Phoebe Dynevor on how Bridgerton will handle Rege-Jean Page’s exit

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Bridgerton season two is filming and I am hoping that it will make its debut over Christmas like season one. However we still don’t have an actual release date. While I have moved on from the sad news that Rege-Jean Page will not be returning for season two, it would seem that some fans are beating that horse to death. How do I know? Well, every time there’s an interview with a cast member, Rege-Jean’s departure always comes up. Phoebe Dynevor (Daphne Bridgerton) did an interview with The Wrap where she again confirmed that the cast knew that Rege-Jean wasn’t returning for season two. Phoebe went on to say that season two wasn’t meant to focus on Daphne and Simon. She mentioned how Simon’s departure might be handled. Here’s is some of what Phoebe told The Wrap.

“It’s definitely different,” the Netflix star told TheWrap. “And I’ve said it before, but I think the fans who have read the books and know the books are aware that every season will focus on a different sibling’s journey. And it might be a little bit more of a — not shock, but like a surprise for the fans that love Daphne and Simon’s story so much. But I think that’s honestly the joy of the show in the long-term, getting to see these different love stories play out.”

“And no two seasons will be the same and they’ll have a different excitement,” Dynevor said. “And I think every season is just going to be really different and magical in its own way. And that’s honestly what I think is so brilliant about what Shonda and Chris [Van Dusen] have created. There’s not many TV series that do that, that focus on different characters every season. But I think every season is going to have its own magic, which is great.”

As for the logistics of Daphne appearing without her husband, Simon, with whom she had a baby at the very end of Season 1, Dynevor says the Duke will continue to be part of her life — just off screen.

“I think he’ll definitely be referred to a lot. I think we’ll see the baby,” she said. “And we’ll just focus more on her relationship with the Bridgerton Family.”

Dynevor says she has spoken to Page somewhat about the reaction to his exit, with them both mainly shocked by how large the “Bridgerton” fandom has become in general since the series launched on Christmas Day last year.

“I think it was unexpected for both of us how big the show got and the ownership that people have over the characters, which is brilliant and amazing in so many ways,” the actress said. “But we’re also both working actors and we’re just plodding along. I think it’s just funny, but also lovely, that people feel so close to them both. It’s such a compliment and it’s lovely. And I can’t wait to see what Regé does next in his career.”

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Ladies, I need us to move on. I know we won’t get to see the Duke but hear me out, this is a good thing. That just means Shondaland will bring on more hot men to fill in the gap. Let’s allow Rege to enjoy his new found fame. Perhaps we will get to see more of him on a bigger screen (wink). Also, I feel like Daphne’s and Simon’s story has been told to completion and I want to witness another couple fall in love. Isn’t that why we watch these shows anyway?

I love how the cast have been so gracious about the focus being mostly on Rege but I am sure they are tired of talking about him. I like that Phoebe says she and Rege were surprised at how their characters were received. Leaving the door open for Rege for future seasons is smart but in the long run it will be unnecessary. At some point everyone will get over not seeing Rege and if the writing is as good as season one, most of us will just accept the focus on Anthony and Katie. I am looking forward to the spin-off series about Queen Charlotte and falling in love with Anthony Bridgerton and love interest Katie Sharma in season two.

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  1. faithmobile says:

    As a. fan of the books, I don’t get this. People need to move on. Totally ready for Anthony and Kate’s story. In the books the drama between Daphne and The Duke is over, they become just a happy background couple.

    • BayTampaBay says:

      “just a happy background couple”

      This! If the writers re-wrote the books then there would have to be relationship conflict between Daphne and The Duke to hold the audience’s interest. I think it is great that Daphne and The Duke ride off into the sunset journeying to Castle Howard for a life of great sex with many grand balls and live happily ever after.

    • MF1 says:

      Me too. Plus Jonathan Bailey is going to be delicious as Anthony Bridgerton in this next season.

  2. Becks1 says:

    I get that people were surprised and upset initially, if they weren’t familiar with the books or at least the premise of them – that each book is a different story – but it really feels like the drama over this is being so drawn out. He’s not really in the other books, besides the pall mall scene, and even that is pretty brief. Daphne isn’t really a big character in the other books either but we do see her more, especially in family conversations over tea etc.

    RJP is doing exactly what he should be doing – taking this moment and using it to kick his career into overdrive. Strike while the iron is hot and all that. His fans are still going to see him plenty.

  3. Nomegusta says:

    …the show runners didn’t do a good job of setting up the other siblings as characters you want to follow and root for. Hell, Daphne was boring, it was the Duke that made her interesting.

    If they were smart, they’d start consolidating books and let plotlines run adjacent to each other.

    • Mei says:

      They kind of did this a bit with Anthony, we saw more of him and so aren’t going into Season 2 blind with regards to his character. While I do agree it would be an option to run the storylines in parallel I think it might draw too much focus (there are a lot of Bridgerton siblings lol) and not allow them to go into as much depth/have to wait for longer for completion of character arcs. It almost feels more realistic this way rather than everyone having all the drama all the time.

