the fall so I’ll never get to know what would have come of it.

        But, in reading the old journal entries, I remembered that a lot of my conflict around reconciling with my dad was around making sure he wouldn’t be trying to coerce me into reconciling with anyone else. As much hurt and anger as there was with my Dad, I still HOPED things could be better. I HOPED we could find a way to have a healthy relationship. I missed him and loved him so much, even though it wasn’t healthy for me to have him in my life. I think we’re conditioned to feel that way about our parents; it’s very hard to cut ties fully with the people who are SUPPOSED to love you the very most.

        The rest of my family though? Hard nope… it’s just not the same. Even my sister who is now my closest living relative isn’t really someone I want to have a relationship with. It’s just different. When Harry said that about his relationship with his brother, I totally got it. I feel for him and hope he ends up building the relationships he wants to keep and staying free of the ones that bring him harm. It’s not easy.

    • Liz version 700 says:

      I wonder if that dismissiveness set Will off. He lost his mind and managed to convince the world that he was the one who commented on Archie (I totally think he was) & he has been incandescently spouting off for 2 weeks. I wonder if the FFK was enraged at being ignored during the interview. The fact that Harry made it clear he has moved on from engaging with Will may have led to endless incandescenting.

      • Jay says:

        I wondered that, too – he was barely mentioned in the Oprah interview by name. In a way, that’s almost worse, right? Like he doesn’t matter or has no influence.

        I could definitely see someone like William, who is obsessed with status and has been given special attention his whole life, going berserk at not being part of the conversation at all following Harry and Meghan’s interview.

        Guess that is why he’s the “other” brother in the title -the less relevant, less interesting one.

      • Liz version 700 says:

        Jay I agree 💯

  14. Lauren says:

    Why only battle racism in football Bill? There is plenty of racism in your house, you can start there.

    • equality says:

      What has he done to battle racism in football besides put out a lukewarm statement?

      • notasugarhere says:

        And sat there with his wife and kids on a PR photo op, cheering along as the crowd repeatedly chanted racist chants.

      • Alexandria says:

        Are you saying that His Raging Highness throwing a tantrum and saying he’s bored of racism did not solve racism in football? I’m shocked…shocked I tell ya. Please send Kim Jong Will some Pepsi.

  15. Kalana says:

    This article is a long list of the Cambridge excuses being made behind the scenes and in that sense it’s fascinating. Divorced from reality but fascinating.

    William didn’t show up to his helicopter job for an entire month at one point but he was too busy saving lives? Remember that pr stunt at the rescue hq where they leaked sensitive information in the photos and had to fix it? Or William getting called on his lie by an EU official who said he could work another job in his downtime? Or the professional photographer who would coincidentally show show up on scene and photos would leak? That whole thing had so many blunders.

    • Merricat says:

      Yes, it was such a mess.

    • Becks1 says:

      I dont think KP should make too big a deal about his work in Wales or Norfolk – you dont want people he worked with coming forward and being like yeah, he was never there. And LMAO that he was gone from dawn to dusk and was so overworked, the poor poodle. Does anyone actually believe that?

      • Nic919 says:

        I still recall when that article came out confirming how little he actually worked at the EAAS and that was immediately killed within a day. Billy has a lot to hide.

    • notasugarhere says:

      It was more two months where he didn’t show up at all, then only showed up one weekend a month after. As someone else wrote, he never covered holiday shifts either. Had the audacity to take paid paternity leave as a PR stunt, came back and quit within days.

      • Tessa says:

        I remember how Will stans were all agog at William “donating” his salary as an Ambulance co-pilot ($68,000). No mention of where it was donated and it was more or less pocket change to him. Oh and Will donated a small refrigerator to the headquarters. Ridiculous.

    • Tessa says:

      And when Will had those photo ops the press made it sound like Will single handedly flew the copter and saved the lives. Leaving out those who did the real work. Will even had to take his security person with him.

  16. Harper says:

    Oh, it’s the WEBSITE now that Prince Incandescent is furious about. Credit Roya Nikkah with the scoop. And also, he was super pissed that he was caught Dad dancing and putting his hands on random women during his ski trip because he got up early a couple of times in his life. And too angry with Harry to be friends anymore (not to mention Harry’s justifiable reasons to put space between them). I’ve read the whole article and there are a few more references to angry incidents that might get referenced in later posts, IDK. This is supposed to be a flattering puff piece that instead paints a picture of a shallow, raging man with a flimsy resume of service.

