Scobie: Prince Harry believes William deliberately briefed against his mental health

Britain's Prince William, Duke of Cambridge (R) and Britain's Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex (2R), host a reception to officially open the 2018 Illegal Wildlife Trade Conference at St James' Palace in London on October 10, 2018. - The 2018 Illegal Wildlife Trade Conference is the fourth such international conference bringing together heads of state, ministers and officials from nearly 80 countries, alongside NGOs, academics and businesses, to build on previous efforts to tackle this lucrative criminal trade. The conference is being hosted by the UK Government from 11th – 12th October 2018.

I know it all tends to blur together, but before Prince William was “incandescent with rage” and publicly gaslighting his brother over the Sussexit, there was at least one big “precursor story” to the drama which unfolded throughout 2020. In the fall of 2019, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex did a tour of several African countries. They invited BBC journalist Tom Bradby to interview them exclusively and make a documentary about their tour, which Bradby did. In the documentary, Harry spoke about how he and William are on different paths, and Meghan teared up over the then-year-long smear campaign being waged against her. It was a moment where both Harry and Meghan seemed to be signaling that all was not well with their place in the royal family, and it was absolutely a harbinger of Sussexiting to come.

Immediately following the documentary, the BBC had a curious story about how William was “concerned for his brother Harry and his wife Meghan after the couple said they were struggling, a Palace source has told the BBC.” William was said to be “worried” and hoping that H&M were “alright” because “there was a view the couple were ‘in a fragile place.’” Considering that people within all of the palaces knew the depth of Meghan’s trauma, it felt very pointed, like William was like “oh, poor H&M, they’re so pathetically fragile” as he continued to smear them and try to drive them out of the country. Well, now Omid Scobie says that the BBC story came from Kensington Palace and that William was briefing against his brother’s mental health.

The bitter war of words between William and Harry was sparked by the Duke of Cambridge’s office planting stories about Prince Harry’s state of mind, it has been claimed. In a new documentary about the brothers’ feud, Prince Harry’s biographer Omid Scobie alleges it was ‘no coincidence’ that William’s aides at Kensington Palace began a briefing campaign against him the day after he appeared to sensationally confirm longstanding rumours of a rift.

In the aftermath of the interview, which made headlines around the world, Mr Scobie claims that reports saying William was ‘worried about Harry’s mental health’ were deliberately planted by his staff – and sowed the seeds for further division between the pair. Mr Scobie did not provide evidence to support his claims that palace aides or anyone connected to William was responsible for the alleged briefings.

Mr Scobie, co-author of Finding Freedom, tells the documentary: ‘I would say that it was no coincidence that it was shortly after that aired, even the next day, there were source quotes that came from a senior aide at Kensington Palace saying that William was worried about his brother’s mental health. That fed off such an ugly thing for Harry and it did not go unnoticed. Now whether William directed that or not, no one will ever know, but it came from his household that he is the boss of.’

In tonight’s ITV documentary, Harry & William: What Went Wrong?, Scobie – who has been an outspoken champion of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex – adds: ‘Meghan came in driven and ready to work and that immediately ruffled feathers. She’s a woman well into her 30s: I think she’s proven to herself and the people she’s worked with up until that point that she knows what she’s doing. She was certainly not someone who was going to change herself just to please the people around her. I felt they also had to be reminded: “You’re not the stars of the show here. There is a hierarchy and you don’t come very high in it.” ’

Robert Lacey, whose book Battle Of Brothers about William and Harry’s relationship breakdown, says on camera: ‘Someone close to William told me William felt from an early stage that Meghan had an agenda.’ Royal biographer Penny Junor says: ‘I was hearing very bad stories from early on that Meghan was upsetting people. She was not as charming as she seemed. Harry and Meghan’s approach is not just Californian, it’s showbiz-y, celebrity. Our Royal Family are not celebrities. They are working members of a public institution. I was appalled by the Oprah interview. These are not statements that should be made for public consumption. This is the sort of thing that should happen in the privacy of a psychiatrist’s couch.’

[From The Daily Mail]

“That fed off such an ugly thing for Harry and it did not go unnoticed…” I’ll say this: I think this particular conversation is a lot more nuanced than most people want to admit. While it is absolutely and 100% true that William has been clearly waging an abhorrent smear campaign against Harry and Meghan for years, I’m not sure if this is the best example, you know? Harry has done a lot of work on his own mental health over the years, and he’s also been very open about his own struggles, even before the Sussexit. I definitely believe that there were concerns throughout the entire Windsor clan that Harry is too much like his mother: too emotional, too high strung, too “fragile.” Yes, William was gaslighting his brother and sister-in-law. But I also think there were for-real “concerns.”

PS… There are some added wrinkles to this story – the Mail on Sunday ran this piece as an exclusive preview of a documentary which aired last night. As it turns out, some of Scobie’s comments were cut out of the documentary and apparently Kensington Palace leaned on ITV pretty hard? Or something, I haven’t actually figured out what happened, but I will do a follow-up story at some point when I work it out.

Prince Harry and Meghan Duchess of Sussex visit to Africa

Royal visit to Africa - Day Five

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  1. True says:

    If there were real concerns that makes what they did to him even worse.

    • Lori says:

      They need to start paying attention to how other monarchies have dealt with mental health and suicide. Letizia and Maxima both lost sisters to suicide. And there’s Martha Louise’s late ex husband as well. If they aren’t capable of caring about H&M directly, you’d think they would have enough sense to see how their lack of concern might be perceived amongst the other royal families.

      • ArtHistorian says:

        They don’t socialize with their continental peers (who are also their relatives). I don’t think they care how they look to others, even their peers.

    • Elizabeth Regina says:

      Now I understand why Harry said they wanted Meghan dead.

  2. Scorpion says:

    What is done in the dark always comes to light…..
    Meghan didn’t have a bad rep till she got involved in that family. Sooner or later, the truth will come to light.

    • Snuffles says:

      Meghan’s reputation was PRISTINE before the royals and pristine since she left.

      I can buy that her work style clashed with KP (for a multitude of reasons that had nothing to do with her, ie they are lazy and weren’t capable of executing her ideas), but KP went full Karen mode on her acting like she was trying to murder them on a daily basis. They were hostile towards her from day 1.

      • Pao says:

        Personally i think that they shuddered in horror the day they found out that harry was dating meghan. Before ever knowing. So they pretty much had their conclusion about her from day 1

      • Jais says:

        Omid says they had to be reminded they weren’t stars and there was a hierarchy. Honestly, going in and wanting to get work done is not acting liking a star. Meghan knew the world was watching and wanted to do a good job. “Demanding” people literally hired to do a job to do their job is not about celebrity or hierarchy. This detail annoys me.

      • ArtHistorian says:

        The whole thing about reminding the Sussexes that they are not the stars and that there’s a hierarchy is simply the fact that the Windsors don’t really understand how the real world works. Public interest doesn’t follow rank. There’s a larger public interest in the Sussexes than the Cambridges, partly because Meghan was the new game in town and partly because she’s very charismatic (as is Harry). However, there’s is also more public interest in the Cambridges than in Charles despite him being of higher rank – and that is because he is elderly and the Cambridges (minus William) are a photogenic young family (Kate is moderately pretty and the children are very cute). That is the nature of the beast – there’s always more interest in the new and shiny, more interest in charismatic and photogenic people and more interest in younger celebs than in elderly celebs. However, the Windsors (especially Charles but also William) have their egos bound up in their rank within the royal hierarchy. But the public and the media don’t care about the hierarchy of rank – the public care about the new, the charismatic and the pretty and the media cares about what makes them money.

      • elsavita Williams says:

        They are work shy. Americans and Irish people are hard workers. In England workers are given long tea breaks and lunches are long; holiday entitlement right a the start at least 3 weeks paid (in addition to regular paycheque. Starting time in most offices are 9:00 a.m. to 4.30 p.m
        Meghan is American so her work ethics clashed with those in the Palace.

      • Myra says:

        That’s so true, ArtHistorian. The world doesn’t owe anyone adulation just because they’re in line to a throne by the accident of birth. The stardom of Harry and Meghan was a natural response by the public. The only way to remove that would be to organise a well orchestrated smear campaign that the British press are happy to go along with (and even then, they’re struggling). What works for UK might not work elsewhere.

      • Lemons says:

        So frustrating to read that Meghan “had an agenda.” Yes, her agenda was to get work done, get money to her patronages, and make the world a better place while being a royal. That clearly was too much for her in-laws.

