Nick Cannon: ‘there’s a lot of people that I could’ve gotten pregnant that I didn’t’

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Nick Cannon welcomed his seventh child, Zen, with girlfriend Alyssa Scott, last week. Zen is Nick’s third child in the last month and fourth child in the last year. Many people have been observing Nick’s pattern of procreating and have raised concerns. And rightly so. Just by looking at the several babies he has had in the last year, you’d notice how messy the situation is as all of the women’s pregnancies overlapped. The City Girls were on Nick’s Power 106 LA radio show. Nick asked JT if she had any advice for him and she told him to “wrap it up” and protect himself. Nick said that he was having “these babies on purpose” and that he could have gotten many women pregnant but didn’t. Eww, ok. Below are a few more highlights via People:

“I don’t have no accident,” said Cannon, who appears to have become a dad to his seventh child, his fourth baby in a year, with model Alyssa Scott. The new mom, who appeared to confirm that she was expecting a son with Cannon on Father’s Day when she shared a photo of him and her baby bump, and she recently announced that she welcomed her baby boy on June 23.

“Trust me there’s a lot of people that I could’ve gotten pregnant that I didn’t,” Cannon said on Wednesday. “The ones that got pregnant are the ones that were supposed to get pregnant.”

Earlier in the show, Cannon compared his pattern of welcoming offspring to that of a seahorse, saying, “I’m like a seahorse out here. That’s just the way I’m procreating.”

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Listen, I don’t even know what to say. The fact that he compared himself to a seahorse is a lot. Bruh, you aren’t carrying the babies and I bet Nick isn’t the parent they see the most. So no Nick, you are not procreating like a seahorse. I am not sure if Nick meant his admission of “there’s a lot of people that could’ve gotten pregnant” as a boast, but it didn’t hit like he thought it did. It just makes him look worse. I don’t judge people and their choices but as someone who grew up in a single parent home around a whole lot of kids from single parent homes, I would not wish that intentional upbringing on anyone. It is hard and the mostly single-mothers suffer not having the support that is needed. Nick’s children deserve better. I am not sure why Nick thinks it is a good idea to impregnate this many women and I also don’t understand why he isn’t protecting himself from STIs if he is having all the sex with all the women. It is very frustrating to see this sort of irresponsible behavior from all parties involved. The only people who will truly suffer if this goes south are the kids. I do hope Nick comes back to himself and is more responsible at least for his children’s sake. I also hope that Nick has a financial plan and a strategy for spending quality time with his kids. In the mean time, I need the women he is sleeping with to make him wear a condom.

The conversation:

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  1. Northerngirl says:

    What does he do for a living these days ? It must cost a fortune in child support!

    • Swack says:

      He hosts The Mask Singer and is very annoying (to me at least). Other than that I don’t know what else he does.

    • Laura says:

      He was a child star in the late 90s and early 00s on Nickelodeon & has successfully transferred to an “actor/host/producer” type. I’m fairly certain he had his own production company which is brining in the money.

      Honestly, I don’t know too much about him, but I do know Mariah Carey wouldn’t be having her babies with someone who doesn’t have money.

      This whole situation just seems gross to me. Do all these women know about each other? It’s cool if he wants to be poly, but communication is so important in those relationships & we just have no idea what all these ladies are thinking, or if they are just being charmed/lied to. And his explanation doesn’t make me feel any better.

  2. Nikki says:

    Agree with everything Ouano said 100%. Ugh!

  3. Erica says:

    He is gross and honestly so are the women that continue to sleep with him and don’t make him wrap it up. How he can be a good father and co-parent with these multiple women is beyond me. Maybe his version of ‘parenting’ is just throwing money at them though.

    • Piratewench says:

      I kind of think women’s options are probably:
      1. Condom- free sex with Nick Cannon
      2. Zero sex with Nick Cannon

      I just don’t think the women are calling the shots. I think he’s using his celebrity to get what he wants and I doubt he would sleep with a woman if she tried to enact the very basic standard of condoms.

      • Songs (Or it didnt happen) says:

        Zero sex with Nick Cannon should be the obvious choice.

        “You know, Nick, there’s a lot of people that I could have had sex with, that I didn’t. Turns out that you’re gonna be one of those people.”

      • Erica says:

        Then that says a lot about them. They are gross too. *shrugs*

      • Random Person says:

        I would add:
        3. Monthly check for the next 18 years

  4. Lauren says:

    Irresponsible, reckless and dangerous all wrapped (or not wrapped) in one. I’m sorry, but why are women sleeping with him? This seems like an Usher std waiting to happen. I hope that for the sake of his existing children he starts taking precautions because child support is going to be hell.

