Sunscreen that’s also a primer, shower steamers and a flattering maxi dress

From CB: I really like the anti-wrinkle patches from BlumBody and think they did reduce the depth of the lines on my forehead. The effect lasts a few hours and then fades gradually but I haven’t seen my lines go back to where they were before. You can also use the patches before going out and you will see the difference. I also got the CLR calcium and lime remover we featured. I used 1/2 cup in my washing machine once it had water in it, ran a full cycle with no clothes and it really seemed to clean the calcium deposits. The next time I washed a dark load there were no white marks on the black shirts as usual! Here are some more things Hecate and I are looking at.

Lavender scented shower steamers to help you relax before bed
From CB: We featured menthol and eucalyptus shower steamers a few months ago from a brand called Cleverfy. I bought those and really liked them and am ready to try other scents. These lavender shower steamers from BodyRestore are supposed to be relaxing and calming. They have over 1,200 ratings, 4.4 stars and an A on Fakespot. People say one tablet lasts about three showers as long as you keep it to the side and not directly under the water. They’re said to smell natural and to provide a spa-like experience at home. “These tablets are amazing. The scent is so nice and lasts a couple of showers.” “I’ve gotten lots of shower steamers and all off the scents from this brand are AMAZING. It’s worth every dollar!”

Hydrating under eye patches to reduce fine lines and wrinkles
From CB: These hydrating under eye patches are formulated with collagen, 24k gold and snail slime, which I know sounds questionable, but I’ve used the moisturizer from this line, Mizon, and it’s quite nice. These patches have over 5,700 ratings, 4.4 stars and a B on Fakespot. You can use them on your undereye area and to spot treat other areas like your smile lines and forehead. People say they really work to reduce undereye bags and lines. “I love love love these they make my fine lines less noticeable. When I’m done on my eyes I just use them on my upper lip.” “The decrease in wrinkles from the hydration alone is noticeable, and noticeably better than the others I’ve tried.” “I wake up with puffy eyes every morning. These help de puff my under eyes with the cooling and moisturizing effect. They feel very comfortable, I forget that they’re there.”

A dried fruit gift tray that converts to a fruit basket
From CB: This is a lovely gift tray that you may want to get for yourself. It’s a tray in the shape of an apple that can either be served flat or opened to become a hanging fruit basket. It comes with tasty arranged dried fruit. This has 4.6 stars, over 4,300 ratings and the same score on ReviewMeta. Reviewers say that it makes a great gift that people cherish. Many people bought them for themselves too. “I bought two of these dried fruit baskets as Christmas gifts and the friends who received them were happy! They told my husband and me that the dried fruit was of excellent quality and delicious, and the wooden basket was very practical. So I decided to get one for us! Well, they were right . . . the dried fruit is amazing (and there is a lot of it) and I’m using the wooden basket as a fruit bowl! “ “High quality item with beautiful presentation; an amazing gift”

The sunscreen that doubles as a primer
From CB: I keep hearing about this Supergoop sunscreen and some of my friends swear by it. It’s definitely pricey but reviewers say it lasts a long time and that they’re amazed by how well it works. Supergoop Unseen has over 2,300 ratings, 4.7 stars and an A on Fakespot. Reviewers rave about it. “My friends got me hooked on this product and I can’t go back. It’s a great sunscreen that is sheer and doesn’t leave your skin oily or shiny. It hasn’t caused any new breakouts. It even holds up quite well in the water. If you are in the sun constantly, this is a must have in your skin care routine. The price may seem high for the small container but it will last you a long time.” “Feels like a primer. Completely clear. Not oily. No scent. Favorite sunscreen. “

A flattering v-neck maxi dress for easy summer style
From Hecate: This was on Amazon’s best sellers list and I thought it was really cute. I like it because it looks like it can dress up or down depending on how it’s styled. The knit top is flattering and the full printed skirt is fun for the summer. Plus the little cross at the neck gives it that little extra zhuzh. The dress comes sized small to XXL and cost $29 ($26 for prime members). Oh, did I mention the pockets? It comes in several different prints and two solid options. Over 5,000 reviewers gave it 4.3 stars that ReviewMeta confirmed. People who bought it said it fit in just the right places, “The waist hits just above the most narrow place. The fit in the chest is form fitting, but not hard to pull over my head.” Many mentioned the pockets because pockets! “I love all the styles and most importantly. The POCKETS. They’re super deep and super effective!” The reviews offer a lot of customer photos wearing the dress. It looks cute on all of them.

