Kate Gosselin loved Kathy Griffin’s spoof of her show/life

Unlike Paula Abdul, who reportedly has issues with Kathy Griffin’s jokes about her alleged painkiller addiction, Kate Gosselin seems to be a good sport when it comes to getting mocked by the redheaded comedian. Griffin, who was a guest on The View during one of Kate Gosselin’s co-hosting stints on Friday, said she spoke to Kate and that she was “very gracious” and easy-going. Kate even said she watched Griffin’s impression of her, which aired on Jimmy Kimmel’s show two weeks ago, and that she thought it was funny:

Kathy Griffin, who recently spoofed the mother of eight for Jimmy Kimmel Live, admits that she gets along with the reality star.

“Kate Gosselin is my new BFF,” she told Usmagazine.com at the Emmy Awards on Sunday in L.A. “We had a really nice chat one-on-one.”

The two met on the set of The View on Friday, when Gosselin, 34, was a guest co-host and Griffin, 48, was promoting her new book.

“I sort of forced her to go into one of the dressing rooms at The View with me and have a chit-chat,” she told Us. “I like her! She’s easy, breezy.”

Over interjections from co-host Sherri Shepherd and Gosselin herself, Goldberg shouted, “And you could have gone to jail!”

The comedian told Us she gave the matriarch advice on how to lighten up a bit.

“We talked about what she needs to have a sense of humor about, and she was very gracious,” Griffin said. “She said she watched my spoof of her online and really found herself laughing.”

Still, she admits she wasn’t “terribly surprised” she took a liking to Gosselin “because I’m more Team Kate anyway.” Griffin added that estranged husband Jon “is such a toolbox and so clearly seems to be out of control.”

Will they hang out again?

Griffin hopes so: “I gave her my phone number!”

[From US Weekly]

Kate Gosselin has confirmed the news that she plans to work on some kind of talk show, and said during a forum discussion in Charlotte, NC that “I’ve been given the gift of gab, so why not use it?” Gosselin is said to have shot a talk show pilot with super-southern cooking queen Paula Deen over the weekend. I have to say that I watched some of her segments on The View and Kate came across as much more normal, calm, and likable than she does on her show.

On Friday’s show, her third day co-hosting The View, Gosselin explained why she showed up a few weekends ago during her husband’s custody time with the children. She said that mother’s intuition told her something was up with the babysitter, the one who is featured on the cover of In Touch this week admitting to an affair with Jon. Whoopi played devil’s advocate for a while, telling Kate “you could have gone to jail” for violating the custody agreement. Kate handled herself very well, though, and said she realized that what she did was wrong. I found myself kind of rooting for her after that.

MSNBC’s The Scoop reports that despite Kate’s insistence that only approved babysitters watch their kids neither Kate nor Jon was with them over the weekend. Radar let us know that “the Gosselin kids have been in the care of their nannies for several days,” and MSNBC clarifies that the Gosselin children “spent last weekend in the care of nannies while Kate Gosselin taped a talk show pilot in New York City, and Jon Gosselin schmoozed a magazine publisher in the Hamptons.” This would have been the first weekend the kids had to spend without their dogs, too.

Kate Gosselin is shown out in NY with her bodyguard on 9/15/09. Credit: AAR/Fame Pictures

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  1. Sassy says:

    Dare I say it? She looks very pretty in these pics…I thinks it’s the makeup and curls, but hey, it’s working for her! I wouldn’t be surprised if she starts dating someone famous….

  2. Judy says:

    Tell me why Katezilla needs a bodyguard. Kate has been groomed to be quite the actress and pseudo celebrity while the children are being raised by nannies. I don’t want to hear one more word about her being a single mom. She is nothing but a media whore who enjoys adjoining rooms with her “bodyguard”–gimme a break.

  3. Popcorny says:

    Getting ragged by Kathy Griffen has to be a welcomed relief to getting ragged on by Octomoron.
    Bummer that the kids spent the weekend with no dogs or parents, that’s cold.
    I’ve long written Jon off as a total scumbag and can only hope Kate’ll get her act together sooner than later, for the kid’s sake.
    But, got to give her credit so far with all the craziness that’s befallen her.

  4. ash says:

    I’m glad she did something different with her hair. I really like it that way. Very non -porcupinesque.

  5. bros says:

    unfortunately, jon and khate + 8 – love and good parenting=brokedown home famewhoring selfishness was on last night after say yes to the dress, and I caught the first 3 minutes before turning it off so that their ratings would not be high-Kate is proving to be quite the actress. she is so phony on that show now. her parenting is all acting, contrived, for the cameras. I cant even stand watching her ‘perform’ for two minutes. she sucks and is a phony, the show is one phony contrived thing after another and the kids live in a warped version of reality where their days consist of unknowingly participating in activities and events that look good on camera and make a plot line for a TV show instead of living a normal life. I hate watching them be subjected to their own little truman show imposed by their greedy irresponsible parents. its sad and sickening.

    last night Khate was complaining about how ‘out of control’ her world is and how much more she has to do now. like when she comes home for visitation, she ‘has to get the house back in order’ and ‘get food back into the house.’ she can’t help taking digs at jon. im not defending his douchey royal highness, but ive seen him go grocery shopping before. he knows how to grocery shop. she is such a wanna be martyr. bitch, please-do any of us actually believe this woman goes grocery shopping or cleans the house any more? hell to the no! she’s out pimping herself with paula deen (which I hope fails miserably) in NYC. nannies and housekeepers are doing the parents job in that house, and she should quit the charade that its up to her to cook and clean.

