Duchess Kate got vaccinated just after breathing on people all over Scotland

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Prince William received the first dose of his coronavirus vaccine just a few days before he traveled to Scotland to begin his one week tour on Friday, May 21. While we were all clowning on William for looking grumpy, rage-engorged and trapped during the tour, I do genuinely wonder if part of the reason why William was in such a bad mood was because he was likely feeling kind of rough with the vaccine side effects. If he had a reaction to the first shot like many of us had to the second shot, he probably felt dizzy, tired, hungover, sore and just generally achy and ill. While I’m glad he got vaxxed, I wonder if it was such a smart idea to get the shot just before the Scotland tour.

The Duchess of Cambridge made a smarter choice, I think. Kate got her first shot (or perhaps she got a one-dose vaxx, we don’t know) on either Friday or Saturday, after the Scotland tour ended on Thursday, May 27th. She’ll probably get at least a week of rest to recover from the vaxx side effects, because Kate rarely puts much on her schedule following a tour anyway. I also appreciate the fact that Kate went sleeveless (or she took off a layer beforehand) for her shot. It’s also not a glam photo at all – she’s wearing regular jeans and her hair isn’t full of wiglet secrets!

So, yeah. No shade for either of them for getting vaccinated and posting the photos on their social media. That’s great, and I hope it encourages people to get their vaccines. If only W&K had been role-modeling good pandemic behavior for the past fourteen months, you know? And I will shade her breathing on people all over Scotland and then getting the vaxx right after!

PS… It’s extremely cool that so many cities are making museums and historic sites into vaccination sites.

Duke and Duchess of Cambridge tour of Scotland

Britain's Prince William and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge visit Starbank Park, in Edinburgh

Duke and Duchess of Cambridge tour of Scotland

Photos courtesy of Avalon Red, Kensington Palace.

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  1. Lauren says:

    Why would you breathe on people or let people breathe during a pandemic? Especially if you were not yet even vaccinated? Did she get covid as well and no one was told?

    • Elizabeth Regina says:

      Luckily we have a nice distraction from this disgrace and from their very disastrous Scottish tour in the form of some petition asking the 6th in line to give up his titles. You can’t make it up I tell you.

    • Aang says:

      I was stunned when I saw those pics. I was sure they’d been vaccinated in Feb they way they’ve been wandering around maskless for months. What is wrong with them?

      • Tanguerita says:

        I’d say it wasn’t their turn back then. People in their age group have started getting their shots in the past two weeks in GB. As for wandering around maskless – there are two explanations for it: they were following the guidelines, while being assholes. Always doing the bare minimum.

      • Anna says:

        They both did what was advised to all ppl in GB. Restrictions vary from country to country

      • Maria says:

        They didn’t follow restrictions with their covid Choo Choo journey of doom.

      • Nic919 says:

        While they weren’t able to get vaccinated in February, they both qualified at least a week and a half before the tour in Scotland. It makes no sense that they did not get vaccinated prior to another tour as soon as they qualified. Let’s not pretend they wouldn’t be able to arrange something on day one of their ages being allowed.

      • (The OG) Jan90067 says:

        I’m shocked that she met, unvaxxed, with that little girl who has leukemia! Even masked (and Keen wore that ferkackta, too small mask again!), that little girl’s immune system is compromised. I sure hope the ventilation in that room was stellar!!

      • BothSidesNow says:

        @ The OG, I think that it was irresponsible for them to go to Scotland NOT being vaccinated, period! For what, a charm tour and they hadn’t been vaccinated? That’s so irresponsible and abhorrent!! I agree with your statement about the little girl, though. Keen Doucheness should never have entered her orbit, yet alone been that close!

      • Nic919 says:

        Kate went to a children’s hospice unmasked last summer and the social distancing was sketchy at best so this isn’t the first time she’s not really cared about the risk she posed to kids just for a good photo op.

      • Tanguerita says:

        @BothSidesNow I really hate to defend them, but seriously, US is not the whole world, try to be less self-centered. In GB you have to wait for your turn, unless you are an essential worker, which they are not. You can’t just “get vaccinated, period” Their age group has started getting invitations two weeks ago. They should have worn the masks though and better even, stay home, but there is literally nothing they could have done about the vaccines.

      • Eurydice says:

        @Tanguerita – In the US you have to wait your turn, too. Different states had different schedules for eligibility, but people were expected to wait their turn. At this point everyone is eligible.

      • notasugarhere says:

        Tanguerita, you hate to defend them? But are still defending them after multiple people posted about Kate maskless at hospice last year and last week. Maskless around vulnerable children, for a PR exercise. The new crisis managers are already failing.

      • bettyrose says:

        I’m confused about why they’re just getting vaccinated. Even in the strictest of definitions, either they qualify as essential workers or they shouldn’t be allowed at public gatherings. WTF?

