Ben Affleck & Jennifer Lopez kissed on-camera… at Nobu, in front of her kids


I don’t want to ruin this with a lot of talking and words, which is incidentally the exact vibe of Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez. These two are not having super-deep conversations, let’s be honest. I’m not saying they’re incapable of being deep or intellectual or anything, I’m just saying that their attraction is not on the intellectual level. They are hot for each other. They still have that spark for each other after eighteen years. This is the man who had flowers delivered to J.Lo on the red carpet of her premiere, a premiere she was attending with her then-husband Cris Judd. The heat they had for each other was enough to get them through roughly 16 months of drama and one magical “Jenny From the Block” music video. And they still have that HEAT.

So, yeah. Bennifer was seen kissing and canoodling at last! We’ve seen their post-coital energy (him: exhausted, happy and smoking; her: relaxed, happy and stretching) repeatedly and now we’re finally getting photos and videos of Bennifer Kissing. Apparently, these photos are from a dinner Bennifer had at Nobu on Sunday. It was J.Lo’s sister’s birthday, and Jen’s kids Max and Emme were there too. A source told People Magazine that it was a “a Sunday family dinner” and “Jen and Ben sat next to each other and were very affectionate. They held hands under the table.” As for Ben hanging out with Jen’s kids, sources told People that everyone “seemed comfortable together, the kids kept chatting with Ben. Ben seemed great. He was smiling and laughing. They ordered a lot of food to share. Ben had a Diet Coke.” Well at least he wasn’t knocking back beers, I guess. Now that I know Max and Emme were at the dinner, the kissing photos seem less hot and more… generally affectionate. Still, these two definitely have a major heatscore.

Photos courtesy of Avalon Red, Backgrid.

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  1. Darla says:

    He sure looks happy, tho some will run in here to claim he’s miserable. LOL Good luck to them, I think they have been in love for a very long time but Ben was too immature the first go around.

    • Krista says:

      I have no idea how he has matured? I think both of them are a bit messy at this point.

      • LaurenMichelle says:

        Ben looks happy and healthy. Maybe he has matured, and he has been missing J-Lo all these years. Why would 2 middle aged stars be faking? They are both rich and successful, there’s no need to fake anything. Ben has never looked this happy with anyone else, and I hope they stay together.

      • Wiglet Watcher says:

        They would fake and leak every little detail for obvious reasons.
        She can never be without a man. Like being single is toxic to her image. Even if she has a bad picker.

        He has come off of years and years of bad press and alcoholism. There’s a lot to unpack there and his time with JLo were some of his best PR years. He wants those back.

        End of the day no matter how successful these 2 are they had a messy broken engagement where he cheated, drank and gambled publicly embarrassing her deeply. And I believe if 2 people are truly happy together they don’t need to stage and leak displays of affection for their own public images.

        P.S. Ben looked super happy with his last GF and she was also touted as the love of his life that he would be sober and faithful for.

      • a0 says:

        People don’t become sober because of or for someone else. As far as anyone knows, Ben was sober and faithful with Ana. Hopefully he’s turned that corner for good

      • sal says:

        Seems he was all about “girl next door” Jennifer craptasticShoes vs Diva JLO. Like he was eternally rubbing it in Jen’s face? He seems passive aggressive & victim-y. I just don’t see this working,
        I’m SUPER worried for power house JLO who likely intimidates most partners?

    • Purplehazeforever says:

      He looks happy & good to me. Better than he has in a long time. The relationship probably won’t last because it’s J Lo & Ben but they look happy in the moment so I’m here for it.

      • Golly Gee says:

        I wonder how she feels about his big bushy beard. I always got the impression that she liked smooth men.

      • MaryContrary says:

        This. It will crash and burn at some point-but let’s all enjoy right now.

      • Still_Sarah says:

        @ MaryContrary : Exactly. Let’s be entertained at a well rolled out public romance. It would be lovely if it worked out for both of them but I don’t feel we’ll see that.

    • myjobistoprincess says:

      I thought they were faking it at first – but you know what, I think they are really actually steamy for each other. If they got unfinished business from 17 years ago, they’re gonna close the deal!!! They look happy! I love the way the soap opera is developing and I’m here for summer of Bennifer 2.0!!!