  17. Chichi says:

    Is it just me or is Harry’s older brother morphing into a Vladimir Putin lookalike?

    • Kalana says:

      Same cold eyes. Uncanny valley William.

      • lanne says:

        Will-dimir Putin! Same plastic-y face vibe. He just needs to go horseback riding shitless now. Well–maybe he better get some rope climbing instruction from Harry over Zoom before taking off that shirt.

    • clomo says:

      He probably sees himself as some great leader when he is basically a dancing monkey. He must be seething Harry is free from it, Wills has no choice. I know people aren’t impressed at all with Charles but he doesn’t bother me the way William does these days. I hope Chuck lives as long as his mother so King William doesn’t take over until he matures A LOT.

    • Alexandria says:

      Kim Jong Will just wants to rage and throw his toys around. Putin would screw him over twice.

  18. JT says:

    William’s future looks different because Harry was going to do all of the work and carry the RF like he always had. Harry has always been the most popular royal behind the queen, which is interesting when you look at the global statesman and top CEO. The RF truly needed Harry to be there to remain relevant. It’s a shame they were too stupid, jealous, and shortsighted to see that. William has been locked in from day one, he’s wasn’t going anywhere. Harry was always the wildcard and they should’ve worked to keep him happy.

    • Lemons says:

      Yep, Harry was supposed to be the ideas man, William and Kate were supposed to be able to take credit. So many of the lines in this exposé are just weird and show how out of touch they are with reality.

    • Becks1 says:

      And its interesting that they really arent even trying to hide that anymore – that the monarchy needed Harry more than Harry needed the monarchy. Kaiser had a post last week that referenced how Robert Lacey really hammered this point home – that Harry and William’s good relationship is essential for the Windsors.

      It just really makes you think about how terrible William must actually be.

  19. Jocelyn Cox says:

    What’s with all the bald references? There are plenty of accurate, hilarious names to call him without resorting to something about his looks that can’t be helped. (And really, is bald so bad?)

    • ennie says:

      I think he cares too much, it’s more that he “peaked” early, he was sold as so-so handsome and then the Window genes hit him HARD.

      See the pic they chose, where would they find a pic of him with his head covered? Well, he has to be in this uniform for that. And they photoshopped his face smooth. He. Cares.

      I remember my mom getting a postcard from a cousins who was visiting the UK. the postcard had the form of the cut out face of teen prince william smiling coils to the camera. I wonder if they make those now still…
      eh, of course I threw it away not long ago (mom passed in 2009)

    • booboocita says:

      Patrick Stewart is sexy, dignified, and bald. Jason Statham is sexy, a bad boy, and bald. There are any number of sexy, attractive bald men out there — but their personality makes their baldness an enhancement, not a detriment. Having a well-shaped head doesn’t hurt. PwBT’s coldness, arrogance, and meretriciousness make him look just like his nickname: a penis with big teeth.

      • ennie says:

        THIS, I forgot to mention it. I thought first (before William uncovered his own ugliness), that William was kind of admirable to own his baldness. I hit he, as part of the RF would have difficulty to get plugs. Remember how Kate had to deny her obvious getting of botox?
        YES to the sexy bald men. Going by the flies, Sean Connery, age and baldness back a few decades, Yul Brinner, or now Staley Tucci, Jude law, hey, Andre Agassi. They own it. I had a crush a long time ago with that sort of long face and big head, he would look like Baldy, but better for sure.

    • C Dubya says:

      There’s PLENTY to call out Prince William for, but the almost searing glee at pointing out the fact that he’s bald is not necessary.

    • Kyre says:

      I came here to say this. He’s so awful. Do we have to make fun of how he looks? Honestly, it’s very ‘mean girl’ and nasty. Be smart, Celebitchy, it’s what you do best.

  20. lanne says:

    Will has the spotlight he always wanted for himself. So he should get to work. I’ll wait. And wait. And wait…

    Once Harry and Meghan get Archwell started, the difference will be stark. And undeniable. I hope the ratchets are getting their pens and their imaginations ready for the spin they will be required to write as Will’s Ministry of Propaganda. “Hey, the Cambridges are white!” isn’t going to play as a message for the under 50 set in the UK. It sure as hell isn’t playing outside of MAGA land in the US.