  5. NTheMiddle says:

    Maybe he can be a financially present father but there is no way he can spend quality time with all of them. That’s what bothers me most. He acts like spreading his genes is a gift for all mankind too… ummm, no.

    • Moneypenny says:

      I dated a guy like this. He dreamed of being a sperm donor so that he could have kids all over the place. WTF? In real life, he was not as smart, talented or attractive as he was in his own mind.

      • AmelieOriginal says:

        What do men think they get from spreading their seed all over the place? Most guys who become sperm donors do it for the money. Very few of them think about the fact they might have biological kids walking around as for them it’s a transactional thing and not a concrete idea. Not until they get tracked down through DNA databases and realize they actually have an effton of kids lol.

  6. E.D says:

    What a peanut.

    This makes me think that the person who wrote on here the other day that he’s procreating so that he’ll have living organ donors down the track was onto something!

    • Moxylady says:


    • Swack says:

      There’s not a guarantee that any of his offspring will be viable donors. But I guess if you procreate enough there will be one.

      • lunchcoma says:

        Or willing donors! Even with something as easy to donate, the doctors have a meeting with the donor ahead of time to make sure they understand what’s actually happening. If it turns out you’ve been pressured and are unsure, they say you can’t donate for medical reasons and give you an out. This is a situation where having family members who have a strong relationship with you outweighs having lots and lots of family members. (Though, of course, having lots of money helps in this and every other kind of health emergency.)

    • Swack says:


    • North of Boston says:

      He’s like the celebrity version of the OBGYN/fertility doctor jerks who slip their own sperm into their patients… some weird power/ego trip about casting their seed and impregnating as many women as they can.

  7. M says:

    I would LOVE to know what MiMi thinks of all this. I wonder if it will change their custody agreement.

    • Leigh says:

      Now Mariah’s kids have a bunch of new half siblings all over the place. What a nightmare and so selfish of Nick Cannon.

    • FancyPants says:

      Yes, and I hope she has her financial stuff locked down so she’s not in a situation where she might be paying him child support for their kids together (since she probably earns more money) and then he uses that to support all his other kids (I’m looking at you, Kevin Federline).

      • Sid says:

        He has created potential mess for his kids with Mariah too. Those two children will likely be wealthier than their half-siblings as adults since Mariah’s assets will be split between just them, versus Nick’s assets being split between fifty-eleven children. That sort of thing can breed resentment among siblings. It’s a whole mess.

  8. Kat says:

    Ew. Just ew.

  9. Miranda says:

    …now what do you think his reaction would be if one of those women was like, “well actually, I let 3 other guys bang me right around the same time you did”? I bet he wouldn’t be too complimentary…

  10. Nanny to the Rescue says:

    Most wealthy famous handsome men could, Nick. Most also know it’s a bad idea, and also that saying this out loud doesn’t make them look good. What has he been huffing?

  11. Bryn says:

    He has lupus right? And lupus is an autoimmune disease? Shouldn’t he be extremely worried about getting HIV or something, I dont get this guy. Hes so gross. Mariah must be really happy she doesn’t have to deal with this directly. There kids must be pretty confused though

  12. Keri says:

    He’s going to catch something soon, if he hasn’t already. Disgusting

  13. girl_ninja says:

    My sister and I were discussing this Nick Canon madness and my sister’s theory is that he’s going through emotional upheaval due to his recent Lupus diagnosis. She thinks that he may be in emotional turmoil and he’s acting out.

    I think it’s an good theory but we both wish that he would go to a good therapist instead.

    • HeatherC says:

      Your sister is kinder than my boyfriend. He said Nick Cannon is creating potential kidney donors.

      • Libellule says:

        Did he have a serious (life threatening) situation in regards to lupus? It would explain acting out like this. Because if he has a serious case of lupus and he catch some std then it can end up really badly.

        Some people go through this illness rather lightly, some unfortunately spend a lot of time in hospitals and such. Exposing himself to another illness is such an irresponsibilty

  14. Nina says:

    Apparently there’s a fetish where guys are dreaming about making women pregnant. I knew a guy like that. The way he’s boasting, it sounds that could be a case with Nick

    • Livethelifeaquatic says:


      I saw this theory here the other day. Serial impregnator. I actually got pretty deep in a law and order wiki thread about an episode in which john stamos played one…and I am not ashamed

      • Tiffany says:

        YES !!! I was just thinking of the SVU episode with John Stamos.

        That was frightening on so many levels. Especially when he was walking past all the women him impregnated, without their consent.

