Countess Sophie says the only reason people would know Oprah is from ‘chat shows’

Duke of Edinburgh death

Camilla Tominey at the Telegraph was exhausted from writing so many shady embiggening pieces about the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. So she decided to take a breather and do an extensive interview with the Earl and Countess of Wessex, aka Prince Edward and Sophie. This is a full-on celebrity-style intimate portrait, the kind you would read in Vanity Fair or Vogue, if those publications bothered with Edward and Sophie. Edward and Sophie actually invited Tominey into their 120-room home, Bagshot House, and gave her tea and everything. They are all so thirsty, my goodness. The point of the piece was supposed to be Emibiggening the Wessexes. It was supposed to be: look at how hard-working and wonderful they are, they’re truly royal, and they’re grieving the loss of Prince Philip. Early in the piece, as Edward and Sophie are discussing Philip’s funeral, Tominey brings up the face that Prince Harry flew in for it, and this is what happens:

The Duke of Sussex had flown in from Los Angeles to attend the service. While reluctant to get drawn into the ongoing tensions between him and the Duke of Cambridge, the Countess is careful to point out how ‘nice’ it was to have a lengthy chat with Harry at Windsor Castle after the service.

Did they watch the Oprah Winfrey interview? I inquire sheepishly.

They look at each other as if to dare the other to speak first.

‘Oprah who?’ smiles the Earl, feigning ignorance.

‘Yes, what interview?’ chuckles his wife.

While I’m certain they know exactly who and what I am talking about, I share an anecdote about the Archbishop of Canterbury apparently having a long conversation with Winfrey at Harry and Meghan’s wedding in 2018 without having a clue who she was. The Countess leaps to the Most Reverend Justin Welby’s defence: ‘You know, if you’re not into chat shows, there’s no reason why you should know who she is. Certainly not in this country, anyway.’

[From The Telegraph]

LMAO. Can you even imagine these two forgettable nobodies getting snobby about Oprah Winfrey, the first Black billionaire, beloved and respected by tens of millions of people around the world? It reminds me of the sniping made by certain royal reporters before the Oprah interview and how they claimed Oprah “made her name doing ‘tabloid’ TV talk shows.” And the Wessexes are really going to pretend that no one knows Oprah in the UK? Or that no one knows Oprah outside of America? That’s just not true. And the viewership numbers of that Oprah interview back up the fact that Oprah is a million times more of a “household name” around the world than Sophie and Edward.

The larger point, though, is jealousy. All of these people on Salty White Folk Isle are seething with jealousy at the fact that Meghan and Harry have rich and famous friends and allies. If Prince William was friendly with Oprah, we would get millions of stories about how the Future King made a smart alliance with such a powerful cultural figure. But because we’re talking about Oprah, Harry and Meghan, suddenly there’s a huge problem.

The extra layer of shenanigans on all of this was that Sophie actually visited Oprah’s girls’ school in South Africa. Of course, Sophie didn’t actually get to meet Oprah when she visited in 2013. Because Oprah isn’t going to fly into South Africa just to meet a dusty saltine. Not only did Sophie visit Oprah’s Leadership Academy in an official capacity, the Royal Family posted photos of Sophie’s visit on their social media. After this Telegraph interview came out, the royal social media managers began deleting those photos. LMAO, they are such amateurs.

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  1. Cecilia says:

    The entitlement and arrogance really jumped out with this one

    • Andrew’s Nemesis says:

      @Cecilia They’re pathetic. They’re so desperate to be seen as A List celebrities – but in reality, they’re nobodies. H&M are now peak of the A List in company with Oprah, the Obamas and the US president, up there with Beyonce and Bono. People forget that the Wessexes even exist, and this puff piece is not going to jog the public’s memory.

      • Lorelei says:

        @Andrew’sNemesis I think you’re actually being too generous by saying people forget that the Wessexes exist. Most people never even know who they are in the first place.

      • one of the marys says:

        I don’t think they want to be seen as A list celebrities so much as they want to be ranked above those celebrities. They’re aristocrats and I think it truly baffles them it’s not the end all and be all. The idea of non aristos having such wealth, name recognition and Power, it really is a whole new world for these folks. Their era is waning, their island is shrinking, god they’re stupid.

      • Amy Too says:

        The comment I responded to is gone now.

      • Wiglet Watcher says:

        They don’t care to be a list. They care to be taken care of financially by defending their racists family.

      • Mac says:

        Clearly part of the crisis communications strategy is to embiggen the Wessex branch of the family. I think the Oprah thing was blown out of proportion and it was so dumb to delete the social media photos, which makes me think whoever is running the crisis strategy isn’t that good.

      • minx says:

        Sophie looks how I would look if I had to have sex and breed children with Edward—miserable.

      • clomo says:

        What one of the Marys said.

    • VS says:

      not just that, the mediocrity………..this is a woman who had a career, who tried with her husband to apparently be financially independent and massively failed. Instead of recognizing others who have done much better than she could ever dream of, she attacked them….who knew there were so many jealous people in the rf. She will spend the rest of her life begging for crumps! she should have eaten whatever and shut her pie hole about Oprah, a woman whose last name isn’t even needed!

      • (The OG) Jan90067 says:

        “…..just to meet a DUSTY SALTINE….” I’m D.E.A.D!

        The jealousy just eats them from the inside out, leaving dust and salt, in crumbs, their extreme thirst making them beg for the slightest drop of notice… lol

        Sophie, you and your milquetoast hubby and ghost kids are NEVAH gonna matter, NEVAH gonna “happen”, never did, never will, no matter how much you suck up to The Other (Bitter) Brother and Keen Lynchpin, Zircon of the Krown.

        Get used to it.

    • Thirtynine says:


      • Nev says:

        And so fake.

      • Maria says:

        I SCREAMED at “dusty saltine”!! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂👏🏻👏🏻

      • Lori says:

        They have pulled the article off DM online. Probably not helpful to their cause of trying to snap up the Duke/Duchess of Edinburgh titles. Although perhaps they were trying out filling that role by being bigots.

      • BlueToile says:

        Wait…what? The RF can get this idiotic interview off the DM online in a few hours, but couldn’t be bothered when Meghan was being abused in a daily basis? Yeah, this tells us everything we need to know about the relationship between the royals and BM.

      • Mrs.Krabapple says:

        They’ll remove true stories that make the other (white) family members look bad, while leaving up lies about Meghan. And they try to say with a straight face “we’re not racist”?

      • Jules says:

        @Lori I thought the article was in the the Telegraph. Did the DM write something about it? The PR clowns did remove the pics of Sophie at Oprah’s school from Twitter but they’re forever on the internet and it just makes them look bad.

    • bamaborn says:

      Pathetic jumps out first. But, if you’ve got to worry about your monthly cheese allotment first from Chaz then Bill, makes perfect sense.😅

    • Oh-Dear says:

      If I were to believe they had no idea who Oprah is (which I don’t), that leaves me to conclude that 1) they made no effort to know Megan’s guests at the wedding and 2) they do no research into the charities/initiatives they visit since Sophie actually went to Oprah’s school. Neither is a good look and really makes the classism in some of British society glaringly visible.

      • Cookie says:

        But that’s not what they said. They defended the reverend for not knowing who she was — they never claimed they themselves didn’t.

    • Eurydice says:

      I suppose it depends on one’s definition of who “you should know.” If you’re an entitled salty white person, then you will “know” only a specific group of people. Everybody else watches chat shows.

    • Mrs.Krabapple says:

      It’s mostly jealousy. Edward and Sophie are jealous of the business/financial/social success of Harry and Meghan. And, probably jealous of Oprah’s success and power as well. Remember when Edward wanted to be a celebrity and have a tv career so badly, but was a dismal failure at it? It must hurt to see a black woman succeed where Edward failed so miserably.

    • BooyahB!tches says:

      What a pair of absolutes B!TCHE$. Seriously. They need to be slammed HARD for their hypocritical lies.

  2. Tom says:

    Hold my earrings.

    • Over it says:

      Remind me again who sophie is ? Your hold my earrings and Kaiser saltine crackers is to die for.lolololol.sophie, queen Oprah school saids hello B.

      • Lorelei says:

        I’m totally going to start referring to Sophie as The Dusty Saltine from now on.

      • Wiglet Watcher says:

        Sophie is the woman that joked about her husband being homosexual and ran her business into the ground with over a million worth of debt. Then she begged the queen to bail her out.

      • Eleonora says:

        My mom often reads Royal news from Britain, but she always forgets Sophie exists.

        Anyway, she’s always been Team Diana and now Sussex.

    • betsyh says:


      • Carmen-JamRock says:

        Dont forget she’s also “sofiesta” (to Meghan’s Lamborghini)

  3. Becks1 says:

    First , the desperation in doing this interview. Stop trying to make Sophie happen. She’s never going to happen.

    Second – people on Twitter were outraged that some of us found this comment super shady, like we expect everyone in the world to know every single famous American. No. That’s not it at all. Oprah first off is on a different level IMO than your typical talk show host – the Ellens and Colberts etc of the world. But Sophie damn well knows who Oprah is and for her to dismiss her as a “chat show host” – well she knew what she was doing there, that she was purposely diminishing Oprah. And I don’t care about the context, because her phrasing was very deliberate and intentional.

    Finally – if people in the UK didn’t know who Oprah was before, they do now considering how many of them watched the interview.

    • Nic919 says:

      I’m not American but to pretend that anyone in the English speaking world who is over 50 doesn’t know who Oprah is and what she has done is just bs. Multiple generations know Oprah, especially if you are over 40. And Sophie (as well as the Archbishop of Canterbury ) are right in the middle of the ages where Oprah was ubiquitous when they were adults.

      • Lorelei says:

        It’s actually so preposterous a claim that it’s laughable. Everyone knows who Oprah is. EVERYONE. Even people who never watched a single episode of her show. Sophie succeeded only in making a fool of herself.

      • Brielle says:

        I am French Senegalese and I grew up in Dakar and I knew about Oprah!!

      • Wiglet Watcher says:

        I have old world aunts in Greece that speak no English. They know who Oprah is. I had a German exchange student in high school that saw Oprah on tv and commented on how her voice sounded because she was dubbed over in Germany. Side note. She also loved watching Murder She Wrote and they used a very young woman’s voice for Angela’s.

        Oprah is international. They’re just embarrassing themselves.

      • manda says:

        No way the Archbishop of Canterbury is standing around talking to rando people he doesn’t know for as long as he apparently did, I don’t care how friendly he is. He knew her

      • Det20! says:

        This thread is a couple of days old, but I have to correct this post by Wiglet Watcher: The two German actresses/voice actresses who dubbed Angela Lansbury in the Murder She Wrote series were Dagmar Altrichter, born in 1924, and Gisela Trowe, born in 1922 (both died in 2010). So absolutely age appropriate compared to Lansbury’s year of birth 1925. No idea what your exchange student was saying there. Maybe the German voice sounded younger than she thought it should given Lansbury’s age at the time and was simply different to her ear due to the two languages. Claiming they used a very young woman is just nonsense.

