Kaia Gerber applies her perfume by spraying it on a mirror & using her finger

Kaia Gerber has a cute little interview in British Vogue. It’s pretty superficial, but I love those kinds of mundane interviews about what people do before they go to bed, what kind of conditioner they use and how they apply perfume. That last one should be asked of every woman, because I bet the answers would vary WIDELY. Back in the day, I used to spray or apply perfume directly to my pulse points (wrists and neck). I went through a phase where I would spray perfume on my hair. Nowadays, I do the walking through the cloud of perfume thing – I spray into the air and walk through it. Kaia has a perfume-application method I’ve never even heard of though. Note: the main purpose of this interview is for Kaia to chat about becoming the face of Marc Jacobs’ fragrance Daisy. That’s why there’s so much perfume-talk. Some highlights from this Vogue interview:

How she starts her day: “I feel like quarantine has made my morning routine a lot longer – I take a lot of time for myself and I don’t rush. I like to write in the mornings and usually write a few pages. I like to meditate and say a prayer. I think mindful moments like that have really become a huge part of my morning routine.

The last thing she does before bed: “Drink water, which is probably a terrible idea thinking about it because I always wake up in the middle of the night… now I understand why! I always forget to drink water in the day, so I find myself chugging more at night.

Her wellness secrets: “I am very into wellness and have gotten much more into it over the last year – it’s something that I will now carry with me into everyday life. I’m very into crystals – I have like a million of them all over my bedroom – and I ‘charge’ them out in the moonlight, especially during a full moon. I’m a weirdo like that. I’m also very into breathing – I do 4-7-8 breathing [breathe in for four counts, hold for seven and then breathe out for eight], which I think is incredible, and really calms me down. And then guided meditations. I think anything that works for you is incredible – I’m someone who likes to try everything.

On Marc Jacobs’s Daisy fragrance: “I love it so much! I’ve been working with [the brand] so long, and I feel like we’ve created this wonderful family. I don’t know if this is a thing that a lot of people do, but I like to spray the fragrance onto a mirror first and that way I can use my finger to control where it goes and how much I want to apply – I place it in different areas [depending on my mood]. What I like about the new Daisy Eau So Intense is that it stays put all day. You don’t need a lot.

Pandemic haircare: “It’s funny because it’s only been in the last six months that I decided to mess with my hair so much. Finally, we’re back to – sort of – normal. My favourite was pink, because [going pink] was a pipe dream that I always had. I knew as a brunette I could never have pink hair without bleaching it, [so when I did bleach it] that was my excuse to have pink hair for a little bit. I definitely appreciate my natural hair colour and texture a lot more than I did before. I’m a big believer in a good conditioner, especially because I damaged my hair so much from bleaching it. I use this shea butter conditioner that is so good and was recommended to me by a hairstylist. I always trust their opinion more than anyone else’s, because they’re the ones that deal with my hair. It’s really helped with the damage [from bleach].

[From British Vogue]

I told you it was a weird perfume application! I’ve never heard of anyone spraying perfume on a mirror and then rubbing their finger on the mirror. What a strange way to apply perfume! I wonder what her mom does – I bet Cindy sprays and then walks through it, don’t you? Hell, she might even apply it directly to her pulse points!

As for her haircare… for the longest time – years, really – I never used a dedicated conditioner. I liked a 2-in-1 shampoo and conditioner because with my fine/oily hair, I didn’t think I needed anything more than that. But in recent years, I’ve become a big convert to dedicated conditioners. My hair texture has changed a lot over the years too, so a good conditioner just makes everything more manageable. As for the crystals… again, a lot of people are getting WAY into crystals these days, right? Look at me, I’m a trendspotter.



Photos courtesy of Kaia’s IG.

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  1. Midge says:

    Fragrances are toxic and unregulated. I wish people would stop with perfume altogether.

    • Kaylove says:

      I so agree! Scents irritate so many people too, so why bother?
      *I say as one of those bothered people*

      • Steph says:

        Same. Especially patchouli. It was designed to
        Cover the smell of death. Why do so many people use it? I get migraines from frangrances.

    • BrainFog says:

      Hard agree. The smell can be really suffocating and I don’t understand why some people seemingly bathe in it.

    • Katie says:

      yeah, can’t believe they don’t make any safe fragrances!

