They should totally allow Prince Andrew to wear a Vice-Admiral’s uniform at the funeral

Diamond Jubilee Pageant on the River Thames

As we discussed on Monday, it is unlikely that Prince Harry will be “allowed” to wear one of his military uniforms at Prince Philip’s funeral. Harry is the only one of his generation to serve in combat, and it will be quite notable if the actual veteran of war is the only one in a suit. It was said at the time that the Duke of York would probably also wear a suit, which I guess is notable because Andrew “served in combat” in the Falklands. Now sources tell the Daily Mail that Andrew wants to wear a Vice-Admiral naval uniform for the funeral. Chaos.

The Queen is being forced to decide which rank of military uniform the Duke of York can wear to his father’s funeral after he demanded to go as an Admiral. Prince Andrew – who stepped back from public duties over his friendship with convicted paedophile Jeffrey Epstein 18 months ago – was made an honorary Vice-Admiral in the Royal Navy on his 55th birthday in 2015.

He was due to be promoted to Admiral on his 60th birthday last year, but offered to defer it until he cleared his name and returned to public duties. Now the 61-year-old prince has sparked ructions at Buckingham Palace after he told his mother and senior officials that he wished to attend the funeral as an Admiral. The widowed Queen will have to make a decision in the next 24 hours.

Royal officials are also wrestling with the dilemma of Prince Harry possibly being the only senior male royal not in uniform at the funeral.

Andrew, who joined the Royal Navy in 1979 as a Seaman Officer and finished his active naval career in 2001, is currently a Vice-Admiral after being awarded the rank on his 55th birthday. An Admiral ceremonial day coat has three rows of lace on the sleeve, but a Vice-Admiral’s two rows. The Admiral’s shoulder rank board has a crossed baton and sword with four stars, but for a Vice-Admiral there are three stars.

While it is not known exactly what uniforms the senior royals will wear on Saturday, at the Queen Mother’s funeral in 2002, Prince Charles wore a Rear Admiral dress uniform, Prince Andrew wore a Royal Naval Commander uniform, and Princess Anne wore honorary Rear Admiral dress. All three had, and still have, honorary military titles – along with Prince William – so will all once again be allowed to wear military uniform this weekend. William wore a Blues and Royals uniform to Harry’s wedding in May 2018.

[From The Daily Mail]

You know what? I’ll be the contrarian here. I’m fine with this. I’m fine with Andrew the human trafficking pedophile playing dress up in a Vice-Admiral’s uniform. I’m fine with it because Charles, Edward and William will also be playing dress up in their military uniforms too and it will highlight how f–king clueless these people are about the actual optics. If I was in Harry’s position, I would proudly wear a suit and no military medals just to highlight the utterly bizarre military drag of my family. It’s the Remembrance wreath all over – instead of actually giving a combat veteran his due respect and honoring his service, these morons are completely absorbed in their random petty grudges and beefs.

Prince Andrew celebration of 75 years of liberation of Brugge

Battle of Britain Memorial Flight

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  1. Oh_Hey says:

    Wait the combat veteran from a war that’s still going on can’t wear his uniform but the Pedo from that mess in the Falklands gets to?

    I just…wow…that’s embarrassing for the Family and Britain itself on so many different levels. When do the two crisis guys start again…

    • Abena Asantewaa says:

      I have seen ex- servicemen, eg Chelsea pensioners in their miltary uniforms, during rememberance day, I see lots of ex soldiers matching to the cenatoph to lay their wreaths. Excluding Harry from wearing his uniform is bogus and shameful. I don’t mind Andrew in uniform, because he earned it , despite his legal problems.

    • Cee says:

      I want to add, respectfully, that just because the Falklands-Malvinas War was almost 4 decades ago doesn’t mean it was less important than a current war. He served. My own father in law is a veteran from that war (the argentine side). He lost friends in that war; he watched as they were blasted from the sky and drowned as their ships went down. They were all pawns sent to their deaths.
      Let’s not disrespect veterans and lives lost just because a veteran from that war turned out to be a scumbag and a pedo.

      • Oy_Hey says:

        @Cee – I’m sorry. In re-reading my comment it comes off as dismissive to compare the two wars. My issue is that someone as disgraceful as Andrew still gets to wear his uniform sucks. As an American that’s a POC that war was always framed as modern colonialism on the part of the Brits making it even worse for Andrew.

        Again apologies for sounding/being dismissive.

    • Barnkitty says:

      I have no problem, with Andrew, as an honorably retired veteran, wearing HIS uniform. I do have a problem with CDR Andrew wearing an Admiral’s uniform as does the Royal Navy. They don’t want him as their ‘Honorable’ because is isn’t honorable. All the “Honorable” Admirals, Generals, etc… strutting pop-in-jays…….

  2. Cecilia says:

    I hope andrew does wear a military uniform with all the medals and badges attached to it.

    • Chrissy (The Original) says:

      And I hope Pedo Andy and the BRF get skewered over it. How incredibly elitist and tone deaf!

    • Couch potato says:

      I hope mummy makes him admiral and let him wear the uniform. That’s REALLY going to show the world how fucked up they are. Is this TOB turning his uncle into his scape goat, or are they (especially Andrew) this tone deaf?

