Prince Charles is ‘boiling with anger’ over Prince Harry & ‘tortured’ by Harry’s ‘digs’

The Prince Of Wales And The Duchess Of Cornwall Visit Coventry

Prince Charles has been back at work this week, doing tons of events in Coventry and Clapham. He mostly seems to be doing the so-called “bread-and-butter” royal events, stuff like: hospital openings, greeting people at a local theatre, highlighting pub re-openings, checking in on restaurants and food service workers, that kind of thing. I’m including some of the photos in this post.

Charles has press and photographers with him, but from what I’ve seen, no reporter is shouting questions at him or asking him about Prince Harry and all of the assorted royal melodramas happening these days. Which has led to ledes like this, in the Daily Mirror: “Prince Charles laughed off son Prince Harry’s attacks as he struggled to drink a pint under his face mask on Thursday….Charles is yet to respond publicly to allegations made by Harry that he made him ‘suffer’ while growing up.” I wonder how long the British media will play that game? At the moment, Charles is publicly silent on Harry, but in private, his communications team won’t shut up about how Harry is hurting his family and attacking Charles and all of that:

Royally shocked. Prince Harry has continued to take aim at the British royal family since stepping back from his senior duties — and Prince Charles isn’t pleased. The Duke of Sussex, 36, discussed his childhood in his new docuseries, The Me You Can’t See, claiming his father, 72, didn’t understand why he and Meghan Markle “chose to put our mental health first” when they made their royal exit. According to royal expert Nick Bullen, Charles is “hurt” and “disappointed” by his youngest son’s comments.

“It appears nothing is off limits now,” the editor in chief of True Royal TV told Us Weekly exclusively on Wednesday, May 26. “[It’s sad] that their private family affairs are being aired in public yet again.”

Harry and the Suits alum, 39, announced their plans to step away from the spotlight in January 2020, relocating to California with their son, Archie, now 2, that March. Nearly one year later, Buckingham Palace confirmed the Sussexes would not be coming back as working members of the royal family. The couple detailed their decision further in a tell-all interview with CBS, with Harry alleging that his father had “stopped taking” his calls and had “literally cut [him] off financially” following his move stateside.

The revelations have come as a major surprise to Charles, who “is boiling with anger” over Harry’s stunts, per a source.

“[He] feels tortured by Harry with his constant digs. He wishes he’d just let it drop,” the insider explained. “The general consensus within the royal family is to ignore Harry’s behavior, to avoid fanning the flames, but Charles is finding it hard to hold back. He really wants to defend himself.”

[From Us Weekly]

I wonder, yet again, about the paper trail. Meghan made it clear in the Oprah interview that she sent emails and letters and we were definitely left with the impression that Meghan kept her own records. Imagine being in her position, and worrying about Harry losing his protection officers, and thinking about how the Windsors refused to give Archie protection too. That’s what I think about with all of these “Charles is so mad and he wants to correct the record” stories. Like, Charles was fine with his son, grandson and daughter-in-law having zero protection. Charles thought he was making a calculated risk that if he cut off their protection, they would come back. It blew up in his face and now he’s in ass-covering mode, only the actual receipts don’t help him.

The Prince Of Wales And The Duchess Of Cornwall Visit Coventry

Britain's Prince Charles and Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, visit Coventry

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Embed from Getty Images

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  1. Seraphina says:

    He can ignore the “digs” just like he ignored his son’s phone calls.

  2. Cecilia says:

    The gag is, did harry lie? Doesn’t every parent want to make things better for their kids? I know my parents want me to have a better life than they’ve had.

    Also if the royal family wanted to keep family business private they should have told their press hacks back in 2019 to stop speculating about how they feel about meghan. But no, they’ve allowed royal reporters to claim on national tv and social media that nobody likes meghan. Taste of your own medicine Charles, take it.

    • Izzy says:

      This. Meanwhile, Chuck and Keenbridge Bill keep losing their cool over *checks notes* the truth being told. I’m sure that’s a fine quality in a leader.