      • Jeremy says:

        At the end of the day though public interest doesn’t determine the spot in the heirarchy. Once upon a time Andrew was the public’s favourite but his brother is the one who will become King and the one who gets the funding/attention/etc. Megan and Harry would have their moment in the sun for up to another decade but realistically one George/Charlotte/Louis are teens no one is going to care about anyone but them

      • nina says:

        @Jeremy. Maybe in Britain. Remember there is more to the world than the Salty Isle.
        Just in my family. I’m the only one following this saga. My family don’t really pay attention the RF and they don’t really care about William or even know who his children are, or that he even has children, but they know who Meghan is and by association Harry.

        Incidentally my mom refers to Harry as Meghan’s husband. She loved her in Suits. She was disappointed that she left to get married.

      • Becks1 says:

        @Jeremy I actually don’t disagree with that which is why the smear campaign was so weird. Kate was hugely popular the first few years of her marriage. The same was ALWAYS going to be true for Harry’s wife, maybe even more so since Harry was always more popular than william. And Meghan as a person is more charismatic and outgoing and more of a worker bee than Kate so that was also going to improve her popularity.

        But eventually the Cambridge children would have been the shiny new objects and H&M would have been….well, just old news. I think there still would have been more interest in H&M than W&K because the latter are just so boring, but the press and even the public would have moved on at some point, at least to some degree.

        But the Cambridge’s just couldn’t help themselves.

      • Eurydice says:

        @Jais – this is where I get confused with the way these articles are written. Because what I understood is that Scobie wasn’t saying that H&M had to respect the hierarchy, but that it was the KP staff that had to realize they weren’t the stars and were down low on the food chain in comparison to Meghan.

      • GraceB says:

        @Becks1, Each couple throughout history has their moment in the spotlight. In probably less that 10 years, it’s going to be all about what teen Prince George is up to. I do wonder whether there was more to this than just jealousy about popularity.

      • equality says:

        I agree with @Nina. With the BM H&M would have eventually lost popularity if the Cambridge children gave them enough to write but lot of people didn’t follow any of the BRF or care before Meghan came along. She brought her own fanbase with her and added to it with those (like me) who started noticing all the nastiness against her and researched to see what the problem was.

      • Nic919 says:

        Kate was popular when she was first married, but it was never at the level of interest that Meghan or Diana had. Kate was like Sophie. The new young bride with hope of something modern. By the time the novelty of George was worn and the laziness was confirmed as a pattern, the media was getting bored with her and William. Negative articles showed up until around 2016 and then stopped once Meghan was confirmed to be a girlfriend.

        Meghan has charisma, but she is also married to Harry, who has remained one of the most popular royals for years. The Vegas photos didn’t really affect his popularity and that’s why he was sent all over in the early years of the Cambridge marriage because they just weren’t as interesting even a few years in.

        Harry’s spouse was always going to garner some interest, but it exploded because Meghan proved to be more than an empty doll. And when the media decided to attack her, it actually gave her a wider base than they realized because the racism and sexism against her got her defenders that she would be unlikely to get if they treated her fairly. Meghan was actually fresh and had an actual career unlike the other women. Plus she is good at speeches. But William and Kate couldn’t handle it and started the attacks as soon as the Oceania tour showed their popularity.

        Oh well, now that they are based in the US with media access that doesn’t need to kowtow to the establishment they will be able to do so much more and the ones in the UK will just have to reap what they sowed.

      • HeyJude says:

        @Jereremy LOL, the old barometer and saying used to be no one would care about Harry once William got married and stepped out into a more public life with his new wife. They still did. Then it was no one would care about Harry once William has kids. They still did. Then it was no one will care about Harry once William’s kids were school-aged children and old enough to make cute public appearances. That’s been happening for several years now and Harry’s still at the forefront.

        Newflash- this canned company line that no one will care about Harry, and now Meghan, anymore at x,y,z always changing future date is complete bullocks. It’s been disproved at every single point thus far in the line. It’s pure Kensington pipe dreams because even when they’re old and aged, Harry and Meghan will still be a vastly interesting and extremely affable people. They’re compelling at their core. He’s the man brave enough to walk away from royalty, she’s the black woman brave enough to walk into the white monarchy. They are and will always be fundamentally interesting people. And unlike his great-uncle, Harry walked out but he’s a wildly well liked and an engaging persona. That has staying power. That’s substance that the pretty new young things of any era can’t compete with.

        He and Meghan going by the wayside in the public’s fascination is never going to happen. We’ve seen over a decade of proof of that already thus far.

        And THAT is why William is so desperately and rabidly jealous of them. And why he needs to push this Harry & Meghan will be old news line!

      • equality says:

        @Hey Jude Not to mention that Harry has Invictus which will always be relevant. He and Meghan have allied themselves with WCK with a lasting legacy. And they are just getting started on producing relevant content with Archewell.

      • Christine says:

        Meghan’s reputation is still pristine, in the eyes of every person who is sane. But I absolutely get your point.

    • ➕💯, Scorpion. I seriously hope the wheels are starting to come off the House Cambridge bus. Team Karma.

      • caela says:

        I don’t disagree that W&K are workshy. But disagree that Brits are. Having legally entitled paid holiday which is accrued as you work, a reasonable (30-60mins) lunch break, and working at 35-40 hour work week in offices does not make you work shy. It means you work to live, not live to work. It means you have employment laws which protects the workers.

    • bub244 says:

      Elsavita, English people are not lazy. Some English people are, but not most. Office days are the standard 9:00-17:00 or 9:00-18:00, with many people working later or at weekends as required. We are entitled to several weeks of holiday because the UK has very strong employment protection and working conditions are generally quite good – it is recognised that holidays are needed to rest and to come back to work on top form, and this is protected in law. It’s something for a society to be proud of, and not at all because the English are lazy. Many Brits look at the Americans two weeks of annual leave and are horrified.

      • GraceB says:

        I agree, this is an unfair narrative. The laws are there to protect workers but Brits and if you think they are crazy, I can’t imagine what people must think of the EU pushing for 4 day working weeks.

        Where I work, they are long shifts, often without the lunch break, or any break. You rush to grab a drink or something to eat, hiding behind the door before you’re called back out. You’re entitled to the break and you could probably complain and fight for your break but nobody does because they believe in what they’re doing.

      • Nic919 says:

        I think the main issue is that the staff at KP were lazy and didn’t take orders from a biracial American. And this was William’s fault.

        We don’t hear stories from staff that works for Charles because he actually does work and they help him manage his busy schedule.

        So this is mostly a William has poor management skills problem and ran KP like a fraternity instead of an overall work ethic issue.

      • Jais says:

        Yeah I imagine the idea that all British people are lazy is not at all true and it’s a reference to Will, Kate, and a portion of the KP staff. Unfortunately, Will and Kate are essentially diplomats and represent Britain. So in that regard, they are sending a lazy work message to anyone following this story closely, which sucks. I’m not a Brit but I’d be annoyed at this representation. I’ve worked for work-shy bosses that made more than me before and felt the same. Like please don’t judge me based on my boss. Imagine there are alot of hardworking brits out there, will and Kate just aren’t among them.

    • fishface says:

      Meghan was doomed from the start. Too energetic and enthusiastic to work = she had an “agenda” (which would have been what????). But if she had pulled a Kate (considering the possibility of perhaps one day thinking about getting around to making an effort to start planning to work) you can just imagine all the racist tropes about being lazy.

  3. Rapunzel says:

    I’m gonna disagree with Kaiser, for once. I’m sure there were not any “for real” concerns about Harry’s mental health. I’m certain that the family thought they could do what they wanted and Harry would take it.

    This is why they kept pushing him off when he wanted to talk about the half in/out plans. Why they kept him from the queen. They assumed he would simply give up if they ignored him. I’m sure they know he’s emotional and hot-headed sometimes…but they absolutely had no concern for his mental health. They never expected him to blow it all up like this. That’s why they were blindsided and why they are still so angry. They thought he was too fragile to fight, maybe, but they never thought he’d leave.

    Someone on here once theorized that perhaps they didn’t take Harry’s threats to leave seriously because maybe William complains all the time and threatens to leave but never does. I wonder how true that is.

    • Snuffles says:

      Their only concern was that Harry, like Diana, wasn’t going to fall in line and go rogue. Ans maybe in their mind, leaving The Firm is “crazy”. I think that was the extent of their “concern.”