      • Normades says:

        Nope. People in the states waited their turn, it just went a lot faster. What I don’t comprehend is that the U.K. made such a big deal that they were getting the vaccination faster. But if it’s just now *their turn* it’s really not any faster than several countries in the EU.

      • Ginger says:

        Well, they thought they were essential workers when they did their Covid train tour last year….

      • brielle says:

        seriously are these tours needed? If yes because of uplifting morals,I will consider Will and Kate as essential workers and they are meeting and mingling with a lot of ppl so I don’t understand why she didn’t wore a mask at Sara Everard vigil and others circumstances…
        @Tanguerita,I live in France and I also don’t understand UK guidelines,we are required to wear masks even outdoors and no matter how many ppl so it’s not just an american point of view who don’t understand UK guidelines about masks..

      • Tanguerita says:

        @Normades UK has started earlier and been vacchinating faster than other European countries. I live in Germany and, even though i am older than these two, I don’t expect to get my first shot for at least another month, probably six or eight weeks, if I am lucky. My friends in London in my age group have all been getting their first shots in the past three weeks, while those in France, Spain and Italy are still waiting for their turn.

  2. Eleonor says:

    I know it’s not important, but I think she looks good and younger in that casual outfit!

    • Becks1 says:

      She always looks so much better when she’s not trying to dress like someone else.

      • Gruey says:

        @becks1 I was marveling that this is the absolute best pic of her I’ve seen since she got married. I actually like her jeans! And she actually looks aspirational for once (for such a big spender I usually would never ever would want to look like her)! She looks a million times prettier without the sausage curls and overdone eyeliner.

      • AnneSurely says:

        I’m over here like, ‘oh, so she does know how to buy jeans that have the right rise height, silhouette, and fabric, she just wants to look tarty in public, ok’.

      • Wiglet Watcher says:

        This pic is still photoshopped. She has deep wrinkles that never fully go away unless she’s had a fresh treatment and that would take away her eye line wrinkles. Here her forehead is smooth, with smile lines and missing some pox marks.

        I’m always struck at how thin she is. Her frame is so diminished from what it was during her dating years. And she was still low, low body fat then.

    • Myjobistoprincess says:

      She looks like she picked this outfit herself from her own stuff in her own taste and it looks and feels like she is herself. This is real Kate, the chill Kate.

      • Virginia says:

        I do not agree, the real keen Guevara is the Commonwealth Kate.

      • notasugarhere says:

        Agree, Virginia. This is Kate PR posing. The real Kate is the racist meangirl who helped bully Meghan out of the UK.

      • Wiglet Watcher says:

        You’re all right! Her core has always been aggressive and hateful towards other women.

        And she can also wear mom jeans.

      • Meg says:

        I think its the ‘ real’ kate her team wants people to believe is real

    • keroppi says:

      Agree. Her casual looks are always her best!

    • Liz version 700 says:

      I agree this is her best look in months!

    • bettyrose says:

      ITA! She looks good in regular jeans. Jeggings do her no favor but she’s got enviable curves in those jeans.

    • BayTampaBay says:

      I thought Kate really looked good too in a simple top and normal non-skinny jeans.

  3. Eurydice says:

    That’s good. Wondering why the health care worker isn’t wearing gloves – the person administering Will’s shot didn’t wear them, either.

    • Eleonor says:

      I don’t remember if the health worker who made my first shot (YES FINALLY I DID IT! I have my second appointement in July!!!!!! ) was wearing gloves, I remember at the vaccine center they were all using ton of hydrolcholique gel, and they sanitized everything.

      • Eurydice says:

        Yes, there must be different rules. Here, even before Covid, everyone administering a shot or taking blood uses sanitizing gel and wears gloves.

      • (The OG) Jan90067 says:

        Here, the nurses and FD personnel were wearing N95s, face shields AND gloves for EVERY shot.

        Even when I had to get post stem-cell vaxes again a couple of years ago, the pharmacist that I got my shots from wore gloves! How can you not??

    • Amy Bee says:

      Good question. Could it be the photo was a reshoot because the actual picture of her getting the shot didn’t come out right?

      • irish Eyes says:

        Rules are different in every country, and even within a country. Over here in Europe, masks are not obligatory in the open air. some medical people wear gloves all the time, others rely on constantly using hand sanitizer, or antiseptic gel. It annoys me when i see people being criticised for behaviour that is acceptable in their country but maybe not yet in others.

      • SarahCS says:

        No gloves anywhere in sight when we had ours 3 weeks ago in the UK, just ample sanitiser everywhere!

    • Ginger says:

      I was wondering that as well because my nurse worse gloves when I got mine. Same for my husband and parents. But I think in some areas they don’t wear gloves and just sanitize their hands each time.