Stemless cocktail glasses so you can feel fancy at home
From Hecate: We use ‘fancy’ glasses all the time in our house, be it for cocktails or mocktails. The kids like them as much as we do. These stemless martini glasses are harder to knock over, which is a plus. And they’re only $16 for four. Each glass is an eight ounce glass which is nice when you are serving the kids juice but be careful if you aren’t measuring your pours. Over 8,000 customers gave these 4.8 stars and Fakespot gave them a B. Customers said they work great for most drinks, “We bought them mainly for martinis but they are also super for a bourbon, scotch or any moderately sized bar drink (they hold several shots with/without mixer and ice). Just love the stylish shape and their stability with the heavier bottom.” They also work great for frozen drinks, “The bottoms are heavy. We leave them in the freezer so they will be frosted for our drinks. We love that they are compact to store and won’t easily tip over.” A lot of reviewers mention these for RVs so if you like to RV, these should be on your next trip list. Also, they come in a nice gift box so they are good for gifts as well.

A gel nail color set for professional looking effects at home
From Hecate: Colors that have effects cost extra at my nail salon so I like the idea of having my own for when the mood strikes me. I love colors that fluctuate on the nail when you move it in the light. These gel nail colors from Beetles come in three different sets, each containing six color and design options. They cost $16-$17 per set, which is pretty reasonable for gel. I really like the colors in the Milky Way set because it has two tiger eye options. About 4,500 customers gave them 4.5 stars and Fakespot gave them a B. The tigers eye color requires a magnet wand (provided), so it’s not a simple paint and go, but customers said it turns out great, “So very pretty!!! I did not expect the color change to be as pretty as it was! You will not be disappointed.” Others said it goes on pretty evenly, “It levels itself so it won’t leave you with an uneven application and it’s thick enough to not flood your cuticles but thin enough to spread out evenly.” I suck at doing my own nails so I’ll probably still find a way to screw this up but I’m hopeful!

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  1. CROWHOOD says:

    I cannot say enough about the unseen sunscreen! I wear It as a primer, it’s amazing. I use NYX drop foundation (comes out like a serum) and on days I want Less coverage I mix it right into the sunscreen. Worth the $, it lasts awhile since it’s just going on your face.

    • Ladiabla says:

      There’s no white cast to the sunscreen is there? That’s the only thing I need to know before I buy. I’m pretty light-complected and I hate sunscreens that make me appear even paler.

      • Singhsong says:

        Ladiabla, it does not. I can use it on my pale pink face and so can my daughter who is half Indian. Neither of us get the white cast. The consistency is that of Smashbox photo finish primer. Hoping this is helpful.

      • Ladiabla says:

        Thank you Singhsong, I’ll give it a try then! 😊 I bought the la roche posay sunscreen once cause it was advertised as “no white cast”. Lies!

      • E.D says:

        No this sunscreen is a clear silicone gel one.
        Absolutely no colour or white cast in it.
        I use it and I have highly reactive skin that breaks out easily and so far so good with no pimples or red marks forming.
        You do have to be careful not to squeeze too much out of the tube though and it would be very easy to over apply and make your face a bit greasy.
        I use the tiniest amount as it spreads really, really well so a tube will last for ages.
        It has also doubled up as my primer now because my Giorgio Armani primer was pretty much the same kind of clear silicone gel.
        I love it!