  6. Judy says:

    So agree with every word you wrote Bros. Jon is no saint but at least he’s not pretending to be something he’s not, while virtuous Saint Kate bones her married bodyguard.

  7. bored says:

    Liking the curls.

  8. Bodhi says:

    Wow, she really does look good in these photos!

  9. bros says:

    anyone would look much improved with a tan, fake eyelashes, a professional makeup artist, and botox.

  10. Lee says:


    I think it’s kind of funny that people get so mad at Kate for not being home and being the traditional mom, I mean, if that’s the expected norm then we should boycott all movies and tv shows. Those actresses and women working behind the scenes have arranged childcare as well. Books too. A lot of authors have to go on book tours, thus they aren’t home for that time for days or weeks on end. Singers too. Come to think of it, there are many business women or single mothers working more than one job who barely see their children too.

    I personally wouldn’t feel comfortable being away from my children for days at a time or more. But that’s my choice. If another parent is doing things differently, I don’t see why they should be bashed for it. As long as the children are being cared for, it’s not really any different from the same people who are in most of the articles here.

    Truthfully, I wouldn’t leave my children with Jon Gosselin, for any length of time. Not for anything personal, he shows poor judgment in every single choice he makes on his own.
    Every. Single. One.

    At the end of the day, Kate’s worst judgment call so far has been to work too much, and not be home enough.

  11. Anastasia says:

    bros: much word to everything you wrote.

  12. bros says:

    Lee, those people you are mentioning are actresses, singers, etc, and people in show business. none of them has 8 kids. kate was on a reality tv show, which by default, means she is not an actress. the show is about her being a parent, not a hollywood celebrity, so she should be home taking care of the kids, and not promoting herself all over the country at the expense of being there for her large amount of children. this isnt kate winslett on set or doing awards shows and being away from her kids. kate is trying to launch her career AFTER giving birth, rather than before (the case for almost every single actress/singer), so I think we are all perfectly within our bounds to question the choices of this woman. she is not content going back to work as a nurse which is what she has her training in. she wants more and more and more fame, and this is all about her and not providing a stable homelife for her kids. she is relinquishing that to her army of staff.

  13. Obvious says:

    Never thought I’d say it but I miss her old hair. this just looks yuck. At least the old monstrosity had color. now she’s washed out. bleh…

  14. Sparring Sparrow says:

    I agree with Lee and find the argument that other celebrities who leave their children with nannies for any length of time while they go about their work are somehow better parents because they have fewer children. Kate Gosslin is a mother who works, I believe that was approved by society awhile ago.

  15. UrbanRube says:

    I think she’s complicated, but not essentially a bad person. Definitely could benefit from therapy, but who couldn’t?

  16. princess pea says:

    My issue with Kate isn’t that isn’t with her kids 24/7. That would be wrong, anyway, because like it or not THEY HAVE A FATHER. He has rights, too.

    Lee, it’s hilarious that you wouldn’t leave your kids with Jon. I bet you wouldn’t have married him, and made babies with him either. Kate did, though.

    I used to be Team Disgusted with Both of Them, but I’ve actually been driven full tilt to Team Jon. Kate’s act is driving me nuts, and it’s just terrible that everyone seems to be buying it.

  17. nj says:

    I could usually care less about these people, but if I ever met either Jon or Kate I would be seriously tempted to punch them in their face on behalf of their kids. I CANNOT BELIEVE they got rid of those dogs! HOW COULD YOU? The kids are going through one of the worst traumas a child can suffer (divorce)and you give away their pets????!!!! Speechless. So now Kate is tripping around playing talk show host, Jon is a slut, and the kids are with nannies. And Kate is much more relaxed. WHY is no one asking her the questions that should be asked? Those View chicks are all cowards. If I was sitting there I would be barking out “Kate, why did you have 8 kids if you didn’t want to take care of them?” “Don’t you think the kids need you right now?”. “Why couldn’t you cut a corner somewhere and get a dogwalker, maybe a little less grooming for you, or non-designer something?”. “How do you justify being here in Christian Leboutins and trying to get a talk show when your life is a big FAIL?” Because I don’t care what show you get, how many makeup artists you employ, how much money you got off your kids, or your nine hundred dollar heels. You have eight sad little children at home in Pennsylvania and you are miles away playing movie star. You are a BIG FAIL. And don’t give me that crap about working for their futures. THEY have earned enough already to be educated and have comfortable lives. And no, I am not blaming just Kate. Jon is too stupid and selfish to even keep up a facade of caring. Kate’s “career” depends on her still convincing dumb women that she is a knowledgeable, capable and caring mother of eight who can do it all! You would have to be BEYOND imbecilic to buy that! I would call her out so fast-give me a talk show!