    • Mindy_Dopple says:

      SERIAL IMPREGNATOR!! I need to find that episode because it does sound like that’s the case here. Much like regular children in a one parent household – there has to be favorites, right? He’s going to neglect some if not most of them. And how close of a relationship could he have with the mothers if there is an overlap? This is so weird and just another example of male privilege, Britney can’t remove her IUD but this man can have 4 children in 1 year. I mean, we even side eye Hilaria for having two or three via surrogate.

    • Lola says:

      Lauryn Hill’s ex-husband, one of Bob Marley’s sons, is rumored to have this fetish for real

  15. SarahCS says:

    “The ones that got pregnant are the ones that were supposed to get pregnant.”

    I read these comments yesterday and they make me feel so uncomfortable. Are these women just wombs and egg donors to him?

  16. Carol says:

    He really should get over himself.

  17. SusanRagain says:

    Now, if a female celeb had 7 kids by 4 or 5 different men, can you imagine the nasty comments?

    Oof! Is he that successful? He is a tv show host, how much $$ can he have?

    Just wait until those kids are teenagers, wow.

    • Noki says:

      There is a tv personality in UK called Ulrika Johnson and she has four kids by four different men i believe she is sometimes refered to as 4 x 4.

      • Robin says:

        Noki. Yes, Ulrika is in the UK and she is hounded and castigated for daring to have four children by four different fathers. Nothing about the men who were happy to get her pregnant and then leave her and their child, of course. Nothing about how strong she is to have not left their children, of course.

      • Julia K says:

        Kate Hudson 3×3.

  18. megs283 says:

    Recently a thing has been going around that says something like “A woman can only get pregnant once every nine months. A man can impregnate one woman every day for those nine months. Birth control should be directed at men.”

    Nick Cannon is the living embodiment of this thought. UGH.

  19. Nev says:


  20. Case says:

    This is really gross and irresponsible. I don’t even know what else to say lol.

  21. Chaine says:

    So icky. The babies are so close together, unless he flat out told them, it’s not like the moms knew he was purposefully going out to impregnate people. I can’t imagine any of them thought he would not be there and present and fully involved in their kids’ life. And now what do they get, being a single parent with probably minimal involvement from him and 18 years fighting with all these other people for a diminishing pool of child support money.

  22. lucy2 says:

    This whole situation is gross, and I feel bad for the children involved.

  23. ME says:

    Why would the women he sleeps with make him wear a condom? They intentionally got pregnant. It takes two ! These women are set for at least 18 years. Why else would they get pregnant by him knowing he’s sleeping around with other women? Come on now. It’s all about the money.

  24. ME says:

    LOL I just noticed his shirt says “Protect Black Women”. Are you sure that’s what you’re doing NIck ?

  25. Leskat says:

    He is gross and I’m going to go out on a limb and say he’s a terrible father. A terrible father because there’s literally no way he can form strong bonds with all of these children because the scheduling would be impossible. So you see your 7 kids 1 day per week or less? An especially because so many of the kids are babies and aren’t going to get that initial bonding time. Pretty much you came and ran.

    And his defence is that “the ones who were supposed to get pregnant, did”. That’s gross. I’m not sure all of these women were privy to his plan to impregnate a bunch of them with overlapping timelines, as he seems to imply. He’s gross and he needs a vasectomy and some therapy.

  26. StillInPJs says:

    He’s got a sister-wives situation going without actually being married and breaking polygamy laws right? He wants 4 wives at a time and all of them populating his Cannon planet. Do they all live next door to each other? That would at least be convenient.

    • lucy2 says:

      I definitely thought of the Big Love show with this!

      If everyone in the situation is in agreement, that’s their choice, but I kind of doubt that’s the case, and it’s especially concerning he was running around doing all this during a pandemic.

  27. MangoAngelesque says:

    I respect that you don’t judge people and their choices (though I don’t think that extends to everyone covered here), but I have no problem saying he’s trashy. Not wearing a condom isn’t just spreading pregnancies around, after all. I can’t imagine he’s being particularly careful about STDs if he’s being this freewheeling about babymaking.

  28. lunchcoma says:

    I don’t have a problem with people arranging their families in unusual ways. Like, whatever is going on with Hugh Grant seems like it’s probably fine and that everyone involved is cared for.

    But human attention is not designed to pay an appropriate amount of attention to four infants at the same time. Raising quadruplets seems like a superhuman endeavor and like it requires a whole community providing assistance. I hope that the mothers of these kids have good support systems, because it doesn’t seem like Nick is going to be be able to do much parenting.

