Duchess Kate wants us to know that she’ll see the Diana statue before Harry

The Cambridge Family attend a special Christmas Pantomime performance at London's Palladium Theatre

It’s pretty amazing to see the Duchess of Cambridge run her own clownshow PR so obviously. Years ago, there was always some question about what Kate was being told to do, whether William was the one ordering Kate around, and whether Kate really had any autonomy or say in any of this. But it’s now clear that when Kate wants something, she will truly run around and frantically tell everyone how much she wants it. She is desperate to attend the unveiling of Princess Diana’s statue in the Sunken Garden of Kensington Palace. William has clearly told her that she can’t come. She spent weeks trying to publicly convince him to let her come. He still said no. So we’re seeing her publicly bargain and simper and play a very dangerous game with William and the royal establishment. And it’s all out in the open too. It’s crazy. Anyway, Kate wants us to know that she and the children will see the statue BEFORE Harry, thank you very much.

Prince William and Kate Middleton will visit Princess Diana’s statue privately with their children ahead of its official unveiling, it has been reported. The Duke of Cambridge is said to be planning a trip to view the memorial Kensington Palace’s Sunken Garden for a personal moment with his family. It is understood he wants to have a chance to show Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis the statue of their grandmother before the event on Thursday.

He will join his brother Prince Harry and other members of Diana’s close family for the official unveiling.

It comes after it was reported Kate Middleton will miss out on the much-anticipated event this week, due to Covid rules.

The Duchess of Cambridge had been set to join Prince William and Prince Harry at Thursday’s event but palace sources say plans for 100-plus people to attend were scrapped. Kate was a confirmed guest earlier in the week, but new plans including banning media and a scaled back guest list were amended yesterday following Prince Harry’s arrival back in the UK.

[From The Daily Mirror]

I wonder if this is just a Kate-specific delusion or if William actually gave in to what must have been a series of demands, pleas and threats from the Middletons and the royal press. And it’s not like William would have to lead Kate there – the statue is presumably already on-site or will be soon. Kate would not have to walk that far from her front door to see the statue or take her children there. This is a very specific desire from Kate though, and it’s not “to see the statue.” It’s to be at the unveiling event and to be allowed to make an ass out of herself, wearing Diana cosplay and telling everyone she’s the keenest linchpin peacemaker ever.

Britain's Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge and Britain's Prince William, Duke of Cambridge visit the University of St Andrews in St Andrews on May 26, 2021.

The Cambridge Family attend a special Christmas Pantomime performance at London's Palladium Theatre

THE DUCHESS OF CAMBRIDGE TO VISIT THE V&A Wednesday 19th May, 2021 The Duchess with Tristram Hunt, Director, V&A Museum  The Duchess of Cambridge, Royal Patron, will visit the V&A on Wednesday 19th May to view two new exhibitions as the museum reope

Photos courtesy of Avalon Red, Backgrid.

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  1. Eating Popcorn says:

    Covid rules…. A vaccinated woman can not attend an event with her vaccinated husband and vaccinated (& quarantined & tested) brother-in-law, Sure Jan.

    • swirlmamad says:

      LMAO, so true. They are just throwing words together to create these inane scenarios even if it doesn’t even make a lick of sense.

    • Jais says:

      If it just wasn’t for those pesky COVID rules…

    • Seraphina says:

      Correct on all you said. Does strike a bit odd is that they are adhering to COVID rules here but not when they visited Scotland. Hmmm…………………

    • fluffy_bunny says:

      She’s not fully vaccinated. She’s only had the first dose.

    • Nic919 says:

      Vaccinated or not, in normal cases the husband and wife are part of the same household and they would have been in the same social bubble from the outset.

      Shrinking the guest list normally doesn’t mean excluding the spouse but Carole is working her spin here.

      • taris says:

        i’m genuinely curious to know whose idea it was to bench kate.
        that would reveal soo much about some of what’s going on with this family.

      • Becks1 says:

        I think it was William’s. I think if it was Harry’s idea or “demand,” we would have heard that and it would have been one more thing used to attack and demonize him.

        The fact that it’s being painted as “just COVID rules” and “there’s no space for her” tells me it was William who said “nope.”