      • Rapunzel says:

        Snuffles- see now, I think they thought he would fall in line, as long as they ignored him.

        I think he’s always played along, so they didn’t worry about that. I think that’s the only way to explain how blindsided they apparently were. And why they’re unable to stop being angry.

        They can’t imagine anyone not sacrificing everything to be royal. So they never expected it from Harry.

    • elsavita Williams says:

      From what I read Cain (William) os controlling, very bad-tempered) and a bully. It is not difficult to surmise that William uses Charles’s bad treatment of Princess Diana as a weapon to get his own way at all times. Let’s remember at a very young age (toddler) he witnessed the heartache and tears his endured.

    • I agree with your analysis Rapunzel. The Firm surely didn’t show any concern or try to help in any way as Harry’s beloved wife and son (pre and post birth) were daily dragged through the sewer that most of the British media has become. They cared so very little, that BP, CH, and KP were all briefing and encouraging the 🐀Rota to do their worst. Is that truly how his family shows concern and worry about Harry’s fragile mental health? Not in my mind!

      Also, once again this proves the senior Royals and their flying monkeys are perfectly capable of getting the British media to pull or edit stories to suit themselves.

    • LaraW” says:

      I sort of agree and sort of don’t. Harry has said the years he played third wheel were some of the most miserable of his life— it’s hard to hide that kind of misery behind closed doors. So I think there were concerns, but the concerns didn’t extend to anyone actively helping. Or maybe their idea of help was to load tons more work on Harry since he smiles and laughs in front of the camera, leading to an impression that the cure is just to make him a pack mule bearing all the monarchy’s workload.

      What we know for certain is that the RF generally seems to treat mental illness as a weakness of character and an embarrassment, not a reflection of their f-ckef up institution.

      • Snuffles says:

        “ What we know for certain is that the RF generally seems to treat mental illness as a weakness of character and an embarrassment, not a reflection of their f-ckef up institution.”

        Or as something that happens to other, “lesser” people. They have a history of hiding away family members that are disabled or mentally ill (see Season 4 of The Crown when Margaret discovered some mentally disabled cousins the monarchy hid away from the world).

        The can’t cope with the idea of the public viewing them and their lives less than the ideal. Especially the heirs. Queens, Kings and heirs to the throne can’t show that they have problems like the peons they “rule.”

    • Christine says:

      I agree, they never suspected Harry would deviate from the plot. It’s so gross that they don’t get behind him now, when he is clearly happy and in love.

    • Sheffaneese Knight says:

      I agree. Someone posted a video of Jeremy Vine saying on his program that someone in the palace wanted to take Harry and Meghan down a notch and went too far

  4. Rapunzel says:

    Oh and PSA: Penny Junor is a nutcase. That is all.

    • Again, ➕💯, Rapunzel. Unfortunately for the thinking public , Penny Junor is just one more rotten nut in the 🐀Rota’s overflowing nut barrel.

    • taris says:

      it’s amazing how many of these ‘experts’ change their tune about a person just like that. only a few years ago they were saying totally different things about meghan and harry. smdh.

      oh and, by the way, the royal family *are* celebrities. servants? lol.
      also, the ‘hollywood’ criticisms of the sussexes are beyond tired at this point

  5. Scorpion says:

    Penny Junor needs to pipe down too, working members of our institution my bloody foot….

    • MsIam says:

      She can go choke. Not surprised at her comments after the way she went after Diana.

    • Tessa says:

      Junor wrote a love letter to Camilla in her book the Duchess, (she said she had C and C cooperation) and derided Diana for much of the book. She even put Diana bashing in her other books. Shows to me that Harry is more like Diana than William is if Junor directs her rancor at Harry.

  6. Lori says:

    Yeah william pitched a fit with ITV so the cut the comments about mental health, but left the part about Williams team briefing about H&M. I guess since William is the patron/head of some mental health group that part was important to him. But it also draws attention to the fact that yes they can pull/kill stories for some family members but not others. Whether or not the story is true doesn’t seems to matter, it whether or not it makes William look bad. Also, his wife wont be seen in public for 10 days now, so she doesnt have to face his mess either. I kinda wonder if more is about to break in regard to his cheating etc soon. Hopefully Kate has a condo ready next to Charlene in SA.

    • Myra says:

      It’s not the first time papers have quoted his staff using disparaging remarks against Harry and Meghan’s mental health. They’ve been called damaged, fragile and sensitive. William was even quoted as saying he was tired of putting his arms around his brother. A real advocate and mental health campaigner would never utter those words aloud, especially not to the media.

      • Scorpion says:

        Imagine being the Head of mental health charity and your staff are gleefully running to the press and calling your own brother damaged goods, your sister in law a B, narcissist and a sociopath. He’s not just a POS but a horrible boss too. I hope H&M give us the receipts on the so called bullying that the KP staff were allegedly subjected to.

      • (TheOG) Jan90067 says:

        Myra, I believe William was quoted as saying that he was sad he COULD NOT put his arms around his brother again. Here’s the quote:

        “I’ve put my arm around my brother all our lives and I can’t do that any more; we’re separate entities,” William reportedly told the friend. “I’m sad about that.”

      • Myra says:

        He can’t or he won’t? There’s nothing really stopping him from putting an arm around his brother. What’s worse is that he doesn’t have to do that if he doesn’t (or can’t), all he needs to do is stop stabbing his brother in the back.

      • Tessa says:

        He started after Harry about his seeing Meghan, even getting Uncle Charles spencer to help him tell Harry to “slow down.” Harry did not take kindly to the “advice.” William did not back off. If WIlliam wanted to be nice to Harry he should have taken a hint when he tried to give Harry advice.

  7. Chill says:

    You know who needs mental health work? William!

    • Liz version 700 says:

      Chill 100% William seems to have some deep issues. For his children’s ale I hope one day he actually decides he like all of us is not above self reflection and improvement

    • Tessa says:

      He has these stans who are doting on him because he is the Heir.

  8. Amelie says:

    If they had real concerns about Harry’s mental health, well, that just makes what they’ve done to him even worse. I don’t believe anyone actually gives a flip. If they did they’d stop the smear campaign and leaking.

    • True says:


    • Eurydice says:

      Well, at least they had concerns for Harry. They knew Meghan was in distress and didn’t give a rat’s ass. They still don’t.

      • BothSidesNow says:

        Yes, and that is what is more telling about the entire family. Here they come to find out she was suicidal, but no one reached out to her to lend her an ear or a shoulder. It was left to Harry. To make matters worse, they palace wouldn’t allow her to seek mental health which is unforgivable. To top it off, they knew of her delicate mental state, but refused to stop the royal 🐀 going after her which shows, without a doublt, that they had every intention of breaking her, or her committing suicide.
        To add to that, the fact that they altered the special that cut out Scobie’s comments out of the fact that he didn’t have evidence to back up his claims? This tells us they have a tremendous amount of control over every landscape of publicity, all to place the family in the best light.

        May this be the beginning of their end, please!!!

    • Otaku fairy says:


  9. Pao says:

    So, these comments got scrapped from the documentary? It incredibly obvious what KP is doing here right? Robert Lacey basically said the same last week that it was william who led the charge against meghan and harry in the press but somehow Omid saying about the same thing gets scrapped because it would be “defamatory”. What changed?

    • JT says:

      I think people see Omid as a more credible source than all of the others, including Lacey. So if it’s coming from Scobie, it has more weight. The RRs talk out of both sides of their mouths and most of the time they are lying as the Sussex squad has proved time and time again. Their stories change within the day or sometimes within the hour depending on the public reactions. They are a joke but Scobie is seen as more truthful and KP can’t have him as the one saying Will Jung Un is briefing against them because people will believe him.

      • Pao says:

        How was this documentary received? I haven’t seen anything because honestly inwas a sleep. But i think that it didn’t really do much? I saw a tweet that said it didn’t even trend in the UK

      • Don’t you just love how trying to suppress a truth makes it even more powerful when exposed. Karma is a bitch! William may have worked overtime getting ITV to edit Scobie’s remarks and yet here we all are talking about those very same edited remarks within 24 hours. 😎

        And reason is ‘lack of supporting evidence’! Got a great laugh with that one as ‘evidence and official, recognizable, or legitimate sources’ hasn’t stopped any of the rest of this “carnival of so-called royal experts” (to quote the Sussexes) from getting headline stories or air time on major media networks. Lacey, Junor, Levin, Morgan and the rest of the 👑🤡🐀s have never offered any concrete proof of their statements.