      • abby says:

        You can check out the Henry Rose fragrance line, Michelle Pfieffer is behind it and it’s about being completely transparent about the ingredients.

      • NotSoSocialButterfly says:


        I ordered a sample set… they still aggravate my asthma, despite the claims. I don’t think they smell great, either.

      • abby says:

        @NotSoSocialButterfly, a friend ordered a sample for me. I liked, not loved, a couple but not enough to order a full size. I do like that Henry Rose is being transparent about ingredients. That companies can hide behind “fragrance” irks. I have a couple of friends who no matter the fragrance or source of fragrance, it will be bothersome for them. I don’t have particular sensitivities to scent, but ugh it bugs and is irritating to be stuck (back in the day) next to someone in a theater or meeting who douses themselves in scent. Can’t imagine what that is like for someone with allergies or asthma.

      • Brittany says:

        I have a solid jasmine perfume I got from an Etsy seller and I love it and it’s all natural and quite subtle. I used to buy liquid perfumes but yeah they are overpriced and excessive. But I don’t have any respiratory issues so not sure if something like that would work for you.

    • NotSoSocialButterfly says:

      This particular fragrance is awful, and it really aggravates my lungs. I get tight & phlegmy & always need to use may inhaler. I have asked my daughter not to wear it around me, and thankfully she does not.

      I cannot wear any fragrance anymore- there’s some super irritating substance in nearly all of them. Bummer. Solids are okay, but hard to find, and not very long lasting.

    • ElleV says:

      Agree – boo hiss perfume
      I’m no crunchy granola person but the only scents I can handle are essential oils – they smell nice and don’t trigger my asthma and headaches – I don’t wear scents out and about because it’s rude to other people and I love that more and more people are taking the same approach

  2. Mrs. Peel says:

    She looks like a young Anne Hathaway in the pic with the pink hair!

  3. Va Va Kaboom says:

    “I’m very into breathing” OMG me too! I swear I’d die with out it!

  4. MF1 says:

    A lot of wellness trends (deep breathing, medidation, practicing gratitude) can be really beneficial and recommended by mental health professionals, but I just *can’t* with the crystals thing. To me, it really feeds into the anti-science thinking that’s gotten so prevalent in recent years.

    • Darla says:

      I so agree. I do meditate, and it’s something I gave a try during the Trump years, and it really helps. Deep breathing can help ward off panic attacks for me, one big trigger is driving across bridges, which I do often enough in NY. But crystals, nah, that’s woo.

    • BrainFog says:

      What @MF1 said. This crystal nonsense is really bothering me.

    • Case says:

      I agree. I love yoga, breathing exercises, etc. I’m all about good morning/night routines and self care. But I can’t understand the crystal obsession.

    • EllenOlenska says:

      I’ve always liked crystals…but because they’re pretty. If they’re adding any magical mystical properties I’ll take those too!

  5. Veronica S. says:

    She’s lovely, but man that answer is up there with one of the dumbest things I’ve ever heard. “Control where it goes?” Maybe just…buy the rollerball?? Or open the bottle? It’s controlled application, and you aren’t wasting ‘t product when you spray it on the mirror. Not to mention rubbing molecules of perfume generates heat and can cause it to evaporate, which means it fades faster.

    Although, I am glad she talked about how much damage bleaching did to her hair. That’s something I wasn’t prepared for even with all the product I bought in advance of doing it. If you’re a natural brun/brunette, it takes a lot of work to keep it decent after bleaching.

    • Mina_Esq says:

      lol right? There are so many easier ways to control where the perfume goes that don’t involve mixing it with Windex on your mirror! Marc Jacobs Daisy definitely comes in a rollerball because I got it as a stocking stuffer for my niece a couple of year ago. Bless her heart, she is trying.

  6. sa says:

    I admit I kind of skimmed this and was asking myself why I even clicked on this post, but then I got to the puppies! Puppies make make it all worthwhile. Every post should include puppy pics!

  7. lunchcoma says:

    That sounds awfully messy. Couldn’t she just open the bottle and apply some to her finger?