      • My3cents says:

        I hope he wears it and then gives an interview explaining why he did.

      • Myra says:

        I hope Andrew continues to give interviews too, while others keep telling Harry and Meghan that they are not welcomed in the UK. I like it when people are honest and open about their values. Also, while Andrew still retains the use of his HRH, titles and patronages, I hope people acknowledge that he retains them because what he does (and did) represents the values of the British Royal Family. Same goes for those trashy novels and shady financial deals with Russians, those were endorsed by the BRF.

      • Enny says:

        Hey, it won’t be so bad! Remember, the UK is projected to have an upcoming heat wave, but due to his Falklands service, Andy has lost the ability to sweat! So at least he’ll be fresh-faced and cool as a cucumber while the others literally sweat it out at the funeral.

        Or wait…is this where the FBI watches with delight while a dewy-faced pedophile reveals a totally unnecessary lie on the world stage? 🤔 OK, that settles it. I’m in favor. Let the little nonce wear his costume.

  3. Alexandria says:

    I really can’t wait to see this…all the men wearing their uniforms and “honorary” badges and Harry is in his suit. We know. We know! So bring it on! I want this picture to remain in history.

    • SarahCS says:

      Yes, in the interests of making it blindingly clear to the many people still on the fence how awful these people are I fully endorse this set-up!

    • Liz version 700 says:

      Absolutely!!! He will look more noble than all of them and it will be a moment of petty enshrined in history

    • Where'sMyTiara says:

      The courtiers are freaking out, because they KNOW how bad the optics are of letting every Royal Idiot out of the castle in their military cosplay, including the combat vet (Andrew) with delusions of grandeur and a love of military dress that rivals The Other Family Pedo, Uncle Louis Mountbatten.

      Andrew dressed as an Admiral is going to make everyone think of The Other Pedo.

      Meanwhile Harry, Afghanistan combat vet being forced to wear a civilian suit, while The Other Brother cosplays being a soldier (only reason he was never kicked out of the RAF for his shenanigans is literally because of who his Granny is)? That is going to anger every single Afghan & Iraq war vet, even those who didn’t serve with Harry personally.

      It’s gonna piss off THE GURKHAS. You do NOT piss off the Gurkhas.

      I’m already seeing US & Canadian Afghan/Iraq war vets I follow on social media reacting angrily in response to how Harry’s being treated. Public reaction is like The Cenotaph Incident, ratcheted up to 10.

      If Lillibet Cabbage of House Petty lets Andrew wear that uniform, HMS Monarchy is going to take an own-goal torpedo. It will set a dark precedent for her own final ceremonies. Not sure there’s any coming back from this if they force Harry to dress as a civilian. I think some soldiers will mail their medals back to BP in protest.

  4. Merricat says:

    That’s an accurate summation of the royal family, the British version of “all hat, no cattle.”

    • Becks1 says:

      I just heard this phrase for the first time a few weeks ago and I love it lol.

      • C-Shell says:

        Don’t know the actual origin of this phrase, but (Texan here) first time I heard it was when Governor Ann Richards used it to describe George W. Bush (before he was TX governor, US President). She was awesome in so many ways.

      • Ann says:

        The first time I came to Texas (I married a man from here and have lived here a long time now) was the first time I ever heard that phrase. My parents are from North Carolina, I grew up in the NYC area. I think it’s a Texas thing. I also heard “One Riot, One Ranger” (definitely Texas) for the first time, which is also a good one.

    • SarahCS says:

      Oh my goodness I’m a Brit and I heard this phrase from a guy in Dallas years ago and it has stayed with me! Any time I’m coaching someone about why they need to actively manage their stakeholders and get involved in organisational politics this one comes out.

    • tolly says:

      With all the flashback photos in advance of the Cambridge’s 10th anniversary, you can contrast how sparse Will’s uniform was back then with the array of medals and honors he wears today. It looks like he spent the past decade fighting valiantly in WWIII, but they’re all just birthday presents from granny.

      • Virginia says:

        “It looks like he spent the past decade fighting valiantly in WWIII, but they’re all just birthday presents from granny”

        I laughed so hard reading your comment that was hilarious! Thank you!

    • Emily_C says:

      I was thinking more “stolen valor.”

  5. mimi says:

    Me too. I want Harry to be the only one* walking behind the coffin with a suit on. So the entire world can see.

    *Other than Peter lol

  6. Lauren says:

    Yeah, fine by me. Let Pedo Andy make himself more noticeable during the funeral. It will also highlight the RF hypocrisy with the senior male members that never served in high uniforms, a pedophile Andrew in uniform and veteran Harry in a suit.

  7. Myra says:

    Lord, I can’t wait to see them in their little costumes adorned with unearned medals. If they can go in their fanciest co-splay outfits all the better. Edward should wear all of the medals he possesses. Andrew should be in his Vice Admiral costume, too. The vet who actually saw combat should be in a suit. That should tell us what modern day royalty is all about and what it represents. The picture should be used in history books when discussing the last decade of Elisabeth’s reign marred by racism, xenophobia, sexism and sex-trafficking links.