    • Tara says:

      For those of you who live near a Kroger store, this dupe is $10.99; I haven’t tried the real thing but this Kroger version is pretty nice!

  2. Bettyrose says:

    Got the maxi dress with the black flower print. I’m still pretty out of shape from the pandemic and need flattering clothes for the return to the office.

    • (TheOG) Jan90067 says:

      Check out this maxi; I bought 3 different patterns:

      Don’t let the price fool you! The fabric is nice (they are NOT thin cotton see-throughs), and it is *really* flattering! Gives me a nice, shapely silhouette. I DID raise the shoulder strap 2 1/2 inches though as I wanted to wear it with a strapless bra, and now it is perfect. It also didn’t drag on the floor as most do. For a “dressier” look, I’ve paired it with a short, sheer Nic+Zoe cotton/linen sweater that can be open or tied at the waist.

      As far as sizing, the chart is confusing, but go with your bust size. I usually wear a M (size 10-12) and I bought a L. Fits perfectly (aside from the strap raising).

      • Bettyrose says:

        Ooh I love the single color options. Thanks for the tip. I’m 5’3” though. Could I wear these with flats or would I need to shorten the hem?

      • (The OG) Jan90067 says:

        Bettyrose, I’m 5’2 and it is fine! I can do flat ( literally an inch long for me) or (as I prefer) a bit of a platform sandal). Go for it! Lol

        I’m wearing one now, and it is hot and humid in L.A….it’s perfect!

      • bettyrose says:

        Thanks, again! I’m gonna take the plunge (Just one to start but see where it takes me).

      • (The OG) Jan90067 says:

        Hope you like it! 😊👍🏻

  3. Venus says:

    I followed your link last time and BlumBody also has decolletage anti-wrinkle pads! I really wanted to try them but I am worried about the “medical-grade adhesive” on my skin, which is very delicate. I had foot surgery last week and still have marks on my shoulder from the EKG pad adhesive. I can just image how my chest would look, ugh.

  4. Muggs says:

    I have the supergoop and I love it! I always thought it was associated with “THE” goop and stayed away, props to the guy at Sephora who set me straight

    Love all the skin care recs, got the patches last week but haven’t tried them out yet!

    I’m selfishly waiting for a gua sha set feature :)

  5. Nuks says:

    A recent article about sunscreen at the Hollywood Reporter also gave high marks to the Supergoop sunscreen spray for face. Apparently it’s great for reapplication over makeup, which is a weak spot for me.

    • tealily says:

      I used a sample of it once and really liked the product, but the sprayer on the bottle was kind of crappy and sprayed unevenly. Hopefully not an issue on the full size, but it put me off enough that I haven’t ordered it yet. I did recently buy their CC cream, though, and like it so far!

  6. Dude says:

    Florida girl here (for better or worse) and I live by all supergoop products. They aren’t cheap but worth it and a little goes a long way. It’s my go-to gift for friends and it’s always a hit!

  7. Case says:

    I love Supergoop. Their Daily Dose Vitamin C serum is also really nice.

  8. EllSimpson says:

    I love all the Amazon reccos; just wanted to mention that snail musin is extracted by keeping the snails in a constant state of duress, basically being tortured 24/7.
    It’s quite grim. To each their own but I would rather my products not come from the pain and suffering of another creature, no matter how small or “insignificant”. Rant over. Supergoop is great! Going to try the lavender shower steamers!

  9. alsf says:

    Supergoop also has a spray to put on over your makeup which is really useful in humid places like Hawaii. I use the sunscreen in dryer places, like Vegas, and the setting spray in humid ones. It’s pretty great. I’ve also been looking at the brand Tizo.

    Q: Anyone use compression leggings for running? I use compression socks and was thinking of trying leggings, but was wondering how it works without compression from ankles down? (Thinking about longer runs.)

  10. Lisa Cagnacci says:

    Goodness, a sunscreen that can do three different things, including clothe you in a frock! Very impressive!