  8. Maria says:

    I collect and study perfume and most of the “rules” about application aren’t scientifically sound – obviously pulse points etc and walking into a cloud of it to temper strength definitely are, but the ideas of varying temperature (outside of keeping them in a cool dry place) or the idea that rubbing “crushes” the fragrance don’t make sense (if the molecules were going to be crushed it would have happened during spraying out of the atomizer; it can affect the top notes but that’s it).
    I imagine the metal of the mirror would interact with the chemical compounds in a weird way, but if she likes how it smells after that process then more power to her, lol.

    Anyway. A perfume post is exciting. I just got two Diors I’ve been wanting for awhile – Sakura and Jasmin des Anges.
    Fragrance is one of the reasons I liked Duchess Meghan early on. It was an earlier interview where she said she loved perfume so much that if she forgets it she turns around and goes back home to put it on 😁🥰

    • Lizzie Bathory says:

      I’m also fascinated by perfumes. I don’t collect them since I found my perfect match in Chanel’s Coco Mademoiselle. All of the women in my family have different Chanel fragrances. I hadn’t heard that tidbit about Meghan, but I totally relate! My husband laughs at me because I sometimes put on perfume to go to sleep since I haven’t gone anywhere during the pandemic. I looked up the Dior fragrances & they sound lovely.

      • Maria says:

        Ooh yes I do it to sleep too! 😀 I love Coco Mademoiselle and the Intense version. I need to try the Eau Privee!

      • CL says:

        I do that, too! It’s either a fresh “just bathed” scent, or a cologne for men.

    • Venus says:

      I love perfume too! But I lost some of my sense of smell last month thanks to COVID and I haven’t worn any perfume in probably six weeks. Part of it has come back, but I still can’t smell things like fresh air any more, which is devastating. Hopefully it will continue to return.

    • Watson says:

      Maria I love that you love perfumes because i love reading reviews about them (even though i am oddly allergic to many fragrances). When this pandemic is over I’m hoping to splurge on a pricey vanilla like indolt by tihota. I’ve been saving my pennies for months now!

      • Maria says:

        (Watson – as an aside, Outremer Vanille is a great inexpensive alternative to Tihota! I own both and find myself reaching for the Outremer more often!)

      • Watson says:

        Maria: thanks for the alternative to tihota tips!!!

    • Darla says:

      Oh good. Because I put mine on pulse points, I don’t walk thru a cloud of it, even though I have tried that. And I don’t go outside without my Tresor on. All the posts on top made me feel like maybe I am really clueless and old as if nobody is wearing perfume anymore. And I am not giving up my Tresor.

      • Maria says:

        Oh no Darla, Tresor is a classic. It’s by Sophia Grojsman who created a number of my other favorites: Yves Saint Laurent Paris, original Calyx, Bvlgari Pour Femme, the list goes on. I love Tresor in Love too!

    • Lyds says:

      I love that you love perfume and fragrances because I came here to do that: defend them to the grave! Barring those who are allergic, a fragrance offers the olfactory dimension of experience that instantly cements/elevates a moment in time.

      Not to sound like a perfume ad, but since we got a new home with a beautiful tub, I’ve fully embraced candles and scents. Bought some Jo Malone cologne that I’ve used before and always loved and they instantly transported me back to 2009. In these times, anything that evokes a spa or makes me smile before bed is 100% worth it in my book.

      • Maria says:

        I agree Lyds! And I’m addicted to the Diptyque Tubereuse candles Meghan was burning in a recent Montecito zoom 😍

  9. Watson says:

    Every time I see photos of Kaia I truly hope she is ok. She was looking extremely frail for a long time.

  10. original_kellybean says:

    Puppies! That’s all I got.

  11. lucy2 says:

    I used to do the spray and walk through, but now I”m allergic to pretty much every fragrance, so I avoid it all together. Whatever you do, please don’t drown yourself in it, for the sake of people who can’t handle it.
    Also, I pity whoever is cleaning her mirror every time.

    Cute puppies. She looks pretty in the pink hair photo (kind of like Anne Hathaway) but the perfume ad isn’t…good.

    • Roo says:

      Lucy2, that was my first thought. The spray on the mirror thing can only be done if you aren’t the one cleaning your mirror! Her poor housekeeper must wonder what she’s doing every day.

  12. lorraine says:

    why are they dumb puppies???

  13. Lila says:

    I’m a fan of application to hair, myself. The scent doesn’t change as much on me as with skin application. And I get a lovely reminder of the scent whenever the wind blows.