  8. Izzy says:

    Sure, go on and continue highlighting your gross tone-deafness. Keep on going with your bad racist selves. #abolishthemonarchy

  9. MerryGirl says:

    Yeah sure, let them all wear their decorated uniforms and let Harry wear a suit for the world to see the absolute pettiness of this Royal family.

  10. Woke says:

    Honestly I don’t understand the outrage over Harry not wearing an uniform from the supporters. The only party who will look bad is the firm not Harry. The only things that matters are the medals he earned himself.
    I doubt this uniform thing bother him that much, it might hurt a little bit but he clearly moved on.

    • TeamAwesome says:

      I think it might hurt that the honorary Marines position was stripped from him because that’s the one he took over from Phil. He’s clearly thinking about it since he signed off his remembrance statement with a Marine motto.

    • equality says:

      Somebody already has an article out and rumors on Twitter that Harry pitched a fit about the uniform thing so Will isn’t going to wear one. So whichever way it goes it will be either the Queen ignored Harry’s tantrum or the Queen gave in so the others didn’t wear a uniform. As usual there is no win for Harry with the tabloids or the haters. It’s getting beyond tiresome. I hope they do all dress in their fanciest uniforms to provide a contrast with Harry and his actual earned medals.

      • Woke says:

        I don’t believe anything about Harry and Meghan feelings coming from the British media. I think he is in a place where he’s fine either way like I can wear the uniform, cool, I can’t wear it, cool too.

      • Ginger says:

        This is just like the Commonwealth Service story where they had Harry upset he and Meghan had to walk in before other senior members so Will and Kate walked in early as well so Harry wouldn’t be as upset. This story is BS. Will wants this ridiculous story out so he looks like a kind brother. William is so deranged. I am sure Harry knew this could happen once the review was done and he lost his honorary military titles. I don’t see why he would pitch a fit.

  11. Harla says:

    Harry Earned the rank of Major so why can’t he wear that uniform?

    • Talia says:

      Because in the U.K., technically anyone who has left the services can no longer wear uniform. Harry isn’t currently serving since his honorary roles were removed. The honorary roles for the other RF members are ongoing.

    • KansasGal says:

      This was my question! I wondered why Harry couldn’t just wear the dress uniform of his rank during active service. I didn’t realize there is a rule about not doing so once you leave active service. Makes sense. Perhaps the Queen could grant him permission to do so for this occasion?

  12. February-Pisces says:

    These people think that harry being the only one not dressing like a toy solider will make him look ‘bad’. They literally have no idea about the optics of this. The only one who actually serves in plain clothes, whilst the others get to play fancy dress with their pretend medals, only highlight how much of a farce the whole family is.

    I actually hope the nonce of York does get to play dress up, it will highlight exactly how they prefer nonces to people of colour, not to mention is an absolute slap in the face of those who have risked their lives to serve their country.

    I really hope their chocolate medals melt.

  13. Phoenix says:

    Lol That’s not going to go the way RF see it
    And btw as soon as I saw the headlines that Harry and Andrew will be in suits rather uniforms I had that feeling that they will create drama and leave Harry, the actual veteran, without uniform but give Andrew to wear one…
    Yeah, I am fine with that too. Let them show their true colors.

    • Ginger says:

      The sad thing is they think they are humiliating Harry but they are humiliating themselves. The world will drag them for this. Harry has so much respect from veterans around the world. They will be insulted to see this happen to one of their own.

  14. Roserose says:

    I agree. Let them fall flat on their faces.

  15. Elvie says:

    The issue sounds more like he doesn’t want to dress as a Vice-Admiral, his current role. He wants to dress as an Admiral, the promotion he was supposed to receive last year on his birthday, but was “deferred.” Andrew is throwing tantrums to get what he wants from Mummy now that Philip is gone. Andrew is making moves to get back on the payroll.

    • Original Jenns says:

      Yup. Andrew is going to stuff as much money, treasures, and titles into his pockets before the Queen passes as he can. He knows he’s on borrowed time, and with the Queen vulnerable, he’s going to strike. He’s probably arrogant enough to think he can get back to service (aka running scams under the guise of palace charities) and Charles will be forced to accept him if the Queen can set him up.

    • molly says:

      Andrew throwing spoiled fits about what he’s Entitled! To! Have! is among my favorite Andrew tantrums. Whether it’s titles or splashy weddings for his daughter or a fake military costume that’s more important than his current fake military costume. God, he’s such a cliché.

  16. Carmen-JamRock says:

    My daughter has been a dancer with her school dance troupe since the age of 4 & danced wth them for 16 yrs. Each yr the school’s biggest fundraiser is the annual Season of Dance staged at the national theatre. They raise upwards of $1M each season. Its a big deal with sponsors & VIP attendees, etc.

    I worked bk stage all those yrs, helping the performers wth hair, make-up and helping the little ones wth their costumes & etc.

    So ive forgiven myself, on reading this story, tht all i could think of was: royal funeral performance needs…..costumes!….hair!…make-up!

    Lights! Camera! Action! b…itches! Y’all better smile for the history bks!

  17. Eve says:

    Harry can wear his military uniform, his earned rank. What he can’t wear is his honorary ranked uniform.

    • Becks1 says:

      I don’t think he can even wear that without permission from the Queen.