      • February-Pisces says:

        It was definitely williams, if harry ‘demanded’ it no one would have paid any attention. Ultimately Willie gets what he wants, and he didn’t want her there, just like he didn’t want her walking with them after Phillips funeral.

    • Sofia says:

      She’s William’s wife. COVID or not, if she was wanted there, she would be there. It’s not got anything to do with COVID rules

    • Carmen-JamRock says:

      Yeah, Covid rules. Reminds me of the “cant find a babysitter” excuse of a couple years ago that was offered to explain her absence from a planned event.

  2. Merricat says:


    • Mrs.Krabapple says:

      Well, Kate published the drawings her children made for Diana for “Mother’s Day” (a woman none of the kids or Kate ever met). So is this Diana statue PR stunt really surprising? I’d be surprised if Kate DIDN’T do something incredibly tacky.

      • Merricat says:

        For a 40 year old woman who has “never put a foot wrong,” she’s managed to completely lose the road. It’s all catching up to them now.

  3. Murphy says:

    Sure Jan.

  4. The Duchess says:

    The insecurity and jealousy oozes out like the botox through her pores.

  5. Eurydice says:

    I don’t know why people say Kate is lazy – look how hard she’s working!

  6. Persephone says:

    Lol…if she wasn’t before, she is now squarely in the realm of pathetic.

  7. TeamMeg says:

    #DueToCovidRules LMAO

  8. ennie says:

    oh, she’ll take her camera with her for sure, pics next to granny Diana’s statue, butofcourse.

    • Nic919 says:

      This needs to be pinned because I definitely see this happening.

    • My3cents says:

      I really hope she dosen’t turn it into a coffee table photo book, all proceeds benefiting the Early Years Buttons for Children Foundation.

      • Amelia says:

        Speaking of the book, apparently there is already a photography book out there with the exact same name. It’s “Hold Still” by Sally Mann. Everyone and their mother was jumping up and down when Duchess Meghan’s “The Bench” came out and not a peep when this book came out.

    • Becks1 says:

      100%. She’ll release a picture of the kids with the statute at some point soon after the event.

      • Amelia says:

        @Becks1 and it’ll be black and white with their backs towards the camera. Just watch

      • Christine says:

        No, if she’s really dedicated, it will be a watercolor artistic rendering of the moment the kids “meet their Grandmother”. This is so creepy, and it started off creepy, we have nowhere to go.

    • Love, love, love that this is being reported as a PRIVATE moment with his family……..🤦🏻‍♀️……I will put down serious 💰that at least one photo will be released to press. Probably taken by Kate’s personal photographer (the one that took her posed photos at Phillip’s funeral). If not him, then Kate will take the photo herself with a timer setup.

    • LMR says:

      If she brings her camera, then I think I know what the 2021 Kambridge Khristmas Kard photo will be.

  9. girl_ninja says:

    I don’t like Kate at all. She also wants to make sure that people know that she not Meghan has access to it all. Meghan and her babies are safe from your raggedy family and your tabloid besties.

  10. GRUEY says:

    I wonder if he actually agreed to this or she is trying to force his hand via the press. I’m now curious as to whether he’ll actually be joining his wife and brood for this little pre-party. Even if he says no, I’m guessing she could just dress up the kids and make it happen pretty quickly? She could call up photogs and what could they do to stop her? Bulliam won’t even be at KP this week, right? He’ll be in Scotland?

    • Jais says:

      Idk? But if they do see the statue first and take glamour shots, with or without Will, I cannot imagine they will be released until after the unveiling. It’s called an unveiling for a reason. Like if these photos revealed the statue before the actual unveiling day? That would be pretty messed up.

    • Becks1 says:

      I think if William agreed it was in a half-hearted, “okay sure” kind of way. Like she was bugging him about it and he just sort of waved her off.

      I proposed to someone when I was 5 and his response was the exact same and I declared us engaged for the next 20 years, lol.

    • swirlmamad says:

      If she shows up alone with the kids and has photos taken while William is in Scotland….that is not going to portray the scenario she thinks it will portray.

    • Antonym says:

      I think he definitely agreed and maybe even suggested it. It serves his narrative to have his family photographed with the statue (and not Harry). It’s his not so subtle jab that his kids are Diana’s grandkids (not Harry’s). Part of his continued, one sided battle to be Diana’s “true legacy.”