      • Cecilia says:

        If they are upset about “dirty laundry being aired” maybe they need to stop leaking to the press about how they feel. Just a thought.

      • Elizabeth Regina says:

        That’s because they are incapable of introspection and have zero self awareness or consideration for anything or anyone except their own comfort or image.

      • Amy Too says:

        Celia, right. I hate how they’re just reporting on the same two things (Oprah interview, Apple show) over and over, again and again and making it seem like HARRY is the one who just can’t shut up and is saying something new every day.

        “Prince Harry has continued to take aim at the British royal family”

        “…their private family affairs are being aired in public yet again.”

        “…feels tortured by Harry with his constant digs. He wishes he’d just let it drop.”

        If you don’t want these things talked about, and you’re sick of hearing Harry’s story, then stop reporting on it, stop leaking a new reaction to the same quotes over and over again. The press is insidious with their twists and lies. They’re trying to make it seem like Harry is out here every single day with a new story or quote about his awful family. He’s not. But people believe the spin. They really think Harry is calling up TMZ every single day multiple times a day to say something new about his family.

    • Elizabeth Regina says:

      Harry did not stutter.

    • Myjobistoprincess says:

      ya take it Chaz. Stiff upper lip, never complain never explain. You’ll be fine.

    • Lenni says:

      I hate it when parents fail their kids, but later – when called out – play the victim. Too many of those

    • fluffy_bunny says:

      In general parents want that for their children but I’m not sure if you think you are chosen by God to rule over a kingdom that you want that for your children or at least your spare because it’s literally not possible due to their belief system.

    • BlueToile says:

      Yeah, Meghan has been thru four years of smears, lies, and just general negative stories from this family and it’s attack dogs, so excuse me if I don’t cry because Chuck & Co. have had to endure a few months of negative truths in the public domain. Pack sand, royal family. H&M can say whatever they want, whenever they want.

  3. Izzy says:

    How do those palace comms idiots NOT understand by now, that portraying the RF members as rage monsters who flip their lids at the mere mention of the truth, is NOT helping their cause?

  4. Liz version 700 says:

    Jesus Wept. Foe some one who is going to be the King of England he is a whiny little jerk

  5. Elizabeth Regina says:

    Charles needs to get back the PR person who gave him and Camilla a make over. He also needs someone to tell him to put out conciliatory stories towards his son and finally let it go. His navel gazing, vengeful, woe is me strategy is backfiring badly. He was a crap father and grandfather towards Harry and Archie and people will ALWAYS remember what he did to Diana.

  6. MrsRobinson says:

    He’s looking his age.

  7. Lilly (with the double-L) says:

    Kudos on the next to last photo. It looks like Chuck is asking him “Will you be one’s Black bff, or photo opp?”

  8. India says:

    Charles had better worry about his Balding Bully Boy William and all his striving to have him shoved aside from the succession. He had better get a handle on him and all the rogue Middletons and not worry about Harry whom he neglected coming and going.

    • Tessa says:

      Uncle Gary is out there pitching for the MIddleton side talking about what a “fine King and Queen” William and Kate will be. Maybe he’ll get a title!

      • Amelia says:

        This is what I was thinking. Shouldn’t Charles be concerned about how his Daughter-in-law’s shady uncle is going around mouthing off about how he should be skipped over and William and his niece should be next on the throne?

    • Snuffles says:

      He’s got one son telling the world he was a shit father and another trying to shove him off the throne before he can sit on it.

      • Sure says:

        @SNUFFLES It’s everything he deserves given that he basically outsourced the rearing of his sons to nannies and equerries following Di’s death.