      • Eve says:

        No he can. He does not need permission from the queen to wear his earned uniform. He would need permission for his honorary uniform.

      • Becks1 says:

        There was a link here a few days ago about how he couldn’t, but I dont feel like googling it now. Apparently he needed permission for his wedding as well? But I’m not military and not British, so I dunno beyond what someone shared here.

      • Eve says:

        As a member of a British military family I can tell you that you shouldn’t believe everything you read.

      • windyriver says:

        @Becks1 – Believe the remark was that he needed permission from the Ministry of Defense, which I think I read in an article somewhere as well, but who knows what’s accurate in all this.

      • Mipsy says:

        Technically as he has left the army his rank is not high enough to be able to wear the uniform again. However as he is a royal exceptions are obviously made. Just like the exception to get him into Sandhurst when he didn’t have anywhere close to the qualifications needed.

    • Talia says:

      In the U.K., once someone leaves the service, they can no longer wear the uniform. Harry is not currently serving and no longer has an honorary roles so he can’t wear uniform.

      • Mipsy says:

        If he had a higher rank he would have been able to.

      • Becks1 says:

        So if he had been Major he would have been able to, without permission?

        Good to know I wasn’t completely misinterpreting what I read lol.

      • JaneDoe says:

        But didn’t Andrew leave the service?? He wore his uniform regularly before his current disgrace. And Edward DEFINITELY left the service seeing as how he dropped out of boot camp after three weeks and he has absolutely worn a uniform on occasion.
        Just MORE instances of the BRF being given things they did NOT earn (I’m looking at you too, Anne. Just because you wear your military regalia well doesn’t automatically mean you should be able to. Have you seen how good I look in a tiara???)
        The fact that men and women who MADE it through boot camp and served/seen combat have to salute these people burns my ass.

      • Becks1 says:

        @JaneDoe – as I’m starting to put this together in my head – Andrew left the service, Edward dropped out of training – so they wouldnt be able to wear a uniform from that time (although I guess it depends on Andrew’s rank when he left the navy?) But the uniforms they wear at events like this are the unearned uniforms/titles/positions. So it seems to me at the very least they should let Harry wear the uniform from his regiment, but my guess is he will just wear a dark suit.

    • Ainsley7 says:

      @Eve- So, from what I have read, regarding wearing their uniforms, it is technically illegal for any retired servicemen to wear their uniform because it would be seen as impersonating an active serviceman. There are exceptions for military events, and it’s often overlooked for weddings and funerals. Not enforcing a rule isn’t the same as it being ok.

    • Becks1 says:

      Okay so just popping back to say that Prince Philip wore a uniform to the Cambridge wedding in 2011, as did Charles, but neither did for Harry and Meghan’s wedding. Was that considered a state occasion, so uniforms?

  18. Kurt's_caridigan says:

    At this point, the Windsors are the physical embodiment of the Benny Hill chase song.

    Truly, I cannot roll my eyes at their shenanigans hard enough. Ugh.

    • Sid says:

      I genuinely guffawed upon reading this, because the Benny Hill song comparison is just so apt. This is a royal family. LOL!

  19. S808 says:

    The optics of them all wearing their play uniforms (except Andrew) and Harry wearing a suit…..I bet they him wear his too to save themselves the dragging.

    • mariahlee says:

      I understand the pressures, but I’d respect him more if he didn’t. If anything, Harry wearing just a suit would be an expression of solidarity with his fellow retired vets that aren’t adorned with unearned honorary titles. There’s nothing to feel shame about.

  20. Chaine says:

    What do actual serving members and veterans of the British military think of these “honorary” officers/cos-players? Isn’t it rather insulting to them and diminishing to those who are real servicepeople and have actually earned ranks like admiral? Why does the government allow it?

    • Laika says:

      My father and brothers are serving members. They have Anne/Princess Royal as the honorary member. They are very pleased with her. When you sign up it includes for queen and country. She is their Colonel-in-Chief and everyone has a great respect for her. My sister’s husband is in the Navy and again they have a great level of respect fof her, and especially for her husband. Nobody likes Andrew

      • equality says:

        As an American it doesn’t make sense. Our president is commander-in-chief of the military but we don’t let him wear an unearned uniform to perform the job or give him medals. It’s seen as disrespectful of actual service people.

      • Emily_C says:

        @equality Yeah, as a fellow American this is something that’s a very big deal in our culture. You don’t wear a uniform you didn’t earn. You most definitely do not wear MEDALS you didn’t earn, that’s disgusting. But that’s aristocracy, isn’t it? Disgusting.

      • Ann says:

        Like equality said….I don’t get it. Even Eisenhower who was the most important American military hero of WWII wore a civilian suit in his role as POTUS. Granted, the Royals are not the government….they’re just figureheads. So a lot of it is about the costumes and pageantry, I guess. I’m glad your family members are happy with their royal patrons, Laika. Also glad to hear no one likes Andrew. But I do hope they respect Harry’s service.