      • MA says:

        IMO it’s real but definitely being stage managed and all very intentional. Which I would expect for 2 people in their positions but especially for these 2 in how careful they are in constructing their PR. Im not saying it’s a bad thing but we are seeing the narrative that they want us to see

    • minx says:

      Same, I originally thought it was a fun stunt, but who knows? He looks sober and happy. And as far as everyone’s kids, the parents are all divorced and allowed to see other people.

      • Wiglet Watcher says:

        A couple leaks said he was drinking with Guadalupe. I might be forever suspicious of addicts that suddenly can indulge without over indulging, but this will get messy.

    • Jeanine says:

      This story is here for anyone who regrets the “one that got away”. I love this story (in Hollywood) and will love anymore photos and stories that appear.

  2. Calibration says:

    I mean, I kinda loved this. So played for social media but still.

    • Piratewench says:

      I did too. They actually look extremely cuddly and genuine and lovey. I like it. If they can be happy and well then it’s all good. I just wonder if Ben can be/stay well long term? But anyway it’s very cute hugging and kissing going on.

    • BayTampaBay says:

      I still think all of this is just for media attention to give the middle finger to Alex Rodriguez.

      • Paige says:

        ITA Bay- this is ALL for ARod

      • SurelyNot says:

        eh, maybe? Though we all know she booted ARod to the curb so I don’t know what else she’d gain from going back to Batfleck just to stick it to the ex.

        Having said that, they do look adorable and I’m here for it. When this implodes it is going to be gossip gold.

      • smcollins says:

        Not out of the realm of possibility, but… I just saw something about a possible A-Rod/Katie Holmes hookup. Apparently she was spotted leaving his NYC apartment (for the second time, I think?), but we all know the rule these days: Photo evidence or it didn’t happen 😉

      • a0 says:

        Both their reps have denied it. He just happened to be at her building, he wants to buy an apartment in NYC

      • mili_KMA says:

        I would totally agree with you… and Ben was badly burned by Ana… does anyone else think it’s weird that they are strategically placed in view (no one else can really be seen). Just seems a little odd.

        Just makes me think even more how much this is for PR and not because they “truly” love each other. They’re both trying to save face. Don’t get me wrong they’re probably having a great time in the meanwhile under the sheets. So have at it 🙂

      • Agreatreckoning says:

        @Bay-if it’s for giving the finger to ARod-I’m for it. I just would like to see JL go without a man for a year or so sometime. I’m hoping that Ben’s not playing her to drive interest in The Tender Bar movie he’ll have coming out. Good book btw.

      • mili_KMA says:

        @agreatreckoning – he has the Last Duel coming out in October, him and Matt (and another writer) wrote it. It’s a Ridley Scott film, so it will be expected to preform.

  3. milliemollie says:

    Probably would have been smarter to wait longer until the kids get to meet him…

    • EnormousCoat says:

      Yeah, I’m not here to tell her what’s best for her kids, but I had a mom that dragged me through her relationships and wanted me to love the people she loved for however long she loved them for. Her and her kids did quarantine with Alex and his kids. It is one thing to be a consenting adult, but kids are often voiceless or made voiceless by the actions of the adults in their lives. Idk. Maybe it is totally fine and they get it & I’m letting my personal experience affect my judgement.

      • Darla says:

        Well we all do that. I personally avoid all the royal threads because I don’t believe there are ANY innocents in that mess, since the two Princes remind me very much of the massive falling out between my two brothers. And I know there were no innocents there, both wives included. So I just roll my eyes and scroll on by. We all have something we over-identify with.

      • Becks says:

        @Darla, SAME.

      • BL says:

        I am sorry you had to deal with that. I don’t have the same experiences but I agree with you 100%…I feel so sorry for her kids. They are forced to be in and out of these relationships, right along with their mother. It must be so confusing and frustrating for them.
        Sidebar… were Bennifer canoodling IN FRONT of the kids already?? Ew.