    • Tanguerita says:

      They don’t have to. Same in Germany.

    • Midge says:

      It’s not necessary. This is not a sterile procedure. I’ve given thousands of vaccine shots and found the process in the US to be so wasteful and toxic (the cleaning after each patient was excessive and more about optics than actual safety.)

    • Julia K says:

      OSHA says gloves are optional for administration of vaccine. In fact, gloves may be a source of infection if not changed for every shot. There is also a worldwide shortage of gloves. So hand washing and sanitizer may be the standard now.

  4. Snuffles says:

    I hear that if one had COVID the side effects of the vaccine are ten times worse than if you didn’t. So I wouldn’t be surprised if William felt like absolute shit.

    As for Kate, I genuinely thought if we saw her arms they would be dangerously thin. But they look normal. Good for her I guess.

    • Becks1 says:

      I think it’s a combination of the angle and her arms have always been toned, or maybe she has started to gain weight and it’s been hard to tell bc the big dresses she’s been wearing?

      In general though she looks so much better in simple basic styles like this. She should go for less fussy looks and I think it would be a big win.

      • TigerMcQueen says:

        Snuffles, it’s not always true. I and others in my extended family had covid and the three of us who are vaccinated barely felt the effects of the vaccine.

        The people I do know who felt bad after the vaccine didn’t have covid, but more so, felt horrible for 1-2 days after then felt normal (they weren’t sick not a full week). Which made me think, Elegant Bill looked fine his first few days in Scotland, but not so great at the end of the tour. I’ve never heard of a delayed reaction to the vaccine (does that even happen?), so I wonder why he was fine at first then not fine??? Hmmmmmmmm.

      • (The OG) Jan90067 says:

        Tiger, I’ve read/heard the same. And it’s been told that long-haulers have gotten significant relief from malaise from getting the vaccine.

      • Lizzie Bathory says:

        I’ve long thought that Kate is similar to Jackie Kennedy in that they both have naturally lean/athletic body types but they diet/ed to get even thinner. Jackie was self conscious that her hands looked too big for the rest of her figure, so she frequently wore gloves to distract from her hands. In reality, of course, her hands were normal but looked larger because the rest of her was so small.

    • Ania says:

      That’s true. I had very mild covid and felt terrible first two days after vaccine. But who schedules a shot before important events?

    • SurelyNot says:

      I’m glad we finally get to see the arms — after the pearl clutching the other day over the horrible example she was setting for poor Charlotte with her obvious eating disorder — at least we can put that one away for a few days.

      I would agree — good for her that she isn’t as far gone as we had assumed.

    • Midge says:

      That’s not true. I’ve vaccinated tons of patients. There’s no rhyme or reason to the side effects. If there was, I would have been trained to educate patients on it.

      • Juls says:

        So true Midge. Thank you for being at the forefront in vaccinating people. You are a hero, as I told all the workers when I got both doses. Heroes all. I knew a few people that had covid and had zero reaction to the vaccination. I did not have covid and was bedridden for about 36 hours after my second dose. My husband and my sister did not have covid and had no reaction to the vaccine. Everyone’s immune system reacts differently and there is no rhyme or reason, no way to predict how your body will respond, whether you’ve already had covid or not. The armchair scientists are just throwing darts at a map of the human body and trying to make patterns where there are none.

  5. OriginalLala says:

    Good that she got vaxxed but my god, they were wandering around Scotland breathing on people un-masked (“speaking moistly” as our Prime Minister called it last year lol) – that’s so irresponsible.

    • (The OG) Jan90067 says:

      That pic that Kaiser posted, with the plumes of air coming out of their mouths… 😱😱😱. SO irresponsible! I only hope that they WERE vaxxed when TQ was, and these “released” pics were held until their age group was allowed. Considering how rarely they’ve worn masks, esp. around HCW…UGH!!!!

      After my first shot, back in Feb., I was literally tears, thanking the nurses and LAFD when I got my shots; I was SO overwhelming grateful to be allowed to get my shot a little “early” with my dad (as I’m the one in my family that lives with/takes care of him). I posted my gratitude on their Twitter and I was really surprised to get a thank you back from them!

      Nothing but MAJOR respect and thanks to all those who put themselves out there in service to us all.

  6. Lemons says:

    Just want to point out that it looks like she wore real jeans!

    • Jais says:

      I know!!! I like the real jeans from what I can see.

      • Brielle says:

        And she looks good with that simple look

      • (The OG) Jan90067 says:

        I wish she’d burn those skin tight skinny jeans. She looks SO MUCH BETTER in “regular” jeans, even from this seated position!! I think we’ve only seen her one or two other times in regular jeans since married.