  11. L84Tea says:

    I’m embarrassed for her. This is absolutely pathetic on her part. The stench of her desperation can be smelled thousands of miles away.

    • Becks1 says:

      This was my thought when I saw the headline about this. How embarrassing. She’s livid she can’t be at the actual unveiling, so now she’s putting this out there.

      • Feeshalori says:

        Kate has no business seeing this statue before the family members. It’s incredibly tacky to have an unveiling especially for her before the official unveiling with Harry in attendance. No reason not to have gone afterwards with the children. This oneupmanship from the Cambridges is out of control.

      • L4frimaire says:

        @Feeshalori, It is disrespectful to Diana’s siblings as well as her sons to have her preview this statue. She’s trying to make this about her and it’s very inappropriate. She should visit with the kids afterwards.

  12. AVEA says:

    Can’t Diana’s children and the artists have the honor of unveiling and seeing it first and at the sunken garden? Why is she more special? I’m sure they’ll make one of those little cringy videos they like putting out these days. And I million and a half photos of her.

    • Eurydice says:

      I’m curious to see what Diana-adjacent outfit she’s going to wear. Diana had two pink coat dresses with big buttons.

      • AVEA says:

        Oh you know she’ll do a bad copy of something that looks like it was barfed out of Diana’s closet

      • Voominvava says:

        Or she wants to see the statue so she can wear whatever outfit the statue has on lol

  13. MissF says:

    I don’t get why she’s not going. She’s Diana’s daughter in law which surely makes her close enough family to attend? Very suspect IMO

    • ennie says:

      Blame it on William, others have said it best, her presence will overshadow him and create a triangle narrative.

    • Lizzie says:

      It would be very selfish of Keen to attend and take a place that could go to a Spencer or other of Diana’s beloved friends. The guest list has been pared back due to Corona and she never met Diana.

    • Curious says:

      so this nonsense that Catherine is not invited to the unveiling of Diana statue is just bs? they going to have 2 unveiling for Diana statue. one privately just for Catherine,William and children before the main unveiling, and one for Harry/William with their maternal family and all other people involve in the making of the Statue. William is making the unveiling of Diana statue kinda messy .

  14. Snuffles says:

    Putting bets on Kate just showing up without permission with her personal tabloid photographer. She’s basically telling Will “try and stop me, bitch! I WILL get my photo op!!!!”

  15. Lori says:

    So she will show up unwanted at a memorial for another dead woman to glean pr for herself. We hd the preview of this a couple months back.

  16. Rapunzel says:

    Prediction: she’ll end up with the kids, alone, for pics. If he wouldn’t spend Father’s day with her, and wouldn’t invite her to the event itself where she could at least give him the veneer of happy family, no way he’s spending private time with her.

    I’m starting to suspect this separate lives thing has been going on awhile, and Wills is so sick of her now he’s not even doing anything joint with her. Kate is speaking to him through the press or staff because he’s not even talking to her. Hence Middleton desperation and buying houses in Buckleberry.

    • Nyro says:

      ITA. Kate even went so far as to unleashed that uncle of hers in order to shake William up.That right there was telling in itself.

    • HeyJude says:

      If she was at all intelligent and savvy what she should do is quit begging like a dog for his attention if they’re living separately. Instead give him the cold shoulder, do her solo royal duties with panache, then get a hunky, younger, and hair-full personal trainer or something. And give William something to think about.

      But instead we’re going with this pathetic mess.

      • Sofia says:

        I’ve also wondered why she doesn’t get someone of her own on the side. Or maybe she does and we just don’t know lol. But I wonder if it’s because she still loves him and is attracted to him so she doesn’t want to find someone else because it would mean the marriage is over, romantically and sexually. William checked out a while ago but Kate probably wants to hold on. Plus she might not want William to use her own affairs against her one day. Or he’s said “No, I’m the only one allowed to cheat!”

      • swirlmamad says:

        I can’t stand her, but F that. If William is cheating but is not okay with her doing the same….it wouldn’t shock me at all if that’s his mentality, but she needs to give it right back to him and get her something on the side.