      • BothSidesNow says:

        @ Enormous Coat, I am with you. Those kids seeing this play out not long after the breakup and they are thrown into this relationship full circle? I am sorry that your mom did that to you. I never introduced my children unless it was a serious relationship and my now husband didn’t meet my kids for 6 months, but that was my deal. I don’t think it’s fair for any children to be pushed into their parents adult relationships, but maybe they had already met him and spent time with him, I don’t know. But since they are teens, I do now that they were probably not this very public display. Though we don’t know the details so I am going on speculation.

      • Brielle says:

        @Darla Racism is heavily involved between the two Princes…

      • Anne Call says:

        @Darla, SAME! Getting harder to find things I want to click on cuz it’s turned into the Windsor show. Relate to the rolling of eyes so much.

        Reading about these two just really makes me appreciate my stable childhood with the same two parents. Dealing with the rotating cast of boyfriends/girlfriends for all their kids must be so confusing and exhausting.

      • SweetBetty says:

        @Darla, totally agree about all the Royal hoopla. So damn boring, can’t believe people care as much as they do about rich and privileged people not getting along with other rich and privileged people.

    • Cath says:


      • Krista says:

        @Darla I agree with everything you said. Especially about the Royal threads.

        I just side eye this whole thing because people were dragging Ben in threads like a few weeks ago for that whole sleazy thing with the dating app but people are now saying such positive stuff- confuses the hell out of me.

    • psl says:

      I agree. These kids are going to be so messed up.

      • Yup, Me says:

        It wouldn’t be the first time. Kids of celebrities and kids who are celebrities spend a lot of their lives dealing with self centered narcissists in a world of extreme privilege. It’s hard not to be messed up.

      • Andrea says:

        My best friend’s separated wife has brought 3 different men around their kids in the past 4 years! Just when they get used to one, she dumps him. We think she is sniffing around for #4 while with #3.

    • Lulu says:

      I agree. As a child of divorced parents, I absolutely loathed having to meet every puppy lover. My mother kept it classy but my father was an embarrassing mess. Blowing kisses, intimate hugs, and making out in restaurants. Only for us to never see the woman again. It was like leaving the master bedroom door perpetually open. Yuck.

    • ninon says:

      I feel like I’m the only person not cheering for this. He’s an ahole with substance abuse problems who tried to suppress the fact that his ancestors owned slaves.

      • SurelyNot says:

        ok, who isn’t trying to suppress that their ancestors owned slaves? I truly have no idea if mine did but the odds are fucking good and it really sucks to contemplate. There is a whole wealth of shit to hate on Batfleck about but….famous actor tries to suppress slave owning ancestors isn’t one.

  4. Eleonor says:

    I don’t think this is going to last (I hope they make it until Christmas), but the heat is real, I can feel it, and 18 years later it’s amazing.
    I am bit worried for the kids, otherwise I will say “have fun!”

  5. Sandy says:

    It’s a hot mess but I think both need this on their lives. They never got out of each other’s system, so it has that messy romance vibe I love but also am suspicious of. Good luck you two 🤞❤️😁

  6. MCV says:

    I’m loving this tbh even though I don’t think introducing the kids so soon is a good idea but I’m not a mom so I don’t know.

    • Esmom says:

      I am a mom and I don’t know either, lol. I do know I wouldn’t be kissing a new flame like that right in front of my kids at a restaurant, though, even if it was someone I was engaged to 18 years ago.

    • Mel says:

      I’m a Mom and I didn’t do it, my son met my now husband after we dated for a year. I just didn’t want him getting attached to someone who might not be around, I’m an adult, I could handle break ups, your kids don’t need the burden of going through all your break ups with you.

  7. Chisey says:

    I honestly wasn’t that into Bennifer the first time around, but this time I am so into it. Best of everything to them!

  8. Goneblank says:

    I don’t get the Bennifer nostalgia either. He treated her badly enough the first time round.

  9. Izzy says:

    And this actually shows how much BS goes into the headlines with the photos we see. The video shows one quick kiss followed by hugs, while a trashy tabloid takes a still and turns the narrative into a make out session.

    • Ella says:

      The video shows two prolonged kisses.