  21. Me says:

    Through one lens it’s a lot of ridiculous cosplay, but this question about military uniforms is really indecent and it is a slap in the face to all veterans. ‘Randy Andy’ continues to lie, refuses to answer the FBI’s questions, and lies about that refusal, yet he has the nerve to demand that mummy provide him with a participation trophy admiral’s uniform. And the RF and BM seem to think Harry’s the problem? This is disgusting.

    • Saucy&Sassy says:

      Me, I read something in the last day or two that the military will be involved in this funeral–the procession? I wish I remembered what I read. My point is, why doesn’t the entire family wear their suits and let the active military members represent the military. I certainly will never pretend to know Prince Phillip, but why do I get the feeling that he would prefer that?

  22. aquarius64 says:

    Harry better be allowed to wear his dress uniform of his earned rank. People online are hacked off this already. Talk about bad optics. And a clueless family.

    • mariahlee says:

      Why? He was only permitted to continue wearing uniforms after his service because of the honorary titles. He no longer has them. Why should he get special treatment?

      • Mipsy says:

        I agree @Mariahlee

      • SunRae says:

        @mariahlee I love that you think this is about fairness and not good marketing and foresight. I think that’s been the most bizarre bit about all of this – people screaming about how Harry can’t have it both ways, he can’t demand special treatment as if he should continue to be punished for making an impossible decision under awful circumstances.

        The whole world is watching. It ultimately doesn’t matter what protocol you think Harry must adhere to because of his decision to ultimately save his wife’s life, it matters that he has been punished so spectacularly for it while a literal paedophile runs amok and enjoys peace if not blatant favour.

        WE SEE YOU.

      • Sid says:

        It’s not special treatment if you apply for permission, which you can do.

  23. Eve says:

    I just want to see Sir Tim Laurence in his earned Vice Admiral uniform. Yum

    • BayTampaBay says:

      That was what I was about to ask. What was Sir Tim’s rank when he retired from the Armed Services?

      With regards to “Yum”, I must agree. Sir Tim is a very dishy dude who looks spectacular in a full dress military uniform. Anne and I seem to have the same taste in men looks wise. I knew there was more than a million reason that I really like

      • Eve says:

        @BAYTAMPABAY Sir Tim retired as a Vice Admiral. He looks and sounds fantastic. If i was Anne I would keep him uniform at all times apart from the obvious ;)…………I am thirsty. Anne does have very good taste. She has always been my favourite.

  24. Snuffles says:

    All of the protocol and battling egos jockeying for position is just reminding Harry why he left.

    • Chrissy (The Original) says:

      Yup! These people sure don’t live in the real world and, with everything that’s happened inside their own family, and all the bad press they’ve gotten, you’d think that that they would tone down the theatrics and have a low key send-off for Philip. I say, forget all the show-offy uniforms, all the men should have to wear somber suits as befit the occasion. This isn’t a parade or game show. I find it all so undignified and gross. Poor Harry having to put up with all this fakery, when he just wants to honour his grandpa and show support for his grandma

  25. MadMangoMal says:

    In the Sunday comments on Harry being banned from wearing his uniform we joked about him showing up in fatigues and repelling from a chopper or parachuting in.
    Well I’m doubling down on my delusional fantasy. I still want that fatigues but I’m adding …
    Let Pedo wear his play costume and I hope FBI agents are on site to arrest him while he walks behind the coffin in said play costume. If I can’t get fatigues and an arrest I’ll settle for Pedo being dragged into a field office for intensive question about the function of his sweat glands. Now that is an image that could REALLY sustain me for a very long time.

  26. Becks1 says:

    I’m team “let Andrew wear a uniform to highlight the utter nonsense that is the royal family.” The combat veteran who served in a war zone, who learned how to fly an Apache helicopter, who started an international games for servicemen and women, etc – sure, he wears a suit, and the others wear their unearned uniforms with unearned medals and honors, especially freaking Anne. It’s just going to make them all look stupid on the world stage, and I can’t believe there is no one there who will tell them that.

    Also, if I’m understanding correctly, for at least the procession there will be actual representatives from the armed forces, right? Like, there is no need for the royals to play dress up like this, there will be people who are actually in the military wearing their uniforms to honor Prince Philip.

    • Apple says:

      Anne looks great in her honorary uniform. Anne has said if she had been a man she would have joined the navy. Women were not allowed until 1990, she would have been to old to join by then. If you want to critcse people in that family there other people who actually deserve it.

      • Lady D says:

        I believe the criticism is for wearing unearned uniforms. As long as she looks great in it that’s all that matters? It’s still hypocritical of her and the rest of them to wear it.

      • Becks1 says:

        Whether or not she wanted to serve doesn’t really matter because she didnt serve, so its unearned. Full stop. It also doesn’t matter one iota how she looks in it. That’s the standard now, really?

      • Abena Asantewaa says:

        @Apple Harry got D for Geography and B for Art, whiles not enough for Uni, it was enough for Sandhurst, go and check the requirements. Harry at Eaton, excelled in: Polo, Rugby and Cricket. He was also one of the highest ranked Cadets, he had more than enough to be admitted into Sandhurst, and he rose to the ranks of A Major, but was denied that, because William would have to salute to him. William never got that far. Harry settled for Captain. Oh, the life of A Spare!

      • Original Jenns says:

        I would have paid for everything myself to see William salute his brother or risk breaking protocol!