    • Cecilia says:

      Im starting to think that kate and the middletons have something on them (or at least william) they don’t want in the public. 8”it would explain why she’s been so smug this whole Scotland tour and why the middletons feel bold enough to run a whole “skip charles” campaign without any pushback

      • Saucy&Sassy says:

        Cecilia, if that’s true, the best thing that Chuck and Keen King should do is get it out there first with the own narrative. Yes, whatever it is could be ugly, but it won’t be as near as ugly as letting the Mids do it. Chuck needs to take control of this now, or he’ll lose the plot altogether. What are those Crisis Managers doing to earn their keep. Shouldn’t they be telling C & W to do this?

      • BothSidesNow says:

        @ Cecelia, I have been mentioning that Chaz should be more concerned will Baldimort and Keens campaign of tossing him to the sidelines. If Charles was smart, he would make atones for his and the non-action that Meghan and Harry experienced and continue to experience by the RR, The Firm and Baldimort. The fact that Charles is pushing this narrative gives us the another example of how everyone at The Firm use the press only for their own benefit, no one else’s. They didn’t care about how much suffering Meghan was put through for FOUR years!! Charles is only suffering from bad publicity and he doesn’t like it. So Charles STFU and take it like a man because you aren’t doing yourself any favors!

  9. JT says:

    Why does he wish to correct the record? Why not just correct it then? What’s stopping you if Harry is lying? Is it because he knows Harry would drop all of the receipts and sue the pants off off anyone?

    • Cecilia says:

      They won’t because they can’t and they know it too. They’re just upset because they have their backs against the wall.

    • BayTampaBay says:

      @JT – That is what I have been saying since all this began. I want to complete 100% about the removal of security and I want the complete 100% on everything regarding Frogmore Cottage.

      Also, while we are at it, I want the complete 100% truth on the statement “there is no money for Meghan”.

      • L84Tea says:

        Hear! Hear!

      • JT says:

        Right. Just enough with the games. If they think Harry is lying, drop the hammer, otherwise STFU and get on with it.

      • ABritGuest says:

        I think there will be tidbits over time eg today the Times royal reporter has been talking about drinks at the palace even though they all claimed Meghan was lying about palace parties.

        But not sure we will ever get the full story re Sussexes’ time as working royals as claims involve not one but two future kings. What journalist who might have decent sources is going to risk an empire award? Plus we see how the establishment is trying to suppress an account as famous as Diana’s despite Charles own interview etc. And not sure the royal experts with decent sources can see past their own prejudices to give an unbiased account

        But anyway the fact that ‘sources’ haven’t even denied the most serious claims from Oprah & sent out the press to obfuscate about things that weren’t even or to focus on the pre wedding thing tells me it’s true.

        Didn’t they advise Meghan to ignore the press- some of which might have been a senior royal’s comments on her being a degree wife etc. Why can’t these palace sources follow that advice? Stiff upper lip & all

      • BayTampaBay says:

        @ABritGuest – I thought it was Harry who talked about “Christmas” parties at the palace for the press.

        Chucky & Baldy need to present their receipts or as JT stated take a seat, “STFU and get on with it.”

  10. Tessa says:

    Ironic, since Diana said “my life is torture” in reference to her marriage to Charles.

  11. Tessa says:

    Charles mugs and plays the “lovable” old codger. Doesn’t work for me.

  12. (The OG) Jan90067 says:

    I think it’s absolutely HYSTERICAL that “Charles is finding it hard to hold back. He really wants to defend himself.” LOLOLOLOLOL This Petulant Prima Dona Prince has done nothing BUT complain, OUT LOUD to everyone, giving “permission” for this to all “leak” out.

    He’d love to “erase” EVERYTHING having to do with Harry and Meghan, the same way he’s trying to erase Diana, *literally* in HER OWN VOICE/WORDS in these documentaries.

    Too bad, too sad Chuckles…ain’t gonna work this time!

  13. The Duchess says:

    Looks like the crisis PR managers are doing well, or have they walked off the job already? To see this firm spiral brings me great joy.

  14. Becks1 says:

    If he could correct the record, he would. but he can’t.