        Also: When she talks about Oprah’s German voice, then she can only have heard that in films (as Germany dubs movies for cinema and tv). The Oprah Winfrey Show was shown on German telly, but subtitled, NOT dubbed. Usually US chat/talk shows that end up being shown on German television are subtitled and not dubbed.

    • Cecilia says:

      I got into it with a deranger who was first screaming that it was all taken out of context as sophie never claimed that she didn’t know oprah. When i pointed out that they both sat there laughing saying “oprah who?”, thus very much pretending she didn’t know who oprah was, the deranger said she was simply trying to curve a “difficult” question. When i then replied that “no comment” would have been enough, she had nothing to say.

      Instead she went on about how she was defending justin welby and that she made the chat show host comment because that is how most people in the UK know her. And that it wasn’t in bad faith.

      Im sorry but im pretty certain that this interview has been carefully curated and i very much doubt there were questions in there that the Wessexes weren’t expecting. This was a very deliberate swipe at oprah.

      • Stevie says:

        Remember this everyone. As several of the Royal commentors/media were commenting on the PANORAMA interview the stated that Oprah had been a potential interviewer for Diana. Yeah right….Sophia doesn’t know who Oprah is/or that Oprah is more than just some “chat show host.” Sit down Sophie.

      • ABritGuest says:

        I just love how so many royalists were going on about context when they never give Sussexes especially Meghan benefit of doubt & were slamming Omid for ‘causing Sophie to be harassed’ for using her quote when there are royal reporters who engage with moonbump conspiracy theorists & other vile racists

      • Nina says:

        Before diminishing or attempting to diminish accomplished people she might want to consider paying those people she stiffed when her business went sideways.
        I’m sure they take Mastercard, Visa, Paypal, Bitcoin, ApplePay, Doge, Ethyreum, a payment plan, just pay your bills already.
        And keep Oprah out of your mouth. She is funding a whole damn school in South Africa right now and paying for those girls to go on to a college of their choosing. What have you done lately to make the world a better place, O Salty One?

      • Amy Too says:

        ABrit, and what even is the redeeming context here? “Oh they were just trying to dismiss the Oprah interview in which their niece and nephew made themselves extremely vulnerable as they spoke about their fears, traumas, racist treatment, and lack of protection and acceptance as no big thing and laughably unworthy of comment.”

      • Nic919 says:

        The context talking point was pushed by bot accounts yesterday. One account was simply blasting the exact same tweet across multiple Twitter threads. So much of this is coordinated.

        Also the context remains that Sophie diminished Oprah’s accomplishments to the Archbishop of Canterbury. That’s the best version of that story. And seeing as she visited Oprah’s school herself and didn’t mention that to the Archbishop…. yeah still not good.

      • Cate says:

        I can see how “Oprah who?” would be a reasonable answer if they were out doing an event and someone just threw it at them. But I this context, as you say, everything was curated and the Wessexes surely had the opportunity to place certain topics off limits.

    • Lenni says:

      I have never watched one of her „chat shows“ and still I‘ve known her for decades and am very aware if her accomplishments. This comment makes see-through-Sophie look very petty.

    • Hannah says:

      “Oprah Winfrey’s bombshell interview with Prince Harry and Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, attracted a blockbuster audience when it was broadcast in the United Kingdom on Monday. The 110-minute interview on ITV attracted an average of 11.1 million viewers between 9 p.m. and 11 p.m., according to the broadcaster.”

    • windyriver says:

      I seem to recall a surprisingly extensive list of international broadcast organizations that announced prior to the interview they would be carrying it. The interview was a large block of dedicated tv time, and at least part of the widespread willingness to pay for and show it had to have been because Oprah was involved.

      The pictures of Sophie at Oprah’s girls’ academy are delicious receipts, just like the quotes from Dimbleby’s book, of Charles criticizing his parents, that made the rounds in response to BM dissing Harry for a brief comment about mistakes (both) his parents made.

      At this rate, H&M never need to give another interview; the RF is doing an outstanding job of telling on themselves.

      • notasugarhere says:

        More delicious is the BRF deleting those pictures from their old accounts, as if that means the pictures no longer exist for anyone else to find.

    • The Recluse says:

      If it weren’t for this blog, I wouldn’t know who Sophie is. She has a lot of nerve, she and Edward, considering all the good things Oprah has done with her influence and money that they have not done with their positions of privilege. Ugh.

  4. Inge says:

    People saying that the comments were taken out of context were proven wrong when the royals starting to remove the pictures. So pathetic.

    Also like someone on Tumblr pointed out your niece-in-law talks about having suicidal thoughts and you laugh??

    Not one ounce of empathy shown by the BRF since the interview. It’s deny and delete. No compassion whatsoever.

    • Becks1 says:

      Yeah they knew they were going to be asked about the interview, they should have had a better answer prepared than that.

      • Brielle says:

        Wasn’t Sophie working in PR before? These ppl really live in a bubble or an echo chamber

      • Nic919 says:

        Clearly we see why Sophie’s PR business tanked if she can’t explain who Oprah is.

      • Jan says:

        @Brielle, that is why the business failed, she was not very good.

      • Nyro says:

        This. It show how deeply their PR is. You don’t have a standard middle of the road answer ready to go about THAT interview?! Like, seriously? The Firm is a damn clown show.

    • Lila says:

      Yes, that was what got my attention, even more than the ridiculous comments about Oprah. Saying “what interview” in a joking way when Meghan admitted she had suicidal ideations when pregnant in said interview is intentional. Then she had the gall to say talk about family and having a chat with Harry. There’s something wrong with these people.

    • equality says:

      Taking down the pictures is really stupid because it looks like they have something to hide. If they want to pass her remarks off as just a joking way to say “not your business” then leave the pictures up. Have they never heard that once something is out on the internet, it’s there forever?

    • SarahCS says:

      It’s the meeting with Gordon Brown in Scotland all over again, they are SO BAD at covering their tracks they make everything worse.

    • Amy Too says:

      They ALWAYS have the worst instincts. Lie and cover things up is their go to. Deleting pictures from nearly ten years ago after everyone has already found them so you can pretend that Sophie and the RF really have no idea who Oprah is or that she’s anything other than a talk show host? Deleting the evidence of a CHARITY VISIT and the royal publicity for that CHARITY (you know, the thing they claim they’re all about— drawing attention to charities and do-gooders— the reason the UK can’t get rid of them?) is dastardly. And the fact that the picture is of Sophie with a bunch of black African people, and they delete it like it’s nothing, likes it’s a better idea to pretend she just doesn’t even know and can’t acknowledge a whole school’s worth of black people, or that they’re completely willing to just sacrifice all these people and their charity and pretend they don’t exist to protect their white Princess, rather than just apologize, or let the RRs twist and cover for you like you KNOW they will, or just do nothing and let it pass is wild. They are seriously the worst at everything they do.

      They keep showing us their instinct is to be shady and snotty and then lie and hide and delete all evidence of them being shady and snotty when anyone tries to point out that they were shady and snotty. I bet Sophie was PROUD of her “ha ha, no one knows Oprah here” comments because it managed to denigrate Oprah, Harry, and Meghan and all the work all of them are doing in one swoop, which is WHY SHE SAID IT rather than just say they didn’t want to comment on the Oprah interview, and now because she chose to be a racist twit in public in an interview that she was so proud to have published, the RF doesn’t get why people are mad about that? So they’re going so far as to delete pictures about a charity (how does that make that charity feel? They’re doubling down on the racism, too) to twist it all and make people stop talking about it, when instead, the coverup just draws so much more attention.

      They suck at their jobs and they’re screaming at the top of lungs that they’re racist, elitist, mean girls from top to bottom in that institution.

      • Lorelei says:

        @AmyToo, I’m struggling to think of a time that they did the right/smart thing, PR-wise, and I honestly can’t come up with anything. Maybe someone else here can?

        Because as far back as I can remember, they manage to fck up everything they touch.

      • notasugarhere says:

        Charles got great PR for walking Meghan down the aisle. Ditto the Archie announcement pics with Queen, Philip, and Doria.

    • Brielle says:

      Being so dismissive about an interview where a member of your family talked about wanting to kill herself and also discussed racism, abuse and mental anguish overall says so much about how this family truly feels and operates. It just drives home Harry’s point that the family refused to listen to or care and neglect Meghan

  5. Nomegusta says:

    Y’all hear something?

    Sounds like a Ford Fiesta just backfired in the distance.

    • WingKingdom says:

      I don’t know what this means, but I want to very badly.

      • Nic919 says:

        Sophie was compared to a Ford Fiesta as opposed to Meghan being a Lamborghini by a British talk show guest.

      • Lorelei says:

        I believe someone compared Sophie to a Ford Fiesta while comparing Meghan to a Lamborghini

      • Becks1 says:

        @WingKingdom – lol there was a podcast out about this time last year, where RRs were talking and one said how they all missed Meghan and the others were like “ohhh no no” and she was like, look, Sophie is fine, she’s a good egg, but shes like a Ford Fiesta and Meghan is a Lamborghini.

        Basically saying Sophie is basic and efficient and gets the job done, but is also boring and forgettable. No one is turning their heads to follow a Ford Fiesta down the street.

      • Carmen says:

        @Nic19: Oooooooh sh*t. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    • Nic919 says:


    • Dierski says:

      ROFL 😂 Yes.

    • The Recluse says:


  6. sunny says:

    Hahahahah. So salty! They are so pissed that Harry and Meghan have powerful friends and allies, it is especially galling to them when those powerful friends and allies are black. Makes sense for that “not at all racist” family.

    Stay bitter Sophie. Truly I wish the British press would stop releasing the same stories but their hatred of Harry and Meghan sells and the rest of the family is so boring it is hard for them to drive headlines(unless they told some of the gossip they have been sitting on)

    • Asking for a friend says:

      And I oop! A dusty saline hoist with her own petard. She thought she was so clever too…

  7. JennyJazzhands says:

    I just learned who you were this year, so…there’s that.
    You don’t have to discredit a black woman and her work/legacy just because you didn’t like the interview. Weirdos. Because you, clearly, jump at the chance to be interviewed be anybody.

  8. Merricat says:

    …said a stalwart member of the “very much not racist” racist royal family. Look how thrilled people are to see her.

    • Cecilia says:

      I found it especially dark that they decided to do this interview with Camilla Tominey……

      • Merricat says:


      • Jais says:

        Yeah agree Cecilia. The very fact that they chose Camilla Tominey for this was a big F- U to Meghan in my opinion. They know she’s the author of the original crying story so choosing this author felt like an endorsement of the original version. Then, to joke “Oprah? What interview?” This felt like diminishing and making light of everything Meghan said, her suicidal thoughts and lack of support, not to even mention the racism.
        They actually seriously diminished the experiences of two women in this interview. They were like….we are so unbothered by Meghan, look how much fun we have joking about black women, belittling their feelings and achievements, while we drink our tea. And all three of them are prob quite proud of this, like we got jokes. Or at least, they believe William and Kate will be quite proud and happy about this, which is the goal, to stay on the payroll.