      • Emily_C says:

        She could have done behind the lines stuff. Her mother did.

      • Sid says:

        Apple, that is simply untrue. There was a women’s branch of the Royal Navy that Anne absolutely could have joined. Why she chose not to is on her.

    • Nic919 says:

      Honourary uniforms are ridiculous and the British royal family acts like dictators when they dress up in unearned uniforms. Edward and Anne never even served. Also women could serve in the UK military in the Women’s Army Corps but they just couldn’t do combat until 1990 and since Charles and William never saw combat, this would have been the type of service Anne would have ended up doing anyway.

      • Apple says:

        But if honorary positions are so ridiculous why do you can about Harry’s? You can’t have it both ways. I have respect for him for going into a warzone but if you don’t know the only reason he was accepted into Sandhurst was because he was a royal you are being very naive. With his grades he would never have been an officer.

      • Apple says:

        So she was not allowed into combat so why compare her to Harry then. If the people in her egiments are happy to wear them then why do you care?

      • Becks1 says:

        We care about Harry’s because it was a petty move designed to hurt him.

        the only reason most of the royals have done ANYTHING is because they’re royal. I mean I don’t think William could have had his cushy air ambulance schedule if he wasn’t Prince William.

        You’re taking a weird stand on this issue TBH. Anne could have served in the military, just not in combat. She did not. Therefore her uniform is unearned. Same with Edward, same with Andrew and Charles (although they served, they did not earn the ranks they wear.)

        No one is saying Anne is a bad person for goodness sake. We’re saying she did not earn her uniforms, which is 100% true. None of them did. And that is highlighted when they all want to play dress up at the funeral of a family member who served in world war 2 while the other combat veteran in the family isn’t allowed to wear his uniform.

      • Merricat says:

        Agreed, @ Nic and Becks. Facts.

      • Dee says:

        William’s eyesight alone should have taken him out of the helicopter job, am I right? He used the royal loophole.

  27. Jais says:

    I had to look up the word “ructions” from the article. Knew what it was from the context but had to make sure it was an actual word. It is.

    A disturbance or quarrel…ructions. Who knew?

    Please let this spark ructions by letting Andrew wear a full admiral uniform. Omg. This guy.

    • Saucy&Sassy says:

      Jais, when I read that, I actually wondered the same thing. I also think it just sounds strange in the sentence. Is this a British thing?

  28. Nic919 says:

    It’s not a state funeral and they really shouldn’t wear military uniforms. But if they are going to make this a clown show, then why not have Andrew wear a uniform.

    • BayTampaBay says:

      Agree! This is a not a state funeral. Anyone, including members of the BRF, not currently serving the UK Armed Forces should wear a bespoke Savile Row suit.

  29. Amy Bee says:

    I’m hoping Harry is the only wearing a suit too. Just to show how stupid the Palace is.

  30. Hannah says:

    As it’s not a state funeral, Covid restrictions are limiting the number of attendees to 30. I think all the men should wear dark suits 🤷🏼‍♀️

  31. Over it says:

    I am good with this, let the world see petty vindictive royals on display against an actual one who served. These people don’t deserve Harry. He is a gentleman through and through

  32. Jay says:

    Ugh, the utter tonedeafness shouldn’t astonish me at this point, but it still does. As if the queen wants to be dealing with Andrew’s feelings about which uniform he gets to wear. None of them seem really to give half damn about her.

    I’m with you on Harry wearing a sharp suit and maybe an armband or pin to honour his grandad.

    • BayTampaBay says:

      I have to admit that this “what to wear” nonsense sorta make the BRF “Just Like Us”. The family patriarch has died and people are arguing with momma over what to wear to the funeral. This could really be my family and especially my momma.

      • AMA1977 says:

        I agree with Jay, whatever your thoughts are on QEII, (and I have thoughts, believe me!) she is elderly, grieving her husband of 73 years, and does not need her stupid adult son whining about what he’s going to WEAR to the funeral. Act like a dignified, thoughtful adult JUST ONE TIME, you lying POS. Quit making a difficult time more difficult for your 94 year-old mother.

      • Emily_C says:

        To me, it looks totally alien. My grandmothers are dead, but the closest thing to a “matriarch” we have now is my eldest aunt, and if someone over the age of 10 came to her asking what to wear to a funeral she’d think they’d gone insane. And she’s controlling enough that her son eloped to the other side of the country without telling anyone. But grownups are expected to grow up.

    • Maria says:

      If you think Andrew has been pestering the poor Queen against her will you are wrong. She’ll protect Andrew always. Enthusiastically.

      I am sure she probably is leaning on him for extra support now and considers him her rock.

  33. mess says:

    I’d like to imagine the two incoming crisis managers going “No! No! FFS NO!!!” (Followed by a chain of creative expletives aimed at clueless courtiers and the respective factions) at all these stories. Hope the pay is worth it, I can’t see these pompous lot following any cohesive, smart strategic advices.

    • twoz says:

      It’s going to be like herding cats, except with cats you might have a chance if you bribe them with tuna and cream.

    • Sid says:

      There’s not enough money in the world that would ever coonvince me to hitch my wagon to this circus. Good luck to both incoming people because this…well, good luck.