    Also, Harry is being more specific and direct than I expected but he’s also not completely throwing the royals under the bus. I mean he’s not painting a pretty picture of the royals but at this point the most shocking thing for many of us is that he’s actually saying it. Charles wasn’t the best father? The family is stunted and toxic? are we surprised??

    Honestly if they wanted a way to shut Harry up they should have accepted the half-in, half-out proposal. They thought H&M would sink, and instead they’re swimming like they’re Michael Phelps. The royals made a bad bet.

    • (The OG) Jan90067 says:

      “…..instead they’re swimming like they’re Michael Phelps”. Gold… pure gold!

      (And they are Ryan Lochte, getting caught vandalizing the gas station restroom).

    • Chelsea says:

      This is a really good point Becks1: Harry is not saying anything about that “family” that most people around the world hadnt assumed and i think that’s part of what makes it so damaging. People have long seen the RF as cold and uncaring and at the worst period of QEII reign in 97 even Brits did and remember what they did that time? Made 12 yr old Harry and 14yr William walk behind their mothers’ casket and console the public. They literally used those kids as a human shield to get the Firm out of a PR mese but now witg their dumbselves they’ve Diana’s baby boy too far and at the end of the day the world will always side with Diana over the Windsors and not take well to her son and daughter in law treated so horrifically.

      The thing is: Harry knows this. In the Oprah interview along with mentioning how hurtful it is that his family never showed any empathy for Meghan when 72 female MPs wrote a letter defending her he also mentioned how he knew that there were many people around the world who saw her treatment for what it was. There were people who like me naively thought thibgs might have changed since Diana dies but it became apparent when watching what Meghan went through while pregnant with Archie that was not the case. For those who were not paying attention before him talking now is giving confirmation to people who were in the same boat as me before that these peole have not changed for the better.

  15. Eurydice says:

    Charles is “boiling with anger,” William is “incandescent with rage.” Oh my (fans self), those Windsor men are HOT!!!

    • L84Tea says:

      Maybe that’s why he’s always so red? 😉

    • SenseOfTheAbsurd says:

      He’s like a belligerent yet cowardly drunk in a bar, making a lot of noise about wanting a fight, knowing that his mates will hold him back and he won’t actually have to swing a punch, or take one in return.

  16. Ann says:

    LOL, when it said Charles was tormented by Harry’s “digs” I thought it meant by his 14 bathroom mansion! I was laughing at the idea of Charles being envious of Harry’s lovely home in sunny California.

    • SarahCS says:

      I think both can be true at once.

    • lanne says:

      He might be. Clarence House needs about 80 million pounds of renovations. Surely, he can follow in Harry’s footsteps and pay for those himself.

      • BayTampaBay says:

        Which I do not understand at all.

        Was not Clearance House completely renovated after the death of the Queen Mother for Charles?

      • lanne says:

        I think the 80 million is structural repairs and not interiors. Like the structural repairs needed on Frogmore house. Harry and Meghan have set the new protocol for structural repair needs. The royals should pay for them out of their own pockets.

    • Merricat says:

      Ann, that made me laugh!

    • Susan says:

      Omg same!!! Hahahaha

  17. lanne says:

    I say let him and will-di defend themselves. Loudly and publicly. They should hold a press conference together and tell the world how Harry’s mental health initiative is torturing them. The crisis advisors need to set up that press conference post haste. Better yet, an interview, no holds barred. They can finally get every feeling they have regarding Harry and Meghan off their chests, and tell the world what they really think of wayward son/brother and his wife.

    We will all pop some popcorn in delicious anticipation. I mean, if Andrew could tell his side of the story, why can’t they? And as we all saw, andrews interview went so fabulously well. He and his team even thanked the interviewer and went to bed that night thinking, “job well done!”

    Yes. A Chucky and Cain joint interview. Any of you ratchet, I mean, Rotas lurking here should certainly suggest it to them.

    • Eurydice says:

      This would be so deliciously awesome. Please tell me Piers Morgan would do the interview.