        At least when the Sussexes reveal something they either say it themselves or put their name on it via their official spokesperson’s press release.

      • Nyro says:

        Pao, the documentary has gone down badly. Lots of non-sussex squad correctly identifying it as an all out hit piece in Meghan. It’s not just the anti-Meghan gossip but how the hateful tone from these people jumps out. A lot like that 60 Minutes Australia hit piece from 2019. It’s so bad even the derangers can see how horrible it William comes across, so they’re all conveniently anti-royal rota now and wishing that they’d stop putting words in poor William’s mouth and “stirring the pot”.

  10. Eurydice says:

    I’m smiling at “Mr. Scobie did not provide evidence to support his claims…” Since when have any of the royal experts provided evidence?

  11. Jan says:

    I remembered the BM saying Meghan and Harry would be irrelevant, stepping down from being senior members of the Royal family, Chris ship from ITV said he would not be covering them any more, ha, famous last words.
    Not a day goes by in England without a story or 10 about Harry and Meghan in every tabloid/newspaper, keeping up their relevancy.
    The Royal family can bury their head in the sand, about the Oprah interview, but World wide people paid attention.
    The Indigenous Peoples of Canada are mad rightfully so, at the Catholic Church for their atrocities of murdering their children, in anger they pulled down statues of Queen Victoria and QE21.

    • JanetDR says:

      And I only knew about the statues @Jan because of a link in the comments here! Although honestly, I am very likely to not catch the evening news (in the US) on these long summer evenings.

  12. Kalana says:

    William didn’t talk to the press out of concern. That’s the sticking point.

    • taris says:

      i cannot wait for the day when the cover blows off and the world sees who this man really is.
      it’s gonna happen…

  13. Sofia says:

    Royals are celebrities. They have a diplomatic role yes but they’re not treated as if they have a diplomatic role. In terms of gossiping and reporting, they’re treated as celebrities. And that is on the reporters for sticking to “fluffy” reporting and not actually commenting meaningfully on their engagements and holding them accountable.

    • Gina says:

      I think British Royals especially are acting like celebrities, with their excessive collaboration with British Tabloids: rumors, gossiping, RR “opinions”, leaking from “sources”, constant drama – soup opera. And their chase after public attention – pure “ratings war”. Interesting that local aristocracy is usually not so involved in popularity contest and not so interested in such thing.

    • taris says:

      the royalists like to be pejorative about ‘celebrity’ when it comes to h&m, but then turn around and screech nonstop about how will and kate ‘know famous people too, so take that!’

      they are tiresome.

  14. Lili says:

    I might be reading this wrong, but it seems to me the narrative is that Meghan came into the family all guns blazing ready mix things up. Now ive watched her on the water well project and she wasnt running things there she was hands on for sure but also taking direction. so this Narrative doesnt jive. I can see here wanting to have more hands on approach with her projects to make sure they went off smoothly. so what im getting is there was a lot of sabotage & trying to undermine her going on. I’m concluding that someone ( W) had an agenda to drive them out.

    • MsIam says:

      Right, Meghan has worked with too many organizations, major organizations, to not be able to know how to fit in and see how things work. I think that was the real issue, she was shocked at the laziness of the KP staff and they refused to take directions from an American black woman.

    • Chrissy (The Original) says:

      Yes, but the contradiction is real in this situation. PWT wanted to get rid of them because H&M were too popular, too efficient, worked too hard, hence that plan to exile them to out of the way Africa. Then OTOH, PWT is incandescent that H&M left by their own free will to live in Cali, which should make PWT happy. Did he really think they’d move there and leave all their talents and connections behind on Salty Island, and choose to financially struggle just to make PWT happy? I’m so glad the Sussexes are thriving, on their own terms and using their many talents and connections, to live their best lives and help so many others at the same time. William got what he wanted then resents that they make him look petty, stupid and pathetic. Such a loser.

      • Lila says:

        I don’t think the Sussexes leaving to build a life as they wished was at all what William wanted. William wanted them to still be controlled by the institution and powerless to fight back. H and M making their own money (removing the financial control he would surely exert over them) and having their own press office to push back on the false stories KP was putting out is probably a nightmare for W.

      • (TheOG) Jan90067 says:

        I really do think W wanted H&M to be like Edward and Wallace, “royal in name only” and dependent on him for their very existence, for their every material need, to the actual roof over their heads. I believe he wanted them to literally have to plead for pocket money, to have to beggar for a “lifestyle befitting a prince”. His own personal puppets on a string.

        H&M said, “HELL NO!”, and bailed.

        I think that threw him for a GIGANTIC loop/hissy fit.

      • ArtHistorian says:

        As I recall, the “exile to Africa” article mentioned that William was afraid that Harry and Meghan would set up “a rival court” in North America specifically because then they would attract a lot of attention from US media. That was why he wanted hidden away in Africa (and there’s a whole lot of colonialist thought to unpack here – as if they are not large cities and media in various African countries). So the independent Sussexes decamping to California IS in fact William’s worst nightmare in terms of public interest. He’ll be in Harry’s shadow for the rest of his life – and it is probably going to eat at him forever.

      • notasugarhere says:

        Agree, this wasn’t what William wanted. He wanted them permanently under his control, forced to kowtow, do all the work, and let W&K steal the credit, attention, and money. Be the permanent, willing scapegoats in exchange for being working royals.

        As ArtHistorian writes, the disgusting ‘exile them to Africa’ was William wanting to force them to disappear and never be heard from again. Harry and Meghan free, happy, wealthy, and globally-supported is William’s nightmare.

      • I’d go one step further, Chrissy. I don’t think the Sussexes make William look like a petty, stupid, pathetic loser, ……William himself reveals that is who he is by his own actions against them. 💁🏻‍♀️

      • North of Boston says:

        LL, I think you’ve hit the nail on the head.

        If William (and Kate) were *actually working* on causes and projects, things that require dedication, networking, collaborations with stakeholders, gathering resources together to some purpose … honest, sustained effort with a focus on striving toward goals and achieving tangible outcomes* , basically acting like adults trying to make a difference in the world, living the ‘life of service’ they and their mouthpieces keep claiming is key to the BRF’s very existence, then they would still have standing on the world stage, would still be considered relevant, and might still generate some interest even when not posing with the Cambridge kids.

        But instead it appears 90% of their attention, energy, effort, machinations, collaborations are focused on attacking the Sussexes (okay, maybe 80%, with 10% aimed at Charles, the Middletons, and each other) which just makes them look incredibly small, weak, petty, and inconsequential. What use are they to the world if all they do is focus on family squabbles when their ‘enemy’ has already ceded the field?

        I’ll add it also makes them look incredibly stupid and short-sighted, because if you shift your focus to CH and Charles, you’ll note he’s doing the Exact. Same. Thing., only much more skillfully and slyly, while still also putting some effort into backing up his image as Wales the Champion of Sustainable English and Welsh Agriculture (not sure he’s as much of an similar advocate for for N Ireland or Scotland or any of the Commonwealth territories)

        nb: a picture of a pie chart or a forward in a coffee table book or a blog post about “racism at soccer matches is SO tedious, We, the FFK, are over it” are not ‘tangible outcomes”.

      • ArtHistorian says:

        The Cambridges try to keep their public profile alive with spin and photo ops (and no work). It is all smoke and mirrors – and at some point people may see that the emperor has no clothes because they cannot continue to dodge royal “work” forever when they move up in rank. And when William becomes King he CANNOT slack off with regard to all the official paper work because doing so will have actual consequences.

    • elsavita Williams says:

      I gather that Cain and Waitie-Do-Little-Katie wanted H&M to do the hard work,…came up with ideas and work behind it while those two took the credit.

      • Lady D says:

        They were also expected to raise the funds for their joint foundation, which William and Kate would then benevolently dole out to the right patrons.