    • BeanieBean says:

      Now if she’s wearing Birkenstocks with that outfit, she is me.

  7. aquarius64 says:

    I think both should have been vaccinated before the trip but he was sick it should have been cancelled.

  8. Jegede says:

    She looks great.
    Her arms look more toned than I expected.

    I have waist envy.😞😞😞😞

    • OriginalLala says:

      Don’t have waist envy! Remember that Kate has endless free time to work out, a chef, nannies, a trainer, private gym, housekeepers etc. The rest of us are doing the best we can with what we have.

    • Ginger says:

      I don’t ever want to be that skinny. I like having a little meat on my bones.

    • Eurydice says:

      I do, too! But then I have a short torso with not a lot of space between ribs and hip bones, so I tell myself there isn’t room for a small waist. I tell myself this as I’m eating a large piece of coffee cake.

      As for Kate, she looks really good here and much younger. Simple styles suit her.

    • SurelyNot says:

      I feel your pain — I have no waist. Even at my thinnest I never really have a waist that is noticeably thinner than my hips and bust, I can look thin in profile, but from the front I’m just square.

    • Robin says:

      Don’t ever envy Kate in photos. When she is indoors, a lot of it is good lighting and even better editing. If you ask me, she is also wearing a pretty bulky bra to add to the effect of a narrower waist. These things aren’t important and are personal choice, but please do not be jealous! Most important,I am sure she has a deal with certain UK tabloids, particularly the Mail, to photo her kindly. Contrasting her images with other papers at the same event is always interesting. And, when W&K aren’t playing ball with the Mail, they suddenly release some more natural pictures of her. Envy be gone. (ps if you think about it, there was never a bad picture of Meghan, even though the DM must have tried their very best to make her look drab. A side point, I know. )

    • February-Pisces says:

      I think she’s way too skinny. But her arms look pretty toned. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised seeing as all she does is tennis and Pilates. She looks so much better in casual clothes.

    • Tessa says:

      She has personal trainers probably and an exercise room. While the Nanny watches the children. But she is too thin.

    • LizLemon says:

      I’m sad that people thinks she looks good. She is underweight 🙁

  9. Becks1 says:

    Glad she got vaxxed, wish she had done so before traveling to Scotland.

  10. Laalaa says:

    Again, rules in the UK have been drastically lifted, they did everything by the protocol, concerts are allowed again there, as well!

    • Becks1 says:

      Again, he’s the FFK and she’s the FFQC, it’s not asking to much to expect them to model good behavior during a pandemic, and to do more than the bare minimum (like getting vaccinated before traveling to a different country and meeting lots of people).

      • Laalaa says:

        I get that, but even our prime minister didn’t wear a mask during the massive gatherings outside just yesterday, and that’s because here in Croatia they go by the measures that are currently at state.
        They could be without a mask and on a distance to make a point that those are the current rules. I’m just saying that, not to defend them but to say that they are not an exception here in Europe!
        I still wear a mask in transport, but I don’t while waiting for the bus, like everyone here.
        Edit: and I have been fully vaccinated

      • (The OG) Jan90067 says:

        Thing is, we STILL don’t know enough about this strain of covid, and it is MUTATING AGAIN. A new variant was just found (my sister told me about this this morning:

        From CNN *TODAY* –
        Vietnam’s health ministry has detected a suspected new coronavirus variant which it said appears to be a hybrid of two highly transmissible strains.

        “A new coronavirus variant with characteristics from the existing Indian and UK variants had been detected in Vietnam for the first time,” Vietnam’s Minister of Health Nguyen Thanh Long told a national news conference Saturday.


      • notasugarhere says:

        And from the Pasteur Institute in the last few days

        ‘People who had received two doses of Pfizer saw a threefold reduction in their antibodies against the Indian variant, B.1.617, according to the study, but were still protected.

        “The situation was different with the AstraZeneca vaccine, which induced particularly low levels of antibodies neutralizing” the Indian variant, the study said.

        Patients who had had COVID-19 within the past year and people vaccinated with two doses of Pfizer retained enough antibodies to be protected against the Indian variant, but three to six times less antibodies than against the U.K. variant, Schwartz said.’

        This thing isn’t done with us yet.

      • (The OG) Jan90067 says:

        Nota, did you hear anything about Moderna?

    • Sierra says:

      Yep and when William got his vaccine, it was cold and raining that day. I had my first vaccine same day and lots of people wore long sleeves. It’s actually summer here now so everyone is in short sleeves or tank tops.

      British people are getting on with the vaccine and over 80% of the population have now got the first shot. It’s not a problem here because people actually listens to the government & doctors.

      • Becks1 says:

        People in my state are getting on with the vaccine too – but arguing about who is doing better vaccine wise is kind of besides the point since Kate wasn’t vaccinated yet.