    • JT says:

      I agree and I think the contrast between Archewell and the Royal Foundation is already there. Archewell has some amazing partnerships in place and have donated to so many great organizations already. I mean they are partnered with UCLA already and during a pandemic no less. Now that we’re opening up in the US, H&M can really get going.

      Now what has the royal foundation done during this time, besides cause some charities to close due to lack of funds?

  21. Eco-warrior hero says:

    He looks scary in this photo. Funny they would chose a photo in which there is no warmth… only cold emperor vibes…

    • Carmen-JamRock says:

      I think they believe this photo is flattering to him……you know, that the photo makes him look like a !KING! Unfortunately for them and him, what it does is make him look like the cold, unfeeling, self-important, emperor’s-new-clothes, out of touch douche that he is.

  22. Osty says:

    Wills and his team continue to make him sound like a whinning man child who is angry his kid brother ” tlook his food away ” . They are so bad at PR it hurts. ” i work so hard and pple still will not love me ” 😪😪😪😪😪😪😪😪

  23. yelli says:

    Consider the source, but last night on Twitter, someone posted that this praise piece contains only one named source and 21 anonymous sources (an aide, a close aide, a friend, a close friend, etc.) I would think there would be a queue of folk willing to go public lauding W. Hmmmmm

    • Lemons says:

      @yelli Do you know who the one named source might be? I’ve seen other people referring to the “Black friend” as being a director at one of their patronages, so it would be funny if this was the only person who had their name printed and could be identified.

      • JT says:

        It’s another stark contrast between H&M and the Keens. The Sussexes have so many people defending then and willing to go in the record to do so. All W&K have are a bunch of nameless friends (cough Jason) going to bat for them and it doesn’t feel authentic.

      • Nic919 says:

        The “black friend” wrote a separate article for the Telegraph. But yes he runs Centrepoint where William is patron and has an OBE.

      • Belli says:

        @Lemons if it’s the same thread I saw then the named source is Miguel Head, who was William’s private secretary until 2018.

      • Lemons says:

        Thanks, guys! I finally saw the tweet referring to the article.

  24. S808 says:

    There’s only one person in this story who’s willing to go on the record about William. No one else is willing to put their name to their comments about him.

    Must be another reason why they’re mad H&M can defend themselves. Their friends defend them with their chest, 10 toes down on their statements. It gives it much more credibility. Comparing that to……this. Idk, it feels like this whole thing was done by his horrible PR team and they scrapped to find someone, anyone, who’d say something on record.

  25. MerryGirl says:

    Photoshop me with love.

  26. Tiffany says:

    I just came for the dictator name play.

    Y’all are doing the Lord’s work and I need to get out my notebook.

  27. Anne K says:

    I think William is shockingly dumb. He doesn’t realize it but he’s effectively weakened himself for the future. Harry is popular despite the British media propaganda otherwise they wouldn’t be even now filling up their tv shows and newspapers with Harry and Meghan ‘news’. William clearly has no friends, has allied himself with tabloids that will eventually turn on him and now the likes of daily mail can put up calenders of his kids with no complaints from him. He is trapped. He just doesn’t know it.

    He needs Harry but Harry doesn’t need him. No one says Charles or the queen needs their siblings to rule but they constantly say it about william. It shows people know he will be a lacklustre and inept leader.

    After all his machinations, out of the 4 he trends last behind Meghan, Harry, Kate in that order. He should have never betrayed Harry and it’s clear from social media the past few days that the whole world is correctly guessing he is the one who made racist remarks about Archie

    • L84Tea says:

      All of this!! Such a great synopsis!

    • MerryGirl says:

      Yup, the UK media can propaganda all they like to prop up William & Kate but the fact is the WORLD sees the RF for who they are…an imperialist, racist family and society locked into a class structure that is becoming more and more irrelevant in a changing world.

  28. Jay says:

    That cover photo just screams “modern”/s

  29. ABritGuest says:

    Very interesting that they confirm Bill is a conservative. With a small c (sounds familiar). Also this talk about how similar he is to Charles& his views are aligned with the Queen’s. I thought his PR just last week was he was Diana’s heir but he still his own man. They always used to say him, Kate and Harry would be the modernisers with Heads Together etc whereas now sounds like they are leaning into him as a traditionalist. Meat for the monarchists perhaps.