    • katie says:

      Honestly, this might be a good deal for the women. I have several family members that decided to have children on their own using sperm donors, which is what Nick is, a sperm donor. And he comes with the added bonus of child support!!! I think this is a win-win situation for all involved, even the kids. They get to have loving, dedicated moms and a big extended family to love and bond with (of course, this is the ideal if everyone can be mature and get along, and if Nick fosters love instead of competition).

      • Maria says:

        Your last part is a HUGE if and why it’s not win-win for everybody. The more participants in this situation the less likely it will be smooth. And there is no way he has time to father seven children the way he should.
        AND this happening during a pandemic. Ridiculous.

      • katie says:

        My family is huge, very blended, nothing but love. I have seen families with same mom and dad and the siblings hate each other. Nothing bad is happening here, all adults are consenting. The real harm comes when we judge such situations harshly, because then kids WILL think their situation is weird. If we all act like, no big deal, families come in many forms, than the kids will feel that way as well. We need more family structures seen as acceptable, not less. And honestly, if I wanted a kid on my own, a rich donor would be preferable!

      • Maria says:

        Their situation IS weird. Presumably your father isn’t a multimillionaire celebrity with a demanding schedule who fathered four children in one year. The children deserve more than just child support. Those kids are going to grow up knowing their situation is weird. Now, whether it’s a loving and stable environment is a separate issue altogether from it being weird. Weird can still be good. But that’s also seriously in question here.
        Trying to pretend this is somehow the same as a regular blended family is not accurate. Cannon clearly has some type of mental issue to be doing this, whether his health fears mean he wants to leave some sort of extensive biological legacy or he is obsessed with impregnating women.
        People claiming that there’s nothing bad happening here because everyone is consenting are conflating polysexual and polyamorous relationships with having tons of children regardless of any other consideration, that is NOT the same thing.
        Ask yourself how many huge celebrity families like this are stable and well-adjusted. Hell, I wouldn’t say any family in real life would be well-adjusted either and it would have little to do with the situation being weird, it would have everything to do with the children not being able to develop with personalities of their own, not to mention the individual attention from their father they deserve, because they’re in an assembly line of kids in his eyes.
        Something bad IS happening here, children are being “collected” as if they are puppies and furthermore COVID restrictions have clearly not been followed in any of this which puts them in danger too.

        My guess? They’ll all be growing up with the barest trace of his presence and then fighting over his estate.
        And as I have said before, it’s a terrible look for him to be demanding people respect his reproductive choices when he has gone on record so many times to oppose the same thing for women.

      • Katie says:

        Honestly many cultures have practiced polygamy just fine, and monogamy has been harmful in some cases. Let consenting adults do what they want. All the women involved seem happy with their children and lives.

        My parents were married and monogamous BTW. Blended as in I have over 20 something half aunts and uncles and it was a joy to grow up that way.

        I think the comments here are a little over dramatic over what is essentially a group of ladies with a shared sperm donor.

        It’s really not that crazy considering sperm donor situations are as old as time and no studies show children suffer in those situations provided the moms can take care of them, which we have no reason to doubt in this situation. It’s kind of offensive to my cousins that have decided to be single moms on their own and used donors. There’s really no difference with that and what’s happening here except Cannon is going to also help pay their bills.

      • Maria says:

        Again, there is a difference. It’s common in other cultures to practice polygamy and have several children (although that’s usually in a family unit even if they have separate households within said unit, not what’s happening here). It’s common for people to become single parents using a sperm donor.
        It is NOT usual for a man with multiple demands on his time because he is a celebrity to have four children in a year because of whatever weird justification is in his mind, whether it’s his fears over longevity or what have you. He clearly plans to parent them. That makes the whole sperm donor question moot, and ultimately is why it’s harmful because going into a sperm donor situation it’s perfectly possible to plan an enriching and complete life for the child whereas in contrast, a situation where a father keeps having children like this and plans to parent them regardless of how limited his attention will be cannot be planned for and controlled in the childrens’ best interests the same way. And he never said that was the arrangement, so assuming that it is makes no sense.
        He looks at women as objects and a means to an end and at babies like accessories, as someone said down below.
        And again, this is happening in a pandemic year. That puts all of these people at risk.
        A lot of people who make horrible choices seem happy. Does that mean their children will be? Absolutely not. That’s why parenthood is tough. It stops being about just the happiness and contentment of the people having children when they decide to do so.
        As Oya said – if this goes south, those kids are in for a lot of problems and hurt.

      • Katie says:

        You’re assuming the worst, I’m assuming the best.