    • MM2 says:

      Did we watch the same thing?! It was a kiss, then whispers, a caress, then a prolonged kiss which ended with more smiles, whispers & JLos hands can’t stop loving on his arm! Hot, hot, hot. Good for them!

  10. Amy Bee says:

    I love it!

  11. MsIam says:

    This feels very performative to me. Whether its for their exes or for the public, it just feels yuck.

    • dea says:

      Right? It’s actually pathetic. Also dunno where people see he’s so happy. Like he looked genuinely happier with Anna for his other PR stunt. He’s looking pretty old and weighed down these days.

      • Ana Maria says:

        I just came here to see if someone shared my opinion; I sense no heat, just tiredness, like he is instructed on what to say and do for videos and pictures…the first time around there was heat, now not so much

      • Meg says:

        I agree the pics of his drives home, he looks exhausted but it has been 17 years since they were last together he has aged. We didn’t see pics of him leaving anas house post sex so maybe he looked like that with her too?
        I wonder if he feels physically attracted to her yet isnt comfortable enough with himself to accept that he likes this level of attention from the public? Jlo loves attention and is comfortable with acknowledging it, ben isnt. That would contribute to his bummed out demeanor

  12. Alexandria says:

    She’s so hot.

  13. Aeval says:

    If nothing else, those two are going to have a lot of fun before this blows up in their faces. She never had that kind of chemistry with ARod. Not even close.

    • Meg says:

      Exactly! I could never see him finding her irresistible like ben does, jlo loves how ben acts like that for her.

    • Size Does Matter says:

      ARod looks like a vapid plastic humanoid. I can’t see him having chemistry with anyone.

  14. Susan says:

    I wonder what her kids think. Mine are younger than hers, but they make fake vomit noises when I kiss my husband (their dad). If we kissed like that in front of them they’d act like they had food poisoning LOL.

    • Chaine says:

      I’m sure they’re revolted. My mom had a new guy moved in and got married within a few months of divorcing my dad. It was appalling to see her getting lovey dovey with the guy all over the house.

      • AnneSurely says:

        Good for Jennifer Garner keeping her kids out of this mess so far. This is just so trashy.

  15. Lucy2 says:

    They both look really happy right now, but I just have a feeling this is going to end spectacularly bad, and probably sooner rather than later. My guess is he’s on his best behavior right now, but hasn’t really changed, and she’s just desperate to be moved on and hot and happy.
    Also, it’s concerning to me she has involved her kids in this so soon.

    • Jayna says:

      Actually, she got a better Ben the first time around addictionwise. Ben hasbeen up and down for the last four to five years or so, really bottoming out publically. He was at the height of his career. His mid 40s were going to be untouchable careerwise. Then he flamed out with his alcoholism and other addictions. It was hard to watch. The year with Ana was the only time he seemed healthy and happy and maybe even completely sober. I don’t believe he’s ever admitted he’s been completely sober for any length of time. But he has been doing so much better. But I saw a photo of him the other day and his cheeks were sunken in. I was shocked. I think he’s struggling I’m not saying drinking but struggling in some way.

      So Jennifer Lopez has this Ben, the Ben who a couple of years ago was drunken all over town, picking up 20-somethings to hang with. She will be good for him in many ways, a loving and nurturing presence, but will he be good for her in the long run? She will never admit if they start going wrong . She will hang in there like Jen Garner did. Although, maybe not as long since Jen had children with him to consider.

      My thoughts. I agree with everyone I hope they stay together long enough for some great red carpets. I’m bored. Also, now that Ben is occupied, will Casey Affleck make a move on dating Ana? He clearly thought she was amazing.

      • Theo says:

        Wonder why Ana left him. With Casey, interesting!

      • Jaded says:

        Casey sexually harassed a number of women to the point where 2 sued him and he settled out of court for $2 million + each. I don’t think Ana would touch him with a 10 foot pole.

    • SurelyNot says:

      Gross as it sounds – isn’t it what we are all waiting for? Ben will boink the Nanny (insert someone) and/or JLo will come to her senses — Ben will spiral into casinos and addiction because that’s his natural course — we will all tut tut some faux concern while we consume every salacious second.
      The flame out is going to be glorious!