    And also noting similarities with Charles just makes me wonder if some hinting at similar jealousy & er family issues.

    The projection of Bill as the enforcer suggests he’s likely been the main person to broach the difficult conversations with Harry on behalf of the family eg baby colour query & also his office has been main one behind the press leaks. I think Charles has been more clever at keeping his hands clean.

    The fact his future looks so different without Harry as they keep stressing shows he was really relying on Harry’s support. I just don’t understand why it never occurred to anyone just supporting Harry’s family would have ensured he’d still be there.

    • equality says:

      Playing both sides. And the monarchists are all the old conservatives so a play to keep their loyalty.

    • Nic919 says:

      Charles has also been smarter in being vague about his politics. William is stupid to say he is conservative. Of course the royals are conservative because they benefit from a system that gives them money for doing little. But to go so far as to label himself a conservative means he is a Tory in the UK sense and that’s more political than either Charles or the Queen have ever been. And he’s probably very right wing and this was the nicest way to say it.

  30. equality says:

    Sorry but the comment about going “beyond royal duties” sounds nothing at all like Will. What has he done that isn’t just putting out statements, maybe donating here and there, and ribbon-cutting show up kind of things. Going beyond sounds more like Charles with his Prince’s Trust or Harry with Invictus.
    And what was put out before was that William wouldn’t even attend the meetings with Harry but now he was running the whole show?

  31. Pétulia says:

    It’s pretty clear to me that outside of his aristocratic world and the Middletons he has no actual connection to the real world. He appears so out touch.
    To me all of this propaganda is not designed for us it’s to reinforce his base( racists,conservatives/ white supremacists)
    I don’t know if he realize that the tories won’t be in power forever.

  32. Iris says:

    The bit about him being more like Charles than he’d care to admit made me spit out my tea. Jesus. And in his wedding speech?! I suppose it was too late for Kate to run at that point

  33. Amy Bee says:

    This is just total propaganda from KP and it lacked self-awareness, humility or contrition. He takes no responsibility for the breakdown of his relationship with his brother.

  34. JK says:

    What a dickhead.

  35. Bex says:

    I always thought being the monarch was a solitary endeavor, not a shared experience.

    Yet, so much of the discussion around Harry stepping back is as if Harry was going to share in more of the duties than what would normally be expected. I get that Harry would be set up as a shield for William, but did they always expect him to do much of “the work” to?

    It’s odd because Charles isn’t reliant on his siblings, and we all know The Queen was never THIS reliant on her sister (or her cousins). The bulk of the responsibility (WORK) falls to the person wearing the crown.

    • JT says:

      Harry would have been the shadow king, with Will as the figurehead. They all keep saying that William needs Harry in order to fulfill his duties as monarch, which is unusual as you’ve said. The queen wasn’t relying on Margaret and Charles certain isn’t relying on Andrew. William isn’t and has never been up to snuff for his future role as king.
      Harry is a true leader and had the temperament, vision, and connections to be king. All William has is the title and even that isn’t good enough.

      • Ginger says:

        I agree JT. I think the RF and British press know that William can’t hack it as King and needs Harry. William has been hiding behind Harry his whole life. Harry is a true leader and William just pretends to be one. This whole article just proves how jealous William is of Harry.

      • swirlmamad says:

        I would bet money deep down, they are all so pressed that William was born first. LOL!

  36. Digital Unicorn says:

    They are trolling him with that photo – that photo scream rage filled dictator. LOL

    As other are saying this is his Tatler – wonder how long it will be before the lawyers start demanding bits are removed.

  37. Rapunzel says:

    The wedding speech gag about him being more like Charles than he cares to admit…so gross.

    It sounds like a wink wink nudge nudge joke to his friends that he cheats too and wouldn’t be a faithful husband. I think Wills infidelity is open secret and even Kate accepts it as long as it’s secret.

    If that joke meant what I think it meant. . . Wills should be worried it was referenced in this article. Feels like another warning shot from the press.

    • Beach Dreams says:

      That caught my eye too. Honestly, from the excerpts in both posts, this looks like Catherine the Great Pt. II: Willcandescent Edition. It’s definitely not *quite* as pointed or laced with barbs, but it’s still just shady enough.