    Her poor mirror! Is someone (likely not her) cleaning it all the time? Or does she never wear different scents? A mirror full of random scents sounds chaotic.

  14. Sunnydaze says:

    For those who love their perfume, Whatever your method please remember there are SO MANY people like myself who are very sensitive to fragrances, especially floral – we get migraines, nauseated, etc. So many people don’t stop to consider smell is subjective, so while one person may love ___ that smell could be awful to another.

    • Maria says:

      I can definitely understand how it can be cloying so I try not to overdo it ever and would never wear it if someone asked me not to (and I’m very clear that people can ask me that if they need). It’s mostly for me anyway, so I do a lot of my perfume wearing in private, with a glass of wine and a movie 😁

  15. Mabs A'Mabbin says:

    It’s nice to see she’s developing this particular family within the Jacob line, especially after working for so long…how rewarding it must be to put her organic chemistry and biotechnology to some use.

  16. MyJobIsToPrincess says:

    I love perfumes – but so many of them don,t fit well with me. They start fine, and then are so heavy on me. I need to find a new modern perfume similar to my all time favorite l’Eau D’Issey, or the tacky DKNY Be Delicious. Any suggestion for Fresh, fruity & light perfumes??

    • Maria says:

      Myjobistoprincess – I LOVE both the Issey Miyake and the Be Delicious. They do have a lot in common too.
      You might like Lanvin Eclat d’Arpege – a lovely clean dewy mix of lilac and lemon blossom; Frederic Malle En Passant, lilacs in running water; Jo Malone scents are all lovely, my favorites are Wild Bluebell, Wood Sage and Sea Salt, Orange Blossom, Tuberose Angelica, and Nectarine Blossom and Honey.
      These are all nice and light and don’t take over the room but are refreshing!

    • Kathie says:

      I love Marc Jacobs Perfect. It’s perfect!! 🙂

      • Melina says:

        I recommend Chanel Chance Eau Tendre (EDT), Versace Bright Crystal Absolu, and YSL’s In Love Again (if you can find it) ♥

  17. Penguin says:

    Christ, I bet that perfume dip dab on the mirror drives their housekeeper insane 😀

  18. Case says:

    That is a really strange method. I only ever put perfume on my wrists (I love Coco Mademoiselle). Me and one of my cats both have asthma so I only ever do one squirt; I’m not trying to give us or anyone I come in contact with breathing troubles!

  19. faithmobile says:

    I just assumed she was spraying it on a hand mirror not a wall mounted one. As much as I love perfume they give me headaches, I now use flower essential oils because they are so light.

  20. Sof says:

    I know some people spray perfumes on light bulbs so the room has a nice smell for a longer period of time… it sounds a bit dangerous to me.
    Pre pandemic I used to wear perfume all the time, now not so much. I put it carefully behind my ears and then do a chaotic “over the head/chest” movement. It’s hard to explain but you get the idea.

  21. likethedirection says:

    @Myjobistoprincess, you might like the Atelier Cologne line, they have lovely light fruity scents and you can get a good-sized discovery set for $35. Other than that I find Fragrantica is a really good resource for finding new perfumes, just look up some that you know you like and then browse through the “reminds me of” section!!

  22. psl says:

    Is anyone else tired of this girl already? I find her quite annoying, and I am just so over the nepotism models.

    • SlipperyPeople says:

      I will never get her appeal. She doesn’t look like a model to me. I wouldn’t look at her twice if I saw her on the street. The glory days of supermodels are over.

    • Sid says:

      Her mom has coached her well, so she knows how to help create great pictures and walk a runway. But her adult face hasn’t come in yet so she often looks too young to be modelling the stuff she is modelling. I am curious to see how she looks once she hits her mid-20s or so.

  23. Jenn says:

    So she applies perfume like cocaine? Do you, girl.

    I love perfume and have a small collection of it, but I do get headaches from a lot of fragrances. The only thing I will wear to conferences, restaurants, airports, etc., is “Not a Perfume” by Juliette Has a Gun. It’s one note, hypoallergenic Cetalox. I really recommend it if Glossier You doesn’t smell right on you (on me it smells like a powdery granny mess, but on my best friend Glossier You smells downright alluring, like warm skin, which is the way it’s “supposed” to smell).