    • Dee Kay says:

      I love this idea. Yes, let them talk. Let them talk all. they. want. We want to hear every single thing they reeeeeeeaaallllllly think about Harry and Meghan and their being completely independent and free to do their good and generous works for communities all over the world. Oh and Meghan being a biracial Black woman and giving Harry mixed-race legitimate and much-loved children. Let’s hear every single thing Charles and William have to say about ALL THAT. I’m sure the people will just loooooooove them for it afterwards.

      • SenseOfTheAbsurd says:

        Oh, yes. I want to hear them whine in detail about every trivial little thing they’re feeling petulant and hard-done-by about. Every little perceived unfairness and slight and petty jealousy.

  18. Amy Bee says:

    This is Karma.

  19. L4frimaire says:

    The only time Harry has revealed anything is during the Oprah interview, and the context of his mental health and the documentary, which is more of trying to understand things. If anything, the royals keep trying to insert and name drop themselves into everything the Sussexes do. They conveniently forget all the damage they did, how they basically gave the Rota and tabloids carte blanche to attack and smear this couple, and are pissed they won’t just disappear and shut up. However, the press is now like Pavlov’s dog and can’t NOT write about the Sussexes. Every day. Side note, Charles looks very unhealthy and overweight, like he’s not taking care of himself either physically or mentally. He’s too busy attacking his estranged son and dead ex-wife to focus on his deep flaws and personal problems.

  20. Miranda says:

    When you, especially as a single parent, choose to ghost YOUR OWN SON, you lose any right to complain about the aftermath. Harry is the one who was emotionally tortured by a distant, self-absorbed father who clearly played favorites with his sons while they were growing up and has now definitively chosen one son over another. This gaslighting motherf–ker doesn’t get to play the victim now.

  21. Lizzie says:

    Remind me who Charles blamed for sending him to Gordonstoum?

  22. Lauren says:

    Those fingers though. Chuck is definitely not ok health wise.

  23. Tessa says:

    I wonder if Charles is cooperating with Penny Junor on her writing about his being a ‘victim’ and it would include digs at Diana and Harry.

  24. Curious says:

    i see this as the adults failed Harry plea for help. this nonsense that harry is hurting this and that one, all the people they are saying Harry is hurting is the elderly people in his family, Harry is the child/man/ an adult today ,the adults in his family formed his life like this . his family meaning Philiip, charles, the queen brainwashed Harry from a child and now Harry have to reprogram his brain as an adult for 4 yrs now, and it will never stop .its like when i read about people in a cult ,it take yrs and yrs ,they may feel better,getting on with their lives, but the damage that was done will always be in the back of their mind, the difference is now they don’t let the bad things that happened to their innocent mind rule their life anymore.

  25. molly says:

    Charles has the WORST media instincts. I understand why his people don’t let him defend himself. He’s criminally out of touch with normal people, tin-eared, thin-skinned, and forever aggrieved. He’d be Andrew without the crimes. (Hopefully.) But these leaks he’s doing now are so destructive. Both to his relationships and future reign as king.

    • Becks1 says:

      It’s like he used up all his PR skills rehabilitating Camilla’s image and now there is nothing left.

  26. Lizzie says:

    Isn’t this all of us though? I had wonderful parents but with age I see where they failed me at times but only because they didn’t know better. And when we see this try to do better for our own kids. This is all Harry is saying.

    Also all the rage in that family and they mock Harry’s therapy. Takes a special level of cluelessness.

  27. Lawcatb says:

    The Royal Family just stays bothered by Harry. Considering he’s not going to be king, they sure do give him a lot of power.

  28. MsIam says:

    Not surprised by this, look how he acted about The Crown which is fiction. So of course Harry telling what actually happened would set him off like a rocket. Charles is still the same spoiled man who wants to have his cake and eat it too. He’s a different version of Thomas Markle, a perpetual victim.