    • taris says:

      that meghan was gonna shake things up when she came into the royal family was clear from the start, and even the ‘experts’ praised her for it … in the beginning.
      not sure what they expected would happen there, but if they were so pissed about the sussexes overshadowing the cambridges then it was up to the latter to work harder and, like, be interesting or something.

      now with these continued smears they’re really revealing themselves to the world in a way that they won’t ever be able to recover from. rather than try to make amends with h&m (even if only for PR) and learn from the past, the institution and its acolytes in the media have been doubling down on the smears. what is the endgame with all this mess, even?!
      the way these people shoot themselves in the foot…

    • Demi says:

      I think she soon discovered that Royals don’t really help those charities but charities exist as a PR for Royals that’s why she was driven out of KP.. Maybe Charles& Anne done good projects especially the prince’s trust, save the children ect but nothing tangible ever came from W&K

  15. Laugh or Cry says:

    Harry and Meghan’s approach is not just Californian, it’s showbiz-y, celebrity. Our Royal Family are not celebrities. They are working members of a public institution. I was appalled by the Oprah interview. These are not statements that should be made for public consumption. This is the sort of thing that should happen in the privacy of a psychiatrist’s couch.’

    They really do pull it out is their asses and make it up as they go along. They are the desperate stalkers who refuse to let them go.

    • MrsBanjo says:

      The Royal Family isn’t showbiz or celebrity? Since when? There’s AMPLE evidence to the contrary. All you have to do is Google. It’s funny you say all this, as Harry and Meghan haven’t been the ones doing the non-stop press briefs. You tried, though. 😂😂

      • Right, it’s not either of the Sussexes who have every one of the 🐀Rota on speed dial. The 🐀Rota barely has to hack phones or texts these days as most of the Royals and their teams are initiating the conversations themselves now.

    • Emineminaemin says:

      What statements and what part of the Oprah interview appalled you?

      I am appalled by all the lies, smears and briefings that the RF has given to the media against Harry and Meghan for over 4 years. As a public body, the lack of transparency is harrowing.

      • Sofia says:

        The poster is quoting Penny Junor in the above article. They (presumably) don’t actually think like this.

        Edit: wrong person! Thanks @Chrissy!

      • Chrissy (The Original) says:

        I think she’s quoting Penny Junor. Angela Kelly is HM’s dresser/ confidant.

    • Lila says:

      This whole “the BRF are not celebrities” argument is hilarious to me. They’ve been covered like celebrities for years now and they’re okay with it. If it was all about the work, why did they run stories about Archie’s nursery will be painted with vegan paint or some ridiculous bs like that? Why run the story about “Meghan making Kate cry”?

    • Lady D says:

      Some of them are working members, others think their mere presence is enough.

    • elsavita Williams says:

      If they are working royals, then why advertise when they are going to be someplace eg. open a hospital, supermarket?

      P\eople do NOT stand in the rain, line or whatever, to sake a worker’s hand or ooh and ahh over them.

    • nina says:

      Thanks for the laughs. That got me going this morning. Always hard to get going after a July 4th picnic. Too much bbq, dessert, drinking, celebrating that independence from the Salty Isle.

      Now that your gobblygook got me awake, because you are pulling stuff out of your ass, I guess time to shake off the remaining cobwebs.

      I see you have taken massive gulps of the Kool-Aid. And yes, your royal family are celebrities to be gossiped about and made snide remarks about. H&M has not said a word about them, yet the BM and your royal family are constantly talking and printing about them. From my view over here, it is clear who are the stalkers.

      Go back to reading your Salty Isle tabloids, people over here can see the truth.

    • Shoshone says:

      Have you watched “ The Crown”? Seriously? Of course they are celebrities.

      • Sofia says:

        the poster is quoting Penny Junor. That’s not what their thoughts are (presumably).

    • Nivz says:

      Holy crap, laugh or cry, I really thought those were your words not PJ’s, and I wrote a strongly worded response before realising I was mistaken. Phew.

    • EllenOlenska says:

      Wasn’t penny junior one of the idiots in the RR idiotsthat recorded their reactions to the Oprah interview before it even aired? Possibly I’m confusing her withTominey

      (Updated) nope was Ingrid Seward…but I’m sure Junor was hurt she wasn’t asked!

  16. MsIam says:

    Its amazing that these people will say the most horrible things about Harry and Meghan and then whine about “healing the rift”. And I can understand why Harry went to Oprah to tell his side of the story if the palace will just pressure UK media to cut out what they don’t like. Then they wonder why Harry won’t talk with the UK press, especially the Rota.

    • taris says:

      it’s annoying that more people don’t point out the glaring hypocrisies by the royal family.
      harry and meghan are allowed to defend themselves!

    • The Hench says:

      Yes. That’s why the RF were SO angry about Oprah and even about Gayle’s small ‘unproductive talks’ aside. Not only are William and Charles used to taking precedent in everything but, until now, they have largely been able to control the external narrative. Harry and Meghan not only outside the RF but able to use their voice directly through their own, non-UK, non-influenceable media stars = total nightmare.


  17. Miranda says:

    Actually, besides the monarch and those with any real chance of inheriting the throne, “celebrities” is EXACTLY what most of the royals are. There is no appreciable difference between what the vast majority of the RF does, and what some wealthy heir/ess who is “famous for being famous” does.

    • Merricat says:

      It’s hilarious that this idea of celebrity is too gauche for a certain kind of Brit, but paying for the extravagant lifestyles of the lazy and ignorant is just dandy. Lol.

  18. Lizzie says:

    Putting the word out that someone is fragile does not equal worrying about their mental health. It is undermine the person pure and simple.
    The only talent the courtiers possess is leaking to the bm. Meghan and Harry have shown the are talented executives. No wonder there was tension over who outranked whom when it came to their projects. I would say the courtiers act like 12 year old girls but I don’t want to slander 12 year old girls.

  19. Mich says:

    Has anyone ever defined what Meghan’s supposed “agenda” was?

    This all has such shades of the Charles and Diana Oz tour where he was furious that she ‘upstaged’ him. The idea that people were simply more interested in her and that the interest could be an asset was something he just couldn’t process. It was all supposed to be about him.

    What an effed up, anachronistic institution royalty is.

    Also – what continued private conversations with Gayle King? As far as I know, the only thing he told her was that there hadn’t been much progress. I think we can all see that without needing to be told.

    • Eurydice says:

      Yeah, I’ve always wondered about her supposed agenda. Is she part of some secret anti-royalist movement? Was it her dream as a little girl to marry a wealthy prince who lives in a palace and then force him to leave everything so they can make their own living in another country?

      Oh, I’ve got it. She really wanted William all along. Marrying Harry was a way to get into the royal family so she could work her wiles on Will, get him to divorce Kate, then Meghan and Will would get rid of Harry by declaring him insane. So, Will and Meghan could marry and she would become Queen…in 20 years. A cunning plan, but Will and Kate’s love is too strong !!!

      • nina says:

        Yeah right, She has been plotting this for 20 years, These people are crazy. What makes them think the rest of the world thinks PWT is a catch.

        I have an alternate story line, finishing off what was started in 1776. Wink wink. She’s a secret agent that teleported to the future from 1776. Direct orders from General Washington. Godspeed Agent Meghan.

        If we are going to go with ridiculous stories why not go full out bat shit crazy.

    • ArtHistorian says:

      “This all has such shades of the Charles and Diana Oz tour where he was furious that she ‘upstaged’ him. The idea that people were simply more interested in her and that the interest could be an asset was something he just couldn’t process. It was all supposed to be about him.”

      – I think Charles is an intensely ego-centric and selfish person, and that to a pathologically degree. To the extent that he valued to emotional well-being of his traumatized sons less than his own obsession with Camilla. I think that we’ve seen enough evidence that he’s pathologically self-absorbed – and I suspect that he certainly played a part in the smear campaign, he’s just been better at concealing his moves that William and the clown show at KP.

      • Gubbinal says:

        So much agreement with Art Historian. I think that the family problem is a genetic streak of narcissism: Charles and William are narcissists; undoubtedly Anne is not into that kind of nonsense. Charles adores Camilla who knows all the ways to support a narcissist. Both William and Harry had a narcissist parent which is going to be emotionally wounding. KateM. has a narcissistic mother and husband so there’s no way that she can emerge from this unscathed. She probably does not even know herself. C & W both believe in the “divine right” of Kings, which only bolsters their narcissism.
        Realistic people know that if a family member (like Diana or Meghan) overshadows them, they should be grateful that their own brand is being enhanced by the propinquity to charisma.

      • cws says:

        Agree with almost everything, just not sure about the Camilla thing. She wasn’t his only mistress, just the one that was named….
        And maybe the one that knew how to manage him. She’s a good rider

    • Lizzie says:

      Right? Waity’s agenda was obvious from the day she changed her university to St Andrews. Meghan clearly wanted to be an actress and a humanitarian. She was successful at both before meeting Harry.
      What they are trying to say is Meghan is a social climber who always planned to get Harry to move to California. I’ve said before if that was Meghans agenda she could have found richer powerful men right in LA.