    • Yvette says:

      @Nomegusta … Exactly! They haven’t done too good a job of endearing the other Bridgerton siblings to us, and I found Anthony downright unlikable. Perhaps this is very much how Anthony is in the book series but I thought he treated his mother and Daphne like sh$t.

      Perhaps if Benedict and Colin had treated women the same as he, his a$$-hatness wouldn’t have impacted me so much, but both of the other Bridgerton sons treated women–in their family, new acquaintances, and whom they knew–with kindness, courtesy, and compassion.

      It’s a shame the next story arch is Anthony’s. I found Benedict and Colin far more interesting and likable. Here’s hoping the actress who plays his love match will make him more likable.

      • Becks1 says:

        He’s not that way in the books, not entirely. He’s still overprotective, but he doesn’t pull the whole “let me sit in with every suitor of Daphne’s so she has no chance” thing he does in the series, or try to force her into a marriage, he adores his mother, etc. I think they messed up his character because they overdid some of his traits without providing any background, and in general he’s just not as big a part in the plot as he is in the series. But I’m assuming this next season will clear up a lot of the issues, especially since they are bringing in his father as a character.

      • MF1 says:

        Don’t worry, they are going to reform and redeem Anthony in season 2! The fact that he starts out as such an asshat will make the story even better.

      • Gigi says:

        That’s the whole point of romance novels LOL. An unlikeable or troubled character in one book is redeemed in their own book.

      • Yvette says:

        @Becks1 … Bringing in his father as a character? You mean in flashbacks, right? Wasn’t the father’s character Hmmm, Hmmm, Hmmm bee?

      • sassafras says:

        The beginning of Anthony’s book… it made me cry. They gave the audience hints of the story (and readers know…) but he’s such a good character who has to deal with A LOT to get his happy ending.

        Give Anthony a chance!!!

      • Becks1 says:

        @Yvette – I assume they are going to handle it a lot like they did with simon’s father, where the backstory is the prologue to the book but they sprinkle it through the season, so the father will be in several episodes. He’s played by Rupert Evans.

  4. Normades says:

    She is so much prettier without those awful baby bangs. She’s actually stunning but in the series her styling makes her look plain.

  5. DuchessL says:

    I have moved on already from day 2. I love regejean but the story line is bigger for me. I always think about Outlander. The 2 first seasons are about the love story and the next seasons are about the adventure. I dont eant the adventure, i want only the love story. So I cant wait for season 2!! And the next ones!!

  6. Common sense says:

    I have moved on; I love Rege as Simon however I just love Bridgerton as a whole. The cast, the writing, the wardrobe, the set just everything about the show is wonderful. I am looking forward to the rest of the seasons of Bridgerton, especially Eloise’s seasons (I hope we get to her season). I am always amused and surprised when people are still sore about Rege’s departure after all the time that has passed. I am looking forward to seeing Rege in other shows and movies.

  7. Neners says:

    I was upset about RJP leaving until I actually read the Bridgerton novels. Now, I completely get it and I’m so excited for the upcoming seasons!

  8. La says:

    I just finished the second book and I love Kate and Anthony’s story and can’t wait to see it. The Duke is only in one small part of the book and he’s a background character that can easily be written out.

    Sad to not see RJP onscreen but I ended up really liking Anthony by the end of book 2 and while he wasn’t Rege level hot I found the guy who played him attractive and there are some steamy scenes in the book. So I have high hopes for the new season.

  9. Tiffany :) says:

    RJP was great on Bridgerton, but as an actor, he deserves better. I’m happy for him that he has other opportunities to show his talents.

  10. TeeMajor says:

    I guess I am the only one, who is still severely devastated and sad.

    I’ll get over it eventually, I guess. I know!!!!! most of my friends have read the book and have told me, blahblahblah BUT its like his walls were just broke down by love and now he is gone.

    I knew we would not focus on him only, I just thought we see him giving the baby a piece of turkey to gnaw on at a holiday celebration or something…smiling at his wife and walking away.
    like in bliss.

    oh god, I am not over it yet..and have set up scenarios in my mind.
    someone pass me the vodka and soda..

  11. Mrs.Krabapple says:

    They were my least favorite characters, especially hers. Not that I blame the actors, I think they did as good a job as they could have done. But those two *characters* were so tiresome and tedious, I was actually glad to hear the story will move away from them. I know I’m in a minority, but that’s how I feel.

  12. Kimberly says:

    won’t miss dude…sure he had fabulous eye brows and a flawless smile, but I get sex regularly, and don’t need to live vicariously through fictional characters.I don’t think I’m a unicorn by saying he didn’t make, or break, the show for me and I can’t wait to watch my current favorite Netflix family in season 2!!!

  13. Christine says:

    To anyone who is bereft, the first book just gets things rolling. You aren’t even close to the *best* romances the Bridgertons have to offer, I promise! There is only one sibling match up that I still throw a side eye to, and I suspect Shonda will similarly hate the way that one plays out, and she will change it to be more enjoyable. I believe!