      • Lorelei says:

        Agree with you all.
        Sophie may think she won this one by being so “clever,” but imo most people will be horrified at how — considering the content of the Oprah interview — grossly callous she’s being toward Meghan by making these jokey comments.

      • ABritGuest says:

        Camilla is being rewarded for all her Meghan hit pieces as well as slandering Virginia Guiffre recently.

        Oprah was shown in the U.K. on main networks plus her interviews with likes of Michael Jackson, Nelson Mandela etc were must sees and much discussed in the U.K. My guess is Justin Welby knows who she is but didn’t recognise her.

        Whilst the Wessexes could have drawn a line, said no comment on the Oprah interview- how else would they get attention if the Sussexes/Oprah weren’t brought up. This is probably third time Sophie has been asked since Sussexit so it’s clearly not a red line for her. Given the seriousness of what was discussed- their ‘jokes’ seemed flippant & really just gives a glimpse to what Meghan endured.

        Trying to limit the multi media career & philanthropy of Oprah to just chat shows speaks to how insular they are- particularly when Sophie has been at her academy. I do think it was deliberate as it’s been a line since Oprah interview was announced- the royal reporters kept calling her show tabloid tv & basically trying to discredit her.

        Sophie basically said it’s nice to get more attention with the Sussexes’ departure. I’m sure it is but jeez they seem thirsty. And I bet the royalists are loving the PDA shown which was apparently against protocol with another couple. All these moves really show Bradby wasn’t lying about family members except Philip & Elizabeth being jealous & unfriendly.

      • Coco says:

        What US publication is The Telegraph comparable to? It sounds like this is not a high profile interview – like Vogue as mentioned above, or The New Yorker or New York Times. Is this like if Edward and Sophie gave a non-cover interview to People?

      • Jais says:

        The Telegraph is actually a step above tabloids like the sun and daily mail. People refer to it here as the torygraph so very conservative, pro-Boris Johnson. That’s what I’ve discerned from comments but a Brit would have a much better answer.

  9. Snuffles says:

    Honestly, it’s like watching Wile E. Coyote trying to best the Roadrunner every week and shooting themselves in the face EVERY. TIME.

    The PR incompetence is STAGGERING.

  10. Nic919 says:

    Reducing Oprah to just a “chat show host” is so incredibly elitist and frankly quite racist when she went and visited the woman’s school, one that Oprah funds herself, something the royals never do themselves. Even if she was trying to say that the Archbishop of Canterbury didn’t know who Oprah was she could easily have told him that Oprah was a rich person who sets up charities around the world on top of her broadcasting and acting career. I don’t buy that anyone between the ages of 40 and 80 don’t know who Oprah is and that she did more than a talk show. The trolls pretending she’s less famous in the UK than Jeremy Kyle (who?) are just showing their xenophobia and ignorance.

    • Brielle says:

      Or just say No comment like she did for Andrew in the same interview…

      • equality says:

        The most intelligent thing would have been to set parameters on certain topics BEFORE the interview. I guess, they have to have H&M or Oprah’s name in there so anybody will even read it though. I don’t watch “chat” shows but know Oprah’s name from many different things. I had no clue who Justin Welby was until after H&M’s wedding though.

      • Lorelei says:

        @Equality I think we learned from Andrew’s debacle just how much preparation these idiots do before interviews. They’re probably too arrogant to think they need any guidance or suggestions.

      • Jais says:

        I don’t think they had any intention of a no comment. They wanted to speak about the interview and Oprah. It was their idea cuz how else would the interview get attention. And they for real think belittling others’ experiences makes them bigger.

      • Amy Too says:

        And now this entire interview which I’m sure was meant to launch Sophie as the white stand in version of Meghan is all for nothing because people will focus solely on these comments and the RF now made the story into them deleting evidence of a charity visit in order to cover for a snotty b*tch who just wanted to be racist and elitist in public and get points for it like it was a good thing. Great job. It’s like Andrew’s interview, too. Something that people will remember forever because it was so bad and the scramble and the attempts to cover up afterwards were so outrageous, and just the same general ethos of “durp, we’re the super out of touch royal family who actually thinks that saying stuff like this out loud in an interview we agreed to and thought went well is a good idea.” Way to broadcast how out of touch you are. Way to bury anything good that you might have said in the interview. Way to just assume that because you’re a princess or prince that no one will ask you the hard questions and you don’t have to prepare AT ALL for the interviews you’re giving on purpose to make yourself and the RF look good. (Same sort of energy with the Scotland tour—zero preparation, zero instincts for what is good or bad, an assumption that since you’re a royal you can do literally whatever you want no matter how shady because you just expect that the media won’t cover your secret political meeting.) They’re so incompetent and the story continues to be how they’re very incompetent but think that they’re extremely special and that they should be above all criticism.

      • Brielle says:

        How can Sophie who seems to be an intelligent person and engaged with her causes(and those who follow what she does say that she is a hard worker and I them cause I don’t care for her) want ppl to empathize with her experience with menopause if she can’t empathize with Harry and Meg experiences? Like I said the other day on her post,I like the subject but just not her bringing it:she is a mean spirited girl

    • Merricat says:

      Oprah is known the world over for her philanthropic efforts, so it doesn’t surprise me that the Do-Nothing Windsors haven’t heard of her. I can’t roll my eyes hard enough.

    • Sure says:

      Is this story that Welby didn’t know who Oprah was even true? I mean who would believe anything CT has to say given that the Meghan Made Kate Cry story was false. That S believed the story and “leapt to defend” W by snobbishly denigrating the achievements of a black woman demonstrates that S is not the “safe pair of hands” C and the RF would have us believe.

      • Brielle says:

        How can someone believe Camilla T? That woman is a liar…

      • Amy Too says:

        Even if he really didn’t for some reason, or if he just didn’t realize he was speaking to Oprah on the moment but still absolutely knows of Oprah, I find it kind of weird and shady that a royal reporter, keeper of white English conservatism, is out here trying to get people riled up against an Archbishop. You have to know that making it seem like Archbishop Whoever has no clue who Oprah is even after he met and was introduced to her, would make people feel shady towards him. They would be incredulous and there would be a good portion of people who would assume that he, just like Sophie and Edward here, was just pretending to not know anything about Oprah in order to denigrate her accomplishments and her invitation to something as special as a royal wedding. She knew that even if Sophie and Edward didn’t take the bait and say something even worse about Oprah, that people would read this interview and then go jump on the Archbishop. Which makes me believe that Camilla Tominey and the royal reporters do NOT actually revere and respect and hold as sacred and holy all of these precious British institutions. We’ve already seen how they sort of pretend to care very much about defending the monarchy as some kind of righteous and holy institution that must not ever be spoken ill of, when at the same time they have no trouble saying shady things about any of the members of said holy institution when they’re feeling mad or need to yank a chain. And this trying to sic people on the Archbishop, when the COE is tied so tightly to the monarchy, just sort of proves again that the royal reporters are pretending. They don’t actually revere and worship these institutions, they pretend to because it’s a point of view that their readers like to see in print. I don’t understand how someone can be so evil like that. To act as loud and constant propaganda for whatever political/social/religious ideology that results in the most clicks and the highest paycheck when what they’re spewing everyday is something they quite obviously don’t believe in and see as laughable at times.

      • Brielle says:

        I thought that about Richard Palmer:before Meghan he was always writing the meanest thing about Kate,how she has nothing interesting to say,only her clothes…and Meghan enters,and he was just super vile…He seems to hate the royal family but for his job obliged to write about them…and he takes himself seriously like a Pulitzer writer..

      • Lee13 says:

        Not to mention, how was this even a defense of Welby? An actual PR professional could have taken the opportunity to point out how down to earth both the Archbishop and Oprah are for having such a normal conversation that it didn’t draw attention to the prestige or celebrity of either party.

  11. Nomegusta says:

    So they were interviewed by the same woman who hates Meghan so much that she linked her Together Cookbook and the Grenfell victims to terrorism.

    The same Camilla who threw a fit because out of 15 women on Meghan’s Vogue cover, only 5 were white?

    The same Camilla who lied about Meghan making Kate cry?

    This family is just scummy and I’m glad they got dragged to the depths of hell over this.

    This wasn’t an out of context statement, she was intentionally being shady and nasty.

    • Nic919 says:

      I think we need to revisit just how much Sophie might have been involved in leaking to the media before now.

      • Lorelei says:

        @Nic excellent point

      • Becks1 says:

        Good point Nic. Remember the story about the Sussex honeymoon, that they weren’t telling family where they went? A member of the royal family apparently asked Meghan and she said they weren’t sharing. At the time I assumed it was Beatrice or Eugenie. Now I feel confident it wasn’t Eugenie, they clearly trust her. But maybe it was Sophie?

      • Ginger says:

        I remember during the CW service there was a point where Meghan and Sofia turned and looked at each other at the same time. Meghan immediately frowned and quickly turned her head. It was interesting. Sofia definitely has done something. I think she is the one that called Meghan a degree wife.

      • Jais says:

        That was my thought too when I saw that it was Tominey interviewing. I even wondered if she leaked the false crying story in the first place. Not sure if she did but she officially entered into the realm of suspects for the false leak.

      • Nicole Fox says:

        Mmm hmm and remember how Sophie wore Emilia Wickstead very soon after EW made those comments about Meghan’s wedding dress?

    • Brielle says:

      Harry and Meghan words are always taken out of context and vilified so why Sophie’s words should be taken in context!!! that’s what I want to understand !!! Sophie worked in PR so she should know better and in the same interview she said ‘ no comment’ when she asked them about Andrew…so Andrew gets no comment and Oprah gets sly comments…

      • KW says:

        Oh good point. Maybe this genius has been the one doing all the PR for the royal family all this time, and someone realized they needed real professionals. Therefore Sophie doesn’t get to feel important anymore and did this amazingly dumb interview because why should the others look more dumb than these two useless tits. I’m sure Oprah is crying in her pillow hearing this.

    • Demi says:

      The problem that this is coming from Edward & Sophie the same Edward who tried to set a media production company but failed miserably because no one interested in their crap! then they had to come back and basically live on handouts of the public purse.. The same Edward who quit his royal marine training in tears so yeah it’s not enough that they are 2 losers but they are nasty, arrogant elitists

    • Rnot says:

      Not to excuse Edward and Sophie but were they told to do this interview as a quid pro quo? These two didn’t suddenly become interesting. Did they volunteer for this interview or was this payment for not covering something else? What is this intended to distract from?

  12. JennyJazzhands says:

    So, this entire family is not going to acknowledge the pain harry and Meghan expressed in the interview and just eternally throw shade at the concept of the interview itself? Wonderful family. Smh.

