Brian Austin Green half dissed Meghan Fox in a caption to a photo with his girlfriend

Brian Austin Green and Megan Fox split somewhere in the first quarter of 2020. I thought it’d had been a lot longer than that, but I maybe it was just their on-again, off-again status before that which tripped me up. Since their split, they’ve both taken up with other partners. Megan hooked up with her current flame, Machine Gun Kelly, pretty much from the jump. Brian dated around before getting together with ballroom dancer, Sharna Burgess, late last year. They’ve since gone IG official and had a few pap outings so, by Hollywood standards, this is the real deal.

Brian raised a few eyebrows when he posted the photo above to his IG with the following caption:

It’s been a really long time since I’ve been with someone I can truly share life with. ❤️

[From BAG’s Instagram via Seriously? OMG]

Seriously, OMG suggests, as do a lot of other people who read BAG’s comment, that this is some kind of dig at Megan. At first, I thought it was more of a commentary on the false-start relationships he tried to get going directly following his split. But like I said, I’d forgotten that he and Megan only split 15 months ago. So that comment would include her. I’m not a fan of these passive aggressive swipes at former partners. I get BAG thinks Megan abandoned him throughout their marriage, but we’ve also been told that he exerted too much control over her. So maybe she didn’t abandon him so much as try to breathe on her own. Either way, their children don’t need to see Dad saying he never shared a life with Mom.

Plus, BAG might want to check his hypocrisy before he gets going on these sappy IG posts. It wasn’t too long ago he was calling Megan out for showcasing her relationship with MGK on social media. BAG and Sharna are both posting a lot of shots together. BAG even slipped a couple in of Sharna with the boys, which is something he and Megan have clashed over as well.

Not to mention that there must be some rule of how romantic a post can be when the location on the post is “Walt Disney World Animal Kingdom,” amirite?

You know who didn’t care about any of this? Megan. She responded and then deleted a comment on the post that read, “Grateful for Sharna” with a purple heart. I don’t know why the comment was deleted, maybe some fans misinterpreted it and gave them grief. Maybe Megan’s response was getting more attention than BAG’s great romantic gesture. For her part, before it was deleted, Sharna replied to Megan with two white hearts. If Sharna gets along with the boys, I’ll bet Megan is grateful for her. Doubly so if she gets BAG to stop policing Megan’s social media. Or maybe Megan just returned fire and this is how these two are going to play their divorced life, forever pinching each other in the comment section.

Note by Celebitchy: Brian has responded to criticism that he was dissing Meghan in that caption. He wrote on his stories that they “get along great” and that “Neither of us are sending petty digs to each other.” Uh huh. A screenshot from that is below.





Photo credit: Instagram

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  1. Lou says:

    Her response was half-shade, too. Lol!

    • Bettyrose says:

      Half? That was shade all the way.

    • I FEEL her response. I was so very happy when my ex was dating someone because it meant he was leaving me alone, so knowing what I know about BAG, THAT is what I read in her response.

  2. Jan says:

    Is she making enough to support him? due to his bad back or what ailment he claims prevents him from working.

    • tig says:

      She is definitely not hurting – she’s Aussie, and splits her time between the two countries based on TV shooting schedules, she is a judge on DWTS AUS, besides her work in the States.

  3. Andrew’s Nemesis says:

    Ugh, he’s unbearable. Passive aggressive, controlling and firing shots at the mother of his children. Keep it classy, BAG.

    • Liz version 700 says:

      He really does seem like a control freak with a side of Absolute jerk mixed in …

      • BothSidesNow says:

        A three old could read the dig in his IG post. Give it up BAG, you are a passive-aggressive asshole trying to rile up MF.

    • josephine says:

      of course, to someone like him, “a really long time” is probably 2 weeks. he strikes me as someone who thinks he’s been single forever after a couple weeks.

  4. Erica says:

    Ugh, grow up BAG. So petty and passive-aggressive. He is pissed that Meghan moved on and isn’t mourning over the loss of his loser ass.

  5. Darla says:

    Maybe to him 15 months is a lifetime. Someone said on a Jlo post that she may experience time differently. I thought that was interesting. It made me think that maybe all these celebrities do. Their lives are so heightened, as are their emotions in all likelihood. 15 months could feel like 15 years to them. I don’t know. Anyway, if it was a dig at her, Megan killed with her response, so props.

  6. nina says:

    Can’t let go can he? Megan out here finally breathing free. See she’s still living rent free in his head.

    • MerlinsMom1018 says:

      @Nina. THIS.
      My youngest daughter broke it off YEARS ago with her ex (their daughter was 4! 4!!! She’s turning 15 next month) and the shit she’s had to put up with from him since, even tho he’s married (again) is absolutely unreal. My daughter lives rent free in his head AND his wife’s too…unreal

  7. Serena says:

    He’s such a douche, I hate when men do this it just shows how insecure and pathetic they are.

  8. Tig says:

    As someone who knows a former partner of Sharna, I can say she really is a calming force and sweetheart.

  9. Nikki* says:

    Who took the photo of them kissing; was it a selfie?? Try hard.

    • fluffy_bunny says:

      Either a selfie or someone with them. There’s no Disney photographers in that area of the park.

    • Erinn says:

      I mean Megan posted photos of her and MGK back in like February where he’s literally full on licking her face. I think they’re all kind of immature at this point, but at least MGK is young enough where it’s not AS expected that he’d be super mature.

  10. Merricat says:

    I’ve always found him a bit creepy, especially in terms of his relationships.