  29. Robin says:

    I think Charles has half given up. He looks awful. I am of the opinion he has an illness. I read an article about his approach to diet some years ago, and recall that he is pretty obsessed with keeping “trim” and eats very little, mainly fish. He also made the triggering comments to Diana about her looking too plump. Looking at him here, it is clear he has put on considerable weight. Comfort eating through guilt and/or something wrong physically?

    • SenseOfTheAbsurd says:


    • NotSoSimpleTaylor says:

      The bottle of gin per day has caught up with him. I’m certain every one of them is an alcoholic: Charles, Anne, William, even Elizabeth.

  30. Melissa says:

    The whole point that Harry makes in The Me you Can’t see is that these things should not be buried, that you have to deal with them. And here is Charles wanting him to sweep it back under the rug. It just proves that Harry was met with silence and disregard in the first place.

  31. Truthiness says:

    If Charles is feeling angry and tortured, you know there are licensed professionals in mental health who can help him sort himself out confidentially. I think there’s a new series on Apple that shows that virtually everyone needs a little help at some time or other, hhm, what’s the name of that series again?

  32. swirlmamad says:

    I am CTFU at that 2nd-to-last photo of Charles and the way the gentleman he’s speaking to is looking at him. A facial expression is worth a thousand words. That’s all I got.

    ETA — no, that’s not all. In the last photo his hands look like Sherman Klump’s from The Nutty Professor. There, I got my petty out and NOW I’m done.

  33. Dl says:

    I just keep having this feeling that Charles will pass before the queen. What chaos would ensue? Or is there a contingency plan for this? What would happen to Camilia? Curious

    • Saucy&Sassy says:

      Dl, I think that Charles may be ill, too. I know people above said he has gained weight, but I don’t see a weight gain in his face or his tummy. I do see that his hands and fingers look swollen, which makes me think he’s retaining water. Does he have a heart condition? I’m not a medical professional, so this is just me wondering.

      • Eurydice says:

        Some forms of arthritis make the fingers swell like that – rheumatoid or psoriatic.

    • lanne says:

      Will di Amin becomes king when Elizabeth dies. Sussex kids never become HRH prince and princess. George becomes Duke of Cornwall and prince of Wales as a child, just as Charles did, even though he wasn’t invested POW until age 21. Camilla becomes Dowager Duchess of Cornwall, likely retires from royal work. This is likely what the Middletons want. The Sussex haters want this too because it means that nonwhite kids never become HRH. But Archie and Sussex baby grow up likely oblivious to most things royal until they are old enough to understand it, and by then all the royal stuff will likely be as alien to them as it is to most Americans. They live their lives as extremely privileged kids who can decide what they want to be when they grow up.

      Unfortunately, the Cambridge kids live their lives as pawns of the British media, who will be salivating to pit one child against the others and repeat the cycle of royal sibling rivals for a 4th generation.

  34. Beech says:

    Y’know some parents would be proud that one of their own paid off a huge remodel ( was slated for work anyway and the haters can shove the imaginary copper tub where the sun don’t shine), acquired a nice spread on their own dime because they’re doing the work to pay the mortgage, have a sweet family. Isn’t that the American way? Uh oh, never mind

  35. Athena says:

    For Charles to wait all these years and die before the Queen would suck ( for Charles). I would feel bad for him if that were to happen