  17. Catherine says:

    I actually see this as being part of both of their agendas. It can be a way for William to satisfy the Rota. He clearly made promises about access to this event that he could not keep. So he is serving up family time as part of the unveiling. This could also serve to counter any rumors out there about their marriage and his extracurricular activities. So he trots out the Kate and children but he still gets his own moment. Also, he gets a “win” over Harry by getting in a “private” ceremony for himself. This satisfies Kate to a degree because she not completely shut out of the event and she gets. “win” over Meghan because she is still a part of it all. The question is what stunt is the Middleton PR machine going to cook up to attach Kate to Harry somehow. Because we all know that is what they really want. They are clearly invested in promoting the idea that Kate is the bridge to Harry.

  18. Catherine says:

    I actually see this as being part of both of their agendas. It can be a way for William to satisfy the Rota. He clearly made promises about access to this event that he could to keep. So he is serving up family time as part of the unveiling. This could also serve to counter any rumors out there about their marriage and his extracurricular activities. So he trots out the Kate and children but he still gets his own moment. Also, he gets a “win” over Harry by getting in a “private” ceremony for himself. This satisfies Kate to a degree because she not completely shut out of the event and she gets “win” over Meghan because she is still a part of it all. The question is what stunt is the Middleton PR machine going to cook up to attach Kate to Harry somehow. Because we all know that is what they really want. They are clearly invested in promoting the idea that Kate is the bridge to Harry.

  19. Likeyoucare says:

    Wow this is pathetic and embarassing.
    Its like only 8 bestfriends are invited to a birthday party. Then this crazy influencer girl, will come to the party and take pictures for her instagram before the party started.
    Opps sorry not influencer but crazy youtuber for her youtube channel.

  20. Chaine says:

    i honestly don’t see any problem with the young children getting to see the statue beforehand, and I assume as their mom she would be included in that visit, but why notify the press about it at all and why make it all about her? Very weird.

    • Carmen-JamRock says:

      How does a statue (or any other object) that has a scheduled, official, public unveiling, be unveiled BEFORE the official, scheduled public unveiling, causing the media to get pictures of it before its officially unveiled? Especially if the said object is OUTDOORS where anyone else can get pix before its official, public unveiling?

      • Chaine says:

        No idea, maybe they have it concealed under a tent right now and those privileged can go in the tent and take a look? I’m just guessing.

      • Feeshalori says:

        Twitter has a picture of it enclosed in a tent.

    • Becks1 says:

      The children won’t know or care if they’re the first to see it or not. They can wait until after the unveiling and then walk down to see it.

    • notasugarhere says:

      I find it offensive that Keen, kids, and nannies will be trotted out for a private viewing before Diana’s son is allowed to see the complete statue in situ. They could arrange to see it later, without press, at any time. Harry likely already saw it completed when he was in the UK for the funeral, but hasn’t seen it in place.

    • Tessa says:

      Cambridge stans always claim that photographers “just happened” to be there when she is anywhere, like when she was photographed for the “trip to the bookstore” or when she was sitting in the car at Philip’s funeral venue.

  21. Snuffles says:

    Let’s predict what kind of poses we will get. I predict she will force the kids to touch the statue while looking on wistfully. Bonus point if they leave little notes to Granny Diana in crayon attached to a bouquet of Forget Me Nots.

    • notasugarhere says:

      Bonus points they’ll hide Nanny Maria and her team out of sight, as they do at the weddings. Ready to leap in at any time when Kate once again fails to deal with her kids solo.

    • HeyJude says:

      Leaning down to the kids, talking to them mid-smile, pointing at the statue with one hand and brushing her hair back behind her ear ever so casually with the other hand.


  22. Amy Too says:

    I’m wondering if the reason why the article stresses that this will be a private visit with his family is because there will be no photographs or other evidence that it actually happened. Could this just be kate telling everyone that she totally has this plan to do this with William because William absolutely wants to spend time with her at the statue and definitely wanted her to be there with him if it weren’t for those pesky covid rules…. but uh, it’s a private, intimate family event, so there won’t be any evidence that it happened, but you’ll just have to take her word for it that it really is, totally, for real, not even kidding, going to happen.