  16. Myra says:

    He delivered flowers to a married woman in front of her husband? lmao, why is he so messy? I was excited for the video but less so now that I know the kids were around. It takes the pleasure out of celeb watching when you realise there can be real life consequences at play here. Hopefully, the kids are not confused or they can process that mommies can be perfect at some things and flawed at others.

    • Meg says:

      I remember seeing that footage, ben himself was there handed it to a guy he spoke to who passed it through the paps to jen. So not just his personal assistant, ben himself. He could not stay away from her

      • lucy2 says:

        I remember him taking some big ad out in the paper, praising her acting and beauty and stuff. It was super weird, considering she was married, and then suddenly she wasn’t married anymore.

  17. Mel says:

    This is a slow-motion train wreck.

  18. Lonnietinks says:

    I feel so badly for her kids, having men come in and out of their lives and watching their mother make out with them can’t be good for their psyche. They get attached to these guys and have no say when they are gone, it’s really sad.

    • Jules says:

      Yup. And Ben’s kids too, they are old enough to be on the internet.

      • Theo says:

        Agree, Violet is almost sixteen, it must be very uncomfortable for her to see her old father kissing a new woman and see her friends laughing with him. They could respect their children and be more private. Imagine Ben Affleck to be the father of five children, to have two families, and two women to control him. The one about his children, and the other about his image, his drinking, his smoking, her children, his cheating etc. He will explode!

      • Nyro says:

        Not just a new woman, but the woman before your mom who had an iconic relationship with your dad. The real “-nifer” in “Bennifer”.

    • Twin falls says:

      It looked like Max got tired of all the kissing and shoved his phone in their faces to get them to stop.

      • Woohoosah says:

        Agreed. What bothered me is how the smile left Jlo’s face when her kids reminded them that they were present. She went from giddy and lovey to bored and annoyed really quick. I hope they aren’t being made to feel like she’s cramping her style.

    • Nyro says:

      I hope Alex is still involved in Max and Emme’s life and that his kids still get to see them as much as possible. They all lived as a family for a a big chunk of those kids’ young lives.

    • My3cents says:

      I just hope she dosen’t move her kids to California (as was in other reports) for him. That’s just cruel when everyone knows they won’t last till Christmas.
      Other than that, yeah, have fun

    • SurelyNot says:

      Are we really going to pretend we feel for the kids? This is the best thing that happened to gossip since what happened at Windsor.

  19. Carolnr says:

    One of the articles also said that Ben celebrated graduations with his children that week as well but made no mention of JL being present. It is entirely too soon to introduce your children when you have just recently split up with your fiance after 4 years together! I just don’t see Ben being a ” Brady Bunch ” kinda guy…..

    • AnneSurely says:

      Oh, I’m sure Jennifer Garner would never allow that. Like, she’s clearly fine with whatever PR thing he’s doing here but she made it clear that her kids are not a part of that.

  20. Case says:

    They’re giving me Hiddleswift vibes. Prolonged kisses like that at a restaurant is kinda cringe for anyone, but it’s particularly suspicious since they’re clearly sitting in the perfect spot for cameras to catch them.

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m enjoying this Bennifer revival from a gossip standpoint, but I find it all very suspicious lol.

  21. ThatgirlThere says:

    Imagine if Ben had never f*ck up and managed to work on himself and his sobriety. He and Jennifer could have been together (possibly) all these years. While it is clear that they are quite fond of each other from the video of them sharing a kiss, she has to be wiser with introducing this man to her babies.

    I just hope Alex the ex is reeling from all of this.

  22. February-Pisces says:

    If these two wanna kiss for the paps then let them do it. I always say if a celeb wants attention just give it to them. That’s why I don’t get mad at the Kardashian’s hype, they are here for it, so it’s better they get the attention than the press hounding people who don’t and destroying their mental health (Meghan, Britney etc)

    As for the kids, just leave them out of it, they are too young to get invested in their mothers drama.

  23. a0 says:

    That video … is hot! I hope this doesn’t end up going down in flames. Right now, it’s both fun gossip and also genuinely sweet.