  36. Susie says:

    I find it sad that Charles is still more concerned about the PR hit instead of the fact that he was a very crappy father. I was super young at Diana death and I fell for the new narrative of Charles as the old dude who had a shitty childhood and was right about many issues like climate change and was just not well matched with Diana and star crossed with Camilla but at least he loved his kids and tried at the single father thing and he works hard.
    It was hearing about how he consistently threw his sons (WHO HAD LOST THEIR MOTHER IN HORRIFIC CONDITIONS) under the bus the help his relationship with Camilla. And now hearing more about the bts from Harry makes him look horrible as a father. Especially because all his actions come back to ego and not the crown. the best PR would be trying to reach out to Harry. Many people were blaming the Cambridge’s and thought Charles was forced into abandoning the Sussex’s for his future heir. But this complaining makes it seem like he had as many issues with the Sussex’s. Walking Meghan down the aisle is the greatest Charles has EVER looked. It makes him look like he learned and improved from the past and a man who loves his son and wants him happy. Now he just looks spiteful and arrogant when he worked so hard to get people to forget that part. I truly believe that Charles is the smartest royal left. I also believe Charles just isn’t very smart and that’s the problem with monarchy you get stuck with idiots more often than not

    • Tessa says:

      I heard the same spin, after Diana died, about the “caring father” and then just like that, Penny Junor (Charles friend) wrote a book about how Charles was “wronged” by Diana and Camilla was a “nice lady.”Charles was not “well matched” with Diana because he married her to get heirs, the suitable girl. ANd he married her knowing he preferred someone else. How selfish can he get! He did not have to get married at all, Charles of his own volition courted and proposed to Lady Diana. He could have been well matched with her if he had ditched Camilla after she married someone else, he complicated his life by making Camilla (and Dale Tryon) his married mistresses. Charles was not star crossed with Camilla, he kept her as mistress after she married Parker Bowles and had his children. He was never apart from her and let HER call the shots in the marriage to Diana–some sources say she did not want Charles to have more than two children with Diana.I don’t think he intended to marry her to have his heirs. If it had not been Diana it would have been another young woman but not Camilla. I am cynical about Charles, I think he walked Meghan down the aisle for himself. After that she was not protected. Charles did not even complain about Archie being likened to a chimp, his own grandson! I don’t think Charles is smart. He does work hard, but he has no warmth or humanity as far as I’m concerned. If Charles had ditched Camilla, perhaps he would have been able to raised his son as a married father (to the mother of his children).

  37. Merricat says:

    Yes, the great goodwill that Charles earned when he walked Meghan down the aisle is long spent. It’s breathtaking how quickly it all fell apart.

  38. jferber says:

    I see it very differently. I think he cut off his son and family’s protection not so that Harry would come back, but that (how shall I put this?) some opportune and perhaps fatal accident/event might make Harry’s “defection” moot. Am I saying Charles was complicit in his ex-wife’s death and that his cutting off Harry’s security was akin to attempted murder? Well, yes, I am. I see Charles as a very cold sociopath. Truly. And ironically, William is very much his father’s son. Maybe Charles needs to watch his back and all the talk of skipping Charles as king is a prelude to his own unfortunate end. Royal families are notorious for killing off kin. Cleopatra, I believe, killed all her siblings. Henry the VIII killed three of his wives (I’ve recently read that he had his first wife, whom he divorced, in seclusion and slowly starved to death).

    • Hannah says:

      Not to say Henry was a man of high moral integrity, but Antonia Fraser and other respected historians have not thought he actually murdered his first wife. She was a devout medieval Catholic; it unfortunately makes a lot of sense that she isolated herself and chose to fast.

  39. Mamasan says:

    From the man who wants to be a tampon? Poor Peaches.🤣

  40. Likeyoucare says:

    He had covid. There were lots of complication in the body if you had severe case of covid, such as kidney failure, breathing problem and lots more.
    Or maybe god just said enough is enough you will receive your punishment early on earth.

  41. carol savesky says:

    The Palace cut off Princess Di’s security detail when she divorced Charles…and she was killed in a horrific paparazzi -caused accident a short time later. It’s pretty tonedeaf that Charles cut off Harry & Meghan’s security coverage, especially after all the death threats they received from white supremists & other hate-filled crackpots. (They had 7 trespassers on their property in just a few months.)

    • Tessa says:

      The comments were scary. And petitions were circulated on DM comments to “stop the wedding.” Nothing was done by the Palace to stop this. This has been going on from Day ONE, the day Harry and Meghan were seen together.