    • Brielle says:

      They HATE Meghan so they will never acknowledge her pain therefore Harry’s also by association …these ppl are the worst

  13. Noki says:

    I feel sorry for these older royals to have to kiss ass to the younger ones because of rank. Imagine yourself and wife having to suck up to your nephew because he is the FFK.

  14. Lorelei says:

    “A dusty Saltine”

    Kaiser you’re killing me today!! 😭

  15. Nancy says:

    Gawd I love Omid Scobie and his understated yet pointed way of calling these people out on their bullshit.

    • Edna says:

      I believe Omid mentioned that Oprah’s show aired in The U.K. back in the 90s and early 00s. So yeah, Oprah did appear on British television.

      • TabithaD says:

        You’d have to have been living under a rock in the UK for the last 30 years not to have heard of Oprah. Her TV chat shows were a big thing here, and on the UK TV commentary of H+M’s wedding as we watched all the famous guests arrive, Oprah was one of the ones that generated most excitement.
        TBH I think even the crusty old archbishop knew who she was.
        Ed + Soph knew what they were doing here.

      • February-Pisces says:

        I never watched Oprah’s show when it aired in the UK, but I sure as hell knew who she was. I didn’t need to watch her show to know how much of a big deal she is and has been for the last couple of decades. To say you’ve never heard of her would be like saying you don’t know who Michael Jackson or Madonna is. Sophie is just embarrassing herself not Oprah.

    • K-Peace says:

      Came here to comment just to say the same thing—I love Omid Scobie for the understated way he’s calling the Royal Family out on their bullshit and seems to be sticking up for the Meghan/Harry side. I hope he continues to do this more & more.

  16. JennyJazzhands says:

    What is deleting the pictures supposed to do? Cement the shade thrown? These people are in desperate need of competent pr and coaching, cuz wtf?

  17. Jan says:

    Sophie was always a witch, she was caught trying to cash in on royal family and she criticized all of them including her husband.
    Poor Edward the forgotten child, never good at anything, could not make it through basic training in the military, failed production company and the list goes on.
    Sophie thought she was the second coming of Diana, but no one else bought what she was trying to sell.
    I know bearding is hard, but She knew who she was marrying.
    They have to suck up to the lamebridges and Charles, who controls the purse strings.

    • CommentingBunny says:

      Speaking od trying to be the second coming of Diana, I remember a story just before Diana’s funeral that Sophie wasn’t going to attend because she looked so much like Di that it would upset people. Does anyone else remember that?

      • (TheOG) Jan90067 says:

        I do! I remember when Sophie actually cut her hair to look MORE LIKE Diana as well.

      • Demi says:

        I watched a documentary one commentator said she tried to dress like Diana even contacted the same designers

      • Merricat says:

        I remember that now. Sophie is creepy.

      • MJM says:

        I remember their wedding and I was still grieving the loss of Diana at the time. Sophie resembling her (mostly hairstyle) kind of haunted me. After that I lost all interest in the Royal Family until Meghan arrived on the scene.

        Turns out Sophie is a Dollar Store Diana just as someone on Twitter hilariously referred to her.

      • Lorelei says:

        @MJM “Dollar Store Diana” 😭

        Now I’m torn between calling her “The Dusty Saltine” or the “Dollar Store Diana” going forward

        Also, if that story about Diana’s funeral is true, it’s actually hilarious that Sophie thought she’d “upset people.” I mean ffs. I just googled Sophie’s wedding photos and while there’s definitely a resemblance, no one would ever confuse her with Diana. She WISHES

    • Carmen says:

      I remember Sophie acting like a snotty bitch to Meghan at the Commonwealth Day ceremony and barely acknowledging her presence. Edward did have the decency to say hello.

  18. SarahCS says:

    Just when I was starting to feel a glimmer of goodwill to her for the conversation about menopause last week and boom, it’s gone again. These people are truly awful.

  19. Lorelei says:

    Not the point, but WHAT is going on in that picture?? There’s something very creepy about it, imo. Both Edward and Sophie’s poses and expressions are so weird…it almost looks like a poster for a horror movie.

    Poor Louise

  20. equality says:

    The only thing I wanted to see in the article was the market value of their house and the rental value of their house and grounds versus what they actually pay. And, of course, the number of bathrooms.

  21. Seraphina says:

    Jealousy indeed. And it’s white people in general that try to diminish the accomplishments of the black community and minorities in general that scream of holy than thou egoism. I’m enjoying how they keep showing the world who they are and we should all believe what they say and show.

    • Agreatreckoning says:

      Coming on the heels of the Guardian stories the incessant use of ‘chat show host’ in reference to Oprah is such a bad look for the BRF/rotas/BM.

      I guess they don’t think Oprah’s the right/white color to be properly called what she is: media mogul.

  22. Brielle says:

    Edward was also super shady,he was the first one who said ‘Oprah who? I always thought Kate was the one jealous of Meghan but Sophie also?…like I was shook..I thought she was mean at the Commonwealth cause she pick her camp…nooo,Sophie was jealous…Meghan and Harry was surrounded with jealous ppl

    • Lorelei says:

      @Brielle, right?? Sophie couldn’t manage to so much as feign a little compassion for Meghan in this interview even though she’d admitted she was suicidal for god’s sake. Her snarky response might have played well with her (very, very small) base, but to most people, it will reflect quite poorly on Sophie, not Meghan.

      They all just saw Meghan as competition, not as a real member of their family.

      How long have Edward and Sophie been married now? How long will it take before the BM realizes that no one cares about them? As @Becks said above, they’re still trying to make Sophie happen when clearly she is never going to happen, or she would have already ffs.

      • Sure says:

        By joking about THE interview which raised several serious issues, S & E are signalling to the public that the RF couldn’t care less about what H & M experienced over the past three years. I think it’s safe to say that there will be no self-reflection by the royals nor any progressive changes to the institution stemming from THE interview.

      • Brielle says:

        Do ppl really think that royals are capable of reflecting? They are anointed by GOD so whatever they do is the right thing…and their courtiers are sycophants…Harry said it himself :he was living in a bubble

      • notasugarhere says:

        They married in June 1999.

    • BabsORIG says:

      Meghan and Harry said to Tom Bradby in SA that EEEVVVERY one in that family is very jealous, every single on of them except Liz and Phil. So there you have it.
      LOL at bearding Sofiesta throwing shade at the real queen herself, like Sophiesta who? Both Sophiesta and her closetted hubby are very forgettable, LOL.

      • Brielle says:

        Yup but I thought it was William and Kate (same age groupe)…not Sophie and Edward

  23. Abby says:

    Now this just highlights the fact that some of them do these type of engagements with no heart, just as ponies put on show.Such bad taste to even delete the pictures after the fact🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️

  24. Sofia says:

    Sophie has always wanted to be “First Lady of the Firm” for a while. It’s why she was out there front and centre when Philip died. The tapes forced her to humble herself publicly but that ambition has always been there. I said it last week she was ambitious.

    As for the actual comments, I saw a few people saying that she was saying that someone like Justin Welby wouldn’t know who Oprah is but I just think that Sophie didn’t need to jump in and defend the Archbishop. Yes Tominey asked to get a specific response but the Wessexes should have known something about the Sussexes would have come up and should have come up with a generic response. They’ve been royals long enough to know this. Same thing with Edward’s Oprah who? Again, he was trying to do “no comment” but a flippant dismissal about an interview where your niece in law expressed suicidal thoughts was not the way to go. A simple “We just wish everyone the best” would have worked.

    No need for dismissive comments from 2 people who wouldn’t even make it to most people in the UK’s first 10 if you asked them to name 5 royals.

    • Becks1 says:

      Yeah I could give Welby a pass for not knowing Oprah. Like maybe he knows who she is generally but didn’t realize the person he was talking to at the royal wedding was Oprah. There was a lot going on that day and I’m sure he was under an enormous amount of pressure, so was probably thinking of many other things.

      But Sophie’s response should have been that – “oh his mind was in so many places that day! I explained to him about Oprah’s work and how I visited her school in South Africa years ago”. But she couldn’t say that bc that would be acknowledging Oprah and it seems the royals and RRs are trying to push this idea that Oprah isn’t anyone significant, which is falling flat.

      • Sofia says:

        +1. I can see how someone like Welby wouldn’t know who Oprah is or like you said, knew but his mind was in 5 different places but again, no need for Sophie to jump into his defence.

        And a response like yours would have been sufficient if she did want to speak.

      • Agreatreckoning says:

        @Becks1, I can appreciate the kindness of your thoughts. Yet, I’m inclined to say that Oprah was a high profile figure before Welby was globally….for years. Oprah met with Mandela years before Welby became Archbishop. As someone in his position it is his responsibility to recognize other people with high public profiles. I don’t believe the story that he didn’t know who she was. Food for fodder. Unless he’s willing to come out and say himself that he didn’t recognize Oprah..and he would have to be very careful saying such, really he didn’t recognize Oprah from other people of color? We recognize the differences between Diana & Sophia. To me it shows the Firm/rotas/BM willingness to save themselves by throwing anyone under a bus to excuse their own wrongful behavior and minimize the world of Oprah. Sadly.

    • Lorelei says:

      @Sophia, Edward’s comment was in such poor taste that I’m actually surprised he didn’t know better. I had some hope that maybe, just maybe, Edward wasn’t as bad as the rest of them after he was the only one who seemed to make the effort to speak to Meghan at the Sussexes’ last appearance at that mass. Sophie pointedly ignored Meghan (way to set a good example for your teenage daughter, btw, Sophie— by publicly meangirling a member of your own family).

      Typically I’d laugh off his asinine comment as like “haha, bad Dad joke” but they were speaking about an interview in which Meghan admitted she was SUICIDAL. That’s just beyond the pale.

      • Sofia says:

        I agree. I have been willing to give Edward the benefit of the doubt because he was, as you said, the only member of the family to be nice to the Sussexes and acknowledge them.

        And had the Sussexes done a cutesy interview where the discussed chickens or talked about the royals positively, I would have been far willing to let their comments slide.

        Many ways to not comment about the Sussex interview but a rude “I don’t know her” esque comment was not it.

  25. Harper says:

    Tominey is such a troublemaker. She brings up the fact that the Archbishop didn’t know who Oprah was, mentions it to Sophie and Edward to get them to comment, and then includes it in her story to put down Oprah. This is how the media makes up fake news and now Tominey gets Sophie trending on Twitter for it and lots of clicks for her article and thus, $$$. Sophie and Edward just stepped in it and were putty in Tominey’s evil hands. I bet they will gladly retreat back into their 120 room home with probably only one indoor bath after this failed attempt at embiggening. Sophie is probably sitting in her greenhouse with her head in her hands saying “Now I remember why I don’t like attention from the press.”