    • I think Meghan’s “agenda” —- according to them —- was to become world famous AND steal Harry from his family and the British people. Well, she’s 2 for 2 isn’t she? What a stealth 🥷🏼 our dear Meghan is! And all she had to do was be her best self, have them endanger her mental health, her marriage, her child, make herself a target for the crazies, and drag her and everyone she loves threw the sewer of their racist hate.

    • LaraW” says:

      Lol, Meghan came with an agenda all right: A powerpoint with talking points discussing which causes she wanted to support, a list of patronages, ideas on how to raise discourse off issues to a national/international level, a timeline of how she’d like to see these projects roll out, proposals on reaching out to other institutions to collaborate and maximize impact, binders printed for everyone according their role and assignment, providing background materials and benchmarks with deadlines, with a follow up email summarizing what was discussed, and outlook invites for meetings with various team members.

    • taris says:

      @mich i completely agree!

      so much of the criticism targeted at meghan over relies on vague keywords and allegations that don’t really add up if you’re an actual thinking person; the criticism is meant to appeal to those who’ve decided to hate her and are just looking for reason.

    • North of Boston says:

      The whole ‘Woman arrives on the scene, schemes and steals Our Boy, deceives, manipulates while working to further some nefarious agenda’ is like a page straight from every fandom playbook, where whacko ‘fans’ spin delusional narratives just because a male celebrity they fancy meets and falls in love with someone IRL, someone who is not the whacko fan or someone they imagine as their proxy.

      – She had an agenda from the start
      – It will never last
      – She is not worthy of him, she’s not like (whatever fan-fictiony ideal mate for said male celebrity is the current fave in the SM the poster swims in)
      – She’s some combination of wicked, corrupt, and manipulative, very scheme-y – EVERYTHING she does is to maintain her ruse and serve her long term evil agenda.
      – She is a bully who is capable of intimidating vast numbers of grown so-called professional people into silence, so that they only dare speak out through anonymous sources under the cloak of darkness.
      – The marriage isn’t real
      – The pregnancy isn’t real (just look at her belly in these umpty-gazillion photos with sharpie marks and photoshop arrows!!! This PROVES it!!!! )
      – The pregnancy isn’t real (just look at how she’s cradling her belly, not cradling her belly, flying on international flights, drinking coffee, tea, pop soda, vodka … yes I know that could be simply bottled water but I have a source who swears she fills all her Evian bottles with Grey Goose)
      – The baby isn’t his (have you seen the kid’s ears, feet, jumper?)
      – He’s a poor wee lamb being led to slaughter by this B with a capital B
      – Did you see his eyes in that recent public appearance … I think she’s drugging him. (chime in from others in the comments about how “my neighbor’s brother’s SIL’s cousin used to take drugs and his eyes looked EXACTLY like that”) ALternatively, he’s sending a secret message to his boo, hoping to his rescue (his ‘boo’ could be his band mate, fan’s preferred FF partner of celebrity, or in this case his brother or Kate the Keen Lynchpin)
      – He’s going to dump her … next week, next year, after the statue unveiling, before his next project comes out, etc etc

      If anyone is throwing around words like “agenda” or “pushy” or “aggressive” or “bully” or (insert ginormous Eye Roll) “narc” to describe the woman, while using infantilizing language around the male celebrity, you either have an off the rails entitled whacko fan-stan, or someone (palace insiders who benefit from the status quo, RR, BM, people selling books off this stuff, random blogger hungry for clicks and attention) who has an Agenda with a Capital A of their own, or someone who is making bank by spreading this stuff.

      And in Meghan’s case, all that is happening along side a British-warship sized boatload of misogynoir – disgusting racism + sexism dialed up to 3000, plus 10 other kinds of bigotry focused on dehumanizing her and her children.

      I am so glad Harry, Meghan and those kids are no longer dependent on that family, that institution or that machine for their well-being and livelihood!

      • Tessa says:

        I see these same comments. The latest is “we” don’t want her here. ANd name calling. And these comments are often part of Kate and William are the greatest parents EVER, they should be King and Queen NOW. And I see a lot of the sexism, name calling her as “evil” and “scheming” and Harry will “come to his senses.”

      • Otaku fairy says:

        Lol, so many fandoms / anti-fandoms (2 sides of the same coin) get like this. There really is no age limit to it either.

  20. L says:

    What was the relationship like between William and Harry before Meghan? I started following/keeping up with the royals when Harry started seeing meghan so i don’t know. I always got the impression that Harry kinda did his own thing with being in the military and working there.. but was it always this intense? Competitive and messy? Or was it just after meghan that this all blew up? I find that hard to believe.. can someone link me to some articles or websites or fill me in on this? I am very curious. Thank you!

    • JT says:

      I don’t have any links to share, but I don’t think they were as close as the palace/press made it seem. Harry was always doing something. He spent ten years in the military, which of course took up the most of his time. Not to mention the fact that he was in a damn war zone. He created his charity Sentebale when he was 19, which he also had to dedicate significant time to. Then he founded the Invictus Games that also was a significant time drain and even the press at the time was saying that Harry should drop it because it was taking him away from royal duties. And he was doing so many tours and engagements in between all of his work. So many tours that he was getting burnt out by his own admission in The Me You Can’t See. He also had several relationships that were going on in the mean time. The man was busy so I don’t see where he even had the time to be as close to TOB as claimed. Even Harry has mentioned before that he and William didn’t spend much time together because they had different things going on. What William was doing is another story because the man hasn’t accomplished anything in the same time frame.

    • notasugarhere says:

      It has always been William beating down Harry, from when they were kids. The staff played along too, raising William up and punishing Harry for things William had done. William has repeatly made fun of Harry in public, led him astray with the Club H business. He’s also jealous of Harry’s easy ways and appeal.

      Harry admitted he had no relationship with Kate the day the engagement was announced. ‘I’m looking forward to getting to know her’ were his exact words. He was in the Army, deployed, living on base. W&K were in Wales, Berkshire, Norfolk, but not living near Harry. They were never living in each others pockets or spending time together, before or after W&K’s wedding.

      Harry recently admitted (mental health documentary, interview?) that the few years he spent being forced to show up with W&K at engagements were the worst of his life. He knew he was being used to bolster their PR, when he wasn’t being sent all over the world trying to save The Commonwealth.

    • Oh says:

      Here is Harry talking about his relationship with Baldimort .. (starts at the minute 13:00)

      • equality says:

        If what he said was true and he wasn’t just giving out the royal PR, it’s sad that Will couldn’t support Harry in his choice of wife.

      • Sad to watch that interview and hear him say how supportive his brother and father are and then compare that to his words recently. Both of them have obviously deeply hurt him with their betrayal.

  21. Chaine says:

    gag. if they are “not celebrities” and are actually “working members of a public institution” then there ought to be complete transparency about exactly what “work” they are doing beyond standing a few hours a month at fluff events and tennis matches, and their exact working hours each day, and how many helicopter trips they are taking and why… and on and on… without their celebrity, they would be like all of the other royal families, mere archaic curiosities whose names most of the world doesn’t even know.

  22. equality says:

    So Will and Kate’s you tube channel with advertisement-like videos isn’t “show-bizy” or “celebrity”? If they are “working” where is the accountability for results. Publish the effectiveness they bring to projects. How about transparency in money matters? Those who actually work for the public also have to show cost-effectiveness in modes of travel and don’t get paid millions for less than full time work. Are other civil servants getting to live in palaces and wear the crown jewels?

  23. ABritGuest says:

    That was obvious at the time. Such great mental health advocates. The palace couldn’t even feign support or request the press give them breathing room after that ITV doc.

    More interesting is that ITV removed the comment that KP briefed the press because it could be defamatory or they didn’t have proof. ITV is the network that had Meghan bashing from morning to afternoon especially when Piers Morgan was on GMB. So proof again the palace CAN flex when it chooses to & it DOES complain about negative media coverage. Please tell again how Meghan was lying when she said she was unprotected

    Funny how Omid needs proof for his claim which mirrors many reporters saying leaks were coming from the palace. But Lacey bringing up the bullying claims doesn’t require proof.

    Penny ‘coloured’ Junor needs to sit down. In the same documentary where she says the Oprah interview was appalling for airing personal info she also claims that people in the palace were telling her that Meghan wasn’t as charming as she seemed.