    • swirlmamad says:

      That is pretty disgusting when you lay it out like that….I wouldn’t even have thought of it — but to refer to the groom being just like his cheating cad of a father in a wedding reception speech….YIKES. Everyone keep drinking to block out the awkwardness!!!

  38. Over it says:

    What a load of royal horseshit. So which is it? He is like his granny dedicated to his duties or is it that taking on these duties can’t be rushed? Jesus willleaks is a pathetic man child

  39. Pamuk says:

    That cover is little willy trying to look manly after Harry did the Cordon interview and manned up on that military course. There was an edited video comparing the brother’s and Wills was an absolute joke. I swear that bothers him way more than being called a racist. He can’t stand meghan and harry grabbing the global spotlight, just a pathetic jealous man baby with serious anger issues. Joffrey William, what a ghastly king he will be.

    • Carmen-JamRock says:

      Everything you said. That comparison vid went viral and will-jong-un is a laughing stock, hence all these references to his incandescent rage-fests.

    • MangoAngelesque says:

      @PAMUK — Do you know where that video is? I haven’t been able to find it…

  40. notasugarhere says:

    LOL. As if 2017 was the first time he’s been caught on holiday instead of showing up for royal duty.

  41. RoyalBlue says:

    looking just like an aryan dictator.

  42. Maria says:

    Nothing is funnier than the second heir to the throne being called “The Other Brother” in an article like this.

  43. Jaded says:

    Let’s not forget the bespoke course on ecological farming methods he took at Cambridge but didn’t finish. Why wasn’t that mentioned? It was all over the media at the time. Or is it supposed to be included under his “eco-warrior” bullsh*t? You know you can’t polish a turd and this article is the most outrageous turd-polishing mess I’ve read, including the photo-shopped “Will Duce” pose. Harry and Meghan must be laughing their arses off at this comic book hero portrayal.

    • Carmen-JamRock says:

      I actually think H must be embarrassed and sad that Will-Jung-Un thought these articles and this dictator-esque image was a good idea.

  44. NotSoSocialButterfly says:

    His culpability in the worst of the racist sh!t directed toward Meghan and Archie is divulged thusly:

    “A close friend says William “definitely feels the pressure now it’s all on him — his future looks different because of his brother’s choices, it’s not easy.”

    “William has grown closer to the Queen and Prince Charles. He has helped them to navigate their way through Megxit, Prince Andrew’s removal from public life following the Jeffrey Epstein scandal and, now, the Oprah controversy. “

    • Tessa says:

      Putting Epstein and Andrew in the same category as the “Oprah controversy” Andrew visiting a criminal and being his buddy is the true scandal. Some don’t remember how Charles complained about how his parents brought him up and caught flack.

  45. February-Pisces says:

    Firstly this picture is totally giving off a ‘dictator in the making’ vibes. With his popularity heading down the toilet, Willie is becoming more and more tyrannical by the day. This article confirms he’s a ‘small c Conservative’, which is still a Conservative when he is suppose to remain a-political. Right wing media wants you to know Willie is one of them.

    I feel like the UK is losing its voice, with the protest bill being a massive blow to democracy. The country is dominated by the right wing government, right wing media and right wing royals, who all cover each other’s backs.

    No one on British TV ever calls William out on his behaviour, it goes beyond them just being racist, I think all of it’s broadcasters across major channels have been silenced. That is tyrannical behaviour. William at this point can do whatever the f*ck he wants and will get away with it. I remember reading once how he randomly shot a cat or something like that, and I’m thinking how that is a sign of some deeply disturbing human behaviour. I genuinely think his ego is growing and it’s worrying where he’s heading.

  46. Liz version 700 says:

    I would like to thank the folks who mentioned that they probably can’t fire their PR guys because the PR guys could blackmail them. I have been scratching my head at why on earth the entire Royal PR fleet hasn’t been fired. This is such a self own… every leaked story and PR effort is just so so bad. I could not figure out why they didn’t fire the entire shop….but blackmail explains it lol. That picture wow…. it is very very dictator curious….