    • Brielle says:

      Sophie likes the press attention,she is doing press since Meghan left:Times magazine where she said that they try to help every new member trying to shade Meg ,and other pieces in Ppl magazine and now Torygraph…She responded No comment to a question about Andrew so why didn’t she do the same when Harry and Meghan were brought up? She has to let us know that she has a lengthy conversation with Harry at the funeral and mock Oprah but she never empathize with Meghan’s experience…

    • Lila says:

      Tominey is awful but I REALLY doubt she went off script here. This was a piece to raise their profiles, not a gotcha piece. The family’s image has taking a beating for months now, they hired PR experts. I find it hard to believe that there’s no prepared answer when it comes to this subject. Besides, when Sophie was previously asked about Andrew, she didn’t say anything. So I don’t think this was Sophie and Edward being manipulated by Tominey. This was Sophie and Edwars being comfortable enough around Tominey to make little jokes and say what’s on their minds.

      • Brielle says:

        Yup it’s not a ‘gotcha moment’ Camilla T is the one writing all these grandiose pieces for DOC so they chose her to have the same PR

      • Jais says:

        Yeah agree they were comfortable enough to laugh and say what was on their mind. They thought these little zings would be cute and funny instead of gross and offensive.

    • Harper says:

      My point is not oh, poor Sophie & Edward! Bad press! She got you! My point is that the Firm deserves all the scrambling they are doing today. The naivete of them thinking that Tominey would play ball. Tominey knew she had a crap assignment writing about these two bores and she knows the only way she gets clicks is to bring in Harry and Meghan. Tominey kept the Bagshot Bullies talking with her little bit of gossip about the Archbishop, and Sophie said stupid stuff as Tominey bet she would. The more you keep people talking, the more stupid stuff they say and Tominey knows that. So now, instead of a boring story, Tominey succeeded in making Sophie and Edward look stupid and elitist and racist by demeaning Oprah as only a chat show host, Sophie is trending on Twitter, and the Palace is deleting photos of Sophie at Oprah’s school–good photos they probably wanted to use to prove they weren’t racist. So it is hilarious that the big puff piece turned into this and the Firm deserved to be burned by Tominey in the same way they used Tominey and her ilk to burn Harry & Meghan.

      • Brielle says:

        Ah okI understand your point but Camilla T is also a racist and a snob so maybe she didn’t see it like us but just something super normal but you’re probably right,she is a master manipulator and a liar so…

  26. Stevie says:

    How do we know her? By who she sleeps with. Sit down Sophia.

  27. Edna says:

    Guess Harry and Meghan have to always be brought up and mentioned to garner any interest. It’s pathetic that all of those Royals are so boring and uninteresting that the only way the Rota Rats can get clicks for their articles is including swipes at H&M. Oh and was there any mention of the cost and number of bathrooms in Edward and Sophie’s 120 room mansion?

  28. Noodle says:

    I wonder how many bathrooms a 120-room mansion has…

  29. Basi says:

    This article is classic Kaiser LMAO!!! “Dusty saltines”. “Two forgettable nobodies”. Trying to shade Oprah. Everyone over 40 knows Oprah you elitist witch.

    Hi Royal Family! I know you’re reading this. You’re grasping at straws now. It’s over. You’re all fools. The world is laughing.

  30. Brielle says:

    Nobody knows Oprah but remember when we learned that Harry was working with Oprah on this series and the RR have so many fluffy pieces about how William was also working on a documentary with Netflix or how he was meeting with Bill Gates!!!

    • equality says:

      With all the rumors floating about Gates, I bet he wishes that wasn’t who he chose to claim to work with.

  31. Shoshone says:

    Why didn’t they ask Sophie how many bathrooms in Bagshot House? It appears to be about the same massive size as Wayne Manor so I’ll bet there are quite a few. Perhaps Sophie could break the numbers down into half baths and full baths. Inquiring minds need to know!

  32. Nouri says:

    Were her old talk shows ever dubbed and broadcast elsewhere? Was it broadcast in the UK and popular there at any point. She’s absolutely huge in the US and Canada. But living in the west I can’t name any talk show hosts from other countries other than graham norton who Im not familiar with. China and India have over 1 b people but we don’t know of any of their biggest talk show hosts. Talk show are cultural and don’t make good tv dubbed to people unfamiliar with the culture. Mediocre American big budget movies are what the rest of the world most often imports which is weird to me as I find that media (like avengers and mission impossible and Bourne movies for example) not interesting at all.

    • Becks1 says:

      Apparently it was broadcast in the UK for decades.

    • BabsORIG says:

      @Nouri, I’m not sure what you going on about or where in “The West” you are from but, I am from Uganda in East Africa, have never watched any Oprah talk shows as I hate talk shows, but I know Oprah and have known her for a very long time for her philanthropic work, just saying.

    • MsIam says:

      Oprah’s show was in 80 markets around the world. She was in all the English speaking markets which I believe would include the UK. At least 50 million people around the world watched that interview at the premier and I’m sure many more have watched it since then.

    • Nic919 says:

      Oprah aired in every English language network in the world for two decades. There is no way someone in the UK doesn’t know who Oprah is, especially anyone over 40, which is what Sophie and the Archbishop are.

      If we were talking about someone who didn’t live in an English speaking culture then perhaps it’s possible they were unaware of Oprah, but they are both English.

    • teecee says:

      My grandmother in India watched Oprah reruns every morning for a couple of decades. Sophie is full of sh*t.

    • Mich says:

      Google is your friend. The show aired in 140 countries. Then there is this:

      “Outside the U.S., Winfrey has become increasingly popular in the Arab world. The Wall Street Journal reported in 2007 that MBC 4, an Arab satellite channel, centered its entire programming around reruns of her show because it was drawing record numbers of female viewers in Saudi Arabia.[227] In 2008, The New York Times reported that The Oprah Winfrey Show, with Arabic subtitles, was broadcast twice each weekday on MBC 4. Winfrey’s modest dress, combined with her attitude of triumph over adversity and abuse has caused some women in Saudi Arabia to idealize her.”

      There is a reason she has been on the Forbes ‘Most Powerful’ list for decades.

  33. TeamAwesome says:

    I can absolutely believe that the Archbishop didn’t know who Oprah was as he was chatting to her, but I doubt it’s because he didn’t know OPRAH, more that he didn’t know the lady he was talking to was Oprah. That story ran in the pre interview press, and apparently his staff found it hilarious.

    • Agreatreckoning says:

      That’s possible. It’s also possible that the story of him acting like he didn’t know who she was when speaking to her is completely made up. Like you mentioned, it ran in the pre interview press. So many of those stories before the interview aired from the BM were meant to delegitimize the importance of Harry & Meghan speaking with Oprah. It’s suspect that “staff” only recently shared this “hilarious” story. These delayed stories are questionable.

      Oprah’s arrival to H & M’s wedding was a big deal during the broadcasts of all stations covering the wedding. With an estimated 18 mil British viewership alone and coverage by ITV, the BBC and Sky-Sophie & Edward’s faulty explanation is simply foolish. Sheesh, even the DM ran a story about Oprah after the wedding calling her ‘America’s queen’ and stealing the show. Back then they referred to her as a ‘television icon’.

      Like someone else mentioned, she interviewed Fergie in 1996?. Pretty sure millions of Britons watched that one too. Is the new fab four dumb, dumber, dumbest and dumbester(realize that’s not a word)?

      • MsIam says:

        Oprah met with Diana before her death hoping to get an interview. So she wasn’t just some “chat show host”.

    • Nic919 says:

      It’s hard to know how real the whole Archbishop story is mostly because we haven’t heard from him directly. But Sophie is doing him no favours with her petty remarks.

  34. MellyMel says:

    So shady and so jealous. Why are they trying to make wannabe Diana a thing?? It’s not going to happen. Nobody cares about her or boring, forgettable Edward. Also doing this interview with Camilla really shows how they don’t really care about about Harry (and Meghan) at all. With family like this…

  35. Likeyoucare says:

    Wow the stupidity of the members of BRF are astounding.
    For someone who is working in PR to be so stupid make me wonders does she come from a rich family who bought her the job in the 1st place.
    Edward? Everyone know he is the stupidest and useless child who couldnr finish all of his job.
    They do deserve each other just like willie and kate.

  36. Kyliegirl says:

    The fact that they let THAT so called reporter be the one to interview them says everything. She is toxic. I wouldn’t be surprised if Sophie was the leak for the Meghan made Kate cry story. If at the end of the day they are a family, what horrible family to be from.

  37. Amy Bee says:

    For someone who was in PR, Sophie fell easily into that trap set by Tominey. The wessexes made sure they were front and center when Philip died. I’m not sure this interview will boost their popularity as they want it to but it proved Harry right when he said that the family became jealous of them. It also showed that Sophie is a snob.

    • Nyro says:

      She was doing the absolute most. There wasn’t a camera she didn’t jump in front if that entire week. She even made the front pages of several tabloids for being the queen’s biggest support in her grief. “He just slipped away so gently…” Girl, please! She was playing the role you’d think Anne, as his only daughter and favorite child, would have played. Sophie was carrying on like she was the next matriarch of the family. Her behavior was ridiculous.

    • Brielle says:

      Yup that entire family was jealous:remember also when Andrew was comparing Eugenie’s wedding with Meghan’s…that family was /is awful and Sophie is a racist snob

    • Merricat says:

      Sophie is afraid Charles will dump them, so she’s Doing Her Blondest. Charles is still going to dump them.

  38. harla says:

    Interesting choice they made giving an interview to Camilla, when she was the one who started the “Meghan made Kate cry” lie. The Wessex’s are really sucking up hard to the Cambridges.

  39. Charfromdarock says:

    So chat show host means self-made billionaire philanthropist Emmy, Oscar, Tony award winning tv star with her own channel and magazine in England?

    • Agreatreckoning says:

      Right Charfromdarock, I guess words have different meanings to them. Oprah also won a BAFTA in 1994 for Foreign Television Programme, in 2013 she was awarded a Presidential Medal of Freedom, the list goes on. But, sure Edward & Sophie, only people who watch chat shows in the UK know who Oprah is. LOL at pictures being taken down-it’s like Will & Kate adding things to their calendar after the fact.

  40. Nyro says:

    The best thing about this Sophie dragging is that thanks to all of the tea spilling, I just learned that our favorite pre-owned Ford Fiesta waited 12 years for an engagement ring and that he just happened to propose as rumors about his sexuality were being hinted at by the British tabloids at the time. Also, I learned that Sophie was known to have a goal of being the first commercially successful royal.

    Interesting. Meghan is who she wanted to be. I honestly think she might hate Meghan more than Kate does. I mean, this woman invited Camel Toe into her home for a big exclusive interview. Even the Middletons are more discreet. Even though Kate’s trash, Meghan went out of her way to say she’s a “good person” for a reason. You guys are right about Sophie probably playing a bigger role in the abuse and smear campaign than previously thought.

    • Brielle says:

      Wow I didn’t know all that😮:they dated 12 years!!!! That’s super long and Meghan enters and had the ring after a year…and she wanted to be successful commercially:she is clearly more jealous of Meg than Kate,I mean at least Kate was never ambitious…Are Sophie and Edward in a lavender marriage?