  18. Judy says:

    Amen Princess Pea.

  19. a says:

    You know, I have never watched the show, but I remember hearing people talk about how much of a horrible, controlling, bitch she was to John when they were still married. And now, because they are single and he is being a normal single person, all of a sudden she is a saint? I don’t get it. If I had to be married to a person like her and be treated like a child, and we got divorced, you better believe I would date around. Why wouldn’t he? Suddenly because he is a father he can’t have a personal life? Once again, I don’t get it.

  20. nj says:

    And I must add that I do not have a problem with working mothers- I have been one,was raised by one, my friends work, and I will work again when my infant is older, plus I do work on the side. It is a necessity when you are a middle class family. But in this case,when you have little sextuplets plus twins, and you made a fortune by showcasing their lives, then THEY ARE YOUR JOB. That goes for BOTH Jon and Kate. And while I’m on my soapbox, it was THEIR RESPONSIBILITY to save their marriage. They could have but chose money and pseudo-fame instead. Wait til these kids grow up- they can do a tv special; “Jon and Kate Reap The Whirlwind X 8…”

  21. mollination says:

    BS. There’s no way full-of-hate-Kate thought that skit was funny. It made fun of that water-depriving incident. She was just doing that politcal “look, I have a sense of humor about myself” thing. There’s noooo way.

  22. DoMaJoReMc says:

    @ nj…

    I want to be on your show as a co-host to ask KHate those questions and more.

    I happened upon an older episode where Jon actually spoke up to KHate (rather loudly and rightfully). She had the nerve to snap at him, “Don’t talk to me like I don’t have a brain cell in my head”. Well, how does she like it? I am, in no way, condoning Jon’s actions, but it is quite apparent that she is a conniving, condescending, spiteful BITCH! I hate very few people in my life, but KHAte is definitely one of them. Even Maddy (who is a KHate clone in every way) went on to say that, “Mommy just sits in the chair and orderes my Dad around. She is the Queen Bee” Wow. I still think a good lawyer should step up, represent these kids in a good DIVORCING OF THEIR PARENTS, and let them have some peace in their little hearts. Amen!

  23. DoMaJoReMc says:

    Can I PLEASE interview the bodyguard’s wife? PLEASE? Pretty PLEASE?

  24. DoMaJoReMc says:

    @ mollination:


  25. Kelbear says:

    I used to watch the early show of jon and kate all the time when they were first on. And i can remember an episode where her and jon went shopping and she kept saying over and over she is not into fashion and never has been and doesnt know how to dress.

    Well things change, and she cant say the show hasnt changed how she feels about things.

  26. bros says:

    amen NJ. I had no idea they got rid of the dogs. that is case closed on any debate that these two, and especially kate, are in it solely for themselves and are gigantic selfish assholes.

  27. cindy says:

    I agree with bros. I feel sorry for the kids. Now on top of their phony “reality” lives, they will now have a mother who isn’t even really herself around them all for the sake of ratings. Granted it might be better for the kids since Kate is a real bitch.
    I have no problems or qualms with working mothers but Kate is trying to build her entire image around the illusion that she’s a great mother. When in reality, she’s hardly ever around her 8 kids.
    I don’t understand why people suddenly see Kate as a saint when there have been countless stories about her being rude and entitled behind the scenes. Of course she was nice to Kathy Griffin. Otherwise, Kathy would never let her hear the end of it. How you treat people without status is who you really are. Kate in my eyes is a greedy fame-whoring reality star. And we all know reality stars aren’t “real stars”.

  28. lola says:

    wow she looks pretty!!!

    go kate!

  29. Anastasia says:

    Lee you think her biggest judgement error is leaving the kids in the care of their FATHER?

    How about selling their private lives for fame and fortune?

    How about, if he’s so horrible, marrying him in the first place? Then having eight kids with him?

    I’d say she’s made an awful LOT of bad decisions.

  30. JaundiceMachine says:

    For all the Khaters out there – pimpin’ ain’t easy! But it’s necessary! 😉

  31. Judy says:

    Hear she broke down on her new “talk” show pilot. Boo hoo hoo. What a total phony. Poor Kate with all her millions having to work to support her kids. Cry me a river. Maybe if she went home for awhile, she could save some money on all those nannies, personal chef, and married lover–err, I mean “bodyguard”–and remember you don’t have to buy dog food anymore. LOSER.

  32. I’d have to examine with you here. Which isn’t one thing I usually do! I take pleasure in reading a submit that can make people think. Also, thanks for permitting me to comment!