    On that note the staff were silly enough to leak back in 2018/19 that they didn’t respect Meghan’s wishes unless Harry was there, looked down on her, didn’t want to work for an American actress & had nasty names for her. So hard to buy bullying allegations now especially as bullying case seems to be centred around early morning emails.

    • Great comment ArtHistorian. I couldn’t agree more.

    • nina says:


      • TEALIEF says:

        +2 @ArtHistorian.  One of my questions has always been where the hell was Charles in all this. If he had taken the time to nurture, tend and care for his children like he does the land, flocks, and herds things may have been different. He could have his healed his own emotional hurt and yielded healthy outcomes for generations in the land and with/in his children. It’s like Harry said just because you suffered doesn’t mean your children have to. Why would anyone want anybody or anything to unnecessarily suffer?

    • Tessa says:

      Penny Junor takes every opportunity to trash Diana. NOw she’s backing William and trashing Meghan. Very telling.

  24. Heidi says:

    According to William, Meghan had an agenda.

    For someone who is married to Karen Keen, it must be impossible to understand that his new SIL wanted to use her position to make the world a better place – when she could just have been buying buttons all day long.

  25. Amy Bee says:

    If I’m not mistaken, the story about William believing that Harry was fragile was also briefed to the Times. We all know now that members of the royal rota were also briefed about Meghan’s mental health issues. So what Omid said was the truth.

  26. Jan says:

    I’m wondering if Harry went near Unable, well he had to take a COVID-19 test before leaving England, but sometimes it can turn positive after a few days.
    Honestly, hope he was isolated in one of the 16 bedrooms for a few days after his return, Meghan, Archie and Lili, will continue to hold down ‘lil chick inn” until Pa is giving the all clear.

    • Merricat says:

      Lol, it is nigh impossible for Harry to have been exposed by Kate. It would have to have happened psychically.

      • (TheOG) Jan90067 says:

        Actually, from what the experts are saying about the Delta Plus Variant, which is the most prevalent, you only have to pass through/occupy THE SAME AIR SPACE, and inhale for it to take root in your nasal cavities. (per article in the NYT). Remember, you can still *catch* Covid; the vaccines prevent severe disease/hospitalization/death.

        I don’t think Harry would risk going straight home w/out a rapid test, as well as the nasal swab. There is *no way* he’d risk his family’s health, esp. with a newborn in the house. I remember reading there is a guest house for Doria; wouldn’t surprise me if he is there, waiting test results, where he can see his family outside, but from a safe distance until he’s sure he’s covid-free.

    • TigerMcQueen says:

      If Harry had been anywhere near Keen Mandela (as in, even if she waved to him from a window in KP), we’d have been inundated with leaks and stories about her peacemaking skills immediately following the unveiling. Don’t worry. It didn’t happen.

  27. BrainFog says:

    It’s 2021 and these people still try to shame others for taking their mental health seriously, and for being open and honest about it. They really didn’t get the memo, did they.
    Every single celebrity speaking publicly about this is potentially, and probably, saving lifes.
    We need more of this, not less.

    • Chrissy (The Original) says:

      Worse is that PWT et al, pretend to be mental health advocates while using mental health as a weapon to beat Harry and Meagan with. Such bloody hypocrites!

  28. Ainsley7 says:

    I’m perfectly happy to believe that William leaks to the press, but surely, they can handle some of the more obvious stories on their own? Like, Harry revealed how much they were struggling. It’s not rocket science to come up with an article where William is worried about them. The idea of Harry being mentally weak and William being strong isn’t new. It stems from Harry saying that William helped him to see how mentally unhealthy he was. That was like 2013/14? Also, why would William completely change his MO and go to the BBC?

    • notasugarhere says:

      IMO Harry’s comments back then were once again too kind, as Meghan is too kind. I see William snapping at Harry that if he think he needs help, go get it and stop bothering him. William doesn’t care about anyone’s mental health, not even his own.

      • Ainsley7 says:

        Yeah, I didn’t mean that William was brother of the year or anything. Just that it stemmed from Harry’s words being twisted. They are assuming that William suggesting Harry seek help means that William has never needed help. Which is definitely not the case.

    • Jan says:

      In the interview he said the way “get help was said” was just putting his back up not to get help.

    • Chelsea says:

      it wasn’t just in the BBC; it was also parroted by William’s favorite idiots over at the DM and other tabloids. At the time the thought was that William went to the BBC because he knew the story would be more legitimized and go further but here’s the thing: if he is so offended now at the insinuation that his office went to the press to talk about his brother’s mental health why wasn’t he concerned then? He had no issue pushing back on the story The Times wrote a few months later that called him a bully but had no issue with a story in a usually respected source like the BBC “falsely” claiming that his staff told the BBC reporter that he thought his brother was “fragile”? And he’s also apparently had no issue with Robert Lacey running around to any microphone he can find to claim that William’s staff called his brother “damaged goods” and his sister in law a “deranged” “sociopath”? And there was no issue when Valentine Low revealed in March that it was leaked to him in 2019 by KP that Meghan went to HR for her mental health?

      It is obviously fruitless to try and respond to everything but it is illogical to allow the press to claim for years that your staff briefs them on your brother and sister in law’s mental health and then get a segment pulled from a documentary because a reporter claims that your staff briefed the press on your brother’s mental health.

  29. Merricat says:

    “These are not statements that should be made for public consumption. This is the sort of thing that should happen in the privacy of a psychiatrist’s couch.’”

    Spoken like an abuser.

    • Otaku fairy says:

      Yep. It’s often said by someone invested in trying to downplay abuse. Either because at the time it’s too similar to their own behavior for them to feel comfortable seeing it taken seriously, because they just don’t like whoever the target happens to be, or a combination of both.

  30. Kim says:

    As a side note, I was delighted to learn that Harry is receiving EMDR therapy. I’m a mental health professional certified in the practice. Because I know the swift and significant impact it can have on clients, I’m hopeful that Harry is making strides in the healing process.

    • Jaded says:

      My cousin went through EMDR therapy a couple of years ago for panic attacks when someone she had to fire started stalking and threatening her. Turns out it triggered a flashback to her first marriage to a man who physically and mentally abused her which she had repressed. It worked like a charm in a very short period of time.

  31. girl_ninja says:

    I disagree with Kaiser. I believe William (and Charles) went full on attack against Harry and Meghan. Once they saw the UK’s rabid, racist coverage they fed it and Wills offered up his brother and wife over and over again.

  32. windyriver says:

    There’s an interview with Brett Goldstein (Roy Kent) and Brendan Hunt (Coach Beard) of Ted Lasso, where they briefly discuss differences between Brits and Americans.

    Hunt (American) says, “Brits don’t always say exactly what they mean, especially when they’re trying to give you bad news…a lot of dancing around negative things.” He describes being told, “ ‘I don’t know if we’re going to have such an easy time’…by which they [really] mean, it’s not happening” – and how he, not getting it, would say, “Well, try harder.” Goldstein (British) agrees, saying it would have taken 3 days for him to pass on news that a part had been cut (he’d had one cut in another project) and you still wouldn’t be sure what he was telling you.

    Goldstein goes on to say Americans’ habit of “being openly friendly to strangers freaks British people out.” That “In America, I’m always shocked when people say ‘have a nice day’ “; his response is to think –“ I don’t know you, what’s going on?”

    Imagine how this played out for Meghan coming into the Firm, the epitome of position/protocol conscious people believing themselves the cream of society (then add in racism, etc.) – and you can see how Penny Junor might have heard “very bad stories from early on that Meghan was upsetting people”, and why William thought she came in with an agenda.

    This is all just background though to the basic problem, that Meghan had plans to actively work while part of an organization (KP) where the status quo was to do as little as possible, while at the same time, her charisma and popularity threatened everyone all the way up the line.

    The section I refer to begins about 2:10.

  33. samipup says:

    I watched Mary Poppins recently, I love that movie. My point? These folks from England kind remind me of the grouchy, stick -in-the-mud bankers in that movie. Random thought, lol.

  34. Chelsea says:

    It’s so funny to see the DailyMail and others pretend what Omid is saying is scandalous when they’ve all run stories from “sources close to William” saying similar things about Harry around that time till this day. If they are claiming those sources now were not from KP or friends of William and to say so is defamatory then are they literally claiming their own stories are lies?LOL. While this isn’t the most extreme thing William has leaked against Harry it was probably one of the most painful and it is relevant because he is STILL doing this.