  34. My3cents says:

    On Monday we wear pink, sorry, I mean our uniforms.

  35. Kitty says:

    I heard this morning that de Queen and her advisers are trying to get around de rules of no uniform for Harry since he is no longer serving, apparently she wants Harry to wear his Military uniform on Saturday, so will see what happens !

    • BayTampaBay says:

      It really should be all or none when it comes to this uniform nonsense. I vote for NONE!

  36. Abena Asantewaa says:

    @Impsy @ Talia. Harry’s rank even as Captain is high enough to wear his earned uniform. Ex Soldiers of lower ranks wear their uniforms for Weddings, also for funerals of fellow Officers to honour them. What the dimwitted Windsors are doing is petty and spiteful. For a group of high privilege standing in society, they really suffer from inferiority complex. Harry excelled at Sandhurst, passed out with flying colours, so please, stop with this propaganda about Harry’s entry into Sandhurst. Whatever it was, the end justifies the means.

  37. Sue Denim says:

    Harry’s the true warrior on so many levels, with or without the uniform. He knows that, his family knows that, and so do all of his former military peers. I say let him wear a suit with no medals, and show in contrast how truly different he is.

  38. Catherine says:

    Based on the story it doesn’t seem that the issue is whether or not he wears a uniform. The issue is what rank. I actually love that this has come up because it highlights that Andrew was not actually punished though they have tried to make it seem like it. If hebisbtruly no longer a senior working royal he shouldn’t be in uniform and he certainly shouldn’t be entitled to yet another fake promotion. But the intent was always to find a way to get him back in public so nothing was actually officially taken from him. Personally, I can’t wait to see it. It will put the hypocrisy of the BRF on full display. Also Edward and Anne never served a day yet they will be wearing uniforms. And many service personnel do take issue with the fact that (1) people who haven’t served get to parade around in uniforms (2) even the ones who did serve get to wear uniforms after retirement when non royal service personnel don’t get that privilege and (3) the royals continue to get promotions without serving which is why Andy is an admiral. To service personnel those ranks should be earned not given.

  39. Amiblue says:

    My god, the egos on these people!

  40. Truthiness says:

    When I see the royals dressed in their military garb, they just look like Grand Poobahs of the Royal Order of the Water Buffalos.

  41. Sofia says:

    I’m confused by some posters. How is saying “None of them really earned their uniforms including Anne” a controversial point?

    She may not have been allowed to serve because of her gender and that’s not her fault but she didn’t serve at the end of the day. It may not be fair but it is what it is.

    And then there’s Edward who wears a uniform despite dropping out of basic training a few weeks in

    • Emily_C says:

      She could have served behind the lines. Her mother did. Any excuses that she couldn’t really have served are insulting to all the absolutely necessary people who don’t see frontline combat.

  42. Murphy says:

    If we’re going to argue that Andrew should wear a uniform since he was a legit service member then he should wear the uniform of the rank he was when he left–the one he earned. He doesn’t have any honorary positions anymore so he shouldn’t wear those uniforms.

    • FicklePickle says:

      Er, as far as I am aware Prince Andrew has retained his honorary military positions.

  43. MaryContrary says:

    This is such a crappy thing to do to the Queen. The optics would be terrible- Andrew has to realize this-and yet because he’s self absorbed and a total creep, he’s going to force his elderly, grieving mother’s hand. How about some scathing articles stating “how dare he put her in this position?”

  44. Agirlandherdog says:

    I’m just tired of Andrew’s retirement from active royal life being attributed to his “friendship” with Jeffrey Epstein. No. He was forced out of active royal duties because he had sex with underaged, trafficked girls. Full stop.

    • Lady D says:

      If they are underage or trafficked, they are not having sex, they are being raped. I learned that on this site, (I should have realized it) and I now make sure I use the right words. No more sugarcoating it for the pedophiles.

  45. Asking for a friend says:

    A Vice Admiral uniform is fitting for Andrew since a “vice” is a moral failing. I’ll see myself out….

  46. Lizzie says:

    The gold standard advisors didn’t think through the optics of Harry being stripped of his honorary military titles and banned from wearing his uniform and how that would play out with grandparents 99 and 94 y/o funerals not to far off in the distance.
    A high-schooler would have seen this coming.

  47. Louisa says:

    Imagine just losing your husband and having to deal with all this nonsense. These people are ridiculous.

  48. Snap Happy says:

    How can she stand him?

  49. NotSoSocialButterfly says:

    Honorary titles and gifted medals. Absolutely vomit-inducing.

  50. Vizia says:

    I read this as Andy wanting to wear an Admiral’s uniform, as opposed to Vice Admiral, because he was “due to be promoted to Admiral on his 60th birthday last year, but offered to defer it until he cleared his name and returned to public duties”.

  51. Shasha says:

    You guys why are we even listening to the daily fail? They are evil, I really wish this blog wouldn’t link to them and give them traffic and attention.

    We have seen how the daily fail and their ilk just make up stories wholesale. Yes I get it, this one is about Andrew and it’s always the right time to hate on Andrew and mock him. But we don’t need the daily fail in order to do that.