  23. Andrew’s Nemesis says:

    This sounds like a race for the dailies; before Harry turns up, Wiglets is going to make damn sure that she’s number one in the clicks/pics stakes. There may also be a lisped little speech cooing over her ‘sadness’ and ‘her husband’s mother’s legacy’, not to mention a cosplay (any bets on what it might be? Powder blue and a pillbox hat? Red dress with Peter Pan collar? Revenge Dress of black velvet? I’d actually love the latter). And the speech will probably come just as PWT and Harry step away from the garden, so as to step on the Windsor brothers’ news cycle.
    She’s shameless. We saw this at the Sarah Everard memorial – the aftermath of which she was ABSOLUTELY silent over; for those not in the know, some female attendees were brutally manhandled by the police (who conveniently managed to allow massive antilockdown marches to proceed without violence). We see you, Wiglets. Complete traitor to the sisterhood.

  24. Abby says:

    LOLOLOL “covid rules.” If you can’t squeeze in “the future Queen” who is the DAUGHTER-IN-LAW of the one being memorialized to this event because of covid rules…. This family does not care about Covid protocol whatsoever.

    This dumpster fire is fascinating to watch unfold in real time. I am riveted.

  25. Matthew says:

    It’s the drop-waist tartan dress for me though.

  26. Over it says:

    This is pathetic, you need to one up Harry for his own mother’s memorial? Have these people no decency? Why can’t Karen keen for once not get what’ she wants? It’s not about her. It’s about Diana memory.

  27. Jess says:

    There is absolutely no legitimate reason they couldn’t do this after the official unveiling

  28. Val says:

    This is no longer about Diana. They managed to strip away the essence of what this event should be which is a time to honor, reflect, and pay homage to their dearly beloved mother. Not to mention the artist who worked to make their vision come to fruition. Now it’s all about Mr. and Mrs. Petty battling for the biggest court jesters of 2021.

    • February-Pisces says:

      It was exactly why no one wanted kate there in the first place. She isn’t there to honour anyone but herself. She made prince Phillips funeral all about herself. She has no respect and she’s completely made a mockery out of the whole thing.

  29. Lucky Charm says:

    “The Duke of Cambridge is said to be planning a trip to view the memorial Kensington Palace’s Sunken Garden for a personal moment with his family.”

    Since when do you have to plan a trip to literally your own backyard??? That’s a strange way to say they plan to view the statue in the garden privately.

  30. Amy Bee says:

    I’m sure a picture will leaked to the press

  31. Jaded says:

    This really is sinking to a new low for the Cambridges. Like everything, they have to turn a private, solemn event into a 3-ring circus and bash Harry with the “we’re having a private visit with the kids and you can’t, na-na-na-na-na!!!” All done via the usual tropes of “it is understood…it has been reported”. And the guest list was amended yesterday following Prince Harry’s arrival back in the UK??? It was not, it was amended some time ago. This leakage is so obvious it’s pathetic. Only Keen, Mean and Ma Midd would be selfish enough to use a statue of Harry and William’s dead mother as a prop for a PR war.

  32. Judy says:

    6 and counting

  33. Julia K says:

    It is being said that Wm has asked Kate to stay away to protect her from the Sussex toxicity that Harry will bring to this event. Repeat, protect her!

  34. gm says:

    I agree it is William keeping Kate from the unveiling, most likely to avoid Kate becoming the center of attention with fashion/ style interest and being touted as the mediator. I doubt Harry cares either way. I agree Kate wants to be at the unveiling and this is the closest she can get. I sympathize though, I think she thinks she has to shore up her position in the royal family with publicity like this.

    • Gina says:

      @gm If she has to shore up her position not with work and devotion to the charities, but with intrigues and with the help of tabloids – I have no sympathy for her. Mean, coldhearted schemer.

  35. TheOriginalMia says:

    I despise William, but doing this before the official unveiling is disrespectful to Harry, the Spencers, the artist and William. Once again, this is Kate centering herself over the dead. Sarah. Phillip. Diana. She could freaking wait. Allow Harry & William to have this moment as planned. But no, it’s gotta be about her. And this still won’t stop him from divorcing her.

    • notasugarhere says:


    • Gina says:

      Second this.

    • February-Pisces says:

      Exploiting a dead person for her own personal gain is the only skill Kate actually has. She is beyond disgraceful. I think this is exactly the reason Willie didn’t invite her in the first place, using his dead mother to prop herself up.

      She has no god damn respect for anyone. She doesn’t give af about a statue, she is there for herself only. Gawd, Willie actually banning her from it is the first decent thing he has done in his entire life.