    I feel like it gets over looked that in those new terrible Lacey excerpts former Kensington Palace staff are quoted as calling both Meghan AND Harry “damaged goods”. Can you imagine having to read that your former staff talks about your mental health like that knowing that your brother probably OKed them to say that about you? it’s revolting and the Windsors need to realize that they will never have Harry’s trust again while they continue to belittle him and his mental health while also trying to destroy his happiness(his life he create with his wife and kids).

  35. Chelsea says:

    Update I actually found a celebitchy post from October with an excerpt from the Daily Mail who claimed at the time that palace aides were “concerned” about Harry’s mental health. The same DM article quoted the BBC article claiming that William thought Harry was “fragile” with no push back from the DM or Kensington Palace.

    But Omid is now apparently defaming William for reporting what was obviously being briefed to the press in October 2019? This seems like a bad idea because i wouldn’t be surprised if they briefed all RRs on this and Omid has receipts; though I’m not sure if as a journalist he could ever drop them because burning a “source” usually comes back with major pusback. (Though to be fair he’s already being smeared so how much worse could it get?)

  36. LaraW” says:

    Is there anyplace in the US to watch this “documentary” thing? (Or is it even worth watching?)

    Also— I’ve read comments on how people from the US are shocked when introduced to UK culture in a professional setting. Any UK expats here to chime in on their reaction to working in the US?

    • Jan says:

      Some one said it was the usual bashing of Meghan and Harry, nothing new.
      Proves all the leaks were coming from the palaces, now they are running with Harry is getting the cold shoulder, they would never think that Harry don’t want to around his abusers.
      Doria is most likely putting on a barbecue spread for her family, smiling that her Flower is home safe and sound.
      Light skin Harry go easy on spareribs.

      • LaraW” says:

        Lol! I am having a great time imagining Harry trying to feed Archie bits of spareribs and both of them ending up in a mess of bbq sauce!

        Family here actually has a tradition of getting Chesapeake blue crabs for July 4 instead of bbq. I actually really like the work that goes into it, because it forces you to eat slowly insteading of eating everything in one sitting and falling into a food coma.

      • HeatherC says:

        Harry needs to do what all us light skinned gingers need to do…take frequent pauses from the spare ribs to reapply sunblock! The struggle is real for us, I tell ya.

  37. J ferber says:

    Art historian, you make a good point about William not wanting a “rival court” in America. It reminds me that Charles did not want Diana to have a “rival court” either. And in the end, she didn’t. They will stick at nothing to get their way. Thank God the Sussexes escaped and are thriving. I just heard a rumor that Oprah will be Lili’s godmother.

    • taris says:

      the ‘rival court’ is already happening, and i’m telling you harry and meghan have the dérangés on salty island spooked.

      no way they’d be spending this much time and effort smearing the sussexes if they weren’t a legitimate threat.

    • Liz version 700 says:

      Please please please let the Ophra rumor be true. The steam coming from the Windsors about that would power major cities for weeks. The palaces weaponized that child when she was 2 days old she needs all the strong minded Godparents H&am can find.

    • nina says:

      Rival court. pfffft. How antiquated. When are these people going to realise that we are in the 21st century. Nobody gives a rat’s ass about PWT’s Court, except maybe his royalist fans.

  38. Robin says:

    The rotten apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, does it. Charles did the same to Diana. He claimed she was mad and fragile. He got his high up friends to do the same – they would publicy “divulge” that she was unhinged and hysterical (always handy when it comes to women). They also chuckled about how she was as thick as two short planks. It was a continual drive to discredit her as unstable and therefore untruthful.

    • Tessa says:

      And this gaslighting started early with Diana, with Charles’ pal Nicholas Soames deriding Diana to the media and stories being leaked about Diana (she was “mean” to Charles’ dog which was debunked). She was accused of lying just like Harry and Meghan are accused of today.

      • Robin says:

        Thanks, Tessa. I couldn’t remember the one who was particularly vile – Soames. Horrible man.

  39. Holland S says:

    Why do they keep saying that Harry is not important? They’ve wasted a lot of ink and time writing about him and his wife for unimportant people. And unless there are invisible unnamed people in front of him, Harry is pretty high on the royal hierarchy.

  40. HeatherC says:

    Do Omid and the other royal reporters/british media realize how they are making the British people in general sound?

    Meghan wanted people hired for jobs to do the jobs they were hired for. That’s just not done in Britain! Among many other examples.

    I know two British people personally and they work very hard. I don’t know the entire British workforce, but their narrative of “culture clash or pushy diva” makes it sound like no British worker really expects to work, they just expect to get hired and paid, maybe answer an email after tea.

  41. Tessa says:

    THe stans are horrified that william is accused of such a thing. LOL. Though I see more comments thinking Will is not the perfect one his PR says he is.

    • Nyro says:

      They’re so embarrassed that now they’re turning on their royal rota faves.

  42. cws says:

    That’s perfect KP stands for Karens’ Palace

  43. jferber says:

    I’d love if Tyler Perry could be the godfather. Question: can a child have more than one godfather and godmother? If so, I’d love to see Diana’s sisters and Serena Williams also be godmothers.

    • Curious says:

      I saw a video with Oprah and she was asked if she was going to be a godmother to Lil Diana.and Oprah said she is like a godmother ,but she thinks its better for them to have younger god parents for their child, she is too old. I am sure Oprah already visited Lil Diana.


    The thing is, after a while people would have gotten used to Harry and Meghan, and all of the initial over-interest would have died down. But they made it so much worse, they as in the BRF, because thet kept torturing them for no reason. They made them persons of interest, the very thing that they didn’t want to happen.

  45. Curious says:

    the firm and the press is in a panic. i am sure all these headline that was and is printed in the press is saved to prove what was said. all the royal reporters and the press always mention a source,the source is a royal aide, friends,a staff and so on. then we have the Lacy guy revealing what was said in 2018 and 19 by William to his friends. he clearly stated what William told his friends. Charles/Camilla/William/Catherine worked together to smear Harry/Meghan after their popular tour.they all felt threaten by Harry/Meghan. those 4 have their own mouth piece to speak for them in the press to smear Harry/Meghan. William was using Jason and Jason was using Meghan staff to make up lies,William is using Dan to write negative things about Harry /Meghan. Catherine is using her mother/uncle and the reporters that like her .Charles/Camilla have their own reporters that like them,so they feed them stories to destroy Harry /Meghan reputation,and drive them mentally insane. it worked for a time,but not anymore, Harry/ Meghan decided they not going to take this crap anymore. So far Meghan/Harry are doing fine with their life. but the 2 heirs still won’t leave them alone. i think most are getting bored with this one way fight. Catherine, william , her mother, uncle ,Charles,Camilla and anyone that stand on their side in the press is attacking Harry/Meghan and their children. while Meghan /Harry is spending quality time with their children at home . its like a stalker who won’t gave up,then get caught and send to jail for yrs . the jealousy these 4 has is eating them up inside, its not a joking jealousy its a i will kill you jealousy.

  46. aquarius64 says:

    Getting a documentary edited by order of KP is virtually admitting what was said was true. Now KP Is threatening legal action, just like the reports of Rose gardening. Daily Beast ran this story, which means it will eventually be picked up by US straight press.

  47. blunt talker says:

    I think Dan Wooten said it out loud in 2019 or 2020 that all the hit pieces was coming from Keningston Palace-William’s camp-he told people exactly where he was getting his info from-enough said

  48. blunt talker says:

    PS-the one thing that is underlying all this-the royal family truly dislike other royals senior or minor going out in the world and forging their own paths in life-they despises these endeavors with a passion-to much beefing about Harry and Meghan leaving-negative articles constantly trying to deny them the right to determine their own future-William is definitely trying to smear and beat them over the head with his constant anger and lying to the royal rota-Even Prince Charles wanted them corraled to return to the UK-Prince Harry stated once before ever meeting Meghan-he wanted to remain in the military but Queenie wanted him out and to work for the monarchy-this was not what he really wanted to do but was trying to please his family especially the Queen. With the royal family having so much intermingling with the royal rota which Harry told you about-anyone who wonders about negative articles about the Sussexes need to have their head examine-the royal family hates people who think for themselves and speak for themselves-only the royal family should tell you when to think or speak-terrible way to live-God bless Harry. Meghan. Archie. and Lilibet.