      • Elizabeth Kerri Mahon says:

        They actually didn’t date for 12 years. They met in 1993, and were married in 1999, so 6 years. Also, Sophie was allowed to live with Edward at Buckingham Palace which was a first.

      • notasugarhere says:

        Yes, it was only six years. Sophie later complained publicly that every time they got close to agreeing to marry, the press would write about them and spook Edward. He’d back off and she’d have to go back to her waiting game.

    • Lorelei says:

      Waity Sophie, lmao

  41. Mina_Esq says:

    Someone needs to tell these insecure people that it’s not necessary to break down others in order to make yourself look and feel better. If these were the middle ages, these types of insults would matter. Luckily, we live in the 21st century where Oprah is our queen 🙂

  42. Lila says:

    Yes, and we only know Sophie because of racism and inbreeding. Which one is better now?

  43. MerryGirl says:

    Foot in mouth disease. Ford Fiesta and her closet husband just couldn’t say no comment? Or worse, after all these months the RF couldn’t come up with a unified response for all members to recite if/when asked about the Oprah interview? The sheer incompetence is astounding. Oh well, hope they are enjoying their time in the spotlight that they craved.

  44. Jane Doe says:

    Every time a hit piece comes out I have to remember to ask what else it going on in UK politics and media, and how is the negativity benefiting the royals and the conservatives. H and M will never cease being useful to these folks, regardless of what they do or do not do.

    • Lizzie Bathory says:

      Very good point. Are Edward & Sophie racist, classist snobs? Yes. Is Sophie, in particular, thirsty for attention? Also yes.

      But why are these two suddenly hosting Camilla Tominey in their home for tea? Combined with the weird, diverging PR coming out of KP these days, this feels very strange. I think the royal family is reeling & doesn’t know what to do now that they don’t exclusively control the narrative. I’m guessing that the crisis managers have figured out that the only strategy to appease both the Firm & the British press is to sell more access to the family plus a united anti-Meghan & Harry narrative. Make them seem more familiar to the public while guaranteeing clicks. I don’t see this working out well, but I guess no one was going to agree to stop being racist assholes, so here we are.

  45. Roo says:

    Idiots. They should know by now that they aren’t clever. Their comments made seem stupid and out of touch, not clever. If you don’t know about, Oprah, her philanthropy, and her efforts to improve the lives of women and girls around the world, then you are woefully misinformed for someone who lives a royal “life of service.”

    • Gillysirl says:

      Yes! That “life of service” is pretty darn self-serving. Supposedly they are above all the rabble and only think of the common good. And can’t stop themselves from saying something mean. And can’t find compassion for a pregnant woman in distress. Even if they think Megan was lying- how can they think it’s smart to not show compassion to her regarding her health? They continue to prove H&M told the truth.

  46. Jais says:

    Well Sophie knows that Oprah is more than a chat show host and in her defense of the archbishop, which honestly who was mad and why was a defense even needed, she could have said that. She could have said Oprah actually funds a school in South Africa and I’ve been there. But she CHOSE not to say that for a reason. It’s not about who knows Oprah outside the US. It’s about Sophie, the supposed champion of women’s issues in the BRF, making a statement that chose to diminish another woman’s achievements. On purpose.

    And I think the comment I was responding to was deleted? But I said what I said lol

  47. LaraW” says:

    The Royal Family: where you get the face that you deserve.

  48. Merricat says:

    Lol, LaraW

  49. Tangerinetree says:

    Sophie and Edward have learned nothing over time, and that is what shocks me. I remember the embarrassing Sophie tapes and their bankruptcy scandals. “How will they ever recover from this?” I thought. And they kept their heads down and worked. And every few years there would be a photo of Sophie in a really nice outfit. And you can tell she loves her children. She seemed like such a nice person who would take care to never embarrass the Queen/family again. And then her behavior at the Commonwealth service stripped away any pretense of who she really is. And now this. Ed and Sophie were so unprofessional. That’s what blows my mind. They invited a viper into to their home and showed themselves again to be arrogant and condescending – and proud of it! Of course they knew they would get this question, it was probably a nonnegotiable on CT’s part. And they laughed with a woman who makes her living simultaneously uplifting and insulting their family. What kind of example are they setting for their daughter and son? All those years of quietly working and living down their scandals was an act? They have demonstrated they have no learning curve, and I am at a loss to understand it.
    Anyway, I am a longtime reader, and I was compelled to comment on this particular fiasco.

    • Jais says:

      Yeah, like you said @tangerinetree, they invited the viper into their home. The whole article read more like something from Town and Country. Details about the clothes, the dogs, the kids while they’re all drinking tea. It was weird vibez. But especially considering that CT is known for so many negative stories regarding Meghan, one in which the visual is literally her profile against Meghan and Harry’s in a standoff. So if the visual is a stand-off, and then Edward and Sophie invite her over for tea, what is the take-away? That they are all good with and endorse this author’s words, even when she maligns Meghan and Harry in the press on the regular. But yeah, sure Sophie, they’ll always be family. That sounds more like a threat, like you can’t escape us cuz we’re family. Those godfather comments in yesterday’s post are echoing.

    • Saucy&Sassy says:

      Tangerinetree, it just occurred to me that the setting is very deliberate. H&M were interviewed at a “friend’s” house, and it was a lovely and comfortable set. Isn’t it interesting that the 2 saltines decide to be interviewed at home? I can’t understand going with Camel Toe; I don’t care what she has written in the past, this simply makes no sense. They had any number of people they could have chosen for this interview, so why her? There’s something very, very odd about that.

      What I am beginning to understand is how incredibly insular this family/firm is. I thought when they brought the Crisis Managers in that they would be getting an education on what the real world is like. Evidently that’s not the case. What are the backgrounds of the CM? Are they insular in their own way, too, or are the family and firm just ignoring them?

      Frankly, what the family/firm have done in the last couple of months, the more puzzling they become. I have a difficult time thinking that they are this bad at something that affects them so directly.

    • notasugarhere says:

      They like having interviews and photoshoots at massive Bagshot Park and showing off. Mostly for big life events, like 50th birthdays.

  50. Mooney says:

    Can anyone enlighten me about the Wessex love story? I don’t want to Google them, they’re that boring. I’d love to know CBers take. On twitter I saw, she waited 12 years for the ring 😳 is that true? She gave serious competition to Waity Katie then.

    • Nic919 says:

      It was six years but there have been strong rumours about Edward being gay, so the chances she’s a beard are quite high.

      • Original Penguin says:

        The rumours were quite homophobic really. Just because he liked the theatre and not the military and didn’t date a lot of girls like Charles did. Plus all three of his siblings had high profile divorces as he hit his late 20s so it’s not surprising he took a while to get married.

        Having said all of that- that doesn’t make them nice people. Nor does it make them more interesting. In fact it makes them less interesting.

      • notasugarhere says:

        Plus Sophie being allowed to live at BP with him was a change, and a big test. QEII didn’t want the marriage to fail, so she was going to make him *make sure* it would work out. He got skittery whenever she got public attention, or there was tabloid talk of an engagement happening, so she learned to stay out of the public eye.

    • BooyahB!tches says:

      Penguin, the rumours might have had a homophobic wave through them, but they were true: he’s gay, but in his normal fashion, not committed enough or interesting enough to be so, and so he let Grandma arrange a marriage with a nobody Stepford Wife who’s been envious of everyone: Diana, Fergie, Kate, and now Meghan. This is her day and she’s milking it. Unfortunately no one’s interested…

  51. S808 says:

    I’m sure Sophie and Edward are especially jealous and bitter at H&M’s success. They too tried to make a career outside the firm while still having a leg in. They crashed and burned. Now they’re freeloaders living off of his mama, praying charles doesn’t cut them off when he becomes king and forced to suck up to Edward’s nephew in hopes he throws some pennies in their direction. It’s a pathetic existence.

  52. Brielle says:

    I am almost sure that Sophie was the one who told Meghan to lay low when she wasn’t out in a month…
    Sophie was jealous of Harry’s mom and now of Harry’s wife…
    This was a PR puff piece. If she didn’t want to talk about the interview, she could have made that clear in the briefing to CT,she knew this would come up otherwise. Sophie worked in PR so she ‘knows’

  53. Lilian says:

    Wow this is just too funny, Since Sophie and her Husband have climbed up the ladder over Meghan and On the Royal family tree on their website, they’ve come out of the gate swinging with a major Faux pais. However I question more Camel toe’s intention with publishing this piece, the way she did, she must have known the sleuths would call her out for feigning ignorance, when Oprah was at the wedding, and I’m reckon Sophie’s opening conversation would have been I visited your school a few years ago. So what was Camilla’s intention to keep this sh*t show running full steam ahead and making them both out to be racist bandits, it’s pathetic

    • Nic919 says:

      That’s what makes it so bad that they decided to speak to CT. She will benefit from all the attention her interview gets be it good or bad. And she did lay a trap that Sophie didn’t see because even CT is not so dumb as to think you can pretend Oprah is just a “chat show host” and there won’t be fallout.

      CT is laughing all the way to the bank with all the clicks, be it in support or in outrage.

  54. Amy Too says:

    If you’re Harry and Meghan, why would you ever want to come back when the RF just keeps doing the most to show how little they like and respect and care about you? And to also just prove loudly how racist and elitist and stupid they are. How little they care about mental health and charity work?

    I keep getting the sense that Harry probably does want to be able to reconcile a bit with his family, like if he can just get through to them enough and make them realize how much he and Meghan were truly hurt, and if they would acknowledge that, even if only privately, he would probably be okay with going back for stuff like the jubilee and the statue unveiling and the funerals and coronations and such, and if they’re really good and nice and get the press to shut up and acknowledge what they did go Meghan, he might even bring his family.

    And all the RF had to do really was just shut up. Stop continually proving, out loud, with your own face and voice, that you are racist, hateful, elitist jerks who joke and laugh about things like the Oprah interview. Just shut up and things would get better. Because right now they’re putting the Sussexes in a horrible situation. Even if Harry would want to come back for the jubilee to celebrate his grandmother, or the statue for his mom, how can he do that now when stuff like this keeps coming out? He seems like the type of guy who would be willing to pretend and play civil for the sake of his grandma, but only if everyone else is going to also play civil. Like I don’t think he’s looking for written, heartfelt apologies and expressions of love from every single member of his family, including the wessexes, but he probably does at least expect that they won’t pull crap like this in public. And then the whole doubling down on the racism against his wife by denigrating and dismissing Oprah as a nobody? His friend and colleague and a role model for black women everywhere? And then just erasing an entire school full of black girls as if they don’t exist and that’s a good trade off: “we’ll just break the hearts of all these girls who smiled happily in the photo with us and likely look back on that day as the time when the royal family actually acknowledged and cared about them, and prove that they are less than nothing to us when we need to protect a white minor member of the royal family.” I feel like he, like most us honestly, would be willing to ignore the little jabs at himself, but can he really ignore jabs at Oprah and an entire African girls’ school?