    • Robin says:

      Like Becks 1 has pointed out. Their behaviour has been bordering on a disgusting level of covidiotism. The UK govt is actually thinking of reducing the UK lifting and reasserting some guidelines. Don’t be lulled into a false sense of security; the Indian variant is beginning to establish itself. W&K not wearing masks is/was very poor behaviour. I’ve had both jabs and follow the guidelines – ie just because I’ve been double vaccinated does not mean I can’t get the virus and/or I can’t spread it. They should have worn masks throughout their tour. Add into that, I think he’s only had the one jab so far? And note that she is wearing a proper mask in these photos. No baby masks allowed.

    • notasugarhere says:

      I see nothing to praise in their constant dodging of restrictions for their own PR or convenience. They’ve been wandering around maskless for months, including the COVID train tour last year for which they were publicly criticized. They very conveniently do whatever they want regardless of govt requirements, including keeping their daughter out of school last spring when the gov ordered those kids back to school.

    • swirlmamad says:

      They may have been “following protocol” in some instances but they certainly could’ve done a much better job modeling proper pandemic behavior overall. And to be honest, they HAVE made plenty of missteps, some major (i.e. going on that outing with the Wessexes when everyone was supposed to be sticking to their own households). Some are so quick to find any excuse to praise them. It’s okay to not give them the benefit of the doubt — there are tons of people who refuse to give the Sussexes any grace.

  11. Amy Bee says:

    There was a lot of talk about the royals being unwilling to show themselves getting the vaccine so for both William and Kate to do it publicly is a change in media strategy and probably the work of their new comms secretary. Good PR.

  12. Abby says:

    Good for her for publicizing getting her vaccine. She looks much younger wearing normal clothes.

  13. Laura Cee says:

    She and Ivanka wore pretty much the same outfit to get the first jab! Look: twinsie assholes!

  14. Sofia says:

    I said it when William got the vaccine but I’ll say it here again: if pictures of the Cambridges convince some people who don’t want to take the vaccine to take it then I don’t see an issue.

    Also I really like her outfit. She needs to lean more into the sporty/outdoorsy/sloaney style like this rather than the granny print dresses.

  15. Steph says:

    I’m one of the lucky ppl that had almost no symptoms from the vaccine (just a mild fever that advil handled). Did any of you have symptoms that lasted a week or more? Also, what vaccine is being given in the UK?

    • SurelyNot says:

      I had no symptoms at all with the first vaccine. With the second my mild case of occasional eczema became a full on case of plaque psoriasis over about 1/4 of my body that has been miserable for 4 months.

      Still glad I got the shot (first shot in December, second in January) but I’m dreading any type of booster because I have ongoing skin issues. Better than a ventilator though.

      • Steph says:

        Now that you mention it, I’m surprised my eczema didn’t flare up. Maybe it’s bc I had the one dose vaccine.

      • SurelyNot says:

        @Steph — that’s a thought, I had no issues with the first one at all. Within 48 hours of the second it was something I had never experienced before and it is showing no signs of healing despite steroids. I had Moderna.

    • Tina says:

      Here in the UK, people 80+ got Pfizer as they were vaccinated first and it was approved first; most people 40-79 are getting AstraZeneca (sometimes Pfizer) and people under 40 get Pfizer or Moderna. J&J (Janssen) has been approved here but we won’t get any deliveries of that until later in the year.

      • Lady D says:

        My son and I were both vaccinated the first week of May with Moderna. This morning they told us to expect our second dose in BC at the beginning of July.

  16. Jas says:

    I wonder which vaccines they got? What ages Astra Zeneca is in the UK? Because with AZ you are more likely to feel like crap after the first shot and with Pfizer after the second shot (but I did have a friend who had fever, chills after first) . So he very well could have been feel crappy for a couple days afterwards. I has AZ and no reaction (awaiting second shot still), husband felt like crap the second night. Neighbour was the first night. I find it interesting that there is such a range afterwards. And I agree she looks lovely here.

    • Digital Unicorn says:

      I had AZ and was fine after both, just had a dead arm after the 2nd shot. I think the official line is that those under 40 get the Pfizer shot but I also know older people who got Pfizer because of where they lived (read: in an affluent area).

    • TabithaD says:

      I had Pfizer, and the only side effect I got was extreme tiredness after the second shot – I slept for 15 hours, but felt fine when I woke up.

      • Robin says:

        I had pfizer. First jab was awful – lots of tiredness and aches. I was dreading the second because I’d heard it was even worse, but I got nothing. Just a bit tired.