  11. Pilar says:

    Meghan was really young when she got with him so i get why she had to leave. But for everyone saying she is finally free she jumped straight into another serious relationship so it kinda looks like she is dependent on being in a relationship and that probably explains her relationship with this guy too.

  12. Traci says:

    And to think I had the biggest crush on him during 90210.

  13. Lily P says:

    So petty and immature – what a weird persona to be presenting to the world

  14. NCWoman says:

    I don’t care about him, but I will say that there’s a lot of negativity created throughout social media from people making assumptions about what people post. As outsiders, we often give context to posts and perceive them in a way the poster just doesn’t mean. It’s possible he posted that to express his current happiness without meaning to make any direct reflection on M. He just didn’t think to edit it in the context of his past with his ex-wife. Of course, he may have been being petty AF. But often, people just post what they feel and don’t see the direct connection to others that we do because they’ve moved on at IRL speed and we view it from the outside in social media speed.

    • Tiffany :) says:

      I share your thoughts. It’s very possible he was just being happy, and the public is just tying it to what they associate him with the most, being MF’s ex-husband. I think people are reading too much into it.

      I also don’t think she was throwing shade back at him, I think she could genuinely be grateful that her ex has found a solid relationship. Whoever he dates is going to be impact her kids, and I can see her wanting good things for him (and therefore her kids) in that regard.

  15. Moxylady says:

    He’s such an abusive controlling pos.

  16. Izzy says:

    Totally appropriate that his initials are BAG. He truly is a douchebag.

  17. Songs(Oritdidnthappen) says:

    I will say, charitably, that it seems like Megan was caught in a cycle of trying to leave / going back / trying to leave so their relationship was likely bad for a long time, and maybe he meant that it was nice to be in a lower conflict, and less complicated situation.

    It probably helps that his new GF is older than 21 at the beginning of their relationship though……hard to be an equal partner with such a big imbalance in life experience.

  18. J ferber says:

    He’s always been a petty bitch. And always nasty to his last ex.

    • Lyds says:

      Yes, it speaks volumes that his ex before Megan was ecstatic for Megan when she left him. Glad she directed her anger at the right person and not the girlfriend/wife/new partner.

  19. equality says:

    Sharna would be wise to run. If he is still obsessed with the ex or even just trying to get in a dig at the mother of his children, it says nothing good for him.

  20. Calibration says:

    Isn’t he only famous because of his wife? 20210 was a long time ago bro
    He’s trash

    • Ann says:

      He played David Silver on Beverly Hills, 90210 for the entirety of the 90s. That puts him on the D list. His marriage to MF is what keeps him on the D list, otherwise he would have faded into obscurity by now.

      • fluffy_bunny says:

        No one from 90210 has faded into obscurity. Take Tori Spelling for example. There’s still posts about her on this site very recently.

  21. LA says:

    I commented on a Comments by Celebs post about this, “He tried to throw shade and Megan said, “Not today, sir!”” And I learned that there are BAG Stans who spend all their time coming for anyone who comments negatively about him on social. WHO. KNEW.

  22. Robyn says:

    He’s a messy bench who loves drama and dammit…I would still do the walk of shame the next morning.

  23. The Artist Formerly Known as Valiantly Varnished says:

    He’s so full $hit. It was just six months ago that he was calling Meghan a bad mother on his IG.

  24. Jules says:

    he’s such a d-bag.

  25. BothSidesNow says:

    That’s what I hate about social media. You make a comment that isn’t supportive of the general census and all hell breaks lose! I made a comment months ago about how awful the Daily Fail was towards Meghan and that they just print lies and have an agenda of destroying her, and my comment was removed. They actually sent me an email telling me that my comment was removed due to too many complaints. comment on speaking the truth drew too many complaints.

    Case in point was all of hate that flooded social media about the best Chris. And Chris Pratt, who is a double douchebag, having a ego melt down online to the point that you would have thought war had broken out.

  26. Bobbie says:

    Why do women start new relationships with guys like this who are clearly still hung up on their exes?

  27. Starkille says:

    If he felt “abandoned” in their marriage, perhaps he should have consider that she was a teen and he was a grown àss man when he hooked up with her. All these elderly perverts marrying extremely young women should consider the fact that they very likely to mature as a person and outgrow the relationship.

  28. Coffeeisgood says:

    I fully believe BAG would go back to Megan in heartbeat if she wanted him back. She never will haha I’m glad she got divorced and moved on. Her career is on the upswing and I think it’s definitely because she divorced him and he’s not controlling her anymore.

  29. Curious says:

    i see it differently. its been so long since he had someone to share his life with ,can mean before they ended their marriage ,they had a few unhappy years ,and couldn’t share things with each other. now he is in a relationship and can share things with the new girlfriend . he did not mention anything about not sharing anything in his marriage .he is just saying its been a while since he could feel this comfortable to share his mind with someone he is in a loving relationship with …

    • LovesitinNM says:

      I tend to agree but also, when you are coparenting AND a public figure it’s okay to be a little more judicious with your words…

      • Curious says:

        true . since he is posting in public, he should explain it in a better way and not leave it to the public to read his mind.

  30. Amando says:

    I mean…considering how Megan has been acting with MGK and the things she has been saying, are we really surprised that he is being equally immature? They both need to grow up and stop acting like they’re 18.

  31. LovesitinNM says:

    I hate that he’s giving me Chris Watts vibes in these pics. I think he is a creep.

    • Curious says:

      a creep? Megan stalked him and won’t gave up-.he was not after her. she was 18. according to megan herself she throw herself at him and he refused her. but she kept on trying. the creep was a young megan stalking an older man.