    • Tangerinetree says:

      Yes, Amy Too, you made some very good points. Harry must have his heart broken again and again by his family members. Seriously, they have to stop this – they are out of control now.

    • Brielle says:

      +1 @Amytoo…but we have to remember that they are not the “loving” type of family …
      I am baffled that they are so unbothered by accusations of emotional abuse and racism that has inflicted trauma on members of your own family.
      It seems everything is a popularity contest to the point where they don’t see people as human anymore
      NO ONE in this family has acknowledged Meg or Harry’s experiences and it’s so unsettling.

    • L4frimaire says:

      @Amybee, this is what bothers me so much about Sophie’s dismissive remarks about Oprah. The audacity of having visited the school she founded in South Africa, the school she mentioned in “the Me You Can’t See”, as though she does not care about that visit to the school, the students she met there or that sort of work. It shows that these people are nothing to her and just a job to get over with to polish there own image. Also, a refusal to acknowledge that the Sussexes had any difficulties when she was right there and knew they were attempting to destroy Meghan. Of course we saw how snobbishly comical Sophie was at the Commonwealth service. She can do all the interviews she wants, but she is a stunted person.

    • BooyahB!tches says:

      I think the most shocking point you made, Amy, was that they actually spoke so lowly of Oprah while these photos of the girls in the school are out there, and you made a perfectly sad point: “we’ll just break the hearts of all these girls who smiled happily in the photo with us … and prove that they are less than nothing to us when we need to protect a white minor member of the royal family.”

  55. Beana says:

    I find it ironic that a failed television producer would think that Oprah was not a global TV icon. I find it doubly ironic that a former PR executive would be so bad at giving a soundbite during a scheduled interview. 🙄

    • BooyahB!tches says:

      Let’s face it: these two wouldn’t even bolt if the stable door was left open. Too dull. Nowhere to go. Nothing to do. And no one would recognise them and return them to the stable. Ha!

  56. TabithaD says:

    I’m fed up of these two trying to reinvent themselves as the saviours of the monarchy (because let’s face it, that’s what’s happening here). Both of them have been publicity hunters in their day.
    Sophie’s PR company performed poorly. She then got caught out in a scandal where a reporter (posing as a rich sheikh) met with her under the guise of becoming a client and then recorded her spilling all sorts of confidential stuff about what the royals thought about political leaders and each other. HUGELY embarrassing and it led to her finally closing down the company.
    Edward wanted to be in TV and set up a production company. It was not very good, and only seemed to produce shows about the royal family exploiting his royal connections. He also got into trouble when his TV company was caught filming at St Andrew’s University when William had just arrived there – William complained and it generated a big fuss all round.

    This article from the Guardian about Edward’s TV production days is worth a read. It details his failed theatrical career, the evolution of his TV company, and – get this – his ambitions to make TV for the US market.

    I think these two must be eaten up with jealousy at what H+M have achieved.

    • Nyro says:

      I just know they’re SEETHING, honey. They have as much reason to be envious of the Sussexes as Cain and Unable do. Haha! I know the day the Netflix deal news dropped was a dark one in the Wessex home.

  57. Jumpingthesnark says:

    “Dusty saltine” !!!!! Kaiser nails it yet again, along with the sour white photos !!!

  58. Beech says:

    Dusty saltine 😂, 120 room house c/o Mummy while H & M have a mortgage and paid off the Frogmore costs, deleted pictures which others then post 😁, 12 year courtship and Dockside Doris 😏. Sofe, honey, Mariah did it so much better w/ her “I don’t know her” shade, take note.

  59. Rapunzel says:

    Tin foil tiara theory:

    1. Kate made Meg cry.
    2. Harry told Kate off about it, which is why she apologized.
    3. This made Kate cry because Harry had probably never been angry at her before.
    4. Kate blames Meg for making Harry mad at her.
    5. Kate brings apology to Meg. Meg politely but firmly takes her flowers and note, but shuts the door and doesn’t invite her in.
    6. Kate tells Sophie that her argument with Meg made her cry (leaving out the part about Harry telling her off) and that Meg slammed the door on her apology flowers, and probably threw out the flowers because she’s so awful.
    7. Sophie tells Cam Tominey what Kate said.
    8. Kate can’t deny the story because Sophie told Tominey that it was directly from Kate. That would be revealed if the story was contradicted.

    What do y’all think? I think CT seems to be the BRF’s lapdog, so this makes more sense than she got the story from the Mids.

    • Nic919 says:

      While I do think Sophie leaked things to the press, I don’t think she was a part of the crying story. Kate or Carole remain the ones with the best motive to do that.

      • Jais says:

        I mean I really have no idea who leaked the crying story. Always figured it was Carole, Kate, or heck even Jason? Idk? But now I wonder. Potentially, it could be sophie? I wonder if Meghan and Harry even know who leaked it. They know that it obv wasn’t corrected and that is what matters. I just wonder, if the whole family knew it wasn’t true as they said in the interview, does the whole family know who leaked the story to CT? Or are they like us and gossiping about who they think it was?

      • notasugarhere says:

        I don’t think Sophie would have been the one to leak the crying story, because she wouldn’t have been present and Kate wouldn’t have confided in her. Middletons remain the main suspects.

      • Jais says:

        Yeah, agree actually the Middletons are most likely it. Just got me thinking how much gossip there must be even just within this family.

  60. Tessa says:

    Sophie seems to ignore that Fergie did a reality show for Oprah and was on her talk show.

  61. Shannon says:

    There were black African billionaires before Oprah, but that is here nor there.

    This angers me because it a standard RF play. Act superior and dismiss a person who is “beneath” being a royal, but this isn’t the 19th century. This response is tone death. I guess it makes sense for them to ‘“ACT” like you don’t know one of the MOST famous and successful Black Americans in history because acknowledging her is beneath you….lol.

    These fools won’t survive after QEII. Once they lose that shield the British RF will be in serious jeopardy. They have not modernized because they have been comfortable with an old, aging queen. The “ courtiers” are aging white men with no clue.

  62. Angie says:

    Now what you’re not going to do is come for Oprah. She needs to sit her ass down.

  63. Rapunzel says:

    The British Royal Saltines need to keep Oprah’s name out their dusty mouths.

    Deleting the photos right after people discovered them is so typical of these salt mines. These dry, brittle, dusty crackers can’t help but leave a trail of crumbs to tell on themselves.

  64. Coco says:

    I’d like to take a moment to defend Saltines. They may not be exciting, but, for anyone who’s had a stomach virus in their life, they’re quite useful.

  65. aquarius64 says:

    This is the most stupid comment from a British royal to date. Sophie is getting dragged on SM not only for the meet and greet at Oprah’s academy and her one clusterf****s. An example of one of her chickens coming home to roost:

    Someone was throwing Sophie’s topless scandal into the mix. The Wessexes better pray their messes don’t get back to their kids or worse their kids’ schoolmates. The teasing and bullying Louise and James would get especially about Mom’s topless days.

  66. L4frimaire says:

    I made some comment on Twitter that Wessex is a fool and someone got so mad at me, but she made herself look the fool. The context wasn’t misconstrued. She was being dismissive of Oprah, and in some ways being dismissive of what Meghan and Harry went through, and she knows what went on. The fact that Sophie visited Oprah’s school on an official royal visit, then to be so shady shows that these visits are all a blur to her, smacks of poor diplomacy and shows she doesn’t really care about these things. It really says a llot that the palace response to Sophie’s stupid gaffe is to delete photos of her appearance at Oprah’s school. The rank amateurism on display. They deleted the photos as if no one knows they are out there. These people are just farcical. If this is how they respond to Sophie being caught looking like a hypocrite while trying to be clever, no way will they ever admit the way they treated Meghan was racist and violated so many codes of ethics and decency. Sophie screwed up back in the day when she was supposed to be the breath of fresh air ( never was) and there is a reason they keep her and Edward on ice. This lady ain’t it.

  67. Over it says:

    Ford Fiesta should know her lane and stay in it.

  68. Bea says:

    This kind of comment will be their downfall. They are so presumptuous and delusional that they actually think that being randomly born in a “royal” family is somewhat better than making it on your own trough your own merits. They really do think they are better than all of us. Oprah and Meghan have more value to me than these people that keep clinging to their “birth rights” without ever really doing anything with it and supporting a racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic and unequal establishment.

  69. Vanessa says:

    Everyone in the world knows Oprah so for Sophie and Edward to acted like they have no ideas who she is makes them looks like asshole . Sophie been trying for decades to make herself into the star of the family Diana 2.0 she never going to happen and this embarrassment of a article is just going to make people who didn’t even know she existed she comes off as elitist racist middle age mean girl . Everyone in the royal family is trying to get a reaction out of Harry and Meghan while the royal family and royal reporters are obsessed with Meghan And Harry they move on.

    • BooyahB!tches says:

      Thing is, Sophie has looked like a middle-aged mean girl since she was 20. She’s just got that saltine look! And she wanted to be Diana 2.0, yes she did! I guess she figured she looked the most similar, then she simpered up to the Original Lilibet and ingratiated herself. She had time to do it, as she does jacksquat else.

  70. BeanieBean says:

    “Because Oprah isn’t going to fly into South Africa just to meet a dusty saltine.” Kaiser, you’re the best!
    And when H&M do an interview with Oprah, that’s a bad thing, but when E&S do an interview with this British person, that’s a good thing? Ok, got it.
    Sorry, threadjacking: newsflash from BBC news: H&M announce the birth of their daughter, Lilibet ‘Lili’ Diana Mountbatten-Windsor.

  71. Lululu says:

    If your point was to not talk about the interview, for God’s sake say so. Dissing Oprah just sounds racist and desperate, like, we can’t actually defend ourselves against the message so we’ll just attack the messenger. I know of a senile former American president who was in to that approach.

  72. Aud says:

    Lol. I live in Canada. One day, my coworkers and I were discussing the royal family for some reason. I was the only one (out of a group of a dozen people) who knew that the queen even had a fourth child. The rest had no idea Edward exists at all.

  73. Andrew’s Nemesis says:

    Congratulations H&M on the birth of your beautiful Lilibet Diana!!!

  74. Amelia says:

    I’m sorry she inquired “sheepishly”? There’s not a “sheepish” bone in this woman’s entire body.
    Everything she does, it’s calculated and manipulative of which the end result is to arouse more hate against Meghan and Harry.
    Dumb b*tch

  75. Red Weather Tiger says:

    I giess the Keens needed soneone else to get bad press for a change, so they sent out SuckUp Sophie.

    SuckUp Sophie, who has made a nane for herself as the dull wife of the soon to be 14th in line for the throne who makes his living kissing his nephew’s ass. Nice.

  76. Jaded says:

    A “chat show host”?! Well I’m betting Sophie and Edward saw The Colour Purple (for which Oprah was nominated for an Oscar), have read some of her books and magazines, she hosted the Nobel Peace Prize concert in 2004, interviewed Barack Obama in 2006, has written or co-written 86 books…that’s just a small part of what she’s done. But sure, she’s nothing more than a chat show host…the dusty saltines can go eff themselves.