    • February-Pisces says:

      I’m in the uk and had the Astra Zeneca and I’m under 40. I had it weeks ago before it was banned for under 40s. My second will be later this month. After my first jab I had side effect about 10 hours later. Mostly chills and body aches with a headache, also my arm hurt like hell, and I struggled to put in a jumper. I was fine later the next day. To me it felt like a really bad hangover. Others who had the same also experienced similar symptoms and were fine after a day or so.

  17. Mina_Esq says:

    Wow, her jeans are actually on-trend.

  18. Charfromdarock says:

    I barely recognized her without being covered in buttons.

    I had Pfizer. I didn’t have covid. Completely knocked off my feet for 3 days. And really tired for longer.

  19. Merricat says:

    How nice for Scotland.

  20. Digital Unicorn says:

    I like the outfit – she looks good when she does this kind of casual but sadly when i saw the photos my first thought was ‘she’s cosplayed Ivanka Trump’ who also wore the same outfit for her PR stunt vaccination shot.

    • dido says:

      Oh wow, yeah. The photos are identical too. Same positioning for both healthcare workers and same expressions from both of them too.

  21. Maria says:

    Cute outfit. Props for not jumping the queue if this is real. But she’s still a racist mean girl bully.

  22. Sunday says:

    So, their big charm offensive consisted of William skirting the recommended 2-week window after getting the shot before it’s fully loaded or whatever and instead waiting *checks notes* 1 day, super, and then immediately post-tour (chock-full of fun maskless photo-ops), Kate revealing that she was unvaccinated the whole time. Charming. I would think the sensible timeline would be: vaccine photoshoot rollout + vaccine campaign, domestic engagements up to appropriate travel window, then tour of scotland once fully vaccinated, right? Maybe that was the intended timeline but they refused to release anything vaccine-related too closely with H+M’s VaxLive efforts, because they’re 100% petty like that? Hmm….

    Also, I know people will say that UK regulations don’t require masks outside, but I think that’s debatable in this case because those regulations are for things like taking a walk down the block not face-to-face meet-and-greets with scores of people. And as for the ‘this shows they waited for age group’ excuses, wasn’t their Covid-Express train tour allowed because they considered themselves essential workers? So, if they were ‘essential workers’ then shouldn’t they have been vaccinated earlier (rather than continue to conduct their oh-so-essential-engagements completely unprotected)? I know crisis managers are supposedly course-correcting the palaces now, but pick a lane, KP.

    • notasugarhere says:

      They aren’t essential workers, and there was plenty of protest over their stupid superspreader tour last year. They’ve been randomly wandering around without masks, with masks, wearing them in the car together (separate households?), and generally doing whatever they want. Like Kate illegally doing her maskless pap shots at the Everard memorial an hour before other women were arrested for showing up. First claimed it was private, with her photog and videographer there for a ‘private’ event, but then claiming it was work to get out of trouble.

      They do whatever they want, flout regulations for the PR constantly. Nothing to praise here.

    • swirlmamad says:

      You make entirely too much sense.

  23. Juniper says:

    She looks great here. Dare I say it, quite sexy?! For the first time ever!

    • Maria says:

      No in my opinion…

      She *can* look sexy but this isn’t it. This is strained and weird.

      • notasugarhere says:

        She does look strained. The outfit is looking 80s to me. Skin-tight top, light blue Mom Jeans.

  24. BearcatLawyer says:

    No cookies from me. She met with a CANCER patient indoors while unvaccinated. I do not care how many times she has tested negative for Covid. That was just horrible behaviour to model.

  25. Ewissa says:

    I wonder if this is not just the PR stunt.That they both been vaccinated in Feb.But had bad PR already for Choo Choo tour so kept it quiet and also because their age group was not priority ( now their age groups are officially vaccinated , hence the photo op, plus there is probably why nurse not wearing gloves)

    • Lady D says:

      I’m surprised at the amount of people okay with getting the shot from someone not wearing gloves. I know people say it protocol where they are, it just doesn’t seem that sanitary or professional.

      • Wiglet Watcher says:

        Gloves are necessary. It threw me too, but I’m unfamiliar with their protocol.

    • Carolind says:

      Think some people are finding it hard to understand that the roll-out of the vaccine in the UK is in the hands of the NHS. People are told when they are eligible to be vaccinated

      • notasugarhere says:

        Think most people are having no trouble understanding W&K inappropriate, COVID-flouting behavior for the past year – including their tour behavior days ago.

      • (The OG) Jan90067 says:

        I doubt TRF is “told” a lot. I’d bet almost everything they were vaxxed when TQ was, at least the “core” family (heirs and spares). These photos are just for show purposes only.

      • Nic919 says:

        They were eligible May 13, 2021. It is impossible to believe that they needed to wait weeks for their appointment once that date passed. I know regular people in the UK who got their appointment days from the eligibility date and it’s not like the Cambridges are so busy that they didn’t have the time.