  24. Amelie says:

    While this is a mildly amusing gossip story, I don’t see why J. Lo and Ben need to run to the media for every single nanosecond update on their reunion. We know Ben cares about his media image. He stopped doing pap walks with Ana de Armas when that article about their pap dog walks went viral. He knows how to be low-key and hide from the media so I’m so surprised he is going along with this given the things he has said about Bennifer Part I over the years. J. Lo loves being the center of attention and my guess is she loves rubbing A-Rod’s nose in it that she’s still got it and that he lost out by cheating on her. And we know she can’t be single for one second, but none of these stories make either of them look good. And now we know they were making out and all over each other right in front of J. Lo’s kids who probably barely know Ben and for all we know that was the first time they met him (even if they did meet him previously, she’s only been spotted with Ben since April so the kids have probably only met Ben a handful of times). Poor Max and Emme, I can’t imagine what it’s like being dragged around the country just to be with mom’s boyfriends. One of them is going to write a tell-all one day and it will super juicy and not very flattering to J. Lo.

    • Nyro says:

      Is there even “a union” if the the press isn’t involved? How can they be sure they’re even together if the rest of the world isn’t updated daily with photos and romantic tidbits?

  25. Lala11_7 says:

    I get it….They have a LOT in common professionally…with both of them managing to stay at the top of their game for decades…they have history and they both have been through some stuff…and most importantly…they have CHEMISTRY…and as a person that has been involved with someone for 20 years…I have found that CHEMISTRY is one of the most important things in a relationship…

    They’re good parents…and I wish them well

  26. Nyro says:

    Situated in just the right spot for the paps.😂😂 A mess. She’s even wearing her hair like she used to back then. This will end in tears but I’m just here for the nostalgia.

  27. K says:

    I am equal parts repulsed and fascinated. Def here for it, as is my way. I never thought he was hot but she is gorgeous. What is Jennifer Garner thinking lol

  28. Andrea says:

    This appears extremely staged to me.

  29. AlexiaL says:

    Truth is, second chances with a past love of your life doesn’t come around that often (if ever). Look at their old pics – Ben is JLo’s only love and have you ever seen Ben look at Garner (or anyone else for that matter) the way he looked at JLo? They had unfinished business and they’re getting their second chance. Live and let live. Life is short. Don’t judge.

    • Eva says:

      @AlexiaL Exactly my thoughts. Yesterday I looked at old videos and pictures of them both, dammit, I never saw him as happy as he was with her. And she was totally into him, like she was dating the man of her dreams. I’m rooting for them.

    • DiegoInSF says:

      Thank you, yes!! He never looked at Garner the way he looked and looks at JLO, I’m sure the Garner stans will crawl out to say it isn’t true but w/e.
      Remember a few years at the Oscars, that there were reports he whispered something in her ear and JLo giggled, their chemistry is undeniable.

      • Lena says:

        It’s not sexy when they so obviously staged it (I noticed one of the Backgrid photographers is Ben’s Rodrigo whose name is Vasquez) and their reaction when the big money shot was ruined by her poor kid trying to interrupt it. They are equally performative as a pair. And the kids being right there make it trashy not hot.

    • Lifeistooshort says:

      All of this. I’m rooting for them. Life is too short to be worried about what other people think.

    • SurelyNot says:

      and here I am about to defend the mini van sister wife vanilla wafer — seriously? He chose to MARRY AND HAVE CHILDREN AND A FAMILY with JG — I am the absolute last fan of the mini-van neo-conservative low key MAGA supporting lily white chick…so while Batfleck is enjoying his Renaissance with JLo because they either a) have undeniable chemistry or b) have something to prove…does not mean we need to shit on Jennifer G and her Jesus sandals at the farmer’s market game.