    • Jais says:

      Well, I don’t think she can actually center herself over the living so that leaves her with the dead.

  36. bettyrose says:

    This is a statue that’s essentially in their back yard, no? The children will have many many many opportunities to see it?

    • Curious says:

      yes. don’t understand why they making a statement that they will be viewing the statue before the official unveiling. what is William/Catherine trying to say, that she is the better than Harry and his mother family? is she trying to take the spotlight for herself.? if William/Catherine do this ,it will mean they have no respect for Diana and her family.plus Catherine never met Diana.

  37. Marivic says:

    Kate is rude and disrespectful if she does her own unveiling with her children prior to the scheduled unveiling. She just doesn’t get it. She was relegated to the back burner for a reason. She’s not wanted and needed there— period. She and her children can go visit the site same day after the launch. She cannot preempt the launch just because of her big ego. Have some decency Kate. Grow up !

  38. Jan says:

    I can’t understand why they keep bringing up Meghan’s name around this statue, she is nesting with their munchkins.
    Whom am I kidding, Meghan is multitasking

  39. Jan says:

    Princess William is in Scotland with the Queen, this man child was in training from birth, yet a 95 year old woman is still holding his hands.
    If he didn’t spend so much trimming rose bushes and leaking BS about his brother and Meghan (not going to call her, his SIL) he would be more productive.
    He and his wife look like strangers to healthy meals.

  40. RedWeatherTiger says:

    I can only imagine how utterly HUMILIATING it is for Kate to be excluded from this event. For the public to know that NO ONE wants her there. I’d feel bad for her if the snub weren’t so delicious and she weren’t so terrible.

  41. MangoAngelesque says:

    It’s just never-ending PR with this woman. She’s just so…American!

    Oh, sorry, wrong duchess. This is the white one, so:

    Such masterfully subtle peacekeeping from the beautiful English not-a-rose. Truly, an example for us all.

  42. Kfg says:

    Lolol this won’t be happening either. He wants her out of the press. She was horrible at the g7 and her attempts to make herself more important than PWT is blowing up in her face.

  43. February-Pisces says:

    Kate going to see the statue BEFORE is her way of saying “look at me I’m even more important than the actual event itself”. They could have just leaked she was visiting after the unveiling, but ‘before’ is her way of putting herself in pole position. She will try and make her little visit the main event. She just can’t handle being kicked off the guest list. It’s getting rather embarrassing now.

    I still can’t believe Willie actually disinvited her to the main event, things must be really bad.

  44. Merricat says:

    Nothing says middle class social climber like privileging your needs over the sons of the woman being honored.

  45. aquarius64 says:

    I think the Cambridge marriage is about to implode. The desperation in this article along with others confirm it. Kate is trying to prove she is more than a brood made for the Crown. The Great White Dopes that are the Cambridges are sinking the monarchy.

  46. Tessa says:

    Not surprised at this at all. Trotting out the children again and giving them the “first look,”

  47. Nyro says:

    Since the pandemic, I don’t think Bill and Kate have gone six weeks without dragging out those poor kids in some fashion, be it a red carpet event or a promotional video for their sham marriage. Sorry, but they kids are overexposed now. And George and Charlotte are at the age now where they’re old enough to know they feel embarrassed by the attention and it ends up awkward, not cute.

  48. The Recluse says:

    What are the odds that Kate will then release photos she took of her children and William at the statue? That’s how she rolls.
    Coming in 3…2….1

  49. Elle says:

    I can’t help but think so much of this is due to her petty contempt for Meghan and apparent obsession with Harry.

  50. JRenee says:

    How does any of these behind the scenes actions honor Princess Diana. Read the room dummies!

  51. Christine says:

    This is all so completely bizarre to me. Do they know that the statue is not actually Diana? By this reporting, it sounds like both Will AND Kate think they are going to introduce their children to their Grandmother, for the first time , and as much as I really appreciated Diana, when she was alive, this is unhinged.

  52. Calibration says:

    I’m wondering what Diana look she could cosplay that she hasn’t already, I’m thinking the blue suit of the engagement! She’s not done that before

  53. Marivic says:

    Kate was rejected by William from the event. He couldn’t stand her affectations and fakeness. She’s humiliated publicly and is livid and seething with fury. Stay mad. No matter she deserves the rejection.