      • swirlmamad says:

        @Nic919, right?!?! If you’re telling me that they couldn’t have a nurse/health practitioner come over to KP to administer the shot ON the 13th if that is when they were eligible to get it, especially knowing they had a tour imminently approaching, I simply do not believe that. Lesser “important” people would be able to schedule a shot exactly when they wanted it. People need to stop pretending the Cambridges are these paragons of virtue and righteousness. They would ABSOLUTELY get the shot months before their age group was eligible if it was made available to them so there’s no way they’d lollygag around the minute their age group was greenlighted.

      • Merricat says:

        Lol. They take the people’s money to fund their lavish lifestyle, but heavens no, they would never take their vaccinations ahead of schedule.

      • Maria says:

        LOL Merricat, my thoughts exactly!

  26. Sophie says:

    Love the photoshopping around her torso to make her look even thinner.

    • Wiglet Watcher says:

      That’s her actual torso size. There was a pap shot of her and William on a beach shortly after their wedding. She’s in a black bikini and her body was absolutely skeletal. The pics were taken down after a lawsuit was threatened.

  27. Lizzie says:

    I guess simple is best on her.

  28. Tessa says:

    I still don’t like her. Both unvaccinated on that Royal train tour. Ridiculous.

    • Brielle says:

      I was indifferent to her but after Meghan I don’t like her either… but good for her getting the vaccine

  29. Andrea says:

    She looks so much better when she isn’t trying so hard.

    I was stunned they hadn’t gotten shots yet. I get that their age group hadn’t been called yet, but I figured they’d have special dispensation given it is them especially with raging Willy.

    Canada is starting dose 2 this week–Canada and the UK are spacing shots out 3 months between doses unlike the US. It will be interesting to see if it makes if any difference.

    • Lady D says:

      They announced this morning in BC, that everyone can get their second shot after two months instead of three. They have already started notifying people. Maybe BC has more doses?

  30. MMadison says:

    BORING VANILLA Kate….yawn. Watching a more interesting video of paint drying. Do we have any updates on Meghan, Archie and the baby….anything please!!

  31. HeatherC says:

    Glad she got vaxxed. I’m a huge advocate for vaccines. I’ll give some credit, they have a big platform, publicly getting vaxxed will help convince others to get vaxxed.

    It would have been responsible of them and their staff to schedule this tour until after both were vaxxed. Would a week or two really have hurt? Then they could have gone into Scotland with a double message. 1. Please please stay with us! and 2. Everyone get vaxxed when they can, look, we did!

    As a nurse in the US I can’t understand the no gloves thing, though I’ve been told it’s not required in other countries. The administrator of the vaxx is poking a hole in someone, right down to the muscle. That is a skin opening. In my training, to reduce the chance of pathogens entering that hole you just poked, gloves are worn. It’s why needles are sterile and you wipe the area with alcohol/clorhexidine/whatever the protocol is.

    • swirlmamad says:

      Exactly. So even IF they did their duty and waited till the 30s age group’s turn, why on earth couldn’t they have pushed this tour out a few weeks??? What was the rush? It wouldn’t have made a damn bit of difference. Not like anything they did changed anyone’s minds anyway, and they might have even scored a little more goodwill by making it look like they were finally taking this thing seriously. But too much to ask, I guess.

      • Agreatreckoning says:

        My speculation is that they were both vaccinated before their turn-probably as soon as the first one came out. Which is why they were so cavalier about everything. I do know people that got their shots before their turn. $ and who you know has carried influence with shots. Kind of wish I didn’t know about these situations. Their recent photos, to me, are more for PR purposes. Kate nuzzling up to Charles at the funeral, even though she was wearing a mask, made me think she was already vaccinated. They wouldn’t qualify as essential workers because they don’t really work and their “work” really isn’t that essential, is it?

        Getting vaccinated is good. Have a hard time giving them/her hurrahs for what millions of other people are doing without a photographer.

        Love the title of this post.

  32. TheOriginalMia says:

    Still not buying the timing. Why in the world would she risk meeting Mila while unvaccinated? Why wait to get vaccinated until after the tour? She was at greater risk being around all those different groups of people?

    I like the normal jeans and shirt. See, it’s possible to wear normal casual clothes, Kate.

    • Merricat says:

      Well, we wouldn’t want a little thing like a vaccination to get in the way of Kate using a little girl’s illness for publicity.

    • swirlmamad says:

      This is why I refuse to gas this woman up further. She met with a little girl, who has a life-threatening illness and compromised immune system, UNVACCINATED. I could give a sh*t if she wore an (ill-fitting) mask and she gave this girl the chance to meet a “real-life princess”. She should have DONE THE RIGHT THING and made sure she got the vaccine BEFORE she set up that meeting. Again — pushing all of this back a few weeks would have changed NOTHING except ensured that everyone involved was that much safer.