      I’m going to just enjoy this for the inevitable shitastic flame out…news at 10

      • Jayna says:

        @SurelyNot, I have to disagree with this comment about Garner: “I am the absolute last fan of the mini-van neo-conservative low key MAGA supporting lily white chick .” She may be a vanilla wafer chick, but for the record, Jennifer is a proud Democrat. She campaigned for Hillary Clinton. She did an instagram interview with Michelle Obama recently (not political). She live-streamed a 20-minute interview with Dr. Jill Biden right before the election and praised her for her dedication to education, stating they were friends, and Biden would be elected. She has teamed up with the Biden administration to push vaccines in certain areas . She and First Lady Jill Biden toured two schools in West Virginia recently. She introduced VP Kamala Harris at the Kids Choice Awards this year where the VP was presenting an award.

  30. Mcmmom says:

    I can’t not think about the kids – A Rod was a mess, but if the kids thought of themselves as family, they need time to grieve. My ex and I are both remarried and if one of us divorced again, it would be hard on my kids…not as hard as my divorce from their dad, but still hard.

    I like JLo and always have, but c’mon. Embrace your strong, single woman – for your daughter, if nothing else. I haven’t been anything but “meh” for Affleck since “Chasing Amy.” He’s not a good actor and he looks like a lot of work and not much fun.

    • Veronika says:

      I can’t help but think about the kids too….Max & Emme have been thru a lot of relationship drama from both of their parents. The Affleck kids have been thru so much, too. A-Rod’s daughters seemed to adore J-Lo’s twins & being their potential stepsiblings. (They show up a lot on my TikTok & IG for some reason).
      I think the twins have half siblings & stepsiblings from their dad, Marc?
      Not saying these kids can’t be happy in these situations but it’s just a LOT of relationships in their short lives.
      Plus, all of these kids’ parents are in the entertainment industry so the tons of travel, media attention, etc probably takes a toll on the kiddos.

      • lucy2 says:

        Same. JLo’s kids have been through a lot, with their parents’ divorce, and then JLo having a few serious, part of their life relationships, and I think their dad was married and divorced again.

      • ennie says:

        Marc is right up there, if not higher and messier.

  31. Laugh or Cry says:

    Honestly, I didn’t follow this relationship years ago, but didn’t he “leave” her at the altar, break up days before the wedding? I’m not abreast on their shady shenanigans but I thought it was said his mother and his friends discouraged this relationship/made some disparaging remarks. If this is true, and I truly don’t know, but I don’t care how hot and bother a person make you, run for the hills. It ended for a reason.

    • a0 says:

      They called off their wedding a few days before and it seems to have been him that got cold feet. But they stayed together for another 5 months after that.

  32. RoyalBlue says:

    This will not end well.

  33. Carolnr says:

    I can’t believe we all are watching a video with (2) 50 year olds ” making out”.
    Ok. I take that back. (1) 50 year old & 1 almost 49 year old, lol!!!🤣

    • DiegoInSF says:

      I mean, they don’t look that age, and they’re hotter than most people 20-30 years younger than them! Their chemistry is hot 🥵!!!

    • Anna says:

      What of it? 49 and 50 can’t be sexy?

      • Carolnr says:

        49 & 50 year olds can be hot but not in front of children that someone was just introduced to recently! Be respectful of your children for goodness sake! Also, this celebration was for her sister’s birthday, which of course we could care less about but JL should.
        I have to agree with someone who posted on here that her son Max interrupted the money shot & the other person who said when her son did that, the smile just left JL’s face in an instant!
        Also, all these pics were on online just in time for everyone to see for his daughter’s graduation. What do you think everyone was talking about?
        So no, I didn’t find that sexy or hot. Now I have to admit that Ben looked hot in that suit at his daughter’s graduation!!!

  34. lelbit says:

    IDK for some reason I think this is all made up. Jennifer really loved AR but he cheated on HER
    well in some way. This was too much for her and I believe she really loved AR. So what better way than run to someone else. Teach him a lesson. Girl stay away from men for some time. Your not really a good role model no matter what you think. Jennifer does not look happy just going through the motions. I just don’t buy it but if it’s true great.

  35. Theo says:

    Wonder why Ana left him. With Casey, interesting!

  36. teecee says:

    Why do people assume that he is only now being introduced to her children? They’ve been publicly cool with each other for a while now, and it’s entirely possible that they share many mutual friends who also have children. I can see them all meeting up at a birthday party or BBQ hosted by a powerful agent or producer.