  47. Lilly (with the double-L) says:

    What I learned at the Lainey Gossip link: “The Sun’s Editor was former Daily Mail executive Tony Gallagher, now Deputy Editor of The Times.” They’re all in each others pockets. But, like others I wonder how much of this is meant to support or shade from The Times? The photoshopping is oh so… much.

  48. fifee says:

    All I can think when I see Willie is my old boss who I hated and still hate with a passion; the two of them are incredibly similar looking apart from the lack of hair on Willies part.

  49. MMadison says:

    William is spoiled. He really believes the world revolves around him. The Royals know this and the press knows this. They protect Williams because without him they have know purpose. The same way William uses his position to control his father and grandmother, George will do the exact same to him. That family is toxic. Frankly I believe the Queen would prefer that the pedo and his daughters inherited the line vs Charles/William/George.

  50. Shannon says:

    I tried to read the article…but the obvious propaganda started in the first paragraph. It was just too much. As other have noted this is a tone-deaf response that only makes sense if you live in a rarified fantasy land, which is clearly where these people reside.

  51. Keri says:

    Huh. When propaganda becomes so blatantly obvious that it reads like shade. But William is so dense, I’m sure it’ll take a week or two to sink in that this is only making him look worse. Even the title is awesome. “The Other Brother.” There’s Harry and there’s the other brother. LOL. One might think it’s William who is the spare in the eyes of the British media. He certainly is globally. This article is almost as good as the Karen Kensington one in Tatler.

    The shade reads so loud and clear on his work ethic. I can’t believe he delayed becoming “full time” as recently as 2017.
    Just line up his achievements vs Harry’s. There’s no contest and everyone knows it, that’s why they have to prop him up so often in the UK press. When you have to tell everyone you’re great, chances are, you’re not. He’s like Joffrey Baratheon stomping his feet insisting, “I am the king.” Except, he’s not, and it’s debatable if he’ll ever even be the FFK at the rate the monarchy’s going.

  52. Jais says:

    So did he become full time in 2017 and begin going to the London HQ more while Harry and Meghan were dating and getting serious? Was his brother dating Meghan the catalyst for him to officially go full time? Not sure if that’s the timeline but if so…..that’s crazy.

  53. Kyliegirl says:

    This is a profile that will haunt William. I still have no idea what makes him tick. It basically was an amalgamation of past articles on William. Again it was also telling that not one source was from an everyday person that worked with William. Quotes from his patronages were from the heads. Not one source from a former co-worker since his roles in the S&R and air ambulance were keys to the making of him. How different this article would have been about what makes Harry tick. I firmly believe that William only became a “full time” royal when he saw how popular his brother was becoming. I am sure The Firm used this to get him off his bum. Like to clip of Diana saying to a young William,”Harry will have all the fun.” William still has all the same friends from his younger days which is admirable, but it also tell a lot about the person and his lack of growth. You can keep your old friends AND meet new ones. It is called growth. How can he be the “modern” monarch when his world is a vacuum of sycophants? Also, I can’t believe that any responsible mental health charity would have him represent them with all his rage issues. It’s mind boggling how dense the Cambridges are that they are allowing their egos to trounce the key issues they have spent years saying (not necessarily doing) are their major focus William with men’s mental health and Kate early years. The only credibility they have is the crap written by the BM. Even one of William’s patronages who worked on the book for children of front line workers who lost loved one’s to COVID didn’t ask William to write the forward. It was Harry the lead wanted.

  54. one of the Narys says:

    It’s profoundly embarrassing and very telling that this is the behaviour of an heir to the throne. Charles was totally thrown off balance by Diana and now William is completely turned upside down by Harry & Meghan. My god hardly the examples of confident and capable leadership. I’m just flabbergasted that they can’t stop themselves.

  55. MangoAngelesque says:

    I’m sorry, but the absolute shade of calling William “The Other Brother,” when he believes he is the ONLY brother that matters, not to mention bringing up the infamous wedding speech correlating him with his cheating father in light of his Rosebushing ways…it’s all a bit too delicious. There’s simply no way the society set isn’t seeing this for exactly what it is: his very own William the Great warning shot.

  56. Tessa says:

    He looks like a throwback to Hanoverian kings. NOt attractive.

  57. Noor says:

    Prince William comes of as a more reactionary figure based on his reported reactions to his younger brother stepping back from royal duties.

  58. Shayna says:

    He looks inbred on that cover.