        It’s absolutely like a donor situation as many donors now give their identities and can keep in touch with their bio children.

        The only difference is this man has money to ensure the children are taken care of financially. Literally consenting adults doing what they want.

        And if we cared about the kids, that are already here btw, we should be sending them nothing but love and light. Not already judging their situation and labeling it bad from the jump. Love and light to those children!

      • Maria says:

        I mean, ok, but you were assuming it was a blended unit at first then assuming sperm donor. Neither of those are substantiated with anything we’ve seen.
        It’s strange you seem to be assuming that I have some sort of negative feeling towards the women who will raise the children or towards the children themselves; I don’t. But that doesn’t make him not responsible for this.
        Of course, love and light is the only thing you can say to the children now that they are here from these circumstances. To the parents though, that’s different. There’s love and light and then there’s the idea of accountability which is crucial to both of those ideas.

  29. Mabs A'Mabbin says:

    What a truly problematic existence he is. Gross, yuck, it’s time to go away.

  30. Serena says:

    Absolutely disgusting. He treats women as a mean, objects, and babies like cute accessories. Wtf is wrong with him?!

  31. NotSoSimpleTaylor says:

    I feel bad for all of his kids. But as long as the adults in the situation are in it willingly, then I don’t see the issue. These women choose to sleep with him and choose to have his baby. They agreed to the circumstances when they agreed to have his child so I can’t feel a lot for them on that front. What I can feel for them on is not valuing themselves enough to allow his behavior to be considered acceptable by all of these women.

    • Katie says:

      Maybe the women view it as a sperm donor situation where their donor has the added bonus of helping them pay their bills? Maybe they have always wanted children, but without a super involved spouse? I have cousins that used sperm donors and their children are a blessing to the family, not the source of resentment or judgment. Like you said consenting adults and all of that. Let’s let people live and let live!

  32. Christine says:

    I wouldn’t be surprised if his hosting jobs start to dry up soon.

  33. JEM says:

    It seems like he has mental health issues. He needs to stop getting people pregnant, Jesus.

  34. UnKaren says:

    I am 100% sure he’s got some bizarro pseudo-spiritual rationale for “seeding the Earth” and effectively constructing a harem of women, just like he had for appropriating the turban from the Sikh religion. I’m surprised he’s smart enough to keep it to himself this time…

    And of course consensual, power-balanced polyamorous relationships aren’t for anyone to judge, but that’s not what’s going on here, is it? I’m sure the women he’s impregnating are expected to conform to an at least implicit code of behavior, dictated by Nick, of course. Can you imagine any of these women being “allowed” any agency in their relationship with him? Might even be codified via legal documents they’re required to sign, I wouldn’t be surprised. I give it 2 yrs max before these women start exposing the whole awful rotten iceberg whose tip is visible right now.

  35. Jules says:

    He’s always been lame and now he’s gross…or even grosser. He was always just a loud obnoxious voice off Nickelodeon who got a few movie roles and then his stupid comedy show on MTV. It was MTV that lengthened his career. I mean I wanted to say how does he have a career at all? Or still? But it was his Wild n’ Out show and MTV but he’s never been talented. Then I guess he hosted AGT? And someone said above he host the Masked singer? Plus, his radio show.

    He’s trying to follow the Ryan Seacrest model in terms of his career because he wasn’t going to make it as an actor/singer/comedian. And I suppose there is some money there but doesn’t mean he deserves his career. He is obviously a dangerous person, impregnating women and spreading anti-semitism along with potential STIs.

    He needs to go away and get a vasectomy.

  36. Rice says:

    This sounds like that Law & Order: SVU episode with John Stamos. Olivia Benson described his character as a “reproductive abuser”. In that episode, his character would pierce condoms with a pin without the women’s knowledge. If they became pregnant, they would keep the baby but he always convinced each of them that they were the “only one”.

  37. Lunasf17 says:

    I’m not usually one to comment on other people’s reproductive lives but … what a selfish mess… I side eye everyone involved. I’m sure the women knew exactly what they were doing. This is a fairly famous person you could easily Google his whereabouts and knew you aren’t the only one he is banging. They wanted that money and he wanted to have a bunch of unprotected sex with different women and I guess create babies (unless they said they were on bc and weren’t or it didn’t work). I just don’t feel like we need more of Nick Cannon’s DNA out in the world. Please stop everyone.

  38. L4frimaire says:

    This sounds like someone with a cult/prophet complex. Is he a baby collector? 4 children in one year! Let’s hope him and Hilaria Baldwin never meet up.