      • swirlmamad says:

        All a negative covid test does is tell you that you don’t have any detectable virus in your system AT THAT MOMENT. So if she tested negative the day or two before they left for Scotland, she could absolutely be contagious 3-4 days after that, when she met with Mila. Whether she and William tested or not it was still a highly irresponsible decision on Kate’s part to meet with her if she hadn’t gotten her shot yet. You don’t take those chances with other people’s fragile health.

  33. Coffeeisgood says:

    I like her outfit. Casual looks suit her so much better than buttons and coat dresses.

  34. Tessa says:

    Charles and Camilla got vaccinated and still mask up. Kate just got her vaccine, and I doubt there was anything to prevent her and William from getting them sooner. She should not have gone out. And was William “fully vaccinated” himself, did the time elapse for him to be so when he went on tour?

  35. Isabella Saxon says:

    I don’t get why Kate getting vaccinated after the trip is described as a smart choice. Even Wills tried to protect the people they’d meet by getting a shot.

    Yes, Kate looks great in casual clothes. Comfortable and stylish. I like her simpler hair too.

  36. khaveman says:

    First, she finally looks relaxed – and her age. Also for her and W, I think it’s irresponsible to breathe all over Scots when you’re not fully vaccinated. Vax up and then go. Difference of a month? Seems really strange.

  37. Normades says:

    For everyone liking her outfit. It’s just jeans and a t-shirt folks. 🤷🏽‍♀️ we can’t even see the cut of the jeans and the tucked in t shirt looks cute because she’s thin. Nothing to compliment here.

    • JT says:

      For real. Some people are really pumping her up over this. I guess Kate will always get the praise in the end.

  38. Curious says:

    each situations are different . first of all in this situation Catherine did not hug the girl. they sat far apart. Catherine had a mask on. when Princess Madeline did it there was no pandemic, she gather the little girls and had a royal dinner and fun with them.

  39. jferber says:

    And those two were unvaccinated when there was pressure for a very pregnant Meghan to attend Phillip’s funeral. Irresponsible and stupid people. No charisma or common sense (nor the common touch, which Princess Diana and Prince Harry both had).

  40. aquarius64 says:

    I forgot about the little girl with leukemia. Going to see her without vaccination? Really.

    • Julie says:

      I cannot believe that they’ve done all the stuff they’ve done unvaccinated. How the heck long have they been unavailable?

      I had COVID and so was taking my time on the vaccine and was getting the side-eye for not moving faster. Then there’s these two twits.

      Excuse me. Royal twits.

  41. Yinyang says:

    Those fillers turned her forehead into a fivehead, she looks like a wax figure and that smug smile is so annoying.

  42. BooyahB!tches says:

    That unhinged jaw laugh makes me want to commit violence.

  43. Julie says:

    Why did either of them wait so long? It’s May of 2021. The NHS couldn’t scrounge up a couple vaccines for the heir to the heir to the throne and his wife, before NOW? Regular old everyday people have been vaccinated for months.

    THEY WENT ON A TOUR? More than once. Unvaccinated.

    And they want him to run a country. SMH.

    • STEPHANIE says:

      Their age group just came up from my understanding

    • Tina says:

      He won’t run the country. The government does that. He will open hospitals and give nominal assent to legislation.

      • Maria says:

        Charles and the Queen have utilized Queen’s consent to block lots of Parliamentary bills (I am sure William will too) and William met with the Scottish opposition. Nominal assent is the lie they give to pretend they are benevolent.

      • Tina says:

        No they haven’t. The Queen has vetted bills that would affect her own personal interests and it has been alleged that she caused changes to be implemented. That’s enough of a scandal. But she hasn’t blocked the bills.

      • Maria says:

        I think you are splitting hairs here. Even if they don’t block the bills outright they are meddling in them and demanding modification. The point is that their political action is more than they say and is inappropriate.

      • Tina says:

        It’s not splitting hairs to state things accurately. I don’t like the royals having any political influence, but Bill will not be running the country and the Queen is not blocking bills.

  44. LeslieinN19 says:

    On 20 May, four of my mates aged 36-37 got vaccinated that day in the UK. These two are older than my friends, so could have gotten vaccinated earlier, if going strictly by age (other health issues would have bumped them up). So if what they are saying is true, then Kate chose to not get vaccinated and went travelling to Scotland. William was clearly well enough to get vaccinated that week. (If I am to believe that Kate was poorly and they live in same household then Wills should not have been out and about). Makes zero sense (aside from publicity) for Kate to get jabbed the week when early thirties folks are getting it. Did they think they could pretend she’s gen Z and connect with the young’uns? Lame.