    We can think up Onion-like stories about Andrew ourselves about how he probably is behind the scenes and make fun of him for that.

    We don’t need to give the credibility to the daily fail of believing them when it’s Andrew, because then they’ll still have that credibility to be believed when it’s not about Andrew.

  52. Coco says:

    Why stop at Admiral? She can let him wear the traditional clothing of a General, and a Russian Tsar, and Viceroy of India, and Ambassador to the Moon, and the uniform of workers at Pizza Express.

  53. L4frimaire says:

    I agree. Let Andy wear his uniform and Harry can wear a simple black suit. They don’t even know if they’ll use Harry’s HRH in the funeral program. It’s utterly shameless how they want to take this mans funeral to score petty points, and make it more about their grudge with Harry and Andrew cravenly using it to get back into public life. It just shows how petty and dysfunctional that crew is over there.

  54. K says:

    Only if it’s bright orange. Criminal pervert.

  55. Rae says:

    As a member of the RN, I really hope he doesn’t wear the uniform.

  56. Liz version 700 says:

    You know what. Bring Andrew back. He is a gross vomit inducing pedo but apparently that is what this family values over an accomplished caring woman who isn’t 💯 see through white. So bring him back…dress him up like a gross moist horrific child rapist and show the world exactly who this dreadful family is. Hell, don’t just bring him back, make him your family mascot. If it brings this awful family closer to total irrelevance then go for it. Harry wear a nice suit… have your bags packed and jet out of there the minute the Pastor says A-men. Keep a couple of guest rooms at the ready for your cousins to use if they want to visit and get a break from their trash parents and the trash Windsors. Otherwise, whew, do lot look back.

    • Alexandria says:

      I absolutely agree with this. Bring Andrew back and then I want the TOB, Charles, Andrew, Middleton and Wessex courts to begin a game of thrones. So delicious.

  57. Lizzie says:

    THis is the type of hypocricy that Buzzfeed does a good job of calling out.

  58. chimes@midnight says:

    altogether now….. 🎼 He is the very model of a Modern Major general…..

  59. Robin says:

    Ex military personnel are livid about Andrew potentially wearing unifom. So, too, is Piers Morgan. Not often you get him alongside the logical people. Does Andrew not realise that the more attention he draws to himself, the more attention he will get; and, outside his mother’s orbit, the attention will be negative.

    • equality says:

      So Piers is going against Andrew now? I guess, Fergie won’t be sending him anymore encouraging messages.

      • Robin says:

        I know, equality, I thought exactly that. Fergie will be wishing she had kept her mouth shut. Piers “I’ll tell the world you gave me a pat on the back and then a couple of days later I’ll do a hit job on your ex husband” Morgan.

  60. JaneDoe says:

    Becks- I couldn’t reply to your comment so I’m creating a new one; anyway, I’m sure you ARE correct about Andrew, Edward, Harry, and the uniforms. I sort of vaguely knew it too even as I wrote my comment, I think my comment was driven more by my outrage and incredulity at the royal family’s decision-making processes regarding who DOES get to wear military regalia, as well as the fact that their whole lives are just a series of receiving things they DID NOT EARN. I have absolutely NO doubt that the royal family has created certain “protocols” that allows them (and maybe even REQUIRES them) to take part in that particular farce.

  61. Monica says:

    What a bloated jack*ss he is, pestering his grieving mother at this time.

  62. Ann says:

    If Harry isn’t allowed to wear his uniform and William is, fine, I really don’t care as long as he doesn’t. This is about Philip, not all their silly puffery. But if that does happen, I would love for Harry to brush by William after the service and say “those medals getting a little heavy for you, Wills?”

  63. Ann says:

    This all reminds me of the episode of “Victoria” where Albert designed more practical helmets for the British soldiers to wear, and Victoria laughed them off for not looking regal enough. She said the tall, “regal” (impractical and pompous) hats made her “feel brave” when she wore them.

    I guess those honorary uniforms make the Windsors feel brave.

  64. TeamAwesome says:

    So the PR people finally got their shit together: no one in uniform.

    • A Guest says:

      I’ve spent the last 45 minutes reading the reactions on Twitter and now I need oxygen after laughing myself half to death.

      I guess all the men will be in suits now. Apparently somebody in the palace read Twitter today as well.

      • Julia K says:

        Except now they are throwing Harry under the bus. No uniforms to spare Harry from the humiliation of being the only one in a suit.No mention of Andrew. The Queen is behaving more and more like my deceased mother.

    • Lady D says:

      Did it have anything to do with Piers Morgan’s column slamming Andrew for being in uniform? It might have been Piers hissy fit that changed palace opinion about hm in uniform.

  65. Well Wisher says:

    No uniforms will be worn at the funeral as reported by Rebecca English, Kate’s personal not-journalist with a bit about Harry as usual. It would be interesting if Andrew made the demand to ensure that the others do not get to play dress up.
    Imagine having the members who serve and still have involvement in the military in some capacity and cannot wear the uniform for the funeral of a deceased ex-military personnel.

  66. Gigic says:

    Wow, just stolen valor everywhere.


    … Except for the actual veteran of war. After all, he married a black woman and decided to live his own life happily off this salty isle. We can’t have that.