    Still, I hope she emerges from this relatively unscathed. That dude is bad news.

    • milliemollie says:

      Oh, we would have known if they’d hung out before. They would have made sure to let People Magazine know. A pap would have probably “happened” to be there. They would have exploited a friendship for clout as well.

  37. L4frimaire says:

    I’m sure they are very aware of what they are doing with the cameras on them. It’s kinda fun to see some real showbiz gossip, good, bad, ugly as we open up because I am sick of the royal family and their sourness and self pity. Bring on the celebrity romances, speculations and pap walks. I can’t decide if these two are really serious but maybe they’re as deep as a puddle and they just want some familiar cake to comfort themselves with.

  38. Sunny says:

    I see the white Jennifer is so classy and a better mother and “would never” narrative is strong!

    • Lala11_7 says:

      I know it’s subjective…but damn near me and many of my friends growing up were raised by single GORJUS women who were not afraid to have a romantic life…We all had the stability of Grandparents & Aunts…and Mamas who were very present in our lives…and I didn’t begrudge the wonderful men that my Mama aligned herself with….hell I think more fondly of a couple of my Mama’s boyfriends than my own Father…JLo has had 3 relationships in the 13 years with her kids as a single woman…and they all had good relationships with her children…I’m sure everything will be fine…in hindsight I’m glad my Mama moved on from relationships that didn’t make her happy…taught me a valuable lesson.

  39. Lionel says:

    I’ve got no opinion on these two, BUT…! My first love and I are both happily married to other people. We’ve each got healthy kids and functional families. We see each other rarely, mostly at big events for mutual friends, with no contact in between. We’re friendly and there’s no bad blood between us, but I’m pretty sure we’re both thanking the universe that we didn’t end up marrying and trying to raise a family together, because that would have been a disaster. THAT SAID … if suddenly we two ended up single one summer, and if magically our kids weren’t affected, and if it was just one wet hot summer romance?? You bet I would. If this is even remotely real, then I’m happy for these two crazy kids.

  40. Jayna says:

    That was odd to be so lovey-dovey when your kids are there and it’s so new. And did you see Jennifer’s face when her son interrupted? Whoa! Not happy. She and Ben could barely be bothered to show much interest in what he was showing them. Did he interrupt them on purpose, I wonder? I love Jennifer and she’s more beautiful in person than photos because of her vibrancy and joyfulness, but, boy, she did not like her lovefest moment being interrupted by her kid. — ot was it she and Ben didn’t like their show for the paps or pap being interrupted? LOL

    One of my favorite James Corden carpool segments is the Jennifer Lopez one. As far as her kids, I know they had to be upset with the breakup with Alex and a sudden new relationship brought into their lives. They will be okay, though. They are used to it with their father probably.. I was so impressed with Emme last year in a Mario Lopez interview for her little prayer book she did with her nanny, I believe, or it was influenced by her nanny. She is so sweet and mannerly and self-possessed. She came across as intelligent, mature for her age, yet still so young. Very sweet. It was refreshing to see compared to some other celeb’s kids that start hitting teendom.

  41. SweetBetty says:

    I don’t understand the sentiment that this is all about getting back at A-Rod. Eh???? That’s just so ridiculous to me, I can’t imagine freaking Jennifer Lopez wasting time after dumping someone in trying to save face. Save face for what, does her career or sex appeal dampen because someone cheated on her? He’s the one coming across like an A-hole. That makes no sense to me. She left him when she was good and ready and I bet he doesn’t even cross her mind these days.

    Anyway, the way I see it, she and Ben are determined to get ahead of the media this time round. First go around they were constantly on the backfoot, and they’ve both said it had a real impact on the relationship. This time round, they are going to control it. And good for them. I’m here for their chemistry and I’m here for finding happiness second time round. Life’s too damn short man.

  42. Cat mom says:

    Some publicist probably scoped out these seats with this exact view for the “candid” pap shots. I’m jaded. I hope it’s genuine, but eh…

  43. SurelyNot says:

    Deleted – duplicate