  77. Viktoria says:

    Excuse me?! I consider Oprah to be the second coming of Christ so to speak…and I am not even from either of their American continents! Everyone knows who Oprah is and Oprah actually enriches the world and has important things to say. Everything this woman has she worked her ass off for….nobody knows or cares who the f*** these 2 idiots are who literally didn’t achieve anything of significance in life ….the audacity my god!!!

  78. Lemons says:

    I hope Oprah releases some receipts. Something to the effect of Edward begging her production company for a collab or funding. It would honestly be hilarious. But when you’re so powerful and well-known, people do the job for you.

  79. Alyse says:

    I am missing the reason for outrage here. It looked like a bad joke where they were jokingly trying to avoid talking about the interview by pretending not to know Oprah. I get it’s not funny, but when she was talking about how the Archbishop might know who Oprah is, she wasn’t talking about herself?

    • Saucy&Sassy says:

      Alyse, I guess that I missed the part where she was QUOTING the Archbishop? No, I didn’t think so. This was HER response. So, yes, she was talking for herself.

    • Merricat says:

      Hilarious that they chuckled at the thought of an interview in which a member of their family admitted to suicidal thoughts. The royal family is trash.

  80. AMJ says:

    Pathetic and try-hard. It’s like pretending you don’t know who Bill Clinton is, or Madonna – you’ll only make a fool of yourself.

  81. Amelia says:

    Does the birth of Meghan and Harry’s daughter mean that Sophie and Edward’s stupidity will be overlooked? Good lord I hope not. These people get away with everything and it’s always because of Meghan and Harry. They owe these two so much. They should be on their knees thanking them

    • Haylie says:

      It means Fop and Fiesta go back to being irrelevant, with much of the world wondering when QEII has a fourth baby anyway.

      Oh, and they have a wonderful future of begging Charles, then Will, the George for financial scraps to keep up their lifestyles.

  82. Reece says:

    I really like Omid when it comes to Meghan and Harry.
    That’s all I got because my words for them over there are not nice. 🙄

  83. Mrs.Krabapple says:

    If the Wessexes don’t know who Oprah is, they are either senile or incredibly stupid. Either way, that means they lack capacity to competently represent the royal family. When will their titles and funding be taken away?

  84. Christine says:

    This is an….interesting media strategy, considering the entire royal family (minus Harry and Meghan) is furiously swimming upstream to convince the world that the royal family is still hugely relevant to world at large, rather than just a tiny island in Europe. I don’t see how it is a smart move for them to be pretending that THE most famous, and self-actualized, woman in the world has no relevance outside of the United States.

    ETA: I am apoplectic at “dusty saltine”!

  85. PoppedBubble says:

    Kaiser, I hope every article you write about the royals includes the sizes of their homes/#room/#bathrooms. What’s good for the goose is good for the petty gander. Me.

  86. Original Penguin says:

    I can’t be the only one who thinks that this interview was to cover up something else they didn’t want printed? I want to know what.

    Plus that explains why they couldn’t get H&M and Oprah off the list of approved topics and hence gave these asinine comment s

  87. MA says:

    They approved the Oprah interview question for this PR puff piece so they could have a chance to show how breezy and blasé they all are about it, when in reality the royals have been absolutely rocked and shaken to the core and furiously scrambling the past few months to undo the damage.

    And way to go for these mediocre half-wit nobodies, way to broadcast your ignorance and racism. How embarrassing for them.

  88. Sophie says:

    When I had a falling out with my mother and went no contact, my uncle (her brother) became furiously obsessed with me. He said horrible things about me to anyone who would listen, and threatened to ruin my life. My other uncle changed his will because he was afraid of what would happen to my portion if my creepy uncle was in charge of it. It was so weird and unsettling, as I had never been close with him but had always been friendly. I didn’t even think about him more than twice a year, and yet here he was putting all this energy into trying to hurt me. This interview has similar energy, IMO. No one was thinking about Sophie or in need of her opinion, but she decided to attempt to insult H&M at the first opportunity. It reveals she cares wayyyyy too much about all this. This family is completely incapable of managing their toxic behavior.

  89. iconoclast59 says:

    I hope this puts to rest once and for all the notion that Edward and Sophie are the “nice” or “not so bad” royals. Their choice to sit with Camel Toe and their catty responses show they’re just as nasty and petty as Will and Kate. In a way, I think they’re even worse, because they act “fake nice,” as I call it. I hate fake nice.

  90. JRenee says:

    120 room house, who pays for that? Who needs 120 rooms? What the entire hell?
    And we only here about the 3 million used to restore Frogmore and the California house…both paid for by the Sussexes, the audacity

    • notasugarhere says:

      It is a Crown Estate property. It was fixed up with some C.E. funds and millions in private funds from Edward. In exchange, he got a multi-decade lease as Harry and Meghan likely did with Frogmore Cottage. My guess is, Edward got most of his inheritance as an advance to pay for that fixup and lease.

  91. Premadonna says:

    I just love what a shady b Omid Scobie has been lately. Is it just me or is has he been getting bolder and bolder about calling out members of the RF?

    • Neners says:

      Omid is out of f*cks to give and I love it! He has commented in the past at being the target of racism within the rota and I think he has had it up to here with their crap and with the racism he sees in the RF

  92. Premadonna says:

    I just love what a shady b Omid Scobie has been lately. Is it just me or is has he been getting bolder and bolder about calling out members of the RF?
    side note- isnt Edward due to inherit the Duke of Edinburgh title? I vaguely remembered reading something stating that the reason Edward is a lowly Earl (unlike his brothers who are Dukes) is because he is the one who is going to inherit Prince Phillip’s title. That probably had something to do with those now-defunct plans from a few months ago to move Edward & Sophie to Scotland to be the “face of the monarchy” there. Plans which i believe were laughed at to death.

    • notasugarhere says:

      Edward personally requested the Earl of Wessex title, because he liked it from the movie Shakespeare in Love. Once QEII is gone, Charles is expected to make Edward the next Duke of Edinburgh. That has been the announced plan since Edward first got the Earl title when they married in June 1999. That’s why Sophie and Edward do so much work for the DoE Awards, because for 20+ years it has been seen/known as their future title.

      • Miss Jupitero says:

        Prince Andrew was supposed to have gotten that title, but Philip purposefully passed him over. Interesting.

      • notasugarhere says:

        York was always destined for Andrew, not Edinburgh. Second son is traditionally Duke of York, just like Bertie was Duke of York before becoming the reluctant king. With him being mummy’s fav, she wanted to give him the title her beloved papa had once had.

      • Miss Jupitero says:

        Hmmmm…. From People magazine:

        “Prince Edward — the youngest son of Queen Elizabeth, 94, and Prince Philip — will inherit his father’s title as the Duke of Edinburgh once his brother Prince Charles, 72, ascends to the throne.

        The title is supposed to go to Prince Andrew, 61, but Prince Philip personally asked Prince Edward to take on that role. “

    • Watson says:

      Omid is totally bringing on the shade. He’s over the royal family, and it’s so deeply hilarious when he goes in for the kill.

  93. oddsnends says:

    There’s actually two parts to this story. The first is that Sophie defended the Archbishop of Canterbury who, at M&H’s wedding, spoke with Oprah at some length without knowing who she was. Sophie just pointed out that it wasn’t such a surprise that a British guy who probably doesn’t follow chat shows didn’t recognize her.

    The second part was when Sophie and Edward tried to dodge the question about the interview by being cute and feigning ignorance of it.

    I don’t hate anyone for this.

    • Amelia says:

      That’s not why people are angry at her, they’re angry at her because she reduced Oprah, who is a successful black woman billionaire and has achieved so much up to this point was reduced to what they think as a “tacky chat show host”. She’s way more than that

      But what they did, giving a sit down interview (same as Harry and Meghan expect it was to a journalist the royal family are in cahoots with) isn’t “tacky” at all. They openly invited a disgusting and vile racist woman like camilla Tominey who deliberately loves to churn hate.
      Also, suddenly, context starts to matter when it’s the white royals sitting in the golden palaces?

      It’s the double standards that are making people angry, as they should.

    • BooyahB!tches says:

      Well said, Amelia. … oddsends, try to read a little more closely. These two nobodies throwing desperate shade on Oprah. More likely the conversation with the Archbiship was something more akin to him not knowing that the woman he was speaking to was Oprah, even though he knew Oprah’s name (who doesn’t?!). That happens, especially when you’re surrounded by many world-famous faces. He possibly just thought she was Meghan’s relative, and when he was told it was Oprah, he said something like “THAT was Oprah!? Oh wow…I’m so embarrassed, I didn’t recognise her….” which Oprah would have loved.

  94. Tealief says:

    Long time reader, first time writer.  You all are amazing and razor smart!  You sliced and diced through amateur hour’s motive and intent like Hattori Hanzo sword wielding Brides, and sent her back to tell Bill.  “Except you Sophie! You stay exactly where you are!”…”I’ve allowed you to keep your wicked life for two reasons.”

    PR, meaning that they are perfectly rotten at their jobs. SHEESH, she could have tsk-tsked, CT and, her husband down simultaneously, graciously steered the conversation back to dearly missed Phillip and his tireless service to Queen and country, while pushing the scones and cream across the table to CT.  But stupid is as stupid does. No wonder her business went to pot. No pun intended to the Middletons’s side hustle. Back to sipping tea on background, with no accompanying dusty saltines.

  95. BooyahB!tches says:

    Ohhhh, somebody bring the salty whiner her smelling salts. As if she doesn’t sit and watch every bit of Oprah she can get her hands on….and then she visited Oprah’s school in SA where everyone talked about a salty old white woman who isn’t even a princess, what’s her name again? Bitter, nasty, ugly little pair, to try, TRY, to throw shade on Oprah!!

  96. Curious says:

    ouch. must be painful for Sophie/Edward they must be on a time out. the higher ups must have given them a good talking to like they are little children. .no events till things calm down. they messed up after getting promoted to higher ranks. lol they was doing fine in their events in a quiet way, hardly heard of them. doing this interview made them look too stupid .Edward doesn’t deserve Prince Phillip Title. Maybe the journalist don’t like them cause they doing more than William/Catherine. plus doing an interview with a journalist that helped to get rid of Harry/Meghan by writing lies about them, twist everything so the public can dislike Harry/Meghan. Sophie /Edward had to know about the lies, why did they even choose her for the interview.

  97. Kkat says:

    There is no way sofiesta does not know who Oprah is.

    But for the Archbishop.. I could see him not knowing who he was talking to , but still know WHO Oprah is.

    I freaking stood and chatted with Emilio Esteves for 15 minutes in a grocery store and didn’t realize til after who he was :p
    But I obviously know WHO he is, I’ve seen all his damn movies.
    but in person (and being older now) it didn’t connect for me